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First and Foremost, before diving in, you should Read our Mission Statement, and Best Practices

  • Best Practices: Some things to always keep in mind while applying, and while playing on the game.
  • Staff: Your friendly MahouMUSH Staff and Wizards.
  • MahouMUSH's Theme: The Main Story of MahouMUSH, up to the present day, where the MUSH starts.
  • What is Mahou Shoujo?: Not familiar with the theme? Curious how the Staff of MahouMUSH views the genre? Look here!

Then the Story and Theme files of the MUSH!

  • Theme - People of Tokyo: Even those without magic can make a difference in the world- as long as they have the heart!
  • Organizations: Some want to help! Some want to take over the world! Where will you stand?
  • Age: Not all ages are equal! (Sometimes you are older!)
  • Healing: Magical Healing vs. Regular ol' Bandages.
  • Corruption: Give into your darkside! Find out how it should effect you here.
  • Kidnapping: Sometimes bad people take your friends away and you need to save them!
  • Honorifics: Come on and read honorifics and rules regarding their use, Curious-chan.

Then, there's the actual Policies of the MUSH!:

  • ICA = ICC: The result of Consensual Roleplay.
  • Behavior: How we expect you to behave while on the game.
  • Rating: The tone we expect you to keep on the game.
  • On Antagonists: Laughing evily from rooftops while you watch Mahou Shoujo fight your youma 101.
  • Combat: The basic policy of handling combat on MahouMUSH.
  • Tinyplots: We want you to run them! Find out how, here!
  • Application: What is the rule for how often you can apply for new characters?
  • Limits: How many characters can you app?
  • Homages: Want to create a theme a little like something else? Read this first!
  • Death: Death, it happens! But usually isn't permanent in Mahou Shoujo.
  • NPCs: Can you Roleplay out your Mascot? Sure! Find out the specifics here!
  • Building and Code: How can you help expand the world? Can You bring your dice object? Find out here!
  • Groups: How you can get a minor +group listed on the game with a player listing.
  • Disclaimer: Don't go sticking Moon Sticks up your nose, we're not liable.
  • Approved and Banned Themes: Themes that are Banned, and Themes that can be apped, at review request by various guests or MahouMUSH members!

Finally, the Application, when you're ready to fill it in!

  • Character Application: The character application you will need to fill out and file to app into MahouMUSH.

Afterwards, take a moment to read about the resources and people that helped us along the way!:

We hope you take the time to read, and understand everything before applying for a character on MahouMUSH. If you have any questions, Staff can answer them for you by sending an E-mail to:, or by asking on the +guest channel on MahouMUSH, by typing '+guest <message>', or paging a staff member personally.