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Theme - Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha

Lost Logia. These are the names of artifacts of a nearly fallen empire that tried to use magic without a heart and devoid of emotion, and paid the price for it. Driven by the corruption, they travel and seek through the dimensions, landing on various worlds and causing havoc as they travel.

The mages of the Time Space Administration Bureau are charged with tracking down these renegade artifacts and returning them to safety so they can’t cause any more harm, and can be studied in safety without endangering lives. The Bureau, or, TSAB for short, utilize Mages , paired with a sentient, ‘Intelligent Device’- who have developed enough of a bond to one another, as to act as the Mage’s focus- so they can utilize the power of their ‘linker core’- or, what the rest of the magical world knows as the power of the heart.

The dimensional space around the Earth has long been known by other magic-aware civilizations to be exceptionally turbulent. That being said, the unique magical nature of the Earth causes it to act as a sort of magical sinkhole -- lost artifacts, magical trinkets, and even beings in stasis are drawn to it (specifically, to Tokyo proper). This has always presented an issue for the TSAB, as travel in their dimensional ships has always been considered far too dangerous near Earth’s dimensional area, leading many artifacts to be written off out of necessity once they fell near its space.

But when two incredibly powerful artifacts -- the Jewel Seeds and the Book of Darkness -- fell to Earth, the TSAB felt they needed to act. They outfitted an entire ship with some of their best crew, and sent it on a journey through a dimensional path called Subspace, thinking that the path might be safer from Earth’s magical turbulence. They were wrong. What started to look like a way through ended when the ship collided with a wave of powerful magical energy, crashing through it. The ship, its artifacts, and its occupants were suffused and placed in a sort of stasis, falling slowly to Earth in pieces, all arriving in Tokyo, but in entirely different times. This incident, the Subspace Incident, cause the TSAB to both avoid all use of Subspace in the future and firmly write off Earth and the personnel lost there. Some members of the TSAB Remnant which have arrived in Tokyo settled into normal life on Earth, with their Devices and thus magic all but lost to them - some who retained their devices became members of a magical group called Justice, bringing in a small part the militarized customs of the TSAB to the group.

The mage responsible for the presence of the jewel seeds, an independant Mage currently in the form of a ferret, has also made the dangerous trek to earth on his own, and has recently made a pact with a young girl to help him find the Jewel Seeds- and deal with the apparent presence of dimensional criminal agents operating in the area, while others are trying their own methods of acquiring them. Even now, the presence of the Jewel Seeds -- artifacts of immense magical power -- calls to the unscrupulous and twisted mages both on Mid-Childa and beyond, bringing them to Earth to seek the seeds as well, while the TSAB now refuses to send further ships and personnel to Earth -- unwilling to brave the risk of another catastrophe. Meanwhile, the enigmatic Book of Darkness -- and its agents -- hunt the hunters, attacking them for their Linker Cores for unknown purposes.

On MahouMUSH, you can app an OC Mage -- the easiest form of this being that they’re a TSAB agent who is now stranded on the unadministered world of Earth, or a normal Earth human who has found, and bonded with one of the scattered Intelligent Devices in Tokyo. You may also app an OC Familiar if you wish, but preferably paired with a Mage app from another player. You may also app CCs, though some characters are restricted, mainly Precia Testarossa, for the potential breach of rating and behavior that may happen if not handled in a careful manner.

It should be noted that the TSAB has zero authority on Earth and part of the concept of any OC TSAB agent on Earth should deal with how they might feel about being stranded on some ‘Backwater World’ -- how they integrate on Earth and deal with the loss of travel to their homeworld.