Trust Betrayed

Having fought beside the Sailor Senshi many times to protect Tokyo from monsters, the Waldians now attempt to lure their peers in to an evening ambush!

Date: 2015-07-16
Pose Count: 37
Runealy Waldia 2015-07-16 02:02:29 4668
'The Princess', or 'ma'am' as she has been designated by some, has contacted Sailor Mercury this evening. The call sounded worried, asking her to show up as Sailor Mercury well in advance and meet her by one of the shopping strips in Uminari. "I've found something in the alley, something you need to see as soon as possible! It's hard to describe, just... please come here! I need to go!" She hung up after that.

It might be suspicious. It's possible Mercury might already know. Or someone else might know. Yet the lure has been laid out, and now the alien princess waits half-way into an alley by the strip housing Game Center Crown and the OSA-P Jewelers. The area behind her is sealed off by a brick wall, leaving only one way in to the alley. She stands, head low while waiting... wand stowed behind her back, attached to the side of her dress' bow as if magnetized to it.

Runealy stands alone, and it's late enough tonight that all the stores here are closed.
Ami Mizuno 2015-07-16 02:14:30 4669
    After their 'victory' against Scorn, Ami had hoped to take a small break from being Sailor Mercury to concentrate upon her studies, as her grades had slipped from their usual 110 percent accuity to 109 percent. This vexed Ami, and no one wishes to see a vexed Ami.

However, the message from Runealy troubled her, but something about it. Rather than go by herself, she sent out a message to the rest of the Sailor Senshi to come as well. Of course, she made sure she couldn't be seen as she waited for the rest of the Senshi before she made herself known to Runealy. It also meant Runealy would have to wait a while.
Usagi Tsukino 2015-07-16 02:17:04 4670
Usagi had been conveniently out at Karaoke tonight, and thus it's not hard for her to get over to the Game Center Crown's alleyway after a quick henshin. Sailor Moon arrives at the meeting place after the call from Mercury, worry etched into her face.

"What's going on, Mercury-chan?" She asks almost as soon as she arrives. Usagi is tense, a little scared looking, but has her fists in balls as she tries to keep herself calm. It's mostly working. The presence of her friends bolsters her considerable inner courage, the one thing keeping her from letting fear overwhelm her and bolting like the bunny she is.

"Is someone in trouble?"
Hinote Kagari 2015-07-16 02:20:33 4672
Guardian Hino was ontop of a rooftop, keeping a low profile, between two airconditioning units on top of the strip mall. He was thinking hard about this. Keep mind on task, trying very hard not to feel bad about what was going to happen tonight. He made a promise. He intends to keep that promise.

-even it means doing something terrible for a greater good. His sword was already out, pointing downwards as he kept his hunched postion.
Rei Hino 2015-07-16 02:20:55 4673
Rei Hino recieved a call from Ami, telling her that something was up. Ami didn't need to ask twice. She left so fast the broom was spinning in place before it fell over. Senshi business is usually time-sensitive and important.

Soon, Sailor Mars arrives, finding Sailor Mercury at the appointed meeting place, Sailor Moon already having joined her. She approaches the two of them quietly, sensing that caution is probably the best course. "Mercury-chan. Moon-chan. What's wrong?"

Mars is all business today, expecting that something is wrong. After all, that's what Ami called about. She resists the urge to tease Usagi for being a scaredy bunny.
Gaofele Doiru 2015-07-16 02:21:54 4674
Up on the rooftop overlooking the alleyway that Rune is standing in, Gao crouches in the shadows behind the store's large sign. Unlike most times that he's gone around as Guardian Gao, he actually has the hood of his cloak up, putting his face further into shadow.

In his hand is his quarterstaff, still in its shrunken form to help avoid detection. Swiftness and surprise would have to be on their side in order for this to work, especially if numbers were not.

He idly rubs his ankles as he listens for the arrival of Sailor Mercury. The practice over the past few nights was rough, but he now has enough confidence in his ability to pull off his contribution.
Minako Aino 2015-07-16 02:22:49 4675
Minako Aino/Sailor V is nearby, also on a rooftop, but for much different reasons. Her arrival is swift, but her methodology is the exact opposite of Mercury and she does ---everything--- to be seen.

"UP IN THE SKY! Not a bird, not a train, but Super Senshi Sailor V!" she announces, lighting up the sky with with a blazing yellow beam before diving from a rooftop to the grassy areas next to the sidewalk so she can tuck-and-roll onto her knees.

"Hey team! Fanciful meeting you here!"
Mamoru Chiba 2015-07-16 02:26:37 4676
Mamoru had actually just been leaving the game center after spending some time giving Motoki a cheerfully hard time when he felt Sailor Moon henshin extremely close-by. So instead of turning left to head down the street toward where he was parked, he turned right.

About to duck into the alley beside the arcade, Mamoru staggers back a couple of feet to get out of the way of a furiously running--


Almost SUPER AWKWARD there--! Hand over his heart, eyes wide, the high-schooler falls back against the building and catches his balance until she's out of sight, then grimly ducks in and transforms, himself. Seconds later, he's following the light of that worried heart.
Runealy Waldia 2015-07-16 02:28:42 4677
Runealy was very willing to wait; she didn't make any follow-up calls or otherwise leave the alley. She has a lot to think about while waiting, anyway. Doubts tug at her mind. If Mercury shows up, she can still back out. The thought is tempting, as her memories flash back to the sheer hate Miss White showed when the alien princess attacked her... and the utter /hurt/ Ao had shown upon discovering the injured Miss White. If Rune and her sworn friends carry this out today... she can imagine those emotions will spring up anew. And this time it won't come from someone one could almost make a decent case for being an 'acceptable target.' Miss White is a bank robber, after all.

The Sailors are not. Her gaze remains very low as she realizes that. There will be little to justify this; if this goes forward, it will be an unprovoked attack on good people. Some of the best people this new world has to offer.

Absorbed in such thoughts, she fails to even notice V's arrival. Runealy might have seen the tail end of that yellow beam, but fails to associate it with what it might mean. Perhaps Gao and Hino saw it better than she did, she hopes. They'd signal if that light meant a problem, Runealy supposes.

And so she continues to wait in silence, plainly visible in the middle of the alley. There's nowhere for her to directly flee; a boosted leap would stil have to take her up a side wall. The area behind her is still mostly inaccessible due to a high wall; it too would require quite the leap. The front way in to the alley is the most obvious way to approach her.
Ami Mizuno 2015-07-16 02:33:31 4678
    "It certainly looks that way." Sailor Mercury says, hiding from Runealy at the alley way. "She sent me a message through my computer, but.....something just.....feels off." She then looks to Mars. "Someone's definitely in trouble, but I can't tell who." Then Sailor V arrives as loudly as possible, and Mercury has to dig her nails into her hand to keep from facepalming herself into a concussion. "That's why I called you all here. If she's in trouble, I want to help her as best as I can." She says as she starts to head around towards her.
Usagi Tsukino 2015-07-16 02:40:35 4680
"Mars-chan!" Pause. In a flash of motion, there's Sailor V! Moon goes to her rump as she lets out a muffled scream, hands clamping over her mouth!

"V...V-chan!?" Cue a hero-worship look! The great superhero Sailor V is here to help!

But she's up again, and then lets out a little nod. She gulps, fearfully, but resolute.

"Okay. Let's go help them!" With that? Sailor Moon rushes off! It's a little reckless, and the scared moon bunny clearly isn't thinking! She might even end up slightly ahead of Ami!
Rei Hino 2015-07-16 02:43:46 4681
Mars turns and stares as Sailor V's appearance comes with quite the lightshow. "Ah, V-san. You like to make an entrance, don't you?" It's a little weird, in a cool way, that Sailor V is just hanging out with them now.

Mars isn't sure what to think of it, but when she sees Moon go full hero-worship mode she facepalms. "Moon-chan!" Well, at least Sailor Moon heads straight to business.

Rei knows that there's something off in Ami's behavior, and when Mercury says that something feels off, Mars wonders. Whatever it is, Ami's hunches are worth listening to.

"Right. Let's go."

As Mercury and Mars turn the corner, Mars follows in after them, seeing Runealy and asking, "Hey, so you said there was trouble?"

Everything here is just a little to calm for 'trouble'.
Mamoru Chiba 2015-07-16 02:46:59 4682
As the gathered senshi determine they are going to GO HELP RUNEALY and bundle into the alley where Rune's waiting, Tuxedo Kamen lands soundlessly just outside it, pressing himself against the wall and listening, watching what he can in a reflection of the alley in a shop front window. He'd roof it up, but this doesn't sound like a fight in the making, so he just waits and spies.
Minako Aino 2015-07-16 02:52:33 4683
Minako Aino/Sailor V gives Mars the biggest grin and Moon a breezy salute. "I DO love to make entrances. Also, exits. Entrances and exits. The two most important parts of going places!"

Artemis eventually slinks underneath a car, taking longer to arrive as he is less willing to throw himself off buildings for attention, but V doesn't even give him an apologetic wave. Not even a glance. Instead, she dances around the alley with casual effusive energy.

"What sorta' stuff are we helping with today? Seems like it's a little lower key than the usual!"
Makoto Kino 2015-07-16 03:00:56 4685
She's LATE.

That thought drums aggravatingly in Sailor Jupiter's head as she hurries to the place Ami's message described, covering the sidewalk in long, ground-eating strides. She'd been occupied when the call came in, missed it at first, and though it hadn't sounded like an emergency she's still kind of kicking herself for not paying closer attention and keeping the rest of the team (or so she imagines) waiting. She's supposed to be more reliable than this!

At least she's almost there - but as she nears the place, the crisp white of a mask and the collar of a dress shirt catches her eye where it stands out against the dark wall and the darker coat and cape of the man currently pressed up against the building next to the alleyway looking like a Grade A eavesdropper. Jupiter's stride checks, slows to a stop. "Tuxedo Kamen...?"
Gaofele Doiru 2015-07-16 03:01:39 4686
A hint of shadow peers around from behind the sign as Gao carefully peers down at the gathered Senshi. He frowns slightly, counting the numbers. Three Waldians against five Senshi and Tuxedo Kamen -- two to one odds.

Well. He knew this wasn't likely to be easy. A swift, decisive strike will be vital. And what better way to even the numbers than to divide and conquer?

He watches carefully from the rooftop, frowning slightly as Sailor Moon starts outpacing Sailor Mercury. This could be a complication; on the other hand, perhaps if the division was played out /that/ way...?
Runealy Waldia 2015-07-16 03:10:31 4688
Runealy looks up as she hears Mercury approach. While the water-wielder has to date never seen the alien princess in a happy mood - there has always been some mix of stress, fear, worry, or just plain sadness - it is all the more keen now; Rune has trouble even making eye contact for several seconds, as shame takes hold. She hadn't heard those kind words from Mercury to the others, speaking of trying to help her, but they would have only made those feelings worse if they had been overheard.

Footsteps. More than one set. Sailor Moon dashes in. That makes this more than one 'target.' Not good, but it's too late to back out now. Sailor Mars is here too, recognized from when they've worked together in the very recent past. The question bears a response. "Yes, there is trouble." Which is an odd thing to say, as there is nothing visibly wrong here. Sailor V isn't familiar to her (yet seems so lively!), but Rune suddenly realizes this must be the one adorning the poster they salvaged, the one they use to adorn their hiding spot for drained-energy crystals back at the store. With Sailor Jupiter and Tuxedo Kamen out of sight, they fail to immediately register in the alien princess' thoughts. Runealy addresses those gathered: "Some of you are new to me, and I presume you're the other friends Mercury and Mars have spoken so highly of. All of you sound wonderful, so devoted to keeping others safe. I was always taught that word had a two-fold meaning, that a truly safe person is both protected and happy. I admire you for striving toward making others safe, more than I can put in to words!"

And then there is Sailor Mercury, the one Runealy knows the most among the group. Runealy stares intently at her. "So... you're here." The princess speaks in a very low tone. "Thank you. I wish there was some other way to do this. I really do, but there isn't. I can't tell you why this is happening... I absolutely can't, no matter how many times you might ask. You don't deserve this, it's not fair, it's wrong. I am so sorry..."

Then she forces these feelings down, taking on a tone of cold melodrama. Runealy does this to force herself to be willing to act, to do what she is convinced is truly necessary. "Sailor Mercury. Earlier, you asked for my name and I simply couldn't give it to you. Now, I believe I have something fitting you can call me. Take your pick: 'Bandit'... 'traitor'..."

Runealy suddenly whips her wand into-hand and finishes with one other possible 'name': "...'trash.'" And then her wand launches its green gem tip! Another one grows in its place, but this orb flies straight for Sailor Mercury with intent to strike her and 'explode' into sparkles upon impact.

The 'cold' act fades as soon as she attacks, tears flowing at the very start of an ambush that she just carried out.
Ami Mizuno 2015-07-16 03:15:12 4689
    Mercury listens to Runealy's speech, but really doesn't expect the wand. Once it fires sparkle at her, Mercury can't do much more than bring her arms up to keep the sparkles from hitting her face and the attack blasts her backwards, making her land on her butt and roll to a stop a short distance away, shuddering as she attempts to get up.....
Hinote Kagari 2015-07-16 03:22:12 4690
Guardian Hino can hear the talk in the alley, and he frowns a little. The princess... is crying. This hurts his heart a little. He knows the reason they just can't ask for help. But he has a promise to keep. He'll do that.

He jumps down into the alley, in front of Runealy, just as Mercury goes flying-- because he's not leaving any clear hits towards the Princess. What he does do- is raise his sword at an angle in front of him, as the red gem on it's hilt flares into life.

"Raging Inferno...!" he calls out--- Runealy said what already had to be said. So he wastes no words--- instead opting to just summon a large firey blast from the sword's gem that aims to shot down the alley and act as a driving force--- hoping the narrow space will let him cover every one of the Senshis at once- trying to use the alley to his advantage, as fire rakes down the middle of it.

He also seems unaware of Jupiter's and Kamen's prescene. Hopefully, Gao has that side covered.
Mamoru Chiba 2015-07-16 03:31:26 4692
The boy in the mask -- he looks awfully young, doesn't he? -- looks away from the alley's reflection, startled; the bright white mask and the blue eyes behind it turn to Sailor Jupiter, and he puts a white-gloved finger to his lips. "I'm only here if I'm needed," he says softly, then gestures swiftly toward the other girls, now approaching the Princess (who they're all pretty sure isn't their Princess). "Mercury thinks the girl's in trouble..." he starts, but then he shuts up and is obviously listening.

Oh man, Tuxedo Kamen can totally get behind all the appreciation and admiration for the Senshi! All that praise for them, it's brilliant to hear. A smile starts tugging at the corner of his mouth, even as Runealy goes too quiet for him to hear.

The sudden tonal change and the word 'trash' have him spinning on his heel at the end of the alley, desperately searching its depths to see better what the hell's going on, and he sees Mercury eat a faceful of glitter -- glitter he's seen down a Witch's familiar in less than a second, glitter he's seen weaponized to great effect, and his mouth drops open. "Shimatta!! Jupiter, GO!"

As he's yelling, he edges in closer, step step, and whips his hat off, flinging it at the face of the guy with the huge sword, hoping it's enough of a distraction for the other girls to cover for Mercury and trying to figure out the best way to buy Moon time.
Rei Hino 2015-07-16 03:32:43 4693
Mars's concern grows more and more as Runealy speaks, and it shows on her face. She may not be as loud as other senshi, but she doesn't hide her feelings either. "... What are you saying? Wait, there has to be a better w-"

Mercury is attacked. There's nothing Mars can do about it. As Mercury falls, Mars immediately steps in to stand between Runealy and Mercury. "We can't let you do this! We wont let you hurt our friend!"

Her arms are stretched wide, feet apart to strengthen her stance. She looks perfectly willing to take whatever hit comes Mercury's way...

Fire comes out, and Rei has but one response. "Fire SOUL!"

Arms swing forward, hands clasp together, and index fingers point out to make a fingergun. Her hand shakes with barely-contained fire, and then the uncontrolled flames are released. Mars's own fire fights against Hino's, trying to push it back.
Usagi Tsukino 2015-07-16 03:34:32 4694
Moon, upon finding the Princess, pauses. There's only her. She looks confused. And why does the girl look so sad?

"What's..." Starts Sailor Moon, only for Runealy to speak.

She stares, confusion upon her face. Realization dawns. This girl, who called them here to help her...she tricked them. It hurts. Her heart aches so badly that she can't move. Her hesitation costs her, as Mercury gets hit! That gets her back in motion.

"MERCURY-CHAN!" She cries out, tears welling up in her eyes. Fear, concern, and the pulse of anger tries to rise in her veins.

She's over to Mercury's side, standing between Runealy and the other girl.

"I don't know who you are, or why you're doing this, but stop! There's no reason to hurt people like this! This...this is awful! We wanted to /help/ you!" Comes Moon, pouring her heart into her words. The pain in her voice has her voice cracking.

"Please...stop! If...if you just tell us, we can find some way to help you!" She implores, no longer fighting back tears.

"This...this is wrong!"

And then down comes fire, burning around Moon, and she falls to her knees. She curls up, fear overwhelming her for a moment...and then she thinks of her friends. Her heart hammers, but her love for her friends lets her stand! The light of the Moon banishes the flames, leaving her skirts sizzling and burnt.

She points at the duo!

"Attacking someone who wants to help is just wrong! In the name of the Moon, I'll punish you!"

She nods to Mars, and then, out goes her fire! Thanks to her, she has a path!

Then, crying, worried, scared, she's running. /Towards/ Runealy. She jumps into the air, and aims a rather graceless kick towards the other girl!

"Moooooon Kick!"
Minako Aino 2015-07-16 03:42:07 4695
Minako Aino/Sailor V has a sort of placid, dull look on her face. She had expected a talk and some networking, maybe arguing. She's even starts to say something supportive to Runealy to cheer her up before the attacks come.

"Mercury-san, you have weird friends," she shouts, moving into action and pushing to the front.

She isn't quite sure what's going on, but she sees everybody else around her counter-attack and acts as if that was her intention all along, running alongside Moon to deliver a graceful kick to her new enemy.

Gaofele Doiru 2015-07-16 03:47:30 4696
Nettle Barrage!

From the rooftops, a veritable swarm of narrow-shafted arrows pelts down on the Senshi. Each one might not be very painful, but's there's lots of them, and it's bound to get everyone's attention.

Up on the rooftop, Gao keeps launching arrows, each one splitting into several more narrow-shafted arrows. A grim expression is on his face; this is definitely not going according to plan.
Makoto Kino 2015-07-16 03:56:38 4697
Not quite close enough to make out what's being said inside the alleyway, Makoto opens her mouth to ask - you're back already? - but before she can say it, things begin to go wrong. The alarm with which Tuxedo Kamen whirls from hiding to look has her moving, swiftly closing the last remaining space even before he calls for her to go, but not fast enough to prevent all hell from breaking loose.

Instinct or the faint whine of arrows whistling through the air has her whirling around, throwing her hands outward as Gao's barrage of arrows comes down. In less than the breath that it takes for her to shout "Flower Hurricane!" the wind has kicked up, rising to meet the hail of arrows with a buffeting wall of windblown petals.

"What are you doing?" Sailor Jupiter's voice rings in the space between buildings. "Aren't we allies?"
Runealy Waldia 2015-07-16 04:00:07 4698
"There isn't! I've tried and tried, and this is the only way!" Runealy cries out to Mars. "So do what you have to, but know that we're doing what we must as well!" Moon protests this as well. "I know. I know you wanted to help, I know it's awful! None of us just woke up one day and decided to hurt you for the fun of it! And if we tell you why we're doing this, if we tell anyone... everything will be ruined! So punish me, hate me for doing this, but I won't let you stop -ughk!!"

So caught up in responding to Sailor Moon, the alien princess twists away from the jump-kick a moment too late. It doesn't catch her dead center, but a boot to the head is still a meaningful blow no matter how 'glancing' it may be; she's knocked back spinning several steps as Moon's fot clips her jaw! "It won't be the only... gh!" She's cut off by V following up right behind with another kick, and this one does land clean to the shoulder, sending Runealy crashing against a side wall! "This won't be the only 'wrong' thing we do tonight... I won't be so ridiculous as to ask you to 'forgive' me when I know it's wrong.

Boot wings light up, a silvery glow launching Rune back several feet as she aims at Sailor Moon. Yet Jupiter's question demands a response. "We're doing what we have to. In any other circumstance, we would be allies! Nothing of what I just said was a lie, all of you are wonderful people and this isn't fair to any of you! If there was any other option...!"

Justifications falter, as Runealy forces herself to press on. "Gao! Hino! It's time, let's show them what our promise means!" A swirling 'column' of tiny green magic-energy pellets forms in front of her wand, as two energy lines flow from her tiara and go toward Hino and Gao. They start out a pure white color, but as each gets closer to her Knights, the lines change to match their magic color instead.

"Ward Oath Unification!" The 'swirl of sparkles' flies toward Sailor Moon, designed to pick up whatever her sworn friends hurl at it in order to create a three-fold attack!
Hinote Kagari 2015-07-16 04:04:45 4699
Guardian Hino nrg--- Sailor Mars is preventing him from reaching the rest of the Senshi countering with her own fire. Now he's stuck in some sort of ridicolous 'beam battle' with Mars. He puts more power into his fire, the red gem glowing hotter and redder. He can't keep this up forever--- and he shot first. Logically, he'd eventually get overpowered. So what does he do?

He grabs the hat that comes flying for him with an armored glove and then jumps upwards, letting Mars Fire Soul pass under him as he makes for the rooftop again. Also, he's now wearing the hat. It clashes with the rest of his outfit. He blinks a moment because he actually didn't put the hat on. That sorta just happened. Maybe it detects the desire to a protect a princess. Or maybe magical henshin hats are just weird.

Regardless, he jumps down as the Princess calls out. To her side--- as he raises his sword--- as Runealy calls out--- his own sword lighting on fire as he holds it up with one hand...."Ward Oath Unification....!" he calls out along with Runealy.
Gaofele Doiru 2015-07-16 04:05:27 4700
"Ward Oath Unification!" echoes Gao as he fires a nebulous arrow at Sailor Moon. The arrow fragments similarly to the previous Nettle Barrages, but the shards are smaller, and trailing a pale green cloud.

There is a scent of pine trees, and the needles bombard Sailor Moon's location, stinging like pine needles and leaving a coating like pine sap over everything touched by the trailing mist.

But isn't pine sap flammable...?
Ami Mizuno 2015-07-16 04:13:29 4701

Mercury's outburst is very blunt and quite logical, plus she has a very large burnmark on the left side of her face that will need tending to later, but that's not on her mind at the moment. What IS on her mind, is the very fact that her friends are in danger because of betrayal......and a betrayal that will linger for a good long while. Her first priority was to get her friends out of here.


And Bubbles fly right at Runealy's feet, to put up a VERY dense fog around Runealy, Gao and Hino. And it's not coming down, nor leaving them until Mercury wishes it to come down, or she drops out of henshin.

"Let's go!" She yells to the other Senshi (this includes Tuxedo Kamen, and she starts to lead Rei away. Yes, Mercury is running........
Rei Hino 2015-07-16 04:17:14 4703
A storm of arrows falls down on Mars, and she shrieks as they pelt into her. A moment later and Jupiter's winds protect her and the rest from the barrage. "Thanks, Jupiter-chan!"

Mars's eyes track Runealy's ascent into the sky, and she listens to her words. "How can you do this, then? If you know it's wrong, then why?!" It's then that Runealy seems to be setting up for a larger attack... Headed for Sailor Moon?! No!

Mars focuses on Hino, but when Hino abandons the firefight she ends up burning the ground beheath him. This isn't good. What are they going to do now?! If Mars counters with Fire Soul again, she might just set the sap on fire.

Mars has only one other attack. Does this even work on a good, well meaning person who has no evil thoughts? Is Runealy really such a person? It's likely that the ofuda would fail against such a target. Usagi wasn't affected at all when Rei used it on her, the day they first met...

Still, if there's a chance to disrupt their attack, Mars has to take it. She focuses on Runealy herself, the leader, holding the ofuda between two fingers as she chants, firey power gathering behind her.

"Rin, Pyou, Tou, Sha, Kai, Jin, Retsu, Zai, Z- Ahhh!"

Her attack is cancelled as Mercury puts a fog up. She can still see Runealy, sure, but that doesn't really matter if they can just leave. "Right!"

Mars tries to take Moon by the hand and pull her away, and then she just starts running after Mercury.
Mamoru Chiba 2015-07-16 04:19:49 4704
"Wh-what?" Tuxedo Mask manages to get out as Guardian Hino just... grabs his hat out of the air, and then-- has it on his head?! So conceptually offended is he by this that the boy barely registers the burrs and the petals, the dual-kick--

But there is no way he misses the attack the three Waldian guardians cry out, with Runealy aiming for Sailor Moon.

"LIKE HELL!" he yells, and in the middle of the rising wind and flame, debris and detritus filling the air of the alleyway, the tall youth bunches himself up and springs through the air, somersaulting mid-jump to come down feet first in exactly the right place, facing the combined attack of the Guardian Princess and her allies, bracing his stance and flinging his arms wide, blocking Sailor Moon from their view.

Even as the dense magical fog descends, the attack hits like a ton of sharp bricks on fire. He makes a really quiet, strained sort of sound, then staggers back a step before falling noiselessly in a billowing spill of tattered black silk and the ruins of finery, disappearing in the fog.
Usagi Tsukino 2015-07-16 04:24:29 4705
Arrows fall! But thanks to the quick thinking of Jupiter, Moon is spared a majority of the barrage!

"Sailor Jupiter! Be careful, there's more than one of them! We..."

She gulps.

"We have to stop them from hurting anyone!" She calls out.

With their combined powers, the blonde senshis strike! Rune calls out, rejects their help, and it just burns her heart.

"No...that....that can't be true! There has to be another way! There's always another way!" Cries out Sailor Moon. She can't help but reach out. She can see Runealy hurting, desperate. Desperate enough to do /this/.

"You're not just hurting other people! You're hurting yourself too! I..."

Even as the barrage comes, fire, flammable pine, and Rune's own magic, Sailor Moon can't possibly get out of the way. She stands her ground, the fear vanishing.

She holds her hand out towards Runealy, towards Hino, towards Gao.

"I don't want anyone to hurt! No my friends, not me..."

Tears fly freely.

"And I don't want any of you to hurt either!" Yells out the little girl, before just devolving into sobs. There's no hatred on her face. There's only real, deep concern for the three before her. Usagi, wearing her heart on her sleep, is met with violence and betrayal, and yet all she can do is call out with love and concern.

Mercury's bubbles blanket them, and she calls out her chastisement. Moon worries for the girl, that betrayal. She seemed to know them the best out of all the senshi.

Mars throws her ofuda, and Ami is telling them to run. But her legs won't work. Her heart simply isn't there. And then Tuxedo Kamen emerges, the combined spell slamming into him. Her eyes go wide.


As he falls, she grabs him. The weak little girl struggles, shaking, trying to haul his much larger form up over her body. She'll definitely need help, but she's getting moving purely on determination.

"No! Don't...don't leave! We...SAilor Jupiter, help! We need to get him help!" She chokes out amidst her tears. With the rest of the senshi, she'll flee, helping drag off poor Mamoru. This time, Runealy and her friends don't even get a second glance.
Makoto Kino 2015-07-16 04:32:13 4706
It's the only way, Runealy insists, and it's clear how much she believes it, but how can Sailor Jupiter just accept that as an answer? "We don't know that!" she calls back. "There could be a solution if we just--"

But at least right now, it's clear, they are past talking this out. Like the others, Mako sees that combined power aiming for Sailor Moon, and she launches into motion, her only thought to be a wall for her teammate.

Tuxedo Kamen is faster. She watches him take the assault and drop before her eyes, surrounded by Mercury's fog, sees Sailor Moon struggle to catch him.

Even as Usagi calls for her help, Sailor Jupiter is there, shouldering herself under Tuxedo Kamen's limp arm from the other side. "It's okay, Sailor Moon, I've got him." This is no time for half measures; more than helping, she simply heaves his lanky frame over her shoulder cape and all. "Just run!" She'll count on Rei to pull Usagi along if necessary - they're getting out of here, all of them.
Minako Aino 2015-07-16 04:33:38 4707
Minako Aino/Sailor V delivers her kick and comes to her feet with poise and dexterity totally in excess of the amount needed to merely alight upon the ground. Any pleasure in her display is interrupted by the realization that she was going to get struck, but Tuxedo Kamen takes the hit. He'd be happy to know he just inspired several unhappy dull-colored lasers aimed at the royal trio.

Kamen would be less happy to know that his hat will probably be their first casualty.

Her first instinct is to fight. She's just burning with anger and wants to press the attack! But with injuries, confusion, Moon in an upset state, and everybody's powers distracted on recovering their wounded, she's suddenly more than willing to perform a fighting withdrawal instead.

"The best apologies are with actions, not words! Sailor V will remember this!"
Runealy Waldia 2015-07-16 04:44:43 4708
"Don't talk like you know what we want!" Runealy snaps back to Mercury, voice somewhere between hurt and angered. She calls to Mars, "Because we have to! And we can't tell you why, everything will be ruined if you knew!"

Then... she blinks as Tuxedo Kamen defies the three-way attack, leaping in to take it upon himself. "Y... you just...!?" Wasn't he one of the ones working alongside Miss White? This is unusual to her, and Runealy takes a split second to ponder what that might mean.

Sailor Moon calls out to her, arguing the situation further. "The only ones you have to worry about being hurt are yourselves! We picked this location, at this time of night, for exactly that reason! There is nobody here but you, and us!"

Mist flows. This was a possibility that had come up earlier when the team planned this ambush, and they hadn't figured out any particular answer to it. Now as it cuts off her view of the people she feels compelled to strike down, to render helpless so they can be drained of energy... Runealy still has no obvious solution, and encases herself in a red forcefield bubble as she sees Sailor V's attacks pierce through the shabou spray. They ripple against the shield, and while it technically didn't /hurt/ Rune, she certainly felt it in much the same way one feels things when braced against a door and someone bashes hard against it!

She's not reckless enough to charge right in to the fog. It /sounds/ like the Sailors are retreating, but for all she knows this could be a fantastic trap to turn the fight around in an instant.

And so caution wins out. Runealy lowers her shield and launches another orb down the alleyway, one that scatters into a wide spray of green magic 'pellets' and might pepper any one of them as they flee, but it's a blind shot in the wild hopes it knocks one of them down.

That's not likely to happen with such an unfocused attack; some might get stung in the back as they flee, but Runealy's attempt has little real hope of downing any of them.

By the time she realizes they really are leaving, only their words can echo in her mind. Her head lowers as she mulls on them. Runealy speaks to herself, addressing each thought even though the Sailors are likely no longer in ear-shot. V spoke of the best apology. "...I have no idea how we'll even begin to apologize for something like this." Jupiter wondered if there might be another solution. "You don't know that, but I do... if the wrong person finds out the truth, we're... we're all going to die." Mars' parting thoughts had actually been responded to aloud. Tuxedo Kamen's act to shield Moon rings in her mind. "...So resolute in hurling himself in front of it. She really must be as incredible as they say she is, if she brings that kind of loyalty from him."

Sailor Moon said this was effectively hurting themselves, not just those they attack. "...You have no idea how right you are." It is true on three different levels, even if the alien princess only understands two of them right now - and one of them was not what Moon even meant.

She kicks at the ground, then calls out to Gao and Hino: "We're done. We'll find some other way to make this work. You both did..." What. 'Did great'? Those words would ring hollow right now; what they did was no great thing. Quite the opposite.

"...You both did exactly as you needed to. You wondered if we could really work together? Tonight... I think we've answered that question quite well. You're the first in centuries, and now you've accomplished a feat we thought was lost to time and forgotten history. We can come together when we need to."
Hinote Kagari 2015-07-16 04:53:09 4709
Guardian Hino watches as Sailor V unleashes lasers----he gets in front of the Princess--- he takes a few hits, and the fancy top hat gets ripped to shreds during the process. He really had no idea how it got ontop of his head in the first place. Maybe he's secretly glad it's gone.

Regardless, he takes the hits, and winces throughout them, leaving rather large marks against his armor.

This hurts a great deal-- but soon, Sailor V is retreating, too. He grits his teeth. Should they pursue..!?

No, Runealy doesn't seem to want to do that.

"....need to try harder next time...." he murmurs as he turns back around to The Princess and nods. "Yeah. That's.. going to be needed. If they just run away at the end.. we're not. Getting what we need." he says with a slightly frustrated tone.
Gaofele Doiru 2015-07-16 04:56:56 4710
As the fog rises, Gao bites back a shout of frustration. With sight obscured like this, there's no way for him to target the Senshi... and for all he knows, they might be trying to target him in response!

So he ducks and creeps towards the back of the alleyway, using his quarterstaff to find and avoid obstacles.

As the fog lifts and Rune speaks up, he looks down into the alleyway and nods to the other two. "Yeah," he sighs. He had been the one to figure out a location for the ambush, he had practiced what it would take to split the Senshi into two groups... and then it all fell apart.

"Just need to do a better job of setting thing up," he murmurs, mostly to himself. Just need to show that his skills are helpful, that he can come up with ideas that help the expedition.

Just need to show that he's not out of his league.