A Bunny and a Tux's Not-Date

Mamoru Chiba and Usagi meet friends new and old in Midori-ya!

Date: 2015-10-29
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Hannah Sharpe 2015-10-29 23:12:10 12717
The Midori-Ya, to one Hannah Sharpe, is a place of peace. Where she's met so many people that would become friends, enemies, and those in between. Only rarely has it came to violence here. Thus, whenever she needs a measure of assurance she's not going to get swept up in magical shenanigans, here she comes.

Dressed in her Infinity uniform, that fluffy lump of siberian husky Boris all curled up underneath the seat like a big old footwarmer, and a small box of donuts and a coffee before her? She seems fairly blissful as she takes in the quiet talking of a few other classmates. A passing Club member gets a bro-fist, a few others congratulating her on the win on the nationals. Most of the crowd filters out swiftly though.

Hannah, smartly, is ahead in her homework thanks to having a magitek-calculator-friend. Being a mage is awesome sometimes.
Mamoru Chiba 2015-10-29 23:32:50 12721
And then the door opens, the bell rings, and who should it be but Mamoru Chiba, HOLDING HANDS WITH A GIRL.

Boris and Raging Tempest will both be able to let Hannah see that there is no glove involved whatsoever.

He also has something indefinably happier about him, something like he's been if talking about his Princess, or about Sailor Moon--

"Hannah-chan!" he calls cheerfully from the door, lifting his other hand in greeting as they approach. "Boris! Usagi-chan, this is Hannah Sharpe, a good friend of mine; Hannah-chan, this is Usagi Tsukino."

'Rescued a bunny from the middle of the road when a reckless J-rocker nearly ran it over on his motorcycle.' That was the excuse floating around that one time he wound up in the hospital to great fanfare, wasn't it? A bunny.

"I'll be right back, I'll go get things," he says, pulling out a chair at Hannah's table for Usagi.
Usagi Tsukino 2015-10-29 23:44:22 12722
Usagi is very happy. Beaming, even. There may even be a little happy hum on occasion.

Who can blame her, though?

Sweets and Mamo-chan, after all!

He raises his hand in greeting to someone she doesn't know. (And she's not too beaming that she doesn't feel the slight jab of jealousy at CUTE FEMALE FRIEND!)

(This, of course, doesn't stop her from giving a happy greeting.)

"Nice to meet you, Hannah-chan! And Boris!" She wants to pet Boris... She valiantly refrains.

Usagi sits in the pulled chair, a slight stain of red on her cheeks. Hee!

Then she is alone with cute female friend.

She props her chin in her hand and looks directly at the girl.

"So, Hannah-chan! How do you know Mamo-ch-ru-kun?"
Hannah Sharpe 2015-10-29 23:48:45 12725
Hannah actually mentally pokes the pair of Boris and RT. Twice. Mamoru. /HOLDING HANDS/. /WITH A GIRL/!

And she's /not/ suffering mental convulsions. he's happy. Some part of that lifts the girl's spirits, even as she crosses her legs and every confused paranoid bone in her body has her Device on standby in case she needs to scan this girl.

Luckily, though Mamoru would likely note the set to her eyes and lips even as she smiles, there's a hand raised and a woof from Boris as the big dog crawls out from under the table.

Usagi. Bunny. Those eyes set /more/, then relax. For a brief, brief moment, Mamoru gets a deadpan stare in his general direction. She sighs, and then her smile is genuine. He's happy. She can grill him relentlessly later.

"Hey, Mamoru-kun! Nice to meetcha, Usagi! Yup, that's me, Hannah Sharpe. Call me Sharpe-san, Hannah-chan, or just Hannah if you'd like, I'm not picky." Shrug. A sound of chairs being pulled up.

"Sit down, both of you!" Hannah, when not out committing some horrible deed, is a welcoming, kind girl, if far too forward for most japanese tastes.

Then she pops a donut in her mouth.

"You guys want anything? Coffee? Ordered too many donuts, feel free. Oh, and yes, you can pet Boris if you want."

Then they're alone. Hannah, as ever, is blunt and doesn't back down.

"Been a friend for a while! Met him, goodness, through a mutual friend if my memory's not foggy. We both go to the same school, we met up at the Midori-ya, I needed a study group, it all kind fell together." Her smile is warm, and almost...loving? It's not in the way that Usagi feels, definitely, but it might not help her jealousy.

"He's helped me through a lot of things and made me realize when I was being stupid. Like the big brother I never had."

Shrug. "So yeah, we hang out, he crashes at my apartment or at my parent's when he needs it. How about you, Usagi-chan?"

cue one heck of a grin.

"You gonna ask him out? Huuuuuh?" She whispers mercilessly.
Mamoru Chiba 2015-10-30 00:03:42 12729
Mamoru, conversely, is up at the counter and really, really doesn't have any experience in why it's a terrible idea to introduce a jealous secret-girlfriend to a longtime friend who may or may not have seen him as more than a big brother once-upon-a-time and not monitor the conversation closely.

He's peering through the glass at various desserts and other tasty things while the lady behind the counter's making his coffee and a pumpkin spice white hot chocolate for Usagi, and slowly starts actually picking things out.
Usagi Tsukino 2015-10-30 00:29:02 12731
Usagi, of course, happily takes one of the offered donuts. (Thanks for the food!)

And then, because she's told she can (how did Hannah know?!), she's immediately scritching and scratching Boris behind the ears as she listens to Hannah, and if he tilts his head around for scritches and scratches elsewhere, she obeys the silent doggy requests, because doggy!

She is very proud of herself. She doesn't slide off her chair and give Boris hugs right there on the floor, nope!

Her hand stills for a moment at that smile. Gasp! A smile about her Mamo-chan that isn't on her own face! (No, friends are good, Usagi, calm down.)

Like a brother? Reeeeeeally?

At the 'crashes at my place bit,' if she were a tea kettle she'd have steam coming out her ears.


As she's opening her mouth to answer the first half of an apparently two part question, the second part comes out.

And her brain is on overdrive from the myriad of Feelings Hannah's words evoked, and then there's the whole They're Not Dating But Totally Maybe Are, her head thunks hard on the table. "Maybe..."

But there's Stuff to deal with first, right?

Wait, wait, wait.

Her hands clap down on the tabletop as she stands, looking intently at Hannah's face. (And even if she doesn't know that the girl can't actually see her in the way Usagi's used to, she sort of knows because Clues, but that does not matter here!)

"More importantly, Hannah-chan! Are you?"

Does Usagi have a Romantic Rival?! She's never had one before!

(Of course, she's never had a reason to have one before.)
Hannah Sharpe 2015-10-30 01:22:48 12732
Boris is a good fluffy woof, old as he might seem, and he has all of that gentleness that comes with a good-hearted, loyal older dog. He all but clambors into Usagi's lap with those scritches to all the nice places! If she doesn't stop him, he'll be right up on her legs, head in her lap, relishing in pets!

"Be good, Boris! Usagi-chan, if he gets to be too much, just push that old lump off of you!" Teases the girl.

Sip. Hmmm.

"Ah! Mamoru! Can you get me a refill if you're at the counter? The usual, please!" Two creams, two sugars.

She can all but /feel/ the jealousy by now. It's like this aura of pure bunny wrath barely contained. So fuzzy and fluffy and painful.

She giggles as she hears that head desk. But Usagi cuts off any comments.

A deep breath, and then she lets out a laugh. A long one. Poor Mamoru, ye shan't have pride left after today.

"Hah hah hah, me, /him/!? Oh that's just great!" A minute or two later of laughing, and she dries her tears.

"Don't get me wrong, great guy, love him to death, but we go together like /that/ about as good as gasoline and a flamethrower. More likely to burn the world around us than get along. So don't worry. I'm not going to steal him for anything other than family dinner or a sporting match, promise, kiddo." Then, she'll reach over with a big smile, and try to ruffle the odangos for good measure. It takes a bit of groping blindly, but it works.
Mamoru Chiba 2015-10-30 01:31:33 12733
Up at the counter, Mamoru had frozen when Usagi's not-quite-inside-voice asked Hannah a thing that sounded like a thing he should be really worried about, and he'd glanced over-- but first Hannah's asking him for a refill, and then she's laughing her ass off, so he makes a sour face and calls back, "Yeah."

Since 'refill' entails 'bring cup back', he brings over something absurdly fluff-pastry-and-chocolate-and-whipped-cream-and-strawberries and the aforementioned pumpkin spice white hot chocolate for Usagi before picking up Hannah's cup.

He pauses there, eyeing the two of them, then giving Boris a look like 'you're not even gonna TRY to save me, are you'.

Without a word, he heads back to the counter to refill Hannah's usual and get his own stuff.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-10-30 01:32:38 12734
Boris looks over to Mamoru, tilts his head, and gives the most happy little woof he's given in a while. Congratulations, Mamoru. The dog is teasing you too.
Usagi Tsukino 2015-10-30 01:45:54 12735

Oh! She has valid, non-insulting reasons why they won't work!

And, as much as the gesture should annoy, Usagi growls a little and leans toward the searching hand for the odango ruffle.

She sits back when it's done, and sort of growls again at the kiddo. (Hey, she's fourteen! She left kiddo behind when she turned thirteen!)

And then, a Very Very Sweet looking pastry is sat in front of her, along with a yummy smelling drink, and her eyes burst into hearts.

In fact, if her eyes could fire off said hearts, they'd all be bouncing off his back right about now.

And then she's turning back to Hannah, since he's Not There and Hannah isn't a Romantic Rival. (The heart eyes may not have stopped firing right away.)

She sticks her hand down and wiggles her fingers in case Boris wants ear scritches again.

"There are things but maybe one day. But shh."
Hannah Sharpe 2015-10-30 01:54:52 12736
"You're a gentleman and a scholar~" Adds Hannah as Mamoru so kindly gets her another drink! A thumbs up!

Hannah finds herself chuckling, the young woman utterly adorable as she growls and protests, all of that obvious jealousy evaporating. She's snickering into her hand as the requisite Shoujo Bubbles fill the air.

Down below, Boris huffs, and pops a Shoujo Bubble experimentally.

A 'glance' to Mamoru, and back to Usagi, and her voice grows more serious as she whispers.

"You seem like a good person, Usagi. Just promise me you'll treat him right if you do go for him, okay? He means a lot to me." It's an earnest request.

"And I wouldn't wait too long. He's popular, you know?" Griiiiiin. Back to teasing, evil Hannah.

Then her voice raises. It's enough that she's obviously addressing Mamoru as well.

"So how do you two know each other?"

The big dog, by now, is putting Usa-hands, leaning in and panting as he nuzzles against the best rabbit in the world!
Mamoru Chiba 2015-10-30 02:03:21 12737
Mamoru finally comes back, balancing a seriously chocolate thing on top of his coffee and holding Hannah's coffee in his other hand; he puts Hannah's coffee down first before setting his own things down in the spot between Hannah and Usagi and kicking the chair out to deposit himself in it. "She threw trash at my head," he says, completely deadpan.

And then he takes a ginormous bite of his chocolate torte.

Can't elaborate. Mouth full.
Usagi Tsukino 2015-10-30 02:11:16 12739
"I-I'll...do my best." Is her best good enough, though? All she knows to do is hugs and cuddly feels. And try to make him not look sad if she can.

And then! Popular? What? He has friends but--WITH GIRLS?! Obviously but--!!! "What! He never said!"

She's going to need a nap after this Not a Date. Emotions all over the place!

And then Mamoru's back, and answering, and her eye twitches. "You walked in the path of my projectile test paper."

She gives a haughty sniff.

"And then teased me because you're a jerkity jerk faced jerk."

Mmmm, strawberries!

Nom nom nom!
Hannah Sharpe 2015-10-30 02:13:04 12740
Hannah takes up the coffee, using her old 'pinkie first' trick when she hears the sound. Taking it up, she raises the cup towards the young man at the sound of his voice, then raises a brow.

"...Hit him with trash." Blink. Blink blink.

A poke to Usagi's nose!

"I'll hold you to that!"

She turns to Usagi.

"...Projectile test paper."


"So you two met because she chucked a test paper at you?" Frown. Sip.

"Who throws away tests!? You go to Infinity, too, right Usagi-chan? You want to show those aced tests to your parents, you know!? That's a waste!" Someone clearly doesn't know Usagi.

Hannah blinks, and suddenly, she's smirking.

"Speeeaking of! Are you in any clubs, Usagi? See, I'm the captain of Infinity's Kickboxing Club! We could always use new members! We'll toughen you up! Heh, with me, you could even go to the nationals next year too!" Cue a fist pumping in the air!
Mamoru Chiba 2015-10-30 02:24:10 12741
Mamoru's eyes widen, first in indignation at Usagi, and then in 'uh-oh' at first Hannah and then Usagi.

"First off, I was just standing there. In my tuxedo. In the afternoon. And you threw it with unerring precision directly at my forehead," he tells Usagi huffily, sliding his coffee over to hunch protectively over it. Then he briefly mulls over how to handle this without Usagi dying and sliding under the table, never to be heard from again except for Boris who will hold a lovely funeral.

"No no, Usako goes to Seishou, she's in Mizuno's class. The grade wasn't as high as Mizuno's, see." He hopes this doesn't make things worse. Hopes. Hard.

But then Hannah's suggesting kickboxing, and Mamoru gets this look on his face like someone just casually mentioned they were going to take their pet bull for a stroll in the china shop. "Oh no no no, you can't steal her. She's making sure I don't get accosted by bad guys on the way home from school!" he blurts.

He pauses.

"I mean. Uh. She goes to the wrong school." A pause. "For that. R-right Usagi-chan?"
Usagi Tsukino 2015-10-30 02:37:52 12742
"Excuse me, I was walking away, I threw it over my shoulder. If anyone were to guess where it would land of the two of us, it would have been you."

Then she's arching an amused eyebrow at Mamoru. "'Not as high..' It was a thirty. And I'm working to improve, but." She shrugs. She's is not academically inclined! She is okay with this.

And then. Is he trying to make her sound tough? Hmmm. For his benefit or hers? Ponder, ponder. For hers.

"I do already sort of have an after school activity or two." Being Sailor Moon and, you know, detention.

Then her brows furrow. "I don't think I have the legs for kick-boxing."

Then she perks up. And scritches Boris' head. Puppyyyyy!

"What do you do in nationals? If you go away from Tokyo, are there hotels?"
Hannah Sharpe 2015-10-30 02:41:30 12743
Hannah chuckles.

"Well, no shame there! Nobody has grades like that kid's! Some kind of super-genius, or at least that's what I hear. Weird someone like that doesn't go to Infinity." Shrug.

"But hey, must be the environment fitting her or something. I really gotta meet her one day." Hannah can respect smart people.

A tilt of her head.

"...Who the heck wears a Tuxedo in the middle of the da..." Pause. Hannah swallows her words, and artificially chokes on her coffee. Too close Hanners! Too close!

"Augh, windpipe! Anyway, don't worry about that, I can bend a few rules to get you in Usagi!"

Then she slumps forward.

"That so? Your own personal bodyguard? Yeeesh, I really need to toughen /YOU/ up then Mamoru!" Oh god, what's that look on Hannah's face? Is that the look of an epiphany!?

"Okay, that's it! Usagi-chan, you, me, a ring! I want to find out JUST how tough you really are! Just name your time and place, and we'll face off! Sound like a plan?" She's smiling way too much, and suddenly looking extremely excited. Mamoru, you may have doomed her.

And then Usagi dissappoints her. She leans in, narrows her eyes, and looks utterly bewildered.

"...A...30. H...how!?"

"...You sure? It'll be fun!" Is there a slight whine and dissappointment in her voice? Oh yeah. Never steal a fight from Hannah Sharpe.

"Well, it's a team-based tournament! Whoever has the most wins per team, well, wins! Oh yeah, plenty of hotels. But it was held at Infinity this year! But, uhh..."

"It had a bit of a collapse." It totally wasn't a tentacle monster. Totally.
Mamoru Chiba 2015-10-30 02:47:33 12744
And then-- Usagi-- effortlessly saves the day.

Mamoru slumps in his own chair in relief.

"I have an idea," he suggests, "why don't you teach us both kickboxing? Neither of us knows how, and it's not fair to fight someone who doesn't, is it? We never tried kendo versus kickboxing, but I think that's probably okay. Also-- you two talk too fast. I'm going to eat my cake."

He starts doing just that, and with infinite decorum.

Not that Hannah getting Usagi into Infinity isn't appealing to him, but... he'd get even LESS schoolwork done, and she also wouldn't have her Senshi handy...
Usagi Tsukino 2015-10-30 02:56:01 12745
Usagi takes a bit, chews, another bite, chews. And swallows.

"Mamo-chan's tough. He just needs a bit of back-up right now."

She's unsure how to answer the ring thing. On the one hand, Sailor Moon. On the other, World Class Klutz.

And then she is saved by talk of her atrocious grades!

"My teachers don't care that I don't learn the way they teach. So." She shrugs, sips her cocoa, and beams. "This is yummy, thank you! Mamoru-kun's been tutoring me. He teaches a lot better than they do, but it's still slow."

Yummy yummy happy tummy with this cocoa!

Her eyes widen. "I heard about that! I hope everyone's okay?"

And then, because he's smart, Mamo-chan said a good idea. She looks at him for a moment before turning to Hannah. "Does kick-boxing help you control your power?" Wait that sounds weird. "Ah, like...control?"

If so, bonus. Also a (major) bonus, more Mamo-chan Time.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-10-30 03:06:37 12746
Hannah, it seems, is mollified. "I'd be happy to! You've got a point. I /hate/ unfair fights!" Huff.

Then a squint at Mamoru.

"And they call us /Americans/ rude!" She'll take out her retractable cane, thwickt it open, and then lightly swat him on the head!

Hannah considers.

"Well, some people do have different ways. I'd say that's better you get into Infinity, buuuut..." Well, a 30 won't cut it.

"If you two ever need help educating the little bun-bun here, let me know, okay?" Poor, poor Usagi.

Hands go into the air.

"Fine, fine! Me and another girl got the worst of it, but we both recovered. Just a few minor injuries."

Control? Power?

For once, the usually sharp Hannah misses the cue.

"Oh yeah! Huh, so you have problems with that too? It's like any form of martial art, just, uh...a little more direct than most. It definitely helps you control your strength, and makes you stronger too. Toughens you up, makes you faster and lighter on your feet. Seriously, it's a dangerous sport, so control is the most important part. Everybody needs to walk away from it. So yeah, I'd be happy you guys."

Her phone rings, and she flicks it on.

"Hey! Uhh-huh. Uhhhh-huh. Again!? Alright, I'm on the way."

Sigh. She deposits some money on the table. More than enough for both her food, and some extras for the dynamic tux-bunny duo.

"Sorry guys, one of my club members did something stupid, gotta go sort it out. I'll look forward to teaching you Usagi. You seem like a real nice person. Don't ever lose that attitude, okay?"

Mamoru gets a punch in the back! "See you Big Bro."

Then, with cane and dog alike, she tap-tap-taps her way out.
Mamoru Chiba 2015-10-30 04:35:54 12750
Mamoru's still rubbing his head and shooting Hannah's back dirty looks when she and Boris make it out the door, and then he goes back to primly eating his torte.

For all of one bite.

And then he puts his fork down and sighs in an exaggeratedly put-upon manner, and very deliberately turns to Usagi.

"What are you LOOKING at me like that for?"
Usagi Tsukino 2015-10-30 04:38:08 12751
Usagi didn't realize she was giving him a look, but it makes sense that she is.

As primly as she can, pinkies up as she had seen Hannah-chan do, she took a sip of her cocoa.

"She's very pretty." And then. "And tells me you're...popular?"
Mamoru Chiba 2015-10-30 04:40:48 12754
"Is she?"

Wait, is MAMORU jealous? Or is he teasing?

He's probably teasing.


At the last question-ish thing, he shrugs a shoulder a little uncomfortably. "I didn't have any friends before I met you. Well. Motoki-kun, but that was literally it. But everyone at school knew who I was and no one disliked me that I know of."
Usagi Tsukino 2015-10-30 04:44:39 12755
"Almost as pretty as you." Another sip, a haughty sniff.

"Mamo-chan, I think she meant popular as in..." Then she sighs a dreamy sigh, flutters her eyelashes at him and fans her face with her hand. "At least from the conversation we were having." Oops. "You know. Because you're gorgeous."

This is said completely unabashedly, because she very much believes it.

Another dainty sip. She almost gets a taste this time.
Mamoru Chiba 2015-10-30 04:46:33 12757
Mamoru's face is... a little pink. So he immediately, of course, goes on the attack.

"Do you not like your drink?" he asks sadly.
Usagi Tsukino 2015-10-30 04:49:23 12758
Usagi gasps. "Of course I do! But watch when I take a gulp!"

She does, and she melts in her chair from the yum, her expression bliss.

"Seeee? If I keep looking silly like that, I can't be taken seriously!"
Mamoru Chiba 2015-10-30 04:53:03 12759
At this, Mamoru gives Usagi the tiniest little sidelong smile, warm and affectionate, but still a little teasing. The kind, she might note, that he's been giving her all along -- even before her birthday, when she told him he was her friend.

"I like it when you look like that," he says, finally drinking some of his coffee -- without anything in it, as usual, it stays hotter longer, after all. "It's not silly. It suits you."
Usagi Tsukino 2015-10-30 04:55:53 12760
It's her turn to have pink cheeks. "I-Wh-I-"

She sets her cup down and folds her arms over her chest, almost looking grumpy, except the small smile she can't help letting on that she's a little pleased. "You're cheating."

That smile and what he just said? How is it anything but cheating?
Mamoru Chiba 2015-10-30 04:59:51 12761
"Cheating at what?" It's not entirely affrontedness, of course, but that's only because there's a little puzzlement mixed in with the offense-taking, which isn't really serious anyway. It's more played up than anything else. He takes another bite of his torte and cuts the sweetness with his bitter coffee, still watching her out of the corner of his eye. He can't not watch her.

His foot moves to nudge hers. Teasing again.

"Anyway, there's no accounting for taste, I guess. Even your taste is questionable, if you're hanging around me."
Usagi Tsukino 2015-10-30 05:06:09 12762
"You just are. It's very unfair."

She nudges his foot back, wondering what would happen if they got in a game of foot war in a crowded place.

And then her cheeks burn a little more and she sits up, turning her nose up just a little.

"Oh yes, terrible taste. Nice guy, warm hugs, fights thunderstorms. What am I thinking?"

And then, because it's yummy, she takes another bite of her yummy pastry.
Mamoru Chiba 2015-10-30 05:09:14 12764
"I'm nice? That's new, you called me a jerkity jerk-faced jerk not twenty minutes ago," Mamoru observes loftily, reaching his foot over a little further to place it firmly on top of Usagi's. Is he TRYING to start a game of foot war in a public place? Is he trying to make her crack? What is he DOING?

...what is he doing. He withdraws his foot, unsettled and somewhat pink again, and busily goes back to finishing off his torte as quickly as he can. With his luck, any of the senshi could walk in the door any second.
Usagi Tsukino 2015-10-30 05:13:16 12766
"Well, yeah, you're a nice jerkity jerk faced jerk." The 'duh' is heavily implied. "If you were nice all the time, you wouldn't exactly be you. So there."


And then he's rushing to eat and Usagi sighs. Probably would be a good idea to--

She's sighing, finished before him, and happily sipping her cocoa.

And her foot is now on his. Because he started it.
Ami Mizuno 2015-10-30 05:27:22 12767
With his luck, one of the Senshi does walk in the door, right now. Blue-haired Ami Mizuno pushes her way into the cafe dressed in a a frilly blue dress and cardigan, bag slung over her shoulder. Don't let the management look too closely, because the bag is moving.

Ami hesitates just inside the door and peers around the room, then smiles self-approvingly when she spots Usagi and Mamoru. The smile fades almost immediately to a grimace of self-consciousness, however; something is bothering the girl.

Rather than join them straight away, Ami tiptoes her way to the counter and leans forward to order herself red bean buns, with several glances over her shoulder at the table Mamoru and Usagi are sharing. "Hurry up," comes a whisper from her bag. Ami just pushes Luna's head right back in and pays for her sweets with a forced smile.
Mamoru Chiba 2015-10-30 05:35:08 12768
Mamoru tries to slide his foot out from under Usagi's and indicate Ami's entrance without actually saying anything, which results in him making sidelong 'look over there' faces and gesturing with his head with his mouth full, which isn't very clear in the communication department.

He also eats much faster. Faster to the point of 'his mouth is full of like half a piece of torte now'.
Usagi Tsukino 2015-10-30 05:37:39 12769
He is making very weird faces. She gives him a look, very similar to the one she gives math problems involving trains and time.

She is very puzzled.

"What...what's going on with your face?"

And why is he doing his best Usagi impression with the torte?
Ami Mizuno 2015-10-30 05:40:46 12770
Her buns bought, Ami turns around to glance at their table again and her eyes meet Mamoru's. Well drat, there's that bit of subterfuge ruined. With a blush, she ducks her head, then shuffles her way towards the table. "Hi," she says by way of greeting--a little discomfort in her tone as she drops her bookbag on the table right next to Usagi. "Your cat has been worried shrewishly about you," she notes.

"I have not!" the bag replies, as Ami slides into the seat next to Usagi. She worries at her lip a little, then clears her throat. "Minako was starting to get a little worried," she notes to Mamoru quietly. "And I kinda ... was already nearby when she called to see if I knew where you were. So um. Hi." Redundancy!
Usagi Tsukino 2015-10-30 05:44:44 12771
At the sound of an unexpected voice and the sudden realization of HOLY SMOKES CAUGHT, Usagi shrieks and jumps out of her seat.

In fact, she may have to be peeled down.

If at all possible, her hair is puffed like two startled cat tails.
Mamoru Chiba 2015-10-30 05:48:57 12772
Mamoru, finishing his cake off with judicious application of coffee to mouth, reaches up to peel Usagi off the ceiling (if she can get up there, then he's tall enough to reach; we won't examine these things too closely), and his face is a little red. "She should have called. I've been with Usagi-chan the whole time, I'm not skipping out or anything. We just came to get cake."

Then he gives Ami a sideways half-smile. "Hi. How are you?"
Ami Mizuno 2015-10-30 05:55:56 12773
Ami shrugs just a little at Mamoru's scolding. It's not exactly Makoto's fault; Ami sort of said she'd take care of it. She may, possibly, have wanted an excuse to find out if what she thought was happening was indeed happening.

"I'm okay," Ami says quietly. "Mostly. I guess," she says, then lets out a soft sigh and pokes at her red bean bun. "How are you two? What's been keeping you? Dinner date?" So casual, she drops the 'd' word.
Usagi Tsukino 2015-10-30 06:05:30 12775
Usagi is now in her chair, thanks to Mamo-chan, and almost has her pulse under two-fifty.


She clears her throat and takes a sip of her cocoa. Then she pouts, because she can almost see the bottom!

With a sigh, she reaches into Ami-chan's bag and gives the grumpy kitty some ear scratches. "I'm sorry, Luna. I didn't mean to make you worry."

Her hand is bit, but not hard. Just enough for her to know there is still an annoyed kitty.

Usagi blows a raspberry at the bag.

Then she looks at Ami-chan, grins, and hugs her tight.

"I'm so sorry about yesterday! Things just happened so fast!"

Hug squish cuddle love.

Wait, what?

"D-dinner w-what?!" WAS AMI-CHAN PSYCHIC NOW?!?!?!
Mamoru Chiba 2015-10-30 06:14:06 12776
"No, just cake," Mamoru says offhandedly, and completely unclearly. 'No' not a date, or 'no' not dinner?

He sips his coffee, because that's all he's got left, too. "I had Go club after school, so Usagi-chan met me after that, and then we walked here instead of the arcade because, well--" He gestures at the display of sweets in the glass case as if it speaks for itself. It kind of does.

Apparently only one of them can be flustered at a time. Perhaps this is a challenge.
Ami Mizuno 2015-10-30 06:15:54 12777
Something Mamoru says causes Ami to blush furiously. Rather than facing whatever embarasses her, she instead buries her face in Usagi's hair, because hugs are good for that. "It's okay," she tells her friend quietly. "That's why I was at Infinity, though. Luna came and found me spitting mad with some story about Tuxedo Kamen carrying you off, and I went to see if I could get a read on the energies involved. But then ... I kindof got sidetracked."
Usagi Tsukino 2015-10-30 06:23:22 12778
Usagi sits back in her chair and scolds the bag. "Luna, he was taking me some place safe. I needed to rest and he let me. Then he took me home."

There is a brief dart of her eyes to Mamoru before she can stop it.

But wait!

"Distracted? How?"

Ami-chan rarely got distracted!
Mamoru Chiba 2015-10-30 06:34:47 12779
"Oh, Tuxedo Kamen showed up? Good, I was worried about you. I lost track of that guy we were with went, I'm sorry," Mamoru says, and then pauses, and sees an opportunity and runs with it.

He gives Usagi some serious sideeye.

"He took you someplace safe and let you sleep it off, huh?" A beat. "You like that guy, don't you."
Ami Mizuno 2015-10-30 06:38:06 12780
Ami takes a deep breath, then lets it out very slowly. Not really much for it but to say, "I kinda ... met Daisuke again. He apparently saw you fighting the youma, yesterday. And uh ... his ring turns into a healer's staff. You know. Magically. And I ... kinda think ... we should talk with the others. Together. Soon."
Usagi Tsukino 2015-10-30 06:48:02 12781
Usagi tries to outside eye Mamoru's side eye and she props her chin in her hand. She hums a little. And then--

Well, he's asking for it.

"Of course I like him. Because. I kissed him, you know."r
And then.

And then!

With a long, dreamy sigh, she flutters her eyelashes while looking at Mamoru.

"Tuxedo Kamen-Sama~."

See? Told you he asked for it.

And then she's looking at Ami. "Oh? At the temple, you think?"

There's a slight, cranky grumble and rustle from the bag.
Mamoru Chiba 2015-10-30 06:57:39 12782
The flustered look is real. Ami may not know it's because of the 'Tuxedo Kamen-sama' instead of the 'USAGI KISSED CAPE BOY' thing, but it's there and it's real. He then slouches into his chair and scowls into his coffee, because Usagi totally just won this round.

"Fine. FINE. Mako-chan and Rei-chan told me I should watch out because you liked someone else, even aside from not telling me why they were saying it was inappropriate-- which, given that whole thing about princes the other night..."

What the hell is he even--

Mamoru blinks at Ami. "Wait. Daisuke Hansuke? Do you think he ditched me and doubled back to help you?" he asks Usagi, scratching his head. "A healer's staff-- you know, I thought he felt familiar. Like... you know..." He gestures at his shirt front in a way probably intended to imply a Dark Kingdom uniform, which is probably unintentionally unsettling.
Ami Mizuno 2015-10-30 07:03:10 12783
"You kissed him!?" Ami asks Usagi, surprised enough by this to lean back and stare. "But ..." she trails off, glances at Mamoru, glances at Usagi, glances at Mamoru, then finally reaches for her red bean bun. "I don't even understand you, Usagi-chan," she mumbles.

Nibbling on her bun, she lets Mamoru take control for a moment, then blinks at him owlishly. "Actually, I am completely convinced he's ... you know," she says. "Because he's been experiencing the same deja vu we have, as well as nightmares and dreams ... and he said you especially were like someone he felt he knew, Chiba-san. And uh, I'm pretty sure he figured out who I am, too, because I had Luna with me, and I was mercury."

"That is not why," the bag retorts.

Ami just nibbles on her bean bun.
Usagi Tsukino 2015-10-30 07:11:22 12784
Under the table, Usagi nudges his foot with her own. He is Very Convincing!

"I'm teasing. Well, not the kiss part. But that happened awhile back." She sighs, casts Ami a 'secret knowy look' that may get her in trouble. Because Ami knows. She saw the shirt. "Besides. There's someone I like more now. Have for awhile."

And then, because Usagi, she turns and sticks her tongue out at him and does a little sing-song voice. "And I'm not telling."

And then she is whipping her head to Ami, eyes wide in shock. What? Does Luna's grumpy growl if disapproval mean...Ami herself spilled?!

And then she's almost vibrating in glee. And she tries, but can't stop herself.

Hand over her mouth. "Hue hue hue."
Mamoru Chiba 2015-10-30 07:26:21 12785
Mamoru gives Usagi That Look again, the one that she says means he's cheating. Just this quietly amused, affectionate little smile. He's probably just as maddeningly obfuscated as the Odangoed One.

Completely glossing past any Hue Hue Hues or bun-nibbling versions of tea-sipping, Mamoru then nods to Ami. "Well. At least he's probably not with the Dark Kingdom if he was helping the other day. Talking with everyone else about it is a good idea. Do you mind if I come along? I mean-- no is fine, I can go over to Seiyou and make myself a nuisance to Tsukasa-sensei and Hotori-kun with Virtue business. But if I felt familiar to him, too, then..."

He trails off and finishes his coffee. "Actually, let's head out of here if you're ready to go. Do you two mind coming with me to pick up my car? I haven't had a chance, it's still at the arcade."
Ami Mizuno 2015-10-30 07:30:05 12786
Ami turns red at Usagi's mocking laughter, then shrugs to Mamoru. She grabs her bag and her leftover bean bun, then says, "I guess it's fine. If Usagi is okay with it."
Usagi Tsukino 2015-10-30 07:35:08 12787
And he gets a sweet, small smile in return.

At the mention of picking up his car, she's excited. She jumps up. "To the PK Prowler!"

And then, to clarify, she turns to Ami-chan and Mamoru.

"Papa also marathoned Farscape. It's the fastest little space ship in the Uncharted Territories."
Mamoru Chiba 2015-10-30 07:42:24 12788
"I don't know, it's more of a Batmobile..." Mamoru says with a laugh as he moves to hold the door open for the two Senshi. "But I suppose I can accept that. Hey, what are you doing for Halloween...?"

Hopefully that'll be a harmless conversation topic on the train.