Theme - People of Tokyo

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Theme - People of Tokyo

AKA: In-the-Know Mundanes

What do normal people do in a world of magic and wonder and terror, of great evil and great goodness, of things that history and everyday science declare can't possibly exist?

Usually, they buy into what the media tells them is going on, and the media generally buys into what the police tell them. Stories of gas leak explosions, of movie stunts gone awry, of vigilantes taking on groups of terrorists, of brightly-clad young people like Sailor V taking on conspiracies and helping the police do their jobs. Stories they're told by paramedics or the well-meaning totally normal people that 'found' them 'passed out'.

Sometimes they can't. Maybe it's because they were there and saw it happen, maybe it's because they were a victim and woke up before the fight was over, maybe it's because their family holds half-believed stories or traditions that fit these societal or personal-life symptoms too well.

Maybe it's because they're worried about their best friend who always shows up to school tired or looking like the wrong side of a three-day monster truck bender. Maybe it's because their daughter or son is constantly sneaking out late at night, and in the morning they're exhausted and there's a story on the news about the sudden collapse of part of the mall.

Maybe the evidence just builds up so much that they have to actively choose to believe the cover stories, and they finally decide they want to know the truth.

And maybe, just maybe, they can help.

This is the theme for normal people who are close to magical kids and want to explore what the world is like from the sidelines, who want to occasionally be rescuable monster-bait, who want to try and liaise between the mahou shoujo and the authorities. This is the theme for police officers and paramedics that know they know things they shouldn't, and either want to help or to expose the kids that work so hard -- or the kids that steal their glory.

This is the theme for the friend with the baseball bat and the first aid kit and the thumb hovering over speed-dial for emergency services, frightened but filled with wonder. It's for the owner of the arcade that finds out he has a superhero base in his basement and can help by providing moral support or by keeping things secret for the heroes.

This is the theme for characters that have no powers, and who wind up exploring the world of magic from the outside, by accident or on purpose -- and it's OOCly the theme for apping a normal kid and deciding later if you want to join another theme by making a contract or finding an item, or apping a normal adult who stays normal but is in the know and wants to provide mundane support, either practical or moral (or both!)

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