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Date of Scene: 11 February 2016
Location: Mitakihara - Fairy Drop Fashionables
Synopsis: Haruna runs around like a loon trying to get ready for meeting Hannah's parents. She meets Hoshi and she helps with some problems, and the two have an introspective talk!
Cast of Characters: Haruna Kurosawa, Hoshi Kogane

Haruna Kurosawa has posed:
"Tommrow!?" said Haruna Kurosawa to the text Hannah Sharpe just sent her. Ohhhhh lord she didn't have anything nice to wear and she was going to meet Hannah's parent's in a more intimate setting.

And thusly, here she was dashing into Fairy Drop Fashionables, Corvus- a seagull, is on her shoulder. He looks bored and acts like Haruna is over-reacting. "You know..." whispers Corvus. "You could probably wear a ragged T-shirt and ripped shorts and it'd still go over well." assured Corvus. Haruna shot Corvus a glare and then eeegghh!? ovo!?

She muttered as she began to spastically flip through dresses.

"Nrg.. Miss Sharpe..? Miss Sharpe-san?.. Wait-- wouldn't that be like saying Miss Miss Sharpe!? Ughhhh!" American English so haaaaaaard she laments.

She pulls out a white dress-like affair as she holds it up. "Hrmmm... no. One piece. I want.. two pieces... blouse... dress..." she mutters.

She flips through blouses. Flip flip flip. Her phone goes off.

Tide-chan: Haruna why does it look like a Tornado exploded the dressers and the closet?
Gull-chan: I'll explain when I get home and clean it up, sorry! -,-;


Hoshi Kogane has posed:
And then there's Hoshi, who apparently has far too much disposable income for a girl her age, and isn't spending nearly as much time on any individual piece. She's already gotten quite the large selection of clothes gathered up. Easily more than most girls six years older than her would be able to purchase with a whole month's worth of clothing allowance.

She's accompanied by a pair of stars that appear to be trying on various combinations of pieces of that pile and then showing those off to the other star and Hoshi.

One particularly 'interesting' combination of a pink skirt with a bright greek shirt draws a giggle from the girl, who is paying far too much attention to the stars and far too little to the girl she's about to walk right into.

Haruna Kurosawa has posed:
Haruna Kurosawa has an incredible amount of 'disposable' income, working for a semi-dubious corporation tends to allow for that- but she needs a /special/ dress for a special occasion. Really, she's overthinking it. She turns around, picking up a light green blouse and holding it up as she narrows her eyes and---bump!

"Oh!----" she says surprised, not upset, just surprised and Corvus sort of has to steady himself, as he almost falls off the girl's shoulder.

She turns around to face Hoshi and she blinks. "Oh, hey! Are you okay?" she asks to the younger girl.

Then she sees the stars...

...and her eyes begin to sparkle...

Then there's a high pitched whine...


Corvus covers his ears woefully.

Hoshi Kogane has posed:
Hoshi hits the ground, but quickly gets up again. "I'm fine." The response to the whine is immediate, albeit unintended, with a star appearing for each ear, pressing themselves against the girl's ear to muffle the sound. Both of them have what looks like the kind of ear protection gear used by people working with extremely loud sounds.

Hoshi pushes one of said stars away and starts picking up her collection of clothes, "Are you okay?" She asks the other blonde, looking at the girl in a little more detail while collecting clothes, this makes the process considerably clumsier.

Haruna Kurosawa has posed:
Haruna Kurosawa eeeeee-----oh!

It suddenly hits her that there's clothes everywhere. She helps suddenly. "Oh! My bad! I like your stars!" she says. Corvus peeks about and places his wings back down and ruffles his feathers. "Well. I think my hearing is okay." says the bird. Yeah the bird talks. It sees the stars.

"Um.. seems you picked out a lot! My name's Haruna Kurosawa! My friend's name is Corvus!"

Corvus gives a little wing wave!

"So what's the stars about?" she asks softly. She looks back at her blouse. "This'll do the blouse. Now I need a color to go with the rest of the outfit for the skirt... white? Nah that's lazy...."

She taps her chin.

Hoshi Kogane has posed:
"It's not that much." Hoshi sounds genuinely like she doesn't think it's all that many clothes, but doesn't seem to think it's important either, and with her selection gathered back up, she doesn't seem to care. "They're, uh... my friends. I call them my Starpals." She explains softly, "What's with that seagull named for a crow?"

"Oh, uh. I'm Hoshi Kogane." She finally remembers to introduce herself, smiling pleasantly. "Could go a light yellow with it, I think that would be quite nice."

Haruna Kurosawa has posed:
Haruna Kurosawa turns to the skirts. "Oh, well.. he used to be a raven....it's a long story..." she says softly. "Don't worry, he's a sweetie!" Corvus sort of blushes, looks away. 'Don't call me thattttt.' he says to Haruna through a closed beak. Haruna merely smiles!

She looks around and hrmmmms, mini skirt? She thinks on this, shakes her head.

She finds one that's knee length and holds the two up. "Nrg.. too yellow.. nee lighter..." she thinks, looking through the skirts. "So starpals!" she says softly.

"So are you a magical girl or do you just have magical starpals?" she asks. It's a straight forward question. Haruna is straight forward and friendly.

"I'm a Pretty Cure! I'm Cure Gull! The wing's of hope that soar across the sea~" she says with a grin. "Corvus is my partner! My sister's also my partner but she's not here right now."

"She uh. Doesn't really approve of my girlfriend- so I'm shopping for a date tommrow alone, I'm meeting her parents and I'm actually really nervous because she's American. They know japanese, but---"

She takes a deep breath and a smile!

"I'm just worrying. I'm actually really shy! I used to be very scared but--! I find if I just say hello the worry goes away fast, you know?" she asks.

Hoshi Kogane has posed:
"Some people might not want to answer questions like that, you know?" Hoshi says with a barely hidden giggle at Haruna's straightforwardness. She then proceeds not to answer the question, which likely makes it something that applies to her personally.

"Your... girlfriend?" She looks confused. Not weirded out, or angry, or anything. Just confused. "Aren't you a girl?" There's no judgment in her voice there, just pure straight-up confusion, and she addresses the thing that she knows how to talk about. "That's probably a good way of dealing with being being shy. I should recommend that to my shy friend some time."

Haruna Kurosawa has posed:
Haruna Kurosawa giggles. "You don't have to tell anyone." she says. "But--- well a bunch of really bad powerful people know who I am. Once again-- it's that long story." she says softly. "So really, telling someone who would be a friend isn't really too bad for me on my end- and I like people knowing they can approach me about things!" she beams.

Haruna can /hear/ the nonjudgement in Hoshi's voice but those are words that still cut deep---- expically with meeting Hannah's parents--- and why Hannah can't meet hers. Because... girls loves girls.

...and some people don't get that.

"Erm... well..." she says. "I like girls. I mean." she seems to be stammering now. "I like /some boys/ but... not many... I---um... you know...?" she says softly to the younger girl. "Ugh..." yeah this is going someplace uncomfortable for her and it shows.

She picks up another lighter yellow. "Oh.. that does work..." she says softly with a smile. "Now... I need... an outer shirt... maybe.. the same yellow..." she thinks.

Hoshi Kogane has posed:
"If those powerful bad people know who you are, isn't that bad?" Hoshi sounds genuinely concerned, trying to wrap her head around why Haruna isn't more concerned about that. "Like, wouldn't they go after your family or something?"

"No, I don't, but then I don't really understand any of that stuff." 'That stuff' in this case referring to boy and girlfriends alike. Hoshi still sounds confused, but more than willing to let the topic go elsewhere. "The same yellow will work, or if you can't find any, go for white instead."

Haruna Kurosawa has posed:
Haruna Kurosawa nods. "It is. They came for me once and took me away and brainwashed me and turnt me against my friends." she says softly. She looks down. "Not too long ago... I was, not a really happy person Hoshi. When people tell you about dark energy--or corruption? Yeah it's really bad. It dulls your good feelings.. makes them distant, makes you work for that positive feeling." she sighs.

"I'm glad I'm over that. I'm still... scared. Sometimes. And shy. But..." she nods. "Like I said! You gotta say hello and push forward!" she smiles.

She looks down. "So-sorry, I'm bad at explaning this stuff.. just..."

"You should never try to drive people away from loving one another, even if it seems scary to you." she says softly.

She finds a fun looking vest that's white, and she looks at it. "Oh! Okay...." she says , escaping into a fitting room. She puts it all one-- and steps out, light green blouse, light yellow skirt and white vest. She looks at the mirror and turns around. "What do you think?" she asks Hoshi.

Hoshi Kogane has posed:
"I won't, I promise." Hoshi sounds like she takes her word seriously, like she really plans on never trying to drive people away from loving one another. "I know someone who has a lot of dark energy, at least, I think she does. She's mean to me and my friends sometimes, but I think she needs help, not hate..."

Then she waits patiently for Haruna to finish changing, "That looks good." She sounds cheerful again, but adds on. "Just one little touch, to make it all perfect." She runs off towards a different section of the store, and when she comes back she's carrying light green ribbons, a similar shade to the blouse. "Put these in your hair."

Haruna Kurosawa has posed:
Haruna Kurosawa looks down to the bow as she hrmmmmms she touches her hair clip and thinks for a moment. She grabs the back of her hair as she puts it into a single pony tail and ties the ribbon. "Heh... my hair used to be much shorter when I was in seventh grade..." she says softly.

She turns around and thinks. "Yeah.. that'll work! In the end this is... well."

"I wanna make a good impression you know? She's well. Blind. So how I look doesn't matter to her, but I want to impress her parents." she says gently.

She looks into the mirror. "There we go!---yeah okay that works a little bit." she says softly.

She turns back to Hoshi..

"That person you're talking about...? They're probably not having a good time. It tells you , that.. you don't need anyone else, or anything else- that you need to keep doing... whatever you're doing for some reason- it lies to you. Do you...."

"Do you have access to purification magic? If not... find someone that does. The darkness doesn't like being healed. It may be possible to drive the dark out with enough- but- depending how strong it is, and how strong willed they are- it may not be possible in one go."

"Don't give up, regardless. Don't give up on this person. I had no friends when.. things went bad for me. But now.. I have so many! Because all these people saw I needed help, and didn't give up. Even when I did really bad things." she says.

She nods matter of factly, so does Corvus with her.

Hoshi Kogane has posed:
"The problem is, uh..." Hoshi tries to think of how best to put it, and settles on, "I'm responsible for protecting something very important, and she's trying to destroy it. It's hard to try to be nice to her when if she succeeds the world will be a lot worse off."

Then, she turns back to the topic of looking good and all that. "I'm sure that it'll work out. You look like you went the extra mile, so that's good, right?" She sounds uncertain, like it's not something that she usually has to worry about.

Haruna Kurosawa has posed:
Haruna Kurosawa nods. "Right!" she says as she walks back into the fitting room and walks back out in her original clothes, the new ones draped over her arm. She nods a bit..."

"For me it was...."

"Well I was tricked... by a wily raven." she says softly. "Who said that he could grant my wish of my sister back- as I belived her dead at the time. But I had to free him first. So-- he granted me power- tricking me into a form of 'contract'. I'd be his priestess and collect souls for him."

"Do you remember the mass coma's about six months ago..? Yeah. That's my fault." she says ashamedly.

"People stopped me. But then some folks took me and brainwashed me so I'd release the raven--- who almost destroyed Tokyo and the world." she says.

"..but the raven was in as much pain as I had been. So when I became a Pretty Cure that same night, I purified the darkness out of him. And now Corvus is with me!" she smiles.

"Sorry that's the short version of it. I'm not meaning to talk..." she giggles.

"There's more but I don't wanna overload you."

"And I tell this story a lot, because..."

"Well there's lots of people out there Hoshi... that are driven by this darkness. Sometimes it's forced on them-- what I mean when I say people are 'brainwashed'-- that it's been made to overtake them so much they can't remember anything of thier life before the dark, or not much of it. Others let it in accidently, or are tricked like I was-- where you still remain yourself but--- a sadder version of it. Some aren't even fundamentally human- because the darkness have completely overtaken them. That's the final stage... it's hard to come back from that. I almost became that. It hurts. You feel everything good just. Slip away." she says.

"But I have faith you can help this person. You just.. can't give up. Never give up." she says.

Hoshi Kogane has posed:
"I'll do my best." Hoshi promises quite sincerely, after allowing Haruna to keep rambling on like that. The girl then approaches Haruna and reaches out for a hug. "I'm glad to hear you got better, that must have sucked a whole lot." She smiles and hugs as tight as she can without making Haruna seem uncomfortable. "And I'm glad Corvus got better, too." One star blows a party trumpet, sending yellow confetti flying that vanishes into thin air pretty quickly.

Haruna Kurosawa has posed:
Haruna Kurosawa accepts hugs, because hugs are good! "Well I'm past that. It's part of the reason my girlfriend is so important to me. She was the first to reach out to me--- and she was there fighting at the end for me-- and all the inbetween too." she says.

"So It's why I wanna put up a good impression! She deseres my best! Even if she can't /see/ it." she says softly and nods curtly. She eyes the star and grins. "This reminds me of something..." she says tapping her lips a bit. "But I can't remember what..." se says softly softly.

She shakes her head. "I'm sure I'll remember later" she laughs. "If I can't remember it can't be that important!" she beams.

She says. "I'm going to check out now and---run home because Aki is probably having a conniption fit about the mess I left."

"Um..." she digs into her pocket and pulls out a slip of paper. She's prewritten a few, she finds it helps. "This is my number. If you need help... you call, okay!?" she says with a smile.