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Oh, Koi!
Date of Scene: 19 February 2016
Location: Uminari City - Tako Cafe
Synopsis: Reiko ruminates on a bad day. Rena Sakai tries to make it better!
Cast of Characters: Reiko Touyama, Rena Sakai

Reiko Touyama has posed:
Reiko Touyama was sitting at a bench at the area for the Tako Cafe in front of the amusement park. She looked somewhere in between depression and eagerness. Moreose maybe. On one hand, Riventon was a huge massive jerk who made a /shadow clone/ of herself. On the other, in a few hours she'd be attending a surprise Birthday party!

She tapped on the table, she'd not ordered anything, except what appeared to be a lemonade-- it had a lemon slice wedged into the end of the cup.

A tiny, magical orange koi appeared in the cup, wearing a scuba mask and snorkel (because of course it did even though it was a fish) and waved spastically from inside the lemonade. Reiko wasn't drinking it fast and the ice was slowly watering down the lemonade.

"Ugh. Get outta there.." she mumbles.

Yeah, her koi were trying to cheer her up. Sometimes this worked. Sometimes it didn't.

This was a little too much today for it to work immediatly.
Rena Sakai has posed:
What a day. It's actually rather nice today so don't need a heavy coat. Just a light one. So, the rather happy go lucky girl known as Rena Sakai is actually just going for a walk. Yes! She does this sometimes. At least what could be considered a walk. In Reality it's a skip. She's is just happily skipping along. Making her way wherever her feet carry her. The weather and everything just make it feel nice right now.

On she goes. Oh Look! The Theme Park! She skips her way towards that and just looks in watching the rides going and the people on the rides. Its always fun to see the new rides they put up. This one is a cool roller coaster, "Oh That is so Shiny!!! I wanna Ride it!!!" She goes for her pockets finds a little money. No where near enough to get into the park though. Tomorrow she will get her allowance though so maybe she can come back sometime.

Happily she turns around and starts to skip away. Then she sees it. "CAFE!" She squees and skips her way towards that then. She goes right past Reiko and for a moment she thinks she sees something. "Nopenopenopenope!!! I didn't just see any flying kois!" Then to the counter to buy some tea and some yummy snacks.
Reiko Touyama has posed:
Reiko Touyama grumbles and taps the cup and the koi poofs away, then appears outside of the cup and looks /sassy/ like it doesn't want to do what Reiko wants. Then a girl passes and insists she sees no flying koi. Reiko blinks at this. The koi looks at this and also blinks, the two's movements becoming one for a moment.

"Huh...?" she asks a bit.

She takes a sip of her Lemonade. That's a strange girl. Wait.

She can see the koi. >,>

Then why is she insists she can't see them?

She just sort of...stares. For a moment. Along with her koipal.
Rena Sakai has posed:
Rena Sakai gets her tea and a couple cookies! She turns herself around and is about to take a seat. At least she is walking at the moment. Her attention drifts back to the floating koi who is stareing at her. As well as the girl too. "Okay, just to be clear, There is not a koi floating at about right here right?" She holds her cookies just above eye level. Right about where the koi is actually floating. She blushes a little bit. "Sorry! Forget it!"

Quickly she moveso ver to a seat and plops down. Happily she sips some of her tea. Nibbling a bit of her cookie, she puts the thoughts of her waining sanity out of her head. First Fairies? Now Koi? What next? Floating talking plushies who dress in a top hat and a dress coat?
Reiko Touyama has posed:
The koipal looks on blankly, then bloops! Reiko Touyama softly blinks. "Oh...so you can see them too. Huh." she says softly. The girl seems surprised. Usually, if they're a magical girl, too-- it's less jarring. Maybe she's just like Grandpa then? Regardless, it's enough she's not going to ask silly magical questions- but she does seem to confirm that the koi floating there is real.

She takes another sip.

"Why sorry?" she asks with a blink. "Are you not used to seeing things or something?" she asks, head tilting.

"No worries! My Grandpa can see 'em too." she says. She sips!

"Um.. I'm Reiko Touyama!" she says with a soft matter of fact nod!
Rena Sakai has posed:
Rena Sakai giggles happily but maybe not so happy. "Oh no. First it was Fairies and now Koi? And they are real!? Thats cool, I umm... Well I think. I'm not losing my mind!" She laughs a little and then manages to pull herself together.

Happily she sips her tea and then takes a bite of her cookie. "Mmmmm Yum! Oh I'm Rena Sakai! I'm a Second Year at Seishou Public School! Nice to meet you Reiko!" She gathers her things and moves over beside the girl with the koi.

Happily she pops open a container and gives Reiko a yummy chocolate chocolate chip muffin! "Here you go!" She giggles a little. "I make goodies every morning before school so I can give them to my friends!"
Reiko Touyama has posed:
Reiko Touyama head tilts, yeah definitly not a magical type. "Farires?" she asks as she taps her chin. She hrmmmms. She shrugs a bit. She blinks a bit and head tilts as Rena moves next to her. She has a muffin forced upon her and she blinks at it. "Oh--um. Thanks, Rena-san." she says softly as she lifts the muffin and takes a bite of it. She hrmms.

"It's good!" she says with a nod. She takes another sip of her lemonade. Her koi dissapears in a soft orange pop.

"I'm just a little upset. They tend to appear and try to cheer me up when I'm upset." she says softly.

"Just... stuff..." she mutters. Yeah stuff.

"I'm in fourth grade." she says. "I'm 11 today. Actually!" she beams.
Rena Sakai has posed:
Rena Sakai gasps, "Its your Birthday?!" SHe beams bounces in her seat. "Happy birthday!!!!" She cheers. Yes she is a smidge crazy but that could be worse. She could be seeing things. "OH umm. Yeah! I was getting ingredients on the boardwalk. I ran into someone and they had two fairies! One fell in the water so I rescued it!"

She stetches a little. "Things are just really weird lately. I've never seen anything like the fairies before. Now the Koi. I am pretty sure no one else can see these things except the people they are around. Its freaking me out a little, I guess!" She shrugs a little and finishes off one of her cookies
Reiko Touyama has posed:
Reiko Touyama nods. "Usually...people can't see them unless. Um." she says. "Something I can't talk abou!" she says with a short smile. "But they're harmless, they're just goofy." she says softly. She nods matter of factly. "No need to rescue them though, they come and go and no two are the same koi. They're kinda like...."

"Constructs?" she says.

"They seem to take my emotional state into it at least." she says softly.

"Well.. there's no reason to be scared, but... if something seems to be hurting something.. you um. You run, okay?" she says a little worriedly.

It's really all she can say on the subject. Run away- to someone who is obviously not a magical girl.

"I've seen fairies before though." she nods matter of factly. She doesn't mention her talking bird friends. Nope.
Rena Sakai has posed:
Rena Sakai blinks a few times and nods. "Ohhh. I guess I am weird then! Could be worse!" She giggles a little and turns her attention to the Roller Coaster again.

"That thing is so cool! I am so going to ride that Roller Coaster when I can. It looks like a lot of fun!" She sips her tea, finishing it before she turns her attention to what she was being told. "Something hurting someone? Why would something be hurting anyone?" She asks curiously,
Reiko Touyama has posed:
Reiko Touyama looks to the Roller Coaster. "You've never been on it? Ugh. I can't stomach it, it always makes me queasy..." she says as she holds her stomach. Ugh! @,@. A koi appears and mimics this over her right shoulder. She sighs and shakes her head and smiles.

Then she pauses a bit.

"Just... like..."

"My koi... and.. the fairies you meant. They didn't 'feel' wrong, or dangerous to you, right like?"

"It might had been weird but... you didn't feel as if they meant to hurt you... right?" she asks.
Rena Sakai has posed:
Rena smiles, "But that's whaty makes it fun! You are safe when you are riding it but it doesn't feel that way. I got to ride other roller coasters and stuff. They are super duper fun!"

That is about the time she sees the koi imitating Reiko. Rena just laughs her butt off! That is about the cutest thing she could imagine.

She reaches down into her bag and pulls out another muffin. This one she nibbles on it. Quietly she listens to the girl asking questions concerning her koi and the fairies. She shrugs and shakes her head, "Nope. They seem nice. I don't feel like they are evil or anything."

She giggles a little. "No! They didn't. Mean to hurt me. I showed the fairies a magic trick!" She giggles. some more over that one.
Reiko Touyama has posed:
Reiko Touyama nods. "Well..sometimes. You will feel like something means to harm you.. or... 'is evil'." she says softly. "Like something feels wrong but you can't place it. That's when you should leave." she says softly. "It means things could get bad soon." she says.

She looks down and back up. "I'm not trying to scare you just. If.. you can see these things. It must mean something, right? I mean... no one else can. But you can. So..." she shrugs.

"It doesn't sound like anything exciting has happened to you before like this?..." she asks.
Rena Sakai has posed:
Rena Sakai listens carefully, "You mean, stuff like that weird girl on the radio was talking about a few weeks ago? The one on Infinity University Radio? I thought that was all a joke but, I guess she was right about the weird weather, still it is fiction right?"

She thinks a few moments and then speaks again, "Umm I've never felt anything like that. I just never encountered anything I guess."

Then there is that last question. "I've always just tried to do what my mom and dad taught me. Follow my heart and be myself. Does that help at all?"
Reiko Touyama has posed:
Reiko Touyama nods. "Yeah. That factors a lot, actually..." she says silently. "Just listen to your gut!" she says with a soft series of nod and smile.

She head tilts. "So these 'fairies' you saw. They were following someone around, right?" she says. "What did they look like?" she ponders, tapping her chin a bit.

"Maybe I've met them..." she says.
Rena Sakai has posed:
Rena smiles, "Oh One looked like a cute little angel, the other looked looked like a cute little devil! It was kinda funny really." She smiles a little. She doesn't mention the fact that the person they were around was a pop idol who just wanted to some peace.

She quietly thinks out loud. "I wonder. Wouldn't it be cool to be like those Magical Girls in the video games and mangas? I think it would be fun!" She may be a touch scatterbrained.
Reiko Touyama has posed:
Reiko Touyama says. "I guess It would. But. Don't you think it'd be hard, too?..." she asks softly. "I mean, it's magical and fun and you'd make a lot of friends..." there's some underlying truth there. "But... what about the bad parts?..." she asks. "What about the scary enemies?..." she asks softly. "..and the terrible things they do to people...?" she asks a little seriously, almost as if there's some underlying experience there.


She says. "You are already special, regardless, Rena-san!" she pauses. "I mean...!" she backtracks. "EVERYONE is special!" she nods matter of factly, so does the koi! Nod nod nod!

"But.. not everyone can see fairies, or my koi. I know I couldn't see these things until a particular day that's special to me- and my life has changed a lot because of it!" she says.

"--but I know I wouldn't /wish/ it on my worst enemy on purpose..." she admits.
Rena Sakai has posed:
Rena Sakai giggles a little, "It would be awesome. And even in the scariest times, you know that you will come out on top! Good always wins right?" One too many mangas here! "Yes! friends! I love making friends. I like trying to make friends with everyone. It makes things more fun! Its sorta why I make treats for people. Its just to make friends and to be nice. Making friends and cooking things, It all fills me with joy and I like to share that!" She pauses. "I guess it could be scary but, that is why Magical girls are there, to stop them from hurting people right?"

She shakes her head, "I'm not special really, I'm just a crazy girl who sees things. I should probably not mention it because someone might try to put me in a loony bin. That would be really dull."Why not! Whats the opposite of Shiny after all?

"What happened?" She asks curiously. "If it was such a special day why wouldn't you wish it on your worst enemy?" She asks. This is all really confusing!
Reiko Touyama has posed:
Reiko Touyama thinks about this....

Griselda almost killing her, only barely avoiding this due to dumb luck.

Riventon doing terrible things to Ayana-chan to the point they had to rip her away from him to save her, tooth and nail.

Tuxedo Kamen being killed and somehow brought back as some sort of darkness infused jerk to be used against his friends.

How many times has the World almost been destroyred the past six months. Three!?

She sighs a bit. "I---" she looks down. "I think it's important, to belive you can win." she says down, and it's all she can say, she really doesn't have the heart to say that 'No, sometimes you don't always win, or sometimes winning has a price tag attached to it.'

She nods. "Yeah. That's why. They're there. I guess." she says. Her koi has gotten CONSIDERABLY more mopey. Reiko herself now seems a little down.

"I guess I could imagine it'd be stressful to deal with is all." she says. An understatment for Rena's sake of course. She head tilts.

"Oh--yeah. Don't tell anyone else that you know can't see them. They will look at you reallly odd." she giggles a bit.
Rena Sakai has posed:
Oh no! She's made her new friend down. Can't have that! But what can Rena do to undo this! Of course she is wondering why she is down but hey, priorities. Quickly she reaches into her bag and pulls out a cookie. Its chocolate chip. "Okay watch closely. I am going to make this cookie disappear and then reappear!"

Quickly she takes a napkin and unfolds it. Holding the cookie out in her hand, she covers both up. "Ready. 1. 2. 3!" On three she pulls the napkin away with a flourish and the cookie is gone. discreetly the cookie is moved while Reiko is a little distracted. She then shows her empty hands.

Quickly she palms the cookie again. "But where will it turn up? This trick always confuses me! I never know where the cookie will end up. I know! Check your pockets. Sometimes it finds it's way there." Will it be there? No.
Reiko Touyama has posed:
Reiko Touyama seems down, yes, but this is her default mood when something is bothering her she can't talk about instantly. She'll bug Hoshi later and feel better talking about it. She does look up as she takes out a cookie and she eyes it. She takes a sip of her lemonade and she seems distracted when she covers it with a napkin, luckily, her koi is also distracted by this and when she lifts the napkin...

It's gone. She blinks. "That's a neat trick..." she says softly. Her koi looks amazed! Fins to the side of it's 'face'.

She's asked to check her pocket and she checks her left one. Nothing in there. >,>

"Uh?" she asks.
Rena Sakai has posed:
Rena frowns, "Well. So much for that. Thanks for checking." She gently pats Reiko's head and then, she simply starts laughing a little. "Oh there it is. It was on your head the whole time!" She giggles a little. "I bet it took cover in your hair. The cookies do that sometime." She winks playfully.

She winks playfully then just giggles a little. "I used to want to be a stage magician. I alwayd thought it was really fun to keep people guessing! I started learning but I sorta lost interest. I took up some other entertaining hobbies. I love making people smile."
Reiko Touyama has posed:
Reiko Touyama she blinks and indeed, her hair is bouncy and big enough to hide a cookie. She blinks and reaches up up, as she blinks down at it. She giggles. She breaks the cookie in half and she gives half to her koi, who takes it and then dissapears somewhere behid Reiko's back. It doesn't come back up.

She head tilts as she looks down at her lemonade and then back up.

"Well why did you loose intrest..?" she asks softly.

"What else do you do then?" she asks softly. "I draw a lot..." she says softly.
Rena Sakai has posed:
"I'm a member of the Drama club. I act and sing. I dance a little. I also cook and bake! I just enjoy bringing smiles to people's faces. Well sometimes when I play the villain I don't bring as many smiles but its still fun to see people enjoying themselves at a show. Plus villains always get the best songs!"

Rena giggles at the thought of that. "I like playing a villain on stage sometimes. I wouldn't make it as one in Real Life though. I mean who could be that much of a jerk and just want to hurt people. Thats kinda sick!"
Reiko Touyama has posed:
Reiko Touyama says. "Yo..you'd be surprised." she says softly. "There's.. all sorts... of bad people out there, Rena-san." she says softly. "One I know... just does it because it's /fun/ and he just wants to /experiment/.." she mutters. She sort of clasps her hands together. She wilts again...

"I guess I'm going to be honest... since. It seems you want to know things? but... I'm tired of just acting like you're making me sad because it isn't your fault either..." she says.

"But... that magical girl thing you mentioned earlier? Well... they exist. It's how I know about some of this stuff even." she says.

"--but..." she says. "There really are bad people out there. Really really bad evil people." she says softly.

"It's why I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.. you know..?" she says.
Rena Sakai has posed:
Rena Sakai blinks a few times. "You're pulling my leg!" She exclaims as she looks Reiko over. It could explain the Koi... She ponders this for a moment or two. "So Magical girls are real, and apparently you are one." Its a little difficult to take in, But she does get it. She thinks for a few moments.

"Wait so there are villains like that?! Oh gods who would do stuff like that?! What a sick jerk! I hope you kicked his butt!" She states pondering a bit. She thinks about it, "Wait so you are a Magical Girl. You were dealing with a bad guy. Reiko, you shouldn't be down. No matter how bad it got, You can make the difference! You have the power to do that!" She smiles super bright.

"Think about it. There is a reason you were made a Magical Girl. You seem like a really wonderful person and that alone makes you awesome in my book but you also have the power to change things. I believe you can do it!"

She gives a warm smile. "I guess it must be pretty bad if you wouldn't want anyone to be like you. Though I think there are worse things."
Reiko Touyama has posed:
Reiko Touyama looks down...

"There's this jerk, okay? He's an evil scientist I guess. Well.. he had a-- 'sister' he created- and sent her off to pretend to be a magical girl to learn about them... except. When she did. She started making friends... and fell in love... and lots of other good things. She had to do decide between... her friends and love, and her brother and it tore her apart--- and when her brother found out. Well he was a posseive jerk. She was nothing but property to him. He did something really bad to her-- and it changed her. Something like filling her with--- 'dark energy'. We had to.. free her. By force. And she was scared. So we broke her bond to him. By force. She didn't really want that but-- she was hurting. She deserved to make her own choices and-- and make friends! and- and be in love if she wants!" she says.

"... so.. this jerk knows I was involved because I was smary to him. He made a-- shadow version of myself. It was really strange and now I guess I have some sort of evil twin? I don't know..." she says a little sulked. "I just hope I saw the last of it."

She closes her eyes and looks down again. "Yeah.. I guess I am." she says. "Ha..."

"I'm sorry. You're.. not really involved I guess and I'm not trying to trying to scare you..." she says ashamedly. "Just... it isn't really, as glamrous as manga and anime and movies." she says. "Sometimes it is..." she says.

"Like.. how my friend fell in love? It was really romantic, they shared this deep emotional bond by accident. Sometimes I wish something like that would happen to me but... I don't think it will." she says softly.

"All I get are... jerks making shadow clones of myself... my friend chasing her missing mom and the person I did like scooped up by someone more magical and cooler than me..." she says with a sigh.
Rena Sakai has posed:
Rena Sakai smiles a little, "I know what my parents would tell me so I am going to tell you the same thing. Just be yourself. Its okay to be afraid. Its alright to be worried and to feel like running away. But remember, You are special and you have the ability to change how things are happening. Think about it. This jerk made a copy of you. A dark version, If my knowledge of plays and entertainment has taught me anything, that double is a part of you. It is probably the parts you really don't like but if you can accept and overcome those parts you can easily take down this double. Even the nasty parts are a part of who you are. The good and bad. The joys and pains. You don't have to like them but it is still you right?"

She smirks, "You are younger then me and you are worried about never falling in love? Goodness girl! You are not dead yet. You have time. Someone could come in and just sweep you off your feet before you ever know what happened. None of us know when love will happen. All you can do is keep yourself happy until it does right? Find something that brings joy to your life and you will be set!"
Reiko Touyama has posed:
Reiko Touyama sighs and just shakes her head. "I hate when people tell me that.. 'I'm so young, why do you even care about boys'..." she says. "It's like... people act like there's a ticket you get when you turn thirteen or somethin and you have to have that ticket for that." she huffs and crosses her arms.

"I don't think that's going to happen to me..." she says softly.

She gets up. "I have to go get ready for a surprise party tonight..." she says. "Well.. surprise in that I dunno who's holding it for me!" she beams. "I just hope it's gonna be fun, gonna help take my mind off stuff , you know?" she says softly.

"It was nice meeting you Rena-san..." she says.

"I'm sorry if you're scared now...I didn't mean to do that. But it sounds like you're taking it well at least..." she says with a smile.
Rena Sakai has posed:
Rena Sakai smiles a little, "I didn't mean it like that. I haven't had a boyfriend yet and I'm four years older then you! Its okay. You just keep going. Keep swimming right? Just like a Koi." She says with a wink.

Then she stands up and gives a polite bow. "The pleasure was mine Reiko-san. You be safe and just be yourself." She beams a little. "Oh and don't worry. I'm not scared. There is nothing bad here at the moment and I'm pretty sure I won't ever be a target for bad stuff."
Reiko Touyama has posed:
Reiko Touyama bows back. "Okay..." she smiles. "Just remember.. someone will help if there is trouble. Stuff like that tugs on nearby hearts. It's why bad things draw heroes like moths to flame." she giggles.

"I really need to go though now, be well, Rena-san." she says softly. Then, off she goes!