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Theme - Puella Magi Magica Madoka

Standard disclaimer: PMMM is a giant rolling ball of spoilers. Everything below this line might be considered a spoiler. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

In times of need, of desperation, of desire, the hopes and wishes of young girls can burn their brightest. And it is in these times, some of these girls may find themselves visited by a small, white cat like creature with red eyes. It speaks to them, and offers them a deal.

Become a magical girl, and in exchange, it will grant them one singular wish. To some, this deal may seem like a win-win situation, but like any exchange, it comes at a price. To become a magical girl, to have your wish granted by Kyubey, is to commit to a lifetime of fighting: both the horrid manifestations of darkness known as Witches, and other magical girls as well when circumstances bring the two into conflict. Kyubey’s wish-born magical girls do not merely fight darkness to protect others, but to protect themselves. The contract each girl signs creates an artifact known as a Soul Gem, from which the magical girl draws all of her power. Fighting and using magic steadily pollutes this Soul Gem, and the only way to draw that off is through the use of items called Grief Seeds. Touching a Grief Seed to a tainted Soul Gem will draw the taint off of the gem, purifying it. However, Grief Seeds are found only when defeating a Witch, and even then, not always. This can and does sometiems lead to turf wars between rival magical girls over the right to hunt a certain area; not just between girls who wield Soul Gems, but other magical girls in the area who hunt Witches.

The natural enemy of a so-called Puella Magi is the aforementioned Witches, manifestations of the negative impulses of humanity. Anxiety, suspicion, wrath, depression - Witches spread these. The horrors that befall humanity can often be traced directly to a Witch. Witches draw unaware humans to them, often through means of a mark known as a Witch’s Kiss. Residing within twisting, quasi-real constructs known as Labyrinths, Witches conceal themselves, spreading suffering and sorrow to those around them and drawing suffering souls to them to finish them off. More than other monsters and enemies, Witches kill; without purpose or final desire, and they exist only to spread their suffering and sorrow. They cannot be reasoned with. Left alone, the guardians of a Witches’ Labyrinth, small creatures known as Familiars, can escape, killing more, and in doing so becoming powerful enough to become witches themselves.

The true nature of Witches, however, is known only to an enigmatic creature - the ‘friendly mascot’ and maker of contracts, Kyubey.

It is possible to app OC magical girls that have contracted with Kyubey for a wish. Be sure to detail that wish, and how it molds or shapes the character’s life in your application.


Wraiths were introduced to MahouMUSH on July 10th, 2016. From the initial M2 announcement:

So a new type of youma has been introduced to the game: Wraiths! You may have seen these guys in the ending to Puella Magi Madoka Magica. While they will not completely replace Witches on a permanent basis, they do provide a means to allow Puella Magi to purify Soul Gems... but not as effectively.

Wraiths come in four kinds, seen here.

Wraiths attack primarily with lasers and miasma. The stronger, more geometric Wraiths emit more powerful and dangerous miasma. The weaker, more humanoid Wraiths tend to have weaker miasma. The normal Wraiths are stronger than the average Familiar but weaker than Witches. More powerful Wraiths tend to rival Witches in power and it isn't uncommon to require a group to take them down.

Wraiths do not hide in labyrinths, but they are completely invisible to non-magical humans. They attack in large groups and are accompanied by a strange miasma that sometimes has some kind of damaging effect.

They feed by devouring the emotions of people, muggle and magical alike. Magical people tend to have a lot more emotions for them to eat, which both makes them more filling targets but also means that it will take longer for the Wraiths to eat their emotions. Characters that have their emotions drained tend to care less and less about things until they are basically listless. This process is not lethal, but it can be life changing.

Wraiths don't attack just anyone. They are attracted to emotional turmoil. Sadness, fear, depression, and internal conflict can lure them out to try and drain you. If you are caught and trapped by a Wraith trying to drain your emotions, having a strong will or being high spirited will allow you to break free of the draining process.

Wraiths are not human, no matter how they look. They aren't people and they don't have souls. They don't speak. All they do is feed off of emotions.

Wraiths are not made of magic, or at least not the kind of magic that Puella Magi use. They're the embodiment of the universe trying to counteract the existence of Puella Magi and their wishes.

After a group of Wraiths is destroyed, Grief Cubes appear. These cubes are weaker versions of Grief Seeds, only purifying a fraction of your Soul Gem before being filled, and you can expect at least 4 of them to appear after each defeated group of wraiths.

Grief Cubes also have a significant drawback from Grief Seeds. Grief Seeds can be used in combat to purify your Soul Gem. Grief Cubes cannot realistically be used in combat, as it takes at least a few minutes for the purification process to happen.

Grief Cubes are safe to handle for non Puella Magi, as they don't turn back into Wraiths, and fighting Wraiths exclusively will leave a Puella able to engage in other magical activities/combat as well so long as they're careful and not wasteful.

This information is based upon both the new manga, Puella Magi Madoka Magica: The Wraith Arc, and the ending to the PMMM series.