Danse Macabre

Deadly Pas de Deux! Shadow of the Dark Kingdom

Date: 2015-06-07
Pose Count: 56
Nephrite 2015-06-07 00:49:42 1507
Something is rotten in Infinity University. Perhaps it is a recent thing. Perhaps it has been there since the tri-skyscraper building was erected, or even since the schools days as Mitakihara Public School. Maybe a shadow has always hung over the institution, the fault of some cursed ley line crossing or a bloody battle long ago.

Whatever the case, that something rotten has grown much more noticeable in recent days. And there has been something...off about certain students. Undue aggression. Extreme isolation. Obsessive devotion to their ideal of achievement. These reports and more have been causing concern among the student body, particularly among the friends of the infected, who hardly recognize the person they have become.

One such infected girl is dancing in the auditorium, alone, much too late at night for her own good. Her crimson leotard is drenched with sweat, and the hairband that held her black hair in a bun has long since been broken by the furious speed of her pirouettes, the almost inhuman power of her jets. She is panting, clearly exhausted, but whenever her trembling knees give out underneath her, she slams a fist into the stage with a cry of anguish, forcing herself back onto her ruby red pointe shoes.

"Very good, girl. Dance yourself to your death. It is all you are good for in this world."

The voice echoes across the darkened hall from a source unseen, but it doesnt faze the fanatical ballerina in the slightest. Her dancing has become sloppy, frantic, and the sweat dripping off her face is clearly mixed with tears now. Yes, dancing is all she is good for, but she finds she is never good enough. Not here. Not at Infinity.

Still, she dances. Dances until the voice cries out once more.

"Your time has come. Awaken my youma, Danza!"

A glowing rune appears on the sole of her shoe, and rotten green smoke billows out in great clouds around the humanoid figure forming from nothing in the center of the stage. When it clears, a porcelain doll-like monster with pointed knives for feet stands en pointe, brought to life by the girls energy.

The girl who, like any ballet heroine should, collapsed to the ground unmoving, without a sound.
Runealy Waldia 2015-06-07 00:54:51 1509
Runealy often explores Tokyo at night. While a city this large never truly sleeps, you can get much reduced traffic and noise if you move once the sky is dark... dark aside from the influence of modern lighting, which makes it possible to get around pretty well!

And so on this night, Rune has called her friends - one nearly life-long, the other brand new, but both very important - and asked they go with her. As they pace the streets of Mitakihara, she points out the subject of tonight's expedition: The tri-building campus of Infinity.

She stops to glance back to Gaofele and Hinote, asking them: "Do either of you know much about it? And..." Then the corner of her eye notices something very wrong. "Is it supposed to be... 'burning green' like that? What does that mean when it's doing that?"
Matsuo Junpei 2015-06-07 00:59:42 1510
Why was Junpei here sine he was supposed to be out of town after school let out? Family emergency meant he had to sit the trip out. Actually it was more 'we need to sit and be ready in case' than actual emergency, which was worse really. So he went to Infinity to see how Hannah was treating his new roadie's friends. The guy was all wind and bluster even now, but he was behaving, so Junpei saw it as his responsibility to make sure Hannah wasn't being too hard on the kids that just got bullied into things.

Of course he didn't know where anything was, and didn't even know if Hannah was in today. Where was that woman? He didn't know the building.

A voice. Direction less, malevolent, ominous. Danza? Was that a name? His gut was telling him something wasn't right, but he couldn't pull fire alarm to clear building on a hunch could he?

He had his phone out and started to text Rurako to see if Hannah was in he wanted to check on her new students.
Hinote Kagari 2015-06-07 01:00:26 1511
Hinote Kagari walks along with Runealy, he's happy to have come out- as he's done rehersals for this week and didn't feel like getting schooled by Doji in Kendo again for the upteenth time this week. He's happy to go towards Infinity, a school he got lost in recently, had to bug a very unhappy student about it...

"Infinity, eh? How come you want to visit that?" he asks Runealy. "I mean. It's a biiiiig school. And expensive and you gotta pass all sorts of tests to get in." he asides. "Dad wanted me to go here, but ugh, just look at it! I'd get lost daily!" he insists. Then there's that sickly green glow. He narrows his eyes. "Wait, that's not normal." he says as he begins towards the light.

"Let's check it out!" he asides.
Ami Mizuno 2015-06-07 01:04:01 1513
It was certainly late at night, yet, Ami Mizuno was here. Taking a practice exam at university level to be ready for when she moved up in grade. Naturally, she made 100 percent in the test, and no one else came close to her. She was quite proud of herself as well.

However, as she was passing by the auditorium, she slows herself as she hears a voice and screaming in the auditorium. "That doesn't sound good." She says as she starts to look into the room, peeking in the door and gasping a LITTLE too loudly. "uh oh! a youma!" She says before the door creaks VERY loudly, and she jumps. They HAD to have heard it. Not even waiting, she bolts out of the building proper and onto the grounds to put as much distance between the auditorium and herself.

Too bad she's not very athletic.
Gaofele Doiru 2015-06-07 01:10:52 1516
Gaofele Doiru walks along with Rune and Hinote, enjoying the evening. Mitakihara is a bit lacking in trees for the forester, but having friends along does make things feel better. While he had scouted the school several days ago, he hadn't been able to observe much.

"I think Hinote would know more than I," he shrugs to Rune. And Hinote's explanation does clear up a few details... including the fact that no, that odd green flame /isn't/ normal.

"We'd better be cautious," Gao nods to Hinote, following after him and fishing out his expandable quarterstaff. If there's major trouble, it might not be enough, but in the meantime it does feel reassuring to have it ready while heading towards potential danger.
Naga Amaya 2015-06-07 01:18:05 1517
     Amaya is wondering around the Infinitiy University, looking around, and scouting out the school. She had asked if she could look around when she came here as she was going to enroll here for her senior year, as she is getting tired of being begged to participate in sports.

     Amaya, currently lost in her exploration of the school seems to be a little flustered about the place, and how big it is. She can't understand why they would make such a big school. "This is almost stupid, but I guess I can understand.."

     "Hmm..." Amaya's ear's catch the sound of someone screaming, and it seems to be coming from around the corner. She breaks into a run just to see Ami peaking into the auditorium with the loud creak as well. She watches Ami bolt off, and is then confused. "Huh?" She runs over to the door, and opens it up the rest of the way to see a strange monster on the stage. "Oh.. That's can't be good."

     Amaya quickly moves to duck down behind some seats, primarily for good cover, even if she was noticed!
Nephrite 2015-06-07 01:26:32 1520
There's a moment of total silence as Danza stands on the gleaming tips of her knife-feet, hands arced over her head like a proper ballerina. Then, lowering herself into a graceful (if angular) pli, she swivels her glass eyes towards the hidden figure of her master. She's ready to leap to him, steal away with their stolen treasure, when--

A noise. The door at the back of the auditorium, and a human voice. They've been seen.

The shadowy master scoffs. "Take care of her, Danza. Our mission must not be comprimised."

The youma shrieks in obedience, then propels herself forward with a grand jet that clears row after row of seats, smashing through the glass doors to the lobby. Locking eyes on the retreating girl, she follows with an intricate pattern of steps, hoping to ensnare her prey in a kind of deadly pas de deux. All the energy she needs is already within her, from that pathetic excuse for a ballerina, but the Great Ruler certainly wouldn't turn down and additional sacrifice.

Without realizing it, the youma steps out of the building and onto the grounds. With another leap, she closes the gap between her and the blue-haired intruder, hand reaching out to grasp her collar and pull her in to be drained of energy. If she manages to hear the approaching warriors, it is already too late.
Runealy Waldia 2015-06-07 01:28:49 1521
"I want to visit it because it might have something we need. It's big, it's important, and... now it's... 'burning'?" Runealy remains puzzled, and more so as her friends confirm they're not sure what to make of it either. "If it's not supposed to be doing that, then..."

She moves to follow them. "We better be more than careful, we should be /ready./ Summoning Princess' Tiara!" Fortunately, this far out it's unlikely anyone will see her transform out in the open as the gold and jeweled headwear appears in hand. "The Line of Succession..." It's passed to the other hand, brought to her head in the same motion. "Transform!" A flash of red light engulfs her, and when it disappears she's in full magical garb with staff in hand.

"Let's head in! If we break a door down and it turns out this is a false alarm, we'll deal with that later. Right now, someone might need help!" She's not exactly /leading/ the charge to the auditorium, but she is calling for it to happen and is moving to follow her friends. Especially since there are noises in the distance that suggest there's a big problem, like glass shattering.
Hinote Kagari 2015-06-07 01:34:16 1523
Hinote Kagari nods. "I guess you're right...." he says to Runealy, afterall, just the other day, he fought some sort of blob monster that came from a hole in space! Maybe this school is more than meets the eye.... Regardless, he reaches into his pocket, removes his guardian relic- an orante silver braclet with an orange-red gem, and he states his Oath!

"To protect justice, I am Guardian Hino!"

There's a small flash, and he dons his typical armor setup. He makes sure to get in front of Runealy, as he leads the way towards....

What the hell is that in the distance now!? "Something's up ahead, we should get ready. Not... really liking the feel of this." he says as his hand grips the hilt of his sword in his scabbard.
Ami Mizuno 2015-06-07 01:34:20 1524
Ami is trying to hard to get away that she's not watching where she's going. "No...don't come near me!" She says running as hard as she can.


She runs face first into Matsuo Junpei and bounces off, landing RIGHT out of the Youma's reach. "No...I can't stay here...she'll get me!" She says running around Matsuo and right away from the rest of the magical girls nearby, and hopefully the others will block the youma's progress....

...while Ami ducks down a side alleyway. "Whew. Good thing that girl was there, or else I'd have had to change right in the open." Ami reasons quietly. "Now...where did I put my pen?"
Naga Amaya 2015-06-07 01:34:47 1525
     Amaya stands up as the youma passes right by her without a second thought, "Oh no.. That thing is going after that girl.." She quickly gets up to her feet, and pivots to start springing after the monster.

     Amaya's long legs carry her fast, and furiously in pursuit of the youma, not really keeping up with it at all, but keeping it in sight. She finds herself out on the grounds after she spots the youma again.

     Amaya doesn't even take a second to think about what to do when she sees the youma reaching for Ami, "No you don't!" She uses her momentum, and the strength of her muscular legs to quickly send a powerful kick at the youma's side, pretty much over extending herself just to hopefully knock the youma away from the blue-haired girl.
Matsuo Junpei 2015-06-07 01:35:09 1526
Matsuo Junpei hears screams. OK that tears it. In one fluid motion he pulls down the nearest fire alarm before running towards the screaming. His coat, laident with odds and ends of all sorts in hidden pockets, billowed right until he nearly collided with Ami. "Ohcrapsorry!" He blurted before unceremoniously shoving Ami aside then.



He brought his phone up to take a single picture before turning around and running, fully intending on snatching Ami up. Except he can't find her. Crap that thing was why she was running, and now it saw him.

Gaofele Doiru 2015-06-07 01:40:55 1528
Gao nods to Rune. If something's unusual enough to make Hinote take note, then it's probably something for a Guardian Knight. He takes his green bracer out from where he carries it, and puts it onto his left arm, saying:

    "To protect the lands, I am Guardian Gao!"

There's a flash of green, and the forester Knight runs alongside the group, bow at the ready.
Nephrite 2015-06-07 02:02:56 1531
Still within the auditorium, the youma's concealed master short-circuits the lights with a thought, plunging the massive hall into total darkness aside from the falling sparks from above the stage. He moves quickly through the air, a shadow in the dark, until his boots touch down inches away from the collapsed girl. The man doesn't have to check her vital signs to know that she is on death's doorstep, drained as she is of all vital energy. As long as Danza removed that 'problem' of theirs, they stood a chance for a clean getaway.

Or at least, they would have, if the heavens-damned fire alarms hadn't started going off. The master swivels on his heel towards the broken door, the commotion already starting in the courtyard beyond it. It appears that tonight, for whatever reason, his actions have been discovered.

Very well.

Warping out of the darkness of the auditorium, he reappears in reality several stories above the action, identity still cloaked in shadow. The only thing he gives away is his voice, which reverberates against the glass buildings with enough force to shake each pane.

"Meddlesome fools. You will leave this place if you value your lives."

Meanwhile, the dancing youma lets out a great cry as the unexpected kick collides with her side, knocking her off-balance and off-pointe. The blue-haired interloper disappears, but being a creature of instinct, Danza finds herself distracted by the more immediate threats. Swiveling on the razor-sharp points of her feet to keep herself from falling, she lets loose a volley of porcelain spears from her tutu, aimed at anyone and everyone who would approach her.

The mortal, though. The one with the prying eyes and the cruel evidence on his phone. He gets something special.

When Danza feels herself photographed, she lunges after the boy, spinning out in a great fouette with her knife foot, aimed to slice at him for his insolence.
Runealy Waldia 2015-06-07 02:08:38 1533
So many noises all at once. Some are repetitive, like the alarm. Others are threatening, like the unknown voice telling them to leave or die. Others are the sounds of battle, as Danza is struck by heroes that got there before she did and the strange-looking monster lashes back at them.

Yet there is something... some/one/ that is much more quiet. The collapsed dancer, who is now visible to Runealy thanks to the glass having been smashed open. "I... I'm going for her," the alien princess says to Gao and Hino, "do what you think is best!"

While bearing the threats in mind, Runealy nonetheless tries to run in a wide arc around Danza and head toward the auditorium. She wants to get to the drained girl, and isn't making any serious effort to attack the monster at this point.
Matsuo Junpei 2015-06-07 02:09:11 1534
Matsuo Junpei moved before actually thinking about it, tucking forward and rolling, somehow escaping getting impaled .

His coat was less fortunate, both getting its back shredded by tutu shards barely missing Junpei and a knife-foot ripping a long chunk from it's billow.

Junpei scrambled to try moving out of it's way, keeping low as he sought some way to get doors between monster and him.... And yea he was not having a good time here. "So I take it neither of you want. Talk this out?!" He yelled even while trying to flee. "What do you nuts even /want/ with us?"
Hinote Kagari 2015-06-07 02:09:54 1535
What is going on!? Regardless, whatever this.. Danza is, is attempting to attack innocent, non-magical people, per some nerfarious ends! Hinote picks up his pace, into a full run, his cape fluttering on his back, as with a single motion, unseathes his sword in a fluid motion, holding it two hands as he tries to cut off Danza's attack's towards-----

Is that the guy from the other day!? It is!

Hinote goes to make himself a more PRESSING target, as his sword alights into flame, cutting the darkness as he aims to strike hard into the ballet themed youma-- "Fire Slash!" he calls out.

Done with the motion of cutting he frowns.

"Leave them alone. Face an actual threat!" he calls out, sword still at the ready.
Gaofele Doiru 2015-06-07 02:15:21 1537
Guardian Gao nods to Rune. "We'll keep this thing busy," he says, drawing an arrow of energy with his bow. A swift shot, and the arrow splinters into a swarm of narrow shafts, aimed to force Danza to choose between pursuing Rune and avoiding the barrage.

He glances around, trying to spot the source of the threatening voice; however, between the shadows and the acoustics, there's too many potential spots to hide. Searching it out will have to wait until Danza is less of a threat!
Naga Amaya 2015-06-07 02:16:17 1538
     Amaya growls a little bit as she notices her kick did little to nothing to the monster.. Though, that isn't all that is on her mind when she sees the spears, and one of them is pointing at her. "N... not good."

    Having only recovered her balance just a brief moment ago, gives her little time to avoid the spear that is aimed at her. She only gets time to push herself out of the way with her leg as the spear catches her left arm, putting a good gash in it. It's nothing fatal, but stitches might be needed. She winces in pain, and can feel the blood start to run down her left arm. However, adrenaline make it hard to feel the pain at the moment.

     Amaya turns her head to look to Junpei, and shouts, "Run!" She then gains her balance back, "Hey! Monster! How about you pick on someone your own size!" She lowers herself this time, being a little bit more ready. She glances at the others on the scene with her eyes, not moving her head before mumbling to herself, "What am I doing?" She does her best to remain calm though, but fear is still rooted deep in her mind from the situation.
Ami Mizuno 2015-06-07 02:17:40 1539
Ami looks behind her and.....she seems to have lost the 'dancer' that was chasing after her. "Whew. That was close." She says as she tugs her pen from her pocket. "Oh blast it. I dropped my bag in the auditorium. Oh well. No time for that now." She says as she holds her pen up....

Mercury Power! Make-Up!

A symbol spins and enlarges out of the tip of the pen, as a ribbon of blue and white flows from the pen, and Ami spins, arching her back, making the ribbon encircle and collapse around her form, bursting in many white lights to reveal...

Sailor Mercury

Mercury then runs out of her hiding place and finds the guy she ran into actually challenging the youma. "This is really bad." She says holding her cupped hands out in front of her...


A point of light forms in front of her, in the middle of her cupped hands, and she spins around to cross her arms behind the point of light, which has enlarged.


She sweeps her arms in front of her, causing a multitude of bubbles to hit the ground between the youma and Matsuo...and creating a VERY dense fog! And a female voice rings out...

THIS HAS GONE ON LONG ENOUGH! Using a woman and her passion to create a monster? How low can you get? If I must defeat you to return that woman to normal, then I shall! IAM SAILOR MERCURY! GUARDIAN OF JUSTICE AND KNOWLEDGE! AND I SHALL PUNISH YOU!

Looks like Sailor Moon's final words are catchy.
Nephrite 2015-06-07 02:47:56 1543
"There's nothing you can do for her now," the voice says, echoing across the courtyard with a distinct tone of amusement as the Princess starts to rush towards the auditorium. "Her vital energy belongs to the Dark Kingdom. She will perish in due time."

Accordingly, a change comes over Danza as she receives a mental command from her master. The porcelain terror had followed the sprinting girl with her eyes, leaned in her direction to pursue, until the message whispers into her mind: *She is on a fool's errand and is not a threat to us. Focus on eliminating the others.*

Appropriately, this is when the knife swipe meant for Junpei collides with the flaming sword. Danza cries out in surprise, the noise like two sheets of glass rubbing up against each other. She holds her balance with effort, managing to convert her surprise into fury, enough to hold her own in the clash of blades -- until she realizes, all too late, that the heat is cracking her fragile skin. A second later, the Guardian has slashed through her foot completely. Gracelessly, she falls, shattering yet more of her body.

Her master cringes. Idiotic monsters.

"We desire your energy, mortal," he replies to the boy who spoke up to him, summoning a crystal of evil energy to his hand. With a flicker of magic, Danza begins to glow purple, her cracked skin and missing limbs regrowing. Painfully, if her cries are any indication. "All shall bow to our Great Ruler, in time. Resistance only prolongs the inevitable."

And, speaking of inevitable, it seems a Senshi has arrived, spreading a great fog that covers the courtyard and shields the vulernable humans from Danza's eyes. The Dark Kingdom's messenger scowls, not acknowledging the words she threw at him in disgust.

"Danza. Your target is the Sailor Senshi. Do not be distracted."

Obligingly, the twisted ballerina rights herself once more, trying to find the damned Senshi in the fog. But the cold is freezing her joints, leaving her rickety as well as blind, just barely able to dodge the hail of arrows that come her way. Shrieking in frustration, Danza lunges blindly -- and finds success, her hand closing around the telltale warmth of human flesh. She begins to drain, and shouts her ultimatum as she does so.

"If you value this one's life, Senshi, you will drop this blasted fog!"
Naga Amaya 2015-06-07 02:55:10 1545
     Amaya blinks a couple of times as the fog starts to cover the area, but amazingly she can still see.... "Oh crap.." She starts to bound backwards as the youma seems to blindly charge her, but she simply isn't quick enough to get out of the way of the youma's grab.

    Squirming in the youma's grasp, she gasps for air a little bit as she feels her life draining from her. "L.. let me.. down.." She starts to feel a little drowsy and weakly makes a couple of chops at the youma's arms trying to get free, but her strength just isn't there.
Runealy Waldia 2015-06-07 02:55:50 1546
The Princess runs on heavy breaths, trying to sprint ahead as she hears fire and arrows - and now water and justice speeches - behind her. She can't act on it now, but a little part of her mind makes a note to learn more about Sailor Mercury.

Yet over the battle, other words cut through her concentration. "Perish?" It's a more fancy word for a concept; the voice is telling her this unconscious dancer will die. The thought causes her running to become more of a rushed stumble, a gasp and chill cutting through her. Runealy does not know this girl. Yet she has to assume someone out there cares about the Infinity student all the same. Friends, parents... people who would find their lives greatly changed, hurt, by her sudden loss. The Princess knows first hand how that would feel, all too recently, and whether it's a 'fool's errand' or not... she can't bear the idea of it happening to someone else. So she continues to hurry on and kneel beside the dancer. She calls out to the voice: "You're awful! You're... /casual/ about that!? About her dying!?"

Then her hands begin glowing in a white light. Runealy presses them to the fallen girl, trying to direct healing magic to her. The Princess is no master of it, and won't be able to work an instant miracle regardless... but she is desperately trying to prevent death. To make sure that 'due time' is not now. The sounds of battle going on over that are a buzz to her, lost in 'tunnel vision.' She can only trust that the others have Danza handled.
Matsuo Junpei 2015-06-07 02:55:56 1547
Matsuo Junpei looked up when he heard Danza crack and shatter. As he stood he heard Disembodied Voice give an answer. His eyes flicked around in the gloom and fog, curious on what and why he could generally see through it better than real fog. Maybe it only affected not-friends. Weird.

He reached into the ruins of his coat. Auditoriums had weird accoustics, but he's actually played here before so had a good idea on the place. "Buddy, I was willing to negociate if there was just something in Tokyo we happened to be sitting on, like those cat-smurfs sitting on a mcguffin except you're the one being pompus and I'm trying to negociate." His bachi seemed to be getting a lot of use other than drums lately. Still, he's actually done this a /lot/ of times. Just not in the middle of a fight, and not with all the whole magical crazy going on. "But I'm gonna have to decline on the rolling over bit."

He twirled, pivoting on one foot to build momentum until one of the two foot long inch thick dense wooden sticks left his hand, aimed at what he hoped was the sound of Mr Would Be Overlord's voice. He doubted it'd do anything, but kinda hoped it would shut him up for a minute.
Hinote Kagari 2015-06-07 03:04:49 1548
Guardian Hino feels his longsword hit home many times, and eventually, the creature recoils in pain. This makes him dash back a bit as his eyes widen. This thing just took a hostage, and now there's fog everywhere. What's going on? Regardless, he raises his sword again and points it threatingly at the youma. "Put her down." he demands--- oh gods, what does he do?

He can't attack this thing, it might hurt the girl. But if he just does nothing--- something worse.

It's a thought he seems to frustratedly battle with in his head, as Matsuo throws something off into the darkness. Woah. This kid has spirit. That's something, he figures.

Regardless, he attempts to jump forward and stab the sword forward, in a quick manner- he can't risk swinging his sword on fire with Amaya in the way-- better to concentrate on quick, percise strikes that are not on fire for now until she's out of danger.
Ami Mizuno 2015-06-07 03:05:57 1549
The fog doesn't lift....at all. Even when Amaya's life is bring drained, the fog doesn't left, steadily freezing the Danza, while it's draining Amaya's energy. It's a bit of a stalemate because of the dense fog.

That's because, all this time, Ami has her visor on, and is analyzing Danza. She's busy tapping buttons and getting readouts from her miniature computer. The joys of being Sialor Mercury. She then gets a flurry of data and she looks about. "Knock out that crystal, then attack Danza directly! Aim for her arm!"

This is when she puts her datapad away, and rectracts her visor. Time to take a risk. She puts her cupped hands in front of her.

Shabou Spray!

She spins around with the light point growing in front of her again, with her arms crossed behind it.


She sweeps her arms in front of her, sending a torrent of bubbles at Danza, and looking to hit her directly, and freeze her in place.......to release Amaya.
Gaofele Doiru 2015-06-07 03:10:20 1551
The fog might be making it hard for Danza to determine which target is which, but Guardian Gao can still track the youma. His eyes narrow at the ultimatum; action needs to be taken!

Remembering a similar move used by a foe the Guardian Knights fought a week ago, Gao draws another arrow. "Bramble Grasp!" he calls out, releasing the arrow with a carefully aimed shot. The arrow peels into a web-like collection of thorny vines, each reaching out from a central point as the vines converge on Danza.

As the arrow flies, the forester dashes after it, summoning his viney quarterstaff and enlarging it to normal size. If push comes to shove, he might be able to use it to pry Amaya away from the youma.
Nephrite 2015-06-07 03:40:57 1555
Unseen by Rune, the Dark Kingdom's servant quirks an eyebrow. "Her life energy -- the life energy of all mortals -- belongs to our Great Ruler by right. She simply paid her due." Taking on a more condescending air, he continues, "Besides, there are seven billion on the planet just the same as her. What does a failed ballet dancer matter to us, now that her life's energy is in our hands?"

Runealy is indeed no master of healing magic; however, even the most experienced with the art would know that you cannot reignite the spark of life once it has been taken. Still, the girl's body warms slightly under her touch, and though her pulse grows no less faint, it's apparent that the Princess's efforts have fended off true death, if only for now.

The youma's master, still hidden away in shadow, doesn't deign to respond to the nonsense the mortal boy is spouting at him. He hardly even notices, in truth, until his eyes leisurely spot the bachi stick hurtling his way. Mortal weaponry -- how quaint. The man lets the stick nearly approach him, only stopping the projectile with dark magic an inch or so from his face.

"So be it," he says in response to the boy's last words, then launches the stick at him with twice the speed, a trail of deep violet following in its wake.

Meanwhile, Danza grows steadily more tense as the icy fog remains in place, even as the vital energy of her hostage flows into her through her arm. This is bad. Not only does the damnable mist limit her vision, the cold leaves her brittle and slow, vulnerable to attack. Luckily, the magical warriors are hesitant to unleash their full power as long as the mortal remains in her grasp, and though she is weakened, Danza parries Hino's blows, dancing backward to meet his sword with the blades on her feet. A deadly dance if ever there was one.

As primed as she is for attack, the monster slices through the net shooting her way with a quick forward kick. She smiles, thinking that she can perhaps get the best of the fighters after all, but her moment of hubris leaves her weak.

Through the impenetrable mist, a beam of freezing water shoots at her, too quick to dodge when every movement would risk breaking herself apart. With a scream of terror, Danza can only watch as her entire lower body is frozen in place, leaving only a portion of her tutu untouched by ice. She is well and truly trapped -- and what good is a dancer who cannot dance?

Fearing her master's wrath, Danza tightens her hold on Amaya, prying ever more energy from the girl, her only collateral in this scenario. Her free hand reaches down and *tears* her tutu, transforming the fabric into throwing star-like razors that she hurls in a great arc out into the fog, hoping desperately that one will make contact with her Senshi target.

In reality, most of the deadly stars shoot directly towards the distracted Waldian princess.
Matsuo Junpei 2015-06-07 03:46:27 1557
Matsuo Junpei didn't have time to dodge and was rewarded by pretty much getting gut checked hard enough to leave him doubled over. There was a wimper anda small weeze as he tried to get breath back in his lungs. Boy wasn't doing much of anything other than trying to not think about how monumentally stupid that was.

Except he did manage to speek. "Rafters. Saturation shot. That doll's just a puppet. Gotta force Dark Lord Dipstick out of hiding. Also. Owe...."
Naga Amaya 2015-06-07 03:49:51 1558
     Amaya's eyes start to glaze over as if she was looking very sleepy and tired at first, then her eyes slowly start to close. "S.. So tired.." It is then that the pain in her left arm hits her when she is starting to feel tire.. Her eyes shoot open, wide open and she cringes in pain. "Ahh... ow.." That pain wakes her back up a little bit.

    Amaya's right arm raises up a little bit with the last ditch effort to try and break free, but she has no strength left to swing it downward as it's weight only seems to carry her fist down to the youma's arm to try and break her free. "Let... go... you darned monster..."

    "H.. help.." Her voice hardly reaching past her lips, and possibly only the youma probably hears her, and it doesn't take long after Amaya's last effort to break free when the world around her slowly starts to go black.

    Amaya finally passes out from having her life drained from her, but not dead. Her body starts to hang limp in the youma's grasp.
Runealy Waldia 2015-06-07 03:53:28 1559
"What does it matter to /you/?" The Princess snaps back, disgusted, "Not much, that's obvious! Seven billion..." It's a staggering number, an almost impossible one for her to fathom; her own world likely doesn't even have /a/ billion, nevermind multiple billions! "...And I'm sure she doesn't matter to almost that entire number. But she does to someone out there, I'm sure! If your Ruler considers her life a tax... then I fear for your nation, a realm of people living under that kind of cruelty!" Her vision blurs as tears stream, shaken and hurt by just how cavalier the voice is about someone's life.

Left to her own devices, she would have continued to simply pour healing energy in, to delay death. Instead, she sees something slice through the fog. She can't tell precisely what it is, not with water-muddled vision, but she can tell it's not good. She has about a half-second to make a decision.

Dodge? She could. She could probably get clear, or at least avoid a direct hit. Whatever she avoided would probably go on to hit the fallen student, though. Runealy has no illusions; those stars would strike someone who is already on the verge of death and instead just kill them outright. So she has only one real choice: Stop pouring healing into the Infinity girl, and instead encase herself and her ward within a red bubble of energy.

She winces as she braces for impact, hoping desperately that it will be enough to protect the two of them!
Hinote Kagari 2015-06-07 03:55:21 1560
Guardian Hino watches as Matsuo hits ground. He winces. "Mats---- Hey you! Be Careful!" he corrects himself mid sentence- a strange knight calling out your name just looks suspicious affterall, "Just... don't do anything else silly! You'll hurt yourself!" he says, as his sword clashes with the monster's own feet blades. He takes a deep breath, but soon, the youma is frozen. He uses this moment to raise his sword, and try to literarly lop the arm off the youma, to free Amaya from it's frozen grasp. His sword lights with a little flare into the cut, as it meets the coldness of the frozen youma.

Regardless, he'll catch Amaya on his way down, the sword pointed downwards and away as he uses the moment to wisk Amaya away from the foul beast, he puts her down near Matsuo. "Here, take care of her, make sure she's okay." he says before he turns back towards the creature- that he's not sure how long will remain frozen.
Ami Mizuno 2015-06-07 04:00:20 1561

Is the call from the Blue haired girl in the blue and hwhite uniform, as if she knew what Hino was thinking. Her cupped hands in front of her generating a Point of light. She then spin again and brings her arms up behind the growing point of light.


She sweeps her arms in front of her again and the bubbles now fly to hit the Danza in the chest....to completely encase it in ice. "If we destroy this thing, the energy will return to the victims!" Seems Sailor Mercury knows what she's talking about.
Gaofele Doiru 2015-06-07 04:03:01 1562
"Rune!" Gao cries out as the barrage of blades heads for the Waldia princess. There's no way he can get a wall of plants in front of the stars in time.

Fortunately, it looks like he won't have to -- the red of Rune's shield flickers into being. He turns back towards Danza, just in time to watch Hinote slash at the youma's arm. Darting forward, Gao jams the tip of his quarterstaff at the ground next to the immobilizing block of ice and yells "Forest Wall!" In response, a thick growth of plants erupts from the ground, imposing themselves between the more-frozen Danza and Amaya & Matsuo.
Nephrite 2015-06-07 04:34:01 1563
Danza grins maniacally as her hostage goes limp, lips parting to reveal teeth as sharp and ragged as broken glass. Just a bit more. Just a bit more, and she'll have the total energy of two humans to present to Queen Beryl. Of course, the glory and honor would go to her master, the one who created her, who planted her on the Infinity student some weeks ago. But what a tale that would be: to have not only fought off three magical warriors and a Sailor Senshi, but also to have come out of the experience with more energy than before?

The youma's almost giddy with excitement -- until the flaming knight cuts cleanly through the arm holding up Amaya, and she's hit in quick succession by another blast of the freezing magic.

Immediately, the youma screams, as a wispy cloud of light begins to rise from her maimed limb. It streams out into the night, splitting into two smaller rivulets as it does so. One drifts gently over to the collapsed Amaya, shielded by the wall of plants. The other, much smaller stream of energy settles around the red shield, which successfully protected its caster from the tutu throwing stars. It seems the drained life energy wants to return to its rightful owner, but even that righteous intention cannot penetrate Runealy's powerful magic.

Danza strains futiely against the block of ice, the very tips of her fingers grasping towards the silhouettes of the warriors in the distance. Before any of her struggles can break through her prison, however, the voice of her master echoes in her mind once again.

*Leave them. You're wasting my energy.*

The remains of her arm glow briefly for a split second before the porcelain shards grow into an impromptu seal, preventing any more of the precious supply from draining out of her. It's quick, brutal, and Danza cannot hold in the shriek of pain that erupts from her mouth.

No one ever said he is a kind man, even to those who serve him.

Within the fog, another shape appears directly behind the youma, the concealment of his own dark magic intermingling with Mercury's attack to make him indistinct, just as the warriors were to Danza.

"It has been most amusing to make your acquaintances -- yours especially, Senshi," the deep voice said, no longer projecting his voice now that he is on the battleground proper. "But I must cut our fun short, I'm afraid." His hand shoots forward to grasp Danza, and reality warps just slightly behind him.

Mercury will be especially aware of what's happening, given her visor readings, but the others will likely be able to surmise what is going on. The mysterious thief is trying to teleport away with his monster -- and with his ill-gotten gains.
Runealy Waldia 2015-06-07 04:40:00 1565
Runealy winces as she strains against the bombardment, pouring herself into the barrier to hope it will hold! It's only several seconds after this stops that she realizes the attack has subsided, and that she's doing something less than desireable at this point.

"Is that...?" Maybe it is. When it doesn't try to smash down her forcefield, the Princess relents and lowers her shield. It's just as well; she overdid it and is nearly spent. All she can do is hope that the student can now be saved now that she has stopped projecting the 'bubble', and that the others can handle this battle. Exhausted on her knees, she doesn't have the strength to pursue right now.
Ami Mizuno 2015-06-07 04:45:04 1566
"Take out the monster and the energy will be returned to the victims!" Mercury yells for everyone to hear. Hopefully they'll hear. But, she has to find a way to either destroy the monster, or freeze him in place.

Shabou Spray! FREEZING!
Complete with the familiar dance to be followed by the spray of bubbles, both aiming at the frozen danza on the ground to shatter it, and to keep Nephrite's hand away and hopfully freeze him in place. And her visor is still up, so she's getting constant readings. "Stop him from grabbing the monster! Shatter it!"
Naga Amaya 2015-06-07 04:46:47 1567
     Amaya slowly starts to come to, but unaware of what is going on. She is still very weak and her head slowly moves around a little bit.. "Ow..." The pain in her left arm hits her again, but it is also kind of numb as well. She notices someone is holding onto her, and shakes her head some more. She then looks over to the monster, and lets out a soft, but angry growl.

     "My arm hurts..." Her eyes still not quite clear, and she can't even see quite clearly either. "Put me down... please.." Is Amaya even really there at the moment?
Gaofele Doiru 2015-06-07 04:47:30 1568
Guardian Gao might not be able to do advanced analytics, but the light returning to the victims /seems/ to be a good thing, especially since it seems to be an annoyance to the shadowy figure. Mercury's words ring in Gao's ear, as well: destroy the youma, restore the energy...

The wall of plants retracts as Gao releases his quarterstaff, the weapon unsummoning itself as it falls. The forester Knight draws a large arrow, the arrowhead engulfed with a pulsating mass of energy coruscating in various shades of green. "There will be no death tonight," he intones, the energy on the arrow slowly growing further. "Energy will not be bought with blood."

He releases the arrow, shouting "VERDANT EXPLOSION!" The arrow flies towards Danza like a rocket -- and with similar results when it impacts.
Matsuo Junpei 2015-06-07 04:47:55 1569
Matsuo Junpei tried to get a picture of the shape but the results likely would be less than helpful. He weezed as he sat up, then stood. "Okay..." He wobbled as he tried to ge ta lungfull of air while hefting his remaining bachi. A half-spin before throwing, aiming at the youma's chest. Simple physics at play. Sure he wasn't in anything approaching peak condition, but his target wasn't moving, in the dark, in the air, and hopefully not going to fling it back at him like a bullet.
Hinote Kagari 2015-06-07 04:48:28 1570
Guardian Hino gasps in surprise! /that's/ the owner of the voice!? Still, he holds his sword true. "Yeah." is all he says to Matsuo, because it's really all he can spare.

"If you think you're getting away........!" he says to Nephrite as things begin to get hazy. He summons up a whirl of fire around his blade as it busts up wards into the sky, "Fire....." he calls out as he swings his sword, summoining a powerful whirl of fire, as it spouts off into Danza's direction. "Blazer!" he calls out, the fire taking a life all it's own as it attempts to encircle and burn the youma- and maybe hopefully lick at the figure that just appeared near it, though the brunt of the force is against the youma.

Hino also put down Amaya near Matsuo last pose, letting Gao's shield protect them for a bit.
Nephrite 2015-06-07 05:09:33 1571
It's a split second thing. The air behind the youma and her master ripples and distorts itself like water, then tears open completely, a wide hole of *nothing* where there used to be reality. The shadowy figure is halfway inside, one gloved hand grasping the crook of Danza's elbow -- when he finds that she does not come away with him as readily as he'd expected. Turning his head back, he sees that her feet are frozen to the concrete by Mercury's ice, and she is unable to move of her own accord. Cursing, he pulls harshly with his full strength, managing to break the ice block cleanly in half.

But it is already too late. The hail of attacks -- plant, water, ice -- hit the unmoving Danza all at once, at turns superheating and freezing her already fragile body. A spiderweb of cracks runs along every part of her as she cries out in fear; but, even in her current condition, she is not yet defeated. The man cloaked in darkness makes to pull her into the portal after him, narrowing the gap between this world and his own.

When Junpei's stick hits the youma squarely in the face, and she shatters into a thousand brilliant pieces. The sound of her cries falls silent, and the courtyard of Infinity is deathly quiet for several moments.

The man, now completely inside the tear in reality, turns his face towards the interlopers.

"This is not over," he growls, and the portal closes abruptly, leaving only Mercury's fog where the shadowy man used to be.

If the Senshi is quick, she will catch a quick glimpse of his true face in her visor. Tall. Well-built. Long auburn hair falling to his shoulders, and piercing, unnatural blue eyes.

But, for now, the name of the Dark Kingdom's General remains a mystery.
Ami Mizuno 2015-06-07 05:12:56 1572
Dispersing the fog, Sailor Mercury conducts a scan of the area where the guy made the tear in space.....furiously tapping her datapad as she scans with her visor. This gives people time to actually question Sailor Mercury. At least for the time being.
Matsuo Junpei 2015-06-07 05:15:16 1573
Matsuo Junpei tried fumbling with his phone to get a better picture, and scowled. There was a deep breath after Dark Lord Doofus made his exit. His gut hurt. His everything hurt actually. Then he looked around at everyone before stating, in as calm a manner as someone who just got put through the twilight zone can manage. "Alright. Everyone safe? It looks like we're safe anyway but for all I know Lord Loudmouth left a thousand invisable spiders I can't see and you lot can. Because if we're safe I want at least one of you to sit down and answer questions, because I'm getting tired of being a weirdness magnet." Deep breath as he rushed ahead. "Also pretty sure you lot don't want me playing th epart of scrappy doo and constantly getting in your way while everything goes over my head. So talk it out. Draw Straws. Whatever. I'll even buy lunch if one of you will sit down and be as honest as you can about just how monumentally hosed I am being here."
Naga Amaya 2015-06-07 05:20:41 1574
     Amaya climbs to her feet feeling her energy return, but still seems to be a little without a clue.. Her right hand reaches over to her left arm, covering the gash in her arm, then sighs a little bit.. She looks around a little bit to see if anyone else is hurt, or possibly worse? She keeps her calm though, "Did that blue-haired girl get away okay? What about that girl in the auditorium?"

    "Can't you just stop complaining? At least you survived..." A bit of depression can be heard in her, but she also sounds irritated. "You stayed and fought, so it is your own problem, like mine. Am I right?"

    Amaya smiles widely without warning, then removes her bloodied right hand from her left arm, giving everyone a thumbs up, "Great job everyone! Now! I need to go to the hospital. I am feeling a little bit on the dizzy side."
Hinote Kagari 2015-06-07 05:20:51 1575
Guardian Hino watches the creature crash apart, and energy fly off and away----- and the man insists this isn't over. Hino just grits his teeth as he seethes. People like this... are just different forms of bullies. When all is suddenly quiet, he tilts his sword downwards and smoothly slams it back into his scabbard.

"I think it's gone, Gao. Is the Princess alright?" he asks towards him as he turns back towards the other two- Matsuo and Amaya. "You two. Are you two alright?" he asks.

He looks over to Sailor Mercury, she gets a blank stare a blink. He has no idea who that is. But... "You--um---- Thank you for the help!" he says.

He looks down at Matsuo and frowns a bit. Ugh, he knows that feeling. The demon and the witch and everything is so freaky and all you can do is... throw things.

"I think we're safe." he says to Matsuo. "Just relax." he tries to relate.

"What do you want to ask. I can't promise I have answers." the knight says with a soft frown.
Gaofele Doiru 2015-06-07 05:22:23 1576
Guardian Gao cautiously looks around. The youma and its master are no longer present, the former having been shattered and the latter having portaled away, but he still looks around for other threats for a moment.

Satisfied that Matsuo's comment about a thousand invisible spiders is just hyperbole tonight (albeit one that makes Gao quietly chuckle for a moment), Gao lets his bow unsummon, although he doesn't drop henshin for now. He glances over to Rune; she's exhausted, but seemingly unhurt -- good to know.

Looking over at Hinote, he nods, then gives his fellow Knight a 'might as well' shrug towards Matsuo. "I make no promises in what I can answer, but I will say what I may," the forester remarks to the drumstick-thrower, sitting down in accordance to Matsuo's phrasing.
Ami Mizuno 2015-06-07 05:32:23 1577
"I believe I can answer quite a few questions." Sailor Mercury says as she turns away from where the portal is. "He is one of the Generals of the Dark Kingdom. He is one of my enemies, or. the enemy of mine and the other Sailor Senshi." She then smiles. "Unfortunately, that is all the data I have at the moment. What I CAN tell you is that when Youma created by them drain energy, you destroy or defeat the Youma first. Then, the energy from the Youma will return to it's victims, or the youma will return to normal." She then looks to Matsuo. "I speak from experience, since I fell into a trap like that myself. Tend to the victims and get them to safety before you take on the general." She says closing her datapad and touching her earring, which makes her visor fade from in front of her eyes. "That is all I can really give you at the moment."
Matsuo Junpei 2015-06-07 05:37:28 1578
Matsuo Junpei looked to Mercury and quirked an eyebrow, "That... is helpful except you're on about step fifty so... please back up a few tics. Talking to one of the people that up til recently probably just kept blacking out when things got weird here, not..." Hand wave in general direction of the other magical people."

Junpei started to pace towards where his drumsticks fell. "I don't mean to sound ungrateful miss but I am so comicly not in the know I'm pretty sure just me being here could be a liability.... but eh. Here I am so yea. I've a feeling this is gonna get longwinded. Anyway. First off. Any of you like Miss White and more predator just defending their territory from others? Just to get that question out in the open right now because i know not everyone's playing on the same team." He was very obviously starting to babble now. "Just as important. How the hell do i get in touch with any of you if things get wonky? Not like I can fire up a bat signal."
Naga Amaya 2015-06-07 05:40:19 1579
     Amaya checks her injury, and then sighs a bit, "I'm heading to the hospital.." She turns and starts to walk away from the scene, thinking she needs to get medical attention first, then worry about other things later. She figures someone might call a ambulance if they see her.
Hinote Kagari 2015-06-07 05:50:28 1580
Guardian Hino thinks. Dark Kingdom? There's a DARK KINGDOM!? He looks over at Gao, and blinks as Matsuo goes on some sort of babbling rant. He doesn't act annoyed, just..... perhaps overwhelmed himself.

"Miss White?" he asks. "I'm afraid I know no one by that name." he asides.

"I'm afraid you misunderstand. Me and my friends here were in the area, scouting. We saw trouble, we reacted to it, because we don't like seeing people hurt." he frowns. "We fought as hard as we could. It seemed to be enough, as we destroyed that person's... creature." he asides.

Does he have a phone! Well of course he has a phone!--- but....

"I guess I have a phone." he asides.

"Can I ask all your names, first?" he asks. Though, of course he knows Matsuos. not that he'd admit it. "I'm... Guardian Hino. You can just call me.... Hino." he asides.
Gaofele Doiru 2015-06-07 05:52:19 1581
Guardian Gao blinks as well, contemplating the words of Mercury. Another faction seeking to drain energy -- and this time, to lethal levels? Definitely something the Waldians will have to keep an eye out for. And how to answer Matsuo's question...?

"I am Guardian Gao, or Gao for short. My friends and I are more interested in defeating youma than in territory squabbles," Gao explains, nodding towards Hinote and Rune. And it /is/ true, even if it's not the *whole* truth...

He blinks about the comment about a 'bat signal'. "Is that some sort of whistle to command trained bats?" he asks, confusion plain on his face.
Ami Mizuno 2015-06-07 05:53:46 1582
"Step fifty, as you say, is the earliest step I can give you, when there are chunks of intormation missing that even i don't know about. Which is why I was scanning the energy and the portal area." Sailor Mercury says to Matsuo. "As for telling you how to contact us, I can't tell you that." She then starts to turn away. "As I said, I am Sailor Mercury, Guardian of Knowledge and Justice." She then looks at her Datapad. "I should get this to Sailor Moon." And with that, she runs off.....
Matsuo Junpei 2015-06-07 05:56:20 1583
Matsuo Junpei sighed as Mercury ran off. "Here's hoping I see you without things trying to murder people." He then looked the two self proclaimed knights over and gave a thumbs up. "I'm OK guys just overwhelmed." Not to metnion the coat his grandad got him is pretty spectacularly ruined. He can't even throw the thing away for all the stuff still in the pockets. He raised a shredded sleeve and sighed, "The worst part of this whole 'I finally realize the weirdness' bit... is nobody is gonna believe me if I try being honest on how this happened." Shrug. "Either of you want eggrolls? Know where a great chinese place is."
Hinote Kagari 2015-06-07 06:04:03 1584
Guardian Hino looks at Gao, blinks, looks at Matsuo. "Sure. Eggrolls sound good. But if they'll kick us out for our... uh." he thinks. "Manner of dress, well. Perhaps it's better to get take out for another time, yes?" he asks curiously. He blinks a bit. "Right... phone number." he asides. "Why don't you give me yours." he asks politely.

"I'll call you later tommrow." he asides. Because he realizes-- 'damn I have to get a different phone for this magical shit, don't I!?'