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Rehearsal in the Park
Date of Scene: 19 February 2016
Location: Mitakihara/Pikarigaoka - King Penguin Park
Synopsis: Utau does a short rehearsal in the park and meets new people, including a fellow songstress and a guardian!
Cast of Characters: Utau Hoshina, Tsubasa Kazanari, Kukai Souma

Utau Hoshina has posed:
    It's a quiet evening in Penguin Park. And a chilly one at that. Perhaps that is why it's less populated tonight, which suits Utau just fine. She's here with her crew as always, their helicopter parked not far away. Utau hasn't been back in town for very long, but she's already being worked to the bone. Afterall, she has to prepare for a big return concert, and they need her in tiptop shape.

    "Brrr, why'd they have to practice out here, anyways?!" grumbles Iru, flitting around her head, shivering in her litte mini skirt and short top. Eru also shivers although not quite so cold in her long angelic dress. "They wanted to get a feel for the place, if it would be a good setup for the concert. It'll be fun!" she smiles sweetly at Iru.

    With a sigh, Utau steps on the stage, although she doesn't use the microphone tonight. They're here mostly for a sound check and stage and lighting set up. The rest will come later. Even so, Sanjou-san continues to flit around her, editing her notes and her music, fussing about her dance routine and compelling Utau to practice her singing voice. It's enough to drive her crazy, especially in her current exhausted state..

    It doesnt' take long for the two of them to start arguing..
Tsubasa Kazanari has posed:
Tsubasa is still recovering from Walpurgisnacht, but the hospital has given her permission to take walks as long as she isn't out too long and uses her crutches. Thus, she's at the park when someone is doing preparations for some kind of concert. Smaller stage than she's used to, but hey, small concerts can be fun too.

So, the idol starts to approach the stage. If the staff is remotely competent they know who she is, they ought to get paid to know the faces of all people reasonably relevant in their field, right? At least Tsubasa assumes that, and she kind of attempts to wander past any and all security and straight for Utau and manager.
Kukai Souma has posed:
Kukai Souma, dressed in a heavy jacket with a hood for Daichi to hang onto, long pants, and a heavy shirt, has taken to jogging through some of the parks as idle exercise from time to time when the world or his text messages aren't on fire. It's fun to see what all's going on out in the world, and sometimes he can see his friends - or find them when they're hiding. Plus more crazy things tend to pop off in the parks, and it means he's more available in case some witch or X-Egg or Shade or... whatever comes up.

So for now, he's moving briskly through the park when he hears the faint sound of arguing in the distance. He slows, walking along and watching for the source, as he turns the corner of the wood-lined path, revealing an outdoor ampitheater with a stage at one end - the source of the arguments. Kukai doesn't immediately recognize either of the two people arguing, neither the girl on-stage nor the woman she's arguing with

Daichi, though, immediately sits up and points, speaking to Kukai. "Hey, Kukai! That girl has two Guardian Characters!"

Kukai nods, scratching the back of his head. "Um. I kinda remember the others telling me something about somebody like that but I wasn't listening. We were off playing in the basketball exhibition, remember? By the time I got back everything was done. What was her name..." He stares at Utau, still near the treeline, Daichi peeking out around his neck to see as well. This gives him a good look at the advancing Tsubasa. "...Huh. Brave girl." Kukai states his inexperience with idols in general with those few words, even though he knows Tsubasa's voice by heart.
Utau Hoshina has posed:
    "Listen, Utau, you've had enough of a break! Time to start working hard! Feel the burn! You're getting rusty already so quit slacking off!"

    Utau glares at her manager a bit tiredly, "Enough, already! It's late and I'm tired! I need a break, Sanjou-san..I've been practicing non-stop all night! My voice is getting hoarse..."

    They both pause, staring immediately at Tsubasa as she comes towards them. Hey, they're both in show business, and so it is no surprise that they instantly recognize another famous songstress.

    "Well, what luck!" Yukari Sanjou beams at Tsubasa. "You must be Tsubasa Kazanari-san! What an honor it is to meet you here! Have you come to join our concert?" And then she smirks as an idea comes to mind, "Better yet, perhaps you can duet with our Utau here!"

    Iru and Eru continue to mutter and shiver..But they pause once they see Kukai, and his guardian char. Not a lot of people have guardian charas that have awakenned. He must be pretty powerful. "Look! Who's that!?" they chime at the same time, and start to flit towards Daichi, peering at him curiously. It seems that the stage hands and Utau's manager don't even notice the little fairies.

    "Hello, have you come to watch the rehearsal?" Eru asks of Daichi in her sweet angelic voice. Iru however, narrows her eyes at him and his owner. "Hm. Who are you guys?" She's sure she's heard rumours of only the Guardians having charas like that, and it even draws Utau's attention, who only briefly peers at Tsubasa before staring at Kukai and Daichi. "A..Guardian..?" she ponders aloud.
Tsubasa Kazanari has posed:
Tsubasa is apparently in fact recognized. "And that'd be Utau Hoshina." Yeah she keeps up, too. She watches the charas flit off towards Daichi, doesn't even hide that she's watching them do that, while resting on her crutches. "I just saw something interesting and decided to stop by." She tells Sanjou-san, "If you want to do a collab, call my manager."

She does, at least, fish out a business card detailing the contact info of her manager, Shinji Ogawa. This is handed to Sanjou-san without much in the way of overly apparent interest, though it's made a little more awkward because of the crutches.
Kukai Souma has posed:
Kukai Souma starts as the two guardian characters flit over to him. Well, there goes 'she probably won't notice you over the argument' out the window. For a moment, his eyes meet Utau's just before he looks at Iru and Eru, far enough away to not be audible onstage. "I didn't know there was anything going on tonight. I was just jogging through the park. My name's Kukai, and this is Daichi. Who're you two, and who's the girl?"

He hears the name Tsubasa Kazanari in the distance and sort of places it as someone popular, but doesn't exactly know it. The moment he hears her open her mouth he starts again and looks past the two perplexed Charas. "Oh. It's Hoodie Girl." Collab. Famous idol. The realization hits Kukai like a pebble out of the sky - a little bolt, right through him. "Oh, jeez."
Utau Hoshina has posed:
    Utau sighs, "Sanjou-san. Give the girl a break, cant you see she's on crutches?"

    Sanjou-san smirks, "Well, at least she's working hard! Alright, I'll give you a 30-minute break. Then we're back to rehearsals!" Sanjou-san takes the card, with a nod and a smile to Tsubasa before she turns and heads back to their makeshift tent. "We'll keep in touch, Kazanari-san! Thanks!"

    With that out of the way, Utau sighs tiredly, rubbing her eyes. She pauses briefly to glance back at Tsubasa, noticing the crutches. Apparently she missed the whole Walpurgis fight, although she'd heard rumours of it. In fact, it was one of the reasons Sanjou had been determined to get out of town for a bit.

    "So. What happened to you? You look in pretty bad shape. Hope your manager doesn't overwork you too." It's supposed to be a joke, but comes off pretty dry at that. She's of course heard of Tsubasa, and she quite enjoys her music, but Utau's also pretty competitive, and she doesn't care much for the interest her manager has in this girl. Certainly, she'd prefer not to duet with her and risk being outshone.

    She peers towards Kukai and the guardian charas with a soft frown. Well they aren't causing any trouble (Iru's usually the one to be concerned about), and so Utau leaves them alone for now. She's quite interested to hear Tsubasa's story, however.

    Eru continues to smile sweetly, curtseying, "Utau returned to town! She's rehearsing for a big concert! By the way, I'm Eru, and this is Iru! We don't see a lot of other Guardian Charas! Nice to meet you! Why dont you drop by and listen to the rehearsal?"

    Iru continues to glare warily at them. "Are you one of the Guardians?" She asks of Kukai outright, continuing to eye him warily. If they knew what Utau was up to, it wouldn't be good.
Tsubasa Kazanari has posed:
Tsubasa gives the same answer the news has gotten, albeit summarized. "I was helping people evacuate at the last minute during the big freak storm when a building fell on me." And she's already back walking, albeit with crutches. Sounds like she got lucky. She turns back to watch the Guardian Charas and Kukai.

... Kukai. Welp, that cat might be out of the bag if he recognizes her voice. At least somewhat. "So do you and your manager always fight like that? You should get a better manager in that case." Tsubasa may just have gotten a little lucky with hers, but then her relationship to her manager is a bit unusual. "If she's not looking out for your best interests, she's not a good manager."
Kukai Souma has posed:
Kukai Souma doesn't entirely remember the story Tadase told him but he remember the general gist. The girl is trouble, even if she looks exhausted and annoyed at the moment. "Utau, huh? I don't see many other people with Guardian Charas either. Nice to~" And then Eru asks him straight out. If she's wondering, but doesn't know... Kukai winks at the little devil girl Chara, and his nose might be a little pointier than usual. "Guardians? Who are they? You really shouldn't give people you've just met such a stink-eye, they might think you don't like anyone."

He looks back to the girls to see them both looking at him. He grins weakly and nods to the two of them, waving with one hand from mid-height.
Utau Hoshina has posed:
    Utau listens intently to Tsubasa's story, quite surprised when she mentions the building falling on her. "Really?" Eyes widen in shock and concern. "An entire building fell on you..And you lived to tell the tale? That's pretty impressive. You must be tougher than you look." She frowns, "Freak storm, huh. No wonder Sanjou-san wanted me out of town for a bit. I'd heard the rumours but..That must have been some storm to knock over buildings.."

    When Tsubasa speaks ill of Sanjou, Utau merely smirks and shrugs her shoulders slightly, "Sanjou's a good person and she really does look out for me. She just likes to drive me hard sometimes. Sometimes a little too hard. She's a perfectionist and so am I. I guess I'm just a little tired from my trip. We just returned to Japan yesterday afterall."

    Meanwhile, Iru continues to eye Kukai warily. "You really dont know? That's interesting." Hmm, he's got potential, but his egg already hatched, so he cant possess the embryo, however. Still, if he's got a guardian chara, even if he's not a Guardian, he could be a potential candidate which would spell trouble for Utau and Easter's plans for her.

    "Awwe, come on, Iru-chan, don't be so uptight! Kukai-san! Why dont you come say hello to Utau-chan? She really is very nice, even if she's pretty uptight. I think she could do with a few friends!" and she gently tugs on his sleeve, eager for Utau to socialize more with people.
Tsubasa Kazanari has posed:
"I'm leaving out some details to keep it short, that makes it sound more impressive than it is." Tsubasa deflects the tough comments, she's got no use for being perceived as tough, and focuses instead on commenting on the managers again. "If your manager is making you rehearse when your throat is already sore, she's not looking out for you. You'll ruin your voice that way."
Kukai Souma has posed:
Kukai Souma is pretty sure that if he approaches the two idols there'll be a body guard or security guard or someone leap out of the bushes and drag him off. However, it'd be interesting to talk to her up close, and bravery is reaching into the lion's jaw while he's watching, right? And Kukai is no chicken. "OK, sure." Daichi has left his position on Kukai's shoulder to get a better look at Eru and Iru, giving them both a thumbs-up and a wide smile when they look at him.

Kukai echoes the smile of his Chara when he gets close to the two girls. "Hello! Wow, this is a lot of stuff going on tonight. Putting on a show tomorrow?"
Utau Hoshina has posed:
    Utau nods slowly to Tsubasa's reasoning. "I suppose so. That's why I'm taking a break. I just need to find a good stall to grab something to drink. My throat's parched." Yes, perhaps Sanjou-san really is working her too hard, but Utau's pretty sure it's because she wants her to pull out a chara-change and experiment more with using Iru to draw out X-eggs, like they had practiced before when they got a potential lead on that Embryo.

    "Well, I cant be soft now, either. I just have to practice harder. All I can say is that I believe in Sanjou-san. I'm curious to see your manager however, Kanazari-san. I'd love to see you in concert too. I've heard some of your music, it's pretty good. Do you have a band too, or do you just play alone?"

    She continues to keep an eye on her guardian chars, hoping they're not causing trouble. "Come on, why dont you join me for a drink? I think there's a coffee shop up ahead." And she starts to walk towards her guardian charas, deciding she should treat them too. Afterall, Iru's been working pretty hard, even if Utau's barely made use of Eru's chara-change.

    They meet up with Kukai halfway, and fortunately no security guards pop out this time; Sanjou-san knows how difficult Utau can be when she's trailed all the time by the security guards, and so she's allowed Utau some private time - albeit limited. She nods towards Kukai and his guardian chara.

    "Oh, hello. It seems my..Friends have become acquainted with you." She nods. "Indeed, we were just doing a rehearsal. However, the concert wont be for a few days yet." Utau deliberately keeps it vague, uncertain if Tsubasa can even see Eru and Iru, or knows what she's talking about.

    She certainly hasnt seen any guardian charas flitting around Tsubasa, although she is curious to know what would happen if she drew out her X-egg. Definitely something she will have to try later, in less populated areas. For now, it's good to get to know this girl.
Tsubasa Kazanari has posed:
Tsubasa does her best to pay the Charas no mind, and does her best to pretend she has no clue who Kukai is. This she does by not talking to the boy at all, in a kind of archetypical popular girl way, head held high and walking past him. ... or well, until Utau ruins that plan by talking to Kukai.

"I have musical backing, but that's it." Tsubasa neglects to mention she was part of Zwei Wing, until death did them part. It's been years. "Do you have a band?" Still not talking to Kukai, though there's at least a reluctant greeting nod.
Kukai Souma has posed:
Kukai Souma smiles and nods to Utau. "Yeah, I think we have a couple of aquainted friends. It looks like a lot of trouble - I hope they do the concert in two or three sections, so everybody gets a chance to see it." He walks along with them to the stalls, staying a respectful distance away from Utau and Tsubasa. "I'll have to come back when it happens and listen in."

Once they reach the stalls, though, Kukai steps forward. "Please. It'd be an honor to pay for you both. Next time you can pay for me, all right?"

Daichi is floating in between Iru and Eru, looking several times more nervous around them than Kukai is around Utau and Tsubasa, but he's staying right where he's at for now.
Utau Hoshina has posed:
    "Yeah, I have a band, but it's just musical backing really." Utau nods, "Black Diamond is our band name, however, I cant say I know the instrumentalists that well. It seems that my brother Ikuto may be joining our band pretty soon too, if he wishes."

    She sighs. "It would be nice to have friends in the band.." But of course, Utau doesn't really have many friends aside from fanatical fans. It would be nice to get to know Tsubasa better.

    Glancing over at Kukai, she's relieved to see that Tsubasa doesnt seem to notice them. But if that's the case, perhaps she doesn't have a very strong heart's egg. But there will be plenty of time to determine that later.

    She looks over at Kukai, examining his guardian chara with more interest than him even. Hmm..He looks like he could be pretty strong. She wonders what he's capable of? But it's difficult right now to determine if he's a guardian or not.

    "Hm. There will be intermissions for sure. I believe there will be a barbeque set up too." Hey, they need time for Utau to recover for her grande finale. And a chance to capture another X-egg or two, of course, under cover of the barbeque.

    "I hope you will bring your friends to the concert too. It'll be a special, free event this time, although there will be a nominal fee for the barbeque. Not much though."

    Iru continues to eye Daichi even as Eru flits around Utau and Tsubasa, peering over Tsubasa curiously. "So!" Iru ponders aloud, addressing Daichi, "Do you have chara friends? I wanna meet 'em too! It gets boring not being seen by anyone else but Eru! I wanna meet others like us!" She begins to punch and kick the air boredly. She certainly wants some action it seems! It's been too quiet lately!
Tsubasa Kazanari has posed:
Eventually either this facade is going to crack or this conversation is going to end, it's a question which will be first. Tsubasa keeps pretty much ignoring both Kukai and the Charas. "I can pay for myself, thank you." That's the only thing Tsubasa tells Kukai. Which of course may make her ignoring him all the more infuriating since he realizes where they met.

"I don't do duo acts anymore, just special collabs and even then not too often." She nibs any ideas of joining Utau's band in the bud while making sure that it's clear it's nothing personal. "Your music isn't half bad, though."
Kukai Souma has posed:
Kukai Souma hmphs, but then nods. He remembers. And then as he's turned, digging in his jacket pocket for his wallet, he nearly bites his tongue as Utau mentions her brother Ikuto. There's a name he's more familiar with. Good grief. The idle thought of them having a dad named Lucifer, or a kijo for a mother, crosses his mind. Utau mentions his friends and Kukai nods, chuckling. "I don't think we'd miss it, even as cold as it's been lately!"

Daichi has settled back onto Kukai's shoulder as Utau looks over at him. He grins, his nervousness suddenly passing, and gives the idol a big thumbs up. He looks over at Iru and nods. "Oh yeah, lots! I'll bring them to meet you when the concert's done!"
Utau Hoshina has posed:
    Utau smirks and nods in agreement to Tsubasa. "Of course. I would never expect a potential competition to join forces with me." Actually she was talking about her own musical backup. But now she rather regrets saying that aloud, making her seem somehow 'weak'.

    "Mostly, it's Sanjou-san's idea. But I disagree. I'll stand just fine on my own." She coughs a bit and it seems her throat really is a bit dry. "I can also pay for myself, so don't worry about it. I only have a 30 minute break though, so I'd better make it quick."

    Utau can't help but notice something odd going on with the way Tsubasa is ignoring talking directly to Kukai. Is he another rabid fan of Tsubasa's? Utau knows how irritating that can be, but she cant help but ask the question.

    "Do you two already know each other then?"

    As for Iru, she just grins wickedly at Daichi, rubbing her hands together conspiratorily. "Excellent! Cant wait to meet 'em and have some fun!" Eru sure doesnt have a devil for a dad, but Iru just might!
Tsubasa Kazanari has posed:
Dang, Utau just had to ask that, didn't she? Now Tsubasa has to either answer that question or figure out a way to ignore that one, too. She decides on offering forth a blatant lie. "No, never met him, but I don't make it a habit to hang out with fans. It sends the wrong impression." That really doesn't add up.
Kukai Souma has posed:
Kukai Souma lets out a long breath and instead of replying to Utau comments to Tsubasa. "Good thing I'm not a big fan, then." He nods to Utau. "Maybe better off not working with her, yeah?" He hmms. "Actually, it's been very nice meeting you both, but there's a sudden chill in the air. Good luck at the concert, Utau-san. Tsubasa-san." He nods to them both, then grins to Utau's Charas. "Sit on her head for me, willya?" He pulls his hoodie back up and turns to make his way off, trying to keep himself from breaking into a sprint or pulling out his phone or anything else that would give him away. He's pretty sure they can both hear his heart beating across the amphitheater, though.
Utau Hoshina has posed:
    Utau nods, eager to see Kukai's chara friends. "Likewise. I hope you will come to the concert and bring your friends." She's about to buy that drink with Tsuabasa, when Sanjou-san calls her again and she quickly frowns. "Well, looks like my break time's up already. It was nice meeting you, Kazanari-san. I'm sure we'll cross paths again." and with that, Utau hurries off to return to her late night practice.