Salt of the Earth

Something's been making several of the Senshi and Shitennou uneasy for a while now. And she says Mamoru stole her family name.

Date: 2016-10-16
Pose Count: 66
Takashi Agera 2016-10-16 23:14:12 57897
The tinges of strangeness that the Shitennou, Usagi, and Rei have been feeling tugging at the backs of their souls seem to ebb and flow, but today they're much more on the side of 'flow' - to the point where maybe that feeling of general unease spreads out to the Senshi and those connected to those who are Guardians of the Solar System.

Those who have grown curious about that unease may find themselves - together, or with their friends - out in Tokyo. And that's when they might overhear from a group of people running away from an area near the Verone Academy that 'that deliquent girl' has been spotted - and she's fighting with the police?

The feeling, that strange supernatural tug grows the closer you get in that direction.
Makoto Kino 2016-10-16 23:25:18 57898
Makoto has not really been in the best frame of mind for a lot of the past few weeks, since reports of an unusually tall schoolgirl in a non-local uniform mugging people started making the news... strangely enough.

So maybe, just maybe, it won't be that much of a surprise to anyone when Makoto's response to hearing the phrase 'that delinquent girl' is to stop dead in her tracks for about two seconds - and then bolt into a headlong run, without a single pause to look back for what anybody else might be doing or not.

She transforms on the run, a bright flash of electricity along the evening streets as she dashes ahead.
Nephrite 2016-10-16 23:42:26 57900
There are many ways that people can deal with nondescript impending dread. The way that Nephrite chooses to do so is with food. Specifically by dragging Mamoru, kicking and screaming, out of his batcave to both obtain sustenance and a few moments in sunlight. Actually, he's dragged Kunzite and Daisuke too, just for good measure. The more people, the less he can think about the gnawing unease at the back of his mind.

Also--"Look, these are like, the best teriyaki burgers in town. It was worth putting on shoes for, right?" He gives the table at large a sweeping gesture. "I know we are blessed with some gourmet chefs and also occasionally Kunzite in the kitchen, but there are some things you need to leave the apartment for."

And some things that might be otherwise missed. Like a crowd of people suddenly running by the large window beside their table. Or, a moment later, the unmistakable figure of his own girlfriend darting past in the opposite direction.

"...Um," Nephrite says eloquently.
Ami Mizuno 2016-10-16 23:46:09 57901
Gnawing Unease is something of a default state for Ami Mizuno. Maybe it's the sense that she should be solving all of the mysteries; maybe it's the worry that she may have missed one question on her last test. Maybe it's the boyfriend high on dark energy.

Whatever the case, this feeling is pretty much every day for her.

So when what was supposed to be a day out shopping and taking it easy is disrupted by a crowd running one way, and a suddenly quiet Makoto running the other way, it actually takes Ami a few moments to figure out what's going on.

Then she realises that the unease is slightly more than normal. "Wait up!" she calls to her friend, drawing out the Mercury pen as she runs. A dash of water forms from nowhere. Ami Mizuno rushes into it at full tilt, and Sailor Mercury emerges from the other side, reaching for her visor even as she rushes (unsuccessfully) to try and catch up with her longer-legged friend.
Minako Aino 2016-10-16 23:47:23 57902
    There's a lot of general unease to go around in Minako's life. From her strained relations with just about everyone in her magical life to her parents being angry with her for spending next to no time at home since she's gotten back to Tokyo, even after she had Interpol confirm she'd been working with them again, her life seemed like one big pile of stress after another lately.

    Still, supernatural juju is it's own special kind of bad juju. A quick talk with Artemis confirms trusting her instincts is probably the right call. It doesn't take very long before rumors of fights with the police are overheard, and while 'that delinquent girl' doesn't mean much to her it's still worth investigating.

    One transformation later, just to be on the safe side, Sailor Venus is making her to Verone along the rooftops. She's not moving especially fast, intending to keep hidden and stay in cover while assessing the situation. For all she knows the police can handle this just fine, but if there's more to this than that she should be in a good position to intervene.

    It should also keep her from drawing too much attention to herself, which actually sounds like a good idea for once.
Usagi Tsukino 2016-10-16 23:48:55 57903
Usagi has indeed been feeling a tug. Well, raher, two tugs. When one would ebb, the other would flow, and when both would ebb or flow at the same time...

Well. She's made it more of a point to leave Mamoru alone to study, limiting her visits and cuddles while he read and mathed and...probably scienced in his brain to no more than an hour or so at a time.

Which, let's be honest, really is Usagi holding back.

And it's not because she wanted to leave him alone. She's just been so antsy. Something feels wrong, yet it doesn't, one of them tastes like a swig of horrible store brand soda (Nurse Cinnamon or something) when expecting the gloriousness of Doctor Pepper, and the other feels like a sudden tingling in an appendage you swear has been amputated.

But now, the recent reports of a tall girl being all trouble making has been given a lead to. And of course, not once has she suspected Makoto at all in this, because that's just an impossibility. It would be like Mamoru failing a test, completely unthinkable because it jus wouldn't happen.

Of course, the normallychatty Usagi is so antsy that it takes her a moment to realize that only has Jupiter ran off, so has Mercury.

"Um! Wait up!"

It's a stumbling halt and jerk of a transformation, her mind still a bit on other things.

She's not totally sure what is going on, but hey.
Mamoru Chiba 2016-10-16 23:50:15 57904
"...yeah," says Mamoru after a second, staring out the window and leaning a little toward it so he can look up the street in the direction Makoto just ran. His burger is in both hands. Neph already paid. He already paid but that doesn't mean they have time to clear their table. Switching the burger to one hand, Mamoru scoots out of the booth and digs a few bills out of his pocket to put them on the table. "Thank the gods for 'um'."

Burger in hand and cranky clothes on -- that is, the Ugly Brown Hoodie and dgaf jeans and shoes and a wrinkled shirt and messy hair -- the prince shoves out the door ahead of his guardians and Daisuke. Of course he immediately shoves the burger in his mouth and jumps...

...a lot higher than some random overachiever high-schooler should, because that's definitely a cape and a mask and the classiest formalwear this side of antigravity. Apparently he really doesn't feel up to sitting still if it's not in front of a textbook.
Naru Osaka 2016-10-16 23:53:29 57905
Right place, wrong time is pretty much a hallmark of Naru's existance. Except when it can be categorized as wrong place, wrong time. This time, however, it's right place to notice people. People running.

Naru accepts the coffee she'd been getting as she watches people run past, and then watches /specific/ people run past, and she pays quickly and hurries out to follow them. While she's slower than .. everyone else at this point.. she's certainly headed towards the commotion.

Because that's the sensible thing to do, run towards the screams, and get out one's sketchbook on the way to document it.
Daisuke Hansuke 2016-10-16 23:57:12 57907
Daisuke Hansuke is waiting for Teriyaki burgers apparently as he looks bored. then there's Makoto running by the window. Then people running the opposite direction and he face faults. "Eh..."

He sighs and stands up as he brushes his sleeves off.

"I think we outta go." he says, to Nephrite a little consolingly. Because. Teriyaki burgers were his idea.

Unease. Daisuke's been feeling it a little. It's also why he's been sequestering himself. Well part of the reason.

The other reason is that he feels like a failure since the Asteroid.

He decides to wait for Nephrite and Kunzite. "Think we outta go chase him." he insists.

"Daisuke Express? Or own power?" he asks. Meaning. Teleport to wherever, or travel on foot.
Kazuo Takeba 2016-10-17 00:05:42 57910
It has been months since the Ugly Brown Hoodie has come out. Alas, the absence was not permanent. And the obligatory glance given Nephrite at 'also occasionally Kunzite' is not quite as good as it ought to be -- someone may be exercising a small degree of restraint since making a houseguest flee a few days ago. Only a small degree, granted, but still --

-- never mind that; that was not the way they wanted to run into Makoto this evening.

"There's always later," Kazuo notes aside to Daisuke, but it's over his shoulder, because he's already moving after Mamoru. "Have to take the long way till we can see what's going on --"

Teleporting into a firefight, for instance, or a police car: not a good idea.

Trying to keep up with an agitated and study-bored and cranky Tuxedo Mask: not even a good idea after henshin makes it possible, but that's the bad idea they go for every time.
Takashi Agera 2016-10-17 00:26:27 57913
It's a strange sight they're greeted by, as they all come upon the same section of road at once - in much the same way that these things always seem to draw the right people together at the same time. And they seem to have caused the other people in the area to leave, which means those who arrive are greeted by the sight of three police officers, slumped up against the various cars in the area. There's a fourth, two. About a foot off the ground in the grip of a girl.

From behind, the main visible thing is her long, black hair, and her black-and-blue girl's school uniform. It's not like anyone from the schools around, at least that much is true. And it's probably not Makoto.

But she's a tall, tall girl - who could probably compete with Makoto for height and have distance on Rei. She's got the Tokyo police officer in her hands, and he passes out from energy drain about when the group arrives. "You don't have any authority over me." she says. Dropping him, she talks, back turned to the group as they arrive.

"I was wondering when we'd meet. Or, really, meet again is the right term, isn't it? It's been... well, millenia."
Makoto Kino 2016-10-17 00:32:56 57914
A running leap carries Sailor Jupiter the last several yards; she lands on the roof of one of the cars, straightening to her full height in time to hear the girl's greeting.

"Sorry," she replies crisply, folding her arms in front of her chest, "but I have no idea who you are. I wouldn't care, either, except that you're going around hurting people. Now," Mako adds, in the heavy tone of one who's pretty sure she already knows the answer she's going to get but has to ask anyway-- "are you going to stop, or are we going to have to make you?"
Ami Mizuno 2016-10-17 00:42:15 57915
Sailor Mercury slows only a little when Jupiter finds a car to stand on. Only enough to judge the distance so she can leap up onto the hood and crouch on the wheel well, visor out. While Jupiter talks, Mercury is busy scanning the girl, examining her energy pattern curiously. "What the heck?" she asks, confusedly, as she studies the reading. "That girl's like way out of touch with the rest of the world. Or something. I don't know, her energy readings are incredibly distorted."
Minako Aino 2016-10-17 01:08:35 57920
    A figure appears near the edge of a nearby rooftop, fuku clearly silhouetted against the sky, "When interacting with police you should always keep a calm and respectful tone! Raising your voice will only cause trouble, and raising your fists is completely inexcusable. Attacking the men and women responsible for preventing crime and solving mysteries is an attack on the city itself!"

    She steps up onto the roof's ledge all long blonde hair and gorgeous shapely legs wearing her orange and white fuku with hands set firmly on her hips, "Protected by Venus, the planet of Beauty, Guardian of love, Sailor Venus!" The blonde Senshi half turns, pointing down to the tall, black haired girl in the out of place uniform, "Cease this at once, or in the name of Love, I'll punish you!"
Daisuke Hansuke 2016-10-17 01:11:16 57921
Daisuke Hansuke lets others go by foot then. He walks into an alley. He summons his staff. He slips into henshin then shortly after, and then. He does a quick series of teleports over buildings. Quick fast ones rather than one wrong jump for the same reason Kunzite suggests.

Don't wanna end up in the path of a 'magical fireball' or 'in a police care'.

This means he shows up at the edges somewhere of this confrontation. He blinks.

"Woah." Asclepius says to him. Wait. Didn't they get that.. Nullheart Jupiter already?

... wait this isn't her! this isn't... anyone. Well that he knows, at least. He elects to stay near the edge for now. Keep range. Keep distance. Watch for now. Maybe this can be ended peacefully or something. She seems like...

She wants to talk?
Usagi Tsukino 2016-10-17 01:13:40 57923
Sailor Moon skids to a stop. There's somethng about the voice, and the height, and the hair, and that very strong feeling of Nurse Cinnamon increasing very sharply.

She knows, of course, where she's heard that voice. Who she's heard it from.

I d-don't-- do this. It's not me. I don't even have a, a reason to cry.

But he's right there, tasting like Doctor Pepper all nice and fresh and fizzy, even if it's very grumpy fizzy because he's all studied out (she has to make a point of annoying him long enough to take a legitimate break). And Nurse Cinnamon's been open for a few hours, flavor falling a bit flat, too few bubbles for the nose.

But still. It's her voice. And even if it's off, a little, this girl tastes like Minori. (Keepng with the soda analogy here, perverts.)

And she's tired of being antsy, and still has that other tug that also feels close but isn't this girl.

"Excuse me, Nurse Cinnamon!" She steps out from behind her friend, clearly exasperated, arms flailing in both confusion and annoyance.

But wait.

A pause and a think. "Or should it be more Moxie? Still Doctor Peppery, but more with that burnt rubber after taste..."

Wait, no, augh, don't get distracted! Curse her and her soft drink connessouriness!

It'd help her focus, maybe, if she could jump down and focus instead on the police officer. But she's trying to be good! If she just bounced off all willy nilly again, Jupiter'd get all sad at her! (And, oh yeah, danger possibility!)

And then all of that just ceases, not unlike a record's skip.

Well. That answers why she's suddenly been feeling like an amputated limb's been growing back...

Andthen she is running, but not toward Nurse Cinnamon Moxie.

And Venus barely has her justice speach finished when she finds herself barreled into by a spidermonkey rabbit. Who is also crying.
Mamoru Chiba 2016-10-17 01:15:43 57925
Unlike Jupiter and Mercury, Tuxedo Kamen hangs back on arrival -- the cornice of a middling building, only a little higher than a streetlight but also reasonably less visible -- and gargoyles over the scene for the moment. Millennia? he mouths to himself, and squints through his mask. He could-- no, the girls have definitely got this in hand; he can be backup, which is another thank all the gods everywhere. It gives him a minute to study that figure. She honestly does not seem familiar at a-- no, she has a familiar voice. And the hairstyle, too--

He brings his senshi signal watch up to his wrist, frowning, then refrains from using it. Instead, he whips out his phone and starts texting Ami furiously.

    TUXT: Einstein-Podalsky-Rosen? She seems horribly familiar and everyone's accounted for except my parents.

So it is that when he looks up it's to see Moon tackling Venus instead of the delinquent girl, and Mamoru's mouth opens, then shuts.
Naru Osaka 2016-10-17 01:17:22 57926
Naru arrives to the scene, lingering at the edge of it as she watches. And listens. And watches. She digs out a pencil, flipping through her sketchbook to find a blank page. She's not so far from Daisuke, truth be told, but quiet and watching.

Naru watches Moon go streaking across towards Venus with a blink and then turns her attention back to the woman that she doesn't recognize even a little. Which probably surprises no one.
Kazuo Takeba 2016-10-17 01:25:01 57929
Not getting in the way of the Senshi is an excellent plan. Kunzite comes to a halt on the edges, like Asclepius, neither so high nor so out of sight as Tuxedo Kamen -- whose cornice is in the periphery of his vision on one side, Asclepius' last 'port on the other. Meet again. He doesn't remember anyone who looked like this. Not some shadow of Serenity the elder; the hair is entirely wrong. Not so --

And then there's that ritual challenge ringing out, and despite himself, Kunzite takes his attention off the girl and the police officers. Looks over instead to where there's a blonde Senshi -- well. Two blonde Senshi.

One crying, which might distract both of them.

He lifts his hands, but doesn't summon any magic quite yet. If something targets Moon and Venus while tears are blurring vision and slowing reactions, he'll be ready. But the last thing he wants to do is distract Venus more.
Nephrite 2016-10-17 01:28:24 57930
Nephrite groans as he abandons his lunch. "Ugh, couldn't whatever it is wait like ten minutes?"

Of course Mamoru decides to take the most vertical pathway available. Of course they are attempting to follow. "We better be getting after-battle burgers to make up for this," he grumbles to nobody in particular, promising to be a Very Sulky Nephrite if not.

He sticks with Kunzite--because Kunzite invariably thinks through things like positioning more thoroughly than he does--and hangs back. His eyes are, of course, mostly on Jupiter. The peripheral around Jupiter, too, of course, just in case. But mostly Jupiter.
Zoisite 2016-10-17 01:52:36 57936
Zoisite has been lurking, invisibly, watching the unfamiliar girl and waiting for some sort of signal that his direct involvement in this fight is needed. He's been uncomfortable, between dealing with Chibiusa and this lurking feeling in the back of his skull.

Still, that all goes out the window at the sight of Venus, in Japan, and Moon tackling her and crying. He glances at Kunzite, just as prepared as the taller Shitennou to attack should anything try and disturb the emotional reunion. Middle of a fight is not the best place for something like that, but at the same time...
Takashi Agera 2016-10-17 02:09:07 57940
The girl keeps talking for the moment, back still turned as if disdainful of the group. "It's okay. Memory can be a fickle thing. What people remember and don't remember about an event is a strange thing, and you and I could have experienced the same events and remember different peices. Or not remember anything at all. People even remember things that never actually happened."

"But what I can't really appreciate is you all talking down to me. I would think our bond would at least tell you that much wasn't a good idea. But maybe you don't know how to listen to your hearts now."

She sighs. "And you've all come in uniform, like soldiers, speaking like warriors, pointing fingers and making threats." She turns to look over her shoulder, and fixes on the assembled group with her eyes - eyes the blue of the oceans, as seen from space, dark with reflections of the sun. "Maybe I should follow suit."


Right hand thrusting into the air, a tremendous pulse of light blue energy - neither Dark Energy nor the purifying energy the senshi are used to using - detonates out from her, in a wave that crashes against the ground. On her forehead, a circle divided into four parts appears. A fist is made, she pulls back, and thrusts up again, and another wave of energy distorts the ground around her into a crater from the force. Another fist, and a final open palm hand calls a henshin stick into being, as the largest torrent of energy crashes into the windows of the commercial buildings around, cracking and shattering windows and ripping into signage.

The henshin stick she pulls down as she turns to face the assembled Senshi, Shitennou, and allies, hums in her hand, vibrating with hardly controlled energy before a sudden torrent of bright-gold ribbons erupt in a column under her, wrapping around her body.

The ribbons crackle with barely contained energy as a sailor fuku takes shape, in the same black and white color scheme as her school uniform - with a red choker with gold accents, and a red center jewel.

She crosses her arms, clicking her heels together as the ankle boots complete on her foot, and then another column of energy, crackling with wild streaks of power, erupts from under her, covering her in bright golden light that then fades to black, with the telltale purple electrcity of dark energy around it, and as she arrives on the other side her back has generated a cape - black on the outside, red on the inside.

She finishes her henshin by grabbing the end of the cape, flipping it forward with a swoosh and a wink. "I'm Sailor Earth, and either get your attitudes sorted or get off MY planet. Nobody tells me what to do here, not these 'police' and not traitorous Sailor Senshi." she says while drawing a circle with a cross through it in the air with a finger trailing golden energy with those purple electrical surges coming off it. It surges into form, taking the shape of a chain around her waist, and hanging off it, a golden charm?
Daisuke Hansuke 2016-10-17 02:16:36 57943
Asclepius sort of twitches a bit. He looks over to Tuxedo Kamen. He looks back to 'Sailor Earth'. He looks back to Tuxedo Kamen.

This goes on for like the next few seconds as he calls out. "What?" he asks.

Then he pauses and he considers.

"What?" he asks again.
Mamoru Chiba 2016-10-17 02:23:09 57944
Up on his cornice, Tuxedo Kamen freezes when he hears that yell.

Without wanting to, he can't help but look, his gaze inexorably drawn to the girl. The girl with the face he saw in the mirror not quite a year ago, but a little bit older-- Sailor-- no. No, there's dark energy there, isn't there? But the symbol on her head-- no.

He watches the rest, transfixed, every step of the way; ribbons and lightshow and OW OKAY PROPERTY DAMAGE and hey howcome she can make the ground explode like that? And--

Mamoru fumblingly produces his hat and reaches in, taking out a pair of opera glasses; he holds them up in front of his mask, adjusting them, and zeroes in on the golden charm on her belt.


Heart in his throat, Tuxedo Kamen fumbles again, this time for his pocketwatch, and he stares at it, head spinning. Dark energy or no dark energy, he felt that. Why doesn't Earth have a Senshi? If he's Earth's Guardian--

The glass is broken.

He hasn't been getting enough sleep. He really hasn't. He's been studying, he's been antisocial, he hasn't been sleeping, maybe this is a dream? This would be an awkward time to dream. The opera glasses flick to everywhere there's signage, making sure he can read it; he looks at the pocketwatch again, and the time is correct and the clock is ticking; he tries to press his hand through the edge of the building, and it's stopped by the building material.

His heart is beating very fast, and it's in his throat. He doesn't leave his post.
Naru Osaka 2016-10-17 02:33:49 57947
Naru blinks as she watches. And blinks another time. Perhaps a third time for good measure. And then Asclepius provides the voice and Naru doesn't have to break her silence to echo that confusion.

Naru looks between all of the senshi and shitennou but her attention settles upon Tuxedo Kamen, watching his reaction to all of this.
Makoto Kino 2016-10-17 02:37:01 57949
'We're never gonna be able to see it coming every time,' she'd said to Minako only the day before.

Makoto really didn't need to be proven this right this fast.

Automatically she raises her forearm in front of her like a shield as the energy bursts outward from this strange girl; she holds her position on the top of the car as the girl transforms. Stares incredulously, because really, what else can you do?

The first words out of Sailor Jupiter's mouth in answer to the girl's declaration are a quiet, "What the shit...?"

For just a moment, her eyes flick away, darting questioningly from Sailor Moon to Sailor Mercury to Sailor Venus and finally back to the girl again. Confusion lingers only a moment longer before her mouth tightens and her chin lifts, face setting into a look of stubborn determination.

"Sounds like you're the one who need to get her attitude sorted." Not quiet this time; no, Sailor Jupiter's voice rings out confidently and with conviction. "Your planet? 'Sailor Earth' or not, nothing gives you the right to go around doing whatever you want to people! So until you knock it off, you'd better get used to having us in your face."

Her hands are clenched into fists now, body poised and ready to move - but after a beat, Sailor Jupiter frowns, forehead creasing. "--And just where the hell do you get off calling us traitors, anyway?"
Ami Mizuno 2016-10-17 02:38:44 57951
There's a lot happening at once. Mercury's attention is first drawn up to where Sailor Venus appears, and she blinks in confusion and surprise. A small part of her is certain this is a bad thing, but seeing Sailor Moon so excited does a lot to cool that part of her.

Nevertheless, Mercury's attention is drawn away from dealing with that by a text flickering across her visor, and the bracelet on her wrist chilling considerably. She can't focus on both at once, but the text is from Mamoru which means it gets her attention first. Then she listens to the device on her wrist, which reports, "Ein nachricht von aussen."

Mercury tries ot figure out what that's supposed to mean, then it dawns on her. A hasty texst is sent back:

    TXT: I'm not saying it's aliens, but ... it's probably not a paradoxic of you.

But then the girl--the 'memory henshins into something else entirely, and Mercury's eyes widen. "That's not Sailor Energy," she calls out to the others. "It's not even similar." Well okay, it is'' similar. But not in the ways it should be. "It's a phony."
Minako Aino 2016-10-17 02:41:43 57952
    Sailor Venus has just enough time to go, "Huh?" and begin looking to the side before Usagi clobbers into her from the side and begins clinging and crying all over her. "Ah, Sailor Moon..." She looks worried at first, only to shake her head and smile, reaching a gloved hand up to pat her favorite crybaby Senshi on the head between her odango, "I'm back."

    Down below the tall girl is continuing to talk like a jerk and say things that make very little sense, only to do things that make the least sense of all.


    "What." Sailor Venus stares, her expression tightening while a frown begins to form. Even while the henshin continues she shakes her head and mutters to herself, "There is no Sailor Earth. And even if there was she'd be subordinate to the Moon Kingdom." Something very strange is obviously afoot, and Venus doesn't like it one bit.

    "I mean, really. This happens after I decide I need to be nice? Tch." She takes her hand off of Usagi's head and crosses her arms, tapping her toe in annoyance. Seriously, this seems like the perfect time to open up with some crescent beams because there's no way this is what it looks like. One can almost feel the Venus' palpable frustration at this turn of events, especially as the signs of dark energy crackle.

    "Sailor Moon, you're the leader here. What do you want to do?" Venus looks down towards Sailor Earth with a certain hardness in her eyes, "If I can make a suggestion, a little Escalation never hurt anybody good too badly."

    At Mercury's evaluation Sailor Venus adds more loudly so that everyone can hear, "I know you don't want to there this coming from me, but sometimes shooting first and asking questions later really is the right answer. Sometimes."

    So much for building up a new, more compassionate reputation.
Kazuo Takeba 2016-10-17 02:50:08 57954
Those increasing waves of loose power form a pattern that isn't familiar to Kunzite. But it is predictable. His attention diverts off of Venus and Moon, and he calls up one of his shields, a smooth curve of darkness arcing over the downed police and their vehicles -- protecting them from flying glass and wild energy alike. That pale-blue power that strikes the darkness is not reflected, does not reappear. Not yet.

His voice is tighter than it ought to be, as if more effort than the obvious were being exerted. "Nephrite." The slight nod downward isn't angled toward the self-named Sailor Earth. Toward the one Nephrite's watching, instead. Tacit permission for Nephrite to do exactly what he'd do anyhow, if he thinks it's needed -- backing Jupiter up.

Kunzite doubting his memory is one thing. Acknowledging that there are many, many people he's forgotten is everyday. But seeing that sigil on someone else taps directly into a particular wrath.

At least, for once this time, Venus and he are of the same mind.
Usagi Tsukino 2016-10-17 02:57:00 57956
There's more sniffling and clinging and even a little bunny purr when her head is pet. But she's quick to peel herself away, because this is For Serious.

And apparently there's another Sailor Senshi? Fauxlor Senshi?

...There may be a touch of ogling. But hey! Those legs! Mini skirt! Legs! GirlyMamo Legs! Even though Mamoru's right over there, dem legs!

And then she remembers she's horrible a multitasking and shakes herself.

Her response to Venus is to possitively beam at the girl. She does place herh and over her broach, the crystal there if needed, but she shakes her head. "I need to figure out why she feels flat and lukewarm. He's still very fizzy. But she shouldn't feel like soda at all."

And she sounds...completely batshit, doesn't she.

Squaring her soulders, she marches to the edge of the roof. "Excuse me, Miss Earth! The planet already belongs to someone. And don't go calling my girls traitors! They're not traitors! They're the bestest ever!"

She's been walking along the edge of the roof, a short distance away from the others. "The Earth already has her guardian. And if he had been born a Senshi, I'd still want to kiss him."

She's casual, and thogh she isn't a master at...well, much, she's pretty adept at reading people. And that's what she's trying to do.
Zoisite 2016-10-17 02:58:13 57957
This is wrong. This is very wrong. Mamoru is Prince of the Earth-- isn't he? Zoisite feels as if the ground beneath his feet is at a seventy-five degree angle, and the strawberry blond momentarily wobbles, then resolves his own lack of balance by sitting on the air, eyes flicking between Tuxedo Kamen and Sailor Earth for a moment.

After that moment, Zoisite vanishes- only to reappear by Tuxedo Kamen's side, eyes practically full of sparks. If staying with his prince makes him a traitor, so be it. If staying with the person who was there in the Dark Kingdom, who suffered right along with them there, if that makes him a traitor... he's been called a traitor before, and he will wear that turned coat like a badge of honor. Zoisite reaches out with a hand for Tuxedo Kamen's arm.

This person wasn't the one who reassured him that he's not just a replacable cog in the works. Mercury's assessment just gets a thin, knifeblade smile with nothing pleasant in it. "Thanks for that, Mercury," Zoisite says in a brittle tone of voice that says everything about how much he's holding off the 'kill it with fire reflex. He'll leave whatever the fresh hell that thing is to the girls, Kunzite, and Nephrite. For now.

For now, at least, Zoisite is standing next to his Prince, practically burning with defiance of the imposter, the fake. Let her attack. Let her
try''. Zoisite would love to reduce her to ashes and dust.
Nephrite 2016-10-17 03:12:08 57959
Nephrite really would rather go back to eating now.

Is this a clone? Like the one of Jupiter? Maybe not--but the same uncanny terror is there. He never wanted to see another fake version of someone he loved again, but here we are.

And if she is real, if she is what she says... so what? Nephrite's loyalty is to Endymion, now and forever, no matter who's in charge.

He's got his permission--Kunzite can keep Mamoru within his sight. He gives Kunzite a grateful punch on the arm as he runs to Jupiter, taking up position just behind her. "Are we supposed to be impressed? We've got all sorts of senshi already, and they're all way nicer."
Takashi Agera 2016-10-17 03:28:48 57964
Sailor Earth sneers down. She takes a step forward, towards Jupiter, one hand on her hip, the other back behind her like she's reaching for something. "I'm not doing whatever I please, I'm taking back control of what's mine. And besides, you heard me. Traitors. I used the word for a reason. You think I can't sense him, lurking around here? The one that stole my family name? Feel his unworthy existence still leeching from me? Tch, what name is he using here, Mamoru?" Her dislike is palpable.

Her eyes turn to Mercury. "Come on, brain trust. It's not like your energy because you guys are all wrong, not tapping into your strengths. I bet you could armor up in a museum and not even break anything." Another deep breath. "Look, you're just used to what it looks like all corrupted like individual shards of light through a prism."

A yell to venus is next. "Hey, you're supposed to be MY second. Why are you acting like you're taking orders from soldier named named after the rock that orbits my planet? I mean that one doesn't even make any sense."

Looking at Sailor Moon next - looking at her with those eyes, that are like his eyes, intently as he can. "Hey, rabbit. It'll be okay, just stay out of this. We'll get it all sorted back the way it's supposed to be. I'm sure you're just confused about the way things are. Were. Are going to be?" she says, seeming aptly confused for a moment.

It's the energy used by Kunzite, the hardly-held-back threat of Zoisite, that gets her attention in the last. "Look, the cool thing about the truth is, it doesn't matter if you like it or not, it's still the truth. If you wanna stand with..." her eyes glare at Mamoru, having picked him out like she'd not really noticed HIM specifically, "...the regicider, that's your own business. But the people of Earth are my people even if they don't remember..." she puts her hand out (not the one still behind her back) and the officers Kunzite so recently protected are engulfed in glowing golden energy, which manifests as armor, and they quickly take up a defensive position around Sailor Earth.

"Sometimes they just need a little reminder. It was a LONG time ago." She's still in a hostile pose with that hand behind her back but she's not moving offensively.

"Senshi who you stole. I was a lot nicer, and I wouldn't mind being nicer, but not while everything's being infested by this..." she thrusts out her hands. "I don't even have the words!"
Makoto Kino 2016-10-17 03:42:10 57965
Mercury, and then Venus, tell Sailor Jupiter everything she needed to know; she nods, a short downward jerk of her chin like that was all that she was waiting for.

She does take a moment, though, to glance back over her shoulder as Nephrite moves up behind her. Just a moment, but some of the tightness around her eyes and the corners of her mouth relaxes a little. It's almost a smile, would be a smile if she weren't so incredibly aggravated right now.

But the self-proclaimed Sailor Earth is still talking, and honestly Jupiter has had it. She smacks fist into palm, threads of scorching-bright electricity shivering between her hands when they separate and curling around that clenched fist in a sizzling corona.

"Sorry," she states flatly, "but you're delusional. And I've had enough."

She's gathering herself before she's done speaking. The instant after the word 'enough' leaves her lips, Sailor Jupiter leaps, all the strength in her legs sending her nearly straight up on a high arc well over the heads of the police officers the girl's using as human shields--

--and comes plummetting down from on high like the proverbial bolt from the blue, fist-first and blazing with lightning.
Minako Aino 2016-10-17 03:45:54 57966
    Sailor Moon has made her call, and as much as she's primed and ready to leap into action she trusts Usagi's instincts to try and feel this person out. 'If they're a person at all,' she thinks to herself, having spent plenty of time around Youma human impersonators recently. "Alright, I understand. Just remember that this wouldn't be the first time Tuxedo Kamen had an impersonator. Be ready to act in case she ends up being Akla Seltzer gone bad."

    Venus takes in a deep breath and lets it out slowly, forcing herself to calm a little and try to relax. If they're going to try and talk this out she needs to have her wits about her. Still...

    Her eyes go down to the chain about Earth's waist and almost unconsciously reaches down to the chain wrapped about her own, unwinding it and swinging one end in a slow vertical circle down by her hip, just quick enough to elicit a soft whirling noise from the large red beads.

    When she's shouted up to Venus replies simply, "I know where my loyalties lie." Her frown deepens as the policemen change and stand up. Well if that isn't classic Evil General behavior. Her eyes immediately go to Mercury, who she can only assume is scanning them this very moment. "We may need that Escalation sooner rather than later. Miss Akla Seltzer down there just spilled over the glass got her fizzy funk all over everything."
Daisuke Hansuke 2016-10-17 03:58:08 57968
Asclepius frowns now. Quite heavily when 'Sailor Earth' begins levying accusations and explanations. Asclepius is easily confused sometimes about things. He isn't confused about this.

He knows where he lies here. Mamoru. Endymion. He's the Earth's rightful protector. This..

This has to be an imposter. A trick.

"False Senshi." he calls out.

"Even if this is were true, I would not serve someone which such an attitude on life or people. If you really want to know these people you purport to be friends and colleagues then stop /this/." he calls out.
Mamoru Chiba 2016-10-17 04:01:23 57969
Zoisite's hand on his arm and the warmth offered him by Usagi's silver presence at the back of his head, and the friendship and love of everyone here except her, it's finally enough to cut through the buzzing of Mamoru's brain. Just in time for him to notice Ami texted back-- and he texts again, thumb moving rapidly over the screen while Sailor Earth exposits and pontificates.

    TUXT: Can't rule it out, maybe she's just fake to this universe.

    TUXT: Sure is a bigger jerk than me, though.

Right. Laugh about it. Laugh to stay sane. The words she's saying register in Tuxedo Kamen's head, and most of them make no sense. Most of them. Some of them are really stupid, too. But there are a few--

Mamoru puts his hand over Zoisite's on his arm for a second, then gives him a tight little smile. "So come with--" he starts, and then Sailor Jupiter's started doing her job because he's waited too long.

Face abruptly awash in the horror of 'interplanetary incident', Mamoru chuffs out half a breath, then moves--

Too fast to track with the unaided eye, silent but for the rustle of silk as he whips off his cape, Tuxedo Kamen pushes himself off the building and rockets toward Sailor Earth. The image of him is there for a second next to her as he's in one place long enough to scoop her legs out from under her and leave his cape black-side-up on the pavement Jupiter's aiming for, and then they're gone, jumping away at a different angle.
Kazuo Takeba 2016-10-17 04:04:23 57972
Kunzite's voice is audible beyond his vicinity, this time. "Liar. And if you were telling the truth -- like Asclepius, I'd still side with those who don't treat their people as batteries." No matter whether it might make it easier, sometimes. The words are cover, of course. There's just a trace of dimness rising in Sailor Earth's vicinity, a hint of shadow as he tests that golden armor, tries to analyze whether he can remove it without harming the people in -- or, better yet, whether there's a chance of disassembling only the control. Unlikely. Deeply unlikely. That's the kind of fine manipulation he's lost the capacity for, these days, and the kind of perception Mercury's better at to begin with...

There's motion at the edge of his vision.

The language he mutters his next words in is not Japanese, but somehow "idiot prince" is clearly the gist, all the same.
Nephrite 2016-10-17 04:09:56 57975
If only so much weren't happening all at once, Nephrite could stand back and admire the streak of lightning his girlfriend has become. He might even get to brag about it. But she is moving, forcing the fight, for better or for worse. He doesn't want to turn to throwing meteors at Faux Earth yet, but he does want to see about getting those cops out of there. While Jupiter moves in for her target, he's rushing the nearest one, ready to punch him out or pull him away, whichever comes easiest.

He has a whole whackload of questions for the stars later. Questions like, "why don't I get golden armor?"
Ami Mizuno 2016-10-17 04:12:21 57976
Mercury didn't expect Jupiter to turn into a dragoon. But who's she to argue? After all, she was all for this going to a fight. So rather than gawk and wonder, Mercury takes action. Standing tall, she brings her legs together and crosses her arms over her chest, calling, "Mercury Aqua Wave!" A literal torrent of water builds up behind her, engulfs her, and flows past her, roaring towards Sailor Earth and her cadre of human bodyguards. It's really not going to hurt; there's nothing painful in this wave. But just try standing against it.
Zoisite 2016-10-17 04:20:42 57978
Zoisite smiles at his Prince, off hand curling into a fist. He watches Jupiter streak up, and jolts as Tuxedo Kamen moves, blocking Jupiter from hitting the Imposter. He certainly shares his opinion with Kunzite- but doesn't say it. Doesn't let the imposter see him not present a united front. Instead, he teleports down, next to Kunzite.

"You're just lucky the prince has your well-being in mind, impostora," Zoisite snaps at her. If she gets the impression of a large, powerful police canine, restrained by a thin nylon strap and his handler's command? All the better. Because he would be seriously considering sliding a knife between her ribs in short order, otherwise.
Usagi Tsukino 2016-10-17 04:29:47 57982
So many confusing things. Well, except the obvious misconceptions she has of Mamoru. She's probably drnking somebody's Kool-Aide.

This doesn't, of course, stop the brilliant flash of anger at those words, though.

It does't help that she's just so confused. Those eyes shouldn't be on that person.


And then her shoulders droop. "Oh my gosh, Venus, it's a soda metaphor, not some foamy thing that makes it look like you have rabies!"

She doesn't say out loud that she doubts it's another claymation thingy, because Kunzite's right here and Jadeite's probably watcng that movie without her the jerk. And it doesn't feel like it had with fake Jupiter. Well. No, not really, it didn't.

Jupiter...leaps away. down, fast as lightning, and her heart lurches into her throat so hard she can't breathe for a moment. When she can, it's to scream because her boyfriend is doing a stupid stupid thing she's going to kill them both!

It doesn't help that this is seconds before Mercury's Aqua Blast, and Nephrite's got people up and moving and---

Well, it's either scream or cry.

Acually, she's behaved enough for one day, right?

So she does a bit of both.

And yes, she's panicked and scared, so there's going to be sme repairs needed to the surrounding windows.
Takashi Agera 2016-10-17 04:47:27 57988
It all happens so fast - she's rather outnumbered. There's comments from Senshi and Shitennou, and some of them take matters into their own hands, sending a torrent of water and a fist like lightning at her at the same time. So her responses happen at once, too - The police-soldiers form a group in front of her, complete with golden shield, and carve out a hole so the water should rush around them - and it does, even though it knocks them back and away, scattering them around the road as the tidal wave comes.

Standing there still is Earth, protected by them, and she draws the hand back from where she was holding it behind her - and there's a brilliant blue orb of energy, and she's about to be collided with by Sailor Jupiter...

And then Tuxedo Kamen's got her at lightning speed, cape grabbing another cape. Taking them off into the sky, she looks at him with those eyes that should be his, seeing his staring back at her. "You don't know, do you. You really don't remember." She says, with less hostility, as she puts her energy-holding hand against his chest - that power which is so obviously his, that attack he knows - and then it dissapates into a flurry of motes of energy and sparkles.

And she's also jumping out of his arms with the same quickness he just showed. She alights on a street light, cape flowing in the wind. "I'm only borrowing from them long enough to take back what's mine. If he..." she glares at Tuxedo Kamen "...wasn't using my energy for his own purposes, stealing it, controlling it, then I wouldn't need any outward help."

"Zoisite, wasn't it? It's funny for you to be talking about imposters. Aren't we being a little bit... on the nose, with our self-projection? I seem to recall you were fond of disguises. I remember you. You were part of their court." Their court, not his court.

Usagi gets the last comment. "Don't you feel it, Rabbit? Our bond? That ancient connection between the Senshi of Earth and Earth's Moon?" she asks, hand over her heart. "You should listen to it. The mixture might be muddled, confused with all that's going on, but it's there."
Minako Aino 2016-10-17 04:53:53 57990
    Venus gets an earful of screaming and crying that somehow manages to rattle her enough to give her a headache that rivals the one she was getting from this situation already. One hand is slapped up over her ear as she bends over from the supersonic crying, the other quickly redirecting the Love Me Chain to wrap back around her waist.

    If Real Mamoru is defending and protecting Fake Chick Mamoru then for now there's literally no purpose to attempting to fight. He'll have to sort things out with herself before anything resembling progress can be made, which means beating the truth out of Earth is suddenly off the table.

    She stumbles over to Usagi and sets a hand on her shoulder, "Don't worry, Sailor Moon. He can take it, and I'm sure she can too; it's not like I'm shooting at him." She's one for one in taking him out, after all. "Listen, we'll handle this, but first we have to figure out how, and Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter are going to need you to direct them. If you call them off they'll listen to you. If you want us to keep that imposter from hurting Tuxedo Kanen, we'll protect him."

    Some 'orders' can be intuited before they're even spoken, and Minako doubles down on her moral support by pulling Usagi into her arms, as short or as long as she needs it, "And if you need a hug? I'm on it."

    Looking down to Sailor Earth from above Venus' expression is no longer frustrated as she looks upon the faux Senshi, but rather incredibly weary. "Looks like we're skipping the easy solution and going straight to 'migraine'. Not that I expected anything else."
Makoto Kino 2016-10-17 05:07:51 57994
There's no redirecting in midair; Jupiter's eyes widen as Tuxedo Kamen yoinks her target out from under her, but that's all she can do before she's crashing down full-force. Her fist hits the cape rather than bare concrete, which means that instead of a spray of cement fragments there's just a faint smell of scorched silk.

Then she's straightening, whirling around to track what's just happened, and she can't keep the expression of angry, bewildered hurt off of her face. "What the hell--?"

She clenches her fists tightly at her sides, but Jupiter doesn't try for another attack after all of that. Instead she glares up at the girl on the streetlight with eyes that could cut glass. "Sure," she spits. "You have to. Just like the Dark Kingdom and every other selfish jerk out there who thinks what they want is important enough to trample over everyone else for. Go to hell."
Daisuke Hansuke 2016-10-17 05:18:31 57996
Asclepius nrrrrrg. "Don't listen!" he calls out from across the way. He's letting everyone else handle it. "That can't be true." he calls out as he moves to teleport across the way, to the other side of the confrontation.

"No one remembers her." he says.
Zoisite 2016-10-17 05:19:05 57997
The word Zoisite uses to respond to Sailor Earth is sharp, Italian, and a vulgar expression of exactly what she can do with herself. He remains a bristling, snarling presence next to Kunzite.

"If you were the real guardian of the Earth, where were you during literally any of the times the Earth was in danger, huh? Was it you falling ill? No! Was it you defending the planet you claim? HELL NO. It was HIM. It was ALWAYS HIM." There are small wisps of flame around his clenched fists. He's wincing at Usagi's audible distress. Whoever this is, she has a great deal to answer for, and the moment Mamoru gives any sign of relenting on his protection of her, she's going to be long pig.
Mamoru Chiba 2016-10-17 05:33:22 57999
Oh god lots of attacks and oh dear god Usagi's shattering even more windows and eardrums and! He's sorry he's sorry he's-- that's the wrong color but it's really not something he wants to be on the receiving end of, a smoking bomber, no no nope. Everyone's going to yell at him, but that's okay, because--

--the energy is dissipating, and he's looking into eyes he knows from the mirror, and there's something--


She's on a streetlight, and Tuxedo Kamen's standing without his cape, on the ground, looking up at her. He's listening, still, and for a second he looks back around at everyone, notes the hurt on Jupiter's face and flinches, listens to everyone else's words, listens to Sailor Earth's words.

He lifts his hand after Zoisite's shout, tilting his head slightly so Zoi knows he heard him and the 'stay your next volley please' is in response. And then he calls up, "If you really want to sort this out, stop fighting us. Stop hurting people-- and I know from experience that insulting people and the ones they love is a terrible way to make friends. So-- listen-- we can talk. I'm not stealing anything--"

And off comes the mask, so his face is as bare as hers, as everyone else's. He flicks his hand and it vanishes in the air. "--and I don't want to fight you. I don't own this planet. Nobody does. It's our home. It's our hearth, it's what gave us all life, and it needs to be safe. It always needs to be safe. So if you're meant to protect it too, just like everyone here, then stop attacking innocent people and we'll see what can be done about sorting this out. Okay? There's enforced neutral ground available." For a moment, Mamoru's voice is much quieter. "I don't remember. There are still things I don't remember. And I want to, even if they hurt."

Then the Prince's voice is loud again. "So please, let's be diplomats instead of soldiers, just for a while. Please?"
Nephrite 2016-10-17 05:37:43 58000
Maybe Nephrite was a little too focused on what his girlfriend was doing, because he very nearly ran headlong into a big ol' Mercury tsunami. Since he is not exactly equipped for a head-on collision with a wall of water, it's a good thing he skidded to a stop just before intersecting its path.

Jupiter has slammed into nothing except cape. Okay, at least she's not hurt. The cops, in all their shiny golden splendor, are strewn all down the street. Well, he probably won't have to punch them now. A quick dash to the nearest one confirms he's still alive. And pretty wet. Still shinier than Nephrite, though, which is just rude.

"Yeah," he echoes Jupiter. "Feels an awful lot like Dark Kingdom tactics. Using people as your pawns and all that." And then Tuxedo Kamen is pleading for peace, and--well, if anybody can make that happen, it's going to be him. But Nephrite's stepping closer to Mamoru anyway. Just in case. And decidedly ignoring the memory talk. Because ugh.
Kazuo Takeba 2016-10-17 05:40:09 58001
Sailor Earth isn't fighitng. Not in this moment. It's the combination of that and Tuxedo Kamen's words that result in his staying silent. One hand finds a brief resting place on Zoisite's farther shoulder -- reassurance rather than further restraint. No knives in this moment. But it's still appreciated that Zoisite has them.
Usagi Tsukino 2016-10-17 05:48:34 58003
She curls against Venus for a moment, listening and nodding.

But she can't really ask her friends to not attack anymore, can she? Because Jupiter...isn't just fighting Sailor Hot Legs, is she.

A quick scan.The policemen have been safely swept away. She hopes they wake up soon because trenchfoot sounds really gross.

Mamoru is talking, being a diplomat, being him.

Between him and Jupiter, yes Usagi probably just lost a few centuries off her life or something, but she gets it. It doesn't mean she won't be grumpy at them, though!

And it's that Rabbit again that as her brows furrowing in confusion. But she shakes her head to clear it. "Of course I do. I felt who you were before you turned around."

Sort of. Kind of.

Maybe chocolate metaphors would have been the better way to go.

And she thinks. And thinks. And her only conclusion is the same offer she gave to someone else.

She looks at the policemen, unconcious and wet and she hopes they don't get sick.

"If you need to borrow...take it from someone who can handle it instead. Take it from me."

She has reasons.
Ami Mizuno 2016-10-17 05:56:37 58006
Mercury startles when Tuxedo Mask takes the self-labeled Sailor Earth out of the battle. "Wah?" she says in confusion, then shakes her head. "We're so disorganized," she mumbles unhappily, but reverts to her visor, still trying to puzzle together exactly what this energy pattern is.
Makoto Kino 2016-10-17 06:10:14 58008
It's at this point that Sailor Jupiter hits her absolute limit.

"You don't even know what she's planning to do with it yet!" she snaps, voice rising loud and frustrated over the distant hum of city noise. "Could you two maybe one day quit throwing yourselves in front of every single bus that comes along?"

She shouldn't leave, she knows that she shouldn't, but she's no help here now and she's just too angry to stay. Even as Sailor Earth makes her exit, Sailor Jupiter is already stalking away down the sidewalk, strides long and fierce enough that it almost seems like her heels should be digging chips out of the pavement.
Takashi Agera 2016-10-17 06:19:31 58009
Sailor Earth looks out at them from the saftey of her perch, hand on her hip. It's a familiar pose, redrawn in feminine attitude. The glare is for Jupiter - even after she leaves. "You know, she said I was delusional before she tried to make a close connection between me and her fist. But you're the ones who swung first. That doesn't seem like the actions of someone fighting for good... I guess it's a good thing she doesn't see me as her leader, because that makes her someone else's problem.""

"You don't remember me? Maybe there's a reason. I remember all of you. And you feel the connection. Or at least some of you do. Maybe the rest are just a little distant. Or maybe you weren't my Senshi, you're just in their skins. I'm not sure. I'm still trying to figure it out myself."

"It was always him, huh?" she turns her gaze to zoisite. "Your attitude makes it sound like he was somewhat unsuccessful in his efforts to guard this planet on his own. Maybe I could've been there if he wasn't leeching off my strength, the strength I should've had. Reducing me to a point where I ended up having to do this." she gestures to the road and unconscious not-quite-civilans.

It's Mamoru - not Tuxedo Mask - who gets the next look. "You'll have to start by giving me back my name. Endymion is the name of my family since time immemorial and you continue to sully it by using it, don't you? After that we can talk."

"Rabbit, I can't hear myself think over his energy. It's like static, white noise right in my soul." she rubs her forehead with her thumb and forefinger. "It sets me on edge. But I think we should talk - and maybe that offer will help. The Earth and the Earth's Moon - we do have that special connection. Don't call me, I'll find you, Rabbit." There's a look at her. "Has anyone ever told you that hairstyle kinda reminds them of dumplings?" she asks. And then she's grabbing her cape, swooshing it over her - and she's gone, with the cape winking out of reality when she leaves.

    Notably, she didn't go to the Dusk Zone.
Daisuke Hansuke 2016-10-17 06:22:18 58010
Asclepius frowns at 'Sailor Earth' as Sailor Jupiter gets angry at both Prince and Princess. He takes a deep breath- and gives Kunzite a look of 'I'm going to go follow her'.

Maybe either to talk about it. Try to get her to calm down.

He'll probably be entirely unsuccessful. But he needs to try to help somehow.

He takes off down the way. He'll drop the henshin at some point.
Kazuo Takeba 2016-10-17 06:30:59 58013
Asclepius's glance gets another slight nod from Kunzite. Safe enough to let him -- odds he'll find Earth are low, odds he'll find other victims are better. "Check in on Mamoru?" he adds quietly, aloud, to Zoisite. "I'll be there in a moment."

In the mean time, he's going the other direction. That building Tuxedo Kamen first chose has no taller neighbors. Which means that Kunzite can reach its roof, and then finally release that flash of energy he absorbed before -- channelling the pale blue flare upward, where it can't break anything.

And where, when it writhes wild and spills out of his attempt to contain it, there is still nothing to either side for it to break.
Nephrite 2016-10-17 06:48:30 58015
He should go after Jupiter. Nephrite wants to. But he also wants to see his prince safely home. He pulls out his phone and fires off a quick text. "Dinner tmrrw? U cn rant @ me & Ill feed u choclates"

He shoves his phone back in his pocket and gives the cops another glance. Probably should call an ambulance. He's always wanted to play with one of those police radios. But first order of business, he looks at the no doubt distressed prince. "Okay, so before you start taking any of that bullshit seriously, I'm gonna have to fact-check it with the sky. Spoiler alert, your star is still named 'little king.' So we're going to need some burgers to go, so I can go spend the night on the roof."

No, Faux Earth has not made him forget the burgers. Wait, did Daisuke already tap out? Shame.
Mamoru Chiba 2016-10-17 06:50:56 58016
When Moon offers her energy, Mamoru turns to give her a slow, incredulous look. He mouths, very plainly, 'no way'.

Jupiter's a lot louder about it, but it's also directed at him, so he kind of fidgets for a moment. He doesn't, however, give Earth the satisfaction of any kind of massive show of emotion at her accusation. It's another thing that doesn't make sense-- unless he really doesn't remember someone who was there. But then why would she be-- why would Usagi feel that connection? And why didn't she just blast him when she had the chance? Was it whatever he saw in her eyes?

Instead, he watches her go. "Sure, you can have Chiba," he says to the air.

He shifts uncomfortably, then looks around at the wreckage, and then at Moon over by Venus, and at Kunzite taking off, and at Nephrite seeing to the cops, and at Zoisite heading for him-- and he shakes his head. "I'm fine. I have homework. I'm going to be Doctor Endymion in a few years, right?" There's such a weird quality to his voice, unsettled and unhappy, and he lifts his broken pocketwatch to check the time. "Sure. We'll get 'em delivered. Check some facts. I'll be home in about half an hour, forty-five minutes. I have to go talk to a couple of people."

And then he's up in the air, no cape, no mask, no hat-- just the tuxedo and hands no one can see shaking when they're that far away.
Ami Mizuno 2016-10-17 06:52:56 58017
Mercury just puts her face in her hands, at this point. Jupiter isn't wrong in the slightest, and she? She has literally nothing else to contribute here. But it's still her job to watch Moon, and that thing--whatever it is--is not what they think it is. So she stays, leaning against the car she started on, watching in silence.
Zoisite 2016-10-17 06:53:48 58018
At Kunzite's request, he nods. He narrows his eyes at Mamoru's verbal dodge. "Like hell. School can wait, stronzino." So of course, Zoisite is chasing, though in his own, odd way. Namely by waiting until he's fairly sure his Prince has stopped moving, giving him time, and then teleporting to his side.
Usagi Tsukino 2016-10-17 07:00:56 58019
She exchanges a look back with Mamoru, clearly saying 'yes way.'

She winces at Jupiter, but doesn't have time to defend herself.

She turns to the facepalmed Mercury.

"Look, I'm's not for the reasons I normally do this, okay! I know she isn't who she says. I know we've never seen her before today. But that doesn't change the fact she's Nurse Cinnamon and Mamo-chan is Doctor Pepper and I need to know why. We probably need to know why."

She throws up her hand, a bit ranty now. "And no, I don't really trust her. But of all of us, who did she have a cutesy nickname for? Yes, part of the offer was to keep her from munching on civilians but..."

She wilts a little. "I'm just...I'm not being stupid here."
Ami Mizuno 2016-10-17 07:04:15 58020
Mercury arches an eyebrow at Sailor Moon, then turns to give a pointed look to where Sailor Venus was a moment ago. "I didn't say a word," she says. "I'm still here if you need me; one of us has to be. But you don't need to know. You want to, and that curiosity could prove fatal. People have abused your connection to him before with false copies: remember how attached you felt to the one which Beryl had us kill? She's not even really connected to you. Whatever it is you're feeling, it's artificial."
Usagi Tsukino 2016-10-17 07:10:20 58021
"I know that. That's why she's store brand, and he's name brand! And it's not the same, because then it tecnically sort of was!"

She looks at Mercury, a little hurt. "And yes, I want to know. But how much trouble have we had when we don't know stuff? How did it happen? Why? And most importantly, is it something people can do again? This isn't my mind it's affecting, Ami-chan, it's my soul. And if someone...if it' just feels dirty and I hate it!"
Ami Mizuno 2016-10-17 07:11:16 58022
"I didn't tell you to stop," Mercury points out with a sigh. "I don't approve, but that doesn't mean I'm going to stand in your way. I'm still here, Sailor Moon. I've still got your back, right now."
Usagi Tsukino 2016-10-17 07:17:44 58023
Her shoulders droop. "I'm just...I'm gonna go home. I'll see you tomorrow at school?"

She's gone and away. Normally, the situation would call for Mamoru, but her experience is he usually needs a few hours at least of alone time after these things. Rei's a possibility to, and it's tempting, but then she'd have to explain and obviously she's been doing a horrible job of that...

And, truth be told, maybe those are just convenient excuses for what she really wants to do: Cry on her Mama. (Or Papa, even, since he's all in the know of...stuff. But Mama cuddles are on her list.)
Ami Mizuno 2016-10-17 07:19:05 58024
Mercury sighs and watches Sailor Moon go, then looks back to where Earth was last seen. There's a few moments where she does nothing. Then, she holds out her hand and draws a bead of subspace there. Moments later, she's stepping across the city, heading not to her home, but to the base beneath the Crown. Time for some research.