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Texts From The Lab
Date of Scene: 11 February 2016
Location: Mitakihara - Downtown Neon District
Synopsis: After falling out of grace with Eclipse, UMBRA is having a lot of their stuff cleaned out.
Cast of Characters: Euphemia Barchetta, Takashi Agera

Euphemia Barchetta has posed:
    Euphemia has been a bit of a lab rat ever since she actually got her own lab. She's wanted to play with magic ever since she was a tiny kid who could barely walk and having a laboratory is almost exactly that. Sure, what she does in there has little to do with proper science and more to do with throwing mud against a wall and seeing what sticks, but results are results.

    She's probably not getting as much exercise as she should, and her attendance in actual operations has fallen off dramatically, but she has been making steady progress of a certain kind, not the least of which is getting farmed out the 'test this a thousand times and tell me which works best' type grunt work that doesn't involve negative energy. Not that it gets done quickly, but it does get done.

    That's all about to come to a crashing halt, however, as suddenly the lab equipment powers down and Eclipse personnel start filing in and disassembling things before the cyan haried girl can even figure out what's happening.

    It's strange, even the temper tantrum she throws doesn't affect them. By the time she figures out they're so taciturn because of how high up the food chain their orders come from she only has time to swipe her data and her artifacts. Even worse when she exits the lab the door to it phases right out of existence. "...stupid stacked space."

    Back in UMBRA proper she sees what looks like a migration as the office mooks are exiting with boxes full of personal items. She makes a face.

    With a shrug she flips open her phone and sends a text to Takashi.

    TXT from Euphemia Barchetta: Hey bossman you might want to get over here at HQ.

    TXT from Euphemia Barchetta: Did you forget that you have to kill your manager if you tick them off bad enough? 'cuz I'd think we'd be getting more stuff after keeping those shields up the other day, not have it taken aw- OH MY GOD THE POOL IS GONE
Takashi Agera has posed:
    TXT from Riventon: I can't make it there right now, but I can guess what's going on. Crap. We're gonna be the talk of Eclipse tomorrow, and not in a good way.

    TXT from Riventon: Yeah, that's probably where I went wrong. Working on rectifying that. The pool's not gone, they just took the door. The doors take a lot of energy to keep up, and they're trying to teach me a lesson.
Euphemia Barchetta has posed:
    TXT from Euphemia Barchetta: *unintelligible gobbledygook* MY POOL *more unintelligible gobbledygook*

    TXT from Euphemia Barchetta: My sincere appologizes. Master is having me transcribe for her and I'm afraid she isn't making much sense right now. My closest approximation is 'I am under extreme durress right now.'

    TXT from Euphemia Barchetta: Oh. Okay. Whew. Yeah. Yeah- the pool's here. Oh thank god. Okay. Well, they took my lab, but the pool's still here. It's okay. I'll be okay.

    TXT from Euphemia Barchetta: Like, what did you even do? I thought we were the rising stars! Did you kill someone's Familiar or something?
Takashi Agera has posed:
    TXT from Riventon: The only thing they're gonna succeed at doing is pissing me off.

    TXT from Riventon: I've already begun work on a more permanant solution to relying on these guys for the Doors.

    TXT from Riventon: I'll get you a new lab, too.

    TXT from Riventon: I might have slightly upset Fate-chan's mother. (She was being rude.)
Euphemia Barchetta has posed:
    There's a delay before the next set of texts as Euphemia has to quickly tell Bulwark not to send 'Ahahaha, Fate's mom has more clout than you' to her boss.

    TXT from Euphemia Barchetta: That wasn't very smart. You gotta know what you can get away with before mouthing off to people. I'd teach you but you're not half as cute as I am so I doubt you could pull it off anyway.

    TXT from Euphemia Barchetta: I guess if all we lose is a secondary lab and a bunch of paper pushers and some doors it isn't all that bad.
Takashi Agera has posed:
    TXT from Riventon: I just overplayed my hand. Won't happen again. Cause I'll have a better hand.

    TXT from Riventon: Most of those people were just involved in busywork anyways. The mainframe in my lab handles most of the important stuff.

    TXT From Riventon: More importantly, we have to deal with this. Gotta put on the right face while we make our moves.
Euphemia Barchetta has posed:
    TXT from Euphemia Barchetta: They're not going near your lab either. Half of them are even walking to the other side of the hall so they don't even have to go past the door.

    TXT from Euphemia Barchetta: Yeah, sure. Also if it's Fate's mom that you made mad we should probably focus on helping her a lot more. I've helped her look but that's not what my research has been about.

    TXT from Euphemia Barchetta: You've studied the Jewel Seeds though, right? If you share your research with me maybe I can help. I'm pretty good at finding different ways to solve problems!
Takashi Agera has posed:
    TXT from Riventon: I bet one of them tried and the rest learned their lessons.

    TXT from Riventon: I'm not sure I want to help her mother, but I do still want to help Fate. And maybe we can help ourselves in the process. I want to know where she gets her power. And I want to know more about these Jewel Seeds.

    TXT from Riventon: Yeah, when I get back I'll let you look at my notes. I wish I hadn't given her the one I had. We're back to theoreticals again.
Euphemia Barchetta has posed:
    TXT from Euphemia Barchetta: I want to help Fate, and if helping Fate means helping her mother then whatever. If we can help Fate without helping her mother, also whatever.

    TXT from Euphemia Barchetta: You already ticked her off, right? So now you need to be on your best behavior until they'll let you get away with more backtalk. I mean, unless you don't mind being grounded for a month. Sometimes it's worth it!

    TXT from Euphemia Barchetta: But probably not now. Fate's working with us because her mom wanted our help, right? If we make her even madder Fate might not work with us anymore. And I like Fate even more than the pool so don't let that happen.

    TXT from Euphemia Barchetta: Damage control, right? Prove our worth to them and everything's fine again. That's how I got started here in the first place. So we find some of those Seeds and give most of them to Fate. Fate's happy, Fate's mom's happy, we're happy! Just... we gotta actually get them first.
Takashi Agera has posed:
    TXT from Riventon: I want to help Fate-chan too.

    TXT from Riventon:Yeah, I know how it works. And now I have a better idea of the score. Guess they were getting tired of the small morsels I was feeding them, enough so they didn't consider me as important to them as I am. We'll have to step it up all around.

    TXT from Riventon: Yeah, I'm going to fake nice and behaved so that Fate doesn't end up not working with us. She likes that woman a lot more than I do.

    TXT from Riventon: Yeah, the good news is they forget things like this pretty quick when you dangle a few shiny trinkets in front of them. So we'll have to get some shiny trinkets. Jewel Seeds and whatever else.
Euphemia Barchetta has posed:
    TXT from Euphemia Barchetta: I haven't been keeping score; is there anyone who has any? It might be a lot faster to go shoot people and take their things than it will be to find more of them.

    TXT from Euphemia Barchetta: Fate was getting a lot more serious about finding them. She might go for that now too.

    TXT from Euphemia Barchetta: What do you think? Who's going to be able to stop the three of us if we drop on them out of nowhere? We already did it once when we wanted to study Suzuki's Device, and this seems a lot more important than that.
Takashi Agera has posed:
    TXT from Riventon: There's a few. Axion knows who they are by energy signature, but it's damaged right now.

    TXT from Riventon: Same reason I can't go out and just start mugging people until it's repaired. That's a long story.

    TXT from Riventon: But I'm sure with the three of us working together, using our heads and our strengths, we won't have anything to worry about. And maybe they'll stop trying to hold onto them if they know that makes them a target.
Euphemia Barchetta has posed:
    TXT from Euphemia Barchetta: Axion is damaged? Why aren't you in your lab fixing it right now? Oh, wait. Maybe you are. It's not like I went in to your lab to check for you.

    TXT from Euphemia Barchetta: Sounds like there's lots of long stories I need to hear.

    TXT from Euphemia Barchetta: Augh! This is so stupid. I have to sit here and do nothing because they took my lab, I don't know who to go looking for, I can't just use your lab instead, and Fate and Ayana are both not here right now to talk to about this. Not having anything to do is the worst!

    TXT from Euphemia Barchetta: *several minutes worth of complaining transcribed into text*
Takashi Agera has posed:
    TXT from Riventon: It's repairing itself. It'll be fine, just taking some time.

    TXT from Riventon: Yeah, a lot to talk about.

    TXT from Riventon: They shouldn't have taken all the labs. Just use someone else's. Fate doesn't use hers much, and you outrank everyone else still there. Or go out and see if you can pick up anything on the Jewel Seeds.

    TXT from Riventon: I'm still trying to find Ayana. When I find who took her, you can help me take them apart for research.
Euphemia Barchetta has posed:
    TXT from Euphemia Barchetta: And I swear if they take the mold I've been growing in the fridge I'm go- wait Fate has a lab?

    TXT from Euphemia Barchetta: And what do you mean 'find' Ayana? Someone took her-- what the hell! Taking the door to my pool is one thing but taking Ayana? What did you do to Fate's mom, spit on her?!

    TXT from Euphemia Barchetta: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh my god i tied his shoelaces together and he didn't even notice score one for umbra hehehehe
Takashi Agera has posed:
    TXT From Riventon: What? Last time we kept stuff in the fridge it didn't go well.

    TXT From Riventon: What? No. That has nothing to do with this. I think. Someone broke our bond. That's another topic for a long discussion. Part of why I've been out so long. Been looking.

    TXT From Riventon: Please tell me he fell and hit his head on something he was removing from the lab.
Euphemia Barchetta has posed:
    TXT from Euphemia Barchetta: Even better. Remember how those crystals I made really don't like negative energy and tend to explode? I made some fireworks. He was carrying them. It's chaos. I love it.

    TXT from Euphemia Barchetta: No this is regular mold growing on a sandwich. It's -two inches high- now. I'm almost ready to name it! Maybe you could turn it into a Youma though?

    TXT from Euphemia Barchetta: What? What?! They broke your bond with your familiar? When did this happen? Why would anyone even want to do that?
Takashi Agera has posed:
    TXT from Riventon: Serves him right. I don't care if he's just following orders, those orders conflict with me.

    TXT from Riventon: That's absolutly terrifying.... and yeah we can probably do a youma with that. Maybe the magical girls will be too freaked out to fight it.

    TXT from Riventon: I don't know. She's not dead. I could feel that much. Or she wasn't when it was broken. But I still feel like there's a huge piece of me missing. I can only imagine how she must feel. She never handled it well when I left her alone... and now...
Euphemia Barchetta has posed:
    TXT from Euphemia Barchetta: Oh good it's still there. Looks like everyone took their lunches with when they left. Darn.

    TXT from Euphemia Barchetta: Aww, poor thing! Yeah she must be pretty scared. Well, as scared as a fox can be anyway. You should be careful though, if they took the piece of your soul they might make a weapon out of it that's super strong against you personally. I mean, that's what -I'd- do with a piece of your soul.

    TXT from Euphemia Barchetta: A soul. A piece of a soul.
Takashi Agera has posed:
    TXT from Riventon: Well, at least the future mold-youma is safe.

    TXT from Riventon: I don't care what they're trying to do with her. I just miss her. I want her back. She was important to me, to you, to UMBRA - but especially important to me. I know some who were responsible for taking her, but I only know them in henshin.

    TXT from Riventon: I'm going to make them pay, though. And I'll figure out what they've done with my Familiar.
Euphemia Barchetta has posed:
    TXT from Euphemia Barchetta: If they're the same ones who have Jewel Seeds we can skin two cats with one stone!

    TXT from Euphemia Barchetta: Sounds like you need to shoot them and drain them so hard they lose their henshin. I can help with that.
Takashi Agera has posed:
    TXT from Riventon: I don't think they are. It'd be lucky, though. I think the loud girl with the red hair has at least one. Nanotoka or something.

    TXT from Riventon: Yeah, once Axion is repaired and I'm not busy we're going to start hunting both people. I'll get in touch with you then.
Euphemia Barchetta has posed:
    TXT from Euphemia Barchetta: Okay. You should probably fill me in on everything else as soon as you get the chance. I want to get started on a few ideas as soon as I can but I need some of your data first.