Kintsugi: I Came Home Like a Stone

Mercury had a plan to resurrect Kunzite. Everyone helped, everyone believed, even if they weren't sure they should. Everyone waited.

Date: 2016-03-19
Pose Count: 35
Kazuo Takeba 2016-03-19 21:38:34 34745
The key is Pluto, Nephrite told his prince. Transitions and transformation, regeneration, alignment with fate. Creation from destruction. The gateway to the underworld. The ferry to cross over the river. The patron force of lost causes.

Mercury's plan was set in motion while the stars held that influence indirectly: Saturn and Antares interacting, feeding death and rebirth into each other. Nephrite named the dates; Jadeite crafted the casing; Zoisite provided the seeds for the roses that held and channelled the energy of Mamoru's living world -- seeds from roses tended, however briefly, by Jupiter, linking the plan back to the Senshi again as well. Feeding the plan back and forth between the celestial influences that cover the earth, the earthly ones whose symbols -- all of the Shitennou's, not only the Golden Kingom's quartered circle -- are worked into Kunzite's palace; have been from the beginning.

There wasn't any evidence how long it would take. But it would have been clear to Nephrite, if not to anyone else. Jupiter coming into the harmonious and creative trine aspect with Pluto: change, transition, success in rebirth.

The jokes about digging him up have been manifold. But the entire point of the plan was that there would be nothing to dig; the earth, the roots of the roses, were raw materials for energy and the shaping of energy, and in the palaces, the shaping of things. Just, this once, shaping a living thing rather than the time, or a tree, or the state of ruin. When the project is complete, there's no earth remaining.

The instant that the first of them touches any of the steel-and-white-stone doors to Kunzite's palace, Mamoru knows he -- or the stone -- is awake.

The place is still and quiet, sounds muffled by the stone walls bedecked in high tile patterns of blue and gold, late low afternoon sunlight pouring in from those places part-open to the sand. It's painted everything another, dimmer gold, even in the cooler shadows. And by the time they reach the place where they planted the stone --

Jadeite's project remains, empty. Roses, stems, petals are scattered in a blanket around it. And there's a human figure on his feet, tall and straight, dressed in a uniform that only three other people have worn in the last thousand years. Braced carefully; still not quite steady on his feet. But Hell if he wasn't going to meet them standing.

He does not, quite, look like the mold of him that Jadeite sculpted. Almost. Almost every detail is right.

It's just that -- even for those who actually saw him at that age the first time through -- dear God when was Kunzite ever nineteen.
Mamoru Chiba 2016-03-19 21:53:52 34749
By convention, Jadeite's place -- being at the bottom of the stairs from Tokyo -- is the usual place that people who come to the palaces tend to collect. Today's no different, except for the fact that it's also the day Nephrite said would be Kunzite Day!!! give or take.

Yesterday, Usagi got herself sliced up and infected by a dark energy sword. A little less than a week ago, Mamoru started wearing a nondescript and kind of ugly brown hoodie most of the time when not at school. It's too big for him, but at least it looks comfortable...?

Today, he suspects Usagi will show up despite nnnnot really supposed to be being up and about, and 'suspects' is kind of too lenient a word because he knows she's here. But he's not calling attention to it. Instead, he's leaning against Jadeite and restlessly shooting rubberbands at, alternately, Kyouko and Nephrite.

That is, until he freezes.

He's utterly silent for a second, then starts to straighten up where he's sitting, brows furrowing--

--and abruptly it's a race against a not-too-long-ago track star with a headstart if anyone actually wants to beat him to the door to Kunzite's palace.

In fact, if nobody stops him, he shoves it open and is a land missile headed straight for the guy who's unsteady on his brand new feet.
Saburo Yukimura 2016-03-19 21:59:39 34751
Jadeite has been content to prop up his prince, ugly hoodie and all. He is himself wearing a somewhat less ugly, baggy hoodie, black with a dramatic phoenix rising up on the back of it, because if they're going to do symbolism at all they might as well really do it. While Mamoru harasses people with rubber bands, Jadeite is quiet and minding his own business, playing with a few mini-tubs of Play-Do that he picked up from *somewhere*.

Granted, that Play-Do is probably about to dry out, because suddenly Mamoru is exploding up onto his feet and running. Jadeite doesn't ask what's up. He doesn't need to--he can pretty much *assume* what's up, which is why he scrambles to his feet as quickly as he can. He isn't as fast as Mamoru is, but maybe he doesn't mean to be. He's busy changing his clothes, or at least making the illusion of doing it, discarding the hoodie and skinny jeans for his own copy of that *verisame uniform*.
Rei Hino 2016-03-19 22:00:32 34752
    Rei knew what the plan was, since Ami did tell her. She gathered with the others at Jadeite's palace knowing that today was the day that Kunzite was supposed to awaken.

    She's just been sitting down on a nice spot outside the door, sticking her tongue out at Mamoru's rubberbantics. When he suddenly moves towards the door, it takes her a moment to stand up. The urgency with which he sprints towards the door is infectious, and Rei runs after.

    "Is it time? Is this it?"

    This, as much as D-point, is the culmination of all their efforts after all. It wasn't just about saving the world or defeating the Dark Kingdom. Getting Mamoru's friends back was also a priority, and Rei wants to see the moment her mission as a senshi is complete. Her first one, anyways.
Zoisite 2016-03-19 22:03:07 34753
Zoisite would love everyone to believe he doesn't care about anything right now, which is obviously why he's ignoring absolutely everyone, sitting on the back of a bench with his back to Kunzite's door and actually literally filing his nails. --well, anything but Jadeite, because he's in Jadeite's palace and so is Jadeite and he hasn't strictly... apologized yet, but he hasn't had time, and anyway he does surreptitiously glance Jadeite's way every now and then. It's kind of like 'is he looking? he looking now? Should I...? Not with everyone here!' sort of thing.

But yeah, the second Mamoru tenses, Zoisite's head whips around, ponytail flying, and the boy who is usually made of grace and liquid cat and firelight actually trips. He trips over the back of the bench he was sitting on and tried to vault over. There's a tiny cry of wounded idignation, but he swallows it and bolts after the others, assuming it's some subtle comeuppance from Jadeite's palace.
Kyouko Sakura 2016-03-19 22:03:40 34754
    Kyouko has only been here for a little while, coming down the steps to Jadeite's Palace, the same place she came to visit Mamoru not too long ago, somewhat tentatively. It's not that she doesn't feel welcome- more that she's aware she's somewhat of an outsider. The only one without millenia-old connections to the other people in the room.

    But she's here anyway, cause she wouldn't not be, if she could help it. She didn't have any booze to bring, despite Mamoru's texts which she can't help but view as hopeful, but she did bring a bag of day-old donuts from the conbenie. She gets them for free, you know, and they're still pretty good, if only slightly stale!

    She's been sitting on a big rock, swinging her booted feet above the grass and eating a donut.. and alternately swatting at the rubber bangs Mamoru occasionaly wings at her. "Are you twelve, dude?" She snaps at him after fending off the last one, the chocolate smeared on her cheek from the last donut she ate making her chastisement somewhat less effective.

    But when Mamoru suddenly gets up and sprints towards the door, the redheaded Puella blinks.. then turns to watch. She doesn't run after him, but she does stand up and somewhat nervously adjust her clothes, as if wanting to make sure she looked presentable, before following (still with chocolate on her cheek, but there ain't a mirror down here so whatddya want).
Usagi Tsukino 2016-03-19 22:05:25 34758
Usagi is stealth! Usagi is a ninja!

There's a slight huff against her ear.

"Shhh they'll hear you!" Her voice is a hiss, which is fortunately drowned out by the sudden commotion. Mamoru is up and away, and people are following!

And Mamo-chan!

Huff, huff, huff!

"Luna, you've gotten heavy!"

That's why she's out of breath by jogging. Yup. Nothing to do with having been stabbed in the back.

"I have not! Stop running, you dolt!"

"But (puff) Mamo-chan and (puff) and Kunzite and (puff)"
Nephrite 2016-03-19 22:09:49 34760
Nephrite is lounging on the grass, telling somebody the premise of that shoe-eating show that nobody else likes, when Mamoru suddenly shoots up. As lazy as he may look before that moment, he springs like one of the rubber bands that Mamoru had been shooting at his face, and is soon hot on Mamoru's heels. But Mamoru is fast and Nephrite would rather race cars than himself.

Upon seeing the empty clay likeness, he plods to a stop entirely.

It worked.


There was no way to be absolutely certain it would. Despite all of the godlike abilities of all these people working to make it happen, despite how many times Nephrite checked and re-checked the sky, there was always a chance that they got something wrong. Nephrite didn't want to think about that much. But now a tension that he never even noticed unwinds from his muscles at the sight of a living and breathing human being standing before them.

It's really Kunzite. Sort of. A different edition. Same eyes like steel. A uniform that alternately is profoundly reassuring and gives him faint childhood feelings of being caught with his hand in a cookie jar.

His throat threatens to tighten, and he can't have that. So he shouts through it instead. "Get back in the oven, I don't think you're done yet!"
Makoto Kino 2016-03-19 22:14:36 34761
Makoto had been sitting on the grass with her legs tucked up under her, listening to Nephrite talking with an expression torn between laughter and bemusement and once or twice shooting Mamoru wounded sidelong looks when she got caught by rubber band friendly fire. When Mamoru takes off, though, no surprise that it electrifies the entire gathering.

In an instant Mako, too, is on her feet to follow--

--except that the catches a glimpse of distinctive blonde twintails at the edge of her peripheral vision and abruptly she checks herself, homing in on Usagi with her face alight in indignation.

"Oh no you don't!" she declares, and surges into motion in an entirely different direction than everyone else. In the next moment she's snatched Usagi right off of her feet and is toting her bodily along after the others at a slightly more responsible pace. "No running while you're hurt!"
Ami Mizuno 2016-03-19 22:19:43 34764
The door to Jadeite's palace from Japan opens shortly after the last person makes their way into Kunzite's, and Sailor Mercury steps into this other world. She's tired. She didn't sleep last night, and school felt all too long, today.

Spotting the emptiness of Jadeite's place, she frowns just a little, then wanders her way towards the pile of left-out play do. "Still warm," she mumbles, and begins putting the bits of clay away in their tubs. Someone has to pick up around here.
Kazuo Takeba 2016-03-19 22:24:23 34765
The land missile was anticipated; there are reasons why Kunzite was already braced. The impact still comes closer than he'd like to think to leaving them sprawled among abandoned roses. As images go? That is not the one he wants to risk having Nephrite imprint on. Ever.

Still. Mamoru's caught, nobody falls over, and Kunzite wraps both arms around the shorter boy. (There are not many people besides Kunzite and Nephrite who can refer to Mamoru as 'shorter.') If he's leaning on Mamoru as much as vice versa for a few moments, nobody needs to know that.

And then there are people, and some of the people are shouting. He hasn't looked up to see who's there, not yet; he says something quietly to Mamoru, then draws in a breath (he can still count the number of breaths he's taken) and calls back, "Jupiter, explain to your tagalong that I am not one of your cakes."

After that, he spares the attention to glance upward and survey. Someone's hurt? Well. It has been a few days. But someone's still hurt, while Mamoru was waiting and bored? That's -- intereting.
Zoisite 2016-03-19 22:37:29 34771
With all the stopping-short, it's probably no wonder that Zoisite actually slams into Nephrite's back. He reels for a second, moves to start pushing his way through between the people clogging the door, actually sees Kunzite, and--

--his breath catches.

He stalls for a second, gripping Nephrite's sleeve, still mostly obscured by the bigger Shitennou. Why is he being so indecisive? Why is he-- he's not jealous of Endymion, he got over that a long time ago. Months, even. He's still mad at the plan, even though it worked--

--it worked. Zoisite shuts his eyes, and abruptly he's not wearing the things Usagi brought him, he's in his real uniform, too, cape and all, and he's in motion. Kunzite's palace now. No inconveniences.

Now he does push through between Nephrite and whoever else is closer, and launches himself at both Mamoru and Kunzite, and if he's crying, then he knows it won't be mentioned or there will be fire. Lots of fire.
Nephrite 2016-03-19 22:43:19 34774
Good. He must really be Kunzite if he still has the ability to suck all the moisture out of the room with how dry his jokes are. Nephrite approaches now, a grin on his face. "But you're so delicious. It's an easy mistake to make."

He's the odd one out now, in his jeans and a t-shirt that Usagi bought him. Well, Mamoru's in the ugly hoodie, but princes do what they want. So the cape unfurls as he strides forward and wraps his arms around the other three. "Welcome back, chief."
Saburo Yukimura 2016-03-19 22:45:18 34775
And here is the last Shittenou to complete the puppy pile, because even the very quiet shade he's been throwing at Zoisite is not going to stop Jadeite from adding himself to this mass hug. Kunzite is just going to have to *cope*, because Jadeite is clinging hard and murmuring, only where his brothers could hear him, "We missed you a lot, Onii-san."

Nephrite and Zoisite can pretend they don't have emotions. That's fine. Jadeite has a lot of them and they are currently running down his face. It's not dignified.
Mamoru Chiba 2016-03-19 22:49:07 34777
Real. He's real. He's really here. He's different from the way he was aeons ago, but so is Endymion; he's different from the way he was weeks ago, but that was the point; he's different from the way he was a week ago-- and that is also very, very much the point. Mamoru doesn't care who sees, who yells, who enthuses, who joins.

Kunzite is solid and he's made of flesh and bone, magic and earth; he's still holding on. He's still not letting go. And that's Kunzite's voice in his ear, not his head--

There won't be fire if anyone calls him on crying, but if he cared in this moment, he wouldn't think anyone would, anyway.

Seconds later, Zosite hits them like a ton of feathers, and Mamoru lets out a choked laugh; Nephrite's next and maybe he really is a bear if he can hug the three of them--

--and Jadeite's crying too, and there's Mamoru's laugh, even if it sounds more like a sob, sodden and choked with stupid amounts of joy and relief.

And then he's saying something somewhere in the middle of that giant hug, and it sounds like 'Kyouko'.
Usagi Tsukino 2016-03-19 22:50:39 34778
Usagi squeaks as she is snatched up and toted along. "Mako-chan! My hero!" She hums happily for a few breathes, Jupiter's strides adding moments of jerkiness.

She gasps when she sees the boy hug pile. Because, well, for one, boy piles of hugs are pretty! And for another!

"Kunzi-kun's so young and pretty, Mako-chan!" She looks at her friend with worry, eyes sad and serious. "Is he supposed to be picked yet? He hasn't finished blooming!"

She's as quiet as she can be, because it's a happy huggy reunion and her Mamo-chan is so happy! Well, quiet for Usagi.

"Usagi!" Luna's voice is a hiss in her ear. "That's not how it works!"
Rei Hino 2016-03-19 22:53:13 34779
    Rei actually comes in after the Shitennou dogpile, seeing a much younger Kunzite somewhere among all his brothers. She stands back, crossing her arms for a moment and smiling. Looks like the gang's all back together now.

    It's an emotional moment for them, and Rei can identify. She keeps quiet, standing next to Makoto and the carried Usagi. "He'll bloom all over again, don't worry."

    She thinks she hears mention of the word 'Kyouko', but she doesn't see the Puella Magi here. Huh.
Kyouko Sakura 2016-03-19 22:54:02 34781
    Everyone ran in ahead of her, but that's okay. Kyouko approaches the door to Kunzite's palace slowly, stuffing her hands in the pockets of her hoodie, letting everyone else do all the running and shouting and hugging and stuff. She glances over her shoulder as Makoto passes her carrying Usagi, and can't help but smirk lopsidedly- despite what she's heard of Usagi's current 'issue'. That has her a bit worried (Especially when she learned Miss White, of all people, was to blame) but those worries are for another time.

    She tells herself she's silly for feeling awkward- after all, she just had a pretty serious conversation with not-evil Kunzite at the north pole not long ago. Something about impending death makes stuff like that easier, though.

    So she continues to hang at the back of the group. But when she lays eyes upon the newly-grown.. born.. hatched? Kunzite, she can't help but allow a lopsided grin to spread across her face. She /had/ been worried, and seeing him whole (if a bit more youthful than she recalled) was a huge relief.

    All the boys pile in for a hug, and she's content just to watch, still grinning. But then from somewhere in there, Mamoru calls her name.. for a moment she hesitates, still not really sure, but.. then she runs forward. Shorter than anyone else involved, she kinda tries to manuver around the back so she can at least get an arm around Kunzite and/or Mamoru, but.. she's laughing anyway.
Makoto Kino 2016-03-19 23:09:46 34784
Makoto laughs as, carrying Usagi and Luna both along with her, she picks her way along until she can come to a stop alongside Rei a short distance back from the enthusiastic dogpile in progress. "It doesn't seem like he agrees with you, Usagi-chan," she says, answering that sad-eyed look with a fond smile. "Anyway, do you really want everyone to have to wait even longer?"

And besides, Makoto sees nothing wrong with having another pretty boy around. Even if she no longer feels compelled to immediately start making heart-eyes at him. "Maybe this is what he's supposed to look like," she muses quietly to Usagi and Rei, thoughtful for a moment, "and the dark energy just really aged him?" Pointed look at Usagi.

It doesn't last long, though, before Mako's turning to call over to the guys, voice rich with humor. "Better be careful, if you squish him we'll have to do it all over again!"
Ami Mizuno 2016-03-19 23:09:58 34785
Sailor Mercury finishes putting the play do back in its bins, then seals each one up carefully. "You're stalling," she tells herself quietly as she begins taking the time to very carefully stack them. "Stop. Just go see him," she mumbles, and lets the last of the play do stand where it is, rather than joining the carefully arranged towers.

Mercury leans back on her heels and stares at the bins a moment longer, then huffs and rolls back to her feet. "It didn't work," she tells herself quietly. "But that's okay because he's still got the rock, and Mamoru said it will be okay. So you can try again."

She makes her way to the doorway between Palaces and hesitates. "It's okay. They're not going to be mad at you. It's Beryl's fault. And Metallia's."

Swallowing hard, Ami opens the doorway just enough to peer through. What she sees is not what she expected. A pile of boys being joined by Usagi and Makoto. Kyouko standing to the side. An open sarcophagus. And there in the midst of them all is the tallest boy she's ever seen. White hair. Grey eyes. Nineteen?

Ami begins to shake, just a little, and tears form in her eyes as she tries to bring herself to step through the doorway. "It worked?" she asks, not quite believing what she's seeing. Reaching up, she squeezes one of her earings, and a blue visor flashes down into her vision--hiding her tears behind the safety of augmented reality. Bolstered by this armor, Mercury finally steps through the door and comes up beside Kyouko. Through her visor, she analyzes the energy patterns in the room--Kunzite and the empty sarcophagus most of all.
Kazuo Takeba 2016-03-19 23:21:14 34788
Obviously Zoisite -- or anyone else -- crying is not a thing that is happening. They're in a desert. Random water, not so much. Clearly any such thing is a figment of imaginations. Kunzite half-frees an arm for a moment to pull Zoisite in the last of the way, utterly unnecessarily; given comparative sizes, it's not as if Mamoru's losing all of it anyway. The possibility that Zoisite might try to set anything of his on fire is, as usual, accepted and disregarded, in favor of eyeing Nephrite's approach. "Never tell me what you were doing while I was out." He pulls the other two a fraction closer to Nephrite's addition, all the same, and somehow manages to get a hand in place to ruffle Jadeite's hair. Jadeite who started this. Who started it over and over. Even in the Dark Kingdom, never quite able to stop remembering sunlight.

(Nephrite who started this, by finding Mamoru, by leaving just enough of a trail for the others to follow. Zoisite who -- didn't quite start this, but who picked it up despite his better judgment when Beryl's wrath left Endymion an empty shell and Kunzite little better. Endymion. If any of them had been missing, if any of them had left his part undone, it would have failed; none of them would be here now --)

Kunzite closes his eyes and lets his hold tighten just a little on the others. Which means that once again, Kyouko manages for an instant to get inside his guard. For once, there's no bleeding involved; his smile is as sharp as ever, and he lifts his head to lean it back toward her. Uselessly, given the difference in their heights, but the gesture's made all the same.

(Mercury can see the sarcophagus, drained of the energy Mamoru spent days pushing into it. Mercury can see that silent golden glow suffusing Kunzite's startlingly young new self; it will undoubtedly abate in time, transformed more thoroughly into his own patterns, but for now he's all earth and roses. The polar opposite of the corruption she'd seen before, of the tainted body that Beryl bound him to, that the girls and Mamoru and Kyouko and Greta and Yellow destroyed.)
Zoisite 2016-03-19 23:55:36 34799
It's an incredibly snuffly disdainful Zoisite-voice from the middle of the hug, his bright hair only visible from the outside of it in lttle snatches of color. "Delicious, Nephrite? What were you up to before I went to Paris, and does Makoto-san know...?"

Then he's squirming around to get Endymion and Kyouko between himself and Nephrite, which puts him squarely in front of Jadeite, and he considers his options briefly. He can't teleport out; he doesn't want to. He can get thumped by Nephrite, or worse, sassed back somehow-- or, oh god, Jadeite could be sweet to him. He is briefly frozen.

Then the fieriest flowercat wilts slightly, and leans back his head against the front of Jadeite's shoulder, and whispers, "I'm really sorry I tried to stab you. I knew you'd get out of it. She was calling and I couldn't let her--"

He doesn't finish.
Saburo Yukimura 2016-03-20 00:07:50 34802
His hair is ruffled and his carefully-constructed illusion of being put-together falls all apart. Jadeite doesn't mind too much, because it's Kunzite and Kunzite's *back*, and all of this is extremely important.

And then there's Zoisite leaning his head back onto his shoulder, and surprise flickers over his teary face before Jadeite manages to school the expression.

He considers the words, considers how rare they are and how difficult they must have been for Zoisite to say. Then he makes a quiet noise in his throat, and leans his own head down to try and bump foreheads with his brother, briefly, like a puppy who's learned by trial and error that this is how cats talk to each other. "'Sokay." He whispers back, eyes hooding faintly. "You weren't really yourself either, but you were trying to be. We all did things we regret. It's over now."
Rei Hino 2016-03-20 00:09:24 34803
    Rei watches as Kyouko joins the hug pile. That's all of them, isn't it? Then she hears a noise behind her and turns around. "Ami-chan!" She waves her over to stand next to the other senshi. "Of course it worked. We knew it would."

    If Rei remembers anything about Ami's previous doubts, she doesn't mention it. That was just dark energy talking, right?

    She nods to Makoto. "Yeah, it wouldn't surprise me if he looked older. Especially considering the state his body was in." Then she giggles at the comment Makoto makes about squishing Kunzite.
Nephrite 2016-03-20 00:13:36 34804
And on the outer edges of the puppy pile, Nephrite is laughing, which makes the entire party shake. "Look, I'm not saying anything happened while you were asleep, but I want it stated for the record that if you didn't want anybody putting their tongue on your rock, you shouldn't have had a rock that looks like a watermelon Jolly Rancher."

The jokes aren't meant to distract from the importance of this moment. They are as much a demonstration of affection as the bear hug. A callback to a time when this was a daily occurrence. An assurance of brotherhood.
Makoto Kino 2016-03-20 00:23:35 34806
"Of course it worked!" Makoto says brightly, looking towards Mercury with an expression like she's wondering why anyone would even have to ask. Ami can talk about percentage chance of failure all day, but as far as Mako's concerned the math is simple. "You thought it up, after all."

Then she hears what the guys are saying over there and her head whips around. She'd bury her face in her hands but she's still holding Usagi, so there's nothing to hide the color that rises in her cheeks. "--I'm so sorry I left you alone with these hyenas and a bottle of sake," she calls to Kunzite.
Usagi Tsukino 2016-03-20 00:25:21 34808
Usagi looks up at Makoto with large, worried eyes. "I don't wanna get older! I'm too young to get older!" She clutches tightly at Makoto's collar, eyes welling.

Luna sighs. "I told you, Usagi-chan. You should have only taken half a pill."

Usagi turns and hisses a hush at the cat. "Hush I'm fine, let them snuggl-- AMI-CHAN!" Wave, wave! "Lookee what you did~!"

And she's about to boast and beam more, but then Makoto's yelling out to Kunzite and it startles her. "Urk."
Kyouko Sakura 2016-03-20 00:25:50 34811
    Kyouko doesn't have anything to say, really- she's a newcomer to this 'family', a substitute, and of the lot of them, it's only really Kunzite she bonded with- well, and Mamoru, but she views that as slightly different even if he doesn't, simply due to the circumstances it happened under. But that doesn't change the fact that feels honored to be there.. to be accepted enough. Acceptance has been something she's never had much of inf her life. 'Orphans make their own families'. Well, it's a start, and not a bad one.

    She backs off after a few moments, because Kyouko has never been the overly huggy type, retreating a few steps away although not too far, and still smiling. And her eyes might look a little bit glisteny too, although surely that's just your imagination because Kyouko Godamned Sakura doesn't cry.
Ami Mizuno 2016-03-20 00:28:57 34812
Sailor Mercury reaches up to wipe at her eyes, then banishes the visor--and her henshin both--as she walks up to hug Rei tightly. "I was so sure I'd messed it up," she explains as she leans on the taller girl. "I ran the numbers again this morning and I realised I'd been missing a variable the whole time ... forty-eight percent," she notes. "Not ninety two. Forty-eight." But it worked anyways. That's one hundred percent, Ami.

Ami wipes at her eyes again, then smiles brightly. "But it worked," she finally says the words for herself, this time with confidence and a little awe in her tone. "And now we're all here." And for Ami, it's finally, finally over.
Mamoru Chiba 2016-03-20 00:37:10 34816
There's a muffled shriek from in there at Zoisite and Nephrite, and it's Mamoru, and then Makoto's calling over, and the prince just starts laughing, and laughing and laughing and he finally lets go of Kunzite but it's only so he can briefly grip Kyouko's hand before she's completely disentangled, and then just hug everyone, and even if he never doesn't care about appearances again, Zoisite's stopped being dumb about Jadeite and Jadeite's really really forgiving him, and for a moment--

--a perfect, unguarded moment--

--the entire lot of them can feel everything he's feeling, and it's the same thing that's in their hearts, and it's a wild rollercoaster of energy and stars and fire and water and gold and it feels, for a split second, like nothing ever happened.

But then Mamoru's still laughing, and he can't stop, and it starts sounding like it's just as much crying as it is laughing, and they're all going to have to hold him up because he's a hot mess and can't hide it.
Rei Hino 2016-03-20 00:39:00 34817
    Rei leans in and hugs Ami close. Hey if the Shitennou can be huggy so can the Senshi! ... not that the senshi are ever not huggy. "It's okay. Even if there was a miscalculation, it worked out okay. We did it though."

    She smiles at Ami, and then Makoto and Usagi, reaching over to wrap an arm around Makoto. "We said we'd save them all, right? We did it. One way or another, they're all free now. Kinda seems unreal, huh?"

    She overhears something Luna says about pills, and suddenly she frowns at Usagi. What's going on here? She knows Usagi should be in bed right now, but here she is running around, and...

    "U. Sa. Gi!"

    She reaches up to grab one of her twintails. "What are you doing? You're not being irresponsible again, are you?!"
Usagi Tsukino 2016-03-20 00:45:58 34821
Usagi winces at the tug, even if it's not very hard and her face crumbles. She clings more tightly to Makoto. "No Mako-chan wouldn't let me run and I really wanted to come here and see if he was okay but I was still hurty so I took one because that's what Dr. Iris told me to do."

Large, wet, bunny eyes and a wibbly lip for Rei.

She's drugged and she's half stoned on painkillers.

About the only reason why she's not outright crying is because Mamoru's all happy and yay!

Still, meany Rei!
Kazuo Takeba 2016-03-20 00:51:41 34823
The quiet words between Jadeite and Zoisite aren't too quiet to be heard at close range. Kunzite lets his eyes stay closed for a moment longer. This is his family, twice stolen, now recovered and augmented with the last of the lingering wounds being mended even now. Finding them the first time was a miracle. This time goes far beyond that, Silver Crystal or no.

-- begin as one means to go on, all the same. Kunzite straightens and cracks an eye open again, regarding Nephrite for one more lingering moment. Then glances back, over and past the others' heads, toward the cluster of Senshi. "You people are standing there worrying about my age," he says, "and ignoring the overgrown eight-year-old? Things must be going well."

(In much the same spirit as Nephrite's jokes, Kunzite is not sorry about having been left alone with the aforementioned hyenas and sake at all.)

He turns his head for a moment, glancing back at Kyouko. "Did En--" Old habits. "Did Mamoru introduce you to Zoisite and Nephrite?" Somewhere in the maddened maze of the last weeks? ... no way of telling. Not as if not having introductions would ever have stopped her from fighting beside exactly who she chose to. Or from being here, now. Besides, the question's an excuse. A way to keep half a touch with her while she's not in contact at all --

And then there is one perfect moment. Fire and ice, that make the oceans, that make the living world; shadows and stars, that delineate the rest of it; the gold that is and runs through the world's bones, the structure that the others work themselves around.

... there's a reason Kunzite kept one arm around Mamoru, all the while. Because he reads that moment not only as what it is in and of itself, but as the signal of the collapse about to happen, and it means Nephrite doesn't have to worry about catching Mamoru if Kunzite's already got him. (... they've all got him, right now. One way or another. And he knows, or he'd never have let himself start to dissolve.)
Kyouko Sakura 2016-03-20 01:19:06 34835
    Kyouko squeezes Mamoru's hand slightly when she feels him grip it before she slips from the group embrace.. avoiding his outpouring of feeling, which is good because if she burst into tears she'd never live it down. The Terror of Kazamino does not blubber in public (this isn't really public but more than one or two people counts in her eyes).

    Kunzite speaks to her, and she blinks, looking at him above the others, which is easy to do because he's Kunzite. "Things've been a bit hectic the past few weeks," She says, wryly, but with a lopsided grin. "But don't worry.. I know who they are. We did all just trudge to the end of the world together, after all."
Zoisite 2016-03-20 01:35:29 34842
"We did," answers Zoisite, perhaps more brightly than he should-- but in the middle of that, he's also wrapped one arm around Jadeite, and is hanging on to Endymion with the other. There's a look on his face: it's partly sharp interest, as Mamoru called her over and she's attended to by Kunzite; it's partly consideration, assessment; t's partly something warm from a fire not intended to burn. "I'll be looking for you, Kyouko-san. We'll get crepes."