FotWF II: To Lay Siege to Dreams

Madison Perry is pursued into the White Flower's stronghold, with mystifying results.

Date: 2015-11-07
Pose Count: 63
Catastrophic Crunch 2015-11-07 23:01:40 14178
    It's one of the large skyscrapers standing in the middle of Mitakihara. To normal eyes, it appears just like any other- tall, modern, lights glowing from its many windows. It's a residential tower, so aside from some shops on street-level, it's filled with apartments and condos. At least, it's supposed to be.

    To those with magical senses, the whole building is coated in a sense of /wrongness/. It's the same feeling a Witch's Labyrinth gives off, except instead of being a single point, a portal into a pocket dimension, it encompasses this building, as if the building itself were a Labyrinth, drawn into the physical world.

    The feeling is strong enough that it can be surmised, if anyone stops to think about it, that it can't have been like this the entire preceding week, since the Flower's first appearance. If it had been, it would have been noticed before now. But why it suddenly exists, or why it's existence is suddenly noticable perhaps, is not something that is easy to answer.

    In any event, this is the building to which Madison Perry fled after her brief but violent encounter with Princess Runealy. The dark red streak which marked her movement sped into a door on the roof of the building, although by the time any pursuers were able to arrive on the scene, the blonde woman herself is long inside and out of sight. Which just leaves the question of what to do next- pursue her indoors? There is the door she went into on the roof, as well as several at street level.

    Normal humans pass in and out of them without seeming to notice anything amiss. But to those with magical senses, while there is nothing stopping them from entering, it's certainly not a thing to contemplate lightly.
Gaofele Doiru 2015-11-07 23:08:33 14179
Guardian Gao lands on a nearby roof, the oversized maple seeds that flank him fluttering as they slow his descent. He frowns as he looks at the perilous tower. While he wants to get back at Madison Perry and the rest of White Flower for the attack on Rune, he knows that he can't take them on by himself.

"Gah, where is everyone else?" the forester Knight mutters, looking around for the others that were in pursuit earlier. Different modes of travel and different routes can lead to different travel times; perhaps he just arrived sooner than the others?
Fate T. Waldia 2015-11-07 23:17:05 14181
Fate Testarossa has been doggedly following Madison Perry's trail... only to stop suddenly as she senses a certain, powerful, WRONG feeling. Fate doesn't have much direct experience with Witches, so she doesn't fully understand it... but she knows danger when she sees it.

She's going to need backup before she goes any deeper.

Fate hangs in the air, magical footwings holding her position. Her wine-red eyes turn around to watch the others come up. Gao is already here. Fate drops altitude to hover over his rooftop, saying, "I'm pretty sure she went in there... but... it feels like it might be a trap."

Turning her gaze back towards the building, she adds, "Especially the way it seems to be... inviting us in like that."
Iris Shelby 2015-11-07 23:17:58 14182
Iris has been busy. The Flower in the sky brought lots of trouble with it, enough that she could easily justify leaving her 'clinic' in order to be another person out there responding to monster attacks. And now the red trail leaves an obvious clue to pursue, one the false-doctor can follow by flying overhead.

Along the way, she notices Gao on a nearby roof and swoops by. "Love your outfit, who's your tailor?" She's bright-eyed and playful with this question. "Are you one of the hired help, or are you looking for a different kind of 'senior interior cleaning engineer' position over there?" Her free hand points to the building.

"If you're looking for a ride to the roof, I can do that. Or one of the windows. Or the front door. Or wherever else you see, but you'll need to pick fast before I go on my way..."
Tadase Hotori 2015-11-07 23:22:28 14184
Tadase (as Platinum Royale, King of Ruffles) arrives on the scene relatively soon after the other two. While he trusts Doctor Iris implicitly from time with her, the presence of Gao and Fate makes him tense. While objectively Gao and his Princess have renounced everything, Tadase often has trouble letting things go, and he's aware of Fate's allies in a general sense.

All the same, Kings do not hold grudges or show that level of tenseness, and so he lets it go as best he can, landing near them with a scepter in hand. He points it at the looming skyscraper. "I don't like it. But we also can't leave it here. This energy it's putting out - even bit by bit, it's going to attach to normal people. It's going to drag them down, if not actively hurt them. And who knows what's brewing in there." he says, bluntly.
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-11-07 23:24:09 14186
Cure Gull said she was coming and PRETTY CURES NEVER LIE!------ well. Sometimes. Usually. Usually not. LOOK! LEAVE ME ALONE!

Cure Gull arrives first as a streaking line of green- having followed the call out by Mamoru earlier in the evening and poofs back into being a seafoam green magical girl who flips---who's wings turn on and light into translucent green and then throws herself downward in a sudden! hard! FAST! KICK!





There's a giant smash. Cure Gull hops out. "ACK!? SORRY SORRY! SORRY!" she cries out. She zips forward with a jump as she looks around frantically.

"HEY!? WHO'S ALL HERE!" she calls out.
Usagi Tsukino 2015-11-07 23:28:12 14187
Sailor Moon is out of breath by the time she arrives. She's been following the red trail, but her recent wand use and the feeling of...dread from the building is making her a bit run down.

She lands next to Gull and looks around, happy to see more faces than before.

"I'm here! Anyone have one of those energy drinks? Coffee? I'll drink it even if it's black. And...cold."

Shudder shudder cold coffee is evil.

She almost starts to wave wildly at Iris before she remembers that maybe she hadn't entered the clinic as Sailor Moon, whoops.
Gaofele Doiru 2015-11-07 23:35:21 14189
Guardian Gao looks around at those who arrived. "Well, glad to see everyone here," he nods. "And it looks like we might have to go through the literal front door." If Gull's attempted entrance resulted in that much chaos, the results of the entire group of them trying to barrel in all at once would likely be worse, both for themselves and for the area around them.

He sizes up the building with a glare, then sighs. "It might be a trap -- Barrier knows, it probably /is/ a trap -- but you're right: we can't just sit back here and do nothing." The forester Knight looks around at everyone else. "Anybody got any ideas or suggestions?"
Iris Shelby 2015-11-07 23:40:10 14191
"Wow, you can tell all that from out here?" Iris sounds impressed by Tadase's deduction. "I'm pretty second rate by comparison, I usually have to wait until someone gets sick before I can figure that out." She winces as someone - Gull - does a surprisingly good bird impression...

...and Sailor Moon requests stimulants. "Sorry, what I have is for emergencies. Like 'patient fading before your eyes' emergency. You don't want what I'm dispensing unless it's that bad."

She's not sure what to think of the nearby Fate, possibly recognizing the barrier jacket but making no other comment beyond "Black and red? Definitely a 'you' look. If it's inviting us, shall we go? Being late to a meeting is terrible, of course!" She giggles at this observation.

Gao's unusual slang gets a raised eye, but she passes on commenting about it for now. "I'm not sure. Part of me wants to say 'go in the front, then double back', but they might have some way to seal us in there once we go in. So I'm thinking either following them onto the roof, which is kind of obvious... or the front door, which is even more obvious, but maybe they're thinking we're smarter than that, and they don't have the obvious covered because they're expecting something clever!"

Toward that end, she begins to float down and toward the front door. "I'll go first. If I say 'Arghblarghlenooowhyyyy', that's the code word for 'not safe, stay away!'"
Fate T. Waldia 2015-11-07 23:44:13 14193
Fate sees the gathering of several magical people, some from earlier, and others just now showing up.

She seems to pick up on Platinum Royale's discomfort, saying, "Sorry..." Sorry for what? Fate doesn't know, but she's probably doing something bad or failing in some way. When will she stop being such a disappointment?

She turns towards the building, saying, "I'm going in. Come if you want, but that girl said she was targeting magical people. That includes us. That's a direct threat."

With that, she flies towards the building, noticing the window that Cure Gull broke. The front door might be better? What if the enemy is on the top floor? Should they really go through every single floor?

Fate considers entering through a door on the roof, if such a thing exists, but no, she'd rather stick with the group. Safety in numbers, and all that.

Arf is given a signal to return, but it will take some time before the familiar arrives.

Iris compliments her on her barrier jacket. Fate blushes slightly and says, "Thanks..." When Iris volunteers to go through the front door first, Fate adds, "I'll follow you. Whatever happens we'll just both have to deal with it."

Fate floats a safe distance after Iris. From this point she can either charge in with Scythe Mode or hang back and fire projectiles depending on what's waiting for them.
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-11-07 23:49:04 14195
Cure Gull sighs and crosses her arms. "Sorry guys---I tried to...kick my way in. That didn't work..." she mumbles. She stands back and let's Iris go first and also listening for a....arghgbgbargle. She does however, stand ready to rush inside anyways because screw that noise. She's going in to save Iris if that happens

She steps back. She peeks at Platnium Royale. She taps her chin. Where had...she heard a description of a person like this before. Place him...

"Hey---uh. You didn't happen to fight a redhead with a sword who is also a massive jerk who has the hots of mirrors, did you?" she asks Tadase.

She peeks at the rest and frowns a bit.
Tadase Hotori 2015-11-07 23:49:13 14196
To Iris, Platinum Royale says blunly "I only know that because Kiseki can sense it." That might proffer a clue as to his identity to anyone that's ever met Tadase.

But Platinum Royale is not about to let Iris go in /alone/ to test the trap-ness of the Huge Impending Doom Skyscraper. He is, however, willing to let her take the lead. But he does follow in behind her and Fate with a comment of "If anything bad happens, get behind me. I'm at my best with protection magic, and then you two can pop out and counter-attack."

Platinum Royale keeps that very fancy and sparkly scepter pointed firmly ahead as he follows behind the two magical girls, eyes looking for danger along with them.
Usagi Tsukino 2015-11-07 23:51:47 14198
Sailor Moon's shoulders slump. "I're right."

Though sometimes she wonders if people know how high her tolerance for caffeine is. (It's as high as her tolerance for spiked punch is low.) Then again, it's very likely not caffeine!

Her cell vibrates, and normall she would ignore it. But she'd called Ami-chan on her way here, and half of her would not be in the fight if she didn't look at this message. She reads it, sees Mamo-chan's with her and safe, and she breathes in relief.

Text: Thank you!! <3


Now she's all in!

When she looks up, apparently there has been plans made and are now being executed. (And something about an 'Arghblarghlenooowhyyyy' which she really hopes doesn't happen!)

Scrambling, she catches up with the group heading in.

Right now, her wand is out of sight.
Catastrophic Crunch 2015-11-08 00:04:48 14200
    There's nothing particularly threatening about the front door to the building. It's a bank of glass doors, as you'd expect from any high-rise apartment building. There's a doorman standing outside, but he doesn't seem to be stopping anyone from going in or out. As mentioned, normal people are moving in and out without seeming to notice anything amiss.

    When Iris (or whoever goes first) pushes open the door and steps inside though, it's as if they've stepped through the looking glass. Everything inside looks the same as normal- the faux-marble floors, the reception desk, the bank of elevators against the back wall. But there's a hazy, unreal quality to it- as if one has stepped out of normal time and space and into somebody's dream of this space.

    There are also no people- the normal people entering just seem to vanish. For those familiar with the sensation, it is very much indeed like entering a Witch's Labyrinth- the only difference again is that usually those go to an entirely different space. This seems to be a Labyrinth-like rendering of the space that is really there. Magical people can enter, normal people simply don't. Those who recall will also identify this as very similar to the feeling which spread over all of Tokyo a week ago, when this all began.

    Other than the pervasive feeling of unreality and 'this is wrong'-ness, though, there are no immidiate threats to be found in the lobby of the building, though. Any attempts to leave, however... opening the door from the inside, one will find themselves looking in.. at the lobby again. And the backs of the people behind them, like some kind of weird funhouse mirror. You can walk through the door as many times as you like, but you always end up where you started. It seems there's no getting back out that way.

    At the other end of the room, one of the elevator doors slides open by itself. The elevator is empty, and it just sits there, door open.
Gaofele Doiru 2015-11-08 00:14:24 14202
Guardian Gao follows the others in, a faint glow lingering in the palms of his hands as he readies to summon his bow or his quarterstaff, whichever would be of more use against whatever comes at them.

He shivers slightly as they enter the Labyrinthy space, and the glow in his hands becomes more steady. But there is no immediate attack; merely a silence that is unnerving in its own right.

The forester Knight narrows his eyes at the inviting elevator. "That /really/ looks like a trap, but I doubt that we'd be able to use the stairs," he remarks.

After a look back at the trickery with the doors from the outside, Gao shakes his head. "Guess we'll have to risk it and be ready for trickery, then."
Iris Shelby 2015-11-08 00:15:23 14203
"Then it's settled," Iris chimes back to Fate. "An iron-clad contract, we'll deal with it together. Whoever backs out of that first loses their rights to the book deal about this event! And just think, this right here, today, is where I met the next best-selling author! I'll have to get your autograph once we get through this, of course!"

"'Kiseki', huh..." Iris chews on that name in her mind. It sounds familiar. "Get behind you? I hope your shields are as big as your heart, in that case."

Then an aside to Sailor Moon: "It's alright. Adrenaline is an amazing pick-you-up! If you end up needing it, your body will be glad to dispense plenty. It's kind of like your buddy that knows what to give you right on time!"

Then, she goes in first and immediately reports a dire problem: "Oh no! My ability to talk normal is fading, replaced by corporate buzzwords!"

Then, "Wait, no... my inner team player is still okay. I'm still thinking outside the box. I must be, if the world looks like /this/ all of a sudden!" After a few experiments with the door, she gives up and suggests, "Shall we head up? Stairs or elevator, I know I'm claiming an executive office when we get there."

Apparently all too glad to be lead along by an environment that's expecting them, she walks toward the elevator and plans to take it up once others join her, if they opt to do so. "You're probably right," she notes to Gao, "but whoever it is seems to have some eye for suspense. Maybe we'll get the tiniest bit of warning before the trap springs, mm?"
Fate T. Waldia 2015-11-08 00:21:41 14204
Fate blushes further. "M-me? An author? I don't know if I could..."

Book deals? Would anyone really want to read something like this? Most don't even know it exists. It takes Fate a moment to decide that Iris is probably joking with her.

"If you think your shields can handle it, sure," responds Fate to Platinum.

Fate flies in after Iris, immediately notices the lack of people, and thinks 'Okay, that's not a normal thing'. It reminds her of the barriers she uses to keep normals out of her business, but she isn't sensing the right kind of magic for that.

She turns around and tries to leave, seeing if the people come back when she exits the barrier... but she can't leave. She just turns around, goes through the entrance, turns around, goes through again, and after several attempts of this she says, "... we're trapped now. Whatever this is, we can't leave."

Fate lands on her feet, deciding that there's no point in hovering when she's this close to the ground anyways. When the elevator opens, she says, "There's only one way to go."

She's quick to follow Iris in. She quickly glances up at the magic doctor before turning her attention towards the elevator buttons. She half-wonders if the elevator will move on its own.
Tadase Hotori 2015-11-08 00:53:48 14207
Platinum Royale looks at the suspicious elevator. "Well, like you said, we can't leave, apparently." He's got half a mind to test that by blasting the walls, but given Gull's dive earlier he's not sure that would be the best course of action.

"To say this place feels strange would be an understatement."

From within his chest, Kiseki's voice echoes outward. "This must be how being trapped in an x-egg feels. Everything's just so wrong."

Platinum Royale looks around at his allies. "Well, they either want to kill us or meet us, I guess we get to find out. Stay close to me, again." He is reasonably sure that his defenses are as strong as his heart, given the nature of his new henshin.
Usagi Tsukino 2015-11-08 00:58:42 14209
"If there really is a book deal, I hear young adult is a good genre. You may want a romance couple. Maybe a triangle. Or a polygon, who knows."

Sailor Moon grins. "True. Adrenaline is the only thing that gets me to school on time."

A pause.

"Usually on time. ...sometimes on time."

She looks around as she enters, making a face. Speaking of corporate, could that be why she's suddenly craving stale donuts and a little paper cup for around a water cooler?

Of course it isn't, that's just her imagination playing along with Iris.

She turns to the door, hums, and pulls out her cell phone. She's always wondered something. And usually, it happens during the middle of a fight.

Text: Ami-chan I'm in a thing. Just checking if there's reception.

And send. Who knows if it actually does send, though.

Eh, she'll find out later.

Sailor Moon looks around, contemplating.

She guesses separating wouldn't be wise. Plus, very likely so against what she's learned from just about all three of the horror movies she's seen. (They're scary!)

"Strange, weird, and I think my soul's going to have some sort of grime all over it when we leave."

She presses the elevator button repeatedly. Not from impatience, though there's a bit of that, but because, well, it's what she does.

If it annoys anyone and she notices, she'll sheepishly pull her hand away for all of two seconds before continuing at an increased rate.
Catastrophic Crunch 2015-11-08 01:16:01 14210
    Once everyone is inside the elevator, the door closes on its own. It just slides shut.. Usagi's rapid button-pressing seeming to be irrelevant. This elevator seems to have its own plans. Luckily, the car is more than large enough for the people inside to stand in without feeling crowded. (Hopefully none of them is the devil).

    There's no sensation of movement at all. It's like the car hasn't even shifted, hasn't gone up or down. Just when one might begin to wonder what is going on, the door slides silently open again.

    And those inside find themselves facing.. a classroom? A typical, Japanese classroom, like one might find in any high school around the country. But certainly one that should not be in a residential apartment building, especially right outside of an elevator.

    Everything also has a ..grainy look, feel to it. Almost like you're inside an old home movie. And there are kids, too- the spectral shapes of teenagers sitting at the desks, moving around, seeming half made of smoke. None of them pay any attention to the doors opening or the people inside.
Gaofele Doiru 2015-11-08 01:22:59 14211
Guardian Gao looks around at the 'classroom', then at the others in the elevator. "Guess this is our stop," he shrugs, warily steeping into the classroom. He still hasn't summoned either of his weapons, but the way the glows in the palms of his hands flicker hint that he's about ready to summon either one.

"That's a good way of putting it, Sailor Moon," the forester Knight nods. "The wrongness of this place lingers."
Iris Shelby 2015-11-08 01:26:33 14213
"I bet you could," Iris insists to Fate. She is joking, but is also pushing the line pretty hard: "I'll buy the first copy if you sign it, too. Of course, you'll have to stay healthy and get through this if you want to write the story... so you be sure to stay behind him," a nod over to Royale, "If it comes up."

Then she unhelpfully suggests to Royale, "Those aren't exclusive. They can meet us, /then/ try to kill us!" To Sailor Moon, a giggle as she plays with the adjective-downgrading. "Occasionally. Maybe once in a while. Under rare, specific circumstances! Don't worry, you'll be helping her determine the geometry of the relationships. 'Senior vice president in charge of romance consulting'! With the massive salary you get from that position, we'll get your soul detoxed in no time with the latest in overhyped remedies!"

When the elevator 'moves without moving', Iris actually blinks with open surprise when the door opens. "Huh? Even I provide a little more clue on what's going on than THAT. Weird even by my standards."

She nonetheless takes a few steps out, and offers an experimental handwave to one of the smoke-students. "Hello!" Cheerful, even as she keeps her distance and half expects this will provoke an attack. There's a reason her staff is ready in one hand, even as she quips to Gao, "It does, but you know what else is wrong? I still don't know who your tailor is. ...Though I admit this place being so messed up is the way bigger problem."
Fate T. Waldia 2015-11-08 01:41:46 14214
"I can make shields, too," says Fate. "... but they aren't my specialty. If that's what he's good at then he can handle it."

All this talk about signing and book deals is going over her head and making her head spin. "Romance? What?" She doesn't know anything about that! It's a good thing someone else is handling it.

She doesn't even get annoyed at Sailor Moon's button pushing. It kinda looks fun. Maybe she'll get a turn to push the buttons next?

When the door opens, Fate forgets all about that and walks into the grainy classroom. "So... is this an old-timey class room? It looks pretty normal to me." By 'normal' she means 'modern', which is strange because grainy film usually means old.

"Why is a classroom in a building like this?"
Tadase Hotori 2015-11-08 01:51:01 14215
Platinum Royale keeps trying to take point, moving so that he's at least near as many people as possible. He stands at the front of the elevator as it rises. Because a king leads, of course. To Iris, he responds "Well, as long as we don't let them succeed."

Then the elevator stops, and he steps out into the odd classroom-like environment. Inwardly, this disturbs Tadase a lot. Because he spends so much time at school, the well-being of his own school is so close to him. And this is like that, but also with that overwhelming creepiness and level of wrong. Outwardly, Platinum Royale does a good job of keeping 'in character' - which for a chara-bearer is a literal thing.

"I'm not sure the classroom is really here. Or the building. Or both. If you've never been in a witch's labrynth it can be really unsettling to get your head around, but the space we're in isn't... normal." He's still clutching his weapon pretty tightly, for all his bravado.
Usagi Tsukino 2015-11-08 01:53:25 14216
Sailor Moon waits for the stereotypical elevator music to start playing. She also waits for the elevator to move.

Neither happens, though.

She's a little disappointed at the lack of that first one.

Still, her cheeks blush and she giggles at Iris. "Massive pay check? First thing I'll buy is a milkshake machine. No, five."

After, you know, she has more experience with the romance thing. Like maybe even public dates.

When the elevators open, she's shocked to see that they have apparently moved, after all. "So, did we move, or did the building move around us?"

She flashes a smile at Gao. "Soul Grime. It's a common thing since...recently."

She steps out of the elevator, instantly pulling herself up against the wall.

"Am I na-nope." A glance down reveals she is dressed. And there's no letters on the chalkboard indicating there's no surprise test today. "So, this probably isn't an actual nightmare."

Still, as she looks at the smoky kids,drifting about, a shiver rolls down her spine.

"Could they be real, though?" She swallows. "Are they...stuck?"

This thought makes her so incredibly sad. By the looks of things, this classroom seems to have been around for ages. If they are stuck, have they just If not, why?

Her hand reaches for her wand, in case they are stuck, in case they aren't. If she needs to use it again, well, she'll just take a super long nap when she gets home.

For now, though, she sticks close to the group. She may lead the senshi, but this is not her usual cup of tea. (That and it's kind of nice not having it implies her leadership is fail.)
Catastrophic Crunch 2015-11-08 02:00:16 14217
    Despite everything being grainy and half made of shadows, life seems to be going on as normal for the children in the classroom. They frolic about, clearly engaged with each other, talking, gossiping, doing what kids do. There's a taller figure at the front who is clearly a teacher, but they are just writing on the board, perhaps this is before or after class, which would explain why the students are up and walking around.

    Those entering from the elevator will find themselves ignored ,as if they are walking through a virtual-reality film clip. If they happen to get in the way, the ghostly figures will walk right through them without any sense of being felt at all.

    There is one standout in the room though. A girl sits alone by the window, with long, straight hair. She's staring at her desk, and stands out because of how still she is compared to all the movement of the other figures in the room.

    As part of whatever pantomime is playing out here, a group of the other figures suddenly approach her desk and gather around. There's no sound, other than perhaps the faint rushing of some ghostly wind, but it's clear from their posture and hers, the way she hunches slightly, that they are unwelcome- they are taunting her, or teasing her in some way. Nobody else seems to notice or care.
Gaofele Doiru 2015-11-08 02:19:15 14218
Guardian Gao hesitates, the glow in his hands fading out. "I... think we should help her," he muses, rubbing his chin. "I'm not quite sure /how/, but... there's something about this that feels like there's something we can do."

He walks over towards the lone girl and the shadowy figures, circling around and sizing them up. How to help? How to dispel the shadowy figures, to drive them away from their victim?
Iris Shelby 2015-11-08 02:30:55 14219
"/Gold plated machines/," Iris insists to Sailor Moon, quick to encourage her in corporate extravagance. "And the class room is here to teach a whole new generation of workers how to produce Soul Grime." This makes perfect sense to her. "Teach 'em young."

Then she realizes Fate and possibly Royale might be worried by that. "Don't worry though, you're tapped for polygon novels and..." It occurs to her she has no 'material' to extend the joke to the latter, and comes up with "...shielding."

Then the joking stops, as she takes notice that there appears to be a problem by the window. "Is she even doing anythi-- ...ah..."

Iris is at a loss how to deal with this. The ghost in the seat seems to be getting bullied, perhaps, but she's not sure what to DO about it in the face of the students seeming to just pass right through the regular folk here. She nonetheless approaches, trying to wave a hand in-between the apparent victim and some of the tormentors. "Hey? She must be pretty incredible if you need to outnumber her that badly?"
Fate T. Waldia 2015-11-08 02:45:56 14220
All of the girls hovering around the one. It's not a situation that Fate is overly familiar with, being raised mostly alone... Or is she? Does she have some memories of such a situation? She can't quite figure it her memories for a moment.

"Help her...? How?"

Are normal girls really this hostile? Crowding around her and picking on her? Is this what public school is like? Why would anyone ever want to go to such a place?

For the moment, her guard is down. Bardiche reverts from scythe mode to its staff mode, the energy blades vanishing as its head takes the position of an axe, looking like its namesake.

She walks over to the wispy smokey girls, reaching out to touch one of them, and then reaching out to poke the unhappy girl in the middle with her index finger.
Tadase Hotori 2015-11-08 02:48:30 14221
Platinum Royale looks around. He knows what's happening to the girl isn't right - but he also knows that none of what's going on is exactly right. Fate and Iris seem to be moving in to intercede, which puts Platinum Royale where he usually is - where likes to be anyways. He can react better from here.

"Be careful." he says. As if the entire atmosphere of the place isn't screaming 'spooky dangerous be careful wrongness' the whole time by its very existence.
Usagi Tsukino 2015-11-08 02:49:55 14222
There are several possible outcomes for what would happen if Sailor Moon did what her gut instinct told her to do.

She sees the girl.

But she also sees her friends in that posture.

She's Makoto and Rei, but mostly, she sees Ami. (For some reason.)

And, well, there's a reason why it's Love and Justice and not Justice and Love.

So. For her, despite the possibility of getting eaten, her urge to show the girl someone at least cares a little is strong.

After all, she's Usagi first.

And, well, she's the Usagiest Usagi who ever Usagied.

So she walks toward the girl, ignoring the others around her.

"Hey, it's going to be okay." If she's able to, she will place her hand on the girl's shoulder, warm and solid. (Again, Usagiest Usagi ever.)

If she slides right through, eh, she's embarrassed herself worse.

Of course, if she gets eaten, well. Mamo-chan will find her. (False Bravado.)
Catastrophic Crunch 2015-11-08 02:57:44 14223
    Everything else in the room is ghostlike, insubstantial. The other children pass right through the invading magical people as if they're nothing more than smoke. None of them seem to pay any attention to the words Iris or anyone else address to them.

    Therefore, it may come as something of a surprise when Fate's finger, and Usagi's hand, come into contact with solid flesh when they touch the bullied girl. She feels as solid as if she were really sitting there.

    And it may come as even more of a surprise when her head lifts, revealing her face, looking straight at them. It's the face of a young Japanese girl, but it's her eyes that should draw attention- the irises are shifting color constantly, the colors swirling within one after the other as if someone were turning a kaleidoscope behind her eyes. They stand out even more because the rest of her looks as smoky and grainy as the rest of the classroom and its inhabitants.

    "You come here to destroy me, and then try to offer me solace?" The voice comes from the girl, but also from all around, as if seeping out of the walls of the room itself. "People like you are always the same."

    There's a brief flash, an image of a very different classroom- the people currently doing the bullying strewn about amid shattered desks, lifeless, while the long-haired girl stands above them- but then it reverts to the previous scene, the girl sitting with the bullies crowded around, though she is still looking up at Usagi, Fate, and the others.

    "Why do you call me evil for defending myself?" A sense of menace is growing in the room, steadily, as she speaks. All the ghostly children have stopped moving. Almost as one, they have turned to stare from all directions at the intruders.
Iris Shelby 2015-11-08 03:09:05 14225
"Right," Iris calls back to Royale, a little more serious about things now. She's still puzzled by the utter lack of response provided, then... things get even more confusing. "Destroy?" Her head turns wildly, picking up on the fact the voice sounds like it's coming from everywhere, then she makes a tiny, inarticulate noise as the 'environment' shifts.

It was only a moment, but enough to cause her to float back toward Royale. "We're not? I don't think we are, at least? If we seem like we are, we didn't mean to? It sounds like we're misunderstanding something, maybe we did something that doesn't sit quite right with you?" Placation tactics, in the face of this rising threat whose origins she can only make very quick guesses at.

"Can you explain? I don't think they," a nod to Moon and Fate, "Were saying anything against you just now."
Fate T. Waldia 2015-11-08 03:10:50 14226
"Destroy you?" asks Fate. Is that what they're here to do? Her Midchildian weapons are non-lethal except maybe to magical monsters, so the concept of her actually trying to kill someone, regardless of what she might threaten to do, is alien to her. On the other hand, this thing might actually fall under the 'magical monster' category, so it may be a moot point.

Another point of oddness is the fact that she's very self-aware of the fact that she's surrounded by people who, under normal circumstances, might very well be her enemy. To say that she was 'just the same' as them... What does that mean exactly?

Fate doesn't have much time to think of a response before the images flash before her eyes and the sense of malice grows. One by one, eyes turn towards her, and her little feet begin to backpedal away.

"We're here because that mean girl ran in here. She started it! She's mean!" is what the little girl has to say in her defense, probably completely undermining whatever Iris is trying to do. Regardless of the growing threat, Fate is not interested in backing down, holding Bardiche at the ready.
Tadase Hotori 2015-11-08 03:14:51 14227
Platinum Royuale smiles. It's the kindest, warmest smile he can possibly manage - which makes it actually pretty kind and warm, to say the least! "We didn't come here to destroy you. We came here to find someone who was hurting our friends, who was involved in something bad..." Fate interjects. "yes, a mean girl."

"I don't think it was you." he says, maintaining his outer calm largely for the moment. That other scene they saw and felt though - the destructive one - makes him a bit more wary. "We don't want to destroy anyone. We didn't come here to do that. Even the girl who was mean, we just wanted to make her stop being mean. And you shouldn't be mean either, allright?"
Usagi Tsukino 2015-11-08 03:19:49 14228
Oh! She hasn't been eaten! Huzzah for her!

At least not yet.

There may be a mild slump in relief.

But then her spine stiffens at the girl's tones, and then she's shrieking at the scene change and she finds herself clinging to Iris's back.


Her limbs are shaking, and perhaps she's choking Iris a bit if her arms aren't moved.

After her knees stop shaking, she adds to the already said words. "W-w-we're defenders, not d-destroyers." A cough. A clearing of her throat. Two eyes and two odangos peeking over an Iris shoulder. "We we we, ah, um, yes."

She's done being a broken record.

Instead, she almost sounds like a pair of maracas from how much she's shaking.
Gaofele Doiru 2015-11-08 03:23:48 14230
Gao's eyes narrow for a moment at the brief scene of devastation, but he doesn't say anything. The others seem to have a better sense of the talking -- even Sailor Moon -- so instead the forester Knight looks at the shadowy figures, making eye contact to acknowledge each of them in turn.
Catastrophic Crunch 2015-11-08 03:28:59 14232
    The ghost-like girl continues to regard those addressing her with her color-shifting eyes as they speak, denying ill intent. Slowly, she stands from her chair, until she is on her feet. Although the other kids are still gathered around her just as they were before, they too have now turned to stare at the intruders, although only the eyes of the girl are in color.

    "You are lying." The words still come from everywhere, although the girl's mouth moves, and it is clearly her voice. "This is about survival. It's always been about survival." She looks at each of them in turn.. at Gao, Iris, Fate, Royale, and Sailor Moon. "You would destroy me if you could, just as you destroy Witches. Youma. Monsters. But I refuse to accept it. If you wish to destroy me.. I will simply have to destroy you first."

    And then suddenly, she's gone, completely, as if the frame skipped and everything else is the same, but that girl is gone.

    And something else is different too- the smoke-children have all been replaced with bizarre creatures that look like someone pasted a paper-mache flower on top of a stick-figure. Except they're also holding paper swords. And they start swinging them wildly at anyone within reach! And yeah- they may look like paper, but they are definitely sharp.
Iris Shelby 2015-11-08 03:44:06 14236
Iris takes the outbursts pretty well. She at least has some memory of being a child, so she's honestly not terribly surprised Fate pulled that line of reasoning.

What DOES catch her off guard is Sailor Moon jumping atop her! "Whoa!?" Iris' weight tilts forward, teetering back and forth, trying to stay stable. "Ghk..." Her free hand reaches up to try to pry Moon's arms around some, wanting to be able to breathe better.

This becomes a huge problem when they come under attack. Iris would normally take to the air, but the ceiling is too low... they could probably just jump to cut her with ease. Unable to move, unable to meaningfully attack while Sailor Moon weighs her down, Iris raises her free hand while a mechanical female voice, Valkyrie Wing, chimes out <Round Shield>

A pink energy field appears in front of the hand, and Iris begins spinning to swing the barrier at incoming attacks. She's doing more than just hiding behind it; Iris is actively working at deflecting these strange blades!

Stumbling steps try to keep Moon with her, as she makes her way toward Platinum Royale. "Hope you're up to this...!" A shout to him.
Fate T. Waldia 2015-11-08 03:45:50 14237
When the attacks come, Fate is given some warning from her device. <Defensor>. It autocasts for her, and she's suddenly surrounded by a yellow bubble of energy.

Each hit of those paper-like swords smashes into her shield, threatening to cut through, but the shield holds its ground.

<Scythe Mode>

Bardiche assumes the form of a scythe, and the bubble-shield drops. Fate charges at the enemy, using her speed to duck and weave between slices, watching for openings in their attacks and closing in with a sweep of her own scythe.

This deep in combat, it would be easy for her to be surrounded or overwhelmed, and as the enemies start closing in around her she starts realizing that she might not be able to win on her own.

Lucky for her, she's not alone today.

Diving through a gap between the familiars trying to surround her, her quick feet carry her to a spot behind Platinum.

She's not just hiding back there. She's taking a breather while she plans her next move.
Tadase Hotori 2015-11-08 03:51:59 14238
Platinum Royale's had his scepter at the ready since they walked into this place, and while he might not have a device to warn him - he's had these words on the tip of his tounge the entire time.

"HOLY CROWN" he announces, and a massive wave of golden energy crashes into one of the atackers, building a cone-shaped bulwark against attacks for a good distance behind him, rivers of golden energy dancing in the air and forming a surprisingly solid shield.

"Did anybody see where she went?" Platinum asks, concerned. "Does anybody have an idea what's going on here?"
Usagi Tsukino 2015-11-08 03:53:41 14240
The girl dissapears, and Sailor Moon huffs. "If she's going to assume the worst of us..."

She hates when people assumes the worst of her. So rude!

And then there's fighting to be had.

Instead of climbing off Iris, like she probably should because of Boundaries, she shifts her knees and weight.

Fortunately for her sleep schedule, the wand would be...interesting with the shield. (Unless Iris WANTS a face full of escalated healing?)

One hand on Iris's shoulder, she gives the weird paper...critters a very Sailor Moon glare as her free hand goes to her forehead.


Fortunately, she's been practicing her arc! And the whole boomerang thing, which is totally cool.

Is it less cool if you say out loud how cool it is?

After it's sweep, the tiara spins on her fingertips. Her palm, having been thwacked good earlier by the tiara, is very thankful for this.

Her tiara stings like a bee!

But there's shiny!

"Oh, so pretty!" Sailor Moon has near star eyes as she takes in the golden energy.

It doesn't remind her of a certain someone, because she's FOCUSED ON THE MISSION, DARNIT!
Gaofele Doiru 2015-11-08 03:54:35 14241
There's a pulse of green as Gao summons his bow. "Bramble Grasp!" he yells, unleashing an arrow that splits and spreads sideways, forming a sweeping barricade of two linked sets of nearly-braided thorn-studded tendrils to push the Familiars away from the other side of the group.

"Not sure," the forester Knight replies to Platinum. "One moment she was there, and the next she was gone." He already has another arrow drawn, ready to fire once he sees what the Familiars are doing.
Catastrophic Crunch 2015-11-08 04:01:37 14244
    Familiars they are indeed, and as such they are not terribly difficult for skilled magical warriors to take down. They are more dangerous because of their numbers and the confined space than because they are particularly powerful.

    Fate's scythe cuts them down with ease, as their blows are deflected by Iris' shield, and Gao's wall of brambles. Sailor Moon's tiara circles the room, and each of the stick-flower warriors it impacts simply poofs out of existence, clearing a wide swath of the attackers. Platinum Royalte's wave of golden energy vaporizes all those in his path.. and on top of that, seems to tear straight through the wall behind it.

    On the other side of the wall, incongruously, is not a school hallway but what looks like the hallway of an apartment building. Exactly what you would expect in the building they had originally walked into.

    It also displays something else which might be of interest- in the brief moments after the wall is destroyed, there's a glimpse of a blonde woman in red and black, dashing away from the new hole and down the hall.
Iris Shelby 2015-11-08 04:02:24 14246
"No idea!" Iris manages to get enough breath to speak more clearly, but her voice is still hurried. "Kind of busy! And... g... get off...!" She has to plant Valkyrie Heart into the ground to act as a 'third leg', holding her steady as Sailor Moon leans around atop her, and Iris tries to stay within the Holy Crown's radius.

As a certain blonde someone ahead rushes off, Iris remarks: "Probably luring us somewhere, but staying here might not be much good. Go?"

This time she's not leading the charge, trying to stay close to Royale since she really can't fight like this.
Catastrophic Crunch 2015-11-08 04:05:48 14247
    Outside in the hallway, there are closed apartment doors on either side all the way down. At the end of the hall is another door, and if they're quick enough, the group would catch sight of it slamming shut behind the blonde woman as she passes through it. Meanwhile, the other doors open and begin to disgorge more familiars of various types- both the flower-stick-warriors as well as the weasel-things from earlier and other, even stranger designs.
Fate T. Waldia 2015-11-08 04:12:40 14250
"Yes, we go," says Fate, firmly. With a path having been cut through the familiars, and the hole now blasted into the wall, Fate charges after the blonde girl, cutting down another paper swordflower as it tries to intercept her.

Fate's feet lift from the ground and she starts hovering, and even though she has a low ceiling to deal with she also has a lot of control over her flightpath. She's much faster and more mobile moving this way.

Weasels and swordflowers pour out in front of her, but she doesn't slow down, instead holding Bardiche in front of her, transforming it into its staff mode.

<Photon Lancer>

Seven or eight yellow spheres of energy fire from the tip of her staff, each one aiming for a weasel or swordflower that's trying to bar her path. If she clears the way fast enough maybe she can catch up...!

When she finally reaches the door, it closes in front of her. She comes to a quick stop in front of it, trying to pull it open. She looks behind her, at the other monsters coming up behind her.
Tadase Hotori 2015-11-08 04:22:55 14251
Platinum holds his scepter out, trying to keep that wave of energy up. Every time a familiar crashes into it or is hedged out, it takes a little bit more out of him, and the field weakens a bit. But he's holding as strong as he can, so the others can have breathing room to remove them.

"I think we should follow her - I'm not sure we have any better options, and she looked like she might have a clue what's going on - even if it is a trap, might as well fight out way out of it!" he shouts over the din of the combat outbreak.
Usagi Tsukino 2015-11-08 04:25:45 14253
Sailor Moon's face is a bright scarlet as she climbs down. "Um...sorry, Iris..."

There's more monsters now, more familiars, and she would be right back up Iris's back, but, well, she doesn't want the healer annoyed at her!

So, she spins the disc still on her fingertips again.


Another arch through familiars, she hopes!

Then, shoulders slumping, she's wanting to yell at herself already.

"I'll see if I can keep up!"

And she's hopping through familiars, whacking them with whatever she can, trying to get to where the blonde had last been seen.
Gaofele Doiru 2015-11-08 04:28:54 14254
"Nettle Barrage!" Gao shouts, launching a fusilade of narrow-shafted arrows at the swarms of Familiars between Fate and the rest of the group. Even if some of the arrows don't find a hostile target, the twin-tailed Device-user will be safe, as the arrows veer away from a cone around her.

"Get moving!" the forester Knight calls to the others, rushing forward after the others, using his bow to push foes out of melee before shootng them with simple arrows of energy. Right now, movement is more important than power; if the group is together, then it becomes easier to fight off the attackers.
Catastrophic Crunch 2015-11-08 04:36:01 14255
    There seem to be no end to the Familiars, as although they go down pretty much in one hit from anything, they keep pouring out of the side-doors in the hallway as if there were limitless supplies of them. Luckily, although they swing swords and bite with sharp teeth, Fate is able to scythe her way through them (literally) to the end of the hall at the head of the group, with Gao supporting her alongside Sailor Moon, the arrows and the tiara helping to clear the path while the others follow behind Platinum's defense.

    The door opens without much of an issue for Fate, and she stumbles through into.. surprising quiet. The room on the other side is large and open, and nearly empty- it looks like perhaps it was an office or something, but there's no desks or anything in it now, just banks of floor-to-ceiling windows on either side. Out these, buildings can be seen- the buildings outside in Tokyo. That's the normal world out there. Judging by the height, that elevator had been moving after all. Looks like the top floor, now.

    I say the room is almost empty, because it contains one piece of furniture- a high-backed chair, almost like something an executive would sit in, sitting along at the far end. In it sits a woman- perhaps in her mid-20s, with Asian facial features and long dark hair. Her expression is neutral, impassive, and her eyes, as they watch the intruders enter, shift colors constantly, swirling with hues.

    Just behind her and to one side stands the blonde woman in red and black. She's wearing a scowl, and she has one of her long knives held loosely in a hand, fingers toying with the hilt, though not ready to use it.

    The Familiars do not enter. When the last of the group is in, the door slams shut on its own, and silence reigns.

    At least until she speaks. "I'm impressed." Her voice is soft, human-sounding, but similar to the young girl with the same eyes from earlier, seems to come from everywhere at once rather than from her mouth, though her mouth moves to match the words. "In the past, none have survived a trap like that."
Iris Shelby 2015-11-08 04:41:06 14257
"Right," Iris is glad to go laong with the 'move it' plan. Taking just a moment to breathe now that Moon isn't weighing her down, Iris brings her staff up and tries to 'hover dash' after Fate. She's watching where Gao's shots go, aiming slightly above and past them to lash out with red beams about as thick as a typical car tire's hub cap; big, but not world-shaking by any means.

They're meant to work away at any familiars very far ahead of the group, hoping to allow Fate to just keep charging ahead. It's a contribution to a team effort, and one that ends when they make it to the next area. Settling to the ground once they meet what appears to be the brains behind the operation, Iris has to ask: "How many tried, and did they try it together... or alone? More importantly, what's going on? In that classroom, what we saw, was that real or just something else weird in this whole strange place?"

Her staff is half-raised; not pointing at anyone yet, but if she does lift it, it will snap in to aim at the blonde in red and black. Not Fate. The one with the knife. Iris is expecting violence.
Fate T. Waldia 2015-11-08 04:50:13 14260
As Fate comes through the door, she raises Bardiche defensively. Her wine-red eyes scan the mostly empty room before settling on the woman in white. "Who are you? Why are you trying to kill us?"

Fate looks over her shoulder behind her as the others being to pour into the room. When the door closes, she frowns back at it, and then turns her frown towards Hana.

"That was your plan? To kill us right then and there?" Fate lands on the ground and begins to take a few slow steps forward. There's very little doubt in her mind that this is going to lead to a fight, and she's keeping her eyes open for another attack, but she also doesn't know the other people around her that well...

What are they going to do? In Eclipse this would come down to opposing sides displaying a show of force, attempting to either cow or destroy the other, but is that really how these people are going to act?
Tadase Hotori 2015-11-08 04:55:45 14262
Platinum Royale looks at Hana. When he speaks, likely more of Kiseki comes out than Tadase this time, his scepter (and personal energy) recharging. "Yeah, well, I have a feeling that's not the only way in which we're gonna screw up your plans today!" he adds, surprisingly aggressive for those who've been near him lately.

But he's still ready to lash out at her. He also knows, though, that he's not the best at talking people down as Platinum Royale - not yet, anyways. Having two sides of yourself, using 120% of your Guardian Chara's power, can be a bit of a headtrip.
Usagi Tsukino 2015-11-08 04:57:07 14263
A few of the minions manage to weasel (AHAHAHA) their way through her tiara.

Sailor Moon knows already she's gonna be feeling like a walking paper cut tomorrow. And a weasel chew toy. Heck, maybe even right after. Or, you know, now.

Ow. Ow. Ow.

This is why she shouldn't go first!

Inside the room, she stares at the not really a ghost child lady and the lady from earlier. "So...this is something you do often?"

EEP! She ducks behind Gao. That voice is still creepy. She still wants to give her a hug.

"What, is it...a test?" She hopes not. She's bad at tests.

She clears her throat. "Why test us if you're so sure we're here to...destroy you?" Unless that was a lie.
Gaofele Doiru 2015-11-08 05:04:24 14265
Guardian Gao glares at Madison, but he makes no immediate moves to attack. Although he does try to look subtly more imposing, so that Sailor Moon has a larger area to hide behind.
Catastrophic Crunch 2015-11-08 05:12:37 14268
    "Not a test." The woman's voice is unconcerned, neutral, but also serious. There's no sense she's making light of the intruders. "I was really trying to kill you, yes. Although can you blame me? You came barging into my home, after all, chasing poor Madison here, who was only doing as I told her." She gestures sideways to the blonde woman, who gives a small sneer towards the group.

    "As for what you saw.. I am really not sure. Sometimes my mind wanders.. and while you are in this place, your perception may be effected by my thoughts. I do apologize if it was.. disturbing for you." A bit odd for her to apologize for disturbing them when she openly admitted to trying to kill them, but nothing about her, or this place, seems to be playing by the rules as reality generally knows them.

    She looks right at Fate, then. "My name is Hana Shiroi. I am the White Flower. Surely you have seen my promise above the city. Did none of those I spoke with last week tell you?" A brief lift of her shoulders. "And here I thought unity was what made this city unique." This addressed partially to Iris. "In the other places, mainly they came alone. As you can imagine, they did not fare nearly so well."

    "As for why I think you are here to destroy me.. well, that part is simple. I wish to destroy you. Such is the nature of life." A vague, all-encompassing gesture. "You destroy my kind without thought, and without apology. Therefore, if I wish to survive, I must destroy you all before you can destroy me."

    "However, you have exceeded my expectations tonight. I applaud your efforts. I am impressed, as I said. As such, I will allow you to live. At least a little while longer."

    At this, Madison, the blonde next to the chair, opens her mouth, an angry protest on her tongue, but Hana cuts her off with sharp words: "Do you have something to say, Madison?" The girl hesitates.. then shuts her mouth and just looks sullen.

    Hana then simply nods, and she gestures to the bank of windows along one of the walls. One of them slams open, a hard wind blowing in from the night outside- the normal night of Tokyo, with the faint sounds of traffic from below.

    "You may attack me if you wish. I plan to kill you all anyway, so if you want to end your lives now, I will allow it. But if I were you, I would accept my generosity, and enjoy what time you have left. You were brave to come here. Brave, but foolish. Do not repeat the mistake. I will come for each of you in time. There is no need to rush to your own demise."
Fate T. Waldia 2015-11-08 05:22:31 14270
The white flower? Fate recalls a report she read recently. "So, you're that Hana. You really did come here to kill us then, and you've been doing that for a while."

She points the tip of Bardiche at Madison Perry, saying, "And that would make you the escaped TSAB convict. The fact that she just called you 'Madison' confirms it."

"Well, I don't care much for the TSAB either way, but don't expect this attack to go unanswered."

An exit is made. Are they really going to just leave, just like that? Fate grips her device tighter. If they fought here, and now, in the center of her power... would they succeed? Would they live?

No, there's no telling what surprises the enemy has in store. All Fate knows is that she is very confident, and probably has more power than she's letting on if she's really been killing magical girls as long as she says.

She lifts off again, floating towards the window. When she reaches it she turns around, saying, "I can help one of you get down if you can't fly."
Gaofele Doiru 2015-11-08 05:29:32 14273
Guardian Gao looks from Hana to Madison, then towards the exits, then glances around the room. The source of the current trouble, and one of the lieutenants that assists her.

But where is the other one?

"I think a withdrawl would be wise," he murmurs to the others. "I would not like to take them on without our respective friends along to help us out. Especially when the third member of their group isn't accoutned for."

The forester Knight walks over to Fate and gives her a small bow. "I can't fly on my own, but I can safely slow my fall instead," he remarks. "I'll wait until the rest of us are out, then leave."
Usagi Tsukino 2015-11-08 05:31:28 14274
Sailor Moon studies the tiara in her hand. Their leave is granted, but she has one thing to say.

"I meant what I said. About being a defender."

She looks up at Hana, at Madison. "I -- we -- defend those we love. And you've already attacked at least two people on that list for me."

She shrugs and scuffs her boot on the ground.

"All I'm saying is. Destroying is a last resort."

A hard gleam in her eye.

"But I will do what I must to protect the people I care about."

She turns to Gao and Fate, a brilliant smile on her lips. "Thanks! I can hop away, though. Unless I'm needed more!"

If she's not, she will hop away to make sure said loved ones are okay.

And, you know, find a few billion bandaids.
Tadase Hotori 2015-11-08 05:32:19 14275
Platinum Royale grits his teeth. He really wants to blast them all right now. He really wants it. His scepter even raises up at the two of them. "I'm not going to let you get away with what you've done. With the sadness you've brought. With the hopes and dreams you've shattered and the damage you're planning to do."

Kiseki takes over too, and adds. "I think it's you who should enjoy this limited respite. Commoners."

Thats all that's given before Platinum Royale turns on his heel, cape flowing out a bit behind him, and hops out too - he may not be able to fly, but his Chara Transformation can easily absorb the otherwise bone-shattering impact of the jump.

He'll be back allright. He'll be back in force. All of Virtue will know about this by the morning.
Catastrophic Crunch 2015-11-08 05:32:38 14276
    "Funny," Hana says quietly in response to Usagi, but still easily heard just before the girl jumps away, "So will I."
Catastrophic Crunch 2015-11-08 05:33:25 14277
    Nothing stops the group from exiting the building. Once they are out, the window closes again and any attempts to re-enter, tonight at least, are futile.