The moment you've all been waiting for! 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...

Date: 2016-01-31
Pose Count: 186
Mint Chip 2016-01-31 01:05:38 25673
The fog is rolling in heavy and thick as the supercell's clouds rotate in black swirls overhead. Mitakhara's harbor district, exposed to the sea, is strangely calm. Out of the thick fog, though, several large shapes can be seen - each of those shapes attached to a line that connects to something far in the sky in the distance. The loud thuds of those creatures echoes out over the sea.


As they lumber out of the fog, it's apparent they're elephants - elephants that lead a large number of largely inattentive carnival creatures, standing out from the world by their garish colors and stilted movement.


The thunder in the distance suddenly grows louder, and the storms wind's become fierce, while massive lightning bolts erupt from the rolling skies above, slamming down into the earth with enough energy to leave blackened scorch marks on everything they hit. The water begins to receede into the ocean as though a tidal wave was on its way.


And in the distance, but growing closer and louder, it can be heard. A high-pitched, hyperactive laughter, growing steadily louder as it approaches, unceasing, maniacal. And then there's a sudden burst of energy - a multicolored, mutlilined spiderweb that erupts from that massive shadow deep in the fog - and then with a sound that echoes of wrongness, that spiderweb of energy becomes a horde of shimmering, prsimatic humanoid shapes - each of them looking like small girls, holding an array of weapons, and swarming down upon the Three Wards - including, but not limited to, the people who are arrayed to fight the coming storm.


And in the fog, the shimmering outline of a circle, an array of Witch Runes is visible, and a shadow glows behind it. Then, with another torrent of wind, strong enough to knock over boats that were moored in the now-bare harbor, the gears that make up the top of Walpurgisnacht appear - and begin to seperate and turn.


And the laughing only grows louder, as Walpurginacht sends a burst of prismatic flames into the heart of Mitakihara, burning a line through the once-crowded business district. Some of the buildings set alight by this flame have large chunks vanish, only to reappear, still on fire and floating, by the monster itself, swirling around and gaining rapid speed.


The tethers held by the carnival creatures break, and Walpurgisnacht begins to loom down upon Mitakihara, laughing as its upside-down head breathes multicolored fire along the shoreline, burning whatever it touches to cinders. The lighning strikes begin to attack the arrayed heroes specifically, along with the swarm of prismatic familiars. Who are laughing themselves, much like their master.
Usagi Tsukino 2016-01-31 01:07:01 25675
Sailor Mercury has taken to a bird's Eye view.

Sailor Mars is protecting her grandfather and keeping an eye out far from the front lines.

Sailor Venus should be here soon, for now she's making sure civilians are safe.

At the moment, the only Senshi Sailor Moon has by her side is Jupiter.

Really, honestly, and truthfully, Moon is not on the raw end of this deal. Her hand is threaded through that of the taller girl's, gathering strength and courage from the one who seems to have it in droves.

"Just remember, Mako-chan." Her voice is quiet, loud enough only for Jupiter's ears. Her words are paused only due to her short scream that accompanies lightning, finding herself pressed close to the Senshi of Thunder. "Whatever happens? ...Know that I love you, okay?"
Mami Tomoe 2016-01-31 01:10:10 25676
Mami is standing on the harbor near where Homura has set up, her arms crossed over her chest. But when the horrid creature begins to come, and the lightning begins to roll through the sky, she begins to generate a field of matchlock rifles around her. She holds fast as the heralds begin to march - they're not the real threat. She knows that much from her research. They're relatively unthreatening. It's the creature itself, and its familiars, that really are the danger.

Kyubey sits on her shoulder, looking into the fog. "This... this is the strongest Walpurgisnacht I've ever seen." he says, quietly. "I don't think you can all make it out alive." the little creature says, morbidly. "Unless someone joins in to even the playing field."

Mami glares at Kyubey for just a moment. "We have more strength here than anyone ever has, too. I'm sure we'll be fine. Now hush. I have work to do." she says, picking up her rifles and firing them one after another into the horde of familiars that descends from the sky, narrowly dodging a lightning blast that tears from the sky right next to her.
Sachiko Hayakawa 2016-01-31 01:11:39 25677
Anshi Hayakawa has not been a magical girl terribly long. But it was tales of this terrifying night that ultimately drove her to make the decision to her Wish with Kyubey.

The Puella stands quietly on a rooftop, looking out over the coming storm as it approaches from a distance. An apricot-colorued skirt flaps around the Puella as the storm surges and crashes against Tokyo's walls, and rather than shivering in fear, Anshi smiles and reaches out with a clenched fist. "Don't worry, Sachiko-chan," she says to the wind. "Just as soon as I'm done here, we'll be safe."

Anshi reaches up and clutches the metal collar around her neck, from which a small ball and chain are dangling. "It's time," she says, then drops down off the building to land on the ground beside Mami, just opposite the incoming lightning bolt from her. "Tomoe-senpai," she says, with a little more cheeriness than anyone ought to display in the face of this. "Let's do our best, okay?"
Tsubasa Kazanari 2016-01-31 01:13:51 25679
Tsubasa has let her Uncle know what she knew about tonight's events, and she's hear to help, the Symphogear user is already transformed, riding her motorcycle around Mitakihara as she gathers sensor data for Section 2 in the leadup to the Witch's arrival. When it finally does arrive, she redirects herself towards it, taking a deep breath to steady her nerves.

As the lightning strikes, she dodges to the side just in time, the energy grazing her as she revs up her engines. The blades on her feet unfold and grow, locking together in front of her bike in one big, sharp pointy blade.

The second lightning strike is dodged faster, the engine riving up again, and as Tsubasa comes across a small array of familiars, she goes right in, goring them with the blade she's produced in front of herself, holding on with only one hand, the other wielding a katana used to strike down a few she missed.

Then she continues her path onwards to Walpurgisnacht.
Runealy Waldia 2016-01-31 01:16:45 25681
As the storms increased, Rune made an unusual decision: She split up the team. Individual Guardian Knights were told they could come to face Walpurgisnacht if they wished, but that the princess also wanted some of them to protect important places in Tokyo. Hospitals. Searching for others who might come under opportunistic monster attack in these times; she suspected someone might take advantage.

In the end, this left her approaching the harbor alone. She goes tense as creatures emerge from the fog, but lets them pass when it becomes clear they're not attacking her... even if elephants are an exotic sight to Rune. Thunder in the distance snaps her attention back to the situation at hand, wincing as the laughter rings out. Threatening figures move in. It's time.

"Summoning Princess' Tiara!" The jeweled headwear appears in hand, energy-hum noise throbbing. "The Line of Succession..." It's passed to her other hand, brought to head in the same motion. "Transform!" A flash of red light follows, and when it fades she's in magical garb with wand ready.

She meets her attacker with a green orb, one that splits apart into emerald sparkles in mid-air. It peppers the incoming familiar with holes, dissipating it...

...and then Runealy stares in wide-eyed shock as Walpurgisnacht outright tears apart chunks of buildings. "I saw the examples, but... actually seeing it for real...!? How do we fight something this big!?"

Worried, she sprints over to join Mami and Kyubey. "Can we really do this? I'll give it everything I've got, but when you talked about this being a 'city destroyer', I didn't realize you were being this serious!"
Homura Akemi 2016-01-31 01:18:29 25682
    Homura doesn't stop her slow march forward, even as the low fog rolls in and covers her feet. She walks past the elephants, and the carnival creatures, ignoring them. They aren't worth her attention.

    As she passes by them, Laisa walks up behind her, taking her place at Homura's side. Belina approaches from the opposite angle, marching in step with the rest of them. Meriko lands next to the other three, standing to walk at Laisa's side. The four of them make a solid wall of Puella Magi walking into the storm.

    Laisa is the first to speak up. "So it decided to strike here."

    Homura responds. "So it did."

    Then Belina. "Just like we planned?"

    Meriko is the last to join in. "Don't be too married to the plan. We hafta think on our feet!"

    Homura, as cold as usual, "Quite. We've made all the preparations we can make. This is our one and only chance. Don't screw up, and don't die."

    Meriko laughs. Laisa looks away. Belina stares at Homura. The four of them jump into different directions, and Homura jumps to the edge of a tall building. Her frigid stare focuses on the massive Witch floating up above. "If I ever see you again, it'll be too soon."

    It's then that she overhears Kyubey, and notices Mami. "Such a tricky little creature. You know that her helping wont make our situation any better." She doesn't mention that it would make it a lot worse.

    To Mami, she says, "Good luck, Mami-san. This is the kind of thing we became Puella Magi for."
Kyouko Sakura 2016-01-31 01:18:43 25683
    Kyouko has been here for a while. Unlike many of the others who would gather to stave off Walpurgisnacht, she has no family to see to (or escape as the case may be), and precious little in the way of posessions to safeguard. Since shortly after noon she's been by the water, pacing back and forth along the shoreline, hands in her pockets. Thinking. Thinking about what she's done with her life. The mistakes she's made. The times she's been right. The people she's met and the people she's fought against and might today be fighting alongside.

    She's not usually a thinker, not to this degree of self-examination. But when there's a very real chance you won't make it through the night you start to wonder if everything you've done has been worth it. You begin to wonder how people will remember you. Probably not very fondly in most cases, she muses to herself, and she can't help but be perversely pleased by that. Better to be cursed at in the afterlife than forgotten. At least that's how she sees it.

    When the fog begins to roll in, and that maniacal laughter drifts over the waves, she lets out a little sigh. "Guess it's showtime." She holds up her hand, summons her Soul Gem, and in a flash of red light, she's in her henshin, her spear resting back over one shoulder almost casually, arm looped around it. Those who might be aware of such things might notice the white borderlines around the edges of her dress are a bit thicker than they had been last time she was seen- her recent battle with Dark Endymion left some lingering effect.

    But there's nothing of Apatite in her eyes as she glares out at the still-distant but rapidly-approaching shillouette of the massive Witch. Apatite wouldn't look so determined to protect this city. Kyouko Sakura is. She's a bit distant from where Mami and Homura stand- standing with them, but apart from them. As it must be. But she's not alone. Sayaka is standing next to her. Kyouko turns to flash the blue-haired Puella a fangy smile. "Stick with me, Saya-chan. We'll get through this. I promise."

    Lightning tears the sky. Kyouko steps to the side and it blows a hole in the pavement where she had been standing. She sneers, baring one little fang. "Is that the best you got?!" She suddenly screams into the rising wind. "Cause it's gonna take more than that to take me down, goddamned effin' freak!"

    She spins her spear around from her arm, over the back of her neck, then slams it down into the ground at her feet. There's a.. blurring of reality and suddenly there's not just one Kyouko. Or two. Or five. At least twenty clones of Kyouko stand in a group, each in a slightly different pose, but otherwise identical. She's really not holding back- she'll burn through her magic quickly at this rate. But holding back ain't gonna win this fight.

    All of the Kyoukos suddenly explode into action, in twenty different directions, each one seeking out the nearest Familiar and bringing spears to bear to tear through them and send their remains spinning into the sea. But man, there always seem to be more.
Miku Kohinata 2016-01-31 01:18:58 25684
There's been a general evacuation order for most of Tokyo, but heavens know many people ignore such orders. Miku Kohinata, it seems, is one of those who will ignore it. With a bluetooth attached to her ear, the girl is busy rushing up a staircase inside a building, heading for the eighth floor.

While magical girls are arrayed to fight the monster, Miku Kohinata has no such powers. "So why can I see it?" Miku asks herself as she races towards the apartment, where she spotted a young girl leaning out the window trying to catch raindropps in a cup.

Miku makes it to the eighth floor and bursts through the doorway, falls over, then scrabbles back to her feet and races down the hallway, pouring on all the speed. She counts the doors quickly, then reaches her destination and knocks. "Open up open up," she calls through the doorway. "They're coming. You've got to get out of here!"
Makoto Kino 2016-01-31 01:23:44 25687
Sailor Jupiter's face is grim, her green eyes wide and horrified as, for the first time, she takes in the full scale of what they're up against. For all that she's heard, for all that they've done their best to prepare, her imagination couldn't truly concieve of the reality of what Walpurgisnacht is.

Until now.

Nevertheless, she stands straight and tall, shoulders squared, and the hand that Sailor Moon is clutching squeezes gently in reassurance. "I know," she murmurs. Usagi needs her strength right now, and she can't falter. "No matter what, I've always got your back."

Her lips curl back from her teeth as the lightning comes down upon Tokyo's defenders. She can feel the jolt of it, bone-deep, and although with a storm this size it shouldn't be surprising, Mako can't help the feeling of indignant anger that surges up within how. How dare this thing. With a sweep of her hand, she calls the wind, sending it outward in a rush to batter at the incoming Familiars with a surge of tumbling petals. As opening salvos go, she feels sinkingly, it's not very much... but they're going to need every advantage they can get.

Fists are not going to be enough this time.
Shinobu Kimura 2016-01-31 01:24:26 25688
Puella Magi Shinobu comes walking into the harbor. Shes already henshined anf has her bo in hand. As she walks up alongside Mami and Homura. "I thought you said this thing was big!" She states as an ice breaker.

She closes her eyes for a brief moment. "A lot of us don't have ranged weapons. I think I can get a couple people up there but it may be a one way trip." She states in a cold voice.

Her body begins to shake. Of all the times that she's played over this in her head, It didn't really register that this was going to happen and this was going to be the most deadly thing she has encountered.
Sayaka Miki 2016-01-31 01:26:47 25689
    So. This is it. The battle to end all battles. Not too long ago, Sayaka was just a normal schoolgirl with normal, ordinary worries..The world of magic was not something she ever thought existed, no less being drawn into.

    Now, here she is, about to face the biggest challenge of her magical career. Sayaka had taken the time to say goodbye to her family and friends. Hitomi and of course Kyousuke. She had made sure they were safe and sound, protected from the storm, before she transformed and joined the other Puella.

    Now, here she is, standing next to Kyouko and the other Puella, cutlasses drawn as she watches the fog rolling in. Blue eyes narrow upon the carnival familiars, spinning around faster and faster as she charges the familiars, creating a typhoon of magical wind and musical notes as she cuts through those nearest her.

    "Outta my way, freaks! I'm after the big guns!"
Mamoru Chiba 2016-01-31 01:28:57 25690
"Looks like Moon's deployed everyone but Jupiter elsewhere," Dark Endymion says, hovering, scanning the arrayed heroes, seeing who's visible, who's absent, who's grouped with whom. There are a lot he doesn't recognise. "Be on the lookout for Sailor Venus or Sailor V and try not to get shot by her. Everyone else should be abiding by the armistice."

The thing's almost there, the familiars are starting to swarm. "Our role here is actually to keep the heroes in the field, so focus on keeping the little stuff off them and not letting them get hit by skyscrapers. If you got anything left over after that, THEN shoot at the big laughing thing."

Then it's there. People are starting to break off and fight. The Dark Prince is actually grinning as he takes off, and he calls back over his shoulder, "You guys know what you're doing~!"

Then he's slicing through familiars ahead of them, moving to get between the onslaught and the concentrations of fighters. If they get in melee range of him, he swords them like a boss. When they're clear enough away, he just throws dark energy at them-- the cleft familiars don't bleed, they fall to ash; the ones shot with dark energy explode rather more like volcanic ash, and the first one that does it gets a lot of side-eye from Endymion.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-01-31 01:28:58 25691
"And remember that if things go bells-up, be sure to flush all of the sensitive things in our lab. I don't want those getting out. Got it, Boris?" Miss White offers to her Familiar, who quickly sets about finishing the massive barriers designed to protect WPS' holdings. The Russian gives a grin.

"Da! Now go shove oversize pain ball's tail down its teeth little kitten!"

Hannah gives a thumbs-up, and teleports away.

Miss White lands on the front lines of the conflict, shivering from the pure flood of magic her Device feeds her. She checks her Cartridges, runs a hand through her hair, and grins excitedly to to the fellow members of WPS who might join her, and even grinning to the many, many Puella gathered.

"Now /this/, is what we call destiny WPS! Do or die everybody! That's an order from your CEO! This is our biggest Witch to hunt, after all!" She laughs, a shield coming up as lightning comes for her. She's forced back from the blow, dodging back at the last second, a emerald green shield shattered and one of the corners of her jacket singed.

"Oh yeah, this thing's going to be a challenge! Hah hah ha ha hah!"

Then, Miss White charges for the oncoming wall of little-girl shaped familiars with their many weapons, dodging lightning bolts and happily starting to cave in the skulls of any Familiar foolish enough to get close. A snap of her fingers, and Raging Tempest sets runes all around the oncoming horde, wind-powered magical landmines hopefully slowing the oncoming tide of death.

"Homura! Sayaka! You guys better not do something stupid like get killed and make Madoka cry, got it!?" A little encouragement never hurts.
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-01-31 01:29:32 25692
Haruna gives Aki a big hug as she goes to do her thing. Aki's agreed to hangout near a shelter and watchout. She likes doing that kind of thing.

Gull has come with Miss White- because of coruse she did. "Right!" she says. Hannah is talking as CEO so she is talking as an employee right now! She's gonna do her best. "Do or Die! Or Go n' Fry!----ohhhh dear lord not rhyming." she laments.

She grins a little, as she rests back to back with Hannah like an action duo for a bit--- because Miss White can handle what's in front of her and Gull can handle the back.

"Gull Feather Strike!" she calls out, throwing her hand out- a feather shooting from the motion as she aims to hit one of the madly giggling familars---

"Gull Feather Storm...!" she calls out. Then a more barrage-like rain of feathers stream out----

Then she begins Windy Karate chopping into stragglers.

Familars get destroyed around her. Not all of them around her, but a good many. Some are more on the ball than others, evading her attacks!

She beams. "Give your all and never give up!" she adds to Hannah's urgings.
Ano Onna 2016-01-31 01:30:26 25694
    It has been a hell of a day. And it's only about to get worse isn't it?
    It all started when Konoko went missing, that just about made a certain girl flip, running out into the gloom of the oncoming storm to go find her. ... The results were... Odd to say the least, but now that THAT issue is handled and her friend was safely desposited in an evacuatio shelter, everything should have been handled.
    Still, That Girl, couldn't help but frown. Glancing back out into the cloudy, foggy, gloom, she is once again tugged to do something horribly risky. That girl that helped them? Was she still out there?
    he simple question gnawed at her, worry brimming in her gut much like the oncoming storm roiled waiting just outside. Once again she makes a decision, and spends no time thinking on it to even bother any regrets.
    She leaves the safety of the shelter and begins making her way back... Only to be greeted by the most surreal sights.
    Elephants all the shades of the rainbow, sinister cackling on the winds...
    Girls in ornate dress all around, gathering as though ready for battle, as she passes the harbor...
    'Still no regrets now?' A voice whispers in her ear. And the girl can only stare in mixed awe, confusion, and growing dread as she looks on against something so grandiosely larger than herself.
    Her palms itch.
    Her fingers curl into fists, to ease the mounting tension.
    "... Hey. What's going on?"
    She'll take whatever answer she can get. After the gouts of fire bathe the shore, forcing her to dodge for her life, ending in a tumble roll that puts her on her feet, the swirling imagies of tattoo-like dragons, one white and one black, running down her arms and forming into knuckled gauntlets.
Madoka Akemi 2016-01-31 01:31:37 25695
    Madoka is inside the shelter, standing at the top of the stairs leading to the entrance. She stares out the large windows with a concerned look on her face as the storm outside seems to rise to a fevered pitch, knowing the violent weather is caused by more than some mundane supercell the meteorologists make it out to be.

    As the trees bend over to an angle she's never seen before a small frown purses onto her lips. She believes in the magical girls arrayed to fight against it, she really does. All those words she spoke to Homura, trying to give her the hope and resolve that she'd need- she meant every one of them.

    And yet there is something gnawing at her. Telling her that she should be there alongside them. That this is the kind of test that Magical Heroes were born to face. She can't join them, not like that. She made a promise and this time, /this time/ she intends to keep it.

    But can she really sit by and do nothing? Can she really just huddle in a shelter and hide as she's protected? That's what she'd tell anyone else to do, in her situation.

    However... she is not anyone else. She's Madoka Kaname, who can see all too clearly in her mind the torment and suffering of the battle that's only just beginning. Nearly all her friends are out there, and if the battle goes wrong she may not have any left by the time it's over.

    In the end she knew she could never be the type of person to simply stand by and let things happen around her, not when it comes to something like this. She bends down and picks up the suitcase sized medical kit sitting next to her, and starts off down the stairs.

    Of course her parents had protested, her mother strongest of all. But this was her job now, wasn't it? Looking after those hurt and injured. She'd had to lie; telling them she was going to one of the medical staging areas, saying she was needed more elsewhere than their own shelter.

    In her own mind it was true; someone had to look after those girls and boys who would be risking their lives to save the city. And who better than Madoka herself?

    She hurries down the stairs with one arm held out to the side and swinging while the other keeps a firm hold on the medkit, only to push through the door and out into the empty, windswept streets.
Kukai Souma 2016-01-31 01:32:44 25696
Sky Jack spent the day with his brothers, who were staying in Tokyo, before he got the phone call alerting him that everyone was gathering. Not that he knew who 'everyone' was, but it didn't matter. He was asked to come and help, so he'd come and help. So in the middle of one of the worst rain storms he'd ever seen, he'd made his way out of the shelter when his brothers weren't looking and Charater Transformed, sailing off into the sky, his goggles down over his eyes as he flew towards the harbor.

He saw others, in the distance, both on the ground and in the air, flying towards the harbor and the grey-black clouds gathered there. He didn't know half the figures, but he suspected he knew one or two from the glowing trails of light they left behind. More powerful than he was by half. By factors, and they were all gathering to fight ... something. And then he saw it, the descending gears, the marching carnival horrors, and over the roar of the storm, he heard the laughter. A blast of energy ripped off into the distance and consumed part of the business district, and Kukai's heart leapt into his throat thinking about what would happen if that hit him. Hit any of them. But this had to be done.

He grit his teeth and sped up, trying to catch up to the others but stay far enough apart from them to not get caught in a beam, calling out. "All right! Whatever this thing is, we can and will beat it! Have faith in your friends and we'll be just fine! We will make it through!"
Kazuo Takeba 2016-01-31 01:35:22 25697
Lightning. Akemi hadn't mentioned that one. Kunzite tilts his head back, looking upward, then glances back to give a sharp-edged smile in answer to Endymion's grin. "Well," he says in Nephrite's direction. "At least it's not a planet."

Then he draws darkness around himself and launches himself upward in a bubble of shadow. Overhead, one sliver of paler gray in a darkened sky, he reaches for something he's been saving. Not his own discolored lightning; that wouldn't serve his purposes now. Stolen lightning. Sailor Jupiter's. He tunes it just enough, then lets it crackle around the sphere he's in, tether it to the ground.

And draw in the greater lightning strikes in his vicinity, giving those nearby a little cover.

A fraction of that energy is used to keep that tether going, attracting the nearest of the lightning. The rest is deflected - he will not risk absorbing any of this thing's power - and sent outward, striking at an angle among the Familiar army. Not at the front lines, where Endymion and a double dozen magical girls (and how many of them are Kyouko?) are already engaged; beyond them, cutting down the numbers prepared to swarm the defenders. There are more. There are always more. But he can buy a little temporary breathing room.
Nephrite 2016-01-31 01:37:34 25699
Nephrite is only marginally aware of what is going on, or who most of these people are. He has to trust that Kunzite knew what he was doing when he set up this alliance. What he does know, though, is that witches suck, and they need to die.

He smirks at Kunzite's dry joke. "I don't know, that planet and I had a sort of bond by the end. I almost miss her, the old ball of murder."

He accepts Prince Endymion's orders with surprising ease--barely more than a few words have been exchanged between them since Nephrite emerged from the witch's labyrinth with one more boss to answer to, and rightfully he should feel conflicted about that. Instead, he nods his head sharply, and sets himself upon the nearest cluster of familiars he can get his hands on.

He throws the full weight of his power behind his fists, tearing them apart with his bare hands with a snarl. The familiars fall easily enough, but there are always more.
Saburo Yukimura 2016-01-31 01:45:45 25702
Jadeite is here, not *dead* as some people might have tried to have convinced some *other* people. He is looking remarkably un-murdered, as pristine and tightly buttoned as he always does. He hasn't been saying much since he met the others on the field, but he's *there*, blue eyes sharp as ice as he watches the *thing* roll in from over the water.

It is an intimidating amount of power, but here Jadeite is obliged to at least pretend that he doesn't feel absolutely terrified in the face of it. There are a lot of people he wishes he could be keeping track of right now. He can't be doing that, either.

Instead, he seems to be staying close to his brothers and playing support. He can and does shred familiars to tiny familiar bits with javelins of ice, when he can, but mostly Jadeite is focusing on throwing up shields between familiars and allies that didn't seem to see the attack coming, trying to keep as many people on the playing field at a time.
Zoisite 2016-01-31 01:47:40 25704
Zoisite's laugh at Nephrite's comment is half-covered by a hand. "You can tell us about your love life later," he promises, quick and bright. Because Nephrite is busy punching things that are not Zoisite, and probably won't have time to turn. "Personally, I like this one's style." He darts out to one side of Nephrite, opening an arc between them. Covering Jadeite so that he can concentrate on his ice. The fire trailing from the quick little General's hands is bright, this time, rather than dark, and has none of Walpurgisnacht's colors. It's still enough to flicker through the prismatic shapes, severing head from one, arm and torso from another, till they fracture and dissipate and disappear. That he probably wishes it's the real thing he was doing that to is irrelevant to the results.
Minako Aino 2016-01-31 01:56:02 25707
Minako Aino/Sailor V is here! She stopped helping civilians once she got the requisite news media attention to claim she's being a responsible magical girl.

Now she's being conspicuous in that it's hard to stealthily arrive and join up with her senshi buddies in an engagement of this magnitude, but inconspicuous in that she's staying entirely in the background out of the fighting.

"Jupes! Your lightnings are looking lightier than usual today!"
Mint Chip 2016-01-31 01:57:16 25708
Walpurgis itself is still in the distance - in fact, some attacks leveled against her are actually sacrificially absorbed by the prismatic girl 'familiars' instead. But the razor-thin blasts of prismatic energy continue to erupt out of Walpurgisnacht, cutting like blades into anyone too headstrong or clumsy to get out of their way before they 'pop' into even more giggling familiars.

One of these energy razors finds it way into the group of Puella Magi that Homura is escorting - and one of the familiars that shapes itself into existence seems to have taken a personal interest into the fabulously-haired Puella, trying to take her head off with a shimmering sycthe blade, the silhouette of a heavy cloak around her shoulders.

Walpurgisnacht itself breathes another massive cone of fire that looks like burning watercolors, scorching up another city block in an instant, except for one building which shimmers with a strange purple glow. But the time to consider that is short, as the swirling runes around Walpurgisnacht glow, and there's a wave of emotional energy that blasts over the massive battlefield. It's like a walk through a labrynth - but all concentrated into one moment of sorrow, despair, and helplessness.

And then, flaring into view alongside the other skyscrapers it has already collected are ones that most assuredly do not match modern-day Tokyo - instead, some of them are very clearly American - one of them is a minaret, and one of them is an ancient european castle tower. The buildings that flare into existence (on fire, too) perhaps speak clearly of this monsters' long history.

The swirling mass of debris collects, and begins to function as the monstrous creature's new form of assault - massive structures from different loc alities and times crashing down, most assuredly targeting arrayed heroes (and villians temporary acting as such.). The swirling field of debris is also making actually hitting the damned monster rather difficult.

Admittedly, as a bright spot, it does seem like the familiars that it's spawning now seem to be slightly less in number than the initial wave - though still some of them are ignoring the arrayed heroes to go spread terror and danger through the town, and those not here stopping Walpurgis itself will have to be counted on to deal with them inside the city before they become a problem.
Mami Tomoe 2016-01-31 01:57:27 25709
Mami nods to Anshi as she lands next to her - and smiles even larger when one of the familiars gets WHUMPed out of existence by Anshi's ball and chain. "Normally I believe my friend Kyubey, but I'm sure everyone will get out of this just..." she stops to club a familiar with a rifle "...fine! As long as we keep our heads on straight, we've got this."

Mami turns to Rune. "It won't hurt anyone if we stop it here. Buildings can be rebuilt... we just need to stop it from reaching the shelters where the people are." she says, before clubbing another familiar with a gun in her right hand and shooting it right in the face with her other hand's gun.

"Kimura-san - do it! We're only whittling down the army here - they're not going to stop coming until we kill the big laughing fashion disaster up there!" she says, before she decides to make her own path - using a yellow ribbon to attach to a flying skyscraper, then pulling herself along it like a zipline, a circle of guns firing rapidly at any familiars that approach.
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2016-01-31 02:02:21 25710
Whoever she's here as. Nadeshiko? Nagihiko? She may have no powers, but she can still help. Even if it's as moral support.

She's on a roof, not far from Sky Jack. "HEY! Brat! You got this, okay?! You can do it! We believe in you!"

In her pocket, Temari still slumbers in her egg.

She should have evacuated with Mother, with Aunty. But so long as one of her friends is on the field...
Kyouko Sakura 2016-01-31 02:05:54 25711
    The small army of Kyoukos have spread out along the shoreline, leaping and dancing and slashing amongst the Familiars which dare to try and enter her sphere of influence. Each of them seems to have all the powers of the original Kyouko- spears fragment into chain-linked snakes to whip around Familiars, lacework barriers form, hemming them in, and each copy fights with the skill of Kyouko herself, a Puella honed by years of fighting their ilk. But that isn't to say the fight is one-sided. Here and there, copies fall- blasted by lightning or speared-through by a lance of prismatic energy. When fatally struck, they dissipate into misty scraps instantly. Maybe they aren't each as skilled as the original- or maybe this is just a much more dangerous fight than usual, and the real Kyouko has just been lucky so far.

    Speaking of the real Kyouko- she is sticking with Sayaka for the moment. As the blue-haired Puella takes off, cutting through the Familiars with her swords, Kyouko leaps after her, spinning in counterpoint to her friend and apprentice- although after tonight, she might have to promote the girl. Apprentices shouldn't be in a battle like this. Still, the two seem to work well together, spinning in a whirlwind of blades and spear-haft.

    Sayaka can tell it's the real Kyouko with her and not a copy. There's something.. warm, alive, about the presence at her back. It's impossible to mistake. She spears another Familiar through, then spits on the ground in disgust. "Pah! We'll never make any progress cuttin' up these small fry." She pauses momentarily to glare out at the huge Witch over the sea. "She's the one we need to take out." Her hand goes to one of her pockets and she hesitates a moment. "Just a little closer."
Usagi Tsukino 2016-01-31 02:06:21 25712
Sailor Moon tries to peel herself from Jupiter's side. She offers weak smiles and grins, and they only become more genuine when Endymion and his generals arrive...

And then Venus is here.

Things will be...okay!


Her tiara goes through familiars like a hot knife through butter.

She gives one last squeeze to Jupiter's hand, jumps just that much closer to those generals. "Hey! You got a game plan?" She looks at Endymion. "I knew we should have gotten together to speak Nerdy at each other!"
Sachiko Hayakawa 2016-01-31 02:07:48 25713
Anshi grins at Mami, and then spins away, practically dancing as she reaches up to grip the ball and chain. It begins to grow, larger, heavier, more massive, as Anshi directs all of her energy into clearing a large square of ground swinging a metal ball with absolutely ridiculous strength.

With all of the familiars smashed away, Anshi grips the chain with two hands and arrests its momentum, then shrinks it back to normal size.

With her weapon retained, Anshi leaps after Mami with a mighty jump, then lands fist-first in the concrete next to Sayaka and Kyouko. "Hi!" she says with a cheerful grin as she drops in on the pair. "I have an idea. Either of you interested in giving the witch a kiss?"
Hannah Sharpe 2016-01-31 02:08:52 25714
There's a /lot/ of swathes of destruction going on here, but one in particular catches Hannah's notice. When Endymion goes zooming past to slice into Familiars and blow them up with evil energy? Miss White stops, and offers the man a brofist.

"I always KNEW you had it in you! You look absolutely /BEAUTIFUL/ right now big brother! Keep it up, and try not to die until you can really shine again! Black doesn't suit you. Enjoy the fight you maniac!" Pot, kettle, et cetera.

Gull gets a grin. "It's just like the worst kind of action movie, huh?" She offers, helping keep Gull clear of any melee Familiars that get too close. The carnage carnival of Walpurginacht continues as the two WPS members work togther to blast away Familiars with wind!

Miss White is happy to let the Dark Kingdom members keep the heat down off of those in the front lines, engaging with the lessening numbers of Familiars. What quickly becomes a problem is the wave of despair that slams into them all, sending even Miss White to her knees. Her heart skips a beat, she spits on the ground, and her Device feeds her information on those burning skyscrapers. /American/ cities.

"OH GO STRAIGHT TO HELL, WALNUTS-CHAN! NOW I'M GOING TO KILL YOU TWICE!" She screams out defiantly, face red in pure indignation.

But an army of Kyoukos (the world is doomed!) advanced, and Miss White gets back to her feet. She gathers up a ball of wind into her hands, and throws them into the air. Soon enough? She's kicking them down at the onrushing, thinning Familiar horde. One ball of energy is kicked towards Walpurgisnacht, likely to little effect. She turns to Homura and Mami.

"Hope you two brought the big guns tonight!"
Tsubasa Kazanari 2016-01-31 02:09:53 25715
As she can't quite reach Walpurgisnacht yet, Tsubasa goes for another pass through some familiars. This time, however, it's not merely plowing through Familiars with a big pointy slashing thing at the end of her motorcycle. No, it's more. As she drives, blue pinpricks of energy start to appear high in the sky, far up. Very far.

She's keeping careful track of the Familiars she passes by on her plowing spree, and then when she has dozens, maybe even hundreds, of those pinpricks in the sky, and enough targets picked out with predicted paths to match, these pinpricks start crashing down. Swords made out of pure magic, blue energy blades to cut them down.
Runealy Waldia 2016-01-31 02:10:42 25716
Runealy spares a glance to Sayaka, surprised. "With that armor and sword... you look very much like my friends, to the point where I'd almost think you're a Knight." It's praise, even if she is taken off-guard by Sayaka's appearance.

Skyscrapers get her off that topic in a hurry. She stares at all of them, but particularly the castle tower - momentary worry that it might be part of /her/ castle, her home, runs through the princess' thoughts. "So you're saying we can lose some ground because there's nobody here, just not 'too much' ground... okay." She thinks she gets what Mami's advice there is.

Then... skyscrapers and other towers come in. She was specifically warned about this prospect, and thought about how she'd handle it. As a modern skyscraper flies right for Runealy, the princess' tiara gems light up and begin spraying tiny green sparkles at one of the windows. It shatters, and Rune jumps right into the office corridor it was sealing. She aims for the window past it, breaking this with another burst of tiara-sparkles, and leaps again...

...Only to be caught by a desk smashing her leg against the wall, having been tumbled about by the skyscraper's flight! She's right by the window, so close to getting out. Rune can even be seen half-out the window, but she's trapped for the moment and trying to get free before the building can make landfall; that will almost certainly be fatal. Her wand is emitting a yellow energy ray that she's using to bash the table apart, but other bits of office furniture tumble in to strike her anew and are starting to 'bury' her!
Miku Kohinata 2016-01-31 02:12:28 25717
The door Miku's pounding on opens, and Miku doesn't even hesitate. "You've got to go, now," she says, reaching out to grab the hand of the young woman inside. Miku is, technically, younger than the girl, but dressed in a very official looking blazer and a check-marked skirt, she has an aura of confidence that almost looks official. The headset she's wearing helps.

Miku looks past the woman into her apartment, straight through to the open door. Miku shrieks in terror and throws herself onto the woman she's pulled out, dropping them both to the ground with the greenette atop.

There is an explosion as the next building over is engulfed in Walpurgisnacht's flames. Glass shatters, and a fireball rolls through the apartment, singing Miku's jacket and skirt. But she got out of the way in time.

"We have to go," she tells the woman immediately. Miku rolls back to her feet then grabs the woman by her hand. "Come on," she says, and pulls her towards the stairwell.

"What's going on!?" the woman finally manages to ask.

"It's a very bad hurricane," Miku says. "You were supposed to evacuate!"

"I thought it was just another regular storm."

"This is category five. Maybe worse. Lightning is everywhere. That was a transformer blowing up."

The two girls race down the staircase hand in hand. But it's clear Miku is holding back to make sure she doesn't outpace the woman.
Homura Akemi 2016-01-31 02:13:25 25718
    Homura feels something tugging at the edge of her mind. Despite whatever Madoka said to her, and despite how much Homura would've insisted that she stay safe, there's the lingering feeling that Madoka would come here anyways. It's just... a knowledge that she has, of the girl she's known for over 12 years. It's more intuitive than logical, but she has a hunch that her intuition is right.

    With a sigh, she pulls out a cell phone and texts Madoka.

    TXT to Madoka: If you do end up going outside, which you shouldn't by the way, tell me where you are so I can ensure your safety.

    Looking up at the SuperWitch she squints. Then her eyes go wide as she realizes something horrible. "No! It can't be!" She slams her fists against a nearby HVAC unit and mutters, "I knew it was too good to be true. I knew it..."

    Well. She was already planning on using this attack. She'll just have to bring it out a little sooner. She raises her hands, and out from between the buildings, flying up from the skyline, come somewhere between 10 and 20 Apache attack helicoptors. Some of them have loudspeakers attached to the bottom, a custom addition courtesy of Homura. Homura herself is speaking into something that looks like a walky-talky. "EVERYONE PAY ATTENTION. THERE ARE MANY, MANY MORE FAMILIARS THAN ANTICIPATED. THIS COULD BE A HARDER FIGHT THAN WE THOUGHT! WATCH YOUR BACK!"

    It's kindof a shoddy comms system and she knows it, but this is the best she can do considering the circumstances. Those helicoptors aren't just for communications, either. Familiars charge at them from every direction, but Homura armed them well and made sure they were well stocked with ammo. Which is good, because a lot of that ammo is going right into those Familiars, tearing through them even as a couple of Apaches fall to focused Familiar fire. At least 10 of the Apaches drive forward, drawing ever closer to Walpurgisnacht, before locking on and unleashing a barrage of missiles at the huge monster.

    Homura is about to leap into the air when suddenly a Familiar appears behind her. She turns around to face it, eyes widening. "Masako?!" Homura ducks quickly, and a glass blade comes out of nowhere and lands next to the Masako-shaped Familiar.

    "Friend of yours, Prophet-chan?" Meriko lands behind the Familiar, another glass sword held in her hands.

    "No, just a copy. As far as I can tell" Homura's response is bitter. "Don't be reckless. These things are just as strong as any Puella Magi!"

    "Ha! But it isn't stronger than me!" Meriko rushes forward, bringing her blade down to cut the Familiar at the legs, but !Masako is too quick. The Familiar's scythe moves like a flash, slamming right into the Soul Gem on Masako's belt.

    Homura immediately realizes what happened. She shrieks. Her friend's eyes become lifeless as she falls to the ground. "MERIKO!" The Familiar turns towards Homura, and Homura doesn't even hesitate. Two of the Berettas that Madoka helped her load are immediately in her hands, and she's flying up and away, backwards so that she can shoot at the Masako Familiar.

    Hannah is speaking to Homura, but Homura's mind is only filled with rage right now. "I brought the biggest guns I could find, and I intend to fire every single one of them."
Makoto Kino 2016-01-31 02:15:13 25720
"Not mine this time!" Sailor Jupiter shouts back to Minako, and there's a bite of harsh anger in her voice that's not for her teammate. Electricity scorches the air, lancing out from her fingers to burst familiars into ash. Even this barely feels like scratching the surface. So many fighters on the field, and she can burn through the witch's familiars all day but the real enemy is out there over the harbor, massive and inevitable and out of reach, laughing at her.

When that wave of despair breaks over her, it nearly takes her to her knees. For a treacherous moment Makoto feels small and utterly out of her depth. It's too big, too far; what are her usual methods going to do against something like this? What is she supposed to do when the witch owns the very storm that is Jupiter's power and uses it against them?


If she thinks twice about it she'll realize what an insane thought it is, so Sailor Jupiter doesn't think at all. Instead she bolts into motion, charging forward across ground that others have cleared, toward the harbor and the tumbling debris and Walpurgisnacht beyond. Only when she runs out of ground does she stop, and plants her feet in a wide, determined stance, spreading her arms to feel the wind as it rushes by her.

She can still hear its voice, screaming and maddened. She can feel the lightning as it fights Kunzite's leash.

Setting her shoulders grimly, Sailor Jupiter braces herself and curls her fingers into the wind, grasps hold of it.

And seizes the dragon by its tail.

Immediately she shudders as though something has struck her, feeling the enormity of what she's trying to do. The storm fights her, pulling fit to rip her apart, and it's all that she can do to hold onto it; if she lets go, it will certainly swallow her whole. Sailor Moon is counting on her - everyone is fighting as hard as they can - she cannot fail.

No choice but to hold on.

Lightning sparks from her fingers and trails into the wind as though from rips torn in the air; it crackles around her feet where they've dug into the ground, bright threads of energy crawling across the metal of her tiara and spreading from her shoulders like a mantle. The fabric of her gloves, her collar, begins to smoke and blacken from the excess energy that she can't spare the concentration to channel. Jupiter's lips curl in a snarl, teeth bared as she fights the witch for control of the massive storm itself.

Her voice grits out through her teeth, strained and determined. "Mine."
Shinobu Kimura 2016-01-31 02:17:18 25721
Puella Magi Shinobu nods and politely bows to Mami. Her attention goes to the big witch in the distance. "Well. Here goes everything." She steels herself for a moment. Then quickly she hits the button on her staff. Immediately the world around her accelerates by a few seconds but she can still see the present.

Looking around at those closest to her and then for those further out. She then shouts out. "If you need to get close, Follow me. You have one shot at doing this and if I say to move, do it and don't hesitate!"

With that Shinobu launches herself high into the air. Her bo is moved to the off hand as she pulls another out. The new one is promptly thrown down to the ground, planting it as it grows wider so people can actually stand on it. She jumps again, This one is a little higher.

This continues, Each bow she creates is higher and just wide enough for people to stand on. She is burning through magic but right now her mind is on everything. The puella Magi finally gets up to the height needed. But there is just so much space between her and the giant witch.
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-01-31 02:22:07 25723
Cure Gull is keeping close to White-chan-- she's support! If Hannah can focus on the big targets- she can handle the small fry easily enough-- with streams of feather- wind-- she turns wind into horrible torrents of feathery razors, aiming to shriek through familars. It seems they're thining. She's watches White-chan call out in anger.

White-chan is angry. This means she's gonna be reckless. Gull has not be reckless so she can better help White-chan.

"Yeah this is a really awful movie, we should get a refund on the tickets!" she winks.

She gets wracked with the despair outcry as she nrrrrrrrrgs and shakes it off best she can with a rasp.

Corvus meanwhile sneezes somewhere else on Aki's shoulder.

She throws her arm out. "Gull Windy Cutter....!". Two feathers go flying out towards the familars on White-chan's six o'clock.

"Is that thing close enough to attack yet!?" she calls out.

"I feel like where just fighting the ants when we should go at the queen yeah know!?" she calls out.

She does frown at the Dark Kingdom , but otherwise that's all they get from her. She'll give begruding thanks later.

"White-chan. Lemme know when to start shooting the jerk of the evening!" She calls out~
Sayaka Miki 2016-01-31 02:24:07 25724
    Sayaka continues to hurl typhoons through the enemies, using her swords and her spinning technique to carve a path through them, occasionally hurling dozens of swords in every which direction, pausing here and there to stand back and back to the real Kyouko as she surveys the scene.

    "Heh, what a mess. Yeah, we'll need to get closer..Much closer. Else these familiars'll keep coming at us!" Glancing over at Puella Shinobu, she grins and waves, "Good to see you made it! Sure, we'll help out, think I got an idea!" summoning more swords, Sayaka hacks and slashes through the array of carnival familiars, trying to make her way towards Shinobu.

    She pauses again as Anshi lands next to them, arching a brow, "Oh! You're...." she pauses, having forgotten the girl's name, although she's probably seen here at some other battle, from afar, however, she's got her own plans. With a grin, Sayaka shakes her head, fists clenched as she summons brilliant glimmering musical staves that swirl around her, creating a glowing blue musical pathway in the sky.

    "No worries, got my own way! Anyone else, feel free to join me!" she's not sure how long she can hold out on the musical staff pathway but she did bring a bunch of griefseeds with her at least.
Mamoru Chiba 2016-01-31 02:28:03 25726
"We're just trying to keep its stuff from hitting you, Sailor Moon," Endymion calls back, then laughs as he gets bro-dapped by Hannah in passing. "Of course I'm beautiful--"

But despair hits like a ton of bricks, and the teenaged Dark Prince pauses for a moment, then glances toward Sailor Moon.

And the sword gets sheathed as more and more buildings start manifesting around the monster in the sky. "Moon! I wouldn't presume to tell you what to do, but I imagine when you get close enough, combining your attacks in groups to hit it at strategically load-bearing points might do something. Maybe ask Mercury!"

He backs up close by to Zoisite and Jadeite for a second and tells them, "See if you can shatter the skyscrapers if you attack them together. The more we break up before they even get here, the better."

Then, dear god, helicopter fire /everywhere/, and Jupiter's-- the HELL. "NEPHRITE, COVER JUPITER!"

Which leaves no tank by Moon but Venus and he needs her to NOT tank right now; handily enough, Endymion's right there. His cape flares up to shield the odango'd heroine from a chunk of masonry and a few stray bullets that haven't hit anything yet. "Maybe work on getting that going."
Kukai Souma 2016-01-31 02:29:10 25727
Sky Jack takes up a position higher and to one side of the rest of the group, scanning continually over the scene to make sure nobody's getting overwhelmed or overpowered, skating his board from side to side as the others begin moving into their attack positions. The falling debris is something he can do something about, at least, the smaller pieces. A large ball of some indeterminate type pops into existance, just in front of his hands, and he grabs it, then drops it. With a shout, he snaps into a powerful kick, the ball suddenly spinning and rotating, filled with energy, and launches away from him. The shot is on target, impacting one of the pieces of debris and deflecting it away from where the pile of Puella surrounding Homura are fighting. Multiple other launched balls flare into existance, are punted, and careen across the field, slamming into falling building pieces, bouncing off singular familiars, and otherwise opening a field of defense for the larger group, even as Sky Jack thinks he hears a familiar voice, reminding him that they can in fact Do It.
Minako Aino 2016-01-31 02:31:05 25728
Minako Aino/Sailor V waits until she sees Moon is properly covered by a body other than herself, then fades back, urging caution and restraint to the senshi team. "Somebody needs to hang back to fill in the gap of our casualties. Don't burn yourself out too fast," she warns.

And she does, taking up a superior defensive position that coincidentally puts her in the best position to provide overwatch for friends. Or ambush them.
Kyouko Sakura 2016-01-31 02:31:32 25729
    Kyouko nods her head grimly to Sayaka, then blinks as Anshi lands next to them. She's not familiar with the girl, at least not to any great degree, but recalls seeing her with Mami and/or Homura a few times- like at the meeting, and at the skating party. And she had seen her hurling stuff around just a minute ago.

    Sayaka starts building a bridge of music notes up into the air, and Kyouko glances after her.. then back at Anshi. She grins a fangy grin. "You go ahead Saya-chan. I'll catch up." And then she says to Anshi, "C'mon kid. Show me what you got."

    She leaps up and, assuming Anshi holds her hands out, lands lightly atop them, crouching and holding her spear out to the side.
Nephrite 2016-01-31 02:34:23 25730
Nephrite cannot remember the last time he actually fought side-by-side with Jadeite and Zoisite... or if he ever has. But as soon as Zoisite darts beside him, quick as a flame, he immediately grins, and adjusts his fighting style accordingly. He keeps the bright bursts of fire in the corner of his eye, ready to tank for him if he needs to. He keeps his back to Jadeite, trusting that his shields will protect him from anything trying to sneak up on him. Still, he wades into the worst of the fray himself--bodily grabbing one familiar before it can near Zoisite and slamming it onto the pavement, where it is obliterated.

And then there are buildings in the sky. Buildings. In the sky. Frankly, he should not be particularly shocked by this development, after his time with the last witch, but he would very much like it if these creatures could stop polluting his precious sky with random debris.

Attuned to the sky as Nephrite is, he immediately senses when the storm shifts... to Sailor Jupiter. He hears Prince Endymion's orders, and his response is immediate. He kicks the nearest familiar out of his way and does not wait to see it shatter against the ground. "You two, try not to die before I get back!" he orders the younger Shitennou as he races off.

He places himself between Jupiter and the... everything. This is not how he expected his day to turn out.
Madoka Akemi 2016-01-31 02:35:32 25731
    Cities are big. Even when there's nothing in your way stopping you other than the admittedly powerful wind. Lightning powerful enough to blow holes in the ground strikes off in the distance and gouts of flame magically incinerate entire blocks. Even though the battle itself might draw near it feels like it's going to take forever for Madoka to get there. Her arms and legs aren't strong or accustomed to hardship, and the medical kit she brought with her was perhaps a bit ambitious. Before she's even halfway there she starts panting as she jogs.

    And then she sees it, just off to the side. An enormous structure rising into the sky almost as tall as the highest buildings. Was that always there? For some reason her mind doesn't even question it. But as she looks at it it seems to draw her in, and her jog slows to a walk, her course changing, now walking towards the skyscraper sized tree sprouted from the ground in the middle of the Mitakihara District.

    Her attention falters as her phone chimes. A text now? Are things going poorly at the shelter? She picks it up and reads the message, blinking when she sees it's from Homura. When she finishes reading her eyes go down and her head hangs slightly. Homura would rather she simply hide away and ride the storm out, she knows. In fact Homura would probably rather have her away from the city entirely. But that's... not who she is. And her friend knows it.

    TXT to Homura: I'll be... at the top of the tree.

    How does she know there's even a way up there? How would Homura know what she means? Now she does question it, but doing so makes her head hurt a little. Despite that... she does know it's true. She knows Homura knows what she means, even though she doesn't understand it herself.

    TXT to Homura: I have medical supplies. Bring anyone hurt to me.

    Then she's running again, to the base of the tree where an entry hall sticks out as a fusion of natural and manmade. She slows as she approaches, pushing hard on the door and making her way in.

    Inside is dead calm. Calm enough that she can hear her own heavy breathing. No sound from the battle or storm gets in here, just as tree never sways an inch in the hurricane strength winds amongst its branches.

    The decor is of stark black and white and empty space, like a 50s diner floor thrown into the void. A ramp spirals upwards in a rectangular helix, leading ever upward in what looks like it must lead all the way to the top. It's labyrinthine in nature like a never-ending hallway, and yet leading to a predetermined destination.

    Madoka can't shake the feeling that she's been here before, done this before. All at once it's worrying, unnerving, and, oddly, comforting.

    Having waited too long already she starts running forward, beginning her long journey to the top.
Kazuo Takeba 2016-01-31 02:36:15 25733
There's one thing to thank Queen Beryl for. The wave of crushing helplessness and despair is something outright familiar; Kunzite glances away from his targets for an instant, toward where Endymion fights, toward where the other Generals do, but he holds his stolen lightning in check all the while.

Then releases it again at Endymion's shout - but Jupiter's moved far ahead, and the ground Nephrite would have to cover has a pair of those horrific ribbons lashing near. Lightning for lightning, then, since what he's stealing is after the point Jupiter's fighting the storm. When the first of the prismatic blades takes form and body and begins to move, he flings a strike down, chars them into nothing. Buys Nephrite a couple of seconds to take his position before the second's shadow-girls begin to close in.

Then he lets the lightning go, trusts Jupiter to handle it, because he only has a couple of seconds himself to relocate out of the path of a five-story chunk of masonry.

Without losing line-of-sight on V in the process.
Saburo Yukimura 2016-01-31 02:38:29 25735
'See if you can shatter the skyscrapers'. That's a reasonable thing that reasonable people say in the middle of reasonable battles, absolutely. Jadeite takes two seconds to glance to Endymion, eyebrows twitching together. "Of course."

Of course they can do it. The prince asked, so it will be done. Jadeite slides in a little closer to Zoisite, so that he is nearly hip-pressed against his younger brother. A shell of ice bursts up around them, thick and menacing, leaving a hole in the front large enough for the pair of them to 'fire' out of in a wide arc. Nephrite runs off to tank for someone that Jadeite *genuinely thinks of as a tank* and fear clutches at his throat just long enough to keep him from offering any kind of quip. This is all so much *worse* now that he remembers so much fo what he's lost.

No time for that. There are *buildings* coming at them, and he and Zoisite are supposed to take them out. No problem. "That one!" Jadeite calls out, and then immediately he's thrusting both hands out, an enormous gout of ice pouring forth to splash against the side of the target he's called out and starting to spread like aggressive hoarfrost, embrittling everything.
Ano Onna 2016-01-31 02:41:54 25736
    Priorities... Have changed. Just a little, considering how an excursion to go look for someone has turned into a bewildering brawl for her very life. Singed and sore, That Girl spends more time tumbling and rolling about, trying to pat flames off herself, for a moment, before they can burn her any worse, and when she does finally finish stopping, dropping, and rolling right after, halting on her knees, she glances up.
    She finally sees it in totality. The massive Witch looming in the distant skies. The mere sight of it takes her breath away, but there's little time for awe, and panic is pushed to the back of her mind despite every baser animal instinct her hindbrain activates in hastened alarm. She's simply not given the TIME to think of anything except to react.
    The chaos of flaring runes, more fire, floating debris and wreckage... And then the familiars. Terrible silhouettes and mockeries of animals and girls?
    Her initial reaction is simple. One of plain, almost mindless reflex, ingrained from years of getting into one too many brawls over her head.
    Fists fly, white and black gauntlets flinging hooks and jabs as she weaves, slugging her way along into a few of the Familiars trying to get by into the city, somehow instinctively knowing they simply aren't around for tea and civilized conversation.
    'There!' The dragon that comprises her left gauntlet points out. 'Her.'
    Shinobu offers a means to get close to the source...
    For a moment, the girl pauses, glancing down at her fists. The tenets of the Ikken Hissatsu style say all decisions must be made within the span of seven breaths.
    She hits six before her fingers curl into tightly balled fists before she rushes over-- and she follows.
    "What -IS- this thing?" She only half truly expects an answer in the madness, leaping along the path the Puella Magi creates, only realzing in afterthought just how HIGH its going to get.
    ... Not bad for her first day. But how long can this luck last?
Mint Chip 2016-01-31 02:45:07 25738
Walpurgis, unsurprisingly, is not thrilled by these new developments. Or it would be if it could feel things other than cackling, despair filled madness. It /does/ realize that something is wrestling for control over one of its weapons - over the storm itself, kin to the destructive chaos it brings. And Sailor Jupiter, backed up by the strength of her convictions and her guardian Jupiter is winning. The lightning bolts stop striking out at Walpurgis' enemies - but taking control of this massive storm takes everything Jupiter's got, and she's utterly exhausted. Walpurgis decides to regain control in a typical way - by hurling a large steel-and-glass skyscraper at the Sailor Senshi to crush her.

Another wave of despair screams out from the witch, and the buildings around her are being used as weapons more as the familiars continue to thin out. (There's only so much that can be done against the kind of firepower, both mundane and magical, being brought to bear against the hordes.) Though, notably, they are /still/ driving forward.

And then there's a tornadic blast of wind energy that erupts from Walpurgisnacht itself, perhaps a response to the arrayed fighters using their own - and even more of those buildings are used as weapons. For Sailor V and her rather boisterous entrance, a large Minaret (which is, for bonus points, also on fire) swings like a baseball bat, aiming to pin her between itself and another wall of flaming rubble.

For everyone else, buildings large and small swarm out, another chunk of some medieval castle threatening to drop from above onto Sailor Moon and Mamoru.

For Hannah and Gull, there's the very real threat of being caught in the flames of the monster itself. For Homura, the defeat of one familiar only brings another - one with the shiloette of an almost floral dress, with curly hair and brandishing a wand, diving not at her, but at another member of the Inquisition.

But the lethal threat of the buildings for many of the other arrayed heroes is cut down by the presence of so many working to turn them into debris rather than giant tools to club and crush. And yet, Walpurgis herself still lives - attacks directed against it do not even connect, smashing against the shimmering prismatic bubble of runic script and dancing Familiars that surrounds it - at least, so far. The number of buildings and familiars able to get in the way is at least rapidly depleting. Without the combined work of so many attacking the buildings coming in, this would be even more impossible than it already is. Even still, it's a shower of debris and rubble pelting them from the skies.
Mami Tomoe 2016-01-31 02:45:27 25740
Mami swings along some of the skyscrapers - when she sees the bright light from Rune trying to escape - and winces when she sees the impacts of the other office furniture slamming into it. While she's close to getting into range for the Big Bad Witch Lady - it's not worth it unless she can bring as many people home as possible. And as far as Mami knows, no one has yet fallen. She curves in midair, jerking back on her ribbon, swinging around wide.

Mami's ribbons create a defensive barrier under her boots (because she can't very well shoot Rune out) as she swings, and she slams into the glass full force, shattering it - the ribbons explode outwards and catch Rune, who Mami transfers to her grasp as they swing up and away from the building just before it impacts the ground. Mami wraps a ribbon around on of Shinobu's staff staircases, and spins upwards to drop Rune on one - having done a rather amazing series of acrobatic manouvers to accomplish all this. Who needs actual flight?

And somehow she manages to smile at Rune as she puts her on solid 'ground'. "No dying. We have an agreement, you know." she says, nodding a bit. She builds a ribbon bridge from the end of Shinobu's walkway to a building which seems at least to be moving less than the others, takes Rune's hand, and starts running up it. "Lets put this thing down, Princess!"
Sachiko Hayakawa 2016-01-31 02:45:43 25741
Anshi grins wildly as Kyouko leaps up. She holds out her hands and bends her legs, grips Kyouko's feet carefully ...
    ... and then she throws.

It's not just a simple 'assistance'. Anshi's legs explode upwards with a nearly endless strength, and the ground around her shakes in protest from the ridiculous energy it's being asked to resist. She lifts her hands as well, using the additional leverage to propel Kyouko with even more of her might. Anshi puts her entire body into this one throw. She can't reach the Witch herself (yet), but she can turn Kyouko into a ranged weapon.

Anshi lets out a cry of exultation as she sends Kyouko soaring towards Walpurgisnacht with all of the strength she can muster.

The day loses a fraction of a second. And Kyouko might possibly break the sound barrier.
Sayaka Miki 2016-01-31 02:48:55 25743
    Sayaka glides easily above the general combat below, sliding on her magical bridge of staves and musical notes as if she were skating on ice. Up here, she's at an advantage, more able to strike down at the familiars down below, although she focuses now upon the massive historical buildings that crumble and fall around her, threatenning to crush everything in their path.

    Gritting her teeth, she summons one magical sword, silling it to grow massively, extending into a long bladed chain-whip like sword. She hurls it out at a nearby crumbling building, unleashing a massive wave of magical energy and musical notes, slicing into it like butter so that smaller, less harmful chunks of debris hit the ground. "Arioso Grando!" The blue Puella calls out her attack, before peering around.

    She's momentarily hit with a pang of despair as the witch sends out some sort of wave of hopelessness..And for an instant, Sayaka feels scared as she looks up at the massive form of the witch as she rapidly rushes to meet it. Can she do it? Will she fall?

    Then she sees a familiar mop of pink hair, running towards a tree. WHAT? MADOKA? Is she...? How did...? Grr...Homura..

    TXT to Madoka: Madoka!!! What are you doing here!?
Zoisite 2016-01-31 02:49:19 25744
Both Nephrite's interception and Jadeite's ice shield are well-timed - when the emotional wave takes hold of him, Zoisite for an instant stops moving. And speed is the only defense he has. He shakes it off after an instant with a toss of his head and a vicious little smile, and if his eyes are a darker and harder green, well. No-one's going to take the time to look in the middle of this.

"-- that one?" he repeats, lower but musical, and lifts his own hand on the side away from Jadeite. No fire this time. A burst of darkness, all force and impact, striking the brittle masonry and shattering it. Debris is dangerous, but less dangerous than the buildings. Despair tries to latch on to him again, but he's ready for it this time, and takes advantage; transmutes it into a whirlwind of razor-edged black petals to blunt the momentum of the fragments, and break up the larger ones. Walpurgisnacht's wind disperses them somewhat, but not enough they don't help. "What one?"
Minako Aino 2016-01-31 02:49:27 25745
'Oh God oh no no,' flashes through Sailor V's mind. She has to physically restrain herself from shouting something clever about how, "Everybody wants Mina....ret," on them, instead gnashing her teeth at the unfairness of being crushed to death.

Another part of her brain blames Jadeite. She's pretty sure this was his responsibility.
Miku Kohinata 2016-01-31 02:52:44 25746
Miku and her charge hit the ground floor. "I still don't understand," says the woman to the teenager uncertainly.

"Look, this storm is going to kill people if they aren't underground," Miku says quietly. "I know you didn't think it was big deal, but please please just keep running with me. Wait here," she says, then peeks out through the emergency doorway. With the storm under Jupiter's control, there's an opening, and Miku's eyes widen. "Holy crap," she whispers, then grabs the woman's hand. "Come on, we have to run fast," she says.

Because there are literally buildings flying around.

Miku and her charge dash out of the building and rush towards the tree Madoka is hiding in, running full tilt towards hte shelter. The woman isn't as fast as Miku, so the greenette resorts to pulling her just a little, forcing her to breakneck speeds.

Because seriously there are buildings being thrown about!
Runealy Waldia 2016-01-31 02:53:13 25747
Rune's heart sinks mid-swing as she's battered by another chair, despair taking hold from both her own situation and Walpurgisnacht reinforcing it. "Stupid of me... really screwed this up, didn't iiaaahh...!?" That last 'word' is more a startled shout as glass sprays around her and ribbons seize-yank her free!

Realizing what just happened, she holds tight to Mami until placed on solid - if odd - ground brought in by Shinobu. "Thought I had that one practiced through, but..." No real time to dwell on it; she gives a sharp nod to Mami. "Right. Our promise! Thank you..." With her free hand seized by Mami pulling her along, Rune begins to sprint to keep on balance. "Right with you!" Her wand lashes out with 'explosive' orbs at any debris or familiars along the way, trying to keep Mami's - and her own - path clear.
Usagi Tsukino 2016-01-31 02:54:20 25748
She does NOT does not make an 'eep' sound as she huddles close beneath Endymion's protective cape, tight against him. She does not press against him, HAHAHAHAHA!

And when she pulls away, she is most certainly' not biting her lips or having Coy Eyelashes at him. "I thought I promised to protect you'' from skyscrapers, not the other way around?"

And though she rises to the tippy toe of her boots, she actually literally doesn't for real press her lips against his. Because Pretend Not Doing is different than For Reals Not Doing, and that last thing is what happens with the whole kissy thing here.

So instead, she flicks imaginary rubble off his shoulder. "Thank you. I knew I was right about trusting you." Because he made sure Jupiter was safe, and by Kunzite's default, Venus.

Though her lips don't brush his, they do linger on his cheek for just a moment.

Then her eyes close, and she sighs, and she pushes away from him.


It's aimed at familiar and witch alike.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-01-31 02:54:24 25749
Hannah vaguely notes the Puella falling. Her hands clench.

"Damn straight, Homu." It underscores her chopper's announcements. Hannah doesn't even quip about so much firepower tonight.

People dying already /isn't/ making Miss White happy at all. Anger only grows in the woman, and thankfully Gull /knows/ her well. "Nah, too far away, we..." Before she can agree, suddenly, her /other/ employee starts to wind a path upwards, and Sayaka does the same!

"Up the Puella-Staff-tree!" And thus she starts following that bridge thanks to Shino, taking wind-powered leaps up towards the massive abomination that is Walpurgisnacht. Wind magic pools under her feet, and she extends the same to Shinobu and Gull. It should help them move faster, and at the very least float should that bridge fail!

Then, squeezing her knuckles around her Device, there's a click-clack like a shotgun being loaded.

"CARTRIDGE LOAD!" Flames burn at Hannah, but the shield that comes up is far larger than normal. It takes a majority of the fire, even as she's forced to then dodge away, her suit jacket already incinerated. She leaps up, ready to try to punch at the creature if she get close enough to it. Reckless indeed. There's also buildings to be mindful of!

Hannah lets out punches and kicks that lash out with sharp winds, each one a tornado in itself that slices through building, Familiar, and even blowing away fire as she quickly becomes a moving wind-blasting agent of destruction. She's breathing hard, the Cartridge System a horrid drain on her body, but at least she's not yet been hit by a building! Will her strikes manage to scratch Walpurgisnacht!?
Tsubasa Kazanari 2016-01-31 02:55:30 25751
One piece of skyscraper comes falling towards Tsubasa, who is still riding her bike. She takes the opportunity to kick herself up in the air and onto that piece of skyscraper, when she reaches the top of that she kicks forwards, taking the sky and landing on another piece of falling skyscraper.

This process repeats itself a few times, gaining altitude and closing in on Walpurgisnacht, intentionally not going too fast. Tsubasa has noticed the barrier, and has no desire to smack into it. No, instead more swords of blue energy fill up the air, there's definitely at least one hundred this time, and they all go flying for the Witch at the same time; the wielder of the weapon that once killed the mighty eight-headed snake Orochi hoping that these swords will weaking the barrier even if they don't pierce.

One one of her jumps from flying building to flying building, Tsubasa passes near Miku, and she yells out, "Hurry, Kohinata! Get her to a shelter!" It's not that Tsubasa doubts Miku was planning anything else, she just hopes the encouragement works.
Kyouko Sakura 2016-01-31 02:55:43 25752
    Kyouko gets thrown. She had been expecting to get thrown like, fast and far. She hadn't really been expecting to get turned into a supersonic missile.

    However, she's a tough girl. G-forces that would crush an ordinary human to paste aren't about to do her in that easily. Plus, there's an attack she does herself (Hannah might remember it) which is a similar, if lower-speed, version of what is happening to her right this moment.

    So, as Kyouko screams through the air at ludicrous speeds, she begins to channel her magic- what remains of it. And she begins to glow. Her whole body is subsumed in a blood-red glow, turning her into a firey comet streaking across the battlefield, hard and sharp at the leading edge, trailing into flickering red fire at the back.

    And she's heading right towards Walpurgisnacht. The impact against the Witch's prismatic shield will be deafening, a crack which echoes across the battlefield. Will it be enough to get through and actually strike a blow against the Witch herself? Either way, it should be /felt/.

    And after that deafening impact, whatever damage done, Kyouko suddenly finds herself in free-fall, her immense momentum arrested, the glow around her fading. "Crap!" She mutters, struggling to straighten herself out in mid-air.
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2016-01-31 02:56:54 25753
Nadeshiko grins at Sky Jack. "You're at the finals, Kukai! YOU'RE AT THE FUCKING FINALS! Don't let them get the ball! Don't just be defence! Be a little offence! GET ANGRY!"
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-01-31 03:00:59 25755
Cure Gull gets moving more properly now, as she activates her green translucent wings. Gull knows White-chan pretty well by now--- and where she can't keep a clear head- she can do it for her. She flies up along with the others by the side as she tries to outrun burning weird magic fire. She ughs and raises her hands. "Gull Feather Rapid Flurry!~" she calls out and shoots out a rapid stream of feathers- the stem pointed out sharp and hard as she clears a path--- trying to shoot debris, familars or anything else in the air--- as White-chan LITERARLY punches torandoes. Wow!

She's wide eyed for a moment!~ <3.

She's still fighting though!
Kazuo Takeba 2016-01-31 03:03:02 25756
Right now, having the responsibility for dozens or hundreds of flying buildings is a big enough responsibility to share. That's one of the reasons Kunzite didn't receive explicit orders from his prince. But that renewed wave of despair coincides in time -- he can see the tower that Sailor Moon does not, and Endymion is beside her. He can see the burning minaret sweeping toward Sailor V. He can't deal with both of them. No matter what choice he makes, it's going to be wrong.

And he's already moving, all the same, because he made that choice seven weeks ago.

Gravity is faster than his flight; he banishes shadows and leaps. His cape flares out, bright in the firelight, and he pulls it around himself and V as he lands. Darkness blossoms around them, trying to build a dome --


All that's visible is rubble and flame.
Homura Akemi 2016-01-31 03:04:41 25758
    Several of the Apaches are caught up in the windstorm stirred up by Walpurgisnacht. They tumble out of control, their shots going astray, and their missiles going off course while struggling to stay pointed at the Witch. Some of the Apaches slam into each other. Some of them slam into the various chunks of buildings that Walpurgisnacht has gathered around her.

    As their numbers dwindle, Homura is able to put more focus on the few helicoptors that are left. Three of the orignal 20 or so manage to break past the defenses, and each one flies upwards to slam into Walpurginacht in a suicide charge.

    Well, that's it for the helicopters. Painfully according to plan. Homura still has a second act to get to, after all.

    !Masako chases, and Homura kites her away, filling the Familiar with gunfire, tossing guns aside and pulling out more just to empty yet another magazine into the monster. Eventually the Familiar copy of Homura's fallen friend explodes into prismatic smoke, and Homura has a free moment to check her phone.

    Madoka's out in this. Of course she is.

    TXT to Madoka: I know the place. Alright, stay there. It's as safe as anywhere else in the city is.

    After a moment she gets another text, and responds with a frown.

    TXT to Madoka: If I can get a wounded person to you alive, I will.

    She's not going to mention that there's already at least one corpse on Homura's hands, or that it's too late to save Meriko. There's no point in talking about something that can't be changed.

    One by one, beneath the very waves that Walpurgisnacht floats over, several military ships arise from the depths. Destroyers each one, about five in total, and all of them are surrounded by a fain purple glow.

    Homura has to hold a Grief Seed against her Soul Gem just to manage this spell alone. A little awkward with a gun in her hand.

    Machine guns that line the sides of the destroyers turn and aim at nearbly Familiars, spraying fire among the enemy, but that's not the main attack. That's the defensive measure. On the deck of each ship, several vertical-launchers open their hatches, and swarms of missiles fire from each ship. Each missile flies upwards towards Walpurgisnacht, weaving between each other and leaving entwined contrails. Some of the missiles break off to attack flying skyscrapers. Some are destroyed by straggling Famliars themselves. Most still end up flying straight for the giant Witch in the sky.

    The Destroyers' PHALANX systems fire upon the swarms Familiars that close in on them, but eventually the ships are overwhelmed and cut to pieces by prismatic beams, sent back into the depths they were risen from.

    Homura's got another problem, as this time the monster that looks like a late friend isn't going after her, but Belina. "BELINA, BEHIND YOU!" She shouts. Homura recognizes this one, too. Basu...

    Belina turns around to face the cotton-candy clone and blasts the Familiar with a beam of light. It's a grazing hit that the Familiar barely avoids. !Basu waves her wand, and a prismatic cloud surrounds Belina. In desperation, Belina fires another beam of solidified Truth at the Monster, killing it, but that prismatic puff grows around her and constricts. The Soul Gem clasp on her mantle is caught in it, and shatterss.

    Homura is too far away to stop it. All she can do is reach out, in vain, only to let her hand drop. She picks up her cell phone. "Laisa-chan... please tell me you're still alive. There's a medic on the tree over there in the distance. The one I told you about. Please go there and stop anything from happening to her, okay?"

    "... yeah. Yeah, It's Madoka. I'll be there in a bit."
Nephrite 2016-01-31 03:05:51 25759
Nephrite does not have time to shoot Jupiter a glance to see if she is alright, but he grins up at the hurricane nevertheless. "Hang on, Thunderbird. You wouldn't want to let this get the best of you before you get the chance to hit me again, would you?"

As the tornado strikes, Nephrite braces himself against the wind, shielding Jupiter from it as best as he can. And then there is a skyscraper, headed straight for them. It looms, glistening and enormous.

His grin does not fade. He raises his hand to the sky. High above even the witch, the stars answer his call. The storm may belong to Jupiter, but the upper heavens are all his.

Beams of light shoot from several directions at once, congealing into a single laser point above the skyscraper. It tears through the massive building with a deafening explosion that sends glass and twisted red-hot metal raining down upon the sea below.
Shinobu Kimura 2016-01-31 03:05:54 25760
Puella Magi Shinobu keeps moving, Sending more staves into the ground. As the wave of dispair comes her way, She watches the worst case scenario happen. She calls out, "JUMP NOW!" She rocket herself upward. Hopefully just enough to avoid that wave.

Landing back on a staff she takes another leap forward dropping another pair of staves. As her feet touch down she sees the next threat. "Oh come on you oversized witch!" She quickly shouts, "EVERYONE DOWN NOW!" She drops low as a building comes flying their way.

As things continue to deteriorate, Shinobu does finally respond to The Nameless Hero, "Its a Witch. One who clearly has been taking steriods!" She keeps going. The staves behind the small group begin fading. Now they are getting closer. Almost close enough to get up at the witch. Just One more staff and... BOOM!

The last staff is planted but someone wasn't paying attention. Shinobu gets hit with a chunk of Debris just about the size of her. She is taken clear off her own bridge and down into the water with a splash. At least the bridge is finished for those who are on what is left of the bridge.
Makoto Kino 2016-01-31 03:10:40 25762
Every muscle in Sailor Jupiter's body strains. Her gloves have half burned away, leaving red welts on her bare skin, and energy flares out from her body like tattered, shivering wings of raw lightning - her tiara has vanished and in its place the elegant figure-four sigil of Jupiter shines brilliant green, the same light that glows from her eyes as she fights Walpurgisnacht will to will for dominion over the storm--

--and she smiles, wide and fierce and toothy, because now the storm is hers.

The difference is immediate, although with everyone focused on their own battles it's hard to say how much they might notice. It's a change in the quality of the air, a scattering of petals, a scent of flowers and ozone and the green fragrance of deep primordial forests. It's a strength that twines into the wind magics of fighters like Cure Gull and Miss White and Sayaka's typhoons, that lofts leaping heroes a little farther and smooths the air for fliers and Homura's helicopters, that pushes back against the enemy's flames and the tornado wind that the witch throws out.

Sailor Jupiter owns the storm, is the storm, and it is a thousand small soft helping hands everywhere it touches.

She is wide open, half blind, channeling power from somewhere older and deeper than she even knew existed.

The skyscraper comes hurtling towards her, untold thousands of pounds of glass and steel, and all she can do is watch it bear down.

And then Nephrite is there and the skyscraper is not.

In the midst of the chaos, the howling of the tornado and the cacophony of destruction, Jupiter laughs breathlessly. "Promises, promises."
Saburo Yukimura 2016-01-31 03:15:33 25763
If Jadeite were the kind of person to believe in places like *hell*, this moment might be exactly what he thought it would look like.

The whole world is out of order, despair crawling up his throat from some outside source that he can't control, only try to endure. Everything's twisted and wrong and on *fire* and in a split second of fighting against some creature seemingly beyond their reckoning in power, his duty tries to carve him in two.

Time doesn't actually slow down, but it sure seems like it does. He can see on one side of the battlefield the minaret that's collapsing down on Sailor V and Kunzite running into the middle of it like it's a bullet he could jump in front of. On the other side he can see his Prince and Sailor Moon about to be crushed under the corner of some cloister and Jadeite can't afford to split his power between the two collapsing structures or they won't manage to do anything about either of them. Zoisite is right there at his elbow asking for a target and there's no one here for Jadeite to fall back on, no one else to make this decision for him.

This is all Jadeite's.

SO he doesn't answer with words. He just starts to kind of *scream*, rage and pain and despaire in every sliding note of his voice as he thrusts his power outwards into a wide spray of ice that starts to engulf the piece of castle falling towards Endymion and Moon. The shell that protects himself and Zoisite begins to grow more spikes and spread, the ice overwhelming everything.

Even his tears come out frozen.
Sayaka Miki 2016-01-31 03:19:43 25765
    Sayaka blinks as the storm seems to lessen, become gentler. It's a great help as she's no longer being battered around, easier to stay on course. She peers down at the thunder senshi, grinning and waving at her. Wow, those Senshi are a pretty interesting bunch. The wave of despair has passed - for now- and Sayaka feels momentary relief as she faces the witch that grows rapidly nearer as she advances upon it.

    Kyouko is hurled like a raging, flaming comet towards the thing's barrier, and Sayaka stares for a moment, frozen in awe, and a little concern..She knows Kyouko's pretty tough, but that still looks like it's gonna hurt, bigtime.

    But as her comet hurls towards the witch's barrier, Sayaka summons a massive sword, surrounded in glowing blue energy. Kissing the hilt, she hurls it with all her strength and magic at the witch's barrier, striking at the same spot that Kyouko strikes, hoping to strengthen the assault with a combined attack. "Sforzando!" she yells as it connects.

    Then Kyouko's suddenly falling, helpless towards the ground. Sayaka continues to create a bridge of staves in front of her, gliding effortlessly along it and at dizzying speeds as she rushes to catch the falling Puella. "Gotcha!" she grins and winks at Kyouko.

    "Geez, that was close! What a crazy, reckless attack!"
Kukai Souma 2016-01-31 03:24:29 25767
Sky Jack really CAN hear the screaming sound of Nadeshiko's voice and is a little surprised, a little terrified. What is she even doing here! ... Supporting him, apparently, from what words he can pick out from the distance. He looks around, trying to see her and failing through the storm, but like everything, he can feel the heart of his friends supporting him. "A little offense, huh? All right then!" He zips forward, following the trail of the others towards the center of the storm.

More balls are launched out, these aimed towards the witch itself, even as they deflect off the flying, spinning debris and buildings. One sonic shot caroms off the top of a rounded parapet and flies upwards, bouncing off one of the gears barely visible in the sky. It's not much, not even a direct hit, but maybe it's something, as Kukai continues to carve a path through the worst of the debris, spinning and flipping in midair on his flying board from side to side to dodge all but the smallest pebbles caught in the wind.
Mamoru Chiba 2016-01-31 03:26:49 25768
"You-- wh--" sputters Endymion, blinking at Moon, startled and somewhat dismayed and blushing. There's a flicker of bright red that begins to light up behind his eyes, but he rapidly yanks his attention back to the battle, thinking about exploding helicopters and yelling people and massive bursts of power and--

--and there's a huge chunk of a castle headed straight for them. His eyes widen and he acts instinctively, instantly, pushing against the air and hurtling into Moon right after she flings her tiara, moving them sideways, pouring on the speed.

They're not going to make it. He remembers he can teleport.

All of a sudden there's that scent of flowers and ozone and the forests he remembers in his soul, buried and struggling and bright and anguished; all of a sudden the wind is pushing him, moving him faster, and he hangs on to the scent memory and he hangs on to Moon and he prays--


The edge of the careening castle clips Endymion's leg and the entire thing, stone and mortar and vines and all, EXPLODES-- explodes into a shimmering cloud of absolute zero chips of stone, shattered into splinters and dust.

...the edge of the careening castle clips his leg and sends the two spinning wildly through the air, uncontrolled, and another memory rises to the surface as he curls up around Sailor Moon, enveloping her with his arms and his cape and ducking his head. The wind also helps them here: when they crash into a pile of rubble, it's a little more cushioned than it could have been.

Still, they hit hard, and Endymion loses his grip on Ser--

on Sailor Moon, and momentum will bounce her off him and away, but there aren't going to be any broken bones.

He looks up and sees everyone he's looking for except Kunzite and Venus. Immediately, dazed as he is, he sticks his hands in the rubble to search, stilling and closing his eyes. "Sailor Moon. Watch my back, please."
Ano Onna 2016-01-31 03:33:54 25770
    A witch on steroids. To those in the know, this would explain much. To the girl leaping her way right into the jaws of potential death it explains enough for her to understand why so many would unite to stand against it. As the torrential storm and screaming aura of pure, bleak, inevitability roiling from the ghastly apparition in the sky...
    She falters. Nearly slipping, nearly falling, fingers trembling, with a gasp, she reaches out anyway with her other hand to try and catch Shinobu as the other girl is struck, gasp just missing the Puella Magi, and leaving That Girl staring down after her, eyes wide and silent.
    'Was this the wisest idea?' Her white gauntlet muses.
    To which her black gauntlet replies: 'The path's set now anyway. She made her choice. Let's see how she handles it.'
    "... I'm right here."
    Despite her very body quaking, teeth rattling from the storm's chill and the nauseating waves of the purest, blackest, despair permeating her body, she draws a slow breath, steeling herself as she clenches quaking fingers.
    "I don't know anyone here. I don't know why this... Witch is threatening everyone. But if they're all working together to stop it. I have to help, too, right?"
    'Ah, she's decided.'
    'So she is.'
    It takes another beat as she prepares herself, body and mind, scarlet eyes closing. Her legs tense, muscles coiling like a snake ready for the strike. And then she leaps. Her momentum aided by the sudden swing of her fist SLAMMING the platform, launching her skywards, Jupiter's winds greatly aiding her in her path before she hits the remains of a floating skyscraper, running up the wall, dragging herself hand over hand after momentum dies, and then punch-launching herself once again...
    On a parabolic arc aiming herself for what she assumes can only be Walpurgisnacht's head.
    Her arm reels back, magic charging at her fingertips...
    "So I'll help them however I can! Ikken Hissatsu: HEAVEN SHATTERING BLOW!"
    And she swings, with every ounce of her might.
Mint Chip 2016-01-31 03:40:00 25772
And still Walpurgisnacht bears down, moving slowly forward on the city, still lashing out at the arrayed defenders of Tokyo, still moving closer and closer to the shelters in the center of the city. Each jet of fire that spews from its laughing, grinning mouth means livlihoods destroyed, homes obliterated. Each thrown building means something to someone - maybe not even in this place or this time, but the weapons it uses belonged, at some point, to normal humans.

And it is, for a moment, still protected by that orb. But the group (at least the part that's not currently trying to resolve flying structures trying to kill them) has another opinion.

Could one Puella Magi break through the structure? Could three? That's a moot question, because it's struck in a half-dozen ways at once. There's a tiara that streaks into it. There's a storm of falling blades from every direction. There's the superpowered shots from Sky Jack. There's the twin impacts from Kyouko's mach speed spear boosted by Anshi's throw, and Sayaka's sword connecting.

The shimmering shield around Walpurgisnacht finally begins to show cracks, visible cracks from which dripping prismatic magical power seeps - and then, Homura's rockets find their mark. There's a cacophony of explosions (just as Kyouko and the rest get clear) - and the shield shatters. As the shield shatters, though, it also unleahses all the despair, all the strangeness, all the wickedness Walpurgisnacht had been holding in. The world itself wobbles and shifts... because Walpurgisnacht didn't have a Labrynth to hide itself in... because it was using the power of the labrynth to protect itself.

And now, all of those fighting are drawn into Walpurgisnacht's world - a world of destruction, of despair, of purple rain falling upwards from drenched grounds. Street lamps flicker red like demonic eyes. In the center of it all grows a massive tree, wicked and gnarled - the tree Madoka had been on, but now even stranger. And the gears that make up the top of the witch spin wildly now.

And then, there's the Namless Punching Hero - Slamming her fist into what passes for Walpurgis' head. Though this works successfully - sennding the massive thing a few feet back - it also earns her an up-close blast of that watercolor flame, amplified now that Walpurgis isn't hiding behind the labrynthine shield.

And now the thing is only LAUGHING MORE as reality twists and the only land to stand on are buildings (and the massive gnarled tree) - those red streetlamps periodicially emitting blasts of despair of thier own now. Everything is wrong, and you know that the Witch makes its lair out of the destroyed debris and rubble of what might be eons of rampages like this one. And there's only one way out - through the ancient monster.
Kyouko Sakura 2016-01-31 03:44:34 25774
    Kyouko grunts in satisfaction as all the blows, hers included, shatter the Witch's shield. She is tumbling down towards the sea when suddenly Sayaka glides underneath her and catches her right out of her fall. She grunts from the initial impact.. but then actually laughs, throwing her arms around the blue-haired Puella's neck briefly. "My hero!" She grins her fangy grin, showing the damsel act for what it is- but the gratitude in her eyes is real.

    All the Kyouko clones on shore have vanished by now. She poured all her magic into that firey comet, and they all evaporated when she stopped pouring magic into sustaining them. She's running low- Sayaka, at least, can see the Soul Gem on her chest is nearly black, with cracks of red still running through the swirling darkness. Despite this, and despite the waves of magical despair that have been crashing over the battlefield, Kyouko seems to be.. having fun.

    "Now this is a fight, Saya-chan!" She takes a moment, still held by Sayaka, to pull a Grief Seed out of her pocket. She touches it to her Soul Gem, and it sucks out all the darkness in a puff, leaving it shining pure red again. Then she reaches down and presses it to Sayaka's gem on her stomach as well.. purifying it too. "No complaints. This ain't a game." Kyouko warns her as she does. "We can even up later."

    Then she leans up and gives Sayaka a real quick kiss on the cheek. "Thanks." She murmurs, before leaping out of the girl's arms and onto the side of a building which is floating in the air over the sea nearby, running along it, spear whipping around to blur in the air in front of her as she tries to get another angle to attack the floating Witch from.

    Only to suddenly find herself, and everyone else, sucked into a crazy upside-down world of horror. She doesn't stop though.. just sneers, "Ahh, shoulda known a Witch without a Labyrinth was too good to be true.." But inside, she's getting a little nervous. She's already used up one Grief Seed, and their situation is arguably /worse/ than it was before. Her hand reflexively goes to her pocket again..
Miku Kohinata 2016-01-31 03:47:55 25775
Miku doesn't even stop to acknowledge Tsubasa. She's just running, running for the shelter. Behind her, she can hear the explosions of buildings and powers that are far beyond her ken. Terrified, she shoves the woman at the shelter. "Get inside," she says, then turns back, only to find the woman has her hand.

"What about you!?" The woman calls worriedly.

Miku smiles and squeezes the hand, then says, "Don't worry about me. I'll be okay. I've got Hibiki. She'll always come for me." And with that cryptic answer, Miku turns to rush back into the fray.

What can one lonely mortal girl do against odds of this magnitude? Truthfully nothing. Miku is utterly powerless to stop this. But she promised Hibiki she wouldn't ever have to do this alone. She promised that she would help. So help she does. Miku may just be a normal girl, but she's an impressively fast runner. Racing towards danger, she doesn't slow down for any reason ... not until the despair and darkness of the Labyrinth overwhelms her.

There, she falters. Tears stain her eyes. "Hibiki," she breathes out. "Where are you?" she asks. She knows Hibiki is out there fighting, somewhere. But she's not here. And Miku is scared. So scared.

The Nameless Hero goes streaking past to punch the witch in the face, and for a moment, Miku's eyes widen. "Hibiki!?" she asks. Just the illusion that it might be her best friend is enough to get Miku back on her feet.

Then the nameless hero starts to fall, burning, burning from Walpurgisnacht's terrible fire. "HIBIKI!" Miku fools herself again, and lays on the speed. Track stars the world over speak of the adrenaline of the race. But that's nothing compared to the adrenaline of terror born from believing your best friend is about to die.

Miku leaps out to catch Ano as she falls, cushioning the magical girl's crash to the ground. It's not Hibiki. The green-haired girl breathes a sigh of relief, then begins pulling the Nameless Hero out of the fight, looking for anywhere safe to hide with her newfound charge.

Within the labyrinth, there's nothing else a normal girl like Miku can do except hide, hope, and pray.
Usagi Tsukino 2016-01-31 03:49:09 25776
Okay, note to self. She sees that tinge of red. No more kissy, not even on the cheek.

Then they are airborne, and not really, but then they are again. She goes bouncing, and Sailor Moon knows she's going to need more than one long soak in a tub to feel better after this.

She lifts her hand and catches the tiara, staggering about a bit. She sees Jadeite and Zoisite both, and of course she's greedy and selfish and wants her romantic comedy buddy to pull through safe. Her tiara goes flying again at the debris and detritis heading their way.

And then, he's asking her to watch his back. And she's glad he can't see it, because her answering smile is warm. "Always."

And she does, and before she even catches the tiara in one hand, the crescent wand is in the other.

And then Walpurgisnacht's labyrinth appears. And though she crouches beside him, somewhat over him, ready to protect and watch, she gulps.

"Hey. After this? Remind the cat to watch after my family."

Luna. She's in a car right now, tricked to stay behind with her brother and her folks.

Her hand settles on his shoulder even as the other comes up to disperse a block of rubble.
Tsubasa Kazanari 2016-01-31 03:54:34 25777
The shield is gone, as is the world for that matter. The floating skyscrapers remain, and now, Tsubasa engages the second step of her plan. She refs up the engine of her motorcycle, and as she reaches the end of one shattered building, she jumps to the next

And then the next, and the one after takes her close enough to do what she'd been planning to do. She jumps, motorcycle and all, at the end of that one, heading straight for Walpurgisnacht. The twin foot swords are still locked together as one big blade in front of her vehicle, and she tries to drive that deep.

Hit or miss, the motorcycle is allowed to fall. Likely to its doom.
Ano Onna 2016-01-31 03:55:15 25778
    She can feel her wrist buckle under the impact. Even with the Dragon God of Heaven forming her gauntlet, That Girl realizes the error of her ways no sooner than her fist makes contact with Walpurgis. Though the impact is solid, and she dares to think she's earned the right to say she even slightly budged the world ending horror before her, her whole arm goes numb from the impact, bones screaming out against an act that amounts to essentially full force punching a brick wall, no matter how empowered she may be, now.
    That is it.
    Bathed in that terrible balefire, she's launched away, sent tumbling ragdoll through the air in freefall, catching only the faintest glimpses of the new and surreal nightmare world spawned by the Witch's barrier as consciousness fades, hearing the last bickering whispers of the double dragons.
    'Sensei chose well, in this one, I think.'
    'The heart is there. But her fist is still weak.'
    'Give it time.'
    The nameless girl is already out cold by the time she lands in Miku's arms. Limp, but alive and breathing.
Zoisite 2016-01-31 03:56:00 25780
Zoisite reorients on Jadeite's target, but never has time to follow up. The castle's gone already. He draws a breath in through his teeth -- releases it when he catches a glimpse of Endymion's cape, and ducks instinctively at the flash of Moon's tiara. None of which prevents him from demanding of Jadeite, stunned, "When did you learn to do that?"

And then the world changes around them.

Zoisite blinks wide green eyes. Straightens up, looking around. "Not bad," he allows. "Not bad. Though that," he kicks at the ground raining upward, "has got to -- oh." Because reality just twisted, and the ground he's kicking at isn't there anymore. He grabs for Jadeite's arm, pulling them both into a hover.
Mami Tomoe 2016-01-31 03:57:44 25781
Mami runs up with Runealy - as the world gets all twisted and strange. But even though this Labrynth is as different as they all are, because it's NOT in the real world and she's no longer directly trying to protect Mitakihara from the witch's destruction, she feels more at home, not less. She's making another ribbon bridge to a building across the way from Walpurgis, with a clean shot. There's a sparkling run of bright yellow and flowers, and Mami sets up what can only be properly called a giant magical howitzer. "Runealy-san, lets hit this thing at the same time!" she then shouts down. "EVERYONE, LETS GIVE IT ALL WE'VE GOT. AT ONCE!" she says. But she's not firing yet.

That's because she is setting up even more Tiro-Finale class guns. Maybe she's been watching some of the Device users fight.
Sayaka Miki 2016-01-31 03:58:25 25782
    Sayaka smirks at Kyouko, looking away as she suddenly feels self-conscious when Kyouko calls her her 'hero'. "Awwe, it was nothing'." she says rather bashfully. But seeing Kyouko's soulgem is nearly completely black, she frowns, fumbling for a grief seed to give her; But Kyouko beats her to the punch, pulling out a seed of her own and purifying them both.

    Sayaka grins, "Thanks, Kyou-chan! If we don't make it out...I just wanted to say..." her face reddens a tiny bit and she looks away, totally caught off-guard when Kyouko suddenly kisses her on the cheek? "Wha..?"

    Then she's gone, leaping along buildings, what's left of the ground. Sayaka's momentarily stunned, shaking her head as she tries to get her wits about her. Alright. They shattered the witch's barrier, but now the world is twisting in the familiar labrynth-like way, all that remains of the ground are those ancient buildings..And that tree.

    The tree! Sayaka frowns, angling towards it. As the world twists around her, her magical staves start to fade behind her and she leaps onto a nearby building, following alongside Kyouko as she heads towards the tree. "Madoka-chan's in that tree! We cant let it fall!" She yells as she slices through bits of flying rubble, and shivers at another wave of despair..Not much she can do about the latter.
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-01-31 04:00:59 25783
There's a lot of Chaos going on and despair and the only thing keeping Gull from falling into despair is the inherent happiness that powers her specific brand of Pretty Cure. Then there's a shift into a Labyrinth, w--wah!? Homura said this thing doesn't need one, right!? So----

Why did it just do that?

She looks around and frowns. "Closer....!" she calls out to the others. She wants to rocket ahead on her wings--- to sort of 'beam' over there- which she can but facing this thing alone ahead of everyone else is kind of suicidial and needlessly sacraficial she thinks. This one is going nowhere after all. Where's it going to run to!?

And then----

Oh no...

There's suddenly a BIG and large skyscraper piece coming up on her right.

"Woah-----!" is all she can say.

"Look Out!" she calls out. Yeah she's worried. But she has to throw this off from the others- so Hannah and Sayaka and everyone else can go on.

Besides---this thing hitting her it can't be too bad can it....

"GULL WINDY BLADE!" she calls out--- that weird seafoam green energy katana forming in her hand from the other night as she calls out and raises it-- yeah she's going to try to cut this by herself.

She's going to fail. It's going to hurt. But it's going to slow it down enough for everyone else--- the blade made more powerful by Jupiter's empowerment from earlier- driving into the blade- but even that- won't make up for everything....

"I'm sorry White-chan..." she mutters gently to herself. White-chan can handle herself from this point on she figures...

Shinobu Kimura 2016-01-31 04:02:32 25785
SPLASH! AHh Ahhh! Its a miracle!!! No really. Shinobu happened to be conscious as she fell down from her. Turning her body to face down, she pulls a bo out of her her dress and launches it into the water, breaking surface tension as she splashes down. Down down and down she goes. She manages to face plant the sandy floor as she turns back up. That salt is tearing at her face now. Quickly she makes her way back to the shore.

As Shinobu gets to shore, the world changes. "Now she wants to be in a labyrinth?! Really! What a witch!" She can feel the effects of being close to the witch. She burned so much magic and that much dispair radiating so close to her. She looks down at her soul gem which is almost jet black with only hints of Viridian. She learned a lesson from Homura. Pulling out a grief seed she quickly purifies her soul gem.

Carefully she gets up to her feet. Her body is damaged, specifically her face which is quite bloody at the moment. Quickly she makes her way towards the front lines.

"Sorry I couldn't do anything to her." She states as she resummons her bo which got lost at sea. "Last hurrah?" She asks of Mami as she turns her attention to the sky. "When this is done I am going on vacation!"
Sachiko Hayakawa 2016-01-31 04:04:15 25786
Anshi pumps her fist excitedly as Kyouko turns into a commet. "That was awesome," she declares. And then the overwhelming despair washes over her, and for the first time in a long time, the Genki Girl falters.

"Wait, it's not dead?" she asks uncertainly. "It's not dead," she reiterates more certainly. "No no ... it's supposed to be dead." Taking a deep breath, Anshi tries to steel herself against the trauma, then reaches up to grab her ball and chain. Once more it begins to grow. The chain legnthens, the ball becomes as large as a bus ... and Anshi swings it over her head casually, as if it were an average bola. Familiars go flying, but they aren't even Anshi's target. Instead, she runs forward, rushing at the witch in the center of the labyrinth. She leaps into the air, pulling herself high, then lets the ball grow to epic proportions. "CHAIN GANG TACKLE!" she calls the attack, as her ball splitts into six, each the size of a house.

Walpurgisnacht isn't the only one who can throw buildings around.
Runealy Waldia 2016-01-31 04:05:38 25787
"Hn?" A sudden, questioning noise from Rune as she realizes she's 'moving lighter' - Jupiter's work, but the princess isn't aware of the source... merely that she's moving better than normal. It helps her work on approaching upstairs, closer to Walpurgisnacht...

...only for it to instead become useful for another reason, as the battlefield shifts. Now she has to use Jupiter's help to rush across Mami's ribbon-bridge in order to get to some kind of safe ground, watching as her partner sets up firepower.

Rune can't spawn extra weaponry exactly like that, but she gets the basic intent. Standing next to one of Mami's cannons, she makes a sharp nod. "Got it! Matching your timing..."

Wand aimed at Walpurgisnacht, Rune steels mind... trying to internally 'shout down' the feelings this witch is spreading. Her grip shakes for a few seconds, then the wand begins deploying a floating set of orbs. Five float into a star pattern. "Waldiaaa..."

A sixth floats into the center of the star pattern, as Rune draws her chant out... that syllable dragging longer and longer as she waits for Mami's attack.
Nephrite 2016-01-31 04:06:13 25788
Nephrite can feel the sheer chaotic elemental power emanating from Jupiter. It shudders through him, tugging at him the way that the stars tug him, pulls at the same barely-coherent memories he began to recover in the witch's labyrinth.

But just as he thinks he can grasp at those memories, the despair washes over him--and with it, a new labyrinth.

"--No. No no no..." For all his bravado, a five-month nightmare still weighs on him. Nephrite is already wiped out from unleashing the full power of the stars on that building, and he chooses to blame that for the fact that his hands are shaking now.

Reality twists, and wildly, he thinks that he will /not/ be left alone here. Not again. Sailor Jupiter is the closest person he has to latch onto, and it just so happens that she is still in need of assistance. He wraps an arm around her waist and, before she can protest, bodily hauls both of them onto the nearest building. Ironically, it looks strikingly similar to the building that nearly crushed the two of them minutes ago.

"Sorry, Thunderbird," his grin is strained, and he is perhaps holding onto her a little more tightly than is strictly necessary. "I won't foul your personal space with my presence any longer than is strictly necessary."
Kukai Souma 2016-01-31 04:07:54 25789
Sky Jack cheers as the group reaches the shield, shattering it - but then the counterattack comes. The despair of watching an unknown girl, bathed in balefire, combined with the powerful wave of magically-fueled insanity and despair, hits Kukai like a truck. What is he even doing here? He's not nearly powerful enough to do anything against something like this, even in his Transformed state! Maybe he really isn't cut out to be a hero, or a Guardian -
Kukai Souma 2016-01-31 04:08:19 25790
Kukai Souma realizes, too late, that such a powerful wave of despair has devastating effects on someone whose powers rely on their belief in their other, better self, as the Sky Jack outfit vanishes along with his board, leaving himself in midair for an instant before he begins plummeting towards the ground with a scream.
Kazuo Takeba 2016-01-31 04:09:17 25791
It's not the transfer into Walpurgisnacht's world that reveals what happened to Sailor V and Kunzite. It's that second twist of reality, that steals the ground from under the rubble, that lets the broken, burning fragments of the minaret slide away from around the shield. The two of them are still standing in one of Kunzite's spheres of darkness, kept from falling by its magic. In time to hear Mami's call to hit the witch with everything.

Hitting something with everything is a good bet. Whether the two of them will open fire on Walpurgisnacht or on each other is anyone's guess.
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2016-01-31 04:09:38 25793
"DAMMIT, Kukai! Get yer head out of your ass! Don't you dare let those thoughts get you now!" Nadeshiko hates being useless. But that's what she is. "If Temari were here, we'd both kick your ass! But you gotta kick ass FOR us, you hear?"

She takes a deep breath. "DO YOU HEAR ME, KUKAI?!"
Mamoru Chiba 2016-01-31 04:10:54 25794
Endymion's already pulling his hands up and out of the rubble when the world goes wrong and the despair hits again, well-known but always, always fought against, and this time--

--well, Walpurgisnacht's done him a favor. He glances over his shoulder at Moon and

(is it the strange light in here? his eyes are--)

puts his bare hand over her gloved one, and his grin is a fierce thing, determined and bright and alive. "They're okay. Kunzite and Venus-- they're okay. And we're going to get out of this, and that thing is going to be gone forever."

She explodes something away from them behind him; he lifts a hand up and flings it up toward another piece of building flying at them from behind her; a bright jet of force and light, as shining as the sun, slams outward at it from that hand. In that true light, just for a moment, his eyes are the deep blue of the oceans she's missed so terribly. His other hand slides Moon's from his shoulder as he stands up, and he takes it in his, interlacing their fingers. "I think it's about time we helped everyone else kick that thing in the teeth. Let's try focusing my attack through yours-- use the Crescent Wand, and we'll fire together, okay?"

Still holding Moon's hand, Endymion looks up and calls out, "EVERYONE! Team up your attacks! A lot of time the output's exponential!" And at the same time, he's present in the backs of the minds of the Shitennou, warm and gold and maybe a little broken, and he's fighting, and he believes. Usagi can feel it from him too. Reassurance and solidity and the immovability of mountains, what's been buried and inaccessible, momentarily here in this strange and wrong place.

"Let's bring it."
Hannah Sharpe 2016-01-31 04:12:06 25795
Even with all of that magic thanks to both her Cartridges and Jupiter's magic enhancing her, the thing still stands. All of their combined attacks just shattered the runes on that massive Witch, and then drawn into this massive world of pure despair. Every burst has Hannah's heart wavering, but the presence of so many magical girls keeps her spirit afloat. A car comes for her, and she cuts it in half with another tornado, powered by another Cartridge. She's already panting, sweating, linker core straining under it all.


But a massive skyscraper comes for Gull. Hannah can tell that even her skills and that empowered wind cna't take out the huge building alone. In an instant, she crouches on the building she's found perch upon, and blasts off with the help of wind magic, shattering the building she'd been atop! Becoming a true Hannah-missile, she slams into the thing with her foot kicking up multiple tornados as she throws caution to the wind, rending metal and glass and plastic. Between the pair, the skyscraper begins to split right in half! Then thirds! Then fourths! Miss White turns in place, ignoring scrapnel slamming into her past her barriers, and then she PUNCHES! It's a wild, unguided punch with everything she can muster in one blow, shattering much of the skyscraper that would have likley proven fatal for Gull! Hannah aims a light kick to her girlfriend, aiming to kick her up to relative safety of a higher up flaoting building!

Then, the last fourth of the skyscraper slams right into Hannah, sending her and the rest of the building careening straight into another floating skyscraper in a loud rending of metal and glass, and a voice familiar to many.

Miss White screams in pain, and the two embedded skyscrapers slowly fall silent.
Saburo Yukimura 2016-01-31 04:14:28 25796
The ground kind of *disappears* on them, and Jadeite makes this *face*, still streaked with icy tears, like he's afraid he's going to fall into some kind of abyss. His arms dart out, and then his brother grabs one and levitates them both, and at least he isn't falling any more. His face is a little pale when he looks to Zoisite, and shakes his head. "I didn't. That was--anger. Grief. I don't know."
Homura Akemi 2016-01-31 04:18:22 25797
    The wave of despair hits Homura, the third time tonight, though she's ignored it before this time it's especially strong. Her frown deepens, and she looks down. Two from her team are dead already. She sent Laisa off to the safest place she thought she could. Maybe it's selfish to trick Laisa out of the fight like that, but she needs to at least keep one of her people alive.

    No... that isn't right. Laisa has every right to fight here as anyone else. Homura pushes the despair aside, even this soul-crushing despair, because this is a pain that she's used to.

    Laisa makes it to Madoka's tree and lands at the peak. Homura, suddenly, appears next to her. She looks away from Laisa. "... Meriko and Belina didn't make it. The two of us need to go ahead and finish this."

    Laisa gasps, and turns away from Homura. "... I understand." The gears are spinning in her mind. So... there was no way to avoid that after all.

    "If you provide me with cover fire," Laisa offers, "I can approach close enough to do something."

    "You know how dangerous that is, right?" Homura warns her. Laisa nods. "... Alright. I'll do something. Just follow my attack and you'll get as close as you need to be."

    Laisa turns back to Homura with a sorrowful smile. "Thank you, Homura-chan."

    Homura turns towards Walpurgisnacht. "I need a wider platform here." Laisa nods and extends the Void, creating a solid platform of nothing around the tree.

    Homura mutters, "I wasn't expecting this to be your Labyrinth, but if that's how it is, I wont stop hunting you no matter how far you run. Because I..."

    She holds up her shield horizontally, and hundreds... maybe even a thousand firearms appear. Rocket launchers, mortars, RPGs, rocket pods appear around her. "... will NEVER FORGIVE YOU!"
Makoto Kino 2016-01-31 04:20:16 25798
It's just as well that Nephrite acted on his own initiative, because when the barrier breaks and the labyrinth swallows everyone, Sailor Jupiter's vision goes brown around the edges and she sways in place, legs nearly buckling. Within the labyrinth much of the power that was flooding through her is cut off like a faucet being turned off; by the time she blinks her eyes clear and begins to recover her bearings, the Shitennou has gotten them both to safer footing.

Marginally safer.

"--it's fine," she manages between breaths, voice rasping a little. Her fingers curl reflexively into the shoulder of his uniform, and her eyes are wide and totally earnest when she looks at him, not even a flickr of sarcasm. "I'll try and hold off throwing up on you until that thing is dead."

Rallying, Jupiter re-focuses her attention on Walpurgisnacht, flexes the fingers of her free hand experimentally in the air. She feels drained and raw, seared inside and out, but even cut off from the greatest mass of the storm she can feel the lightning still there to call.

"We're not done yet."
Kukai Souma 2016-01-31 04:26:59 25801
Kukai Souma is out of breath and falling fast, but he can still hear, and in the distance he hears the sound of someone screaming through the wind and storm and shattering debris. The despair only lasts for a few moments, Daichi and Nadeshiko and Homura's massive stack of projectile weapons all doing their part, and he focuses, trying to get back the strength, the determination, and the faith. "Character Transform!" A few seconds later there is an impact and a cloud of dust that is quickly rained down and swept away in the storm...
Shinobu Kimura 2016-01-31 04:27:10 25802
Puella Magi Shinobu takes a deep breath. "This will either work or I am going to blow almost of my magic for nothing." She begins twirling her bo. Then with a crack she slams the end on the ground. A pair of Scythe blades spring forth from the bo.

She begins to swing the bo-scythe around her body. It grows larger and a bit more menacing. The whole thing ignites in viridian light. She keeps going pouring magic into her bo. "You came here to cause harm. Your season is over, It's harvest time.

With all the strength and ability she posses she sends the bo-scythe flying towards Walpurgisnacht. It is in a controlled spin and moving very fast.

She drops to her knees. She doesn't know if her bo hit. She doesn't know anything but that she needs to purify her gem again. She just poured a boat load of magic into that one attack.
Madoka Akemi 2016-01-31 04:27:30 25803
    Madoka runs and runs and runs for so long that it feels like forever. Long after she would have thought her legs would have given out beneath her. But her stamina and willpower have depths far greater than she realizes, and so she keeps going.

    Eventually she makes it to the top, slowing to a jog as she heads towards a door at the end of a hallway. It's all to real, like something that people would actually build. Metal and gears. Even if the mechanism is overly complex, like something you'd find leading to a bank vault.

    When she reaches the door she finds it incredibly heavy. If it didn't swing outwards she might not have been able to manage it. She goes to lift both arms to push, only to find her right arm feeling like lead at her side; that's right, she'd been carrying her medical kit the entire time.

    She has to set it down, take a breather for a moment. All at once several messages arrive to her phone, which she hadn't noticed losing it's connection deeper within the bizzare tree. Homura's second message worries her, and she gives an embarrassed look, luckily unseen by anyone, when she reads Sayaka's.

    TXT to Sayaka: I have medical supplies for people that are hurt!

    She'd say more, but she isn't willing to distract from the fight itself; the same reason she doesn't acknowledge Homura's message.

    Then, finally, she picks her medkit back up and forces the door open, leaning all her weight against it in order to shove it open. The top is almost a platform, a perfect vantage point from which to view the entire battle. Madoka gasps when she finally lays eyes on it, paling a shade as the blood drains from her face as she takes in the sight of the hoards of familiars flying through the sky, fighting and being cut down by the nearly two dozen magical protectors.

    But despite their numbers it really is a battle, skyscrapers flying through the air as projectiles while lances of glittering energy strike as blades, only to manifest into eerily familiar shapes. Helicopters crash into Walpurgisnacht and explode, and a red streak shoots up to crash into the energy shield around the great Witch, for an enormous sword to meet the same spot while countless others rain down from the sky.

    Tornadoes careen both towards and away from Walpurgis, while city crushing flames spew from it's mouth. The elements themselves are grabbed hold of, fought over, and unleashed, and for as many skyscrapers that are blasted into rubble there seem to be countless more ready to take their places.

    It's looks like a stalemate, from Madoka's angle. A stalemate with which the Magical Heroes of Tokyo are slowly edging things in their favor. Maybe, just maybe they can-

    A pulsing wave of despair rings out and washes over her. Those with the spark of talent in them have some resistance to these effects, but when they're powerful enough to affect the minds of a Magical Girl in henshin they're all the more terrible to someone without magical defenses.

    Madoka drops her medkit where she stands and it clatters to the ground with a bang, though she doesn't so much as hear it. She reaches her hands up to the sides of her head, her mouth wordlessly opening wide. She drops to her knees, suddenly noticing the bodies of Meriko and Belina. Noticing Kunzite and Venus getting smashed between two large buildings. Noticing the Nameless Hero getting swallowed up by the gout of flames.

    Suddenly the battle doesn't look like a near victory, it looks like an inescapable defeat. Perhaps the defenders of Tokyo have killed some familiars, but they've yet to really harm Walpurgisnacht herself. And with two dead, perhaps more, and several injured how can they keep up a fight like this with those levels of attrition?

    It seems impossible.
Madoka Akemi 2016-01-31 04:27:37 25804
    An even harsher wave of despair than the last bowls over her, and she leans forward, shoulders hunched with her palms pressed to the ground. All around her the outside world suddenly shimmers and alters, soon looking like the world inside that tree. "It was all just a trick? This whole time it had a Labyrinth after all?!"

    Her head shakes as the supernatural fear and despair egg on the natural kind that was already there, buried beneath the surface. "How can they fight something like this? How can anyone fight against something that can destroy an entire city without even trying? Even all of them... they don't stand a chance!" And once they die, she's next, isn't she?

    Worse than that... the shelter that her family is in comes after that, and countless others like it in places deemed safe. They might be against a storm, but a monster like this probably wouldn't stop until every last one was smashed to pieces.

    For a moment Madoka is completely and utterly hopeless.

    In her mind she sees visions of Magical Girls dying. Mami, Kyouko, Sayaka, Anshi, Shinobu, and Homura, their Soul Gems smashed to pieces, falling lifelessly to the ground like Meriko and Belina. Sailor Moon, Runealy, Jupiter, Venus, and Endymion burnt to cinders. Miss White, Cure Gull, and the Shittenou smashed into unrecognizable shapes. Kukai, Tsubasa, and the Nameless Hero nothing but limbs peeking out from beneath the rubble of crumbling buildings.

    But maybe there is a way? "That's right... Kyubey. He said I would be strong. As strong as the others put together. Strong enough to destroy the White Flower all on my own." If everyone is going to die, wouldn't it be better if she acted sooner rather than later? Unleashed the power inside of her?

    "I don't want them to die!" she cries out, tears streaming down her face. "I don't want them to die, not Sayaka-chan, or Mami-chan," she's not nearby to be upset by the name, "or Mamoru-kun, or Homura-ch-" that last name catches in her throat, because even as she says it she realizes how much of a betrayal it would be. She promised. She /promised/ she would not do this. That she would make it through.

    "That's right... I told her I believe in her. I... I do believe in Homura-chan."

    And that's the thought that saves her, because with it springs the rest of them. She believes in Mami, and Sayaka, and Sailor Moon and- yes, all of them. "I... I believe in all of you," she whispers, crying still as the Labyrinth of this most powerful Witch wracks her mind with grief and despair.

    Because even fully in the thrall of grief and despair she still has Faith and she still has Hope, and together the Faith and Hope inside of her can stand strong against even the horrors of her own mind, so much worse than the reality that plays out before her.

    And so rather than Wish she closes her eyes and prays.

Mint Chip 2016-01-31 04:34:35 25808
Walpurgisnacht's laughter continues to echo through the nightmarish dreamscape as it tries to reorient itself from the punch it recieved earlier. Just as it does, a motorcycle-sword slams into what passes for its chest, driving it back again - and then there's a sudden THUD and then a series of also THUDS as Anshi's ball-and-chains slam into Walpurgisnacht's gear-like aparatus. There's a groaning, and the gears seem to be wedeged against each other.

The world itself distorts again, and the world fades from nightmare scape to visions of the world itself. The skyscrapers everyone is standing on seems to remain stable, at least. Kyubey, on a nearby skyscraper now, doesn't /say/ anything. But his ever flowing tails stop twitching, and his body becomes rigid. Wether anyone notices this, is a question.

Especially given that Walpurgis is still spewing flames everywhere. It's not the consistent cone it was before, though, they're little fireballs, a last burst of energy being blasted all around the Labrynth as it flickers, as the world shifts back between nightmare and reality - and so hey, now it's 'flaming nightmare' and 'flaming reality'.

The storm of fireballs is stoped by Walpurgis getting nailed right in the face by a spinning bow-scythe, and it just keeps. laughing.

And as the world fades out - in the moments where they're all back in something like the real Mitakihara, the real Tokyo, the real world - they can see those runes that once shielded Walpurgis slowly begining to shimmer back into existence too. The entire time, was this nightmarish labrynth just a moment of distraction so it could regain its strength in the real world? So it could continue the rampage of destruction?

One thing is clear - now is the time for action, or the time may have been lost.
Tsubasa Kazanari 2016-01-31 04:35:25 25809
Regardless of anything else, Tsubasa knows that they cannot fail. She cannot fail. Walpurgisnacht /must/ be stopped, everything else is secondary to that. Everything else. Everything. ... and... are those runes dimming? This may be her only chance. She acts. She stays as close as she can to Walpurgisnacht while having somewhere stable to stand, and fall...

"Gatrandis babel ziggurat edenal" Tsubasa starts to sing, in a haunting voice unlike the music she has been singing while riding her bike. The amount of magic she releases as she starts to sing is palpable, people nearby ought to be able to feel its presence. This is not just a normal finishing attack.

"Emustolronzen fine el balal zillz" The power Tsubasa releases amplifies, and focuses. There's a certain sense that all this power is about to be thrown into Walpurgisnacht. Yet the power remains loosely focused at best, this is not a technique wielding like a scalpel.

"Gatrandis babel ziggurat edenal" More power, more energy. The focusing of it remains centered on Walpurgisnacht, which is fortunately big enough that it doesn't take much focusing to hit it with most of this power.

Finally, Tsubasa finishes up her song. "Emustolronzen fine el zillz" When she finishes the song, a trickle of blood starts flowing down her mouth, and right after, a massive wide area explosion of magic goes off, centered on Tsubasa and directed at Walpurgisnacht. Tsubasa stumbles backwards a bit, looking at the effect of her actions.
Kyouko Sakura 2016-01-31 04:36:11 25810
    Kyouko lands atop a whirling, broken piece of debris spinning through the air, balancing on it nimbly as she glances around, taking stock of the situation. Yeah, things are pretty rough. But she knows about Witches, and she actually feels a little better now, being in its Labyrinth. Witches are vulnerable inside their Labyrinths.

    It seems Mami knows this as well. Kyouko hears her call, from somewhere below, and spots her setting up.. multiple Tiro Finale cannons? Good lord. Kyouko grits her teeth. Glancing over to where Sayaka movies nearby, she says "She's right. We gotta end this now, or we're done for."

    She reaches up to that pocket she's been patting this whole time and pulls out a Grief Seed. But this one isn't quite like the other, normal ones. Oh, it looks mostly like them, but it pulses with a sickly green light from within. She stares at it for a moment, then back at Sayaka. "Go protect Madoka." She nods towards the tree. "Keep your friend safe. I'll.. see you later. But if I don't.. I left something in my apartment for you. I.." She hesitates, then shakes her head.

    And then she's leaping away, towards the Witch. And bringing up that glowing grief seed. She puts it in her mouth, and bites down with a sound like shattering glass.

    There's a blinding flare of light, white and red mixed together, like a firey flash-bang. When it clears... there's a giant standing amidst the broken, floating buildings. Easily as tall as one of them, the figure is feminine, but covered head to toe in overlapping platemail. And it has no head- instead a bright, red-and-white flame blazes from the open neck of the cuirass. It seems to be constructed of odd, almost papery material- very Witch-like, in fact, though solid nonetheless.

    The last time Kyouko cracked one of Hannah's Altered Grief Seeds, the creature she had become had been blood red and full of anger. This time, her armor is white (though with a red border), and the feeling that washes out from it, a counterpoint to the despair constantly washing from Walpurgisnacht, is determination. Determination to protect and to see this through no matter the cost.

    The flame-headed, Kaiju-sized, armored Kyouko rears back one massive fist. A skyscraper slams into her from the side, causing her to stagger, but she rights herself, her movements slow but stalwart. Fireballs careen into her armored body, leaving singe marks on her armor. She has to time herself, between all the other incoming attacks, so as not to get struck by one of them. She does this, somehow. That fist is sent careening forward, like a giant-sized version of the Nameless Hero's punch from earlier, straight towards Walpurgisnacht's stupid laughing mouth.

    And as soon as it strikes, the entire giant, armored form shatters, exploding into hazy mist. And all that's left is Kyouko, once again plummeting towards the ground. Only this time, she's very clearly unconscious, her body tumbling limply like a puppet with its strings cut. She looks very pale.
Miku Kohinata 2016-01-31 04:38:16 25812
Miku squeals in terror as the fire nearly washes over her and the poor brunette she's holding ine her arms. With very few places to hide, the gren-haired girl just buries herself behind some rubble and wills this all to go away. There's literally nothing else she can do, but she can't leave the nameless hero alone. So she just holds on, desperately.
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-01-31 04:41:18 25813
Cure Gull manages to slice the building once---it's enough to evade the others--- as it'll drift apart. It /isn't/ far enough for Cure Gull to evade being smashed or crushed or hit---she closes her eyes and---suddenly. Miss White is just tearing this thing apart and her eyes go wide-- "W..white-chan!" she calls out--- she slices once more before the energy blade reaches it's limit and shatters into sparkly shards of magic harmlessly. She can't help directly at the moment and she's about to be hit when----

White-chan kicks her out of the way, intentionally--- her eyes going wide. She lands with an 'oofff' on a floating debris chunk before she pushes back up and that /screeam/...

'H..hannah-chan....' she mutters under her breath... (She's not about to yell White-chan's real name loudly), but she does yell "WHITE-CHAN!" to follow it up as she suddenly turns into a literarly streak of seafoam green light towards Hannah's location---- there's a sudden hard downwards turn before sending back upwards on top of a building and Gull has Hannah in her arms. Gull is all tearing up!

Hannah is okay! "Y..You Silly! Why did you do that!?" she says.

"Y..you better have one more in you!" she calls out determinedly- yeah she's still crying.

She'll place Hannah down--or when Hannah jumps from her arms she turns toward's 'Walnuts-chan'.

"Wings of Hope....! Turn into a sacred power.....! Lovely PreBrace!" she calls out.

She spins around, exactly once.

She claps it. "Pretty Cure.....!"

"Hopeful Feather Shoot!" she calls out---punching a symbolic, translucent green feather symbol towards the creature, finally----trying to push it against and--- as much as she can- she needs to try to find purchase with the energentic explosion- she can't rely full tilt on the purification to help here- witches don't work that way.

"Wings of Hope, return to the heavens!" she calls out.

Then comes the explosion!
Zoisite 2016-01-31 04:43:56 25815
Fire floating in the air? Zoisite knew he liked this place. To the extent that it's a place, at least. To the extent that it's anything. He pulls himself and Jadeite out of the way of one with a sidewise dart, then another, and finally has time to eye his brother for a moment. "Well, then." Team up their attacks. Fire and ice? Ice and flowers? No, better. His free hand is put out, and he concentrates, summoning one more burst of black fire, keeping it there. Pushing more power into it, but not letting it increase in size, and dark energy doesn't precisely have heat. Instead it concentrates itself, gaining a semblance of physicality. Still burning, but becoming something tarry and half-real, something that ice might carry with it. "Get angrier." And he puts out that hand, in the path between Jadeite and Walpurgisnacht's laughing form.
Homura Akemi 2016-01-31 04:44:59 25816
    Homura looks behind her as she notices Madoka on the top of the tree with her. "You're here..." There's a lilt in her voice that almost makes her seem... pleased? "... Madoka-chan. I promise you, everything will turn alright. I'll protect you, no matter what. Against Walpurgisnacht... against anything! I swear it."

    She turns her attention back to the giant Witch, the monster she could never surpass in other timelines, and was even stronger in this one. Still, as strong as it is, Homura's not alone this time, and for the moment she feels, she strongly believes, despite despair, despite the deaths, that everything will turn out okay.

    For a given definition of okay.

    In an instant, all of Homura's deployed RPGs, rocket pods, rocket launchers, and mortars are fired all at once. The entirety of them creates a huge cloud of explosives flying towards Walpurgisnacht. "Alright, Laisa-chan. Whatever you were going to do... now's the time."

    Laisa nods at Homura, and then flies in after the explosives, keeping up with them and behind them. Spheres of Void appear and surround her, gathering in size and power. Homura watches closely, tilting her head as she tries to understand Laisa's strategy. It isn't until Laisa grabs her Soul Gem out of her hair that Homura understands. "Wait! NO! DON'T!"

    The explosives move in, covering Laisa's approach, and after they either impact Walpurgis or are batted away, she unleashes her own charged power in a rapid-fire spray of Void magic. Her Soul Gem grows darker and darker with each attack, and she watches it carefully.

    Laisa then throws her Soul Gem at the giant city-destroying Witch, Walpurgisnacht. With a final expendeture of magic, her Soul explodes, unleashing a final magical blast point-blank in Walpurgisnacht's face. Laisa's body falls from the sky, lifeless.

    Homura, back at the tree, just stares. "Why did you...? You didn't have to..."
Sachiko Hayakawa 2016-01-31 04:45:07 25817
Anshi's sextet of ball-and-chains slam into the massive witch and slowly re-merge into one another. Whump whump whump they all become one, but the chain itself gets lodged in the gears. While the witch is defeated, Anshi simply dangles, holding onto her chain with both hands to keep from physically choking herself on her collar.

"Now, now, kill it now!" Anshi calls to the others, even as she desperately tries to figure out how to free the chain from Walpurgisnacht's stuck gear mechanisms. Anshi begins hauling herslef up her own chain, climbing with hands and legs, to try and inspect the connection at its source.

No good, the gears are fused on her chain. She tries to pull, but even with ridiculous strength, she's not going to be able to free herself unless those gears reverse and go the other direction.

Not, that is, unless Walpurgisnacht dies beneath her. Of course, that is proooobably going to hurt.

As all the magical girls (and boys) begin their group attack, Anshi begins to freak out. Well, there's nothing for it except to pick up the ball, lengthen the chain, and let it grow. Standing atop the gears, at the very 'base' of the witch, the girl looks tiny compared to the massive skyscraper sized ball in her hand.

And then she throws it straight up.

"Sentence Ender."

Anshi calls the attack very quietly, as the ball arcs upwards towards its apex. Gravity reasserts itself soon, and the ball comes roaring back down. Anshi leaps off the edge of the gears, lengthening the chain as she goes to buy herself distance.

Joining with all the other attacks, Anshi's iron ball comes down at terminal velocity to slam into Walpurgisnacht's massive gear, dead center. This is going to hurt, and Anshi's still far too close.
Usagi Tsukino 2016-01-31 04:47:55 25819
She can feel the darkness in him still, and he has not given any indication that he knows her. But even still, now, she blames the dust for both the sudden tears in her eyes and the thickness in her voice.

His eyes...are so beautiful.

For a moment, her fingers curl around his jaw, and she remembers he was saying something, suggesting something.

"Of course." If she looks at him like he's the most precious person on Earth, trying to memorize everything about him in whatever amount of time no, one can really blame her, right?

With his jaw in her hand, Endymion looks down and gives her a crooked smile, holding her weightless in the air with him. "Take out the crescent wand," he encourages. "Point it at the witch."

He's getting them closer to it with every word. And no one can see them in here. No one can see. They stave each other's despair off-- and it's his hand comes up to brush the tears away from where they begin to fall from her eyes, and it's him that bends his head to kiss her, and the warmth and the gold and the clarity and the silver flare up together, bright and entwined.

He whispers against her lips, "I know. Just keep at it. Do your best. You'll win. My planet is counting on you to protect it-- because I know you can."

Then Endymion's drawing back and nudging at her arms, and he slides his hands up them at the sides, hovering behind her. "But for now, we'll call it. This isn't healing, because there's nothing you can heal there. Okay?"

Sailor Moon positively beams at him, nodding, and even if time is running short--

She kisses him again, hard and long and hopefully saying everything she's wanted these past months. That she loves him, always, no matter--

But there's a witch. And not enough time because the world is back and--

Their voices combine their attacks as well as their wills do:



Kukai Souma 2016-01-31 04:51:00 25820
Sky Jack isn't in sight for several long moments, but from the impact site there is a wobbly form rising, nowhere near steady, but capable of flight. He sees the rest of the group moving in for the assault, but after that fall and the sudden stop at the end he doesn't think he has the energy to join them. There's a scream nearby, though, and Sky Jack can hear it, rising and searching for the source.

When he finds Miku and the nameless girl he's a terrifying sight - blood down one side of his face, covered in dust and debris, and looking like he lost a fight with a rebar golem. "Hey! C'mere!" He moves back on his board, making enough room for her feet just barely. "Get on, hurry!"
Shinobu Kimura 2016-01-31 04:53:04 25821
Shinobu sighs. Quickly she finishes off that grief seed, purifying her soul gem again. "Okay Shinobu. Time to earn your paycheck." SHe smiles as she gets to her feet. Summoning her bo once again, it appears in her hand. Hitting the button, time shifts again for her so she can see what is coming.

With that, Quickly She strikes the bo on the ground and takes off running. The scythe blades return and she starts looking for any way she can get up at the witch. Using Future sight, She leaps up into the air, landing on a flying piece of debris. She does this again, getting higher. Then up onto the top of a tree.

"SEASONS..." She quickly launches herself at Walpurgisnacht. Her reformed bo-scythe is twirled around either side of her body growing longer and a bit more nasty. ...FINALE!!!" With that final word she starts coming down on the witch letting her spinning scythe go full on saw blade on her.

Once the attack finishes, she quickly comes down landing and quite possibly breaking a leg.
Saburo Yukimura 2016-01-31 04:54:29 25822
Even if he could float under his own power, he's never been as fast as Zoisite is. Jadeite is grateful, somewhere in between all of the other emotions he's feeling at light speed, that it's Zoisite doing the dodging. As always, he does his best to use sheets of his everpresent ice to deflect whatever's coming at them, long enough for Zoisite to form that *thing* in the palm of his hand.

It feels *wrong*. It *looks* wrong. Part of Jadeite desperately doesn't want to be near it. But, this is still his brother, and there's still something trying to eat them alive and he doesn't hae *time* for any of this. Instead, he holds on to that notion. Get angrier. Get *angrier*. How dare this creature come and threaten everything they've been working for, for so long? How dare it threaten the people he cares about, how dare it make him feel like this, fragile and helpless. He's *not* fragile. He's *not* helpless. He's so, so far from either of these things.

He shifts his occupied hand to firm up his grip on Zoisite, body running cold. He lifts his own hand up, and the ice that gathers here is as unlike his usual offerings as Zoisite's black fire is from *his* more common attacks. He focuses and focuses and focuses, pouring his rage into it and sharpening it to a needle point. The ice forms up in a long lance, so cold it burns, so cold it saps heat from everything around it, even Zoisite. Even *Jadeite*.

He hauls it around and *flings* it, as hard and as fast as he can, right through Zoisite's fire, dragging that darkness along until the lance of ice is *coated* in it, hurtling like a comet straight for Walpurgisnacht.
Sayaka Miki 2016-01-31 04:55:59 25823
    Sayaka sees that Kyouko is planning something, and her eyes widen at the sight of the sickly green looking grief seed. "Kyou-chan, what is..." But it's too late. She's already taken it, absorbed it into her soulgem..Suddenly there's a massive armoured..Thing in her place, and Sayaka gasps, staggering back. Is she..A witch? What has she done?

    "KYOUKO!!" she yells, overcome with more despair. "....why...?" the wave of despair quickly passes and as the giant Kyouko marches towards the witch, Sayaka frowns, hearing Mami's words to strike out all at one. "Uh...Alright...Let's end this!" let's hope and pray that Kyouko will return to normal when that grief seed's power wears off.

    'Protect Madoka..' she says. But Sayaka has one final attack to do herself..Closing her eyes, popping another griefseed against her soulgem...Sayaka summons six massive glowing swords that hover around her briefly as she spins rapidly, generating a powerful typhoon that catapults the energy empowered magical swords at the witch, raining down like massive blades of energy and steel.


    She's barely unleashed her swords, stumbling back from the attack, when Kyouko goes reeling down from the sky again. "Kyouko!" and she runs and leaps to catch her a second time, landing a bit shakily on the upper branches of the tree..
Mami Tomoe 2016-01-31 04:58:45 25824
Mami smiles and turns to Rune as she holds the last syllable of her attack, massive cannons lined up in an array. Through practice, she knows what she's capable of - she knows her limits, and she knows she's right at the edge of them. As the canons line up and Mami prepares, she creates one final matchlock for her own hands.

"Runealy-san, there's a grief seed in my left hand. I need you to use it on my soul gem in a moment. Just tap it. I should be fine." she says.

Then she points the small rifle at the witch, standing behind her array of weapons.


Mami shouts at the top of her lungs, firing the gun in her hand - and all of the array fires off too, and then just nudging against the absolute limit of what her soul gem can handle, as the blasts go off in a thunderous echo, Mami's knees buckle out from under her and she hits the top of that skyscraper with a thud.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-01-31 05:00:25 25826
Miss White's world is a blurr. Pain cuts into her body, and for a moment, she's convinced it's over. Something sharp hits her body, and for a moment, she falls unconscious. Then, warmth, safety, and pain alike slap her awake as she's gently put to the ground of a skyscraper thanks to Haruna. The young woman's face is pale, far too pale for her tanned self. She's stuffed full of metal in rather worrying places, but that's not the worst of it. Her left eye is bleeding and gashed, likely useless if she wasn't blind already.

And where her left arm had been, there's a simple stump, the otherwise fatal bleeding kept at bay by a quick spell from her Device. Her right arm is clenched, face in excruciating, soul-rending pain, but she turns to gull. And then she laughs. Despair, hate, hope, and ambition flare as she laughs long and hard, trying in vain to drown out the monster they face.

"ONE MORE? ONE MORE!? That bastard almost killed me! I have everything left in me for this little ingrate! Like I'll ever die against scum like this!"

She 'eyes' up the fallen member of Homura's quartet, the last one to fall as she sacrifices herself.

"We're Witch Hunter Professional Services! And we KILL WITCHES! WALPURGISNACHT! YOU'RE NOTHING BUT PREY FOR US!"

Her Device chunks as the last four of her Cartridges load, and wind rages around herself and Gull, lending strength and power to her purification! She kneels down, legs bent, and then Miss White /pushes/. Like a jet plane, hesitating only for HOmura and Mami and the others to let out their projectiles, she crashes towards the great Witch bodily, fist first as the force of a dozen hurricanes gather right before her, making her a spiraling, spinning spear that aims to crash into and pierce through Walpurgisnacht in an explosion of pure wind power and bodily movement!

Nephrite 2016-01-31 05:03:41 25827
"That's real generous of you," Nephrite laughs, and that is all the distraction from his inner demons that he needs.

He regains enough presence of mind to track where his brothers have gone--Jadeite and Zoisite together, Kunzite with Venus, Endymion with Sailor Moon. Everybody is accounted for. And maybe they will even all get out of this alive.

"I don't know how much juice you've got left, but I reckon the power of the stars will merge nicely with your lightning. Want to bring down the heavens with me?" His eyes glint at her for a moment before he brings his hand up to the sky--whatever sky is visible through what is left of the labyrinth.

The stars answer, white-hot light pooling overhead, prepared to meet with Jupiter's lightning.
Runealy Waldia 2016-01-31 05:04:59 25828
Rune encases herself in a red energy-bubble as fire bursts wash around the area... it might be 'less than before', but it's still here, and still a problem. Teeth grit as she strains against the heat, then as the heat passes so does her shield...

...and she blinks as Mami asks for something important. She actually can't respond verbally, still chanting to hold her wand-orbs up... but Mami does get a nod.

And as the Tiro Finale blasts out - and so many more to accompany it - Rune finishes her own attack and chant: "Burst!" The star-pattern of orbs flies forth. "Reign!" Then they turn into a wide spray of green sparkles, one wide enough to potentially engulf a significant section of Walpurgisnacht. Not all of it; even this show of power is not wide enough to attack the entire witch... or even a fourth of it.

Notably, Runealy isn't even watching to see if her attack is having any effect. As soon as the shot is in the air, she sprints to Mami's side and kneels down to reach for the Grief Seed that was mentioned. If it's there to be had, Runealy will take it and tap-press it to Mami's hat... to the Soul Gem more precisely, eyes wide with worry since she knows just enough about Puella Magi to be worried that Mami may have outright trusted Rune with her life outright, and possibly with very narrow timing windows to make this work. "Come on... be okay..."
Kazuo Takeba 2016-01-31 05:13:51 25831
That giant. That's Kyouko. Kunzite had lost track of Kyouko, in the fight, in the collapse. His eyes widen; but he's too busy to pay more attention than that. He's only lifting both hands. Searching for something that won't interfere, at this close range, with V's own magic - on the off chance that it's directed at the witch rather than at him.

What he comes up with is thin, coruscating, bright. Perhaps he spent too much time holding on to Venus's so-frequent attacks. It's not one of hers, though; it's a half-startling pink, close kin to the color of his unholy lightnings. A fraction purer. He wraps it in the last of his stolen power, in a half-measure of Mars' angry fire, to keep the corruption inherent in his own energy from reacting violently with anything V might do. Stabs it through his own shields to show her the weak point without dropping them. Follows Moon and Endymion's aim.

And it's only when he catches that distant flash of blue, Sayaka's hair moving to intercept the falling Puella, that he remembers to start breathing again.
Makoto Kino 2016-01-31 05:13:55 25832
Later, Makoto will wonder about it, why she should be so calm in this moment - here in this nightmare world, facing an enemy beyond anything she'd imagined, leaning on a man who should by all rights probably be her arch-enemy. Later, when it all catches up with her, she will be shaken and sick and she might in fact vomit.

But right now, she is calm. Somewhere high overhead, beyond sight, Altair blazes in the eye of Aquila, the sacred eagle that carries the thunderbolts to Jupiter's hand.

A breath of wind that does not belong to Walpurgisnacht stirs around her and it whispers yes.

Sailor Jupiter answers Nephrite with a grin, a lightning-quick flash of teeth. "I think I can manage."

Her hand reaches upwards, mirroring his, fingers spreading towards the sky. "My guardian star, Jupiter--"

The sky opens. Any windows left in the tumbling debris of buildings around the witch shatter into sparkles of falling glass as the sky opens and the wrath of heaven lances down with a thunderclap like the striking of god's own hamme.


And then it happens again. And again. The power of the stars merges into bolts of lightning and courses down into the witch, white-hot and dazzling, leaving after-images of black and silver and purple.
Kyouko Sakura 2016-01-31 05:17:25 25835
    Kyouko is snagged out of the air before she can hit the ground/sea by Sayaka for a second time in one night. Yeah, that girl has definitely earned herself a promotion. Apprentice just doesn't cover it.

    Kyouko is limp in Sayaka's arms, this time. Like a rag doll, her head flopping as she's carried towards (hopefully) safety. She's also very pale, like her blood's been drained out. And she's cold to the touch. On top of that, her Soul Gem swirls with darkness. Not 'verge of doom' darkness, but serious darkness nonetheless.

    But there's no sign of a crack in it this time, not like last time. And she's breathing, if shallowly. It seems like Kyouko will live- assuming the Witch doesn't survive and kill them all anyway, of course.
Minako Aino 2016-01-31 05:29:23 25837
Minako Aino/Sailor V holds for a few moments and does some quick mental math. The unaccountable puella seem to be taking casualties, the Dark Kingdom are up but separated, and all the weird new faces she never met before seems to be doing 'nothing suspicious for new faces'.

Good enough for V to lower her guard.

She throws a beam to make friends with Walpurgisnacht (aimed carefully to barely interfere with Kunzite barriers and not break it at all).
Sayaka Miki 2016-01-31 05:32:22 25838
    "Kyou-chan.." Sayaka frowns as she brushes a strand of red hair out of Kyouko's pale face as she checks her pulse - and her soulgem - relieved to see that it's not cracked this time, at least. But..What the heck was that, some sorta super griefseed, like the one that took away her powers the last time??

    "Man, you are crazy, aren't you.." She laughs nervously, occasionally overcome by waves of despair. They've hurled everything they could at it, and yet it still survives. Sayaka's barely holding it together herself, although she did take a grief seed right before her big attack so she's not quite as exhausted as some of the others.

    Instinctively, she reaches for another griefseed, the one that Kyouko gave herself to keep her safe in this fight, using it to heal up Kyouko as best as she can. But she's still so pale and exhausted. Sayaka needs to get her somewhere safe, and quickly!

    Still standing on Madoka's treetop, Sayaka leaps from branch to branch, until she finds the familiar streak of pink that is Madoka. "Madoka!" still carrying Kyouko over one shoulder, her sword arm is free to slash at any random familiars that come her way. Quite exhausted herself, she kneels to one knee, laying Kyouko on the platform. Sayaka herself pauses a moment to catch her breath..
Mint Chip 2016-01-31 05:34:54 25839
Walpurgisnight continues to laugh. It continues, on and on. But even this wicked creature's laughter must come to an end, eventually.

There's a crackle of thunder mixed with the power of stars. There's the slam of a weighted iron ball. There's the strength of two lovers bound across time. A cutting blade of energy from a girl who can see too much. A flaming comet of two brothers bound to a dark court. The wind spear of an ambitious girl who pays that price dearly. The energetic power of the wings of hope from one saved from darkness herself. The incredible power of someone sacrificing themselves to bring down a monster she only learned about recently. A bright beam of energy from someone who lowered her guard if only for a moment in the face of a powerful enemy. The powerful slam of someone too stubborn to die, and too caring to ignore this fight, sacrificing herself a second time to protect a world she just learned she cares about. The blast of an otherworldly princess intent on paying a debt to those who saved her. Ripping blasts of incredible power from a battery of guns.

And last, but by no means the least, a terrifying barrage of conventional explosives, guided by the magic of someone who'd give it all for a friend, over and over until she finds success - and probably worth the GDP of the continent of Africa.

All of these striking at the witch, hitting in quick succession - there's a sudden crackle - and a crack in Walpurgisnacht's nightmarish reality - and the crack of turning gears. And the unblinking stare of an incubator.

And then Walpurgisnacht herself catches alight in her own watorcolor fire - huge chunks flecking off, dissolving into a spurt of witch's runes and strange colors - colors the assembled have never seen before, colors they would struggle to describe to anyone who wasn't here, anyone who didn't participate.

And the skyscrapers not torn from Tokyo itself begin to disolve into that same prismatic sand, vanishing away in the wind as the nightmare world fades back to Tokyo. A Tokyo wounded, but alive. The dreamscape vanishes - and Walpurgis laughs one final time, higher pitched than normal as it fades away, and the storm itself breaks, and in the now-soft rain, breaks of light in the sky begin to appear as the nightmare - both the world and the real nightmare - is finally over.


A gruff looking man with a bald head and tattoos on both arms, a lit cigar in his teeth, watches as a shimmering shadow - one of Walpurgis' lost familiars - slams into a wall next to him. A tall boy in a lab coat with white hair tipped with purple ends drops his gauntlet, the burst that sent the familiar into the wall originating from him.

The man raises a strange, rifle-like weapon and fires a laser-like black blast into the familiar, which dissolves with a shriek. As the sky clears slowly, and both of them look at the skyline, slowly growing blue.

The gruff man asks the boy, "So, does that mean they got the damned thing?"

The boy answers, "Yeah. They got it." as he puts his hands into the pockets of his lab coat.
Tsubasa Kazanari 2016-01-31 05:36:32 25840
"We did it." Tsubasa turns around, facing Madoka. It's clear that whatever she just did, messed her up a lot. She tries to take a step forward, but stumbles and falls instead. She's bleeding from both her nose and her mouth. One of the leg swords is broken in half, and her entire armour is cracked, and some of the cloth parts are shredded. The bleeding is at a frightening rate, at that. Someone ought to look at that, and soon.
Kyouko Sakura 2016-01-31 05:40:43 25842
    As Sayaka lays her on the ground near where Madoka is caring for the wounded, the Witch dies, returning them to normal space. Kyouko still doesn't wake up. Her Soul Gem has been cleansed again, and looks as bright red and pure as it does at the best of times- no cracks, no darkness. But she is thoroughly unconscious, and still pale and cool to the touch. Someone's gonna have to take her home.
Shinobu Kimura 2016-01-31 05:41:35 25843
Shinobu slowly stands up. Yeah she's limping something fierce. Quickly she moves over to the fallen girl that is bleeding out. Using what strength she has, She tries to help her up. Carefully she tries to to move her towards the tree where Madoka has set up a temporary triage.

One small problem though. With Shinobu hardly able to walk, The key word is drag. Onward though. Right up to the tree. "Hey Madoka, umm... things got a little nasty."
Sachiko Hayakawa 2016-01-31 05:42:16 25844
As the witch burns up, Anshi's chain finally comes free. Maybe she'd notice this more if she weren't screaming in pain from the fire and lightning that's dancing around her. Pain and misery are Anshi's life this day. 'Become a Magical Girl' it said. 'Save the world' it said. 'Get your wish granted' it said.

As she falls from the sky towards Tokyo Harbor, Anshi clutches at her soul gem. "Sachiko," she whispers, a smile crossing her features. "We did it, sis. We got it."

Then she splashes down with the weight of her ball-and-chain dragging her quickly under.
Miku Kohinata 2016-01-31 05:44:39 25845
Miku looks up at Sky Jack as the boy comes near with his board, and she smiles at him. "Thankgod," she says, then works to try and lift That Girl up. "She's heavy," she says. "I can't ... lift her. Help me." With Kukai's help, Miku gets the boy onto the board, then turns around just in time to see the myriad of explosions.

Her eyes widen as the witch begins to glow in every colour of the rainbow, then smiles a little. "I think they got it," she says happily. "Get her to safety? I'm not done, yet. There are still people who may have been hurt in the storm. I've got to go make sure they're okay."
Hannah Sharpe 2016-01-31 05:45:02 25846
The ambitious wind-spear that is Hannah falls, as the Labyrinth fades away. Miss White crash-lands down onto the street, wind magic cutting a swathe until she comes to rest in a furniture store, tumbling to a stop amidst a couch she's now quickly pulling herself into. Ignoring the injuries, the pain, the agony of knowing many have given their lives for the display before them?

She raises a bottle of wine that had gotten tangled up in her clothes, slurping down half of it before pouring the rest on her wounded stump. Letting it drop to the ground, she flips the dying Mega Witch the bird.

"And /THAT/ is what happens when you mess with /MY/ town! HAH!" Pause.

"...Oh god ow. I could really use a nap and some painkillers. Where's Madoka when you need her?" Someone isn't quite up to date, it seems.
Mami Tomoe 2016-01-31 05:45:48 25847
Mami slowly comes to, her golden eyes a bit dim for a moment before she smiles. "See, I knew I could count on you, Runealy-san." she says with a smile "We have a promise, right?" she says, before she ever-so-slowly gets to a sitting position and she looks up at the sky. Her smile slowly becomes a big grin.

"This means we won, right? We protected everyone? We were... we were good, proper magical girls, weren't we, Runealy-san? We did everything right for once?"
Kukai Souma 2016-01-31 05:47:43 25849
Sky Jack stops for a moment near Miku, watching the explosions and massive numbers of attacks crack and finally demolish the witch, holding onto the nameless girl, supporting her and trying not to bleed on her - she actually appears to be in slightly better shape than he is. "OK. I'll be back in a minute. Be careful, there may still be familiars and falling debris around." His board rises and he begins flying as quickly as he can back towards the tree where the triage center is set up, concentrating on holding the nameless heroine in place and not going unconscious himself.
Mamoru Chiba 2016-01-31 05:49:40 25850
He's grinning, he's grinning so fiercely-- Endymion looks down at Sailor Moon, and his face is wreathed with brightness, his feet on the ground, his body crackling with energy. "One down," he says softly. And then his smile fades as he briefly looks distracted, and his face sets, stance stiffening. He leans in again, but this time it's not to kiss her, it's to whisper in her ear.

Next time you see me, run away. Protect my planet from me, Serenity.

He steps back, and his eyes are still blue, and they're defiant; his expression is ice, and he's not looking at her. And then he's just gone, his signature-less teleport once again in play.
Runealy Waldia 2016-01-31 05:50:12 25851
Rune only sees part of what just happened to Walpurgisnacht, nearly tunnel-visioned upon Mami at the moment. She can see flashes of light, she can hear attack shouts, can hear them strike... and she can continue to hear that laugh, even as she works on bringing Mami back from a self-imposed brink. It's enough to make Rune start crying, waterworks blurring her vision and flowing down cheeks and mixing with the rain.

This continues, albeit for different reasons, when Mami speaks. "Ah!? Y... yes, we did. Looks like we both lived up to it, and..." Did everything right?

As far as Rune knows, yes. She's unaware that not everyone made it. She might find out later, and she might immediately realize Mami had nothing to do with those... so in the end it does not significantly change her answer.

And so her wand is stowed behind-back, both hands taking one of Mami's. "We did. Tokyo's still here. People are still here. I'm still here, you're here too!" These words are punctuated with tiny crying gasps, but there's relief in those sounds instead of any real 'hurt.'
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2016-01-31 05:51:25 25852
Nadeshiko is cheering and crying and running toward the triage, having spotted Kukai heading there.

When she sees him, she nearly bowls him over in a hug. "You stupid, beautiful, brave boy! You ever scare me like that again, I will kick your ass, you hear me?!"
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-01-31 05:53:55 25854
Cure Gull looks to Hannah-chan and god she wants to hug her to death and kiss her and hug her some more but she's probably in excurciating pain. Wait.

SHE'S IN EXCRUCIATING PAIN, all the pain catches up as the adrenline high catches up and she ahhhhhh! "Oh god it feels like I put myself into one of those old laundry wringers like the movies." she cries.

She looks to Hannah. "Want me to get you to the hospital now. I think I need to go the hospital. I think we all need to go the hospital."

She rubs her sides and her butt and her arms and she owwwwws everywhere HURTS.
Zoisite 2016-01-31 05:56:18 25857
Zoisite draws Jadeite toward the ground, landing the two of them lightly and deftly. "There," he says, turning a smile up toward his taller brother. "That wasn't so bad, was it? We've been through worse. Especially Nephrite." He emphasizes with a flourish of his free hand, still clinging to Jadeite's arm with the other. "You wouldn't believe some of the news you've missed."

-- a long shard of crystal materializes in that free hand.

Zoisite's eyes turn colder than Jadeite's ice, and harder.


The point of the crystal is already slamming home in Jadeite's chest as he speaks the word. Blood spatters Zoisite's uniform jacket, darkens the tail of his hair. He doesn't bother to pull it out. He steps backward, letting go of his brother's arm. Sakura petals spiral around him. And, like Endymion, he's gone.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-01-31 05:57:35 25858
Hannah laughs deliriously, leaning hard on Gull, and manages to ruffle her hair before just collapsing into her arms. She's all bloody grins and the high of victory.

"Think of it like this. A wise man once said, 'Pain is proof that you're alive'. We came out...better than a lot. Yeah. That'd be great. Let's go."

Thunk. Miss White is out for the count.
Kukai Souma 2016-01-31 06:00:06 25859
Sky Jack barely has time to disembark the unconscious nameless girl off of his board before he is almost knocked over off of it by a yelling, crying, hugging Nadeshiko! "Nade!" He hugs her back even as she hug-wails on him and almost finds himself in tears, grinning, hugging her back. "I - there was this wave of.. of despair and pain and I lost it and then I was falling and I heard you scream and then I remembered my friends and it saved me. You -saved- me!" He hugs her extra tight again and then, in the exuberant thrill of the moment, kisses her cheek.

It's only for a split second but he suddenly pulls back and grins. "Ah. Uh. Let's.. That didn't happen. Ok. There's still hurt people out there, I gotta go bring them in!" And he's disengaged from her surprisingly strong grip and back on the board and out towards the center of the combat zone at full speed, searching for any sign of those who fell during the fight like he did!
Madoka Akemi 2016-01-31 06:01:28 25860
    Madoka's eyes remain closed, praying quietly as the battle reaches it's conclusion. She doesn't move or stir from the spot until she can feel Walpurgisnacht beginning to fall apart, the waves of despair wracking her mind weakening and letting up. When she finally does open them she sees the great Witch falling apart in a multitude of impossible colors and reality fade firmly back into place.

    Unfortunately this isn't like a normal fight with a Witch; the damage it's done to the city and it's protectors are all too real. She looks to Homura, "I knew you would. I knew you could protect me and this city. I believed in you, Homura-chan. And everyone else, too."

    Before she can say much more casualties begin arriving, and suddenly she's a flurry of activity. She looks around quickly, finding her medkit and opening it up. It really is stocked, including with all sorts of things she'd probably get in a whole lot of trouble for if she was caught with; including some of those painkillers Hannah is wishing for. She must have snuck them out of the hospital!

    Sayaka drops Kyouko next to her and Madoka looks her over, effectively running triage. She looks... somewhat baffled? "She... doesn't look very hurt to me." She does her best to treat her scuffs, bruises, and cuts. "I think you should take her home, Sayaka-chan, and stay with her until she wakes up. If she starts doing anything dangerous like coughing, choking, or having a seizure get her to a hospital, but I think whatever knocked her out is magical and not something I can treat. When she wakes up make sure she has water and soup!" Now isn't the time to add 'and hugs and kisses'.

    Now isn't the time to add 'and hugs and kisses'.

    Shinobu and Tsubasa come up next and the state of them both gets her eyes wide, "Shinobu-chan, don't walk on your leg like that! S-sit down, please!" She'd help her right away... except internal bleeding is -extremely- dangerous, and Madoka rushes over to the Tsubasa's side. Remembering what training she has she digs through her medical kit and starts looking for an injectable coagulant.

    It's a good thing she probably doesn't have to worry about healthy teenagers having heart conditions. Right?
Usagi Tsukino 2016-01-31 06:02:45 25861
So bright. So victorious. Almost as beautiful as his eyes.

She knew it couldn't last forever.

It still hurts, though, that even with the taste of him on her lips, he's saying that.

And then he's not looking at her. Again.

"Always." She says it again, a whisper. Maybe he hears it, maybe not.

Then she looks around her, and the realization that Walpurgisnacht has been defeated is...almost contagious.

She sniffs up her tears and any sad thoughts, and runs to see who she can find. Who she can hug.

Because though she doesn't have everything she wants, they're still alive!

Sailor Moon, of course, sees the attack. Not enough to know exactly what's going on, right away, but she sees the stab.

Her shriek echoes through the stillness.

She runs, she races, and then she's hovering. "No, no, no, be okay, alright? I need you to be okay, you're gonna be okay. I can't not have you back!"
Minako Aino 2016-01-31 06:05:00 25863
Minako Aino/Sailor V was considering holding back and just fading away once the danger was over. But now she's bristling with rage, uncertain whether it's time to say a good 'I told you so' or to comment on the hypocrisy of "Traitor" comments.

Either way, Zoisite is gone but he left behind two shittenou in his overly hasty retreat. Conveniently, that's one for each of her Crescent Beams.
Nephrite 2016-01-31 06:05:29 25864
Nephrite and Jupiter return to solid ground. He's panting a bit, still, but partially with exhilaration. "Not bad, Thunderbird." He pulls away from her, letting her go at last. "We put on one hell of a show together. I almost wish we could do it again."

He gives her a lazy grin. "Try not to fry me too hard next time you--" Nephrite trails off suddenly as something catches his eye. Jadeite, falling. Jadeite, covered in blood.

Without another word, he is already racing across the battlefield. "JADEITE!" His voice roars.

Whoever did this will most definitely pay.
Homura Akemi 2016-01-31 06:06:01 25865
    Homura watches as Walpurgisnacht falls. Everyone she led into this battle is dead. Is that how it is?


    Homura turns away from the battle, and from her lost friends. She looks ahead of her, at Madoka, at Tsubasa, at Kyouko, at the others gathered around... "... well, at least you all made it. I guess this ending is just going to have to be good enough."

    A smile creeps up Homura's face, but her eyes are darkened by the shade of her own hair. "... Madoka-chan... Walpurgisnacht is gone, and you're still alive. This day... even with all of its horrors, is the best thing that ever happened to me."

    I'm done.

    Homura dismisses the thought as soon as it crosses her mind. It seemed optimistic enough, but... it implied something that she didn't want to think about. So she doesn't think about it.

    Instead she sees the wounded start to pile up, looks down at them, and asks, "Hey, Madoka-chan? Want me to get a helicopter? Not... you know... an Apache, but something bigger that can airlift some of these people out of here?"

    After a pause she adds, "Or I could just call emergency dispatch, maybe, but then they'd have to leave henshin and that might not be wise in their condition."

    Minako fires on the Dark Kingdom but Homura saw enough to know that they totally deserve that. Oh my god.
Saburo Yukimura 2016-01-31 06:06:24 25866
The fight's over, and there's this *look* on Jadeite's face, as the pair float back to the ground, that's almost giddy. They're alive, they're *alive* and--

--he's turning to face Zoisite's words and he realizes what's going on, too slow to really do anything about it. Ice creeps out along his arm, up Zoisite's where they still touch, but the truth of the matter is, Jadeite just doesn't have the heart to do it. This is his *brother*.

So he lets Zoisite stab him in the heart. He also lets Zoisite put a crystal shard in his chest.

The blood is immediate, spraying out from his chest, bubbling up between his lips. When Zoisite lets go, Jadeite has no strength to hold himself up, and with a wet, choking sound, he starts to fall, that giddy expression replaced with absolute sadness.
Kazuo Takeba 2016-01-31 06:08:24 25867
Kunzite has himself and V on the ground again, the shell of darkness around them banished. He's stepping away from her, taking wary steps, careful of shifting wreckage. He's glancing toward Endymion. His expression is going null again, emotionless, calm --

Zoisite does that.

Kunzite's eyes go from emotionless to dead in a heartbeat. Which is not quite enough time to entirely avoid Venus' attack; his cape blocks most of it, but there's enough stray to sear a line across his cheek, barely missing one eye.

He returns fire, but the burst of darkness is incoherent, unaimed. His attention's elsewhere. "NEPHRITE! Do you want to JOIN him? Go! NOW!"
Shinobu Kimura 2016-01-31 06:08:55 25868
Puella Magi Shinobu looks at Madoka and nods, "I think you might be right about this one." She moves to sit down. "I dunno if you are going to be able to do much with a first aid kit. If we have some string I can make a couple small bows and splint myself until I can get to the ER... Or home.

She looks at Tsubasa. "Yeah she got it worse. If there is no one here, who can take care of her, I will take her to my dorm. She needs somewhere safe and I know she treasures her anonymity. That is why I think my place may be best for her once you are done."
Homura Akemi 2016-01-31 06:15:00 25870
    Homura gives Shinobu a sideways glance. "We can heal ourselves. You know that, right? Look it's like this."

    Homura holds out her hand, and her Soul Gem takes on its egg form. It glows brilliantly for a moment, and her various scrapes and bruises close and vanish. Even her hair, where tussled, is set right. Once she's done, she turns to Shinobu. "You can even do it to other people. Sortof. Watch."

    Homura kneels over the fallen Tsubasa, holding her purple Soul Gem in front of her. It glows again, for a while, and while Tsubasa isn't anywhere near fully healed from Homura's efforts, she's brought at least a little bit closer to stable. "I'm not really that good at it, but I've seen Kyouko do that for Sayaka... in other timelines."

    She looks at Kyouko, and then says, "There's not much I can do for her. Seems like she just needs rest. Especially after what that crazy girl just did."
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2016-01-31 06:16:17 25871
Nadeshiko snorts at Kukai's stammer and sudden departure. When she speaks, her voice is lower than normal, but no less full of affection. "You idiot. You need rest, too."
Makoto Kino 2016-01-31 06:17:13 25872
Victory. For just a few seconds, Sailor Jupiter gets to enjoy the rush of it; she's breathless, bright-eyed, a little shaky as her feet find real solid ground again. "Not bad," she says to Nephrite, laughter shivering in her throat; "thanks. I guess I'll take a rain check on kicking your ass--"

--this time, she was about to say, but before the words can leave her mouth reality comes crashing down with a vengeance and everything is wrong, wrong, wrong.

A split second later she is also running, stumbling with the effort of making her exhausted body move. Too slow, too tired, she won't get there in time and even if she could she has no idea idea what she'll do, but even so Jupiter bolts towards where Jadeite has fallen, wide-eyed with horror and desperation.
Mami Tomoe 2016-01-31 06:17:37 25873
Mami looks up at Runealy - somewhat oblivious to the chaos below. She's only slightly more conscious than her once-kohai Kyouko. "Runealy-san... can I ask you a favor?" she says, her voice quiet. "Can you make sure I get somewhere? You can take me to my home, or to yours... or whatever." she adds, and then after a delay... "but I don't think I can really make it there on my own right now."
Sayaka Miki 2016-01-31 06:18:20 25874
    Sayaka grins at Madoka, glancing around for Homura - she's gonna have to scold her later for not locking up Madoka better - "I know...I just needed a moment to rest..And to make sure you were okay." She makes a face, playfully punching Madoka lightly on the shoulder, "Why'd you leave the safety of the shelters?! I was so worried about you! You coulda been seriously killed..."

    She spies Homura then and frowns, "You were supposed to prevent her from coming here, like you promised. She could have been seriously hurt you know.." Sayaka's tone is cold. And even though Madoka was safe in the tree, she's still annoyed at Homura. Just cuz. When Homura comments on Kyouko's state, Sayaka frowns, saying nothing but turning to leave.

    She's regained some of her own strength, and seems to have barely any injuries - thanks in large part to her healing factor. However, there are many others here who look to be in pretty bad shape. Miss White seems to be in particularly bad shape, and while Sayaka is pretty exhausted, she still has a little magic left to help repair some of her more major wounds

    Sayaka steps towards Miss White and Gull, with a slight smirk, "You overdid yourself again, Miss White..Let's see if I can help just a little.." Summoning her healing magic, which she has discovered can be used to heal others as well, Sayaka gently hovers her hand over Hannah's wounded arm, summoning enough magic at least to staunch the bleeding and seal some of the more raw wounds. "You'd better get her to a hospital, Gull-chan. But hopefully this'll help a little at least.."

    Nodding to Madoka's suggestion, Sayaka picks up Kyouko again, still worried for her, even if she has no physical wounds. "Then, I'll see you later, Madoka-chan!"
Ami Mizuno 2016-01-31 06:18:30 25875
Sailor Mercury simply appears. It's not like a teleportation; it's like she literally stepped out of a doorway that is'nt isn't there, out of a nowhere that doesn't exist, and without warning she simply declares, "Mercury Blizzard Blast!"

The very depths of antarctic cold engulf Zoisite as he begins to vanish. This is not simply a blast of chill wind; it is the deepest cold Sailor Mercury can possibly summon; the same depth of cold she used to destroy a Witch's Labyrinth and entomb herself in Tokyo Harbor. This is the Cold of Mercury's Fury.

Yet Zoisite's was already on his way out, and all the cold in the world cannot prevent his teleport.

"I knew you couldn't abide that agreement," she says, just as Zoisite vanishes from view. "..." Mercury takes a deep breath, then reaches up to touch her earing. The visor slides into place, and she begins scanning. "Gone," she whispers. "I was too slow."
Usagi Tsukino 2016-01-31 06:20:09 25876
Don't trust everything you see.

It doesn't come from Jadeite's mouth, or his body, but it is his voice.

She leans back a bit, wiping at her eyes. "If you're really gone, I'm gonna watch your Netflix queue and spoil you for all the plot lines, you jerk."

She jabs her finger against his chest. "Which means you gotta haunt me!"
Nephrite 2016-01-31 06:20:14 25877
Nephrite freezes like a chained dog at Kunzite's order, confusion and fury twisting his features. He never even sees V's Crescent Beam--it strikes his shoulder, throwing him backwards. He stumbles, briefly, but remains standing long enough to glare defiantly at Kunzite. He briefly considers it. Ignoring all orders and staying right where he is. But he is surrounded by his enemies, and the tone of Kunzite's voice tells him, in no uncertain terms, that he is not bluffing.

A feral, wordless shout is all that Nephrite leaves behind as he teleports away.
Shinobu Kimura 2016-01-31 06:21:18 25878
"Wait what?" Shinobu blinks a few times and just jaw drops. She watches closely as Homura heals herself with her soul gem. "You're kidding me right?! I had someone stitch me up because I didn't wanna go to the blasted hospital, and I could have healed myself up!"

Shinobu takes her soul from her choker. It changes forms into its egg shape and carefully she starts using its magic to heal her leg. "Oh that is cool. THough I need to set this." Using her staff, she aligns it with her body. She gets things set up just right. Then, With a twist, SNAP!

"HOLY CRAP THAT HURTS!" She cries out and winces. Then its back to healing herself. After a few moments she is good to to get up. "Good thing I have another grief seed. Jeez we really go through these things."
Saburo Yukimura 2016-01-31 06:24:28 25879
Jadeite's eyes lag a little as they turn to Sailor Moon, and he tries to smile. There's a lot of blood in that smile already. His eyes water, and close in time with Nephrite's feral howl, but Jadeite continues to struggle to breathe around the enormous obstruction in his chest. "You...you can have the rest of my ice cream. Okay?"
Runealy Waldia 2016-01-31 06:24:39 25880
Get somewhere? Rune filters out what's going on elsewhere, focused tightly on Mami's concerns. "Right! I'll get a driver right now!" She pulls out a phone... and quickly discovers her hired driver is NOT coming out here, not for ANY sum of money, the answer is NO. Not with the roads in this condition, not with the storm having just begun to slow. Runealy has to admit that's a fair decision, thanks him, and hangs up.

This leaves her to try to help Mami up, shoulder to lean on and all, and... begin bringing her back home. "My place," she explains as they start the journey. "We've been working on setting up a 'safe room'. You can go there. Better to have about five of us watching out for you there, than zero of us, right? So..." The tears finally slow, near-ceasing. "We'll go there, rest up, have tea. All of that!"
Kukai Souma 2016-01-31 06:25:50 25881
Sky Jack circles the battlefield and tries not to look at any corpses he sees. He didn't know who they were, but he knew they they could all make it, and seeing them like that is a direct strike against his faith in his friends. Unbidden, the words of his grandfather, a prayer the old man had drilled into him, rose to his lips - and then cut off as he sees Mercury and Jadeite. "Hey! Hey, are you - is he alive!?" He descends quickly to the two of them.
Usagi Tsukino 2016-01-31 06:29:22 25882
She doesn't care if it's him, or not, or him but not, or completely him. His face is hurt. She pets a gloved hand down Jadeite's face and smiles.

Even as she winces at Nephrite's cry.

"Your ice cream flavor sucks. I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole."

This is said with affection!

She looks up at Sky Jack. "I don't know, I..."

She doesn't. So she looks back at Jadeite. "You heard me, right? All of your Netflix queue."
Sayaka Miki 2016-01-31 06:29:43 25883
    Sayaka steps outside of the tree on her way home to take care of Kyouko..However she pauses as she sees the Shittenou..Kunzite's there too, and she knows that he and Kyouko were somehow close, even if it bothered her. She pauses long enough to glance in his direction, nodding briefly to let him know that Kyouko's okay, idly wondering whose side he's on, anyway.

    Glancing at Sailormoon, she smirks, "Wow, you were really something out there. You and Tuxedo-san.." But he's gone. And one of the Shittenou, is wounded. Is that the one Kyouko once mentionned? She steps cautiously towards Jadeite.

    "Is he alright? Maybe I can try and heal him a little.." She's already pulling out what remains of her latest grief seed as she steps towards them..
Makoto Kino 2016-01-31 06:33:18 25884
"Hey," Sailor Jupiter gasps as she reaches the place where Jadeite and Sailor Moon are, going down to her knees in a skid before her momentum's fully spent. "Jadeite, hang in there. Dying is banned, do you hear me?"

Taking in just how bad it is from up-close only makes her heart plummet into her stomach. As Sky Jack and Sayaka both approach, she looks up at them from one to the other. "He needs help. Please!"
Madoka Akemi 2016-01-31 06:35:42 25886
    Madoka administers the injection to Tsubasa moments before Homura begins to heal her and looks fairly embarrassed. "O-oh. Um, well hopefully that should help anyway. I didn't realize you could help other people like that, Homura-chan." But then she hears her says she isn't all that good at it and she sighs.

    A few moments later Sayaka is punching her in the arm, "I couldn't just hide away while all of this happened, Sayaka-chan. And seeing everyone hurt here, I think I made the right decision to come." Even though her voice is resolute there is a slightly apologetic tone to it.

    She looks over to Homura and considers, "I... I don't know? Once they realize the danger is over I'm sure Mitakhiara General will open back up, but if they have to keep their identities secret then taking them to the hospital isn't a very good idea."
Minako Aino 2016-01-31 06:42:20 25887
Minako Aino/Sailor V doesn't even have to make the motion of a dodge to avoid Kunzite. He's too busy calling out to Nephrite.

She capitalizes on this, introduces him to all the terrible sorts of things you can do with beams at close range, but she gets greedy. Splits her attacks so Nephrite gets the tinier share (she misses, but only because he teleports away! It was accurate otherwise).

"And this is why we don't call truces with people who have betrayed us twice over. Fool me once, shame on you! Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me thrice? Jadeite is dead."
Homura Akemi 2016-01-31 06:45:40 25888
    "Well we've had a rough day," says Homura to Shinobu. "We don't usually burn through them this quickly." She shrugs, and her attention goes elsewhere. Jadeite is wounded, but tended to. Mami is exhausted, but being taken away. Sayaka is taking Kyouko away.

    She turns to Madoka and says, with a smile, "No no, keep doing what you're doing. I can only help so much. She'll need actual care. I can only preserve her a little bit."

    Homura looks at Tsubasa with a frown. "She never even gave out a name. I know nothing about this girl. We could probably take her to Shelby. That might be the wisest thing to do."

    Homura sits down. She stays well out of Madoka's way, but she does take a seat here. "Sorry... I guess... I'm not very useful in situations like this."

    Her face is blank again. Her voice is very soft. "I'm glad you're okay."

    After a moment she curls into a ball. She repeats it. "I'm glad you're okay."
Kazuo Takeba 2016-01-31 06:45:57 25889
It's not a fight either one of them is going to win. They've proven that before. V's attacks flare out; Kunzite deflects them, wildly at first, focusing in once Nephrite is clear. Distracting her in turn, buying a few seconds to gather his own magic. Not to attack her, this time. A column of darkness flares up around him, develops a core of his unholy lightning, vanishes. Takes him with it when it goes.
Ami Mizuno 2016-01-31 06:46:43 25890
Sailor Mercury turns to regard Moon and Jupiter, then sighs and looks up at Jadeite--no not the one dying on the ground, the one standing next to Sailor Moon that most people can't really see. "He's not dying," she says with a scowl. "He used some kind of illusion to protect himself. I was so close," she says frustratedly. "But just too slow. I'm sorry, Sailor Moon. I didn't get him."
Makoto Kino 2016-01-31 06:50:46 25891
It takes a second for Ami's words to penetrate, before Sailor Jupiter looks up at her, blinking. Then back down at Jadeite, grievously injured on the ground, and back up again. If the words had come from anyone else, she wouldn't buy it--

--but it's Mercury talking. Sailor Jupiter rocks back, planting both hands on the ground to either side of herself and looking only mildly dumbfounded as she tries to sort out everything that's just happened in the past few seconds.
Shinobu Kimura 2016-01-31 06:51:54 25892
Puella Magi Shinobu looks at Homura. "Ame-No-Habakiri. That is her name. She's a friend. Yeah I got into an argument with her at the party but we patched things up. Take her to my dorm. She will be safe there, The only people that frequent the place is Hinote, Cure Gull, Miss White, and on occasion Sailor V. No one will cause her grief there."

She carefully stands up. Okay this is useful. Going to be needing to use that in the future. For now, There is more important things. She frowns and nods, "So what is the word Madoka-sensei?" She teasingly states.
Saburo Yukimura 2016-01-31 06:52:05 25893
There's a sourceless little *hnh* of voice, just after Sailor Mercury speaks. It sounds like the man dying on the ground, but it doesn't seem to come from the man dying on the ground. Instead, the man dying on the ground just kind of--dissolves, turning first into a handful of ice crystals and powder, and then nothing at all. Everything is gone, the blood, his clothes, *everything* except that crystal that Zoisite rammed into Jadeite's chest.

Instead, there's another shimmer and just as abruptly Jadeite is standing amongst them, not too far from where he'd been laying, exactly where Mercury pointed to. "Well, I *had* hoped to give myself more time for Her attention to turn away. Otherwise that was a bit pointless."

A pause, and then he lowers his eyes a little, looking down at the crystal on the ground. "I'm sorry. For the deception. It was necessary."

It stands to be noted he is *not* in the Dark Kingdom uniform his double was in just moments ago. There are similarities, certainly, but this uniform is a much lighter grey, with green piping, and a cloak that clasps to his shoulders with grey-and-green wing motifs. The cloak is white with a burgundy underside.
Usagi Tsukino 2016-01-31 06:54:29 25894
Sailor Moon looks up at Mercury. "What? No, it's okay! It's! He's slippery!"

And then she's a crying mess all over again, suddenly lunged and wrapped around Jadeite like an octopus. "And I know it was! After I saw it! But it was still so sad to see you jerk!" She sniffles. Very much! "Even if it was very smart, jerk!"
Sayaka Miki 2016-01-31 06:54:40 25895
    Sayaka is looking pretty exhausted, but determined to help just one more person..She's still got another grief seed left, and has no wounds of her own to slow her down - just an unconscious Kyouko, whom she rests on the ground next to her as she kneels next to Jadeite, at least the wounded one on the ground.

    Peering back at Mercury, she looks confused, "Huh? This is an illusion? Then where's the real guy?" Then he's suddenly there, but not in uniform. So this is Jadeite, huh. Ugh this is so weird. But peering around, it looks like Kunzite's gone now. Huh. So he's with the bad guys still. At least for now.

    With a shrug, Sayaka rises to her feet, gathers Kyouko in her arms and smiles, wow, all the sailor senshi except for Mars. Cool. "Well, now that's taken care of..I need to get Kyouko somewhere safe..See you later!" gathering Kyouko in her arms, Sayaka leaps away again..
Kukai Souma 2016-01-31 06:55:10 25896
Sky Jack looks at the surrounding Sailor Scouts, and at Puella Magic Sayaka, and finally at Jadeite, before letting out a long breath. "...Ok so I don't know anything about what's going on here? But one thing's important. The less death, the better." He leans down and picks up the crystal, juggling it from hand to hand as it's still freezing cold, before handing it towards Jadeite sideways. "You should hang~" And then Moon has tackled him and he blinks, turning to offer the crystal to Mercury. "Well. He looks busy."
Minako Aino 2016-01-31 06:57:16 25898
Minako Aino/Sailor V screams out and attacks the darkness a few times, out of desperation and not having any other targets.

She takes her time calming down and feeling responsible before stomping over to begin an angry sort of tirade.

Then there's Jadeite, just standing there being smug and remarkably unharmed for a person who was 'dying' moments before.

"Ugh. Zoisite is a wimp," she says, so annoyed with the whole situation she starts to march right away.

Still happy Jadeite is alive.
Makoto Kino 2016-01-31 07:02:21 25899
And just as Mercury said, there's Jadeite, on his feet and not at all dying, and Sailor Jupiter lets out a long rush of breath that almost seems to deflate her. "Geez," she says, cracking a smile as she looks up at the blonde Shitennou. "Way to scare the hell out of us."

She looks at Mercury again, at Venus stomping away, and Jupiter brings up a hand to rub at her burning eyes. The adrenaline rush is petering out fast.

"Ugh," she says, eloquently.
Ami Mizuno 2016-01-31 07:04:11 25900
Sailor Mercury glances towards where Walpurgisnacht had been, only moments ago, then lets out a sigh. "Ugh, indeed," she agrees, then reaches out to offer Jupiter a hand. "You were amazing, for what I saw of it, though. Controlling the storm ..." she trails off. "I didn't know you could do that. But colour me impressed."
Saburo Yukimura 2016-01-31 07:06:37 25901
Jadeite makes another surprised noise as Sailor Moon just about tackles him. He manages, however, to stay standing up and returns the hug once he can free his arms enough to do it. "I'm sorry. It was to protect you all. If She thought the truth--I don't know what She would do to come fetch me. It's better that She thinks I am no more, than for her to be searching for me. There's enough going down already."
Kukai Souma 2016-01-31 07:08:18 25902
Sky Jack feels the weight of the beating he took via falling earlier bearing down on him suddenly and shakes his head. "I gotta... phew." He salutes the Sailors and whomever's left. "OK. Was nice meeting you, and I'm glad he din't die, but if the worst is over I gotta get back to the shelter." He raises into the air a little on his board and curves, heading back towards the triage point to find Nadeshiko and get back to his brothers becaues suddenly ow ow ow.
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2016-01-31 07:10:29 25903
Nadeshiko is reading a magazine on something or other. How did the magazine get there? Who knows. Triage tents, waiting rooms, same difference. "There you are. Do you want to come to my place for a soak in one of our tubs, or you going home to your brothers?"

She sets the magazine down and once again is squeezing the other boy in a tight, tight hug. "Glad you're okay. I really wish I could have been more help. But you did really well, Kukai. I'm so proud of you."
Usagi Tsukino 2016-01-31 07:12:01 25904
Sailor Moon still sniffles and cries as she nods against his shoulder.

And then she relents!

"I won't watch your Netflix queue and spoil you!"

Another moment of hugging and squishing and calling him George and she slides down.

And she's both overwhelmed and underwhelmed, and she doesn't quite know what to do with herself. "Did anyone else think they weren't going to make it out of this?"
Madoka Akemi 2016-01-31 07:14:01 25905
    Madoka shakes her head quickly back and forth to Shinobu, "No! Your dorm won't do. She's hurt, Shinobu- on the inside. Whatever happened to her has hurt her very badly. If Homura-chan's healing isn't powerful then what we did together probably didn't do anything more than stop the bleeding, not heal what was causing it. You should take her to the hospital, or... 'Shelby'? Maybe them." Madoka doesn't know Iris Shelby, or she'd be emphatically suggesting that course of action.

    She then stands up and looks around. She's done all she can for Tsubasa, the Puella can all heal themselves and Sayaka is taking care of Kyouko. Oh my gosh that boy has a rock in his- ....illusion.

    It looks, for the moment, like all the fires are out. Or at least the ones that can be put out. For the Inquisition...

    Right. She gets up, using an alcohol wipe on her hands and disposing of it because come on, and walks over to Homura. Madoka crouches down in front of her and says in a whisper quiet voice, "Homura-chan..." She looks down a little, "I'm sorry about your friends, Homura-chan."

    That isn't what she came over to say, but it felt necessary. If what she didn't have so much to say she'd probably start crying herself right now, but she can't afford it right now. She's good at holding onto pain for later; she'll do that now.

    "You're very useful, Homura-chan. If it wasn't for you all of this would have been so much worse. Without your help, your knowledge and preparations, and your leadership." She pauses for a moment and then says, "Actually, if it wasn't for you there wouldn't be any of this, would there? I wouldn't be here. I'd be gone. It's only because of you that I'm here."

    Madoka leans in and hugs Homura, "I am okay. I'm going to be okay, and so are you. You did it, Homura-chan. You won. I'm okay and I'm here."

    She pulls away stopping to gently push on the dark haired Puella's shoulders, forcibly uncurling her and then reaching down to take her face in both of her hands. "And you know what else?"

    There's some sadness in her eyes, because this is no total victory. People died for this, and people suffered for this, and part of the city is in ruins. So some sadness is there. But the rest? The rest is kindness, compassion, and selfless unconditional love. "I love you, Homura-chan."

    She leans in while using her hands to lift Homura's face, giving her a long, slow, lingering kiss.
Kukai Souma 2016-01-31 07:14:49 25906
Sky Jack hugs Nadeshiko back and shakes his head. "I gotta go find my brothers. They're in the shelter. And I gotta explain why I look like I slammed my head into the ground at 20 kilometers an hour. Maybe after all that a soak would be really really... REALLY good."

He blushes and smiles at the purple haired girl. "Hey, if the situation had been switched I'd have been cheering you on but I can't believe you came out in the storm like that, especially with the fire and debris and everything. What were you thinking?" His henshin flickers and fades, leaving him back in normal, slightly beat up clothing.
Makoto Kino 2016-01-31 07:17:59 25907
"I didn't either," Jupiter admits in reply to Mercury as she reaches to accept the hand up. "I just didn't know what else to do. At least it worked out..." Somehow she makes it onto her feet, wobbling only a little before she braces her stance enough to keep stable. "...but wow, I feel like I've been run over by a truck."

Stiffly, she rolls her shoulders, then smiles over at Sailor Moon. "It was pretty bad, but you did great," she says.

It's over. The cost was high, but Walpurgisnacht is gone, and they've won.

So why does Makoto feel like her heart is aching?
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2016-01-31 07:18:29 25908
Nadeshiko hooks her arm through Kukai's as she leads him toward thataway. "Well. I knew, even without Temari, I had to try to help however I could. I'm just glad I was more help than burden."

Then she giggles a little. "Don't worry, Mother and Aunty would not mind at all if you came for a soak. Heck, ask your brothers to come, too."

That is, of course, if things were still working.
Ami Mizuno 2016-01-31 07:20:04 25909
Mercury puts an arm around Jupiter, supporting the tired senshi gladly. "You did good," she promises Jupiter, then looks to Sailor Moon, and to Jadeite, and to where Venus departed. Then she sighs and raises her free hand. "Let's get outa here," she says, and a glimmering green glow forms in her palm. "Hyperspatial Tunnel: Generate," she says, splitting reality with a doorway to another location just a few miles away: a seventh floor apartment where Mama Mizuno most assuredly will not be in the midst of a crisis like this.
Homura Akemi 2016-01-31 07:25:05 25910
    "No. She's the wielder of Amu no Habakiri. That's the name of her weapon." Homura corrects very specifically. "I just called her Habakiri-san because she seemed like the kind of girl who'd want to be referred to as a weapon."

    Homura shrugs at the idea of taking her to Shinobu's dorm. "Shelby is a doctor that specializes in magical healing and in protecting secret identities. That is literally her whole job. Going with her is far safer than any dorm. She wont ask questions and she'll keep nosey people out of Tsubasa's business."

    "If you wanna pass all that up to take her to your dorm... well... I don't know what to tell you. But since I'm personally paying Shelby's medical bills out of not only my own pocket but also the pockets of a good friend of mine, I'd like to see that money put to good use."

    Madoka sits down next to her, and Homura welcomes the warmth. When her friends are brought up... Homura pauses.

    "That's the fate of all Puella Magi. All things considered, they got out easy. Their deaths weren't even painful." She sounds especially cold. She knows it. When she speaks next, there is more than a hint of bitterness to her voice. "... but the fact of that... the fact that this is probably a best case scenario for them... is exactly why I hate it when people make Wishes. So..."

    Homura pauses as Madoka talks about her knowledge... her preparations... and her leadership? Was Homura a leader? She really didn't think of herself that way. Sure, she was something of a veteran... but if she was really that great of a leader, her followers wouldn't keep ending up dead.

    Still, Madoka is still alive. "I'm glad that I did at least something right. Even if all I managed to do was save you... that's enough for me. I can be happy with that."

    Madoka hugs her, and Homura leans into it, releasing her knees to hug back. Her hug is suddenly very tight, like she's holding on for dear life. "You're here... you're here... Walpurgisnacht is gone and you're still here... you're safe... I can't tell you how much that means to me."

    Homura looks up at Madoka as she lifts her chin. Her smile is weak, and it widens slightly. "I love you too, Madoka-chan."

    She presses her lips against the kiss, enjoying the moment. Maybe she should be savoring her victory... but for the moment... she's overwhelmed by the feeling that her long war is finally over.
Usagi Tsukino 2016-01-31 07:26:50 25911
Sailor Moon gives a tired wave toward the battlefield. "Good night, magical girls! EEEEEEEEEEEEEE GOOD NIGHT HOMU-CHAN AND MADOKA-CHAN HUEHUEHUE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!"

She drags Jadeite through the portal with her.

And she all but faceplants on the floor.

Jadeite is a comfy pillow!
Makoto Kino 2016-01-31 07:39:49 25912
The ache is still there, but Mercury's arm is around her to help support her and there is a door home, or close enough, open and waiting. Sailor Moon and Jadeite are already through it. Suddenly Makoto wants nothing more than to find the nearest soft surface in the Mizuno apartment and go facedown on it.

"Thanks," Sailor Jupiter says, smiling to the side at Mercury. "Let's go."
Ami Mizuno 2016-01-31 07:41:02 25913
Mercury squeezes Jupiter gently, then walks with her through the portal, supporting her all the way to the couch. The portal closes behind them. And while her friends are busy recovering, Ami Mizuno watches over them.