Tower of Terror

Scorn attacks an elementary school field trip to Clover Tower!

Date: 2015-06-24
Pose Count: 42
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-06-25 00:17:18 2732
During the last fight, the shadowy raven that follows the witch who's been cursing the people of Tokyo with coma and soul taking, that there would be no more mercy. Scorn's had time to think on her next plan of action--- no more subtle attacks, No more taking one or two people at time. She could not afford it. The heroes of Tokyo has made that clear as day.

An elementary school field trip has come to Clover Tower today, to go to the top, get a tour, maybe visit the set of the local kids show and go away with overpriced souvenirs. The bottom level is always a hustle and bustle of vendors and stalls that sell these things.

In a flurry of feathers and a burst of energy, Scorn appears overhead on her broom, causing a small commotion. "Woah!" says one of the children pointing up at her. The teachers probably think this must be a publicity stunt for a new show. Scorn merely gives a frown. There's children here! But regardless. She must follow through with her threat--- a hand brushes through her hair as she pulls off one of the feathers tied at the end of her long hair.

"Feather oh so light, please help me to blight! Turn into a power, so you can so devour! Grant my heart's desire!" she calls out! And then the feather flies from her hand into the ground, and sticks there, before it smokes away---and forms into some sort of large, nearly truck sized creature with wings - looking like an oversized raven! It picks up one of the stalls, flies upwards into the air and drops it below. It blows some sort of weird, dark smoke across the crowd as they all begin to wave and fall over- beginning to fall into some sort of trance. It stays in the air for the time being.

Scorn quick gets to work, holding out her hand---"Grant my Heart's Desire- Soul Drain!" she calls out, trying to grab the soul energy of two people at a time! She does this a few times--- to children and adult alike!

This is uncharacteristic of her earlier attacks. It's loud. It's obvious. The raven merely sits on her shoulder, enjoying the carnage below.
Runealy Waldia 2015-06-25 00:25:32 2733
Clover Tower. It's an obvious landmark, albeit one in a part of the city that had been too far out of the way for Rune to explore much - getting to Mitakihara was enough of a challenge on foot. Yet Hinote had explained how to get access to more modern transit in the city, and that opened up a /lot/ more possibilities on what can be readily investigated.

So she got a bus ride to this location. Hopping off, she looks back to Gaofele - he took the same ride she did - and comments, "Wasn't this something we needed to find anyway? Somewhere with a really good view of the city? With few buildings blocking what we can... hnn?" She's interrupted.

Interrupted by feathers and energy. Runealy looks up, way up, and she calls out: "It's her! Gao, that's the one I was telling you to be careful about, the one connected to everyone getting hurt all of a sudden!" Running behind a smaller building, the alien princess calls out: "Summoning Princess' Tiara!" Jeweled headwear appears in hand. "The Line of Succession..." It's passed to her other hand, which brings it to her head in the same motion. "Transform!"

When the resulting flash of red light fades, she's in full magical garb. Sprinting back in to view, she tries to shout up to Scorn: "What are you doing!? Why would you do this to anyone!?"
Gaofele Doiru 2015-06-25 00:37:53 2734
Travelling via bus does make it easier to get around the city, Gao admits to himself. "It's a bit crowded during the day, but should be much quieter at night," he agrees with Rune. "Especially if we watch from the roof."

Rune's shout causes him to look up. "Her again? And she has a /monster/ with her this time?" he yelps. Last time was nasty enough; this time, it promises to be worse.

Gao quickly follows Rune, pulling out his bracer as he runs. "To protect the lands, I am Guardian Gao!" he shouts as he ducks behind the same building as Rune. A flash of green light joins Rune's red, and moments later Guardian Gao is there, running alongside Rune.

"Keep her busy; I'll try to distract the monster," the forester Knight murmurs to the princess. Darting tothe side, he draws his bow and fires an arrow, trying to get the attention of the raven youma.
Rei Hino 2015-06-25 00:39:39 2735
Rei Hino is here, walking along with Ami, with about five large shopping bags carried between her two arms. Rei does /not/ mess around when she's shopping, and she holds the bags as if it weren't even much of a burden. Granted considering what she's buying, (clothes and other light things), it's probably not very heavy no matter how big the bags are.

"So then I tell him, 'no no no, the answer is 34!', but then he's all like 'Well what do /you/ know?!' and then..." Rei's story to Ami is brought to a halt as a sudden premonition.

It's easy to tell when Rei has a premonition, especially to those who know her. She suddenly stops and /stares/ at a random point, like a puppy who just heard a noise that no one else can hear. After a moment, she turns to Ami, grabbing her by the wrist and dragging her into an alley where no one is watching. "We've got work to do. Something is happening around Tokyo Tower."

Scorn's own blatant magical outburst confirms Rei's feelings.


Rei's firey magic encompases her magically-charged sillouette and transforms her outfit into the uniform of Sailor Mars, flames turning into high-heels, gloves, sailor suit, and tiara. A moment after her transformation, Mars starts running towards the Tokyo Tower. She is not willing to waste time.
Ami Mizuno 2015-06-25 00:46:28 2737
"It sounds like he was trying to impress you with his knowledge, Rei-chan. But then was put off by your knowledge." Ami says as her computer goes off, right about the same time Rei gets her premonition. She doesn't exactly get a chance to check before Rei pulls her into the alleyway. "That's probably why my computer went off, Rei." She confirms Rei's suspicion on the spot and holds her hand in the air.

Mercury Power! Make-Up!

Her fingernails all turn blue and her wand spins into her hand, with the symbol immediately spinning out of the pen. Ami arches her back, lifts her leg and spins into the blue/white ribbon coming out of the pen, which compresses around her. Motes of light burst from her form to show her wearing gloves, boots, a sailor suit and a tiara.

Just as Rei begins running for the tower, so does Ami, complete with her computer under her arm and her visor already in place.
Mei Akatsuki 2015-06-25 00:59:25 2739
Injured or not, like heck is Mei going to turn down a chance to go on a field trip. It's not like the fight with Hannah *broke* anything -- except her pride, but eh, she can swallow that pretty easily if the incentive is good enough. And getting to miss school, even if it is to help shepherd second graders around Clover Tower, is as good an incentive as any.

She manages to be a responsible chaperone for the first half hour or so. Then she's off with the rest of them, marvelling at the sights on the tour, taking photos, badgering her sister, who badgers her in turn to put her on her shoulders so she can see over the crowds. Mei, the very picture of the perfect older sibling, is explaining to her why this is dangerous -- her ribs are still healing, and it's so high up, jeez -- when she sees it.

A gigantic raven, hovering over a miasma of of darkness and bodies collapsed to the ground, far below them.

Scarlet eyes widen. Here? Now? With Momo so close by?

"Onee-chan," comes the shaky voice of the second grader, who's caught sight of the commotion below, "what's going on?"

Security has already flung open the tower doors, barking instructions of where to go, what to do (file slowly down the stairs), and what not to do (panic). The redhead steels herself against the rising tide of fear coiling itself around her heart, tightly clutching onto her sister's hand. Fine. So bad guys have come to attack. No problem at all.

She'll defeat them all before they can lay a single finger on Momo.

"Hey, go with security, ok?" Mei says in a hushed voice, letting go of her hand at long last and giving her a gentle pat in the right direction. "I'm going to...go to the bathroom." Ok, that was lame. "I-I mean, find the teachers. And we're going to figure something out. Just don't run off anywhere, alright?"


With the most sincere smile she can manage under the circumstances, the redhead gives a casual wave. "It'll all be ok, Momo. Promise!"

A few seconds and a shouted incantation later, a blisteringly red comet is shooting from the sky, toward the raven's back. Inside is Prism Keeper Red, riding inside the orb of her magic and giving a wordless battle cry. This is one fight she cannot afford to lose. No matter what.
Takashi Agera 2015-06-25 01:03:28 2740
The still being tuned system that Takashi Agera has set up to track power spikes of dark energy transfers the information rapidly to his Device, which informs Takashi of the massive power spike around Clover Tower. It's not a trigger he can ignore, and rapidly, he's dashing through the ever-changing halls within the depths of Infinity University, first to his private lab. The information is pretty clear.

    <Standby, Ready!> announces the device that sits on his wrist, in a new, soft female mid-childian voice.

"Axion, EXECUTE." Takashi says, sternly.

    <Barrier Jacket,> the device begins, before becoming garbeled, and its voice switching to a harsh Belkan female voice, where it continues where it left off;<SCHATTEN UMHANG, AUSFUHREN BESTATIGT!>.

The device bursts a blast of dark blue negative energy in front of it, which Takashi punches first one arm through, then the other. That energy continues to coat his arms and body, before he pushes himself through it completly - arriving on the other side in what appears to be almost a blue robe with silver buttons, and orange and black accents along the cuffs and neck, with long pants to match and dark black shoes. The most visible change, however, is to his face - it is covered by a swirling mass of negative energy, with two bright green eyes and a red mouth to show his expressions.

    <BARRIEREMANTEL UND><Shadow Guise ready!> the device reports, in its confused twin voices.

Now as Riventon, the Dark Mage makes his exit through the twisted space of Eclipse's headquarters, emerging not too far from the Pikarigoaka border, and soars through the air on wings of dark energy, headed for the tower. He hopes this is the 'Scorn' anamoly he's heard so much about. Whatever it is though... it has his CURIOSITY.
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-06-25 01:18:31 2742
Scorn frowns at the gathered heroes. She raises her hand skyward and brings it down in a sweeping motion. The giant, youma-like raven moves to swipe down at Gao and Runealy in one smooth motion, trying to rake them with their claws. She doesn't respond, not yet. She just commands her creature to do her bidding as she points down at the escaping second graders.

"No talking. No more talking! Yap, Yap, Yap, Shut Your Trap! Let me be! Let me work!" she demands in rhyme. The raven merely smirks satisfactorily on her shoulder as she handles herself. "You're doing well. Isn't it just swell? Look at them cower, before your power! Take what is there- it's only fair!" it demands.

Even as Prism Keeper Red arrives on the scene- and drives into the giant raven with a lot of force- sending it flying into the wall, the witch on the broom dives downwards and intercepts the group that Mei's sister is a part of. "No! NO one's leaving!" she spouts as she sweeps her hand forward. "Grant my Heart's Desire-- Soul Bind!" she shouts as a wave of darkness spreads forth from her hand at the second graders and their guardians, bringing most of them to their knees in despair. Bad, horrible thoughts being forced into their heads. Luckily, the heroes are too far away to intercept this one.

"Soul Drain!" she calls out, aiming to drain their energy while the giant bird makes a big, obvious target, distraction and threat of itself to the heroes. More energy from the children below---and maybe, perhaps- even Mei's sister! Get caught up in the spell, as chaperones and children alike fall prey to the attack.

Mars and Mercury arrive to chaos as the tower seems to be being evacuated at the time. There's some horrible cries and energy emanating from the tower. Riventon can see this going on, too.
Runealy Waldia 2015-06-25 01:24:32 2743
"'Again'? You've run into her too?" Princess Runealy is very curious on this point, but decides not to linger too long on it... Gao seems to have an idea, and she goes along with that: "Right! Whatever you're going to do, I'll make sure you get the chance." That might not be the direct teamwork they spoke of, but it could be a good start.

She glances back to see Mars and Mercury arrive, which takes a little edge off her worry. "So you're here now? That's good... we'll try what you talked about last time!" Her free hand gestures to Gao to indicate the 'we' in this; her friend. Her eyes turn to the sky again as a flash of red catches Runealy's attention. "Her? Glad she's okay..." Rune remembers what happened the last time she saw Prism Keeper Red. It was not a happy time.

Then... there are problems in the air. Scorn was already noticed. Riventon approaching in the distance prompts a short worried noise, and now things look much more complex. Should she go after him?

For the moment, no. Gao asked her to do something very specific, and Scorn forces the issue regardless. Or rather, the massive raven does. A startled shout follows as her boot wings light up, silver glow heralding her being launched up and away from the raven. Just in time to change what would have been a direct hit into something more glancing; they slice the very edge of her mid-section and draw a hurt wince, but that's far better than would have happened if she hadn't moved at all!

Her wand aims to follow the raven, before she catches herself; Gao was specific, he asked Runealy to go after Scorn. "If we let you do as you like, where does it end? Will all of Tokyo fall, one or two people at a time!?" She responds with a mix of defiance and worry, then launches herself toward the tower's external frame. One row up, then another... Runealy is working her way upward, trying to meet the descending Scorn. She can see what's happening, that familiar darkness... she knows what it represents. "You have to stop this!" It's a request, a demand, punctuated with an orb launching from the Princess' wand. It splits apart in mid-air, sending a spray of emerald sparkles at Scorn!
Gaofele Doiru 2015-06-25 01:39:24 2746
Guardian Gao nods to Mercury and Mars; having help against Scorn's powers is a good thing, especially with the monstrous raven causing havoc. He rolls as the raven dives at him, the talons slicing his cloak in a near-miss too close for comfort -- a single tree, even cleverly timed, isn't going to do much more than inconvenience this bird of darkness!

The sound of Scorn invoking her Soul Bind draws a wince from the forester Knight; even at a distance, the memory of that feeling still causes a twinge. Still, if he can keep the monstrous bird distracted, then maybe Rune can get through to Scorn -- or at least keep her busy.

"Hey, you overgrown magpie!" Gao yells at the monster. "You wouldn't know a shiny thing if it bit you in the tailfeathers!" The insult is punctuated with a fusillade of narrow shafts aimed at the youma's head, intended to catch it in the eye.
Ami Mizuno 2015-06-25 01:42:10 2748
Mercury runs around the crowd how is evacuating, since she doesn't have the strength to push through them, just in time to hear the attack come from Scorn. Then she sees the victims of the spells and gasps. "Mars! She's going after children!" Mercury can't hesitate now. She might have extended her hand in friendship before, but these were innocent children she was targeting. "It looks like she's serious this time, see if you can drive off the witch!" She shouts to Runealy and Gao. "I'd rather not see her destroyed, but our priority is the children!" She then raises her arms, crossing them in front of her, with a growing point of light.....she had to act fast.

Shabou Spray!

She sweeps her arms and a cascade of bubbles flies up towards Scorn, either hitting her or bursting where she was, to give the children the fog to cover their escape from the tower. Her first priority was the children.
Rei Hino 2015-06-25 01:46:59 2749
Mars sees the crowds coming out, and for a moment tries to push through them, but 'swimming against a current' is usually a waste of energy and this crowd is no exception. Mars follows after Mercury, since she seems to have the same idea. If your genius friend decides the same thing as you, that tends to mean you have a good idea, right?

As Mars gets to the fight, she notices Gao and Runealy, nodding to them in return. Prism Keeper Red she hasn't seen before, but she does make note of her heroism. "I'm the pretty Sailor-suited soldier of Fire and Passion, Sailor Mars. Even if I feel sorry for you, I can't excuse hurting childen to fufill your ends! In the name of Mars, I'll chastise you!"

Mars takes advantage of Mercury's fog to use her own powers.

Fire Soul!

Large flames rip out of Mars's hands, swirling around eachother before merging into a single fireball that flies straight for the MegaRaven.
Mei Akatsuki 2015-06-25 01:59:06 2750
She hasn't gotten the chance to use this orb attack much. Really, she hasn't gotten to use any of her attacks that much -- so much has gone on since she awakened as Prism Keeper Red, there's hardly been time to go out and train on her own. All the tactics she's learned, she's learned from actual, high stakes combat.

Thankfully, her aerial charge goes much better than it did *last time*, catching the youma completely off-guard and slamming it into a nearby wall. Red can't hold back the smile of (surprised) pride that pulls at her mouth, even as she tumbles precariously through the air, unable to resist the force of the attack's rebound. She comes to a natural stop eventually, several dozen feet higher than where she started. But it's okay. The height gives her a better view of what's going on, though the first attack was more than a bit exhausting for her.

A thought from yesterday's battle flashes through her mind involuntarily as she looks at the raven's gigantic, temporarily disabled form. A binding spell, eh?

She grits her teeth. As much as she hates to take battle advice from a villain, it would be a great idea to bind this thing before it could take to the air again. And, given her rose summoning, something like that just might be possible...

The girl 'hmphs' to herself, then spreads her hands forward, feeling the magic well up inside her -- then burst into reality as a tangle of thorny rose vines, a net that attempts to cast itself over the giant bird. It's a bit of a long shot, yes, and it is a *lot* of magic she's using. But if she does keep the youma down, maybe all this will go away?

A splotch of dark blue at the corner of her vision catches her eye, and she turns from the Raven to see an all too familiar face.

She goes pale as a sheet.

"You.." she says, and the magic she commands starts to buck against her control, spurred on by the spike in her emotions. The net of roses starts to turn into more of a proper bramble, spreading beyond the Raven and into the streets. "You're the one behind this, aren't you?"

Perhaps, if she took a second to survey the battlefield further, she'd learn that this certainly isn't the case. But everyone knows what happens when a bull sees red.
Takashi Agera 2015-06-25 02:06:55 2752
Riventon doesn't land. Instead, he remains airborne, offering him a vantage point amongst all of the chaos (and keeping him out of the line of fire, and the fog.) And most importantly, it keeps Axion taking its readings, feeding them back to his lab. The energy is interesting, unique... even curious.

The large Raven seems to have most of their attentions, and at this point in time, Riventon is actually quite content to watch - he can, after all, swoop in after and pick off a straggler... no matter who wins this one.

But the Red Prism Keeper gets his attention, and a small smile of suprise that forms in the exaggerated features of his shadow guise. "I'm surprised you're up and around, Little Red." he says, instantly adopting a nickname for her."I thought I would have taught you to stay out of other people's business."

He maintains a position to the left side of the battle, but upon confirming that it's the noted Scorn, he notes to her that "Miss White sends her regards. I am not your enemy." Not yet, anyways.

Anyone on the field can't help but register the dark 'pressure' that Riventon puts out - not as much as Scorn's friendly Raven, but more than they would have noticed the last time they met him.
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-06-25 02:13:00 2753
Runealy speaks to her, and she grates her teeth, as she lowers her hand from her own attack. "I would be done by now, taking people, if it wasn't for you people getting in my way!" she hisses out. "I take no pleasure in these acts! But--- you! YOU ALL FORCED MY HAND!" she calls out as she raises her hand skyward, and drives her fist downwards---

The raven, being struck by Gao's bow, and flinching a movement, aims to drive itself directly into Gao with the motion of Scorn's hand motion, to drive him into the wall, like some kind of pile driver---- the being is smoky, made of darkness and moves more like mist seeping through the air.

"NOW I'M HERE! BECAUSE I HAVE NO CHOICE! Because I can no longer act in shadows!" she yells out. Mercury arrives, and states the obvious. More Shaobu Spray--- she knows this song and dance now---she just screams 'REND!' into the air, and a power, wave of darkness cuts through it in her immediate area, clearing her vision.

"Stay out of my way- or I'll make you pay! Or I'll take your life! Don't make me say it twice!" she rhymes out. She winces a little at that one.

Mars fires off her shot at the giant raven, it impacts it and sends it wavering in the air as it reforms from the powerful fire attack. Prism Keeper Red fires off a net of bramble and it catches the giant Raven. It's brought down to the ground- and when it turns into brambles--it roars out-----it turns into a fine mist as it takes the moment to escape, rather than attack further, filtering itself through the net.

Riventon arrives---her teeth grits, another one!? She makes fists----but then Riventon announces that Miss White sends her regards... oh. He's from... that organization. "Right..." is all she can say. She seems a little relived.
Ami Mizuno 2015-06-25 02:17:45 2754
"If you dislike doing these acts, then STOP! Otherwise we must stop you!" Mercury shouts back at Scorn before she sends another Shabou spray at the raven, this time the freeze effect to make it heavier. The Fog also is reintroduced, but split, one part directly over the raven's eyes, the other to go over the children so they may escape. This way, Scorn has to expend more energy to get rid of the Fog.

And she'll keep putting the fog back up so the children may escape. The fewer victims Scorn has, the better Mercury feels.
Runealy Waldia 2015-06-25 02:20:51 2755
'Miss White'? Hearing that name, Runealy ponders breaking off to chase Riventon off. ...Or distract him as a brief speed-bump, more likely. It wouldn't accomplish much good. Instead, she calls out a warning as loud as she can for everyone to hear: "Don't show that man your back or give him any openings!" Her wand points at Riventon to indicate him. "He's waiting to attack someone if he gets a chance!" She's not a mind-reader. She is in fact guessing at his plans, because she has been on the receiving end of one of his 'wait until only one side remains, then swoop in to take them down' tactics before. And something about him seems 'worse' than last time, so she favors caution.

Then Scorn tries to explain things, and... the Princess is simply baffled. "Do you really expect anyone to know where you'd really draw the line? That if we just let you hurt five or ten or a hundred people, you'd stop and the rest of us would be okay? ...Would that even make it right, even if you did stick to that?"

Her gaze wanders to the raven attacking Gao... Runealy's first urge is to go fight it instead and help her friend, but his request echoes in her mind; she assumes he must have something planned, if he wanted them to split up and for her to stay on Scorn. Besides, the 'rose net' that just emerged suggests Prism Keeper Red is going to help him. She makes a mental note to thank Red for that when a better opportunity arises. For now... stay on Scorn.

Another leap takes her above Scorn's darkness wave, as some of that energy twists the lower end of the tower framework the Princess stood on. Runealy tries to land on the next 'level' of tower frame up, wand taking aim. "Will you tell us why we've 'forced' you, what's so important that you have to do this!?" Aware that Riventon is near Scorn, she opts for a more precise attack; the wand's newly regrown gem spits out a pair of thin red energy rays; hit or miss, she's trying not to provoke him by catching Riventon in the radius of any such strikes as might happen with her normal magic.
Gaofele Doiru 2015-06-25 02:32:42 2756
The fire blast from Mars and the bramble net of the young magical girl in red force the raven monster to turn to mist, which Gao keeps an eye on. While he can't attack it in its current form, the forester Knight can at least be ready if (or when) it reforms.

The arrival of Riventon brings a frown to Gao's face -- he remembers the last time he fought the dark-wielder, and that was just against him. The fact that he appears to be an ally of Scorn, even passively, doesn't make the Knight feel any better. Still, Riventon isn't currently in the fight, and that allows for slightly less of a worry.

Instead of attacking the dark-wielder, Gao circles around, watching both the floating raven-mist and the ominous Riventon, ready to fire an arrow at whichever one next makes a hostile move.
Rei Hino 2015-06-25 02:46:51 2758
Mars watches the Raven turn into a mist. She doesn't think it's defeated, but it's hard for her to attack while it's in that form. The mist leaves very little for her to catch on fire.

Turning to Scorn, Mars produces an ofuda. She performs a quick chant, quietly saying it with the hopes that no one will hear her over the din of combat, and thus figure out what she's doing before it's too late.

The last part, she does shout: "AKURYO TAISAN!" Throwing the enchanted ofuda at Scorn, Mars tries to land it on her forehead and seal her powers. Mars hopes that no one will interfere this time.
Mei Akatsuki 2015-06-25 02:54:10 2759
"Never." Red doesn't miss a beat after Mr. Black's comment about 'other people's business', face steadily morphing from a mask of fear into one of determination. Anger. "Innocent people are getting hurt. That is *always* my business, jerk!" There might be better words to communicate her feelings about Mr. Black, but some of them are hard to use as insults, and some of them are a bit beyond the grasp of a ten-year-old whose mother didn't let her watch grown-up TV. "You, and Miss White too! Anybody who hurts innocent people will always have to go through me first. As well as everyone who's come to stop you." The crimson light begins to glow faintly around her once again, her pigtails floating up behind her as the air becomes charged with power. "Even if I could forgive you hurting me, this -- this is absolutely unforgivable!"

She's about to blast herself forward once again when there's another voice on the battlefield; one she hadn't yet registered in her single-minded focus on the evil magical boy. Red looks around frantically -- maybe she was wrong about Mr. Black being the culprit here -- until she locks onto the broomstick-riding witch, screaming at the warriors on the ground beneath her.

...yup, looks like she was wrong. But it doesn't matter. Mr. Black, this Raven Witch. No matter the villain, she's going to put a stop to the evil this time!


There's someone with pink hair right below her. A very familiar someone.

And something is happening to her.

"Momo!" The name rips from her throat unbidden, and the crimson orb vanishes around her as she dive bombs to the ground, all notions of offense gone with the dispelled magic. The very second her feet hit the pavement, she's running, thrown off balance by her own momentum but staying on her feet nonetheless. When she's at arms length from her sister, Red's shaking her, voice cracking with panic. "Momo, wake up! Please!"
Takashi Agera 2015-06-25 02:58:56 2760
Riventon laughs. "I'm offended, Princess." he says to Runealy's warning. As the fight goes on, hwoever, most of the attention is on the Raven and Scorn - exactly the way he'd have it, as it allows for him to gain a more clear understanding of the capabilities of everyone there. But Scorn still has the majority of his curiosity. The use of the raven interests him - it's making her much more effective than she would be alone. He files this away for later use.

And soon, he comes to the realization that the contant interference of the heroes is preventing Scorn from doing whatever she came here to do. That means that they're interfering with his experiment. And unwanted interference has to be removed.

While outwardly it looks like Riventon is doing nothing, below the two Sailor Senshi, the ground begins to shake - softly at first, but just as it begins to grow more, and perhaps right as Mercury's visor picks it up, Takashi's device announces the atta<ERDBEBEN PLATZEN!> From under all of the targets, a massive eruption of negative energy bursts upwards and outwards, begining an attack from a surprise angle!

"You're making it harder for the young lady in the raven feathers to do her job." he announces as he dips down, his wings vanishing into the rolling dark energy that shields him. "You should stand down. None of these are worth losing your life for." he adds, 'these' being the children he so carelessly gestures towards.
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-06-25 03:11:09 2762
Scorn moves to try to avoid Runealy's blasts, and mostly succeeds, though one rakes past the tip of her broom. She has to keep herself steady all the time, it's harrowing. Mercury calls out and continues putting up the fog--- she expends more energy to rend it apart--- this will continue for her.

"Because......." "Don't tell her! What does she deserve!? A pain in your neck! Give her heck!" the raven says before Scorn can give a reason. The girl just grits her teeth in frustration. "It's important! She's important!" is all she can say as she summons up a ball of dark energy in her hand, and then tosses it into Runealy's direction---regardless of what it hits, it'll explode into a burst of dark, foul energy.

The Giant Raven has reformed on the other side of the net, finally and is free again. it moves to fire off balls of mist from it's beak, letting out a powerful, dark screech. it aims to attack Gao and Runealy with these fireballs.

Scorn calls off to Riventon. "To one with blue hair has got to go! She's making things slow!" she rhyme. "Help me please, I'm sure it'll be a breeze!" she calls out. The boy goes about doing this any way. "Thank you for the help!" she says with a sigh.

Prism Keeper Red goes to one of the girls over there and she frowns a bit... it's true, she doesn't relish this, but she has her own problems to worry about right now. She makes a fist and calls out again.... "SOUL RELEASE!" more people fall as energy flows toward her opening palm, she's continuing this method of draining it seem.

"Just let me finish---finish and go!" she pleads!

Then Mars attempts to plant an Ofuda onto her forehead. It plants against her forehead and she grasps at it. there's a suddenly burst of dark energy from her location and a horrible screech from both her AND the raven as she grasps at it fruitlessly for a bit. She didn't like that. The Raven on her shoulder didn't like that.
Ami Mizuno 2015-06-25 03:17:44 2766
"WATCH OUT FROM BELOW!" Mercury says as she moves to grab Mars to get her out of the way, but Mars has already done so, so Mercury jumps out of the way. She hears Scorn's final plea and Mercury, uncharacteristically, gets angry. "NO! All of those children are worth protecting! ALL OF THEM! I'M DONE WITH YOUR PLEADING TO ALLOW YOU TO THROW THESE CHILDREN ONTO DEATH'S DOOR!" She then crosses her arms. "YOU MAY NOT WANT TO TAKE THE SOULS OF CHILDREN! BUT YOU'RE STILL DOING IT! I DON'T WANT TO DESTROY YOU!" Then she takes a very familiar phrase, and throws it back at Scorn. "BUT YOU'VE FORCED MY HAND!

Shabou Spray!

The point of light grows in front of her crossed arms, but the point of light turns a dark blue before she sweeps her arms across the point.


Instead of bubbles, there is a flurry of very very sharp ice crystals, flying towards Scorn. Riventon is ignored.
Runealy Waldia 2015-06-25 03:20:54 2767
Suddenly, the whole situation changes. Red isn't working in conjunction with Gao anymore, because something is happening to... 'Momo', was the name? It seems this is personal for Red. Then Riventon makes his move, energy bursting out at the Sailors. This is rapidly getting out of hand, and Runealy finds herself forced to make a decision.

Stay on Scorn? She could. It might help Red and Momo. It might stop or at least slow down these soul-thefts. Yet what little information the Princess has to go on suggests Scorn's victims are not wholly dead, merely 'close enough' to it for most - but not all - practical purposes. Scorn represents a serious immediate-term threat even as she weaves through Rune's shots, drawing an annoyed 'ch!' in acknowledgement of the evasion, and a tiny question: "She? ...Huh!?" It's a question that's interrupted by darkness. Boot wings flare again, launching her off her towery perch... but Rune underestimates the radius of the dark-burst, and finds her legs caught in it!

She falls to the ground, energy emitting from her boots to slow this descent. When she strikes the floor, Runealy bounces a few feet before collapsing in a heap... but this last-ditch effort kept the fall from being fatal.

However, awful thoughts flood her mind. Reinforcing the ones already in her head, making them worse. They bring her awareness to Riventon. She's reminded, as his laugh echoes in her consciousness, that he has made moves to take her wand. If Scorn is the immediate-term threat, Riventon strikes her as the long-term one. If he gets her wand, her world will likely die several months from now as she's unable to use much of her magic.

She can see what that would be like. Riventon's laugh continues to play in Runealy's mind, spliced over mental images of her world engulfed in flames... of demons flying free and hunting survivors for sport, of Gao and Hino and everyone else she cares about being 'gone.' Everything being ruined forever.

With this dominating her thoughts, Runealy snaps. She pushes herself to her feet, and /screams./ It's a long, hurt, furious and desperate noise. There is no wit, no defiant banter, no trying to coordinate with friends. Even as Riventon suggests 'standing down', she shouts and yells, rushing headlong for him! Wild and reckless, her feet pound one after another as she charges. Runealy's wand is aimed at him, launching orb after orb Riventon's way!
Rei Hino 2015-06-25 03:21:42 2768
The ofuda lands, and Sailor Mars reels back from the sudden burst of dark energy. The seal seems to be holding, but that /wasn't/ what she was expecting. She staggers backwards to where Mercury was standing, and says, "That's some kind of backfire."

She barely has time to get another word out before Riventon follows up with another dark-powered attack, blasting Mars from below as the ends of her long black hair go flying upwards. She lets out a scream from the impact. Sure, she was out of range, but thanks to Scorn she stumbled back /into/ range.

When the attack ends, Mars falls to her knees, her body shaking. What she says can only barely be heard, but it is heard. "Interfering... is the point..."

She climbs up to one foot, and then the other, body still shaking. "Stopping her... is the point!"

Her sharp glace focuses on Riventon, as her hands are surrounded with flames. "Human lives aren't for you to experiment on! Even if Archimedes and Einstein forgive you, I, Sailor Mars, will not!"

She quickly crosses the distance between her and Riventon, leaping to make up the difference in height, sending a firey punch towards his gut.
Gaofele Doiru 2015-06-25 03:36:34 2769
As the ground starts to rumble, Gao takes his eyes off of the two targets he had been watching. Mercury's warning gives him a moment to summon his viney quarterstaff, but it's only a single moment -- the darkness erupts from the ground as the staff appears in his hand.

"TREE!" screams Gao, slamming the quarterstaff into the ground. A single tree erupts from the ground, a solid branch appearing under his feet as it raises him above the dark energy. The giant raven's fireball slams into the tree just under the forester Knight's branch, singeing his feet and further weakening the tree, already starting to wither from Riventon's area blast.

Still, the move did give Gao several storeys of elevation to work with, and he steps off of the branch, several oversized maple seeds appearing to slow his fall to the speed of a feather. The forester Knight dispels the tree as it starts to fall, then glares at both Scorn and Riventon. Both deserve the punishment the Senshi are delivering; both deserve more.

But only one is attacking defenseless school children.

"BRAMBLE GRASP!" he shouts, firing an arrow at Scorn. as the arrow flies, it splits into eight grasping vines, linked to each other around a common center. If he can keep her from moving, perhaps she won't be able to drain more souls--!
Takashi Agera 2015-06-25 03:43:22 2770
The reaction from the defenders is swift, and Riventon, while prepared for the shift in attention (and maybe even banking on it) is perhaps unprepared for the ferocity in which his two opponents engage, both of them really putting the pressure on. He begins to step back, small shields being generated in his hands to deflect Runealy's blasts away from him, but she seems actually quite upset. Her wand is apparently magnifing her power - it rises as a target in his eyes...

And that's when Sailor Mars closes in - her words were lost in Riventon's own thoughts and calculations, and the effort her spent defending against Runealy allowed Mars to close the distance quickly! A flaming fist lashes out, and the power of Mars combines with the surprise to allow her to all but land a slaying blow on Riventon! The dark energy which surrounds him manages to stave off the worst of the damage just in time, but even still, Riventon is pushed back, takes a tumble, and rolls on the ground once before twisting back around to rise to his feet. He's a lot lighter than he looks - the clothing and dark aura make him look more physically menacing than he might actually be.

"That's impressive." he says, looking at Sailor Mars. "Tell me, what gives you such power and how long before I take it from you?" he asks, before he draws in more dark energy, creating from the shadows a semi-solid halberd, which literally beats with negative energy at the end of the wicked axe head and pike blade. He grips it in both hands, as solid as any real weapon and perhaps far more dangerous, and rushes in to re-close the distance with Sailor Mars!

As he does this, the two small orbs from his gauntlet detach, and begin to harry the Princess with small bolts of dark energy, working to keep her away from him while he 'deals' with Sailor Mars!
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-06-25 04:02:53 2772
Scorn falls to the ground with a clatter, that Ofuda is messing with her ability and power, she clutches at her forehead and with much fussing and screeching from her crow companion, manages to rip it off-- barely---

But she does so JUST in time for ice shards to rip through her location, sending black smoke rising from her location as there's another screech. Then Gao's arrows join the fray. For the moment, things are quiet from that location. Then black wings unfurl out from Scorn's location with a gasp as Scorn rises out from the location, clutching her chest and looking horrified. She's missing her cap, and broom. What happened?

"Corvus....get me out of here... these people are going to kill us!" she says to her companion. "You---Miss White's friend---run!"

There's a pause before the raven speaks. "Sadly, I agree, we must flee! Away we go! Don't be slow!". The raven sings out. Those wings encompass her, furling around her, before disappearing again, with in wispy black smoke, when the motions are done, she's no longer there, leaving wisps of black smoke in her wake.

Likewise, the giant raven youma screams out as it disappears, turning into a single feather and falling towards the floor. It doesn't explode into black smoke. It appears the youma couldn't survive without Scorn or her companion in the general area!

Of course, now there's the horror of drained people and children about. She got a good number.
Runealy Waldia 2015-06-25 04:06:10 2773
Even as Riventon knocks her wand-orbs away, Runealy keeps charging. Mars has already beaten her there, literally 'beaten her to the punch', but the Princess keeps rushing after him. "Stop treating this like a game!" She wants to plow into Riventon head-on, and only stops firing because Mars is now in the blast radius. "People are going to die while you think everything is yours to take! I... ahh!!"

Her shouting is cut off by an energy-bolt to the shoulder, which both hurts and jars her back to the reality of the situation. If she charges in mindlessly like this, there's a good chance /she/ will die... and she has already rushed off away from Gao, who has his own priority - he's going for what he thinks is more immediately right, it appears. And it seems he and the others are having some effect on that front, as Scorn is driven away and the giant raven falls as a result.

Back at her battle with Riventon, boot wings flaring once more to launch Runealy into the air. She darts from side to side while descending, effectively a dangerous 'dance' with the blasts Riventon's orbs are sending her way as she tries to avoid taking any more full-on hits. Smaller shots might slip through, and they add up with pained winces acknowledging each one, but she's working hard at avoiding anything that might outright strike her down in one blow.

She's also having trouble aiming at the small orbs, vision blurred with tears right now... so she goes for quantity over quality. The gems on her tiara light up, and they begin spitting out tiny green 'dots' of magic energy. Something she can see, something she can adjust and try to follow the orbs in an effort to shoot them down or at least knock them off-course.
Rei Hino 2015-06-25 04:22:28 2776
Riventon asks, Mars answers, "My faith in my friends, and their faith in me, is what gives me power! That's something you'll never be able to take away!"

Sensing that perhaps her own positioning his making it harder for Runealy to attack directly, Mars takes a mental note of it, but there's not much she can do without giving up on her own attack. With Riventon at this range, disengaging may not be so easy.

Mars's actual fighting style is unpolished, and it shows in the way she regards the polearm. As it swings out at her, she backsteps to avoid a first blow, but a second one smashes into her side, prevented from digging in and cutting her only with the strength of her henshin. "YyyaaAAAA!"

The blow forces her to back up, skipping backwards to avoid a quick follow up. .oO(This isn't any good. As long as he keeps me at range, I'm never going to be able to get a hit in. Wait...)

Rei's mind races. What does she usually do in fighting games when an opponent out-ranges her? Well, generally the only way to attack is to charge into their range and get inside their defenses. Would that really work in a real fight?

Only one way to find out. Mars extends a fingergun and shouts, "Fire Soul!" This time it's just a small fireball, about the same size as a basketball, but Riventon might have to deal with it.

In that moment, Mars circles around Riventon to place him between herself and Runealy, following up with a charge forward and a magically powered knee lifted up to strike. "Sailor Mars Kick!"
Ami Mizuno 2015-06-25 04:28:49 2778
Seeing Scorn flee, gives Mercury a bit of relief that no more children will be attacked by her, for now. So she turns her attention towards Riventon. With Mars in close quarters, Mercury doesn't want to risk hitting her with her attack. So....she does the next best thing. She tugs out her computer and begins to rapidly press buttson and scan Riverton with her visor.
Gaofele Doiru 2015-06-25 04:31:11 2779
Guardian Gao watches as Scorn departs and the giant raven falls apart. One major threat down; one still remaining...

Dismissing some of the maple seeds, he speeds his descent, landing near Rune's fight as he sends some nettle volleys at the orbs hassling her. At the very least, it should force them to focus more on evasion instead of attacking.

Still, the forester Knight keeps an eye on Riventon. With Mars in melee with the dark-wielder, Gao can't take a clear shot -- but the moment he can, Riventon is going to find himself having to deal with some brambles...
Takashi Agera 2015-06-25 04:37:26 2781
Riventon isn't nearly as practiced as he'd like to think he is with his own weapon, and a lot of his skill with it comes out of instinct (and the fact that it's a lot easier to be agile with a weightless weapon) - still, he sinks a strike into her and she can hear the laughter from behind the shadows that mask his face. But now, Scorn is leaving! That's not the intended result! That's where his mind is roughly when Sailor Mars gets her fireball in! There's no real defense there - the fireball slams into him and burns away portions of his barrier jacket!

Riventon is pulled back to the more important concerns of Sailor Mars just in time to put up a blue circular barrier between himself and a very powerful knee - pushing back on her with some of his magic and opening up just a little room.

"Well... looks like my charge is gone, and I'm not much of a mind to fight so outnumbered for no reason at all." he says, a tinge of regret in his voice. But by now he's learned the folly of trying to do that - of standing up to overwhelming numbers alone. And he has information to sift through.

    <ERDBEBEN PLATZEN!> calls the device as another rift of negative energy opens up! This one opens up right under Riventon, however, and he uses it as cover to shift out as any wicked creature can, taking that quick exit, stage Dusk Zone.
Rei Hino 2015-06-25 04:44:54 2782
The fireball goes through but the kick doesn't. That's not quite what Mars expected. The barrier knocks Mars onto her senshi butt, and she complains with an, "Ow!"

She is about to get back up, but the rift opens and Riventon uses it to cover his escape. Yeah, she's not about to get hit by that again if she can avoid it.

Mars brushes herself off. Sweat she didn't notice before runs down her face. Riventon's a terrifying enemy, and taking him on alone wasn't so great an idea.

She wipes her brow, turning to the others. "Well, we fought them off this time! Sortof." Her mood is dampened by the fact that Scorn's vicitms are probably not going to immediately recover.

"Did you catch that name, Mercury? Corvus? We should try to study that."
Runealy Waldia 2015-06-25 04:46:50 2783
Runealy suddenly has a lot to be thankful for. Gao is heading her way, helping stop the orbs. Scorn has left. And having stopped her rush for Riventon in order to defend against his remote attacks means she wasn't even in the area of his negative-energy burst to begin with! A good thing, since that might have hurt her quite badly in her previously heedless mental state.

The fight appears to be over. "Is everyone..." No, even through tear-blurred vision she can tell not 'everyone' is okay, there are lots of victims. "Are you...", she corrects with a glance to Gao, Mars, and Mercury, "Okay?"
Ami Mizuno 2015-06-25 04:48:19 2784
"I already typed it down, Mars." Mercury says before she actually sits down.....and she drops her computer down to the ground. Thankfully, it's a sturdy computer and everything remains, but Mercury's hands are shaking. Not just her hands, but her entire body.....
Rei Hino 2015-06-25 04:52:02 2785
To Runealy, Mars says, "I took a few good hits from them, but I think I'll be okay. I'll need some rest." Her senshi outfit is the only thing seperating 'a night's rest' from 'a few months in the hospital'.

To Mercury, Mars says, "Alright. Hey, can you walk okay? It's been a rough day."
Gaofele Doiru 2015-06-25 04:52:48 2786
As the adrenaline ebbs, Gao summons his quarterstaff again, this time using it to lean on. "I should be okay," he reassures Rune. Indeed, the raven-inflicted tear in his cloak is starting to slowly mend itself.

The clatter of Mercury's computer catches his attention. "What about the rest of you? Need any help?"
Runealy Waldia 2015-06-25 05:00:38 2788
Runealy stands quietly for several seconds... it sounds like everyone is at least moving on their own two feet. She looks to Mercury. "You said the guards would suspect us if we stick around, right? Back when we found out what she was doing? So... thank you, both of you. Gao..."

She walks over to her friend, tone low. "We should go. We'll get a look from the tower some other time... you did great."
Ami Mizuno 2015-06-25 05:06:33 2791
"More than a rough day, Mars. I was so...frustrated at that girl's excuses and 'please let me continue this' that I actually tried to kill her." Mercury slumps her head and picks up her computer. "We offer to help, and our hand is slapped away. We want to figure out how to get these people out of their comas and I come up with more questions than answers." She then stands slowly. "and when I try to give the people she's attacking cover, my fog is simply blown away like so much dust. I don't even feel like I'm helping at all, Mars." She starts to walk away. "I'd better go, Mars. I'll......see you later." And she begins to trot away.
Rei Hino 2015-06-25 05:17:06 2793
Mars frowns as Mercury expresses her concerns. "That isn't true, Mercury. We both helped, and we did at least slow her down. She adapted to her tactics, so now we have to adapt to hers."

Mars tries to be encouraging, but Mercury is down in the dumps. "Look... we can talk later, alright? You're a valuable member of this team, never forget that!"

Mars bites her lower lip, then turns to Gao and Rune. "I have to go, too. I left something behind that I need to pick up."

Mars starts heading towards the alley she emerged from, which just so happens to be the place her shopping bags were ditched.
Gaofele Doiru 2015-06-25 05:21:02 2794
Guardian Gao nods to Rune. Departing soon would be a good idea: the enemies have fled, and the authorities might ask awkward questions. But...

"Mercury," he says, raising his voice slightly to carry. "If..."

He hesitates for a moment. "Take care of yourself," he finally says, then turns to Rune. "Let's go," he murmurs, starting off away from the Tower.