All Good Things Must Come To An End

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On May 18th, 2015 MahouMUSH held its first scene. Over the next five years, the awesome players of MahouMUSH logged an astounding 3,831 scenes of magical girl goodness.

There was happiness, sadness, drama, romance, joy, and a lot of the butt kickings of youma and emissaries of darkness (and one particular jerky scientist). In the end, as it always truly must, hope won out over despair, and the threat of Walpurgisnacht was ended, the tyranny of Queen Beryl was not allowed to win again, Precia Testarossa was defeated, the Clow Cards were sealed, and numerous other triumphs of light over darkness were etched into the world of MahouMUSH - more stories than I can ever truly recount on my own.

And now, the good thing that is MahouMUSH, is officially at its end. I will continue to maintain this wiki, and with it, the scene archives, but the MUSH itself will no longer be accessible - today, MahouMUSH closes its doors officially. For everyone who played a part on MahouMUSH - no matter how big or small - I want to give you my heartfelt thanks for helping us all weave a series of magical girl stories that I know many people will, like myself, never forget and keep close to our spirits. Every one of you came together to build something which was greater than yourselves, and kept it going through some trials and tribulations in the real world - both internal and external to the MUSH - through Staff changes and through various difficulties. You stayed up late to run amazing stories, and you made the game also a great community to be around - somewhere I'll never forget, and well beyond my wildest dreams for how good a Magical Girl MUSH could truly be... And for that, I salute you, and I hope your favorite flavor of icecream is ever in stock when you go to seek it out.

I hope our paths cross again someday, and we can bring even more light to the world - letting a little bit of the promise of hope that magical girl anime has touch our real world through our stories and connections.

Farewell, my friends. May your world be filled with hope and happiness, and may we meet again somewhere down the line!

Mint Chip, MahouMUSH Admin/Founder