Two Scientists And a Rabbit

While Ami is stuck at Takashi's house recovering, Usagi comes to visit her - and glare at Takashi.

Date: 2016-02-10
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Takashi Agera 2016-02-11 00:05:00 28063
Takashi takes a drink of his soda. Maybe he's mentally preparing himself for company. Maybe it's because he's exhausted and he knows the company is Usagi 'only a little hyper' Tsukino. But she has his address, it's inevitable now. Ami's resting, and he'll get some rest too. He picks up Ami's phone (not having put Usagi's number in his own.)

    Usagi-chan TXT: Hey. I think she'd appreciate it if you came over after school today. And grab her homework. She hasn't really started worrying about school yet, but I would be soon if I was her. -Agera
Sailor Moon 2016-02-11 00:10:11 28065
Usagi looks at the text and lets out a long old UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUG. Getting school work from teachers is the worst! They always give you a hard time and get all irritated like it's a big inconvenience and holy cow, every single teacher gave it right away, plus one or two get well cards.

After school, DING DONG!

This is her socially acceptable one and only ring on the doorbell and she waits patiently and politely as--

Yeah, I didn't think you'd buy that.


This continues until the door is opened.

"AMI-CHAN, I'M HERE!" Off comes her shoes, and before she has her slippers on, Takashi is receiving a hug and a THANK YOU FOR LOOKING AFTER HER and then Usagi is whirlwinding toward her friend!

"I couldn't find Mr. Hopplesworth, but I do think Mrs. Fuzzlebutt will do just as well! And here's your homework, no credit please that's Takashi-kun's fault, and there's some get well cards from some of the teachers. And of course, here's some from me and the girls, and Naru-chan, and here's your favorite candy for when you feel better, unopened and are you sure you're okay can I give you hugs will it hurt are you really really really okay I wish you'd have eloped after all!"
Ami Mizuno 2016-02-11 00:17:21 28067
Ami sleeps through Takashi using her phone. Any other girl would probably be freaking out at how forward he's being with her phone, but Ami is too exhausted and unhealthy to really even notice it.

What she can't sleep through, however, is the sudden violent attack on Takashi's front door. "Mmnhg?" she asks confusedly as she starts to sit up. The fact she can do so almost right away is an improvement, although it does make her dizzy. "That's Usagi-cha--" she starts to warn Takashi, but too late. He's already opening the door, and Usagi's inevitable glomp happens straight away.

Ami smiles at Usagi's antics, then opens up her arms to her friend for hugs. Unfortunately for Usagi, Ami smells of sweat, a lack of available hygeine products, and some cloying, lingering scent of pure darkness and evil that still hasn't been completely purged from her system. It's gross, but it's not overpowering.
Takashi Agera 2016-02-11 00:27:49 28068
Takashi, on some level, knew it was Usagi. Nobody else but someone invited would dare knock on his door like -that-... but he's still unprepared for USAGI ATTAck. "Yeah, yeah. I'm coming! I'm GONNA OPEN THE DOOR IF YOU GIVE ME JUST A MOMENT!"

And of course, similarly unprepared for her nearly-tackle hug. "Okay! Yes she's in there. Come on, I'm not well either, you can't squeeze me like tha-..." and he stops because she's already gone in there.

Takashi follows and takes up his spot on the chair. He's decidedly less formal looking than usual, in black jeans and a blue t-shirt with the visual of the miracle chemical that is caffeine on it.

But he's obviously hiding the small corners of a smile at how happy Usagi is to see Ami, and how even the exhausted Ami looks happy to see her friend.
Sailor Moon 2016-02-11 00:38:45 28070
Usagi doesn't care about things like hygiene right now! She's still recovering from a bout of depression, and those are not conducive to showers! (Fortunately the worst of it was when there was no school...and she only came out of that phase because she couldn't handle her own smell anymore!)

She hugs Ami-chan, as tight as she can without feeling the tensing caused by strained booboos!

"I'm so glad you're okay!" And then she's crying in true Usagi Fashion! (Well, true OLD Usagi Fashion!) "IIIIIISH! Are you suuuure you're okayish?" Hiccup, hiccup!

And of course, her purse starts to wiggle and squirm and a zipper is manhandled from the inside, and Ami suddenly finds herself with a worried, mrowling, purring cat! Who is very careful of Ami's booboos! And hopefully Takashi won't notice the cat is actually crying!

Usagi sits back and snorks up her tears, though they're still there! "Do you need help with anything?" Sniffle, sniffle! "Like things female friends are better suited at doing for female friends?"

An eyeball at Takashi. THAT IS NOT AMI'S SHIRT!

If he peeked in Inappropriate Ways!!!!!
Ami Mizuno 2016-02-11 00:49:30 28073
"I'm okay," Ami croaks out as she returns Usagi's hug. Her arms aren't nearly up to the same strength, so the hug isn't very tight, but it is a hug.

"I'm in a lot of pain," the bluenette explains, as she leans down to start petting Luna gently. "Kunzite used some kind of poison-laced crystal explosion on me. I haven't had a chance to review my recording of the fight, yet, but it's still in my system. If Takashi-kun weren't constantly working to remove it from my system, I'd be dead, I'm sure."

Ami reaches up to gently wipe Usagi's tears away, then smiles as best she can. "A shower would be nice, but I don't think I can stand long enough to stay in one, even if you were helping me."
Takashi Agera 2016-02-11 00:58:48 28074
Takashi nods. "That's why I got a little bit too... worried about you coming." he admits. "Just because she's starting to look closer to her normal, resplendent self doesn't mean she's really close to back to normal. A lot of the damage is still internal - it's to her energy, her spirit. The physical effects are really secondary conditions to the actual problem." he says.

"I'm sure once she's feeling better we'll go over the posion and the effects in a real way, but... I want to wait until she's good for an in depth conversation. And I don't want to scare her while she's recovering." he says, as though she's not -right there-.

"Oh - if she'd like one again, there's a shower on this floor, by the guest bedroom. I'd have her in there, but it's not a big room and I really need to keep an eye on her in case the poison causes a relapse. If you'd like help walking her there, just let me know, Tsukino-san." he says.
Sailor Moon 2016-02-11 01:07:17 28076
Usagi gulps at all of Takashi's Scary Words. Her mind races and her eyes spin.

She gulps and looks at Ami for a moment. "What about a bath tub? Or a chair of some sort?"

She pets Ami's hair! "No, not because of that, silly. But a shower'll make you feel an eensy bit better!"

And an Eyeball at Takashi. A protective glare! "And your eyes will be on the other side of the door."
Ami Mizuno 2016-02-11 01:10:09 28078
A bath? Like a traditional japanese bath? Ami hasn't done that since she was very, very little. Her ultramodern mother's lifestyle does not lend itself to traditional Japanese anything. On the other hand, it wouldn't involve much movement, and would be low impact.

"A bath would be nice," Ami surmises after a few moments. "And I'm sure the poison can wait the hour it will take me to not smell like a medical ward," she notes to Takashi. "But the help walking would be appreciated. But we don't need to jump straight to that." She looks to Usagi, here, and says, "I think they've all been brainwashed again. Mamo-chan, too. Be extra careufl around him, okay? I don't want him to attack you like Kunzite did me."
Takashi Agera 2016-02-11 01:18:28 28080
Takashi blinks at Usagi's glare. "Well, I'm not really sure where else they would be, Tsukino-san." he says, completly oblivious to the insinuation, at least for the moment.

But then with Ami commenting, he connects the dots. And decides to answer without dealing with the indignity of the insinuation directly. "I'm sorry, Kaname-san has been busy with school and such so I haven't wanted to distract her. It didn't bother me as much to ask her to come help me out on a weekend."

But back to Kunzite. "Really, I mean it when I say there was death in his eyes. It was different than fighting... well, anyone else, including Chiba-san. He wasn't out to show his superiority. You were poisoned and taking a fall off a building and he was still coming down to finish the job. If you're going to be involved with him or any of his associates, you need to be aware of that."
Sailor Moon 2016-02-11 01:27:58 28082
Usagi lets out a slow, steadying breath. "I kind of...figured."

A clearing of her throat! "I think it's just Kunzite and Mamo-chan, though. I've reason...I don't think Zoisite's been rinsed yet.

Or Nephrite, for that matter.

She leans down and lowers her voice. "The bond's been back since Walpadoo. But he's been sleeping. I didn't want to think..." No! This isn't about her troubles! It's about Ami and making sure she's feeling better, even if it's just by a shower! "Anyway. Takashi-kun's right. We'll be more careful of all of them. Unless, of course, they're dead."

She pets Ami-chan Hair! Luna purrs Really Loudly.

And whispers in Ami's ear. "If you take a bath, I'd get in the water if it helped you." A nuzzling kitty noise and a louder purr.

And of course, the promise of death leaves her eyes. "Well, a girl's gotta be sure."

She chews her lip. If she'd figured out those texts from Zoisite sooner, this could have been avoided! Guilt, guilt, guilt!
Ami Mizuno 2016-02-11 01:51:48 28085
"Walpadoo?" Ami asks, entirely confused by the word. She blinks at Usagi, then shakes her head. "I ... okay?" The bond being back at least she can process. The 'when' is probably not important.

Leaning into Usagi's embrace, Ami continues gently petting Luna in her lap. She looks up to Takashi confusedly, then asks, "Who is Kaname-san? And what does she have to do with this conversation?"
Takashi Agera 2016-02-11 01:55:56 28086
A lot of things going on are either over Takashi's head, or firmly out of Takashi's hands, but the Very Relevant Question does come to him. "Kaname-san is..." oh, suddenly this is rather awkward. "...a friend of mine. She works as volunteer at Mitakihara General, so I called her over this weekend to help me out while you were still out of it. She bathed you and got the shredded clothes off - she brought some clothes too but they didn't fit you, so I had to donate one of my shirts." he says, explaining some concerns away. He hopes.

He looks down, and away. But doesn't say anything else.
Sailor Moon 2016-02-11 02:02:11 28088
A SIIIIIIIIGH and a ROLL of her EYYYYYYES. "Okay, Walpurgisnacht."

A curious eyeball at Takashi! "And what is the status of your relationship with this...Kaname-san? Coworkerly? Platonic?" And then Judgey Eyes, as though if he answered positive to this next one she'd make Judge Judy look like a very neutral party in just about everything. "Smoochy Friend?"
Ami Mizuno 2016-02-11 02:04:54 28090
"Usagi-chan," Ami scolds her friend gently, though she's close to laughing at Usagi's antics. "I'm sure whatever the relationship is it doesn't matter. He has taken very good care of me, and even went out of his way to make sure he had someone who could help with embarassing things without being quite so embarassing for me. Be nice," she gently squeezes Usagi as she says this.
Takashi Agera 2016-02-11 02:17:30 28092
"Oh, you were at Walpurgisnacht?" Takashi says, filing this information away for later. "Thank you, then, if you helped fight that thing."

"Friends." he says, firmly. Maybe a little too firmly. But then he qualifies with "We dated. It wasn't to be." which might explain the firmness. "I greatly appreciate that she was willing to come and help Ami-chan." he adds. The using the last name again went and died somewhere in his most recent rest.
Sailor Moon 2016-02-11 02:25:18 28094
Usagi gasps! "You're right! I'm being mean!"

Then she's up and hugging Takashi-kun again! But not as hard, because yes, she heard he has booboos himself. "I'm sorry, Takashi-kun! I'm an over protective friend! And I admire your ability to stay friends with a former smoochy friend! Thank you again so so so so so much for taking care of my Ami-chan! And even if this friend hadn't come by, so long as you didn't Naughty Peek!"

Her voice lowers. "And for not saying anything bad about Mamo-chan, considering, and since I'm thankful to you I will give you a warning that if you do in the near future I may get so angry I'll try to either slap or knee you. In the bits. Which normally I don't do, but I don't know how I'd be for that."
Ami Mizuno 2016-02-11 02:45:44 28097
With Usagi no longer quite so close, Ami scoops Luna up into her arms and buries her face against the cat's side. She sighs, contentedly, and offers nothing to her friend and Takashi's conversation for the moment. Cat love. It is bliss.
Takashi Agera 2016-02-11 02:48:48 28098
Takashi has no words for most of the things Usagi says. There is a lot in there, and it's said very excitably and very fast, and he has no idea how to respond to it. Usagi gets, at most, a "You're welcome" said in a half confused tone. And, regarding Mamoru Chiba - "He's not really relevant to me right now, unless he tries to throw me into another building, or tries to hurt Ami-chan."

He does, however, note how much Ami appears to enjoy the company of cats - or at least this particular cat.
Sailor Moon 2016-02-11 02:53:18 28099
Luna, of course, is very content in purring as loudly as she can on Ami. And snuggling back. And she's not ashamed of her cat-like shows of affection, because after all, Takashi Doesn't Know! (At least that's the excuse she's using!)

Very quietly, Luna whispers in her ear along with more Kitty Sniffles. "I'm glad you're okay!"

For her part, Usagi gives Takashi a small smile when she pulls away. "Well. It won't be him if he tries to hurt Ami-chan. But you'll have to get there before me to beat the crap out of him if he even thinks about it."

Louder now! "So, did you have a bathtub? Or a chair we could use in the shower? I got Ami-chan's Stuff, including her shampoo and stuff!"
Ami Mizuno 2016-02-11 03:03:38 28100
Ami looks up from snuggling with Luna to smile at Usagi. "Mmm, there's one in the downstairs bathroom," she agrees quietly, as she puts Luna back down on the couch beside her. "Come give me a hand up, Takashi-kun?" she asks. "Usagi can get things ready if you'll just help me to the bathroom."
Takashi Agera 2016-02-11 03:05:37 28101
"Hopefully, nobody has to race anybody to keep her out of trouble." he says, quietly. "But I have a sneaking suspicion that's not going to be the case, so help me keep an eye on her, eh?" he whispers to Usagi before she lets go. And Louder Now for Usagi is 'ears ringing' for the scientist-boy, and he recoils back a little.

"Yeah, there's a tub in there too. Or I can get a chair. But I think Kaname-san used the tub earlier. At least she's conscious now and I don't have to worry as much this time." he notes.

Once he gets away from Usagi, he walks over to Ami and very gently helps get her to her feet, putting one of her arms around him again and walking her to the bathroom. "Thank you for coming, Tsukino-san. You really have lifted her spirits."
Sailor Moon 2016-02-11 03:15:01 28102
Of course, Luna will follow. And she'll watch Ami as all cats do in the bathroom.

Usagi, for her part, looks at Takashi after his reaction. "I didn't think I was that loud."

And then she gasps! "Of course I came! I had to see for myself she was okay!"

Fret fret mother hen hover fret!