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A Full Text Version Can Be Found Here, if needed.

Character Application

Hi! Thanks for your interest in applying for a character at MahouMUSH! Before you start, make sure you've read over our policy and theme documents. Once you've done that, you're ready to go! Once you've finished filling out the application, copy and paste it into an email to with the header <Theme> - <Character> - <OC|CC>, where the last depends on whether you're a canon character, published in the source material, or an original character that you came up with to fit the theme (e.g. BSSM - Sailor Moon - CC, or PMMM - Rin Takashi - OC).

1) Personal (OOC) Information:

Name or Handle: RL name if you're comfortable with that, most-used internet handle if you're not.

Age: We know you're 13 or over, but are you a minor?

E-mail: In case you're sending this from someplace you don't check, how would you like us to contact you?

Favorite food: THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT. What do you, the player, love to eat the most??

Anime/Manga: What are the Magical Girl anime you've watched/manga you've read? Which one is your favorite? THIS IS ALSO SUPER IMPORTANT.

Wiki login: Let us know what name to create for you on our wiki!

Temporary Password for Wiki: the temporary password you want that you can change later, for wiki access.

Alts or prior RP experience: List what other places you're playing or have played -- it's okay to be new, we'll help you out! Likewise, it's okay to not list everything if your resume's a mile long; generalizing is fine.

If you are apping into a preexisting theme with an active theme head, please confirm that you have spoken with that theme lead or with staff if you were unable to contact the theme lead: Yes, no, N/A.

2) Character (IC) Information:

This information is what will go in your +finger on the game. On MahouMUSH, you can change the Quote, Profile, and Skills of your character using commands after their initial setting by staff. Major changes to your character , such as faction or additional henshin forms, still need to be passed through staff. Type ‘+help +finger’ to learn how.

Name: Your character's real name, behind the magic! e.g. Usagi Tsukino. Use Western name formats (e.g. Firstname Lastname)

AKA: Your character's magical heroic ID, and any other aliases they have gone by, e.g. Sailor Moon, Princess Serenity.

Theme: What series are you from? e.g. BSSM (Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon), Smile! Pretty Cure, Shugo Chara!, etc. It's okay if it's a theme you came up with! If your theme doesn't exist yet, you'll get a chance to define it later on in this application.

Character Type: Are you a CC (canon character) or OC (original character)?

School: What school does your character go to? See ‘News Schools’ for more information about the schools on MahouMUSH.

Grade: What grade is your character in? 8th graders are usually 13-14 years old.

Clubs: What clubs does your character belong to? Kendo, Archery, Science, etc?

Age: How old is your character?

Organization: What organization does your character belong to? If they don’t belong to any faction, simply put ‘Unaffiliated’. (

Quote: Something your character might say: a Henshin Phrase, a pre-battle speech, or just a pithy quote.

Profile: A paragraph about your character. Who are they? What, in short form, motivates them? How did they come across their magical powers? What are they about when they're not fighting evil or spreading glorious darkness? These are examples of things that might be in a profile. Canon Characters may have their own profile already, but appers should feel free to write their own. Profiles on the MUSH for characters not currently played may hint at things or story angles which are not necessarily set in stone. Please keep your profile to 700 characters at a maximum!

Skills: A list of things your character knows how to do, or even tropes that apply to them. Can be serious, can be silly!

3) Background: What’s your character’s past? What put them where they are when they start the game? If they haven’t discovered their secret magical life yet, please include, briefly, how you expect that to happen; if you would rather let that happen organically on-game, remember to +request your plot for theme and powers, then send in an email with the updated information.

4) The More You Know:

Personality: Give us a brief rundown of what makes your character tick, how they present themselves to other people, what they keep locked up inside and what color their shirt is when they wear their heart on their sleeve.

Hobbies and pastimes: What does your character do in their spare time? What school clubs, athletic or otherwise, do they participate in? Are they super social or reserved studybugs?

Hopes and dreams: What do they plan for their future, what do they dream of? How do they feel about magic and about the powerful forces at work in the world around them? How do they feel about roles they and their friends play in it? What are their goals?

Friends: A life is lived better with people around you that understand your feelings and share them. Who are your character's friends? How does your character feel about them? If your character is new to Tokyo and has no friends yet, include some hooks indicating how you plan on meeting people or getting involved.

5) Fighting and combat: Here, we’ll deal with the combat section of the application! MahouMUSH does not have a Combat System like some MUSHes, so we just need to know your base and any secondary forms to set up henshins for you! Most characters will have at least two henshins: one for their ‘base form’ (or human disguise, if a youma/antagonist type) and one for their combat form. Some antagonists that do not have a disguise will only have a combat form (e.g. Queen Beryl). Of course, as Mahou Shoujo demands, powerups may be warranted, and with these may come secondary combat henshins (Princess Serenity, Super Sailor Moon for two examples!) If you gain them during RP, just send in a +request on-game.

Base Henshin: A noncombat form. Even many villians will have one of these as a human disguise - for example, Zoisite also masquerades as the beautiful Professor Sato Izono!

Combat Henshin(s): When talking fails, and it's time for lovebeams to fight dark energy blasts, who does your character become?

Iconic Attack(s): A character may have more than one, but all characters should have at least one, e.g. Moon Tiara Action! or Supreme Thunder!

Fighting Style: Describe your character's powers and general style of fighting here. What is their power set based on? Elements, a specific feeling? What do they tend to do in a fight? Do they generally fight melee with fists and weapons, or do they usually hurl thunderbolts and rays of love and healing? Do they feint and distract, do they stand back and feed tactical information to their teammates?

Non-Combat Powers: Can your hero teleport or heal physical damage? Do they have magical empathy, or the ability to talk to plants or animals? Are you uncannily strong, or does your touch come with a static charge? This is where you put powers that you don't use to fight with, and that you may even be able to access when you're not in henshin. Remember that heroes cannot use teleportation or physical healing when in combat unless they're being used to stabilize someone on the verge of death, or medical evacuation, and as non-Dark-Energy teleportation takes three or more seconds to charge, it cannot be used to dodge.

If your theme exists on MahouMUSH already, then you’re ready to submit your application here following the directions at the top of the document!

If your theme is new (original or a canon not already included), please fill out the following information:

6) Theme Profile: Give us a brief one to three paragraphs of what your theme is about. This will be placed into the +theme’s listing for your theme as a resource for others to investigate, so please keep this in mind.

7) Theme Questions: Tell us a little more about your theme. What is your theme named, and what is it about? What are the reasons and motivations or politics behind its existence? This is how staff will determine how appropriate the theme is for the MUSH, and will allow us have a dialogue about it with you if it needs some adjustments to fit here. If there are any ‘surprises’ in your theme that need to discussed before the theme goes live, here’s a way to tell us without letting the rest of the MUSH know, too!

That’s it, you’re done! Follow the directions at the top of the document to send in your application, and remember, this is just the beginning of the magic.