New Year's Eve 2017

Like it says on the tin.

Date: 2017-12-27
Pose Count: 140
Mamoru Chiba 2017-12-27 19:31:30 87703
Partytime! Welcome to the Earth Court Frat House Holiday Party: Christmas may be for lovers, but New Year's is for everyone -- and Naru's and Kunzite's birthdays are this week, too.

With this in mind, the Mamoru-and-Jadeite apartments are open to all, everything breakable's been put carefully away, and the roof's been set up with the same giant tent they had up last year.

The stereo's hooked up to the computer and there's a rolling playlist in progress for anyone who wants to add something to the jukebox -- but there's ALSO an electric piano set up. One room is dedicated completely to Rock Band.

It's early yet, but Mamoru said people could come early if they wanted to help put up decorations and pick songs for the official jukebox ahead of time; only half the food for the party is here, but that still leaves all the leftovers and overbaking that the frat house is usually supplied with. Mamoru is currently, as it happens, setting up the second coffee urn -- the one with the bog standard coffee in it, caterer's size, crazy large, many biodegradable paper cups, et cetera. The one that's already working away at its job is the one with the label on it that says 'Gahveh: coffee for the brave, try a sip instead of a full cup'. That coffee urn is very fancy.
Ikiko Hisakata 2017-12-27 19:44:48 87705
Ikiko Hisakata had arrived with a bag of goodies for Ayana, which had been delivered to the fox with hugs and pettings. With that taken care of, she adds a few songs to the jukebox from a recent album by a modern '80s aesthetic project, then heads over to assist with the decorations.

"What can I help with?" she asks towards Mamoru and Kunzite as she glances at what appears to be the staging area for the decorations.
Kunzite 2017-12-27 19:48:31 87706
"Sanity," Kazuo suggests deadpan to Ikiko, as he sets down a plate of delicately-iced Makoto-cookies. It is probably best not to ask why he has a blue spaceship temporary tattoo on the back of his right hand.
Minako Aino 2017-12-27 19:51:35 87707
    Minako Aino has come early to help! She's arranging foods on plates. And helping putting out napkins! and also choosing the Electric Slide to put into the jukebox in hopes Makoto will show up later maybe.

    "Hiiii." she says to Ikiko. "I'm helping too!" she says as she places out a tray of what is probably pastries or something. Or maybe those little hot dogs in pastry.

    She turns around to face Kazuo and grins a little too wide. She says nothing. She may be up to something but who could know?
Usagi Tsukino 2017-12-27 19:57:34 87709
It's a party! The smart thing to do might to have dressed warmly, but once again, it's a party! And her dress is cute and the skirt is fluffy (and since she is who she is, there's a pair of bike shorts underneath in case of skirt flips!) and she looks like someone from the 1950's. Minus her hair, of course. Though she's pleased with the tiny New Years hats she's clipped to her odango.

In her purse, aside from the various knick knacks essential to every teenage Usagi, is, of course, a birthday card for Kunzite to slip to him later. In secret. Without anyone seeing because Usagi is a Very Sneaky girl! She kept with the tradition of last year's birthday card, sort of, but instead of a 2 in front of the 6 and Rapunzel, there's a 2 in front of the 7 and this time it's the much more mature choice of Guardians of the Galaxy!

And of course, now is later, so she Super Discretely stuffs it down his shirt when she gives him a hug! "Hi hi hi!"

Hug for Mina! Hug for Ikiko! And then she leans on Mamoru. "Don't worry, Mamo-chan. I'm helping by not helping! I'm just here to offer emotional support and cheering!"

She eyeballs the coffee. "A sip? I can handle a sip."
Lacrima 2017-12-27 20:00:04 87710

Lacrima fastens various dark gems onto a bracelet and frowns and lifts it. "I Just need you to work. For a few hours." she mutters. She puts it onto the wrist opposite of the one she wears the flow control bracelet on and then sighs. "Just absorb the extra stuff for a night." she says.

Lacrima arrives a little early it appears. With a giant, white box. Via balcony. She looks to the rules expressionless. She's read them all before. She sighs miserably and looks down to her arms a moment before she looks back up. She walks in and nods to Ikiko and Kunzite. Minako gets a really off look that isn't quite dirty but seems weary at best as she places the white box near the 'super coffee' and opens it. It's about fifty weird artisan donuts in different toppings. Maple Bacon- with real bacon crumbled on it. 'Candy Shop' that seems to be covered in twizzlers and skittles and chocolate chips, Smores Covered and so on. They were probably expensive.

She turns around and Usagi and Mamoru. She sighs a little heavily and then gently walks to some seat to sit down.
Mew Macaroon 2017-12-27 20:05:14 87711
As usual, Makio knowing coming to some sort of thing with a group of people involved means food is brought. This time around, purposeful pun or not, he brought a large collection of his mahou namesake with him. A huge box of various macaroons is settled into whatever place seems most fitting for it. After such he peers around a little, seeing what's been done thus far.

"Hey dudes," he calls out in greeting, "I'm good to help with the decorations." A sizable box is put else where, that's labled for Naru. With those two big boxes out of the way, he retrieves a much thinner box from under one of his arms. On seeing Kunzite this thin box is brandished in his direction. "Yeah, I know, no gifts needed, but I thought this one might be helpful too."

He'd quickly greet Ikiko, Mina, and Lacrima after this, and pause as Usagi appears. Ahh! It's her! He's never /officially/ met her, but given his being a regular (if NPC like) at the crown, he saw her enough to know who Mamo's girfriend was on description. "Hey, aren't you Usagi," the blunette 'cyclops' wonders curiously, still standing there near Kunzite and holding a box in his direction.
Ikiko Hisakata 2017-12-27 20:07:43 87712
Ikiko Hisakata hugs Usagi back, then giggles sympathetically at Kazuo and pats his back. "I'm not sure if I brought any of that, but I can at least improvise it," she replies with as solemn a deadpan as she can manage (which is about this close to cracking up).

She nods in reply to Lacrima and waves at Makio as those two arrive, her eyes widening somewhat as the goodies are unboxed and revealed.
Kunzite 2017-12-27 20:12:46 87713
Somehow, Usagi physically stuffing a card down Kazuo's shirt seems easier for him to cope with than either (a) Makio holding a box in his direction or (b) Minako's grin. The first is merely another alien-to-him behavior to cope with, the second actually appears to be disconcerting him. He glances Lacrima's way as if considering whether the quietly woeful vampire offers a possibility of escape, but that box Makio's holding has that irksome habit so common to material objects of continuing to exist when one stops paying attention to it. Therefore he bows slightly and gravely to Makio instead. (The card's envelope crackles.) "Help is always appreciated," he says as he accepts the box. "As are the macaroons. Particularly by Makoto, I imagine. Thank you."

... no, he does not at any point turn far enough to take Minako out of his field of vision. Possibly he is mildly afraid that if he does, she will suddenly apply plush bunny ears to his head, or something. Possibly that grin is making him nervous about rather worse.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-12-27 20:14:15 87714
"The things that Kazuo says," Mamoru tells Ikiko cheerfully, starting the giant coffee urn percolating. He sticks a cup over the top of it to indicate it's not done yet, then starts smiling as soon as he hears Usagi's voice. He starts to turn to look, and then she's already leaning against him and he grins down at her, bending to kiss the top of her head, then just straight-up pick her up and swing her around before leaning down to kiss her soundly. He whispers next to her ear, "Actually you can help by being social hostess for a minute, I have to finish putting the tent up upstairs." Then he straightens up and says cheerfully, "It's Kunzite coffee. Definitely try a sip. If you like it then have more! I'll be right back." He gives a twintail a gentle teasing tug then starts for the stairs, waving to people who've gotten here.
Nephrite 2017-12-27 20:18:44 87715
"North Swole" is what Neil's Christmas sweater says, stitched across the arm a flexing, buff Santa. It doesn't light up, but the Santa hat he's wearing does. As per usual, he's volunteered to organize the drinks table, and enters with an armful of glass bottles of the boozy variety. He gives Usagi a grin as he sets the bottles out. "Hey little bunny, when did you get here?"
Minako Aino 2017-12-27 20:28:06 87716
    Minako Aino is probably planning birthday somethings as she grins at Usagi and hugs back. "Hi Usa-chan! How are you? I gotta talk to you soon about something but later!" she says. She then looks to Nephrite and his sweater.

    "Pfffbbbbtttffft." is all she can manage. She's so caught up in it she doesn't get to react to the vampy's dirty looks.

    "Neeeeeil. Seriously?" she says at the sweater before turning back to Kunzite. Who apparently refuses to let her out of his sight. She gives another grin as if to say 'Watching me isn't gonna save you.'. She doesn't need to say things to convey things to Kazuo.

But there are macaroons and donuts and other things appearing. "Hi Makio!" she says. "Are those from the Cafe?" she asks.
Usagi Tsukino 2017-12-27 20:32:31 87717
"I'm good! Ready for a new year!" Her eyes widen at Mina's secret tone voice! "Ooooo, what about? Is it good?"

There is a nose scrunch, a happy squeal, a smooch back, and a pout. For a moment she is dazed and has a goofy smile. "I love PDA." But right! Sociable hostess! She puts on her Serious Face and straightens out her skirt. "You can count on me!"

First up is the goodies Lacrima brought! She sighs woefully at them, deciding it is not very good hostessing to eat the yummies all up before anyone can get there. "These look delicious! Thank you!"

Then to Makio! She beams at him. "Yep! Usagi Tsukino, pleased to meet you!" A hand held out for a shake, as all proper introductions must have! (And maybe farewells, as she suspects Kunzite might kill him dead!)

She giggles at Nephrite's sweater. "I think it's cute!" This is a rebuttal to Minako's reaction. She makes a note to stay away from boozy bottles or punches made from boozy bottles. Sociable Hostesses should not stagger around like a giggling loon after one drink! She steals a sip of the coffee, though.

"I just got here! And look!" She swishes her skirt around before, in a decidedly unladylike fashion, flips up her skirt. Fortunately the bike shorts are there! "I can climb on you without everyone seeing cartoon bunnies!"
Mew Macaroon 2017-12-27 20:53:49 87719
Makio Ryu waves after Mamoru as he waves from the stairs annd Neil also gets a wave now. He's trying to give everyone a hello of sorts. Kazuo's uncomfortableness with getting the gift leaves him uncertain on if he should be amused or feel bad about his action. However, that miscolored bit in his hair is scrunched up in that way it seems to when he's choking back a laugh... "I think I still haven't met her," he murmurs in responce to mention of Makoto. He's definetly heard of her a few times, but he's hit that point already where the massive amount of people introduced into his life are starting to get hard to seperate from who he's MET in passing and who he's only heard about.

Minako's question drags his attention out of Kazuo's discomfort and rather or not he's met Makoto though. "Yeah, I asked Akasaka-san for a big order and some of the rest of us helped out with making them." Not that 'rest of us' is all that large a group at the moment, but that's something neither here nor there for nearly anyone that'd hear this statement.

And more attention grabbers! Usagi gets a handshake and a widened grin. "Haha, I finally actually meet you," he states, "I've seen you around the arcade a ton of times, but we've nerver competed on the same cabinets or anything."
Kunzite 2017-12-27 20:54:31 87720
This time it's Minako that Kazuo bows to, in perfectly solemn understanding of that particular grin. He uses Makio and Minako each as a method to escape the other for a moment, though, assembling a paper plate of cookies and pastry-things (that may or may not involve hot dogs) and macaroons, then eyeing the box of donuts and pausing to add a second paper plate with just one artisan donut on it. The still-unopened box is used as a ferrying surface for both.

The first, heavily-populated plate he takes to where Lacrima's seated herself, and says quietly, "I thought there might be a chance these might be of a little assistance," offering the dish of varied sugars.

The second plate was left without a word on the table Neil is tending, just outside of Usagi's field of vision, because maple bacon artisan donut may as well be an address label.
Naru Osaka 2017-12-27 20:58:22 87721
Just about nicely on time, Naru clearly is coming up from downstairs, based on the lack of outdoor clothing or footwear involved in her arrival. She does have cupcakes to add to the mix, because clearly there isn't going to be nearly enough food, and especially sugar, to fuel most of Tokyo in this apartment today. Clearly.

She's got her satchel with her, likely holding a sketchbook and some markers, because rarely does she go far without something to doodle on, and that just seems easier than the walls. Again. She's already covered these walls once.

Naru sets cupcakes down before waving to folks. "Afternoon everyone!" She drops her satchel somewhere convenient, before going to check out the coffee situation. The special urn gets a quirk of her head and then a soft oooh of delight as she reaches for a cup.
Ikiko Hisakata 2017-12-27 21:01:10 87722
Ikiko Hisakata giggles a bit at Usagi's remarks, but most of her focus is on getting the decorations from their staging area to what looks like good places to add decorations. She waves to Naru, then pauses for a moment at the sight of the cupcakes.

Well, a brief break won't hurt right?

Placing the decorations in her hands down on a convenient horizontal surface, Ikiko heads over to snag a macaroon and a cupcake for quick munching on before resuming work on the decorating.
Nephrite 2017-12-27 21:05:59 87723
Neil shakes his head gravely at Minako. "No, not seriously. Very un-seriously. As little seriosity as possible."

He gestures down at Usagi. "See? Somebody around here appreciates greatness."

A single donut appears by his elbow, as if by magic, which might have startled Nephrite if he did not live with Kazuo. "Hey, tha--holy crap, is that bacon?" He drops the bag of red cups he was holding to snatch the donut up. "Thanks Santa! Hi everybody!" He waves the prized donut at the room at large. "Drinks are here, cold beer and cider in the fridge or the cooler."

He takes off his Santa hat with his free hand and glances about the room. He looks like he's considering Kazuo's head for a moment before deciding it's not yet the time of night for poor life decisions, and carefully sets it over one of the hats on Usagi's head instead. "Hang onto this for me, will ya? I don't want to lose it on the roof." He shoves the donut in his mouth and makes his way out the same door Mamoru left by.
Ami Mizuno 2017-12-27 21:07:39 87724
Ami Mizuno arrives shortly after Naru, via balcony. She takes off her shoes and jacket, setting them aside politely before stepping into slippers, and then smiling around. "Hello, hello," she greets those around the table. She nods to everyone, and smiles brightly at Usagi. "How've you been, bunny?" she asks her dear friend, before hugging her. Usagi always gets hugs.

She eyes Lacrima and Kazuo thoughtfully. Minako and Naru get a grin, and everyone else she knows gets a smile. And then, rounds done, food and drink carefully collected, she settles in not too far from Kazuo and Lacrima, seemingly by chance.
Lacrima 2017-12-27 21:13:55 87725
Lacrima is eyeing the ongoing interactions and staying in her seat, which is probably out of the way against a wall. She's basically trying to stay out of the way since she isn't helping at the moment. Her eyes trace from Minako to Usagi to---

Neil's sweater. She has a perfectly stoic expression for this and says nothing to add to it. Makio gets a softer look but not much as Naru arrives as she eyes cupcakes. "Hello, Naru-chan." she says.

Kazuo arrives with sugar fuel and she gently eyes him, though it's not quite the same staring she's been doing. "Thanks." she says silently, as she accepts, but doesn't keep Kazuo long. She thinks for a moment. Before softly going back to eyeing others.

She eyes Ami and then glances over. "Hello, Ami-chan." she says softly. "How are you?" she asks. She remembers last years New Years. Oh dear.

Then she deflates again and sort of stares at the floor. It's a nice floor. A nice, medical grade floor. Yes. Very nice.
Usagi Tsukino 2017-12-27 21:23:39 87726
This explains the bit of familiarity! Usagi gives Makio a sage nod. "Don't worry. You probably would have beaten me." And this is not just gracious hostessing at play here!

Her nose twitches as her bunny senses tingle. She smells bacon, and it's close. Before her nose can twitch too much, there is a christmas hat perched over one of her other hats. But it is blinking and it is cute, so it gets to stay! "I will keep your hat safe!" A solemn nod!

And then suddenly! "NARU!!!" Of course, Usagi dive-bombs toward the birthday girl. Bones might be crushed in the birthday hug! There is no need to stuff a card down her shirt, though. Instead, the envelope with Naru's name written and decorated in glitter glue is handed over. (Glitter glue used only so she could tell the difference between the two cards in her purse, obviously.) "This is for you!"

And then there's an Ami-chan! More hugs! Less bone-crushy, but still tight! "Ami-chan! I'm good! I'm being a sociable hostess!"

Lacrima greets Ami-chan, and Usagi gasps and whispers. "She brought mapely donuts with bacon, and I've been a good hostess and haven't eaten them all, even though they smell really good. I haven't eating anything since I've been here. I've been here ten whole minutes!"

She takes the sip of coffee, as the fancy coffee holding thing suggests, and she jerks, and stills, and the color drains from her body. If possible, she would waft to the floor like a piece of paper. But since that is impossible and ridiculous, she just sort of stands there as her eye twitches.
Minako Aino 2017-12-27 21:27:57 87727
    Minako raises her brows at Usagi. "Not here but later." she smiles. "Magic private stuff." she says. Then she skips off a moment to go stare into the donut box and eye the coffee. She steals a ridicolous donut that seems to be dusted in chocolate and filled with chocolate and it has chocolate chips on it and also it's a chocolate donut. "My god it's full of cocoa." she says as she eyes it greedily and then also gets a half cup of the coffee.

    She takes a bite of the donut and then makes a face. Okay maybe that's TOO much chocolate in one pastry. She's still gonna eat it though.
Mew Macaroon 2017-12-27 21:30:40 87728
Makio's grin widens again. "Hey, Naru," he greets with an enthusiastic wave, "Hey Ami!" He's not going to yell about it, but he'd try gesture Naru's attention toward the box waiting for her, just so she knows it's there. Usagi's whole bit to Ami causes a small chuckle before his attention lands back on Lacrima for the first time since greeting her.

This causes the slightest of frowns, since he'd heard some things in passing. He IS a bit concerned, but he's really not sure how to tackle it at a big party like this... That and admittably there is enough that's available here to make anyone's attention span feel short.
Kunzite 2017-12-27 21:34:26 87729
Santa Kazuo is not inflicted with a Santa hat. Neil can live, temporarily, for reasons unrelated to 'do not offend Makoto while she is cooking.' He waits by Lacrima for a moment to see whether she's inclined to say anything else, then bows to her (and a hello to Ami) and steps back quietly. Letting the introverts introvert for the moment. That means he has time to step out of the way, into the half-sheltered kitchen, and retrieve the card. The card itself goes unseen. But when he emerges from the kitchen, there is an incongruous blue spaceship stickertattooed to the back of his right hand. He turns back toward the light-up Santa hat that marks Usagi's location.

And pauses. And visibly considers finding an excuse to flee the room. Especially when he sees what Minako's also got in hand. Well. Ikiko's near there, isn't she? Does purification work on caffeine poisoning? Hmmm.
Ariel Theodore 2017-12-27 21:51:25 87730
    Ariel has prepared for this day.
    While it has been a while since she's been to the Earth Court penthouse, it was never a place she felt unwelcome, and that is perhaps the reason why she cleared her day of everything else to show up and pay a visit as soon as she had heard the yearly get together was happening. So after getting into the proper attire, and a trip from Seishi's house to the rooftop palace of Mamoru Chiba and his Four Heavenly Bros, there is a ring-ring-ring at the doorbell.
    "Hiiii everyone~."
    And on the other side is Ariel, wearing an antler headband, decked out in a reindeer costume, sitting astride her faithful giant dog mount, Lucky, who... Is also adorned with and antler headband and a red pom on his nose.
    "... Wurf."
    It's only a few days after Christmas, the costume is still seasonal!
Naru Osaka 2017-12-27 21:52:41 87731
Oooof. Naru braces for the incoming Usagi, mercifully before she's fully sugared or caffeined up. The incoming glitter bomb is just to be expected and she beams brightly as she accepts the card, once she can breathe again. "Hi Usa!" She steals a sisterly kiss on the cheek before letting her go and having her bestie forever be the canary in the coal mine of the Death Coffee (tm).

Naru can't help but giggle as Usagi's reaction and she reaches to get a small cup of her own. Not that she's terribly worried about not liking it, it already smells amazing. Naru doesn't seem concnered about the coffee, moving to acquire herself a lemon doughnut before all the good flavours are gone and lifting it in salute to Lacrima. "How's everyone?" She asks generally.

Naru turns to see Ariel and Lucky's arrival and starts to giggle. "OMG that is terminally adorable."
Ami Mizuno 2017-12-27 21:55:08 87732
Ami smiles gently to Lacrima. "I'm all right. How are you holding up, Lacchan?" she asks. "I see Kazuo has gotten you some sugary things; let me know if you need something else. I'll happily do the walking." Because to her eyes? Lacrima looks pretty bad.

Usagi gets a look. "Are you okay?" she asks gently, worriedly, before turning to Minako. Watching her expression with the chocolate, she can't help but smile. Her friends make her happy. Even when overly caffeinated.

Makio gets a nod and a smile. "Hey Makio! How are things going with you?" She doesn't get up from her seat, just watching the party from her little corner, but she's happy near Lacrima and Kazuo.

Naru gets a smile and a "Happy birthday!" even as she remains seated. And Ariel? Ariel gets a smile, mystified, and a laugh of amusement.
Lacrima 2017-12-27 21:59:18 87733
Lacrima looks back and eyes Kazuo, and gives an apologetic look. She isn't super talkative. She's probably here to assure everyone that she's okay and not dead and her short text replies are just that and she isn't possessed by a super demon or something and ahahahahhahaha.

She sighs and is about to look back down to the floor when she hears a 'Hiiii Everyone~' in a familiar voice and looks up rapidly.

"A...ari-chan?" she asks as she eyes Ariel and this visage needs a moment to process in her head as she stands and looks to Ami. and Kunzite and the others and then tip toes towards Ariel. She eyes Ariel a moment, with narrowed eyes.

She pokes one of the antlers when she gets close enough.

"...does that make you.. a... Trinicorn? Or.. do antlers. Not count?" she asks inquisitively.
Mew Macaroon 2017-12-27 22:03:12 87734
Makio waves toward Ariel before he tries to get to making with the help he'd offered. -But it seems he got a little too tied up in other stuff. Is it still too late for helping decorate at this poi----OH! Wait! He just actually computed the fact that there is a ROOM devoted to Rock Band. A rock band room! One of the only things as likely to completely nab his attention as the scent of fish has now nabbed Makio off toward it for a moment.
Usagi Tsukino 2017-12-27 22:05:42 87735
It takes a full minute for her brain to reboot. When she's able to move again, there's a shudder that runs from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. "Augh, that tasted like death on a stick warmed over." She perks up and looks at Ami. "So not as bad as I expected! I want some more!"

This is...probably a bad idea.

Fortunately there is a giant dog in cute antlers! And a cute pompom nose! A brief burst of noise that could probably only be translated by Naru ('So cute, so fluffy, so adorable, I'mma die!' spoken in a second) erupts from her excited mouth as she rushed over to hug the dog's face!
Kunzite 2017-12-27 22:10:29 87736
Terminally adorable is a phrase applicable to many people in this room at present. Ariel, definitely. Usagi, also definitely. Lacrima ... well, the 'terminal' part might be emphasized, but Kazuo certainly wasn't holding it against her that she wasn't talkative, and her staring at the antlers might qualify.

Kazuo does make his way over to Ami after the magnetic unicorn attraction occurs, and says to her sotto voce, "I don't suppose you happen to have any ways to place caffeine in a dubiously accessible subspace at the moment. I'm fresh out, myself."
Ikiko Hisakata 2017-12-27 22:14:51 87737
Ikiko's attention is focused on a bit of tricky placement when Ariel comes in, so she doesn't turn around immediately. When she does, however, she grins at the pair of 'reindeer'.

"Hi, Ariel!" Ikiko waves to the unicorn while walking over. "And hello to you as well, Lucky," she adds in caninespeech. "You look adorably majestic."
Naru Osaka 2017-12-27 22:16:05 87738
And so Naru is warned, if only briefly, to reach out and attempt to retrieve Usagi's coffee cup from her hand before she rushes over to dump it all over poor Lucky in her excitement about the cute and the fluffy and the imminent death inducting adorableness.

One might even think that Naru has some practice in acquiring cups from Usagi in transit.

It does mean that Naru could well have two coffees and a doughnut and but two hands. Somehow she manages, even if it means doughnut has to just be held in her mouth. It works, if perhaps less than ideal for current conversation.
Ariel Theodore 2017-12-27 22:16:44 87739
    "Eheh hehhh~."
    Ariel is positively beaming as Lucky carries her in, and she hops off the huge dog's back, and leaves the massive hound to free roam.
    Meanwhile, the littlest reindeericorn sets to the monumental task of greeting people. Actually it's not monumental at all, hugs are freely passed around, there's one for Kazuo when she can sneak it in, one for Naru, one for Ikiko, even hugs for first time meetings, if she's allowed into personal space. So that means one for Makio, Ami and Minako as well if manageable. And of course one for Lacrima. Though the question makes Ariel's brow knot briefly as golden eyes cross up to the antlers atop her head. "Uhhhh. ... I'm suddenly not sure!" She settles on her answer. "Eheh~."
    Lucky though finds himself under attack. Under hug attack. There's a low "Rowrf?" as Usagi makes a sound on a frequency that only Lucky is sure he can hear and rushes him. This results in the moon princess hugging a suddenly bewildered dog that is taller than she is.
    There is a long beat of staring silence from the giant wolfhound.
    Lucky's tongue lolls out...
    And that tongue slllllllluuuuuurps Usagi across the face.
    "Um. Careful, he might hug back." Ariel does warn. It is a prudent warning considering his size.
    "Hello, Ikiko~." "Ruff." Are given almost in unison.
Ami Mizuno 2017-12-27 22:20:44 87740
Ami Mizuno hugs Ariel, startled but pleased, before just laughing gently at Kazuo. And then she considers, and says, "I'm going to help the boys on the roof." And up she goes, after disposing of empty cup and plate appropraitely.
Mew Macaroon 2017-12-27 22:24:26 87741
Makio is VERY much agreeable to getting hugs, as he pops back out from having gone to check out the Rock Band room. Personal space is RARELY an issue for the bluenette 'cyclopse' who's also kinda/sort of a seal. Hearing warning of the possibility of Lucky hugging ANYONE, almost makes him want to hug the big doggy himself. However, he settles for trying to carefully sneak the dog a hand to sniff, and possibly a head pat if he seems agreeable.

"Err, hi I'm Makio Ryu," he states, realising he actually didn't introduce himself to ANYONE here yet that was just meeting for the first time. "Is the rock band room a thing here every new year's party?"
Lacrima 2017-12-27 22:38:15 87742
Lacrima gets a hug, and she tenses, just for a moment- though that's not unexpected from Lacrima- but relaxes and definitely hugs Ariel back. It's in fact, a little tighter than average Lacrima hug. Which probably means a more normal hug for anyone else.

(Since most of the time she just sits there and absorbs the hug with an off expression on her face for most others.)

She briefly touches Ariel's hands when the hug breaks and looks over to Makio. "Rock Band. Game Room, yeah." she says softly.

She takes a deep breath and turns around a moment to check the bejeweled bracelet, tap tap. Okay. So far. So good.
Kunzite 2017-12-27 22:44:29 87743
Kazuo regards Ami's departure somewhat wistfully. Truly, she is the Soldier of Wisdom. Retreat is cut off by a tiny unicorn, though; Kazuo returns the hug, and now he has a spaceship on one hand and glitter on his shirt. And in his hair. He does not know the doom that has claimed him.

"It's only the second new year's party," Kazuo notes to Makio. "So traditions are by definition still in flux. If people like it, it'll be back."

He does not attempt to talk over Lacrima. Lacrima is talking at all. Every syllable is valued. ... Naru is not talking, but donut is an excellent reason for that. How else is she going to keep any part of it safe from Usagi?
Ayana Tasogare 2017-12-27 22:47:50 87744
One of the doors marked 'off limits' opens just a crack. It stays that way for almost a full minute, before it opens a little bit more. Then it closes. All as if magically by itself.

Which, given where trhis party is taking place, is not really that odd.

But it's not magic that opened the door. Instead, a little black fox snuck through while it was opened, and is now padding its way out into the livingroom by sneaking under furniture and between legs.

There is food, and the fox must hunt.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-12-27 22:48:18 87745
Mamoru sticks his head out the door leading to the stairs to the roof after Ami vanishes up them to join Neil and himself, and he calls out, "Hi everybody! Roof spillover should be possible soonish, there's a lot of wind so we're having to weight down the plastic tent a lot more than last year. But the solar battery space heaters are fully charged so the inside of the tent's warming up, too! Just give us like another twenty minutes, half an hour maybe?" A beat; his eyes zero in on Lacrima, and he darts in and slingshots around Kunzite toward the kitchen -- ruffling a hand through long white hair on the way -- and vanishes.

A second later he comes back out carrying a box with a spoon taped on top, and deposits it in Lacrima's hands then unapologetically messes up her hair. This is apparently a hit and run mission, as he also steals Neil's light-up Santa hat from Usagi's head on his way back to the door, and licks her ear, and jams the hat on his head, and vanishes back through the door to the roof.
Ariel Theodore 2017-12-27 22:55:08 87746
    The lingering touch to her hands gets a curious look as Ariel peers at Lacrima, completely oblivious to the glitter disaster she has caused for everyone present. Though getting a full on hug back is a promising start. "Mm? Are you alright, Lacrima?" She finds herself having to ask, at her friend's sullen tone to Makio.
    Though Lucky must still contend with Usagi, he does manage to not crush the moon princess by trying to hug her back, but rather sits back on his haunches with a low wurf, and even lifts one paw to 'shake' with Makio- who does get Ariel's attention. "Ah... Is that family name first, or?" She's curious!
Naru Osaka 2017-12-27 22:56:43 87747
One coffee set down on a convenient flat surface, and its not Naru's coffee that she's abandoned. Nor is it her doughnut. These are the fancy kind, and delicious! Naru isn't about to give it up either! Another generous bite of doughnut, a sip of coffee that is dark and spiced and delicious and then Naru finds her voice again.

"Weirdly, I've never actually played Rock Band." Naru admits and then shrugs. "I always seem to play other stuff up here rather than that."

Naru watches the whirlwind that is Mamoru pass by and through, and then glances over to see a black fox come creeping through the crowd, smiling as she does.
Usagi Tsukino 2017-12-27 22:58:35 87748
Usagi giggles at the lick from the dog. "That's okay!" Hugs are good, even if they come from animals taller than she is! Especially if!

She is fairly certain she had a coffee cup in her hands not long ago! "I need to go find my coffee! It tastes like death on a stick, so I think that means it's pretty good!" A parting hugging squeeze for Lucky, and then he is free to greet others in doggy paw shakes!

She cannot find her coffee cup, and somehow Naru has two! And a donut in her mouth.

Mmm, food, yes please, energy stores are

She barely makes it to the table of goodies and, coffee forgotten, piles a plate full of sugary confections. This should last her a few minutes!

And then, HAT THIEVERY! "Hey! That's--" The words are chased away as her eyes widen a little and her face turns red. "Snargleblabehuh."

That'll teach him.

(No offence to Lucky, but she thinks she might prefer Mamo Licks to Lucky Licks.)
Ayana Tasogare 2017-12-27 23:00:46 87749
The little fox pauses mid-step, just under a bit of furniture, and stares across the way.

Big dogs are not good for little foxes' continued survival. She backs up a step, hiding even further under the couch, and does her best to avoid being noticed. What to do? What to do?
Ikiko Hisakata 2017-12-27 23:02:48 87750
Ikiko Hisakata recognizes the door with the slight movement, then smiles as she spots the shadowy fox skulking through the room.

Casually walking over to take a seat on the couch over the fox, Ikiko takes a sip of the non-booze 'nog to mask her mouth. "Need any help with your hunting?" she murmurs to Ayanafox in caninespeak.
Lacrima 2017-12-27 23:17:03 87752
Lacrima makes a face at Ariel that says 'ahahahhaha no way. I'm a huge mess.' but says. "I'm.. as well as can manage." she says quietly. She lies a little. She gently sighs a bit. "Don't worry about it. You can come by later. And we can talk then." she says silently.

She is looking to the floor a moment. Wait. What was that shadow? Sinister magics? Takashi being a jerk!? Wait no it's...

"Ayana-chan?" she says to herself with a series of short blinks as she follows the fox and looks over to Ikiko. Yes let's take our mind off that with...

Gloriously weird Mamoru and Usagi PDA with a lick and she makes a face at this and just looks back down to the door. It's not disgust. It's something else. Maybe jealously. Though not at the people specifically.

Then there's suddenly a box in her hand and she blinks and looks to Mamoru as he skips away before she can say 'Thanks'. (Which means either she'll catch him later tonight or a card will be sent.) and she opens it to remove a large jar of Rose Honey Fudge. She blinks a bit and eyes the note with it with a little soft nod and then.... opens it to shove one into her mouth.

Basically it's perfect timing.
Ayana Tasogare 2017-12-27 23:24:09 87753
The little fox's ears perk up in surprise at the sound of Ikiko's voice. It's not that she didn't expect the girl to be here, it's that she was very focused on the dog, and missed her girlfriend's presence by a mile.

The fox makes a soft whimpering noise which sounds to most ears jsut like whining, but Ikiko understands, "There's a big scary dog here."
Kukai Souma 2017-12-27 23:27:26 87754
There's a knocking on the door, and then it swings open. It's good that only friends get up here, huh? Fortunately, behind the door is a friend - Kukai Souma, carrying a BIG cloth bag that he's been having to carry with both hands, that's steaming. "Hello! Merry Christmas, everybody! Happy New Year! I brought a treat!"

Kukai muscles the big bag into the apartment, looking around for a table to set it down on and seeing who all's around.
Ariel Theodore 2017-12-27 23:27:41 87755
    Ariel may be young... But she is not blind. Lacrima is marked with a clear look of concern as the reindeer-disguised-unicorn furrows her brow again. "Are you sure?" She's getting an idea of the answer jut from the look Lacrima affixes her alone, but then accepts it with a nod. "I'll stop by soon."
    It is this concern for her friend that mostly distracts her and makes her miss the exchange between Mamoru and Usagi.
    "Um. Are you alright? Your face turned really red." She points out the obvious.
    Lucky, though, now free of hugging, turns his head. He spotted the door open. He spotted the fox. He saw Ayana go under the couch, like the EYE OF SAURON. Except if Sauron were a huge dog.
    And he proceeds to flop himself down on the floor and rest his head on his forepaws like an absolutely massive loaf.
    "Wuff." Noted as lazily as lazy can convey. He's not moving from his spot.
Kunzite 2017-12-27 23:29:54 87756
Kazuo's hair is ruffled, and falls back into place, in pretty much exactly the way that might cause Usagi to shake her fist if she'd seen it. Fortunately Usagi is instantly distracted by hat-theft and by, well, snargle. Kazuo actually smiles watching the two of them, if very slightly. It lingers as Lacrima discovers Fudge, and as fox discovers Ikiko.

How much of this smile is because Mamoru's hand is now unicorn-glitter-contaminated is anyone's guess.

And then.... then there is Kukai. Kazuo blinks for a moment, then quickly moves to sweep two platters off a half-filled table and create space for them on a different one, thereby opening ... well ... two-thirds of a table, total, for the Souma Sack. "Here," he says to Kukai. It's more polite than 'what IS that?!'
Ikiko Hisakata 2017-12-27 23:36:50 87757
"That's Lucky, Ariel's mount," Ikiko replies to Ayana. "He's imposing, but quite gentle. If you ride on my shoulder, I'm sure he won't--"

And then the large dog flops down in a blatant display of laziness and relaxation.

Ikiko blinks. "Well," she says, switching to Japanese for a moment before returning to caninespeak as she stands up. "I guess we won't have to guard you as actively as we thought. Shall we go get a plateful or two of snacks?"
Usagi Tsukino 2017-12-27 23:38:49 87758
She looks up from her plate of sugary goodies at Ariel, eyes growing wide. "Who red me nope I am perfectly fine absolutely okay yup nothing to see here at all no sirree I did not get my ear licked by a wandering hat thief." Hah! She plays it cool so well!

Distraction, distraction, anything!

Oh, look, it's Kukai

But curses, Kunzite gets to him first! Drat!

Only one thing for it.


Eat a whole donut in one bite.
Naru Osaka 2017-12-27 23:40:05 87759
"I suspect, even with our collection of friends, no one is going to go hungry tonight." Naru comments mildly, now that she's stashed Usagi's coffee somewhere 'safe', and finished chewing enough of her doughnut to be able to watch the arrival of The Sack with Kukai. Unless, of course, it isn't more food, which is also possible.

Naru watches Lucky flop into becoming a reindeer floor rug that breathes, and others settled to sugar and goes to retrieve her satchel, licking lemon curd off her fingers, so she doesn't get it on everything.

Sketchbook and pencils acquired, Naru winces faintly at Usagi's demonstration of doughnut eating skill, shaking her head a little as she finds a patch of floor to settle on. "I'd say you're going to choke, Usa, but I know better."
Kukai Souma 2017-12-27 23:46:17 87760
Kukai grins at Kazuo and nods. "Thank you!" He sets the bag down on the floor for a second to hug his friend, then nods, opening it up and revealing a traditional set of Japanese dumpling boxes - one, two, three, four, five, stacked on top of one another as Kukai hoists them out of the bag and onto the table. He then opens one of them, revealing what look like big round dumplings, but smell like fruit and sweetness! "My favorite bakery made these - they're like traditional dumplings, but filled with sweet fillings, like cherry and plum and orange and all sorts of fruits! They're REALLY good. I couldn't think of what to get everybody as a gift, so..." He tosses the empty bag under the table and picks up one. "Have at! So, who all's here?" He looks around to see who else of his friends are at the party...
Ayana Tasogare 2017-12-27 23:46:40 87761
The dog's actions may look harmless, but the fox does not trust him. She continues to glare for a long moment, before eventually, tentatively, carefully, emerging from her hiding spot.

When Lucky fails to pounce on her, she takes another step forward, then wiggles her nose and hops up onto the couch next to Ikiko. There, she nuzzles into the girl's side affectionately, chewing softly on whatever parts of Ikiko are presented.
Momo Sakura 2017-12-27 23:56:17 87762
"No, Dog, you can't come."

Dog, unaffected by the command, merely thumps his tail against the floor.

Momo, taking it as an argument, huffs. "You remember what happened last year! Mamo-nii got grumpy and I called him a buttmunch!"


She sighs. "Look, I'll try to bring you something to eat."

Dog drinks some water.

Momo points a finger at him. "I won't let you guilt trip me! I said no and that's final!"

Dog lets out a wuff and licks her hand before curling on his dog bed, really not bothered at all.

Momo wipes at her nose and sniffles. "You'll be fine here on your own I promise there's food in the dish and and and--"

She practically throws herself into the hallway before making certain the apartment is locked behind her. Another sniffle! And a tired stagger to the elevator!

It feels like a very short trip up, and not because she's dozed off while standing on the way up.

See, she's figured something out. She is Very Energetic. This makes certain Highly Introverted People very tired after about five minutes. And since this person is hosting a New Years Eve party, where he will be tired from Peopling anyway, the best thing Momo could do was to make sure she was not Very Energetic!

Cue two or three nights of two to three hours of sleep each, and you have a very not Very Energetic Momo.

Sure, there's been some mishaps. Salt instead of sugar in Kyouko's tea, putting cream in a soft drink instead of tea, and getting emotional because she now believes Dog hates her for not letting him come to the party. (Which is ridiculous, he's clearly taking this time to catch up on his reading.)

Of course, in thinking about one Highly Introverted People makes it easy to forget the effect this sleep exhaustion would have on another Highly Introverted People. She slips in the party and it's easier to spot Long White Hair in a crowd of people than almost anyone else, even red-headed girlfriends of sisters drawing.

So it's a Very Sniffly Momo who tugs on Kunzite's sleeve. "Kun-- Kazu-nii? Can we make Dog a doggy bag I think he's mad at me because I wouldn't let him come but I didn't want to call Mamo-nii a buttmunch again."
Lacrima 2017-12-27 23:58:00 87763
Lacrima nods to Ariel. "I don't wanna. Ruin the party. With my garbage. Is all." she says lightly and whispering to Ariel. She leans down and gives Lucky a pet. Lazy dog can be lazy.

She still has messed up hair and isn't seeming to care too much. She's dressed casually as it is. Not in a fancy dress, trying to be noble vampire countess.

Her eyes trace to Kukai and the giant steaming sack he's arrived with as she blinks a bit.

She offers a piece of fudge to Ariel. "It's Rose Honey Fudge. It's good." she says.

Then she gently walks back to the chair she was sitting in the sit down for a moment and just consume fudge like it might magically despawn or something if she doesn't finish it.


She gently eyes Kukai. Oh. Sweet Dumplings. She eyes the Donut Box she brought. Not as hot. But super ostentatious. She eyes Ikiko and Ayana. Is that where Ayana has been the whole time?....

....has she been tearing apart the letters she's been slipping under the door related to the past few months issues like Seth? She blinks rapidly at this. Wait. No. Kunzite got them all.

Why did that thought pop into her head.
Ikiko Hisakata 2017-12-28 00:00:10 87764
Ikiko Hisakata lets Ayanafox love-nibble her thumb while she rubs the fox under the chin with her other fingers, then after a few moments uses her other arm to gently scoop the fox up. "I'll take that as a yes, beloved," she smiles, kissing the fox on the forehead as she carries her towards the buffet table. "Saving the jerky I brought for later? I know you scarfed down the chicken breast I gave you when I said hi before I started helping with setup..."
Kunzite 2017-12-28 00:09:02 87765
Kazuo takes a moment to stare in Usagi's direction in quiet disbelief. Occasionally, he's almost certain that that girl subconsciously creates tiny miracles just to keep breathing when she does things like that. Except that there's never a perceptible energy surge. Maybe someone else creates them for her.

At least he's not alone, or not entirely so. "Did you find the box left for you, Naru?" he asks in passing post-Kukai-hug, having lost track of where which box has been in the chaos. A couple of dumplings are also picked up, and once again set aside on plates. "These do look good," he notes to Kukai. "We haven't reached everyone being here yet, but it's not too bad. Mamoru and Neil and Ami are up on the roof, also." The ensconced artist needs a dumpling, clearly. Lacrima might want one, though the fudge is an entirely different category of edible.

Ayana will want all of them. This is simply a given. Okay, there are several people here this is a given for, and meat will probably take precedence over fruit...

And then there is someone else who clearly needs one, tugging on Kazuo's sleeve, and Kazuo hands Momo one of the dumpling boxes without missing a beat. "Yes," he says. "We can always do that. And we can check with Makoto, but she knew there would be at least one canid here, so I think she was careful to make it clear which things would be safe." Not that Dog has ever been given to care about this 'safe' too much.
Naru Osaka 2017-12-28 00:18:03 87766
"I did leave him a cupcake in the kitchen, Momo." Naru comments absently as she settles her coffee down next to her, tucked in close so that no one trips on the cup and spills the coffee. There's one portion of that which is significantly more devistating than the other.

There's a blink towards Kazuo as he mentions a box, and it's clear that the coffee and food were distracting enough that she just looks blank. "There's a box." The glance to Kazuo includes spotting the dumplings and that's worth getting herself back up from the floor to go and find herself a dumpling before Usagi tries to put all of /those/ in her mouth at once or something.
Ayana Tasogare 2017-12-28 00:24:29 87767
Ayana licks Ikiko's nose and chin when she goes in for the kiss, then allows herself to be carried towards the table. "Sure but I'm hungry, again. Still? Always. I like food" Eyeing the buffet table, the fox licks her lips hungrily.
Kyouko Sakura 2017-12-28 00:29:05 87768
    Kyouko has been at work, because the downside of working at a conbenie is that it's open pretty much all the time, even on holidays (and the days around holidays). Not that she's ever complained- money is money, and besides, Kyouko likes her job. Well enough, anyway. But now she's come home- to find an empty apartment, other than a particularly apathetic-looking Dog, who does not seem in the least bit disturbed to have been abandoned. It takes her a few moments to remember where everyone is. Oh right, party upstairs.

    A few minutes are taken to decompress in the quiet of the empty apartment, and to change clothes. So it is that, eventually, Kyouko arrives at the party. Looking festive. She raided the leftover costume bits from the conbenie's Christmas promotion, when they had hired somebody to stand outside dressed like an elf to hawk Christmas Cakes.

    Kyouko is wearing a red dress with a short skirt, the hem lined with white fur, as well as the cuffs and neckline, which is right up under her chin. Thankfully, green leggings were included as part of the costume, so she has those on as well (the skirt /is/ pretty short, though hardly indecent). That's about as far as the 'costume' goes, but it's a sight bit more festive than her usual 'jeans and t-shirt.'

    She waltzes in through the main door to the apartment, grinning. "Hey hey, I'm here, the party can start now!"
Momo Sakura 2017-12-28 00:36:34 87769
It's true. Dog doesn't really care about what is considered safe to eat and what isn't for dogs. He grew up dining from the finest garbage cans in Tokyo.

Momo takes the dumpling container with a sniffle and nods. "Thank you."

Sniffle, sniffle.

Dumpling nom.

She feels better! Kunzite gets a smile that makes her look like a squirrel storing away nuts in her cheeks.

There is even a mouth-filled greeting for Naru!

And then there's a sister. Momo toddles toward Kyouko, yawning through her nose before she swallows. "Kyou-nee looks pretty. Kyou-nee needs a hug." And if said hug came with a quick thirty second nap, that isn't too weird, right?
Ikiko Hisakata 2017-12-28 00:42:09 87770
Ikiko Hisakata snags two boxes of dumplings, then starts carefully stacking additional snacks on top of them. One of them gets decked out with a general mix of snacks, while the other has more of a focus on meat and other canid-friendly snacks -- guess which box is for whom!

She gives a nod to Kyouko and a smile to Momo, then carefully wanders back to the couch, dumpling boxes and other snacks stacked in her hands and Ayanafox on her shoulders as she does her best to walk around the crowds instead of through them.
Ayana Tasogare 2017-12-28 00:50:47 87771
Apparently Ayana has undergone some training, becuase the kitsune doesn't eat everything on the table while Ikiko is busy preparing plates. She just sniffs at things carefully, then allows herself to be scooped back up onto her girlfriend's shoulders.

When they reach the couch again, Ayana dives down into Ikiko's lap, then disappears underneath. A few moments later, it's not a fox that's scooting back out, but a pale-skinned, raven-haired girl in a loose-fitting white dress.

The better to avoid dogs, you see.
Naru Osaka 2017-12-28 00:58:09 87772
Naru turns as Kyouko arrives and theres a bright smile, made all the brighter for the adorable outfit. It's a rarity to spot her girlfriend in a dress, and Naru isn't about to complain. She has snacks, and her coffee is waiting for her. "Hey love!"

Naru brings her plate of snacks back to her spot on the floor, where her sketchbook holds her place, not that sitting on the floor is much of a desirable location.

Sketchbook and coffee, and treats. Naru leans her back against the arm of the couch, nibbling first before getting out her pencil to start a sketch.
Kunzite 2017-12-28 01:01:30 87773
"Thank you, Naru." For the foresight and concern for the local canines, presumably. "There is a box. Makio brought one that had your name on it. I wasn't sure if you'd laid hands on it or not yet." Also one that had Kazuo's name on it. Settlers of Catan has been hidden away, not out of any grudge against either partygoers or game, simply because he has plans for it that do not involve pieces being lost in couches, lost off the edge of the roof, or eaten.

He glances up at Kyouko's arrival, and his eyebrows lift slightly -- then that faint hint of a smile reappears as Naru actually spots her. "Ah. You escaped." But didn't escape the sister. These things, they happen.

Ayana's sudden vanishing catches Kazuo's attention, but -- ahh. Good. He bows with typical solemnity to the un-vanishing of the girl in the white dress, and carries on. Next step: fetching Lacrima a dumpling. Okay, four dumplings, in a variety of flavors.
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-12-28 01:02:21 87774
Nagihiko rolls his shoulders before squaring them and straightening his spine. He'd hoped to get out of this, had told himself he could, but there's likely already a Kukai in the apartment. And it isn't that he's expecting to have a bad time, just a bit of an awkward one.

He slips silently as he can into the apartment and just blinks as a girl in a loose white dress slides out from beneath the couch. He just sort of stands there, frozen and blinking, before finally just quietly says, "That is a lovely dress you are wearing."

After him float two small charas. One looks like he's about ready to hug everyone on sight, and the other is carrying a carefully wrapped bon bon, easily half her size, complete with a small bow on top. She floats ahead of them and holds it out to its intended recipient. "Kunzite-sama~."

Nagihiko spots Lacrima and offers a wave. (He is aware of his bias when he believes Kukai pulled the look off well.)

Then his nose is twitching and he follows the scent. He looks up at Kukai with raised eyebrows. "Dumplings?"

To hug or not to hug. That is the question.
Kyouko Sakura 2017-12-28 01:06:06 87775
    "Hiii." Kyouko singsongs towards Naru, grinning back to her and waving fingers in her direction, beginning to head that way before she is waylaid by a staggering Momo. She is hugged, and perhaps napped against, and she lightly wraps her arms back around the smaller girl, grinning faintly. "This is not what one days at a party, Momo." She chides gently, before lightly pushing the girl back away, sending her staggering (hopefully) towards the snacks.

    Thusly freed, she smiles at Kazuo. "Eh, y'know. Even the old lady can't keep me there forever. Plus, I wasn't gonna miss the whole party."

    She then finally makes her way over to where Naru is seated, waving to other people she recognizes on the way, and flops down beside her, after leaning over for a cheek-smooch. One can tell by the way she sits that she does not often wear dresses. Once again, thankfully, bright green leggings save the day. "I couldn't resist." She says, tugging on the dress to demonstrate what she means. "After I saw them just throwin' this in the storage room.."
Kukai Souma 2017-12-28 01:09:31 87777
Kukai nods and pats Kazuo on the shoulder, then begins making his way around the room. First up is the approaching Ikiko and the black haired girl with her. Both of them get a dumpling on a little plate. "Hello Ikiko! How're you doing?" He gives her a little hug and nods at the black haired girl. "Gotta say hello to everybody. Talk to you soon?"

Kukai finds Naru next, offering her a dumpling on a plate too. "Here we go - whoop, and I see someone coming in the door." Two more dumplings go on, all fruity and sweet smelling. Kukai takes the time to give Momo a quick hug too and a grin. "Hey kid. Eat fast, your sister's coming."

He makes his way over towards Lacrima, but just before he can move towards her he hears a familiar voice and sees Nagihiko entering. He picks up several dumplings, putting them on a plate, and gives Nagihiko a hug. "Dumplings. C'mon, was gonna go offer one to Lacrima and anybody else. How was your day?"
Lacrima 2017-12-28 01:12:21 87778
Kazuo provides more dumplings as she blinks and nods at Kazuo a thank you. "Thank you." she says quietly. She does scan the room. She's looking for a particular person. He isn't here. Part of her is worried. Part of her is relived because she doesn't know how she would react. Then Kukai offers another dumpling. "Uh... t..thanks." she says as she takes it softly.

She'll begin eating the plate of dumplings-- she didn't eat all the fudge in her jar. She screws the cap back on and puts it back in the box

Ah, Ayana turns from fox to girl as she stands up and brushes herself off and meanders on over that way. She isn't tiptoeing or trying to be sneaky. She tries to arrive in sight. This doesn't always work.

"...Hi Ikiko-chan. Hi Ayana-chan." she says softly to the two. She eyes Ayana. "I haven't.. seen you for a while?" she asks softly. "...are you okay?" she asks at Ayana.
Ikiko Hisakata 2017-12-28 01:16:17 87779
Ikiko Hisakata gives Ayana a quick kiss, then hands the foxgirl the box of dumplings with the curated snacks. "So far, so good," she grins at Kukai as he wanders by. "And conversation can happen once we both have free time!"

As Ikiko munches on a dumpling, Lacrima wanders over. Ikiko gives the vampire a friendly nod and a wave, the verbal greeting preempted by the mouthful of food.
Ayana Tasogare 2017-12-28 01:20:54 87780
Ayana perks up at the kiss, and returns it enthusiastically before turning to the dumplings. Kukai gets a brief glare but not really a word of response. But Lacrima ... Lacrima actually asks a question, which begs a response.

"I'm fine," she sneers out. "I've just been busy doing ... fox things." She sticks out her tongue, then opens the dumpling box and starts stuffing her face. Fewer words will come out that way.
Dragon Lamya 2017-12-28 01:27:23 87781
Off in the distance, for those whose sense of hearing is better than normal, the sound of the flapping of giant wings can be heard. If one were to look, one could see the silouette of a dragon in the moon, growing larger by the minute as it comes closer to the rooftop where the party is being held. Soon the sound can be heard by everybody as the giant form of the dragon Lamya wheels towards the party, circling the gathering looking for a place to land.

She finds a spot by diving at a corner where there isn't too many people. It looks, at first, that there's more dragon than space for her to land, but her form quickly diminishes and shrinks, the excess mass of her form shedding away in a shower of red rose petals, letting her fet step daintily to the ground as she shifts into her more recognizable human self. Despite looking like being barely old enough for middle school, she carries herself with an ancient air, and is dressed in a gown of red that matches the petals that float down around her.

"I heard there was a party here."
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-12-28 01:30:53 87782
Nagihiko leans into the hug. He may even take a long, deep breathe before pulling back. He steals a dumpling and sighs. "I had the most difficult role today. Smile wide and pretend I didn't want to murder every other person. Mother made me leave when she said a young lady's smile shouldn't promise death and mayhem to all who see it. I wish I'd learned that a few years ago."

He follows close after Kukai, having spent too long as Nadeshiko Being Proper that day to pretend to be anything other than Awkward Teenage Boy.

He arches an eyebrow at the girl in the pretty white dress. Rhythm floats up. "I wanted to try fox things once. But I couldn't find anything to be a cute, fluffy tail." Woeful sigh...

Nagihiko's eyebrows furrow slightly. "Rhythm, leave the young lady alone."

Rhythm turns and looks at him with woeful eyes that matches the woeful sigh and perks up. "Okay! I'll say hi to Kukai, instead!"

And of course, his idea of saying 'hi' is to SPLAT himself against Kukai's cheek.
Naru Osaka 2017-12-28 01:34:47 87783
Naru leans in as Kyouko settles with her, a kiss in return, cheek again that saves Kyouko from the coffee taste.

"It is super cute." Naru declares as she settles with Kyouko as a bit of her backrest to be able to prop her sketchbook on her knees. She might be quite familiar with wearing skirts, but leggings are absolutely a thing, and make this whole experience totally easier.

"Thanks for the dumpling, Kukai!" Naru grins up at him, accepting her treat and even sharing it with Kyouko. She wipes off her fingers, to be able to sip from her coffee and go back to catching sketches of people in the room.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-12-28 01:40:56 87784
Up on the roof, there's music and a big plastic tent and a bunch of coolers and party lights and music and space heaters-- but nobody in evidence except one guy and the sound of someone being sick over there somewhere in the dark. (The roof is big.) The guy who appeared is slightly disconcerted for a moment, because yo that's a dragon and she just turned into a girl. After a second he finishes processing all this and says, "Yeah. Party's mainly downstairs right now, all the food is there too. Just got the tent secured." He bows to her, then, and gestures toward the door. "I'm Chiba Mamoru, I'll take you downstairs. Come on, this way."


A MOMENT LATER! Mamoru finally comes back down the stairs from the roof, no longer wearing Neil's light-up santa hat-- maybe Ami is the unfortunate recipient now-- and smelling of sake, a bit. "Roof's open and has room for dancing, 's a stereo up there," he calls out, smiling. He looks pleasantly relaxed, and isn't dressed particularly festively. Maybe he forgot to. His glasses are on, at any rate, and at least his t-shirt is clean and his jeans don't have holes in them.

But following behind him is someone he has literally never met before, and he steps aside to let her in and gestures to the room at large. "Here is party. The girl with the hats on the buns on her head is your hostess for the evening, Tsukino Usagi; she makes sure I don't kiss any other girls because she's my fiancee. The guy with the long white hair is my boyfriend Takeba Kazuo and he's one of the people who makes sure I don't get kidnapped, murdered, set on fire, dropped off the building, or oversocialized; there's a few more of them around somewhere... oh, short-hair elf-girl on the couch next to longer-red-haired girl is another one, they're Kyouko and Naru... hell nevermind you probably know everyone here except me anyway. I'm the worst host. The apartment rules are by the doors, don't break them or you get thrown off the balcony. The eggnogs are labeled, only one is alcoholic. I'm going to go get changed, bye!"

Deserting Lamya there at the bottom of the roof stairs, Mamoru vanishes down a hallway.
Dragon Lamya 2017-12-28 01:53:10 87785
Lamya struggles to keep up with Mamoru's rattling off of who's who and how all of them are seemingly dating Mamoru, and she's left standing in the hallway entrance blinking in confusion, staring at a rather larger number of people than she had expected. "Um. Hello," she says.
Lacrima 2017-12-28 01:54:49 87786
Lacrima looks up. "Lamya-chan?" she asks. She looks back to Ikiko and Ayana and nods. "Well... at least you're...okay." she says quietly at Ayana. She'll leave her be. Maybe feeling a little bad from the exchange as she walks over to Lamya. "Lamya-chan, hello. I see you could make it." she says.

She eyes Mamoru leave and then turns to the room. "He uh. Introduced you to um- some people. But. Welcome. There's Donuts. But uh... you may be. Tired. Of donuts..." because Lamya stays at the manor and Lacrima ALWAYS keeps donuts around.

"Oh! Right...." she goes and grabs the plate of sweet dumplings she had, minus the one she ate and offers it. "Dumplings. Um. Kukai. Brought them." she says softly.

A pause. "....Do you need me to introduce you around?..." she asks.
Kyouko Sakura 2017-12-28 01:58:12 87788
    Kyouko grins, waving at Kukai as he drops off a dumpling for Naru, then looking pleased as it gets shared. She likes Naru enough to even make it more or less a 50/50 split, seeing as how it was Naru's dumpling in the first place and all. "Aww. Y'ou're super cute." She responds to the other girl, in what probably passes for flirting from her (if someone else says it first, it's probably safer than anything she might come up with.)

    Mamoru appears from the roof, and her alcohol-sense tingles, her nose wrinkling faintly as she sniffs the air like a bloodhound. Sake? She's about to leap to her feet and accost her erstwhile employee to make unreasonable demands of him when he more-or-less pushes a strange girl forward and then runs away. He probably was not fleeing Kyouko and her alcohol-sense, but she imagines that he was, and this makes her equal parts amused and vexed.

    A cursory wave to Lamya- not that Kyouko isn't friendly (well, it depends on your calibration) but enough random people have showed up at parties here that somebody else is hardly a cause for exclamation. Her nascent feet-to-spring is abandoned, settling back down beside Naru as she comments under her breath to her girlfriend, "So, like, if Mamoru gets drunk does the world spin for everybody else?"
Ikiko Hisakata 2017-12-28 02:00:01 87789
Ikiko Hisakata waves at Lamya, but doesn't say anything until Lacrima goes over to chat with the dragongirl. "Anything I should be aware of?" she quietly asks Ayana.
Usagi Tsukino 2017-12-28 02:04:25 87791
At the sound of her name, Usagi looks up from her food. Hostessing is hard work! With a quick chew and swallow she points at Mamoru. "Or their ears! You can't lick other girls' ears!" Because that would be awkward.

Fortunately, she isn't eating and Kyouko's glorious and wonderful joke. (Otherwise there's be confections up the nose and nobody wants that.)

There are Many Many giggles!
Kukai Souma 2017-12-28 02:08:32 87792
Kukai holds Nagihiko for a moment and then chuckles. "Wait, I thought that was your role at every party. It's practically typecast at this point. I don't remember a time you didn't come out of a party like that where you didn't leave wanting to exsanguinate somebody."

Kukai looks over at Rhythm, then chuckles. "Man, somebody will remember that for later." He is then covered in Rhythm. "Mrphrh. Hi little guy." He reaches up and hugs Rhythm with one hand. Similarly Daichi has been hugging Temari and showing her the dumplings.

Kukai looks over as Mamoru descends from the stairs and gives him a wave, grinning. "Hey!" He listens to Mamoru describe things to Lamya, who also gets a hello and a wave. "Hey there!"
Dragon Lamya 2017-12-28 02:12:10 87793
Lamya raises a hand in greeting to the redhead that waved to her, still looking rather confused, and then Lamya is there with a dumpling (which she takes in a daze) and then Usagi says something about ears. "Ears?" A helpless gaze is cast at Lacrima. "What is she talking about?"

The greeting she gets from Kukai gets a wave in response which, oops, there goes the dumpling. "HellooOOPS!" She quickly scrambles to catch it before it hits the floor, her regal bearing long since lost in all the commotion. "I.. yes," she says turning back to Lacrima. "I think I would like a proper introduction to eople. "
Kunzite 2017-12-28 02:12:39 87794
"Hello, Temari." Kazuo bows solemnly toward the ridiculously adorable chara offering him a present, and lifts both hands to accept it. "Thank you. May I offer you anything in return? Tea? Makoto made cookies, and Naru cupcakes, among many, many other things. Is there anything you think you might particularly like?" Particularly with the offer of a full-sized human willing to play sugar pack-horse? He is careful not to glance around for Nadeshiko or Nagihiko until Temari's at least momentarily distracted toward sweets and Daichi-hugging and Kukai-dumplings. Another bow is made toward Nagihiko, and perforce Kukai and Rhythm with him.

And then there is Mamoru and Mamoru just said what out loud in actual words front of any deities listening and Temari and everybody. Kazuo's version of momentary social panic is, sort of fortunately, to pause and blink once, then glance toward Usagi to make absolutely certain that she's not taken aback. (... yes, that would not be taken aback. All right.) Then he glances back to Temari, who is only the second most terrifying person in the room; after that he actually takes in Lamya, which means Lacrima has a chance to pick up handling her. There are many more syllables involved now. Hopefully that's a good thing.
Naru Osaka 2017-12-28 02:19:06 87795
"Depends on the level of ambient booze, I should think." Naru comments mildly to Kyouko. "Probably only a few people spin, generally." She sketches, glancing over at a new person is vaguely, almost, sort of introduced. The be-pencilled hand is lifted and waved in Lamya's direction, with or without an actual name attached to it, beyond one of Naru-and-Kyouko.
Lacrima 2017-12-28 02:21:19 87796
Lacrima eyes Lamya with a straight face. "Earlier Mamoru licked Usagi's ears. Because they love each other." she says flatly. "None of my bussiness beyond that." she insists. She gently takes Lamya's hands and marches over toward's Kazuo. "This is Kazuo. He's a friend of mine." she says. Lacrima never really introduces people as 'friends'. Lamya may note this. She gently motions to Kukai. "That's Kukai. He's a sports guy." she says. "That's his boyfriend. Nagihiko." she says. She's going so so Lamya can respond to people and such.

She motions over to Kyouko and Naru. "That's Kyouko Sakura and Naru-chan." she says softly.

"...Ari-chan was here earlier. But I think she meandered upstairs maybe." she shrugs softly a little at that.

"Naru-chan is a friend too." she says.

She walks towards Ikiko and Ayana. "This is Ikiko-chan and Ayana-chan. Ayana-chan is one of the foxgirls I mentioned before." she says softly.

"Um. This is Lamya-chan. Everyone." she says.

"She's a little lost. On modern terminology. So please be patient if she doesn't understand something specifically at first?" she asks the room, a little stiltedly.

Social is not her best element.
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-12-28 02:32:39 87797
There's another long sigh from Nagihiko. "Apparently my smile was more murderous today than normal. There are only so many perverted old men a guy can take." And then he gives Kukai a sort of shy half smile. "I want to exanguinate people less when you go with me."

Rhythm settles on Kukai's shoulder, enjoying the slightly higher perch.

Temari, still heart eyes, hides most of her face behind a fan as she accepts his offer to help gather her food. She's surveying the desserts when Daichi joins her, and when he points out the dumplings, she asks if Kunzite-sama might put some of those on a plate for her, as well, please.

Fortunately for him, there's no glinting in her eyes that forshadows doom at the public announcement of his boyfriend status. Her eyes are, instead, a little large. "Does this mean you would like me to stop swooning over you?" She hopes not. She enjoys swooning over him!

Nagihiko turns to the sound of his name, his ears perking a bit at being introduced as Kukai's boyfriend. "Yes, hello, hi." Ah, introductions are being made! He gives a little bow. "A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Lamya-chan."
Kukai Souma 2017-12-28 02:40:34 87798
Kukai catches a bit of Kyouko's conversation, just a clip, and looks over. "But the world's always spinning. Is Mamoru always drunk, then?" He grins, knowing he's full of it, but enjoying the joke.

Daichi joins Temari in dumpling enjoyment, even though he snuck a whole one when Kukai picked them up. That was a whole hour ago!

Kukai looks at Lacrima, then over to the blushing Nagihiko, finally pulling his eyes up to see Lamya. "Hey Lamya! It's good to see you again. How are you doing?" He pats Nagihiko's hand and nods, trying to impart some soothing calmness in the middle of this personstorm.
Naru Osaka 2017-12-28 03:00:42 87799
Naru waves at her name being introduced again as a friend of Lacrima's and she smiles warmly, no arguement there. "Hi there!"

Naru turns back to Kyouko, leaning in to whisper softly to the other girl before getting up from the floor and heading into the kitchen with her coffee cup. If there's to be more coffee (clearly she never wants to sleep again), or an escape somewhere. One or the other.
Dragon Lamya 2017-12-28 03:03:01 87800
Lamya blinks at Lacrima's explanation of the ear thing. "Oh, is that how people express affection in this century?" Some people who listen in might mistake this for a joke, but Lacrima would know this is an honest question. As she is led around to make introductions, she mutters polite how-do-you-dos and nice-to-meet-yous.

Whenever somebody is mentioned as a friend an eyebrow quirks up, and the dragon's slitted red eyes focus intently on the person in question for a second, before a pleasenty is muttered. When all are introduced she clears her throat, and speaks clearly enough for everybody to hear.

"Hello, yes. I am the dragon Lamya, Great Wyrm of the lake Selene. It is a good thing to meet you all. I have been asleep for nearly two thousand years only recently haven woken up so, yes, I am still learning terminology of the age."
Kyouko Sakura 2017-12-28 03:03:37 87801
    A few moments after Naru gets up, Kyouko is rising to her feet as well. She stretches one arm above her head, watching the other girl head off towards the kitchen. "I'm going to go check out the setup on the roof." She says to no one in particular, before waving to various people who might require such attention as she heads to the stairs and vanishes upwards.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-12-28 03:08:16 87802
And Kyouko leaving and Lamya announcing herself is what Mamoru comes back to, wearing white tie and tails. Considering his problems henshining lately, that probably explains why it took him so long to 'get changed'.

He blinks at Lamya. "Wait, so you're a moon dragon?" He looks to Usagi, completely confused. "I don't remember a dragon in Mare Serenitatis."
Lacrima 2017-12-28 03:13:48 87803
Lacrima looks to Lamya and nods in agreement as if confirming the outlandish claim as fact. She looks to Mamoru.

"It's my current theory that 'Lake Selene' is an older name for a lake on Earth or for one that no longer exists." she says softly. She sighs a bit. "Or a pronunciation with a different name look. Given it's two thousand years." she says. "Could be a Lake Sirene or Sirens for all we know." she says with a sight.

She eyes Mamoru. Oh! "Thank you. For the gift." she says with a soft bow.
Kunzite 2017-12-28 03:18:38 87804
At Lacrima's introduction, Kazuo bows toward Lamya. He doesn't speak, because Lacrima is talking and making introductions, and given how quiet she was before this is not a thing to be interrupted. It's only after the chain of introductions is completed (Great Wyrm of the lake Selene? He may have to look into that one, quietly - ahh, Mamoru and Lacrima are on it) that he says, "Hello, Lamya. Please don't feel awkward asking about modern terminology or practices. There are people here who've needed some help with that themselves."

Makoto explaining to him how to use a stove will not be mentioned out loud.

He does, however, still have other duties. For instance, plating dumplings, and inquiring whether Temari and Daichi would prefer them intact or cut to an easier-to-manage size. Given the number of charas he's seen consume things larger than their own heads, and sometimes larger than their own bodies, it's an actual question.

The widening of Temari's eyes produces a brief arching of Kazuo's eyebrows. "Only if hearing that made it uncomfortable for you," he says to Temari. "I am honored by your company in any case." And well aware that Nagihiko is Very Much Attached, and entertaining the chara is therefore safe. ... he hopes.
Dragon Lamya 2017-12-28 03:23:45 87805
Lamya gives Mamoru a questioning look. "Why would I be living in a horse?" She shakes her head and agrees with Lacrima. "Yes. I'm not sure where the lake is, or was anymore. Too much time has passed." Kazuo gets a nod of the head. "Thank you. I'm finding that to be true myself, and am grateful that I'm not the only one who has had difficulty fitting in."
Usagi Tsukino 2017-12-28 03:29:14 87807
Lake Selene? She shrugs at Mamoru, affording a second to give his outfit change some well deserved heart eyes (which either poink off his outfit of cling to it in little heart snuggles before poofing out of existantce, because mahou magic) before making a very not shocking revelation. "I slept during a lot of princessy lessons."

Of course, it being actually a lake on Earth would make sense. "Nooo, it's the lake where I used to live! Mare Serenitatis is the Sea of Serenity. The lunar maria are large, dark, basaltic plains on Earth's Moon, formed by ancient volcanic eruptions. They were dubbed maria, Latin for "seas", by early astronomers who mistook them for actual seas." She blinks and huffs before anyone can say anything. "What else was I going to do that paper on? New Zealand? I've never been to New Zealand!"
Dragon Lamya 2017-12-28 03:40:02 87808
Lamya is suddenly very intensely staring Usagi, having moved uncomfortably close. "You used to live in Lake Selene? And you are a princess??" The hopefulness in her voice is nearly palpable. "Could it be that you're the one that I've been searching for?"
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-12-28 03:40:34 87809
Nagihiko softly smiles at Kukai, cheeks returning to normal.

Temari blinks at Kunzite, looks at Daichi, then stares quizzically at Kunzite for a moment. She sighs and floats closer to Kunzite and pats his cheek. "Kunzite-sama, these are different times." Her cheeks turn pink as she leans over and whispers. "Besides, I've seen Na-chan and Kukai... smooch-" Her face turns BRIGHT RED at uttering such a word! "-plenty of times when they thought I wasn't looking. I am aware that boys can like boys."
Mamoru Chiba 2017-12-28 03:41:42 87810
"Well it's only two thousand years ago," Mamoru objects reasonably-- he's not wearing gloves. He's not wearing gloves. And he glances around the room, and then he goes over and he HUGS Kukai, voluntarily! And Nagihiko for good measure and he's gotten yelled at by Nagihiko once and hasn't had many other interactions with him! And then he HUGS Lacrima and whispers 'sure I mean obviously you're welcome!' and by the way he really does smell considerably of sake, and is for some reason glad Kyouko has not found the stash, maybe, and then he goes over and he slings an arm around Kazuo and says matter-of-factly, "Kazuo is a history major, and I have a history hobby, and I'm sure we can figure out where it was, especially if you remember where you woke up, and/or what language was spoken where you went to sleep, and--"

--and he stares at Usagi for a second, then beelines for her and takes her very gently by the shoulders, and goes down on one knee in front of her, and his hands slide down her arms to take her hands and hold them together, and there's the glassy-brightness of tipsy-Mamo in his beautiful blue eyes, and affection and mischief and shock and delight, and he says gravely, "If I hadn't already asked you to marry me eventually, I'd ask now. Tell me more about ancient volcanic eruptions and basalt plains. Tell--"

And then Lamya is up in their space and Mamoru nearly falls over, and he stands up very tall all of a sudden and glares at Lamya. "She's my princess, not your princess. We just established your lake was on Earth. Her lake was on the moon and it was a LOT LONGER than two thousand tiny baby years ago."
Lacrima 2017-12-28 03:49:01 87811
Lacrima gently nods at Lamya and oh god... a.. a Mamoru-hug!?

What world is this? This is clearly an alternate world right? THAT EXPLAINS ALL HER ISSUES! Wait. No. No that's not the case, but still she's left there kinda bewildered by the hug as she blinks. "R...right." she says to Mamoru's words.

She looks at Lamya. "She isn't your princess." she says softly, walking up to her. "The details of what I know don't match. That'd been before your time." she says shaking her head.

She does eye Mamoru and Usagi. She seems to search her thoughts a moment, before her eyes look back to Lamya.
Usagi Tsukino 2017-12-28 03:52:20 87812
Ohhh a second proposal! Mamoru is being adorkable and nerdy! More heart eyes for him! She would recite her paper word for word if he let her! She opens her mouth to do so when--


"Ah, no, as they've said. Lunar. Me. And I;ve been sought out already. And found. But!" She looks at Mamoru and gives him an Eye. "Two thousand years is still impressive."

She pats his arm. Calm him down, soothe him! "'Mare Serenitatis is located within the Serenitatis basin, which is of the Nectarian epoch. The material surrounding the mare is of the Lower Imbrian epoch, while the mare material is of the Upper Imbrian epoch.'"
Kunzite 2017-12-28 03:58:18 87813
Mamoru hanging off of him and all, Kazuo gives Usagi one single openly pleased look, as she drops into defensiveness. Actually openly pleased. Another class she might be passing!

And then Mamoru is dropping to one knee in front of Usagi, and Kazuo has to glance away, because one thing he will not do is permit himself to openly look as if he might be about to laugh. Especially at Mamoru. Especially when Mamoru is drunkenly attempting to defend Usagi entirely unnecessarily against a guest. Lacrima and Usagi have that covered, fortunately -- with -- all right, even Kazuo isn't sure what the Nectarian epoch is supposed to be --

And then Temari is patting him on the cheek, and Kazuo thankfully can be confused for a moment rather than amused.

"Ah." Kazuo lifts his own hand, two fingertips extended to do the equivalent of drawing his palm up under Temari's hand. "I meant," he explains to Temari, "if you were not made uncomfortable by my being in a relationship at all. I've been under the impression that you've enjoyed courteous flirting for its own sake, without the intention of carrying it farther. If that is true, and you remain comfortable," and Daichi doesn't look upset, but that's a different issue entirely, "then I see no reason that you should feel obligated to change. If that is not true, then I apologize to you for misunderstanding."
Dragon Lamya 2017-12-28 03:58:25 87814
Lamya all but deflates at the misunderstanding of which lake people were talking about. "Ah. Of course." It's then that she realizes that she interrupted something... personal, not the least of which is the host getting angry at her. At first her hackles rise, but a hand goes to the simple leather collar that encircles her neck and she takes a step back, and looks away. "I was asleep for most of those years anyway," she demures. It's not quite an apology.
Kukai Souma 2017-12-28 04:08:05 87815
Kukai is staying off to one side, drinking in this personal moment and learning a bit about Mamoru and Usagi and Lamya, filing things away while he canoodles and cuddles with Nagihiko shamelessly. The thing that surprises him the most is probably Usagi using big words. Everyone had universally said she was an airhead. That's not airhead-speak there.

Daichi blinks and looks up at Kazuo and Temari, then shrugs. "I'm not smooching Temari... I have too many sports to think about to smooch anybody!"
Lacrima 2017-12-28 04:11:09 87816
Lacrima crosses her arms. "MOST of what Lamya tells me actually matches up with the 'St. George' Legend." she says softly. "If we believe the historical context it places it around generally two thousands years." she says.

"The name of the place sort of fits. And there's a Princess involved." she shrugs.

"But that's conjecture and my research. Poderoso knew nothing of this so his memories aren't helping me. and Eilam-kun, I think, is not two thousand years old. I place him at around five hundred or so." she says softly. "So asking him wouldn't help. Now excuse me a moment. I have something important to say."

She turns towards Kunzite's direction. "Temari should definitely smooch Daichi."
Mamoru Chiba 2017-12-28 04:15:33 87817
Well. More like huffy. The host is getting drunkenly huffy. And everyone else around him is much less drunk, and Usagi is talking science at him again and Lacrima's continuing to explain what Usagi started to continue to explain, and Mamoru looks briefly confused, then lifts his finger to Usagi's lips for a moment. "Yes definitely more, but I have to say sorry first," he tells her with fuzzy regret.

His hand falls away back down to Usagi's, and he half turns again to look at Lamya and Lacrima, and he has the grace to look sheepish. "Sorry. I get huffy about mistaken identity stuff. Also, I don't do well with crowds or parties if I'm sober, so I'm not sober. Also I'm usually an empath but right now I'm not. So triple sorry."

And then Lacrima's talking about things that make Mamoru start to squint because aren't saints from more recently than like two thousand years ago generally except maybe a bunch of personal friends of the cult leader or something? But then his attention's drawn to Temari and Kukai and Nagihiko and he really squints. "Wait," he says, thoroughly confused.


Still holding Usagi's hands, Mamoru's brain-wheels start sluggishly turning, and then there's talk of Temari smooching Daichi, and ocean-blue eyes widen. "Isn't Temari Nadeshiko's chara?"
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-12-28 04:24:46 87818
Nagihiko relaxes more and leans against Kukai. Cuddles are good and nice and yes.

Temari sighs a little woeful. "Alas, we wouldn't work. Our children wouldn't know if they're imaginary constructs of children's dreams or rocks." She perks up and beams at him. "But courteous flirtation is the next best thing!"

And then...what? Daichi? He! Where was the speaking of them smooching?!

Nagihiko, of course, is pre-glint tensing. Especially when the suggestion of Temari smooching Daichi comes up.

And then!

And then!!

Temari eeps and flies over to Nagihiko, slamming into his chest, already yelling out "Dance of the Cherry Blossoms!!!"

A flurry of cherry blossoms sweep around the room and not long later there's a feminie sigh from the other side of the room. "I suppose I should be glad it was not the naginata this time."
Dragon Lamya 2017-12-28 04:32:35 87819
Lamya nods sagely at Mamoru's apology and explanation. "I understand. Dragons are, by nature, solitary creatures ourselves, so it is not within us to attend parties or mingle. But I do not think I'm wholly dragon anymore," she admits. She glances over at Lacrima explanation, not really understanding the implications herself. "I suppose that's right." And then petals everywhere.
Kunzite 2017-12-28 04:36:44 87820
"Mamoru was what amounts to asleep for most of those years anyway, too," Kazuo notes aside to Lamya, mildly dry. (Tell people his birthday exists, will you, O prince? Ahem.) "So was I, for that matter. These things balance out."

Then Daichi is insisting he has too many sports, and the corner of Kazuo's mouth twitches. "All things in their time," he says. Maybe to Daichi. Maybe to Lacrima. Maybe even just about the St George legend; for all anyone else knows, he might be trying to recollect semimythical rulers of Colchis to figure out if there were any appropriately-named lakes in the area. ... but probably about Daichi's declaration and Lacrima's important thing to say.

... and then. Then Mamoru begins to clue.

Kazuo begins internally to calculate whether he has time to henshin, and has just come out with 'no' when Temari eeps.

Now he is even more confused. And, without a word, just goes over to get himself Usagi-paralyzing coffee.
Kukai Souma 2017-12-28 04:40:19 87821
Daichi looks offended at Lacrima. As if he'd let romance get in the way of his sporty goals! Well. Maybe a perfect romance, since certainly Kukai could do it, since he can beat any challenge. But they'd already had that argument and Daichi was less into driving Kukai around like a green-eyed Casanova these days.

Kukai blinks, looking over at Lacrima for a moment. She said something towards Kazuo - something about Daichi? But then Mamoru's a little drunk and huffy and chattering and he sounds confused. And then he says a bit about Temari. Oh. Wait. ...He doesn't know. Oh, crap.

There is a little white yelling figure that crashes into Nagihiko and a moment later Kukai's world turns into pink flying cherry blossoms, everywhere. Kukai acks and closes his eyes, letting out a little cough as a petal zips down his throat. He turns to one side to get it out, ending up swallowing the thing instead of trying to cough it up (good luck at this point, there's half a dozen beating him in the lips now) and when it feels like the storm's subsided Kukai cracks one eye open, dusted in pink petals and his arms around a considerably more feminine form. "Pftuh. Pfft. Pff. ..." Kukai looks around the petal-painted room, then shrugs and nods at Yamato Maihime. "Hi, Mamoru, meet Nagihiko Fujisaki, a.k.a. Nadeshiko Fujisaki, a.k.a. Yamato Maihime." He keeps one arm around Maihime as he turns, giving her the chance to bow or greet him herself without being in the way.
Ikiko Hisakata 2017-12-28 04:40:37 87822
Ikiko Hisakata takes a look at the discussion unfolding.

Takes a look as her now-covered-in-cherry-blossoms dumpling.

Takes another look at everyone else.

Then she shrugs and munches on the dumpling, cherry blossoms and all.
Lacrima 2017-12-28 04:42:24 87823
Lacrima shakes her head. "He'd been sainted WAY after the fact. We don't actually know much about George the person. Just his legend and the sainthood." she says softly. "Besides, the dragon story of St. George is more a myth than what the Christian account says of him." she offers. "-and considering it's magical nature and how this stuff gets twisted even /today/ with.. 'Gas leaks' and 'Criminal Activities'..." she says.

Then there's suddenly an attack callout and suddenly there are cherry petals everywhere.

She makes a face and a sigh. She gently moves a hand up and there's sudden a black and purple lined- elegant Spanish parasol there and she's using it to buffer most of her face from the petals.

She sighs. "Basically I've been looking into it since I've met Lamya." she says. "I mean it's the most likely theory. But it doesn't help at all since all we have is Lamya-chan here." she says softly. She sighs.

"That was a mess to deal with when I was you." she says curtly at Kukai.

"Did people really think you could manage to date two people at once?" she asks. "I mean easily. Without causing problems. I mean those were problems."
Dragon Lamya 2017-12-28 04:49:25 87824
Lamya looks totally and utterly lost. Granted, the cherry blossoms accent her blood colored gown very nicely but there's a lot going on here that she just does not understand. She shakes herself, much like an animal would to rid herself of the petals, and stands back to just watch and try to make sense of any of this.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-12-28 05:02:13 87825
"You don't look like a dragon," Mamoru agrees.

If he were able to follow all of the conversational threads at once, Mamoru might make some snippy comment at Kazuo about 'asleep' and 'dead' and 'do we really know' and 'x-files' -- well if he were able to follow and also not kind of fuzzy and also not kind of suddenly really confused-- "Zoi--?" he wonders vaguely, in the middle of the sakura petal explosion, because he can't actually tell right now...


"Ohhhh!" says Mamoru, face clearing. "Sorry! I get it, cool." Then he blinks at Lacrima. "But you can. If you're very very careful and all concerned parties are okay with it and there's no lying."
Kunzite 2017-12-28 05:08:18 87826
Only Kukai has someone ridiculously pretty newly attached to him as the cherry blossoms clear. Therefore, probably not Zoi. Unless he's invisible at the moment. Kazuo manages not to look wistful in any way that anyone who doesn't know him really well would recognize, pauses long enough to be sure Kukai is not in fact choking, takes another moment to admire Ikiko who may possibly be the only one to emerge from the party intact, and retreats in good order. Mostly to Lamya's vicinity. "If it helps at all," he says aside to her, low-voiced, "I've given up on making sense of what's going on tonight, too." Possibly because he would far rather be combing mythology scraps for signs of dragon lakes than discussing anyone's relationship dynamics in public. Especially his.
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-12-28 05:11:18 87827
Maihime plucks some petals from Kukai's hair and rights the poor, dizzy Rhythm who had clung desperately to his shoulder during strategic dodge. Oh dear. Who will clean this up? (The answer is, obviously, her.)

At the introductions, she gives Mamoru a deferential bow. "I apologize for the mess and the confusion. Temari gets...shy." Sure, shy, that's a good word for it.

There could be explanations later, if he wishes. And if she's honest, she's a little wistful, too, that Zoisite isn't here. After all, he could tell in two seconds flat that Nadeshiko was a boy. Commraderyyyyyy

Her spine straightens as she looks at Lacrima. "Kukai handled it better than most people would have under the circumstances, and far better than myself." She gives a slight eyeroll as she snaps her fan open. "Being jealous of one's self is quite the unpleasant sensation."

Rhythm, still seeing tiny little stars around his head, wobbles a little on Kukai's shoulder. "If I smooch Daichi, would that make this not happen again?"

Maihime opens her mouth to say something, stops, and looks at Rhythm. "You may be the only one she would not maim for attempting to do so."

Rhythm blinks. Then victory arms! "Yay! Temari loves me!"
Usagi Tsukino 2017-12-28 05:17:42 87828
Usagi silences when he places a finger at her lips. "I could read you the essay later." Could heart eyes be found in a voice?

And wait. There's...

Temari and Daichi smooching what?

And Mamo-chan not knowing--

Cherry blossoms. Up. The nose.

This is Not a pleasant feeling.

Usagi sneezes, several times, and just sort of blinks.

Her hair is, of course, everywhere, tiny hats all askew, and it is fortunate she's wearing bike shorts beneath her dress.
Dragon Lamya 2017-12-28 05:27:52 87830
"You saw me fly in," Lamya says, addressing Mamoru. "I looked like a dragon then. You saw how big I was. I don't think I would have fit down the stairs if I had maintained that form." She looks down and fans the skirt of her gown apart, showing it off. "Besides, I created this dress just for this occasion. It would have been a shame if nobody saw it."
Mamoru Chiba 2017-12-28 05:29:04 87831
"...true, but you said not wholly dragon, and I'm just agreeing," says Earth's prince reasonably. "And it's a lovely dress."

Mamoru then leans down and whispers something to Usagi, then nearly falls again, then straightens up and waves a hand around regally. "It's fine! Parties have messes. Messes happen. That's why this floor is easy to sweep. And mop. And disinfect. I am going to drag Usako upstairs and waltz. I promise I'll text you where we're going if I drunkenly decide to teleport us somewhere," he tells Kazuo gravely. "But I probably won't. Decide that. I am writing my name on your dance card, also."

And then the tall university student tugs Usagi toward the stairs going up to the roof. At this point Ami's probably teleported somewhere. Maybe to Mako's. Maybe Neil has also gone to Mako's. Maybe Neil and Mako are in one of the off-limits areas of the apartment. Mamoru doesn't know! It's an /adventure/ not knowing.
Lacrima 2017-12-28 05:30:10 87832
Lacrima gently purses her lips at Temari. "Given all that seemed to needed to be done was talk about it..." she says. She sighs and flips her hair. She isn't following her own advice right now but whatever. She's a horrible dark energy with repressed emotions. WHAT'S HIS EXCUSE.

She looks to Lamya. "It's a nice dress." she offers.

"I came dressed casually. Because I feel like trash." she says softly. "Garbage mainly. I think I am going to go make love to a box of donuts. Do you wish to join me?" then a slide in.

"I Do not mean actually make love I mean I am probably just going to eat some of those donuts I brought to the party." she says.
Kukai Souma 2017-12-28 05:30:36 87833
Kukai leans over as Maihime picks the last of the petals out of his hair, then shakes his head and looks over at Lacrima. "If 'handled it better' was 'exhausted all the time looking for the Twins Card and trying to keep two people who were half as able to keep it together as one person was from going crazy' is handling it better, I guess so."

He looks over at Mamoru, who somehow survived the petalstorm and is 'getting it', then nods. "Yeah. Um. Kazuo, you may wanna tell him again when he has a clearer head..."

Daichi blinks and stares at Rhythm. "Nobody's smooching me!" He fills his mouth with more dumpling and looks stubborn, which is probably better than confused.
Kunzite 2017-12-28 05:38:06 87834
Kazuo does not risk looking at Rhythm, because at the moment, the charas are even more ridiculously cute than usual. He does not risk answering Lamya's assertion about her dress; he does nod solemnly in echo of Mamoru's and Lacrima's comments on it. What he does instead is add to Lamya, "If donuts are not to your taste this evening, we may be able to find something else, either among the food set out or perhaps if necessary by consulting with the kitchen." If Mako has not been swept off by Neil and/or Ami. The lack of reappearances does not bode well, there.

Oh, God, if Neil has talked Ami into plotting hyperspatial booze -- no, Kazuo is not even going to think about this.

He glances back at Kukai and Maihime, when his name's mentioned, and gives Kukai a wry look. "Sometime rather later," he says, "and when Usagi isn't talking geology at him, I think. Given his reactions, that latter might be a few weeks." ... he is not in any way actually complaining, there. And not only because dance-card-claiming means Mamoru could take vengeance later.
Usagi Tsukino 2017-12-28 05:40:40 87835
Usagi nods in very much agreement! "It's such a pretty dress! You looke lovely! And--"

Whatever came next never does as Mamoru whispers in her ear. Her face turns PINK and there's a 'teeheehee!'

Dancing! "I love dancing with you! I don't tromp your feet!"

She happily follows the tugging boyfriend! She turns to speak to Lacrima on the way out. "You don't look like trash or garbage, though! You look comfy in those! And Kazu-kun, it's better than that, it's moon geology woooo!"

Door closed!
Dragon Lamya 2017-12-28 05:42:44 87836
Understanding dawns on Lamya's face as Mamoru explains. "Ah! I get your meaning now. It's true, The more I stay in this form, the less energy it takes to maintain it." Her housemate's comments get a scowl from her until it gets clarified. "Ah! A hyperbole! Yes! Let us make love to donuts!"
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-12-28 05:48:36 87837
Rhythm looks at Daichi, crestfallen! "But but! I don't have cooties! Honest! I had the cootie shot! Circles and dots and everything!"

Maihime peeks over her fan in confusion at Lacrima. Suddenly understanding dawns on her. "Ohhh. The green eyes? Yes." A sore subject for all involved, to be sure.

There's a decided pomf and suddenly there's a Nagihiko and a Temari again. The small chara slinks sulkily into her bearer's hair.

Nagihiko scratches the back of his head and sighs and leans against Kukai. So emotionally exhausting, his charas could be!

Still, there is something important to say! "Lamya-chan, your dress is lovely. And making love to donuts is a good past time. In the hyperbolic sense."
Nephrite 2017-12-28 05:54:20 87838
"Yo, anybody seen my hat?" The Swole North sweater weaves its way through the party, worn by a slightly tipsy Neph, who addresses the room at large. "I gave it to Usagi and then Mamoru gave it back to me and than Jadeite stole it. It lights up. It's very important that somebody wear it tonight, especially if that somebody is Kazuo."

He pauses to glance at the cherry blossom-covered floor. "Is it time for confetti already, or did a rogue Zoi pass through here?"
Lacrima 2017-12-28 05:56:19 87839
Lacrima reaches the donut box and steals a 'Candy Shop' Donut, which is a donut with white icing covered in an impossible amount of things like twizzlers and skittes, etc and takes a bite. THAT's a lot of sweet.

She pours some coffee and sips and then makes a face. "Uh..." she eyes the note by it.

"Oh." she says as she resips.

"That coffee is strong. Not a lot if you have some, Lamya." she offers. "You'll be up all night." she says.

She looks to Nephrite and tiptoes over and leans up on her tippytoes and whispers something to him.
Kukai Souma 2017-12-28 06:00:56 87840
Daichi awws and goes over to pat Rhythm on the shoulder. "Aww. It's ok." He offers the other Chara part of his dumpling and gives him a hug, cooties and all.

Kukai sighs and then nods. "That whole thing was bad. It caused a bunch of trouble for a bunch of people. Me included."

There is a faint 'pomf' in his arm as Nagihiko cuddles back into him, giving him a close-up look at a sulky Temari. Kukai smiles and reaches up, patting her head before continuing to hug Nagihiko.

Kukai nods to Lamya. "It's a great dress. And donuts need love too."
Kunzite 2017-12-28 06:02:00 87841
"Your hat may have traded places with your life expectancy," Kazuo says aside to Neil, typically deadpan. "Given that they can't both exist inside the apartment at the same time."

(He is so going to wind up wearing that hat.)
Nephrite 2017-12-28 06:12:36 87842
Nephrite crouches a little so Lacrima can whisper in his ear. He snickers. "Right, enough said. And how are you this evening? Enjoying the party?"

Kazuo has acknowledged the risk of being hatted this evening. Now the situation has been elevated to mission status. Neil's grin in Kazuo's direction is filled with promise.
Dragon Lamya 2017-12-28 06:15:20 87843
Lamya wanders over to the donuts with Lacrima, and plucks out one that is covered with enough chocolate that it could kill a pack of dogs. She shakes her head at the offer of coffee though. "I haven't gotten used to the bitterness of it," she admits. She then savagely devours the donut.
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-12-28 06:17:52 87844
Rhythm sniffles but accepts the dumpling because food, and gladly hugs back! Yay! He pulls back a little and beams at Daichi! "Thank you! I feel better!" And then, smewch~!

Nagihiko looks at Neil. Tall. Lots of tall. Very tall. Apt ugly christmas sweater is apt. Cue sweat drop. "Ah, no, no Zoi. That was me."

He turns a little and whispers to Kukai. "I wonder if I'll ever make it through a party without doing some sort of transformation."
Lacrima 2017-12-28 06:22:06 87845
Lacrima eyes Lamya and raises her brows. "I should have you try a sweet coffee then." she says softly. "I'll bring some home in the morning." she says. Because she has a place to be overnight tonight. She gently looks back to Nephrite. "I'm enjoying myself, yes." she says.

She brushes off some cherry blossoms and glitter from Ari earlier.

"....I'm never getting rid of that glitter. At least the blossoms are large enough." she says.

"...not that I mind Ari-chan's glitter." she huffs.
Kunzite 2017-12-28 06:22:34 87846
Usually a stare a flat as the one Kazuo gives back to Neil requires scales to pull off, and Lamya isn't the one trying for it. This, too, is undoubtedly interpreted by Neil as a positive sign. All the same, he says to Neil, "Have you met Nagihiko? And the woman in red there with Lacrima is Lamya. She's having a few minor difficulties adjusting to modern society." And possibly human biology, but 'with Lacrima' may have covered that. "I'm going to keep an eye on Usagi and Mamoru. Kyouko's upstairs, but she's likely distracted, and I want at least one person making sure neither of them falls off the roof tonight."
Kukai Souma 2017-12-28 06:24:16 87847
Daichi hands over the dumpling to Rhythm, sitting back and beaming at how happy he is. And then he looks shocked at the smooch. Not bad shocked, more 'CharaOS has crashed, please view this error code online for more information' shocked. He just... sits there, trying to figure out what that was.

Kukai looks back to Neil and nods, grinning, and Nagihiko. "Well. Some Nagihiko, some Temari." He indicates the Chara grumping on top of Nagihiko's head. He turns and gives Nagihiko a supportive hug then grins. "Maybe, but that would be a boring party."
Nephrite 2017-12-28 06:29:27 87848
"You need like a quart of cream in it," Nephrite offers to Lamya. "And sugar. And whisky, if you've got it. Then coffee's great."

To Nagihiko he smiles. "Oh good, thanks for the extra party decorations."

He salutes Kazuo as he goes. The rooftop is hardly going to keep him safe from the dreaded hat, and at least two people currently up there would likely be happy to assist in getting it on his head. "Don't fall off yourself, now."
Dragon Lamya 2017-12-28 06:35:59 87849
Lamya nods slowly to both Nepharite and Lacrima. "That is what I have been told." She picks up another donut and contemplates it. "It is something that I have had to ruminate on for some time," she muses, sounding much older than what her appearance would suggest. "Eating for pleasure. Before I was .... I fell asleep, one would eat to survive." She bites a huge chunk out of the donut and chews thoughtfull. "It really didn't matter what I ate, as long as it filled the belly. But here. There's so much food everywhere. It took me a while to understand that you could choose what you ate."
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-12-28 06:38:45 87850
Rhythm owlishly blinks at Daichi for a moment. Oh noes! He waves his hand in front of the other chara's eyes. Oh noes! "I broke him!" Wail!

He tugs his catatonic friend toward a fluffy pillow! He pulls out one of Temari's fans and begins wafting air! "Who knew smooching could be so dangerous!"

Nagihiko considers the cherry blossoms for a moment. "I suppose they do offer a sort of...festive ambiance."

He grins and rubs the back of his neck, concious of his Temari Hat. He looks up at Kukai through his eyelashes. "Well, I do have more fun at these than I do the ones like I went to earlier."
Lacrima 2017-12-28 06:53:41 87851
Lacrima nods at Lamya. "Well even a few hundred years ago, people with enough money or wealth could 'choose' what to eat. The poor or impoverished had to grow what they wished to eat. or Forage for it. Nowadays things are grown in large quantities and processed and preserved or be able to kept well in refrigeration so you can have things like off season vegetables and canned meats and things you just need to add water too to make edible." she asides.

"The future and so on." she says. "I can get feeling nostalgic for things." she asides. "I feel nostalgic for things I never experienced. It is strange." she asides.