Power's Out

The Dark Kingdom has a use for Tokyo. As a battery. Possibly also as a glacier. Kunzite has a plan to wake Metalia by harvesting the city. Tuxedo Kamen and the Senshi have a competing plan to try to rescue Kunzite. Everyone's plan involves killing somebody. It's just a question of who gets there first...

Date: 2016-03-06
Pose Count: 69
Kazuo Takeba 2016-03-06 19:24:22 32291
For those organized by Tuxedo Kamen and Sailor Venus:

There was a plan. It was even a good plan.

It involved calling Kunzite out by intruding, en masse, into a particular place that he has a metaphysical connection to. It also involved killing him -- or at least killing the dark energy construct he's using for a body, and trying to retrieve his soul gem in the hope of purifying it and restoring him in a form not actually physically made out of corruption.

This plan lasted until the moment that the door to that place was opened ... and instead of glaring sun and clean white stone, soothing blue and gleaming gold, the place was all darkness and silence and searing chill.

The problem with Tuxedo Kamen and Venus coming up with a very good plan is that Kunzite thinks in ways that can run parallel to both of them ... and the timing of both *their* plan and *his* plan matched too well.

But it still leaves a sizable group of magical heroes and their allies in one place, in an organized group, in a place from which they can shunt themselves directly back to Tokyo -- and Tuxedo Kamen can find Kunzite. So the "kill him and sort it out afterward" part may still be in effect. Just on ground he's chosen and prepared, rather than on ground they have.

For those in Tokyo:

The first sign that today is about to go very badly is a wall of something that was not light, searing-bright as agony, that bursts from the sky aimed down into the mouth of Tokyo Bay.

The second sign is a wall of water, the ripple effect from that bolt of force turning the bay itself into a sudden tsunami. The impact flattens the new post-Walpurgisnacht construction about the harbor, floods the parts of the city closer to the shore --

The third sign is the blackness that blossoms out from a place in the air near the top of Tokyo Tower. The darkness floods the streets more quickly and more surely than the water did. Where it touches, block after block with no sign of stopping -- not only sunlight is swallowed. Electrical power fails, in buildings, in cars, in everything. Nonmagical human beings lucky enough to be above the water drop where they stand, some managing a few steps before passing out. The temperature of the air drops fast. The temperature of the water drops faster; it solidifies into glacier-thick ice, trapping contorted bodies mid-struggle.

("I'll give you ten seconds to explain this," Sailor Mercury said, her voice low and filled with anger, "before I drop Tokyo's harbor on your head and freeze it.")

At the heart of the darkness there are two things.

One is a swirling portal, black within the blackness, rich with glimmers of an unholy radiance.

The other, enthroned on the air within shields constructed of the same darkness that is quickly devouring the city, is a ghost-pale figure dressed in grays. Kunzite waits, unhurried, his features marked by the faintest hint of a smile. Draining and consuming the energy of a larger and larger fraction of the city as each second passes. Using some of it to drive that expanding blackness ever further outward; passing some of it back into the portal, in a constant crackling conduit of stolen power, stolen heat, stolen life.

The gem that houses his soul is visible on his forehead, or would be there if there were anyone to see it. Clear and solid and glossy. Black as a grief seed.
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-03-06 19:43:31 32293
Cure Gull was walking along some back alley with Corvus--- Boris was back taking care of WPS things. "Come on Corvus-chan, lead me to Hannah-chan!" she insisted. Corvus rolled his eyes. "It isn't that simple Gu-----" then Corvus let out a tremendous sqwak and proceeded to faint as a sudden surge of darkness blanketed the area-- strong enough that it caused herself to jolt. "Holy...."

Corvus managed to wake up after a moment-- "Holy...!" said Corvus.

< Rollin' Mirror Change! T-t-time to change!~ >

The transformation is hard and sudden-- as Cure Gull appears from the flash of seafoam green light and forms her translucent green wings- taking up towards the sky from the alley and turning into a green bolt of energy traveling across the skyline towards the disturbance.

Along the way, she spots a familiar face--- Greta-chan! Well. Greta-chan's magical girl alter ego. Sunshine Spark.

"Hi." she says. "This is something major. I hope you got your serious pants on!" she says.
Rei Hino 2016-03-06 19:45:10 32294
    Mars went in with Venus and Tuxedo Kamen, only to find nothing but darkness. "Umm... is this a part of the test?" The question is logical enough, but with her senses she can easily tell that it is just overwhelmingly wrong.

    She raises a hand to rub her forehead. "We probably should've expected something like this. It'd be way too easy for us to just walk into enemy-controlled territory, over and over, and expect that nothing would happen. It seems that the Dark Kingdom has found away around this palace's magical defenses."

    Her hand falls to her side, and her other hand moves to her hip. She turns to Tuxedo Kamen with a question. "So... is he still here? One way or another, we still need to finish what we've started."
Ami Mizuno 2016-03-06 19:45:27 32295
When Mercury threatened to drop Tokyo Harbor on Kunzite's head, she had more intended it as a highly focused and targetted amount of Harbor specifically tailored to put exactly one person out of commission.

She did not actually intend to inspire him to freeze the whole city.

If she'd actually been quicker, she probably would have tried to freeze the tidal wave herself before it had a chance to disperse beyond the breakwater, but being distracted by knowing her friends were going into Kunzite's palace with a half-baked plan, and trying to figure out how to detect Kunzite's activities, means Ami Mizuno was caught at a vulnerable moment.

When the waters begin to flood through Tokyo, Ami leaps for the rooftops, and then her eyes widened as the realization hit her.

He's using her own ideas against her.

"MERCURY POWER, MAKE UP!" And thus the Senshi of Wisdom and Water transforms. Staring out over the destruction rolling in, she instructs her computer to send a message out to every magical girl and boy she knows.

And then she opens herself up to the flow of magic.

The first sign that Kunzite is opposed won't be a powerful attack or a blast of magic: it's that his freezing water suddenly stops freezing. It also starts flowing backwards.

Sailor Mercury really doesn't have the power to focus on this for long. It's not going to hold. But even a few seconds of fighting Kunzite for control might be enough to buy people time ot get away.
Takashi Agera 2016-03-06 19:56:42 32296
Not too long after Takashi had finished a conversation with Gull and doublechecked the last of his work on the two devices, the force of Kunzite's efforts slammed into him, in an energetic and metaphorical sense, like a truck. It actually caused him to stagger forward. Axion pinged, but Takashi just smiled.

"Well, at least now I can stop worrying and start focusing on killing whatever this is. I've had an uneasy feeling since last night!" he said, putting the lab and UMBRA itself into a lockdown mode as he left, henshining into Riventon and making Dusk Zone jumps until he's on a rooftop nearby - and close enough to see Kunzite. And both of his hands clench into fists. "Why does it have to be him?" he asked nobody in particular. His Riventon henshin dropped, leaving a boy in Infinity's uniform with a lab coat worn over it, and standing on the edge of a rooftop in all this chaos.

"Well, maybe that means..." and his phone pings. He doesn't need to check it - there's a different tone for her messages. "Mmm, but he's stronger by miles than last time." He doesn't say what he's thinking - stronger than me - but he is thinking it

There's a low toned ping from the charm on his left wrist, and Takashi takes it into his hand. "Eiszapfen! Engage!" A burst of blue-grey light later, and that boy's lab coat is replaced by a suit of armor and he's wiedling a massive halberd, blade made of what seems to be frozen ice. He stands, carefully, on the edge of the building. Watching. Axion, still on his ear, pings. "Patience. You're picking up a lot of signatures. There will be a lot of them rushing in - and I'll lose tactical advantage if I get seen engaging too early. Better to come in at the right time." he tells his device as he watches - mostly Mercury, but the rest of the fight as well.
Mamoru Chiba 2016-03-06 19:57:21 32297
"He's in Tokyo," Tuxedo Kamen says shortly to Mars, face as white as Kunzite's hair. "He's started without us."


The group who tried a plan-- some plans don't survive first contact with the enemy; some are stillborn before things even get that far-- they're all aboveground now (IT WAS NOT A HALF-BAKED PLAN IT WAS A GOOD PLAN, MERCURY) and Tux makes sure Usagi's covered by her girls before he grabs Nephrite and leaps...

...up toward the top of Tokyo Tower, but not all the way. Two capes, two capes!

There's a lot of platforms on that thing, and the one Tuxedo Kamen lands them on is below where Kunzite is, on the far side, so he hopefully won't see them. "Good angle," he asserts, letting go Nephrite to dart forward, then stay in the shadows. "We gotta hit him when we see other people powering up. Fire like a half second after me, and then we jump."

He's good. He waits until other people start firing (and hopefully scattering) before he hauls back--

and throws a bright red rose straight and true, directly for the layers of shielding.

The second after Nephrite fires, he grabs him again and vaults off the ledge to land them somewhere below, elsewhere on the tower.
Greta Legend 2016-03-06 19:59:28 32298
    Today was supposed to be a relaxing day! There was not a whole lot of magical activity that needed her attention, so she was going to cook up a bento and visit someone who she'd hope would be happy to see her! BUT NOOOOOOOOOO! A disaster of biblical proportions just had to pop itself up! Searing light from the sky, cities flooding, darkness around Tokyo Tower, Electricity dying! Dogs and cats living together! MASS HYSTERIA!

    Just what we needed.

    One transformation sequence later, Greta Legend is flying off into the city towards the epicenter of the ominous thing going on. Things cannot be allowed to disturb her visitation time! Grr!

    There's a pause, and Greta spots that green traveling bolt of person, and homes in on it, and finds it to be Cure Gull! Yay Cure Gull!

    "Haru---I mean... Cure Gull!" The Sunshine Spark, Greta Legend, calls out to her, and flies up alongside her, "You're telling me this is major, this is going to be crazy..."
Minako Aino 2016-03-06 20:00:23 32299
Minako Aino/Sailor Venus shakes her head to Mars's interpretation. "Doubtful the Dark Kingdom is involved. More like he's just skipped out on the rent and left to attack elsewhere. Another reason I was in a hurry.... at least everybody's finally on the same page."

She just shrugs, disappointed. "Still. Too slow. Again. Whatever he plans to do, we should probably go up."

She says 'up', but she probably means 'out'.

She thinks her plan is a good one. At least somebody actually makes 'plans'.

Her arrival is without much rush or fanfare. Just sort of hangs back, checks to see who is responding, who to urge to hang back.
Kukai Souma 2016-03-06 20:02:09 32300
Kukai Souma, at the time of the first blast into the bay, was at home, enjoying lunch with his brothers. It took seconds - less time than the wave of water took to turn the new construction into so many shards of glass and splinters of wood - for his phone to explode into a cacophony of beeps, rings, buzzes, and hums as it's swamped with text messages, emergency alerts, and phone calls, all drowned out by the red flashing emergency symbol onscreen.

All four of Kukai's brothers looked at him with amazement as with only a word or two of explanation (that didn't really explain anything) he leapt from the table and sprinted towards the door. It was all he could do to dodge his oldest brother, Kaido, as he swiped for his arm to catch him and make him stay. But he couldn't stay. Not even when he didn't know what was going on. Without his jacket, almost without his shoes, he burst through the door, the angry, worried sounds of his brothers calling behind him, only increasing as all of them saw the steadily advancing wall of blackness in mid-day. But by this point, Kukai and Daichi had transformed and shot off into the sky, out of sight of his family.

He did make one stop, however, seeing a familiar yellow light in the deepening darkness, hovering worriedly on the top of a nearby building. "Yellow! Hey, Yellow! Come on, we gotta go, whatever's going on! Stick with me!"
Usagi Tsukino 2016-03-06 20:04:11 32301
That plan...didn't work out so well.

This one...may suck as well.

Sailor Moon blinks back the wave of memories as her fist closes around the newly formed Silver Crystal.

That was...interesting.

"Okay. So."

It doesn't feel safe just having the crystal out in the open. It's powerful and new yet so very old, and in her hand its power spreads through Jadeite's kingdom.

She clears her throat and her wand is suddenly in her other hand.

Apparently, they go together like this, just so, and--

Okay, too shiny for her to handle at the moment, into the subspace pocket it goes!

Besides, it works best as a surprise, right? And hopefully it waking up here won't be noticeable out there.

In Tokyo, she growls at what she sees. People just finished rebuilding!

Kamen and Nephrite go that way, so Moon thinks it's probably a good idea if they go this way.

"Okay, ladies, randomly fire at that, annoy it down with our mosquito bites. Check Mercury on the way."

Despite Kamen's best efforts, she hops about toward the general vicinity where Mercury is trying to stop an iceberg with a toothpick (and quite valiantly), hurtling her tiara along as she goes.
Hoshi Kogane 2016-03-06 20:06:37 32303
Hoshi was setting up her telescope in preparation for a pleasant evening of star watching when everything goes dark, she gets stung by her chroma crystal detecting all the darkness; and she knows roughly where to go for the source as a result. She goes inside the family mansion to henshin.

Out comes Prism Keeper Yellow, for the first time in a long time trusting her wings to actually fly, because she doesn't want to be too late to stop whatever this is from having too many permanent consequences. She holds on to her wand, and braves the cold.

She's looking for any familiar faces, still being new and unfamiliar; and most important of all, nervous. Not only does she not really know anyone (and thus who to point her wand at) but she can tell that she's out of her league here, she can at best make a contribution to a team effort.

Then Sky Jack calls out her name, and she nods, following him towards the heart of darkness, seeing little being done, she yells in an attempt to be encouraging, "Darkness isn't going to purge itself, so let's get started, we can do this, people!" She's hiding her nervousness, her worries, in an attempt to lend strength to her allies by words.

And since her words would fall flat without deeds, she points her wand at the darkness, calling forth the power of Yellow in the shape of six yellow stars holding on to a tiny yellow battering ram, rushing towards the outer barrier in an attempt to pierce the darkness.
Nephrite 2016-03-06 20:07:14 32304
Nephrite's skin crawls at the familiarity of the dark energy emitting from Kunzite. And he has not worn this uniform, the caped one from long ago, since the nightmare of the witch's labyrinth. But he thankfully has no time at all to think about any of that, because Tuxedo Kamen is leaping with him. He has to admit, he misses the gentle controlled hovering that he could do in the Dark Kingdom a little bit.

He follows Tuxedo Kamen's lead, a beam of starlight firing off at Kunzite's shield seconds after the red rose, before they leap away again. It can't be remotely enough, but causing a distraction and keeping unseen is a good start.
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-03-06 20:08:14 32306
Cure Gull she looks over at Greta and then back towards the right where a tinier burst happens. Crap. Something else is going on down there...

"Spark, keep going I'm going to go handle this--" she says as she veers off at the ninety degree angle down towards the alleyway that probably some terrible youma is taking advantage of the situation. Or something.
Kyouko Sakura 2016-03-06 20:11:07 32307
    Kyouko had gone with Mamoru and the others to try and smoke Kunzite out. Well, it had worked- problem is it worked too well, because he was already in Tokyo and trying to flood/freeze the whole place. The redheaded puella arrives on the surface in the company of the others, but upon seeing the state of affairs, immidiately turns and leaps off in her own direction. Kyouko is not a team player- at least, not without very specific teammates.

    But that doesn't mean she can't contribute. She lands on the roof of a tall building adjacent to Tokyo Tower, staring across the distance at the hovering Kunzite encased in his protection. There's a moment of contemplative, almost regretful regard.

    And then she whirls her spear about her body before slamming it down onto the rooftop. As it hits, it shatters into multiple pieces, wood shaft connected by glowing red chains that whirl about her in an increasingly dizzying and expanding dome. Although it was only one spear to begin with, where it begins and where it ends is now impossible to tell. The veteran Puella is not pulling punches, it seems, red lightning crackling between the whirling spear-pieces as the dome they form expands around her.

    "I'm sorry about this, nii-chan." SHe mutters to herself, Soul Gem flaring with red light on her chest- before dozens of those pieces of spear-shaft suddenly sproud very sharp, triangular metal heads. As one, they spin in the air to face towards Kunzite.. and then launch in a volley of arrow-sized missiles, streaking through the air with comet-tails of red light towards their target, though the departure seems to leave the whirling dome of chain-connected spear-pieces no smaller than it was to begin with.
Makoto Kino 2016-03-06 20:19:54 32308
Sailor Jupiter chases after Sailor Moon's lead, covering distance in long bounds. Her mouth is a thin line, jaw clenched against the pull she's felt from the moment they emerged back into Tokyo - the charge that lives within her body, trying to drain away with the rest of the city's power.

She knows the reason behind spreading out, understands the necessity, but it still galls her. Too many people she wants to shield, spread out much too far.

As they near Mercury's position she gathers herself and leaps higher, calls the wind to catch her and bear her upwards until she's hanging in the midst of a swirl of petals high above her teammates.

High above everything, the sky rumbles with thunder.

First things first; Jupiter looks down, sees Mercury and the way the flood of seawater fights against itself. Immediately the wind rushes in, joining the reversed flow of water in pushing back against the ice, buying perhaps a few more seconds. Threads of electricity crackle around her, a brilliant beacon against the unnaturally-dark sky, but when Jupiter throws out her hand toward Kunzite it's not lightning but a rush of petals that blasts at him, distracting and annoying. Maybe she can at least get his attention.
Kazuo Takeba 2016-03-06 20:37:53 32309
Water and ice war with one another. It doesn't do as much good as one might hope for the civilians in the way; the energy drain is a function of Kunzite's darkness, the shadows blotting out the sun from an increasingly large section of the city. And the darkness does not slow when the ice does. Those without magic are given a little more time to flee, but in a few moments they drop to their knees, then to the pavement, enough of their lives snatched away to leave them unconscious. It's only unconsciousness in the freezing air instead of the freezing water. Still -- they have oxygen, for that while. That will make a difference. For some of them, it may make *all* the difference.

Moon's tiara flares in that dark, shining and bright; it catches Kunzite's attention for a moment, eyes tracking back along its path for an instant. He tosses a casual bolt of energy back to where it was thrown from; Moon is already gone, but concrete crumbles and cracks where she was standing, pulverized by the impact.

The tiara strikes his shields and drops, the energy of its flight consumed by the barrier.

A moment later, the Prism Keeper's attack has a little more success; those six yellow stars and their accompanying battering ram sear through the dark, the purifying energy of their color burning at the draining field as they pass, and strike at Kunzite's shields. They do not pierce them, but the brilliant near-gold flare of their reaction on impact leaves a weak spot for a moment.

So does the strike of Tuxedo Mask's rose.

Petals scour at the shielding; some of them, inevitably, flurry at those momentary vulnerabilities. And for an instant, there's an opening. Starlight flares bright and cool in contrast to the artificial night, stabbing in toward Kunzite; it widens the gap enough for one of the crimson-tailed spears, by sheer luck, to follow --

Kunzite lifts his left hand, intercepting the starlight with his forearm. The flare of light is brilliant and terrible, dissipating into something not-light and painful to look upon. It tears away at the dark energy his body is made out of--

And in an instant, the energy he's consuming from the city is enough to repair the damage. His hand closes on the tiny spear, and he laughs.

"Too late," he says. He doesn't raise his voice. The darkness that serves him merely carries it, so that everyone still conscious can hear. "You were always too late." -- but his eyes are scanning the area the petals came from, searching for what Jupiter might have been trying to hide from him. Alternating that with seeking the source of the starlight, and the rose. "Sailor Moon! You have one final chance. Surrender the Silver Crystal, and I will release the city."

His mouth curves up at one side; the half-smile is reflected nowhere else in his expression or body language, particularly not in his eyes. "I'll even release it intact."
Ami Mizuno 2016-03-06 20:52:07 32310
Sailor Mercury looks immensely relieved when Jupiter's wind begins aiding the push. Surviving without consciousness is not difficult. Surviving without consciousness frozen in ice several meters thick is nearly impossible. It makes all the difference.

Since she doesn't have to pour everything into just holding the water back, anymore, Sailor Mercury can instead direct it into letting the water Freeze as Kunzite had initially planned. Really, it's just a matter of not fighting it anymore. He's already done the work.

And that means she doesn't have to spend a lot of energy on it. Turning, Sailor Mercury narrows her eyes at Kunzite, then calls, "JUPITER, HIT TOKYO TOWER WITH EVERYTHING! SHORT IT OUT!"

And then Mercury turns to do the same, not with lightning, but from the opposite direction: the substations. Sharp as steel and aided by magic, Sailor Mercury sends a barrage of ice razors flashing towards the city's vital power supply stations. They can fix them later. Right now, she needs the city to go dark, and fast.
Usagi Tsukino 2016-03-06 20:54:00 32311
Sailor Moon scowls as her tiara drops. She holds up her hand, and after a moment it lifts from the rubble and slaps against the palm of her hand.

She leaps over and lands next to Mars, voice soft. "In between attacks against that, is it possible for you to melt some of the top ice away? Or will it just cause people to drown?"

Either way, a quick forehead smooch and she's off again.

And then a bargain is tried to be struck again.

She turns a glare on the body that looks like Kunzite, her voice carrying. "I didn't even accept that deal when he was your bargaining chip. What makes you think now is any different?" Of course, in a way, it is. An entire city?

Still. She knows now what she knew then. Her mouth twists into a smile that mirrors his own. "Besides. I'd really hate to see your definition of 'intact.'"

She throws her tiara again, toward openings or weaknesses, her other hand itching for the wand.
Minako Aino 2016-03-06 20:57:28 32312
Minako Aino/Sailor Venus claims that they don't have the Silver Crystal, Phantom Crystal, Ginzuishou, or whatever Kunzite is calling it today. Although judging by the fact that Venus' shard suddenly went missing, she guesses somebody somehow made a crystal this morning (or less likely, something terrible randomly coincidentally happened).

She responds by shooting a bunch of glowing beams of light waaay up into the sky. It's bright and obvious.

"Besides, I'm stronger than ever before, my team is doin' pretty good too, and there are a bunch of other people here eager to shoot you who you really stupidly attracted the attention of. Our offer is you go home, leave the city, and maybe you get to wake up tomorrow."
Kyouko Sakura 2016-03-06 20:58:29 32313
    Kyouko's mouth forms a thin line of satisfaction as at least one of her spears makes it through the layers of shielding that Kunzite is hiding behind- only to have it have almost no effect, any wound caused healing up almost immidiately. Ah well.. she hadn't expected this to be easy.

    It's obvious that projectiles of this nature are not going to do the job. "Tch." Kyouko spits to the side, then holds her hand up in the air. The whirling dome of spear-pieces collapses in a moment back down into that single weapon, forming in her grip even as her fingers close around it.

    There's no taunting from Kyouko, no calls to try and sway Kunzite's heart or try to enrage him or emboldem herself. Only a grim determination in her face as she turns and begins dashing along the edge of the buildings, trying to get closer to where the Dark General hovers.

    They need to pierce that shield. Kyouko lands herself on another rooftop, closer, and closes her eyes, concentrating. A flare of blood-red light envelopes her body. Nothing happens at once, but were anyone close enough, they could see darkness creep up the bottom third of her soul gem. Whatever she's doing, she's burning through terrifying amounts of magic in a short period.
Rei Hino 2016-03-06 21:02:10 32314
    Mars stands with the other senshi as come to the tower. People split off, and Mars decides to jump up... not up the tower, but up one of the buildings that is nearby a tall one a block or so away. It's still not very high compared to the tower itself, but it gives her a good angle.

    Usually, Mars's struggle with her power isn't that she doesn't have enough of it. Her problem is that she has to reign it in. Fire spreads, grows, consumes. It's in its nature to recklessly go where it's not supposed to. Much of Mars's struggle is getting it to not do that when she needs to focus it on something.

    It takes a certain amount discipline, which she does get from her experience as a miko, and it also takes a certain amount of patience to deal with what is essentially an elemental force that can't be reasoned with.

    Here, Mars doesn't have to worry about that. The entire city is blanketed in ice, and while her magic may not be enough to melt all of it, the firepower she brings to bear is generally going to do more good than harm. So the question is no longer 'how much can I do without hurting someone'. Now it's 'how much can I use before I burn myself out'. There's always a limit, after all.

    Mars holds out her hands, flames licking her fingertips. Moon is next to her. Mars responds, "If I melt into water then yes. However, if I evaporate it, then people will be safe as long as they don't get steam burns. Which means I can only safely melt so much of it." Mars would smooch back, but she's a little bit on fire and doesn't want to get too close to the Princess like this. Moon does get a smile, however. "Never give up, Moon-chan!"

    With the princess away, Mars releases her power. Fire explodes outwards from her, reaching upward and spreading outward. She stays true to the plan that Moon asked of her, trying to evaporate the ice instead of melt it. This creates a lot of steam, and that steam rises.

    The fire spreads rapidly, unconstrained but still directed, Mars above watching her inferno as if she were directing an army.
Mamoru Chiba 2016-03-06 21:04:35 32315
Crouched on the lower platform now, watching, Tuxedo Kamen's mouth twists into a frown. His hands are gloved, but Nephrite knows-- and Moon and Kyouko know, and Jupiter and Mercury and Mars and Venus all know-- how he must be feeling, hearing that voice saying those words. His heart hurts, but it's bright, offering Sailor Moon the support they share with each other through the red string of fate that ties together silver and gold.

His blue eyes are hard behind the luminous outline of his bright white mask and he stands again, lifting a hand to Nephrite's shoulder as he watches the patterns of the attack results, watches what cuts through and what's eaten wholesale.

One corner of his mouth quirks up in a half-smile that's both proud and bitter at Sailor Moon's words: he was a bargaining chip. Of course he was. But then he shakes his head. "Okay. Waiting again, this time until someone else cuts through a little, and we can combine attacks to widen whatever gap someone else makes." He slides a look sidelong at his guardian, and for a split second, there's a trollface in there somewhere. "It works better if you call it, man. So if you don't have a name, better make one up quick. On three--"

If he saw what Kyouko was doing right now...

But no: Waiting. At the first sign of something headed for Kunzite that made a dent before, he counts off, grabbing Nephrite's hand to point at Kunzite with his, and grinning crookedly. "One. Two. Three-- TUXEDO LA SMOKING BOMBER!"
Kukai Souma 2016-03-06 21:06:46 32317
Sky Jack sees the Sailor Senshi and several others all gathering near the top of Tokyo Tower, the center of the darkness, and the figure speaking atop it. Making sure Yellow is with him, he swoops up to one side of the group and raises his arm in greeting. "The calvary has arrived!"

Jack grins, his board twitchy and agile today as he looks at the ... man... atop the tower, and the ice wall, and the senshi. "Yellow, I'm not much good at ice or anything, but I'm good at breaking shields. So keep up, and start firing!"

With that, seeing the blast from Tuxedo Kamen, Sky Jack suddenly shoots around to one side of Kunzite, soccer balls appearing in place in his path as he rears back, kicking them at the dark figure's sides and back, each ball imbued with a fragment of the light energy of hopes and dreams and will, intent on bringing his shields down and distracting him - what Sky Jack does best!
Greta Legend 2016-03-06 21:08:14 32318
    Greta goes wide eyed as Cure Gull shoots down towards whatever distraction has pulled her away, "Hey wait!" But her protest goes unheard, and she sights, "Okay, fine, I can help somehow... Just who do I have to charge at?"

    Then Kunzite speaks to everyone. Who's Sailor Moon? She'd heard the name before, but she still didn't have a face to associate it with. Still, whoever this guy was that was trying to make this Faustian Bargain, it seemed he was over at Tokyo Tower. Greta could tell because lasers were shooting at it. Well that makes things easy.

    Greta points her intelligent device at the source of the chaos, and shouts out, "HEY! I don't know who you are, and I don't know who this Sailor Moon is, but I can guarantee you that Hell will freeze over before ANYONE takes you up on your bargain, you maniac!"

    Greta spins her device as it takes shape of a Tomahawk and roars, "I might not be this Sailor Moon, but if she's out there, if there are others as well, I'm sure they'd agree! So if anyone else is out there, let's fight together! I'm the Sunshine Spark, and if we all fight together, bringing our hearts together as one, we'll make this guy regret the his life decisions! And... Stuff!"

"-EXCELLENT EFFORT, MASTER.-" "Shut up, you! Let's FLY!"


    With that, Greta rockets towards Tokyo Tower, and roars as she SWINGS her Tomahawk at the shield, using her momentom as she goes.
Takashi Agera 2016-03-06 21:11:29 32319
Frost Knight Iceni - Takashi - watches the goings on from his perch. He's really tense, and if anyone had seen him, it'd show. How long can he wait and watch without engaging himself? If this was the sort of thing he thought they could handle themselves, he wouldn't be doing half the things he does. But, that big swirling vortex of energy reminds him of what those people on the ground fighting Kunzite don't know - about the full strength of the Dusk Zone, and all its inhabitants, hostile to life, to order, to the world he looked out from his perch.

Tokyo looked safe-ish for the moment. His grip on the halberd tightened, though, and with his other hand, he went to do a check of several things. Several trump cards, making sure if push came to shove they'd be there. Crystals, orbs, and the like.

Satisfied, he returned his other hand to the halberd, and his focus to the ongoing fight. Mercury's got some sort of plan going, which makes him feel better about the whole thing going off. Maybe he can follow up on the attacks next round and get that staff-bashing he planned on in - maybe he can just watch. Something tells him neither of those things will go off, because the seriousness of the situation - and of Kunzite's very clear power spike - is not lost on him.
Hoshi Kogane 2016-03-06 21:13:16 32320
Prism Keeper Yellow could tell that her stars made an impact, however small, and this strengthens her resolve, and not even Kunzite's boasts of having already won can change that. "If you have this kind of power, and you still look for some magical artifact, I don't think it would be good for anyone if you got it."

She looks down, seeing Sky Jack and giving him a firm, confident nod. "I know this voice, he doesn't like my magic." Her faked confidence slowly starting to make it to reality, "With you here, and everyone else, I know we can do this."

She points her wand at the shields again, sending more stars at it, this time they're inside manned torpedoes, an old second world war design, and are racing one another to reaching the shields first. "Even if you keep your word and Tokyo stays intact, what of the rest of the world, or universe?"

She adds on, one more confident sounding statement, "Besides, if we have already lost, then why are you still trying to make bargains? You know we have a shot." Thus she sends another star flying, this one kicking little yellow soccer balls at Kunzite's shields.
Makoto Kino 2016-03-06 21:13:35 32321
Jupiter glances downward at Mercury's shout, and though between darkness and distance it may be impossible to see, she nods sharply in recognition. "Got it!"

Then the wind is bearing her still further upwards, toward the blackened sky where storm clouds have begun to roil unseen. Her power blazes from her, glowing from her eyes and the stone of her tiara as she scans the height of Tokyo Tower, searching for signs that any allies who were using it as a perch have had time to bail to safer ground. "Everybody out of the pool," she murmurs, mostly to herself; if they didn't hear Mercury a moment ago, they won't hear her from here over the peal of thunder from above and the tremendous hiss of steam that Mars's fire is creating.

She'll just have to trust.

"My guardian star, Jupiter..." She hangs in the air, arms spread to either side as she gathers power. Electricity coils over her arms, her legs, across her shoulders; it spikes upward from center of her tiara, crackling and seething. "Split open the clouds - cleave through the darkness--"

Another peal of thunder resounds from above, and the energy sparking around her hands arcs to meet the tip of her tiara's lightning rod and down to her legs, as though completing a circuit.

"--create a bridge--"

For one shivering second, two, the shape is once again drawn in lightning, burning high in the air - a cross within a circle--


The sky roars with a BOOM of thunder as a pillar of lightning slams down from above, a massive column of raw energy stabbing down from the heavens to slam into, not Kunzite himself, but the peak of Tokyo Tower.
Nephrite 2016-03-06 21:15:33 32322
Kunzite's words resonate through Nephrite. It was only the very last time he saw Kunzite that Nephrite said something hauntingly similar: it's always been too late.

And it was Kunzite who promised him it wasn't. Kunzite who gave him the courage to trust in Endymion, in Makoto, in Sailor Moon. Now it's his turn to prove Kunzite wrong. Even if that means beating him with everything he's got.

Tuxedo Kamen takes his hand, and he already feels the power resonating between them, amplifying in a way that it only could between the Earth prince and his guardians. And--wait, call it? Oh. Oh sh--

Too late to come up with anything witty. "Uh... STARLIGHT LASER."

Yeah, that needs work.
Kazuo Takeba 2016-03-06 21:57:02 32323
Surviving without consciousness is not difficult. Except when something in the air, something surrounding you, is drawing the life force out of your body, killing you steadily an inch and a breath and a heartbeat at a time. It *does* buy time, keeping them out of the ice. It only doesn't buy as much as might have been hoped for.

It's still well worth doing. Because the difference between one minute and two, five minutes and ten, may also be the difference between in this fight and out of it. May mean that the people trapped around them survive until Kunzite can be defeated.

Presuming that Kunzite can be defeated.

Certainly Mars' efforts catch his attention. Mars' fire spreads; Venus' beams of light flare in the darkness. And Kunzite -- Kunzite lets the spear-fragment of Kyouko's drop, stretches his left hand, closes it.

The darkness around them thickens around the fire, around Venus' light. Swallows the light, and begins to swallow the fire, just the way that his shields consume attacks directed against him. Taking that energy to feed him, too.

And the borders of the darkness flow outward, still, faster and faster across the city. Mercury's trouble might be finding power supply stations to target that haven't already been shut down; but she does, and the power going out ahead of the wave of black is a vastly more wholesome thing. Stealing some of the power he's seeking.

It's not as if she can't deduce that's why he chose to delay rather than attack, for a moment. The radius he's stealing, for himself and for whatever he's feeding through that portal, is increasing exponentially with the radius. It's just as Mercury deduced when she first analyzed his powers: the longer he can stall, the stronger he'll get.

As if this weren't enough.

As if he didn't know she could see it.

Kunzite's eyes glitter that noncolor, that pain-light, as he finds Mercury's position. But Moon is talking, and he grants her his attention first. "Very well," he agrees to her, polite, almost cordial in tone. "It will be just as easy to take the Crystal from your corpse."

He flings out his right hand in a wide arc, and this time the attack is aimed at Moon -- or the first one is. Not all of Nephrite's starlight made it through Kunzite's shields. The part that he absorbed is returned now, corrupted and twisted with dark energy, a torrent of coruscating light and devouring shadow and the terrified silent screams of the frozen people that Mars is even now working to free.

The second comes without a heartbeat's pause. A forceful blast of strange and distinctly wrong energy, like watercolor vomit, bursts out of his hand and towards Mercury - the blast of disreality, like a concentrated burst from a Witch's Labrynth in a condensed beam. Frost Knight might just recognize that one. Kunzite's been saving it.

It's a pity he couldn't save it for Nephrite, but there are such things as priorities.

The spatter of Mars' stolen fire that he casts toward Venus is weak; he's only consumed the fringes of her flame. But it's intended as little more than a distraction, all the same. "Do you really think anyone is waking up tomorrow?" he asks her, in distant amusement.

Then there's another girl shouting at him, one he doesn't recognize; Kunzite glances toward Greta, teeth showing in another thing that's not a smile. "Since it did that some time ago, it's hardly a barrier." (Greta has no idea how much Kunzite might be regretting his life decisions -- if he were capable of it, at the moment. If. That black stone...) He greets her attack the same way he greets Sky Jack's shout and maneuvering; he spreads his hands a little more and drops -- letting Jack's attack and the Spark have their chance at intercepting. At least hopes and dreams and will are likely to be a good deal less of a threat to her --

Prism Keeper Yellow's soccer balls are, maddeningly, more of a threat to him. Though not much of one. The purification boils away at his shields again, opening a better route for the pair watching for it. Only for an instant, this time as the last, and only for part of the attack.

But this time, Kunzite actually physically reacts, curling behind his cape. Deflecting -- his shields devour part of Tuxedo Kamen's and Nephrite's joint attack again, on the way in; then again on the way out, even as he's sending what survived of it upward in a glimmer of gold and white toward Jupiter --

Too late. Both because of the way it strikes him, leaving him seared and off-balance, and because consuming that one was a mistake.

His darkness, the ongoing drain over the area, tries to devour Jupiter's lightning strike. But it can't consume that much, all at once. And the strike against the tower heats the air; he's close enough that that flings him back, shields and all.

And his darkness can't consume the image she shapes for a third time, the one that resonates with the other energy he's just eaten, moon-silver from the tiara, purifying yellow from the Prism that he can't contain at all, but most of all star-white and earth-gold.

The crack it makes is not in his physical shields. For a moment there's something paler in the gem at his forehead, a faint hint of a struggling light; for an instant he looks almost the way he did, once, in the instant before Venus saw him drop his guard in shock. His eyes flicker toward her, begin to focus.

And then the jewel floods darker yet, the same radiant-black as the portal behind him, and as he straightens midair his eyes take on a too-familiar red glow.

The smile that animates his face is not his; it's the one Dark Endymion wore.

"Did you really think you were going to win this?" he asks, laughing, and the voice isn't his own either; the entity that's wearing his skin reaches back and strengthens the conduit to the portal, redoubling the flow of energy from him to it. And then, heedless of the waste of power, simply flings bolts of raw force and darkness in all directions. Uncoordinated, uncaring. Only to drive them back and buy a little more time.
Kyouko Sakura 2016-03-06 22:09:11 32324
    All of the attacks flying at Kunzite, all of the attacks hurled back by him, they whizz by in front of Kyouko, around her, but her eyes remain closed. She's concentrating, the nimbus of ruby-red energy around her growing brighter and larger as the seconds pass. It doesn't take long, but in a battle like this, every second counts.

    It's dangerous for a Puella Magi to pull out all the stops. Unlike many other forms of magical warrior, going too far won't just lose her the fight- it'll cost her her life. Plus make everybody else fight Kunzite AND a newly-born Witch. But Kyouko has experience. She's been doing this a long time. Walking the fine line between 'enough' and 'too much' is something she's very familiar with.

    Doesn't make it any less dangerous.

    But what's worth risking it all for, if not family? Blood is irrelevant. Like Mamoru said- orphans make their own families.

    Quite suddenly, power explodes outwards from Kyouko in a shockwave that ripples across the nearby rooftops and for a moment, she's obscured in a flare of red light. Then, rising up from that red light, is a shape- a huge shape. A spear, but jointed with chain so that it bends and whips like a snake, but easily the size of a city bus, its massive triangular head cocked like the head of a snake. With Kyouko balanced on top of it, her normal spear still gripped in her hand.

    "Haven't had to pull this one out in a while!" She shouts towards the red-eyed thing which isn't Kunzite, her grin feral and fanged. "You should feel lucky!" And then the gigantic spear-snake uncoils, launching itself (and Kyouko) across the distance like a striking viper, the car-sized, razor-sharp head of that massive weapon aimed right for Kunzite... with Kyouko riding its tip, her spear-point flaring red with energy as she puts her all into this strike.
Takashi Agera 2016-03-06 22:15:06 32326
A halberd in hand, and just before he jumps off to attack Kunzite himself, Kunzite changes the rules of engagement. By attacking Mercury.

It's strange how mind and body can operate at different speeds. Almost before he's realized what's going on he's moving towards her, falling with a driving force to end up between her and the attack.

His body now moving on its own, giving Frost Knight less-than-enough time to process the nature of the attack. The good news is: it's not another swarm of poison darts! The bad news is? This one is somewhat irevoccably his fault. And that ice shield he just put up?

The Labrynth-surge attack just blew right through it. So the only shield left is Frost Knight himself. He's there in time though. He has a moment of strange ludcidity and comments out right before the attack (and the shrapnel from it surging through his ice wall) "I'm faster now." Then, of course, there's a Takashi-shaped block of safe-cover that Mercury can shelter in while disreality surges around her.

If this was Dark Energy, Takashi might be okay. A Witch's blast, though, is different. It's a special form of twisted emotion and despair. That's, after all, why he fired it at Kunzite. And somewhere he can remember Homura warning him against playing with such things.

Frost Knight is still standing after the attack, and he's leaning on his halberd like a cane. The only question is wether or not he's going to hurl or pass out first, world spinning and colors all wrong after tanking that attack with his body.

"Now you gotta punch him twice." Frost Knight snarls as much as says, trying to hold himself together while his body wars with the sudden surge of foul twisted energy and despair.
Greta Legend 2016-03-06 22:16:41 32328
    The clever maneuvering of Kunzite causes the Sunshine Spark to fly past the pretty boy villain and it puts her right in collission course with Sky Jack's soccer ball barrage! She shrieks getting smacked by several before being forced to fend them off with her tomahawk, and proceeding to scream out words. In German! "Bist du blind!? Ihr Ziel ist es mehr Scheize als Messi im Finale!!"

    When the shots finally cease, Greta grits her teeth and tries to sooth the sore parts from getting hit. "Can we try that without hitting me this time!?"

    And then, she spins and proceeds to just do the exact same thing as before! Flying at Kunzite with intent to just cleave!
Hoshi Kogane 2016-03-06 22:22:36 32330
Yellow creates a big star to serve as a shield from the outgoing darkness, not quite making it pass her by harmlessly, but it cancels out enough of it to make the pain of it manageable, to allow her to keep fighting unimpeded, and that's all she needs right now, grimacing as she is.
Yellow can tell Kunzite is eating attacks, what she also knows is that he can't eat hers, and she takes a gamble, pointing her wand away from the shields, from Kyouko trying to become the Spear That Will Pierce the Heavens (well more like the Hells, really) and towards everyone who seems to be awake and on her side.

She puts a lot into these shots, every single star a little stronger than most, every single star charged full of colour energy, of purification magic, every single star hovering in the air near their target, holding a little sign that says 'Eat Me.'

When all have been sent, she points her wand towards Kunzite again, and yells, "This guy likes to eat energy, but he gets a nasty stomach-ache from trying to eat mine." She sends a single star flying towards Kunzite to emphasize the point, shining a bright Yellow as she does so.

And then, after having given everyone that power and her recommendation, she calls out her own attack, "Prism Aegis Power! Yellow Chroma Starburst!" One more star, a little bigger than most, is sent flying towards Kunzite, and a beam of Yellow is aimed at, filling it with more and more energy, making it grow, and grow, and grow.

Then as it gets close, it huffs; the by now massive star's edges start to slowly tear; and then it puffs and the star tears apart, exploding into a giant ball of colour energy, little yellow stars flying everywhere, but mostly towards Kunzite.
Kukai Souma 2016-03-06 22:28:37 32331
Sky Jack sees Kunzite dip - and a moment later all he can see is the oncoming blade, looking as big as a redwood trunk and sharp as Iceni's wit. He can feel more than see Hoshi just behind him, seeing her watching Kunzite descend out of the corner of his eye. "LOOK OUT!"

One hand desperately reaches down to grab his board and yank it upwards as he performs a spinning flip over the slashing blade, time slowing for a moment to show the deadly edge brushing the back of his jacket, the board, just over Yellow's head as she dodges out of the way.

And then Greta's pulling back on the swing as his soccer balls impact her, and he's falling through the air for a moment, the board having to settle itself as he rebalances, a clear slice through the back of his jacket longways, shredding the clothing. Jack's heart is pounding as he yells again. "OK! No more of that!

Oh. There's a giant red spear and a similarly giant (in power, if not in stature) spear threatening the dark form. Jack nods, more to himself than the others, and yells in glee. "TIME TO SCORE!"
Makoto Kino 2016-03-06 22:52:37 32332
The down side of making such a bright blazing target of herself up in the air, all of her attention occupied with the immensity of the energy she's channelling from on high while also keeping herself aloft - there is not a blessed thing Sailor Jupiter can do about the slim lance of gold-and-silver energy that Kunzite fires at her. It scores a direct hit; the image of the quartered circle bursts into dissipating threads of lightning and Jupiter falls.

She catches herself in the next instant, grasping at the wind - turns her attention downward just in time to see the blast aimed for Sailor Moon and she dives but it's too far, even gravity cannot bring her down fast enough and she feels a spike of panic--

Black energy roars out of Metalia-Kunzite, and Sailor Moon is unguarded, still reeling from the blast of corrupted starlight. Sailor Jupiter grits her teeth and plummets.

The instant before the wave of darkness can break over Sailor Moon, the rooftop she was standing on erupts in an explosion of dust and grit and fragments of building as a guided Jupiter missile slams down onto it between the lunar senshi and the attack.
Usagi Tsukino 2016-03-06 22:59:28 32333
The blast...hurt like hell.

Her scream still isn't a pleasant thing to hear, especially for those who actually like her.

Man, when full of dark energy, Nephrite's doodads hurt like the dickens!
Shehe barely sees the second attack before Jupiter is there, taking the brunt of the force.

She's quick to forget her own booboos as she rushes to make sure Jupiter's okay.

Relieved, she turns toward Kunzallia. She stands, helps Jupiter up, and grits her teeth, not letting go of her hand. "This is gonna require something...new."

She clicks on her communicator. (They still work, right?)

"Guys, I need you all here. Mercury? That thing with the woosh and move? You said the idea can be used for other stuff? Or did I actually have an original idea?"
Rei Hino 2016-03-06 23:01:53 32334
    Darkness meets Mars's inferno, and where fire usually pushes back the darkness, this time the darkness pushes back the fire. Yet, not all of her power is being absorbed. Kunzite seems to have a limit on how much he can take in at once, and they are meeting that limit. If that's the case, and if that's what Mars is actually seeing here, then it's time for that limit to be surpassed.

    Mars leaps down from her high perch, landing amidst the clouds of steam. It hurts, sure, but her henshin protects her from what would normally be unbearable. Unlike the steam, the fire itself actually doesn't burn her, because even as Kunzite is stealing it, this fire is still hers.

    No, more than that. It's not just her energy, her attack, or her magic. It's her anger, her warmth, her passion and her soul. She stands in the middle of the blaze, unharmed, closing her eyes as she concentrates, relaxes. Breath in, breath out. A warrior's weapon is her soul. The weapon and the soldier are one. Mars and the flame are one.

    Her eyes open, and she sees her fire, herself, being drained away by Kunzite. Not much she can do about that, but when she sees that fire being flung at Venus, she reaches out with her hand. That fire is hers. That fire is her. She's not giving it permisison to attack. The flames are infused and empowered by darkness, but if there's even a trace amount of her control over it, she's going to redirect the fire, and yank it to the side, away from Venus.

    Yellow's star comes towards her, and Mars reaches out her hand to take it. She glances up at the Yellow Prism Keeper. "Thank you!" she shouts, her voice may be hard to hear over the rest of the battle, but subtly the roaring of her fire doesn't interfere with it at all. She presses the star into her heart, letting the colorful purification magic pass through her and into the fire. The flames are still red, but they give off a bright yellow glow.

    Dark energy comes flying at her, not aimed but rather area-saturated around her. Darkness falls among her empowered flames, forming islands of blotchy darkness in a sea of fire. Mars herself is hit at first, but she raises her hands and brings up a wall of fire that pushes back the darkness.

    It protects her, but at a cost. She is getting tired, and is reaching a limit she never thought she had to worry about. A saying about 'burning the candle at both ends' goes through Mars's mind. Will the darkness reach her, or will she burn out first?

    No, that's not the best way to handle this. While the fire is fighting back the darkness, Mars walks out of the way, raising her hand as she moves. Darkness crashes into the ice she was standing on, and the fire that she had once spread leaps up to sink into her, becoming one with her, and turning into a faint auric red and yellow glow that surrounds her.

    It's a neat visual effect, but what will she do with it? All of this power needs to be used for something. Moon and Jupiter are in trouble. Jupiter just took a hit. Mars will go that way. Especially since she hears her princess calling to her through her communicator.

    Mars leaps and lands at Moon's side. "Alright, Moon-chan. You have an idea? Let's hear it."
Ami Mizuno 2016-03-06 23:07:00 32335
Trying to tear Kunzite's power from him is like trying to grasp at mercury: the harder you squeeze, the faster it falls through your fingers.

Nevertheless, she's sure it's having some effect, just not enough, and not fast enough. Mercury grimaces. Her plan isn't going to work; she's running out of ideas, and --

-- Sailor Mercury looks up just in time to see a lance of pure and utter discolored wrongness and disreality streaking across the sky towards her. Trying to calculate for every possible attack is an exercise in futility, so Mercury long ago gave up on any plan that involved keeping inventory of Kunzite's current alotment of absorbed powers. Sometimes Chess is about calculated reaction, rather than long preparation.

But how do you formulate a reaction to that?!

Sailor Mercury stands transfixed, but Frost Knight Iceni already knows the attack, and his timely intervention drags Mercury out of her confused paralysis. She ducks behind his body, making herself small as he takes the attack for her. And when it's over, she peers around him, eyes still wide, and then grips his face with both hands. "I'm sorry," she says, then presses her lips very briefly to his. "Thank you. I have to stop him."

And before she can even think about what she's just done, Sailor Mercury rushes forward towards Kunzite.

There's no more time to steal his powers. He's growing too strong too fast. She can't compete with it. So she's done countering.

A little ball of glowing starlight forms over her shoulder: Prism Keeper Yellow's support, already empowering not just what Mercury might do, but providing a literal light of inspiration. Every breaker has a limit, and Kunzite must have one, too.

Sailor Mercury rushes to Moon's side and grabs her hand. "We can do it," she agrees with the Princess, squeezing her hand gently. "If we believe in each other. If we trust in each other. If we support each other. Just like when we went to the Moon. All together:"

And then Sailor Mercury starts t he light show, drawing on her own planet with a call, "MERCURY POWER!" Hoshi's star flares brilliant as blue light engulfs Sailor Mercury. That light barely contains itself, seeking to leak from the planet closest to the sun towards her allies.
Rei Hino 2016-03-06 23:11:08 32336
    Mars hears the plan from Mercury, and nods in understanding. She closes her eyes, trusing in the heart of her Princess, and in the hearts of her friends. She takes Mercury's and Jupiter's hands, pouring her stored power into the metaphorical pool.

Minako Aino 2016-03-06 23:12:47 32337
Minako Aino/Sailor Venus raises her arm up to shield herself from fire, not really expecting to go through the engagement without injury. When the fire turns away from her, she's as willing to attribute it to a favor from Mars as to Kunzite just having really terrible aim.

She throws out some more energy into the sky, so that it pours down over the enemy. Some rain to go with the thunder. She calls out, "Love Crescent Shower!" just in case somebody thinks she's only all about crescent beams, seeing how Kunzite handles that, before disengaging to join up with Moon and everybody else who gets around her (standing or otherwise).

"You called? What happened? Are you ok?"
Kukai Souma 2016-03-06 23:16:48 32338
Sky Jack flies back up, balanced perfectly back on his board, continuing to punt charged balls at Kunzite. Out of the corner of his eyes he sees Kunzite's attacks blasting into and dropping the other heroes, and knows - now it's his time.

A flash of green speed zips in front of Kunzite, dangerously close to that shield, trying to distract him while the Senshi recover and charge up. "Hey you jerk! Look up here! There's more heroes than just the Sailor Scouts on Earth! And we won't let you take over the planet either! So open your eyes and ears!"

Sky Jack continues to zip back and forth past Kunzite/Metallia, dodging and rolling and weaving between the random, chaotic blasts, one blasting into his shoulder and making his whole board roll before he can recover. That's all he can do. Maybe he bought them time. Time to get some range and put the heart and energy he felt in Yellow's star to good use.

Distantly, in some part of him, something he said seems to be resonant, but he's already forgotten it by now. He just knows he's angry at this giant dark dude - it's time to bring him the light.
Mamoru Chiba 2016-03-06 23:17:44 32339
"He-- he couldn't eat it, it-- he's-- oh my god the symbol works like every time--"

From their newest vantage point, Tuxedo Kamen's eyes are shining behind his mask, and he grips Nephrite's sleeve and shakes it, because it's slightly less immature than literally hopping in place. And then it goes wrong and Kunzite's flinging attacks at everyone, and he's flinging Nephrite's attack gone wrong at Sailor Moon and she's alone and he reflexively moves--

He doesn't see Jupiter diving until he's in midair himself, Nephrite left behind on the platform, and his heart unclenches as he lands on the rooftop. Instantly he's moving towards Moon and Jupiter, and he puts a warm hand on Sailor Moon's shoulder-- then remembers in a panic that Nephrite can't fly anymore, and turns immediately, eyes wide again.

But Nephrite is--

--and Kyouko is--

Urgently, not even realizing the crackling line of ember is shifting his henshin to his armor, his Prince form and power level, he leans in and tells Moon, "I've got you, too. We've got you. Do your best!"

And then Prince Endymion's standing behind the Soldier of Mystery; he puts his hands on her arms like he's done so many times before, bracing her and lending her his own energy, the Earth power primed to join with the other planets through her focus.

And lacing through everything and behind everyone's powers, the gold stars of Yellow's completely inedible power lends strength and indomitible spirit to every last one of their attacks.
Takashi Agera 2016-03-06 23:25:44 32340
Frost Knight Iceni is standing there trying to remain conscious and stable for a moment after soaking that attack, when Sailor Mercury - Ami - comes up and kisses him. There is a moment where his eyes shine and his brain has to find some sort of grasp on reality - but he is at least no longer actively trying to pass out. This is an entirely different problem where his mind is trying to reboot from a hard shutdown. It manages to find a tenous grasp - where else - with his pride.

"DIDN'T I TELL YOU LAST TIME I WASN'T GOING TO LET THAT HAPPEN?!" he shouts, making a few leaps forward until his angle puts him on the opposite side of Kunzite from everyone else, making a swipe with his halberd that sends a small storm of icicles coming to him. By far not the most dangerous attack in the lot, due to his inability to access all of the power of Hoshi's little star - but maybe enough to pull focus, or aid in some way.

Because there is no way he can process what just happened in the middle of this fight, so for the moment, fighting it is.
Nephrite 2016-03-06 23:29:29 32341
Nephrite has no time to be awed and turned on by Sailor Jupiter turning the Tokyo Tower into a gigantic lightning rod, nor by her meteoric slam into the rooftop, but he will certainly be dreaming about that one later.

Nor does he have time to appreciate the racing of his heart and the tightening of his throat as Kunzite's stone goes dark and his eyes go red. The meaning of that horror, the familiarity of the creature that wears him like a skin, will be one more thing he must process later. When Kunzite is free from that hell. When Metallia is no more.

Instead, he is left spluttering, when Tuxedo Kamen is leaping away, from the sidelines to the center of the fray. That blasted prince, leaving behind his only guardian in this fight. Without thought, acting on impulse, Nephrite leaps after him--

--and thankfully, discovers he can super-jump too.

He lands behind Endymion and Moon. He might have words for Endy later. For now, they're setting up for something big. He has no idea whether his power is compatible with whatever the sailor senshi are doing, but it certainly will work with Endymion's. Lacking a hand to take, he clasps Endymion's shoulder, pauldron and all. "Can't leave me behind that easily!" White starlight energy flows from his hand into Endymion, amplifying his Earth power.
Makoto Kino 2016-03-06 23:31:03 32342
With Sailor Moon's help, Jupiter picks herself up out of the indentation her impact caved into the rooftop. She's scuffed and scraped, grubby and bleeding and oh dear God is she going to be sore later, but though she has to shake her head and blink a few times in an effort to clear her swimming vision, soon enough she's on her feet again.

When she can see more or less straight, she looks toward Sailor Moon - only to blink again at the little yellow star that bobs in front of her, holding up its sign. She reaches to cup a hand underneath it, feels the purifying power infusing into her own, and despite the aches and pains a little laugh chuffs out of her. She ducks her head toward it, a little 'mwah' of an affectionate kiss, and then she looks up and around, eyes searching the darkness for the one who sent it, for the others, for Nephrite and Tuxedo Kamen - no, Endymion.

They're here. They're right here. They can do this.

When Sailor Moon asks them for their power, when Mercury takes her hand, Sailor Jupiter stands tall and proud as she answers. Green light wells up around her, curling off her body, seeking to join with the others.

Usagi Tsukino 2016-03-06 23:55:58 32344
A pretty little star floats around her head, giving off the warm feeling of happy hugs and giggles. Were she a cartoon she'd be very confused!

She blinks after a moment. Had she seen what she thought she saw?

"Mercury, did you just--" No wait, that can come later!


Hands in hers, she feels the power of her girls. Feels their love and trust through the formed link, just as they can feel hers for them.

As her girls form around her, the wand circles up between them, a slow spin opposite that of the silver crystal nestled with the crescent, waiting, glow dim, growing brighter with each call of power.

And then Mamoru is there, bright and warm, and the crystal glows exponentially brighter.

Prince calls to princess. Even as she calls out the last part of the attack with the others, her tiara fades and a bright crescent beam shines on her forehead.


Chiffon swirls around her ankles, the moonspun fabric brushing against bare skin and armor alike.

Hoshi's stars. Kyouko's spears. Takashi's ice barrage. Kukai's diversions. Greta's Germanic cleaving!

Endymion's love and faith and his own powers.

Nephrite's even steadier presence, acting as a multiplier.

This shouldn't work without Venus.

For some reason, the senshi of love and beauty didn't join in.

Sailor Moon will focus on that hurt later.

Now, they are a hurtling toward Kunzallia, the powers of everyone else there giving them that edge, making the impossible possible with just the four senshi.
Kazuo Takeba 2016-03-07 00:03:58 32345
Orphans make their own families.

The thing operating Kunzite's body right now does not understand family; does not understand love except in its distorted form as greed; does not understand connection, or affection. It is barely conscious of Kyouko except as the aftereffects of a minor experiment, and a girl wielding a weapon that, while immense, is still part physical, to be repelled by Kunzite's shields, and part energy, to be absorbed by them. Kyouko, to it, is not a concern.

It does not know what Kunzite learned three months ago: that he has to make a conscious effort to make his shields exclude Kyouko. it does not know enough to make that conscious effort. To take Kyouko seriously as a threat.

The Senshi are a threat. Prism Keeper Yellow is a threat. Sky Jack is an annoyance making it awkward to manipulate this body into focusing on the threats. The charged balls are not a threat; those are a form of energy that the shields can consume, and do. It's the distraction that's annoying; the thing operating Kunzite's body causes one of his hands to lift and shape itself, and flings another array of dark energy blasts through Sky Jack's paths, and a moment later, toward the Frost Knight as well, with his ice --

They're not as effective as it had hoped. Because of Yellow's stars; because of Venus' rain -- purifying energy falling from the sky, dissolving darkness as it goes; purifying energy exploding from RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM. Both of them shredding at his attacks --

And at the sudden hole torn in his shields.

The size of, oh, a car.

Kyouko's spearpoint tears into the dark-energy construct that Kunzite uses for a body, crimson energy mingling with black. Greta's cleaving blow follows, opening more wounds that would be grievous, mortal, if their target were human. As it is, they won't even last. He's drawing on millions of lives; even if more and more of the energy he's collecting is being fed into the portal, it's more than enough to force this shell to function, force it to recreate what passes for a heart after Kyouko's torn it out, force it to repair itself, to bind the parts Greta severs back together or simply make them anew --

Stars and rain tear at gray and white and black, dissipating the energy that tries to heal. (There is no blood, not now. There was only ever the memory of blood; with Metalia in command of the body, there is no energy wasted on that deceit),

Those wounds, those weaknesses, are still open when Serenity unleashes that combined power, laced through with purification, impossible for him to drain or hold.

There is a single instant in which the thing possessing Kunzite's body, still locked in laughter it no longer has the lungs to drive, forces everything it can of the energy that he's been consuming back toward the portal. Through it. Down the conduit, wherever it goes.

And then there is no body to possess. Wisdom and passion, intelligence and courage, healing and mystery, planets and stars -- the mingled powers tear through the darkness, and where they pass, the energy is purified. Gone. The body it had been forced into making simply dissolves into light, mingling with the rain to return to those it had been stolen from. The darkness covering the city winks out in an instant; the air begins to warm; the ice remains, but there are far fewer caught in it than there might have been, and besides, where that burst of light passed, there is no ice below at all. Only dazed bodies coming slowly to waking.

That combined attack passes through that place, and tears into the portal as well, and in a bare instant more it's gone, too. No blackness remaining in the sky.

The only part of all of it that was solid and real, the only thing that remains, is a single faceted gem. Clear as water, utterly pure; from another angle, a startling valentine-pink; now and then, when caught just the right way, almost violet, but pale and cold. With neither body nor magic to hold it, it glitters brightly in the renewed sunlight as it begins to fall.
Kyouko Sakura 2016-03-07 00:15:03 32347
    Kyouko doesn't mind being underestimated. It's the strikes they don't see coming which fell them.. every single time. She snarls in triumph as her gigantic spear-snake tears through Kunzite's shield, and she launches herself off of the tip of it, carried by its momentum, and drives her spear through through 'Kunzite'.. only to be carried on past by the immense inertia of the strike. A good thing too, because that gets her out of the way of the immense powers being marshalled in her wake.

    The giant spear vanishes in red motes of light as she leaves it, as if it never was. As she passes, the thing that isn't Kunzite might hear her, amidst all the noise of the combat, murmur, "I'm sorry." And then she's past in a rush of red light and wind.

    And she's falling. But she's not unconscious. Exhausted, spent, but conscious. No need for Saya-chan to swoop in and catch her this time. She rights herself in mid-air, just in time to hit the ground at the base of the tower, perhaps a block away, with a 'whump', sending out a small ring of dust.

    She rights herself, turning to look back up towards where 'Kunzite' had floated, just in time to see him swallowed by the enormity of the attack the Senshi and the others send against him. A shaking hand reaches into a pocket and pulls out a Grief Seed, touching it to a red soul gem rendered nearly entirely black by this point- sucking out that darkness and restoring ruby lustre in a matter of moments, strengthening her limbs.

    And then she just turns and starts to walk away down the street. She's of no further help here, she did her part. She trusts Mamoru and the others to do the rest.
Usagi Tsukino 2016-03-07 00:31:34 32348

But it's not over.

Reaching out, she takes the wand in her hand, barely aware of what she's doing. All she knows is she has to fix this.

She takes for the sky, looking down at the city that has been her home the entirety of this life time.


Power from the crystal and wand both blankets the city. Ice recedes, water evaporates to be rain. Flowers that shouldn't bloom for weeks grow. And for the moment, at least, Tokyo is perhaps the cleanest city on planet earth. Toxins are removed, the air becomes cleaner.

When she lands, she looks around at her handy work and--

Decides now is a very good time for a nap.
Greta Legend 2016-03-07 00:34:23 32349
    Holy crap! Greta helped! Okay, sure, it was largely a not so magical attack using a physically shaped Intelligent Device with a bit of Magical energy, sure, but she imagines that it's not quite doing the damage that she'd hope. HOWEVER, the combination of EVERYTHING allows Greta to at the very least do a LOT More damage than she probably ought to be!

    Resulting in Victory! VICTORY!

    And she's closest to catch a rock when it falls out of pretty boy's prettiness. Greta blinks and catches it, and holds it up for examination. She's got it in hand, and hmms, "Is this a Grief Seed too... Or...?"

    She hasn't claimed it, and anyone who sees her is very much able to just ask for it.
Hoshi Kogane 2016-03-07 00:39:33 32350
It worked, at least it looks like it worked. Prism Keeper Yellow is ecstatic, but with victory to dull the sense of urgency, the fact remains she spent a lot of magic to make this happen, more than she ever has in one day, let alone one fight. Arguably more than she should have.

Tired, she flutters down to the ground, landing ... collapsing, somewhere near Sky Jack, she's visibly exhausted, but she's awake, even if she doesn't have the energy to do much more than stay awake and maintain her henshin for the time being. She smiles, however, "We did it."
Ami Mizuno 2016-03-07 00:43:32 32351
That laughter lingers in Sailor Mercury's mind long after the stone falls to Greta's hands. She stares at the portal that was where Kunzite stood in the air, then glances to her allies only briefly before reaching up to activate her visor.

Leaping up Tokyo Tower, Sailor Mercury approaches that place and reaches out a hand. Using her own energy, knowledge of how the Dark Kingdom teleports, and a highly tuned visor, Mercury begins tracing the signal. It's one thing to have Kunzite tell you where Metallia resides. It's another thing entirely to trace her signal right back to the North Pole directly.

While Sailor Moon cleanses the city, Sailor Mercury foretells doom. "Mars, Jupiter, Tuxedo Kamen," she calls to the trio. "We need to find everyone in Virtue ... and everyone who isn't. We need our allies. We may not have much time. But I think it's time we go take Metallia on headfirst. And I know where she is."
Makoto Kino 2016-03-07 00:44:46 32352
"--Oop!" Sailor Jupiter comes out of the reverie of all that joined power just in time to see Sailor Moon drop, and maybe Endymion is closer but honestly Makoto doesn't even think. It's automatic, the way she lets go of Mercury's hand to catch the collapsing princess, ignoring the aches that seem to chorus from every joint as she cradles her friend in her arms. "Hey," she says breathlessly, smiling, "what are you doing? No sleeping here."

But she says it gently, and doesn't try to wake Sailor Moon up. After all that, she's earned the rest.

Instead, Jupiter looks up, tracking what's become of Kunzite's gem - sees Endymion moving, and looks to her teammates. She's smiling, but there's a poignant regret in it, especially when her eyes find Nephrite.

If she was going to say anything, it's forestalled by Mercury's announcement. She takes a breath, swallows. And nods.
Kukai Souma 2016-03-07 00:46:47 32353
Sky Jack was ready to keep going, but then the Planet Attack... kills him? Something pings at Jack's mind as he watches the gem fall, and descends towards the others as the Escalation goes off, washing away the burns and cuts and slashes and dark energy. He lands and then gives the Senshi and the Shittenou a big thumbs up. "Victory! But... where'd he go? Is that rock him? Harsh, even for a bad guy."

Yellow lands near him and he moves over to her, kneeling besides her. "You ok? You helped a lot. Those stars are amazing!"
Rei Hino 2016-03-07 00:47:27 32354
    Mars releases the hands of her friends, and her power, suddenly feeling the strain of the power she just held. She drops to her knees. Her muscles ache. Her bones ache. Her head aches. Everything is aching and pain. She's just glad that she isn't bleeding.

    She watches as Moon cleanses the city, and then watches as she falls into nap mode. "No... moon-chan, you can't just..." Mars stands up, limping forward on shakey legs, determined to carry Moon home if she has to.

    However, Mars attempting to carry Moon right now is a bad idea and someone else should maybe do it if they have the energy.

    Then she hears what Mercury says, and turns towards her. She nods. "Right. Sounds like we've got even more ice to melt." Mars was privy to the same info that Mercury had, after all.
Mamoru Chiba 2016-03-07 00:50:57 32355
Endymion knows it's going to be okay-- but hurts anyway, because that looked like Kunzite, and this only half feels like a victory, right in that split second when it happens. But then the city's clearing and the ice is melting and Kyouko's all right, and the other fliers are all right, and--

Mako's right there, she's got Usagi. Mercury's saying something about Virtue, he'll process it later; Kunzite is falling.

Kunzite's soul gem is falling, and again unthinking, Endymion takes off in a blur of motion to catch it before it hits the ground-- but Greta's caught it; it won't smash; it's safe, and his hand is on his chest as he lands atop a building adjacent to Greta's position. And it's with a look of gratitude mixed with trepidation that he calls out, "Miss--? That's my brother. I know he looks like a rock right now, but I promise, that's my brother, can you please give him to me?"

One hand's outstretched in hope. Please dear god that is not a power crystal destined for the black market oh god.
Takashi Agera 2016-03-07 00:55:41 32356
Frost Knight Iceni is, just now, making it back to the greater group. He looks the worse for wear, thanks to tanking what was effectively an empowered version of his own attack with his face. He's leaning on his halberd using it like a giant walking stick now, having lost the temporary energy he 'suddenly found' to attack Kunzite earlier.

And he's looking not to the Senshi, but to Mercury specifically. "So... the next part of the plan?" he asks. He does not, however, look like someone who just got a magical thrashing. In fact, he looks incredibly happy.
Nephrite 2016-03-07 00:56:01 32357
Nephrite's eyes meet Jupiter's. He sees her regret, embedded there in her steely strength and determination to keep her team's spirits up. It's only a moment, but he nods at her, understanding and grateful.

But then Endymion is moving again, and Nephrite is getting good at keeping on his heels now. And then he sees the Kunzite in Greta's palm and he--stops. Because who would have ever thought that his friend and brother could be nothing but that little stone? Who would have imagined he could be reduced to something that fits in the palm of a hand?
Usagi Tsukino 2016-03-07 01:01:48 32358
Its not a long nap, really. But she does wake up to being held by the second most cuddly person ever.

"Jupiter, the lemondrops ate the boomerang..."

She climbs down and sways a bit. "Where's the vanilla frosting? Did Mamo-chan catch it?"

Hey, she's still not awake!

She is, of course, by the time she shakes her head and looks around.

"Why don't victories ever feel like victories, Mako-chan?"
Ami Mizuno 2016-03-07 01:02:52 32359
Sailor Mercury reaches up to banish the Mercury Visor, then drops down from Tokyo Tower to land near Endymion. She gives the much taller man a very brief squeeze on the shoulder, then walks away from him towards the Senshi, Iceni, and the others gathered.

"The next stage of the plan is to tell everyone the plan," she says to Iceni with a smirk. But she leans down to gently push Sailor Moon's hair out of her face and answers her question for Makoto: "Because this one, unfortunately, wasn't a victory, Princess. It was just a brief reprieve. We have a lot more work to do. Are you ready to call everyone together? I think it's time we go to the North Pole."
Makoto Kino 2016-03-07 01:07:52 32360
Usagi might be back on her feet, but Sailor Jupiter keeps a steadying arm around her all the same, at least for as long as Sailor Moon allows or seems to need it. She has no answer for the last and largest question - mercifully, Ami fills in - but she somehow manages to put together the meaning of the one that came before it, and for a moment she glances off in the direction that Endymion and Nephrite went.

"He'll be fine," she assures. "Your prince went to get him."
Hoshi Kogane 2016-03-07 01:11:16 32361
"Just tired." Yellow tells Jack, and she sounds it. Not that she seems like it's anything sufficient rest won't fix, but she's clearly used up far more energy than she's used to using, and she sort of leans against Sky Jack's side, "There's still more to do?" She asks, when she overhears people mention that there is one more person to fight, though her voice is soft enough it's easy to miss.
Kukai Souma 2016-03-07 01:18:39 32364
Sky Jack looks around at the sailors and generals for a moment, then grins, patting Yellow on the shoulder. "Man, I feel like I should have a suit or something." He frowns as she talks, then nods. "...I guess so. If they say there is. You don't have to go, though." He looks down at her, one hand on her shoulder. "It may be really rough. But we may have some time to rest, so just... try to rest. I'm gonna go talk to them."

Jack stands, both feet on his board, and slowly moves over towards the Senshi and Shittenou. "So I heard you say you need to call Virtue? All of Virtue? What's up?" He really does feel a little intimidated, but he overpowers it with a strong, confident looking grin.
Usagi Tsukino 2016-03-07 01:21:37 32365
She leans into the hair pushing and almost purrs. Then she looks momentarily like she's about to cry, because now? They're going now?

Still, she's Sailor Moon.

"Okay. But can I sleep on the way?"

She looks up at Jupiter and beams. "Oh, good! He'll make pretty roses. Endymion~! I wanna see~!"
Ami Mizuno 2016-03-07 01:21:45 32366
Mercur turns around at the sound of Yellow's voice, then nods her head. "Unfortunately, there is," she says quietly. "That man we just defeated wasn't Kunzite. That was just the shadow of what Kunzite could and should have been. He was being controlled by a much more powerful demon: a Sun Demon from a time long ago. And if we don't act now ..." she trails off, then pulls out her phone and starts texting a message to the Virtue BBoards.

To Sky Jack she offers a nod. "All of Virtue," she says. "Or at least as many as are willing to spare. But not just Virtue," she says. "This is everyone's problem." Then she sighs and reaches up to rub at her forehead. "I should tell Ms. White," she mumbles.
Takashi Agera 2016-03-07 01:25:41 32367
Takashi is still a little stunned. He would really like to talk to Ami. Alone. But now is So Very Not The Time Because There's An Apocalypse Or Something Happening.

So he just shuffles closer to her bit by bit as she talks. "A sun demon." he muses. His eyes travel to his weapon and to the peice of an artifact inside it, before he shrugs. "Weather seems a bit cold for a sun demon." he muses.
Hoshi Kogane 2016-03-07 01:25:50 32368
"Miss White?" Yellow wonders, and there is clear apprehension in her voice, "Why do you need to talk to the Grey Kingdom's minions?" Yes, she missed the memo on the other Miss White. And then there's another, tired question, "What is Virtue?" She's new, blame that.
Greta Legend 2016-03-07 01:28:25 32369
    Once again, the Sunshine Spark has been confronted with a decision. To hand over the gem, probably their soul, of a person who did bad things just now. Greta spins around and holds her tomahawk out at the ready, in case she's suddenly having to be on the defensive. However, when Endymion asks for the gem, she blinks a little and looks at it once more, considering her options.

    Despite the fact that Kunzite just tried to wreck the place, Greta takes a breath and holds the gem out to Endymion, "I'm sorry about what happened. He just tried to... You know... Make things doomed...? Anyway, here.
Mamoru Chiba 2016-03-07 01:36:59 32370
A hand on his shoulder from tiny Ami, and despite the lack of skin contact, she'll be able to feel his gratitude toward her. And then the absolute wave of relief that passes over Endymion's face when Greta hands over the rock-- so much tension immediately drains from the prince's posture. "Thank you," he says, clutching the rock tightly in his fist. "It's okay. He was being controlled by the demon we're going to go fight. He was in a lot of pain. And we'll bring him back the way he used to be. Thank you so much."

No one else may be able to tell why, or even put a finger on what's changed, but Nephrite's certainly close enough to see the particular quality of calm that comes over the prince's features. "You did an amazing job out there. Come over and talk to Sailor Mercury if you want in on the fight we're going to be picking in a little while, okay?" he tells Greta earnestly.

Then there's a glance to Nephrite, and that littlest smile, full of the world's oceans of affection and the bedrock surety behind it-- and he leans to push at his guardian's shoulder slightly with his own and the smile turns, briefly, into a grin. "Come on, let's go. Serenity wants to see how pink Kunzite is."