Without a Gardener

Discovering that Makoto's either drenched in dark energy or has been replaced, three senshi and Nephrite are...not happy.

Date: 2016-06-17
Pose Count: 45
Usagi Tsukino 2016-06-17 05:00:35 45269
When she gets the text, she's preparing to go to Mamoru's to give him a jar of dirt.

That plan, of course, is completely waylaid now.

It's Sailor Moon who lands outside Makoto's apartment in the shadows of an alley. It's a young girl wearing an off the shoulder crop top and scandalously short shorts that steps out, carrying the aforementioned jar of dirt.

She rushes in the building, not stopping until she reaches the familiar door.

She almost knocks, but realizes now is not the time for manners! Instead she barges in and scampers about until she finds Rei and Ami.

"Where is she! Is she okay! Where has she been!"

A rambling Usagi rambles on.
Rei Hino 2016-06-17 05:09:10 45274
    Sailor Mars is here, having sent just about every relevant party she could think of a text about Makoto being full of dark energy, and then rushed here with Ami to try and find Makoto. Or... if they couldn't find Makoto, then at least they could snoop around here long enough to figure out just... what happened.

    Usagi comes in, and Mars is leaning against a wall, head in gloved hands. She lifts her head, looks over to Usa, and shakes her head.

    "Makoto came to my shrine. She was talking all weird and... paranoid. She said something about not wanting to choose this life, and she seemed to think that we were forcing it onto her. Several other signs pointed to her having dark energy in her, and I had a really bad feeling about it, so I hit her with an ofuda."

    "Tons of dark energy seemed to come off of her like smoke. She was frozen in place by the talisman, at least until she transformed to Sailor Jupiter. Then she teleported away, and I didn't know that she could do that."

    She looks up, at Ami and then Usagi. "Normal people aren't even affected by my ofudas. Only youma and people infused with tons of dark energy are. Something is very wrong with Mako-chan."
Ami Mizuno 2016-06-17 05:11:38 45276
Mercury didn't hesitate long to teleport Rei after Makoto. The pair of them arrived, but unfortunately Jupiter teleported away again. Not exactly an auspicious start to the chase. Mercury has her visor out, and is busy scanning the place as she wanders from room to room. She also has a watering can in hand, which she's using to tend to poor Makoto's mistended plants. "Well, she's certainly been this way a while, if the plants are anything to judge by," Mercury notes unhappily.

"But I'm not finding anything in her apartment which looks like the source." She sighs and shakes her head. "I should have pushed this issue harder when I texted you on Friday, Mars. It's my fault. This has gone on entirely too long, and I knew something was wrong."
Nephrite 2016-06-17 05:18:02 45279
Clad in nothing but a half-open shirt, a pair of sweatpants, and a cast covered in several distinctly Usagi-like scribbles, Nephrite flashes into the kitchen. It is always her kitchen that he thinks to land first.

He looks ready to wrestle a bear. The bed-head does not exactly help with the image. He casts a glance around the apartment, confirming three sailor senshi who are definitely not Makoto.

And though his hands are tensing into fists, Rei was kind enough to fill him in on the situation. So he is striving for calm. Or as close to it as he can manage right now. No use asking where Makoto is if she teleported mysteriously away. No use asking what happened if they're looking for clues. Instead he asks, "do we have a plan yet?"
Usagi Tsukino 2016-06-17 05:27:41 45281
he said something about not wanting to choose this life, and she seemed to think that we were forcing it onto her.

That's a very effective punch to the gut right there.

Not necessarily Makoto not wanting this life, but that she feels forced to live it?

Her eyes are large and sad, a pathetic looking bunny.

By the time she's processed and is ready to say something, Nephrite just pops on in like that blue guy from that one X-Men movie. She jumps and flails a bit, really not expecting it.

Or...to have his shirt just open like that! Eek! How untoward!

She inches forward as she speaks, hands outstretched.

"Well, my normal plan of 'beat the evil out of them' probably won't work this time. Mako-chan can beat all of us up!"

Her fingers work a button or two of Nephrite's shirt. And then she sees the cast and remembers why he shouldn't be here!

"HEY! What do you think you're doing?! Hobbling about! You should be in bed! Resting!" She frets and flutters, and for the moment she's happy for the distraction. "Sit down on the couch! Go on, shoo! Don't make me make you!"
Rei Hino 2016-06-17 05:32:14 45283
    A plan? Mars looks up to see Nephrite, and then her head goes back into her hands. "I haven't thought any of this through. I honestly didn't expect the ofuda to do anything. If she was just grumpy or something I'd have left it at that. I should have known better."

    She leans her head back, and looks up at the ceiling, hair splayed against the wall. "I think, first off, we'll have to determine if it's really Makoto or some kind of youma clone. If the latter, then we need to find where the real Makoto is. Secondly, one way or another, we're going to have to purify her."

    She pauses, solemnly, as Usagi looks like she's just about to cry. Mars mutters. "I don't think she really meant that. I think that was the dark energy talking. Right now, she probably thinks that we're all out to get her or something. She might go running to who or whatever gave her all that dark energy."

    Her hands fall to her side, and then ball into fists. "This is ridiculous. How could this happen?"
Ami Mizuno 2016-06-17 05:57:15 45291
"At the very least, I can track her," Sailor Mercury says as she looks to Nephrite uncertainly. Setting the watering can down, she banishes her visor, then says, "I've had a camera tracking her all week. She's mostly acted like herself--gone places I'd expect her to. She's just been angry. So if it is a youma, it's a very well ifnormed youma."

To Usagi she says, "Mars is right. I don't think Makoto means much of anything she's been saying lately. In fact, most of what she said to me was just parotting my own concerns and fears, amplified. And based on the conversation she had with Rei-chan, I think she did the same. It's like she can see into our hearts and find what we've been worried about, then tries to twist that against us." Pause. "Actually it worked on me," she admits. "But that's not the point.

"The point is," Ami explains, "that's not something Makoto should be able to do. And if she was possessed, Rei's ofuda should have purified her. It didn't, which means something deeper is going on. I think we need to find her, pin her down, and then Sailor Moon should purify her with Moon Healing Escalation. If it is her, that should cure her. If it isn't, we'll at least know, and can begin looking for the real Makoto."
Nephrite 2016-06-17 06:06:40 45295
Usagi clearly decorated his cast with pink marker. Of course she can get away with buttoning up his shirt for him. But the grin that usually comes so easily to him when speaking to her isn't there. He takes her hands, fumbling with the buttons. "Mamoru helped. She's important to him too. If he can't be here himself, he'll still do everything he can from where he is." The fact that he would be here whether Mamoru had fixed him or not goes unstated. Really, Mamoru just made sure that Nephrite didn't do himself irreparable damage.

He looks at Rei, his eyes dark and murky like muddied waters. "That's what it's like. Expecting the worst in people. Makes it hard to listen when they tell you otherwise."

He turns to Ami--and ignores, for now, the fact that she casually put her friend under surveillance. Good thing she did. They can worry about whether it's creepy later. "She was angry. Last time I saw her. But she was justified, so... I can't know for sure if this started before that or after."

He sighs, runs a hand through his tangled hair. "Okay. Okay. However you decide to do this, count me in."
Usagi Tsukino 2016-06-17 06:15:10 45298
Usagi works her jaw, teeth grinding. Nephrite's hands, warm and solid, help to calm her nerves some but not enough.

And now she's lost her distraction and wants to throttle her boyfriend, to boot.

Yeah, okay, Nephrite would have come anyway. And yeah, okay, Mamoru would have done what he could anyway. Still, the guy can be taken out by a strong wind.

So she understands why, but that doesn't mean she's happy about it.

And Rei and the others' assurance that Makoto didn't really mean it helps a bit, too.

"It explains why she hasn't been to the apartments."

Her shoulders slump. She really should have noticed.

But, self-loathing can come later!

"If it isn't her, how do we know where to find the real Mako-chan?" She looks at Ami. "Could we put a tracer on her like I did Hannah?"
Rei Hino 2016-06-17 06:21:51 45300
    "So you were watching," mutters Rei. "Well, I'm glad I'm not the only one who saw it. I honestly couldn't even believe what I was hearing. From the way she was talking, I'd think that she'd want to do something drastic." Long sigh. "It's the dark energy talking. It must be. Mako-chan can't possibly..."

    She looks up as Nephrite speaks, and then nods. He'd know what Makoto is probably feeling right now. "I think we should be careful. If she can teleport, then getting her to stay still long enough to purify her is going to be difficult. My ofuda might work a second time, but it might not be enough."

    At Usagi's question, Rei looks over at Ami. "Do you have a tracer on her already? I mean, you have a camera, so I'd assume so. As long as she doesn't notice that camera, it'd help us find her."

    She frowns. "So how long has she been aggressive like this? I mean, she did seem upset when I brought up Neph-san, and I know Ami mentioned something last Friday. Has she been getting worse?"
Ami Mizuno 2016-06-17 06:31:03 45302
"I have one on that thing pretending to be her," Sailor Mercury says, growing more and more confident that it can't possibly be the real Makoto. It may be desperation talking; it may be the exhaustion. "I can't track the real Makoto unless she henshins, unfortunately." She sighs and reaches up to rub at her eyes, then leans back against the counter. "Which means we can't just put one on her, either," Ami explains to Usagi sadly.

At Rei's question, she says, "Last Friday was the first I noticed it. She missed school, remember, Usagi?" Ami says to her friend. "So my guess is Thursday night. Nephrite, when did you make the idiotic decision to teleport to the incoming asteroid?" Woops, she wasn't supposed to yell at him. Oh well, too late now, "My guess is it was whenever she found out about that."
Nephrite 2016-06-17 06:47:09 45305
Nephrite is already feeling a creeping sense that this is definitely all his fault, and Ami's comment is just dumping salt on the wound. "Thursday night," he confirms. She saw what happened. She left angry. He hasn't seen her since. How much did he miss when he was under the effects of painkillers?

This is, suddenly, way too much to deal with. He stormed into her kitchen ready to fight for her and there are no targets here except the possessions she left behind. "I need to--tell me when you have something."

He teleports out as abruptly as he came, bound for a palace of stars and trees, where he can watch the planet Jupiter's trajectory in the sky.
Usagi Tsukino 2016-06-17 06:52:44 45306
Usagi just...stares where Nephrite had been moments ago.

She's not as cool headed sometimes...

Fortunately it's tupperware and not the jar of dirt she throws across the room.

"You big, big jerk! Not all of us can just bamf out like Nightcrawler! AUGH!"

Deep breath.

She turns to Rei and Ami, still looking a tad peeved. "Okay. So, assuming it's not Mako-chan. What we know is she can't henshin. Okay, probably means Fauxkoto has her pen. But even if she's being kept somewhere, why can't she just fight her way out? So where can they keep Makoto Fucking Kino held up tight with no way to reach out to us?"
Rei Hino 2016-06-17 06:58:33 45307
    Mars considers Ami's words, and then nods. "Yeah. There's no way it could be her. Not unless Metallia's come back from the dead and recruited her, because that's literally the amount of dark energy she'd need to shrug off my ofuda like that." It's ridiculous enough to be... mostly impossible. "On the other hand, if Makoto is being kept somewhere, maybe someone made a copy of her and... I don't know, used her memories? We've seen that trick before, when someone wanted to cover up a kidnapping."

    Rei's finally starting to feel a bit of confidence now, for the first time since Jupiter vanished before her eyes. "Her powers were different. She knew things, but so what? She clearly didn't feel the same way that Makoto did. Even you, Ami, when you ate those chocolates, you weren't fundamentally different like she was."

    Nephrite leaves, and Rei frowns, only to suppress a giggle at Usagi's actions. She can hardly blame him. "Wherever she is, I doubt it's easy to keep her there. I'd suspect Fiore but he's shown no ability to do this. I guess the real question is who would want to? What's the goal here?"
Ami Mizuno 2016-06-17 06:59:33 45309
Ami grimaces at Usagi's question, because answering it is going to require her admitting something that Usagi doesn't want to hear: "Any number of places, from as mundane as a place with metal bars, to as magical as 'another dimension'. Without her pen, she's an amazing girl, but she's still just ... a fifteen-year-old girl."

And that makes this all the harder. She sighs and looks between the two girls, then sinks down until she's sitting on the ground, clutching her knees, back to the wall. "It'd be easier to find a needle in a haystack."
Usagi Tsukino 2016-06-17 07:08:18 45310
For a moment, she wants to strangle Fiore all over again when Rei mentions him. And then...

Yeah, Fiore couldn't pull this off. Not for the lack of trying, of course, but he hasn't displayed the ability to duplicate people.

And for a moment, there's a flair of panic...

"I don't think it'd be someplace mundane. Why go through the trouble of making a duplicate if you're just gonna lock the original someplace where there is the risk of her getting out?"

She slumps beside Ami and leans her head against her shoulder. "We've found lots of needles before, Ami-chan. We just gotta figure out which haystack to look in."
Rei Hino 2016-06-17 07:16:16 45311
    Mars stays leaning against the wall, watching as Ami slides down. She thinks for a second, and then snaps her fingers. "I'll do a fire reading on her! I should have... would have done it already but I wanted to chase her down first. Maybe if I do that I can figure out where she is. It'd be a place to start, at least."

    "Hey, Ami-chan, can you figure out how long it's been since those plants were watered? That might give us a more precise timeframe for when this happened."

    Rei pushes off of the wall and turns her eyes to the kitchen. "All I'd need is a few things of hers. Normally that would be a lock of hair, or a photo, but... heck probably anything in here would do. I'm sure she wouldn't mind if we just borrowed it."

    With a bright smile, probably for the first time today, Rei says, "Look, it's not hopeless. We'll figure it out. We'll destroy that stupid clone and get our Mako back."
Ami Mizuno 2016-06-17 07:22:46 45313
Sailor Mercury looks up at the snap of Mars's fingers, as if in a daze, and blinks in confusion as Rei gives her instruction. It takes her a few moments to realize what Rei is really saying, and then suddenly, a smile emerges on Mercury's face, and she hugs herself all the tighter. "You're a genius," says the girl to Rei. Then she rolls forward onto her feet, daring to hope that Rei might actually be able to do this, and activates her visor once again.

Moving to the nearest plant, she begins analyzing it in depth, then starts mumbling to herself: mathematical formula she's running through her head, along with weather information. Because Ami doesn't do anything that isn't precise. "I can tell you when they were last watered down to a four hour window," she notes eventually. "But given how consistent Makoto is, I think I can safely say that it was evening, just before she found out about Nephrite. Thursday evening," she says, turning to regard Rei. "Does that help?" Can you do it!?
Usagi Tsukino 2016-06-17 07:25:56 45314
"Waugh!" Suddenly Ami Free, Usagi flails a bit as she almost topples over.

As Rei and Ami are both being geniuses, Usagi decides to make herself useful.

Hair brush. One of her ponytail holders. Hmmm. Toothbrush? Sure, why not.

And then she faces a choice and...shrugging, decides Rei can make the final decision.

"Hey, Rei?" Usagi waddles back in, her found treasures on top of a laundry basket. "If you use clothes, do they have to be clean or dirty?"
Rei Hino 2016-06-17 07:33:10 45317
    "It confirms our current theory about when she apparently changed, and it's more information, so yeah," says Mars. "Also, it supports our theory that she isn't really Mako-chan, since I doubt even an angry Mako-chan would forget about her plants. Knowing that for sure means that I can ask more focused questions."

    Usagi goes for the bathroom. Mars thinks it makes sense, because a hairbrush would have Mako's hair in it, and the brush itself counts as something important.

    "They don't have to be dirty, they just have to be hers. It's the spirit of ownership that matters. Clean would be easier for us to deal with." Her eyes go to the kitchen, and she starts walking through it, looking over pans and pots and spatulas, and collecting a few items. "Were any of these her favorite? Favorite things work best. We don't need a lot. It just helps to have something to focus on."
Ami Mizuno 2016-06-17 07:35:04 45318
Sailor Mercury watches Usagi and Mars hunt for things special to Makoto. "What about her cookie cutters, or her rolling pin?" she suggests to Rei. "I think she's happiest when she's baking cookies, so that'd stand to reason. Or maybe her tea kettle?" she offers aloud.
Usagi Tsukino 2016-06-17 07:37:25 45319
Usagi looks down at the hamper of dirty laundry and sighs. She trudges back to Makoto's room and brings out a clean shirt.

She hums as she enters the kitchen.

She starts rummaging through cupboards, pulling out the few items she's seen Makoto use a lot. More than the others. "Also, the rolling pin is in the drawer. The one by the stove."
Rei Hino 2016-06-17 07:39:43 45321
    Rolling pin! Mars snaps her fingers, then finds it as Usagi instructs and grabs it. "Good call." She takes the cookie cutters and the tea kettle, just in case. "This should be enough. I just need to get back to my fire pit."

    She starts heading for the door, but then stops, looking at Ami.

    "Um... it might be faster if you teleport us again."
Ami Mizuno 2016-06-17 07:41:49 45322
Sailor Mercury nods her head and holds up her palm. "Gather close," she says, as a ball of light forms there in her hand. Mercury closes her eyes and takes in a deep breath, and then projects the ball outwards. It expands, grows, and twists the space around it until Makoto's wall has a long tunnel stretching out through subspace. And on the other end: a red Torii, standing silent at the top of a gravel path. "Quickly, I can't hold it long." She's actually never tried to let two through with her, before.
Usagi Tsukino 2016-06-17 07:43:35 45323
Usagi gathers up her findings, throwing one or two more on her way to the tunnel.

, as always, deep breath as she steps through--

And a sigh of relief on the other side!

She turns to Ami. "Am I actually allowed to breath while going through that? I've been worried I'd implode if I did."
Rei Hino 2016-06-17 07:48:52 45325
    "Thanks, Ami-chan and Usa-chan!" says Mars, running through the portal. The first moment she can, she bolts for the main building of the shrine, making a beeline for the fire pit room. She gently places Makoto's things on the ground, leaning them against the ledge surrounding the pit, arranging them so that they won't get burned but they'll also be close enough to help.

    The fire isn't lit, but she's Sailor Mars. She makes a finger gun at the pit and it lights. Then she dismisses her henshin, and drops to her knees, sitting down and taking a deep breath.

    She's excited. Excited and a bit happy, but she needs to focus. She needs to focus, calm her mind, and find her center. She closes her eyes, making several motions with her hands. After a moment, she begins to chant under her breath.
Ami Mizuno 2016-06-17 07:55:13 45326
Sailor Mercury follows the other two through, but when Mars starts to run, Mercury starts to stumble. She's not been sleeping. In the past week, she's had no more than an average of an hour a night, and that was mostly when Usagi practically arm-wrestled her into a bed with Derpy Lion and cuddles.

Banishing her henshin, Ami catches herself on the leg of the Torii, then shakes her head. "There's air," she says to Usagi, then reaches up to rub at her face. "Go help R..no, on second hand, let her focus. I'm going to go lay down on her couch. Will you fetch me a blanket, and then wake me up when she's done with the fire reading?"
Usagi Tsukino 2016-06-17 08:00:46 45328
She rolls her eyes and hugs Ami around the side, doubling it as a way to help her along. "Dummy. Have you slept since I made you? Do I need to figure out how to get Mom to let me come over for school night sleepovers?"

One upset at a time...

She leads Ami to the couch, and if Ami complains she can walk by herself she gets a 'well you can't sleep by yourself, so' in return.

A blanket is found, and a pillow, and she fusses and tucks Ami in.

"Dummy. Even supercomputers need to be turned off every now and then."
Rei Hino 2016-06-17 08:10:22 45331
    Rei continues to make hand signs. For a few moments, it seems as if nothing is happening, but these things are never immediate.

    Then the fire flickers. Growls. Somehow the light it emits seems to darken. Images appear in the flames, and in Rei's mind. Her chanting grows louder.

    They brought a lot back, and Makoto is someone that Rei knows very well. These are ideal conditions for a reading, and considering how important it is Rei will take every advantage she can get.

    More visions come. The fire rages, looming over her. Her chanting can probably be heard where Ami and Usagi are.

    Then Rei's eyes are open, wide. The chanting stops. There's a flash of an image in the flicker of the fire: A dark place, with Makoto, and a familiar lab coated figure.

    Her voice is almost a curse.


    Rei's fire reading stops. She folds her hands in her lap. She waits there for a moment before standing up. Eventually she goes out to find Ami and Usagi... with Ami laying on a couch?

    Rei winces apologetically at Ami, who may or may not be asleep by now. She whispers.. "Sorry for that." Then she turns to Usagi and continues, "If it's any consolation, I think I have a pretty good idea of who took her, and where. I saw her in a dark place. I'm pretty sure it was magical. There were monsters there. Riventon was there too, and he was... well, it's like he was showing her around. She didn't seem to be struggling or anything. Anyways... I think our next lead is Riventon. I bet he knows where she is."
Ami Mizuno 2016-06-17 08:22:01 45335
Ami smiles fondly at Usagi as the blonde helps her to the couch. "I've slept, a little," she mumbles, as she ditches her shoes and curls up on Rei's cushions. "But not enough," she admits. "I promise I'll sleep some, now. Just ... don't let me miss what she finds out," Ami begs quietly, as she draws the blanket over her shoulder and closes her eyes. It won't be long before she's out.

The sound of Rei's chanting luls her to sleep, and by the time Rei breaks off with that name, she's already deep in slumber. She doesn't hear Rei's news. She doesn't know just what he has been up to. Not yet. She'll get one more night of reprieve, before that glass shatters.
Usagi Tsukino 2016-06-17 08:22:39 45336
Usagi snorts. And kisses Ami on the forehead. "You're getting sleep, silly."

Usagi jerks her head up as Rei comes in and talks. She looks over at Ami, reeeeeally hoping she's still asleep.

She stands and goes close to Rei, peeking over her shoulder and keeping her voice low. Her fists are clenched, and she's...really wanting to find him and beat him up.

"Riventon. You mean he's had her? And didn't say anything when he was with Ami last night?"

She turns around to look at Ami, sleeping. "She wanted to be woken up when you came back, but if we do that, she's not gonna sleep for like...I dunno. Can we tell her tomorrow?"
Rei Hino 2016-06-17 08:24:11 45337
    "That's what it looks like," whispers Rei to Usagi. "He must have found her after she stormed off. I know that Ami-chan talked to Mako-chan and myself before she broke up with him."

    Rei cringes, because if what she thinks is true, it's very very cringe-worthy. "That'd be a motive, wouldn't it? If he blamed her for the breakup, and maybe he wanted her out of the way..."

    Rei glances at Ami, and then at Usagi. "Sure. Impromptu sleepover. I think that's for the best, and pretty justified."
Usagi Tsukino 2016-06-17 08:27:28 45338
She's not going to do it.

She's too angry. Too enraged.

Nope, she's not--

Her face crumbles and Rei finds herself with a crying bunny hugging on her.

"What if she's scared?"
Rei Hino 2016-06-17 08:31:17 45339
    Rei wraps her arms around Usagi as if she expected this to happen. Look she's had over a year to get used to spontaneous hugs. Especially from Usagi.

    "There there. It's Mako-chan. If those monsters know what's good for them they'll be scared of her."

    Rei was so eager to share the news that she hasn't even fully processed how ugly this situation is. Now that she's thinking about it...

    "It'll be okay, Usa-chan."
Usagi Tsukino 2016-06-17 08:36:41 45340
It's hard to cry while trying to be reeeeeal quiet. There's a hiccup or two, but she's snuggled close to Rei.

She gives an emphatic nod at Rei's assurances. "Mm!"

She pulls back enough to wipe her eyes with both fists, even using her wrists along the way.

"M-maybe they'll be so scared of her she has them doing chores."
Rei Hino 2016-06-17 08:44:45 45341
    Rei smirks, and has to bite her lip to keep from laughing. She imagines Makoto bossing the monsters around, telling them to do housework and oh my god that is just too cute.

    "I bet. I bet if they make her mad they won't know what hit 'em."

    Rei frowns, and looks away. "If I'm right, the fake mako may have stolen her henshin stick. We'll still need to get that back."

    She looks at Amy lying on the couch, and then back at Usagi. "... I guess we can talk about it tomorrow, when Ami wakes up."
Usagi Tsukino 2016-06-17 08:48:59 45342
Usagi nods. One more wipe of the eyes and she's done crying (for now).

She looks around a bit.

"Can we...are we gonna sleep in here, too?"

She's feeling a touch of paranoia, that feeling of being incomplete. And she's feeling selfish and greedy because she wants to keep the rest of her girls close.
Rei Hino 2016-06-17 08:56:00 45343
    Rei nods, and looks at the sleeping Ami. "Yeah. I mean, if you want to. I think it would be smart for the three of us to stick close. Especially if we're dealing with someone who attacks when we're alone."

    "If nothing else, it will give us a chance to regroup and figure out what we're going to do. In the morning, I mean."

    Rei frowns, thoughtfully, for a few moments, and then starts heading to her own kitchen. "I'm getting some cookies. Want some?"
Usagi Tsukino 2016-06-17 08:57:51 45344
"Yeeees. Logic and strategy. That's why I wanna. Totally not because of silly things." Shifty eyes!

Usagi nods.

And clings against Rei's arm.

Because, silly things.
Rei Hino 2016-06-17 09:00:25 45345
    Rei sitcks her tongue out at Usagi. "Maybe that's just your bunny survival instincts talking."

    She leans against Usagi, and then reaches into a cupboard to pull out a pack of some form of oreos. She opens it and grabs a cookie.

    "It's okay, Usa-chan. We're here now. We're not going anywhere."
Usagi Tsukino 2016-06-17 09:09:20 45346
"Oh, it totally is."

Usagi relaxes a little and takes a cookie for herself. She doesn't eat it just yet.

Probably telling!

"I know, just...sometimes I'm afraid I'll wake up and find you all gone. I'm not strong by myself."

Oh noes, she doesn't mean it like that!

"I mean, I mean, if you decided you wanted to be an Idol instead of Mars, I'd totally be the president of your fanclub and be front row and cheer you on so loud! I just...I'd still nee--want to be part of it. Your life."
Rei Hino 2016-06-17 09:16:21 45347
    Rei's dream of being an idol is brought up again, for the second time today, and it reminds her of when Makoto, well Fake Makoto, brought it up earlier. Will they all be gone one day?

    "I think you're pretty strong, Usa-chan, but I don't think that will happen." Well, it almost did, at least twice, but that's not something Rei wants to think about right now.

    Rei winks. "And if you want to come to my concerts, I'll be sure to get you the best seats in the house."

    Should Rei consider what Makoto said earlier? Nah. It wasn't even Makoto saying it. Probably.

    "You're a good friend, and my princess, and I'm always happy to have you in my life. Even if you are a silly bunny."
Usagi Tsukino 2016-06-17 09:22:45 45348
"I really hope not..." She doesn't comment on her strength. She thinks a good portion of it comes from those around her, and the love she feels to and from them. Take that away?

But enough of that.

Her eyes light up! "Ooooo! And VIP passes and can I come back stage to swoon over you and give you a reality check if it goes to your head?" She looks a little...too eager at that last one.

Then she wiggles her nose, unintentionally imitating the bunny she's accused of being! Rei is greeted with the second spontaneous hug of the day, and Usagi thinks she needs to do this more often! She's been in a ReiHug drought!

Happy hums, a snuggle, and a sigh. "I love my Rei-chan."
Rei Hino 2016-06-17 09:30:53 45349
    Rei laughs. "Absolutely! Not that I'll ever let it get to my head." Cookie in hand, she gestures towards herself in a pretentious, flippant manner. "I'm far too perfect for that." There is a crumb on Rei's lip. It takes her a moment to notice and lick it off.

    Rei is hugged again, and her arms go back around Usagi, holding her for a moment while saying, "I love you too, Usa-chan."

    She lets out a long yawn, holding up a hand to cover her mouth. "I should probably go to bed. I'll... set up a place for you to sleep, too." She'd set up a place for Ami, but Usagi already took care of that.
Usagi Tsukino 2016-06-17 09:39:36 45350
Usagi rolls her eyes so hard! "Well, duuuuuuh, but if you're perfect all the time you'll implode the internet! And we can't have that, I gotta have my fix of cute bunnies and kittens snuggling each other."

Yawns are, of course, very contagious.

Try hard as she can.

Finally, her yawn is just as big as Rei's!

"Okay, I I I I'm gonna sleep goodly. Mmm." She does perk up, just a touch, to give her psychic friend a warning! "Mamo-chan and I have been having some DreamDates, so if it happens you may get flashes of us being cuddly. And if he says something ridonkulous and you see it don't tease him too much!"

As it is, she's weaving back and forth as she follows Rei. In all actuality, if a DreamDate does happen, it may just be of her napping on a book reading Mamoru.