1096/Worried Warnings and Good Natured Teasing

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Worried Warnings and Good Natured Teasing
Date of Scene: 23 February 2016
Location: Hisakata Residences
Synopsis: Reiko finds out some distressing news about Misa and goes to Ikiko and Ayana for support. They talk about crushes afterwards and then a sleepover!
Cast of Characters: Reiko Touyama, Ikiko Hisakata, Ayana

Reiko Touyama has posed:
Reiko at some point in the afternoon sent a series of texts to Ikiko. All worried, until she answers. 'Ikiko, I need to talk to you.' 'Ikiko we need to talk it's about Misa.' 'Ikiko...please...'. Ikiko probably had her phone off- so it's not like her failure to respond was intentional- but eventually, Reiko Touyama found herself looking around carefully- following along onto the grounds of the Hisakata compound-- where she felt obtensily more safe. She looked like a mess. It'd looked a little like she was crying at some point fairly recently-- but otherwise seemed healthy. She put on her best faux smile for 'dealing with Ikiko's parents purposes' but found her way eventually, to Ikiko's room.

She just stands there quietly...shaking a bit. "M-is---" she says. "Maeko..." she corrects. But that's all she gets out. She looks like she's about to passout hardcore. Did she even get any sleep?
Ikiko Hisakata has posed:
Ikiko Hisakata could probably be excused for forgetting to turn her phone back on once she got home after school; discovering that you have phantom ears and a tail is a bit distracting, after all! But the arrival of Reiko -- and the condition that Reiko's in -- bumps even that from her mind.

"What happened, Reiko?" Ikiko asks. "Did Maeko try attacking you? Is she planning on another bizarre party?" Then, after taking a close look at her friend's eyes, she adds, "And when was the last time you slept?"
Reiko Touyama has posed:
Reiko Touyama looks around for Ayana, but doesn't see her yet. That's okay. She does eye Ikiko's tail and ears-- which... isn't really odd for her to see because she knows Ikiko is also a wolfgirl. She'd probably squee about how this is super cute and now Ayana and her can be a matching set even with the ears and tail goin on!

But all it gets from Reiko right now is a passing glance and a blink. Her eyes are really tired. Really sad.

"Maeko told me what she did to Misa's parents.. not--not her adoptive parents. That she made them... go away. So they couldn't hurt Misa anymore...but...but...Misa said they never hurt her...! I..I..." she just begins shaking a bit.

"I dunno what to do.... what if she comes after mine..or..or my grandpa!? Wha.. what if..."
Ikiko Hisakata has posed:
Ikiko Hisakata steps up and hugs Reiko. "All I can think of is that Maeko has a distorted view of what counts as 'hurt'," she murmurs. "Which might have something to do with Maeko's past, for all I know."
Ayana has posed:
Ayana emerges from the kitchen wearing a bit of a scowl. The girl is dressed in a pair of blue bike shorts and a heather grey teeshirt, but the teeshirt is--mostly--soaking wet. "Stupid dishes always getting me wet!" she grumbles unhappily as she stomps towards her bedroom shared with Ikiko. But wait! Ikiko is here! And ther eis also Reiko!

Ayana blinks in surprise, and her fox-like ears flicker forwards, tilted so that they can focus directly on the pair. "Reiko-chan~!" she says in a sing-song voice. "Why are you uspet? Are you still mad because your girlfriend was mean to you on your birthday?" The oblivious kitsune crosses the room to join in hugging Reiko. (And she hugs Ikiko at the same time; and maybe slips a finger into Reiko's pockets to fish for jerky. She's not the best at this friendship thing.)
Reiko Touyama has posed:
Reiko is hugged, both by Ikiko, and the arriving Ayana. The hug is weak. More of them than it is her at the moment. Reiko, for the first Ayana has ever tried to 'steal jerky', finds that the pocket is empty of jerky-based items-- or any food- for that matter.

"S--she isn't my girlfriend...!" she says a little upset--- but it doesn't seem at this as she just buries her head into her hands.

However, the upset tone doesn't seem to be at Ayana because it continues into her explanation to Ayana. "Maeko told me she made Misa's parents dissapear..." she says softly. "Her real parents. Not her adopted parents..." she says.

"I don't know what to do... I thought I did. I thought this was going to be okay but--but... how can I even fix that!?" she says. She collapses downwards a bit to the bed. She did not appear to notice Ayana checking her pocket or she'd probably make an offhanded apology for the lack of jerky, though the lack of jerky may be a good signifier of how upset Reiko is-- because even when Ayana was evil she had jerky in her pocket.
Ikiko Hisakata has posed:
"By starting with fixing what you can, thenfixing more from there," Ikiko points out. "Lore often talks about how certain things caused by a curse can be undone by unraveling the mystery of the curse, then putting it to rights."

Inside, Ikiko couldn't help but wonder: what if there's more to Maeko than just a curse? What if the knowledge and lore she has from being a Hisakata isn't going to be as much of a help as her ability to become Tsukiko? But Reiko needs more reassurance than what saying that would bring, so she stays silent on her inner concerns.

But they still worry her.
Ayana has posed:
Ayana's fingers come back empty, and she stares at them with complete surprise. For a moment, the kitsune doesn't seem to even know what to say. Reiko always has jerky!

Dumbfounded, Ayana turns to regard Reiko, and it's then that she seems to realise that her friend is really, actually hurting, and badly. Ayana's ears droop downwards along the side of her head, confused and uncertain of herself.

"You cannot fix everything," Ayana notes gently. "You shouldn't try. Trying to fix everything will only hurt you and break more things than it helps. You didn't fix my relationship with my master," she points out. "I loved him very much, and I still love him. I wish you had found a way to make him not evil, so I could have stayed with him. But you couldn't do that. So you did what you could, and now I'm free."

Ayana tilts her head a little, then reaches up to gently pet Reiko on the head, just like she would like if she were that close to crying. "Do what you can, Reiko-chan. It will be enough."
Reiko Touyama has posed:
Reiko Touyama frowns. "Well he can't use the threat of unmaking you to make you do anything you don't want to do now..." she says. "Now your choices are you own! Just... just don't let him do that! Don't let him do something like that ever again!" she says with wide eyes.

She sniffs. "I thought Maeko was hurting too... she's upset because she was an abanonded toy and she gets upset when toys are abandoned and--and I get that I guess! I buy broken fish plush from a second hand store sometimes... and fix them. Because nobody really think fish are cute besides me..." she says.

"But.. but is it even worth trying to save if.. if she's kil....."

She just sort of closes her eyes. She sighs.

"I'm sorry." she says. "I know I sound pretty hopeless. It's just hard after.. after this week..." she mutters.
Ikiko Hisakata has posed:
Ikiko Hisakata hugs Reiko again. "We can at least work on saving Misa," she points out. "Get Maeko out of her, then we can figure out what to do about Maeko. One step at a time, Reiko-chan."
Ayana has posed:
"If she's killed someone?" Ayana asks, finishing the sentence for Reiko without any worries about it. "So what? Does killing someone make you irredemable? Is there some mystical line that you can't come back from? I don't think there is," Ayana notes, a little forcefully. "You can always save someone, if you try hard enough. We can always forgive. So it doesn't matter what Maeko did. You do what you can to save Misa, and then you do what you can to save Maeko, and what we can to make everything right. That's the whole point."
Reiko Touyama has posed:
Reiko Touyama just looks down.. "Right. Save Misa first.. I . I want that thing away from her. That things.. just driving her around now! It doesn't care anymore! Ever-- ever since I caught it rooting around in an abanonded building after that storm.. it.. it even just used Misa's voice and personality to try to trick me..." she mutters.

"I just hope we can do it... I just.. hope it doesn't come for my family." she says.

"She's just haunting me right now. Playing with me. I don't even feel safe at home but--who's going to protect grandpa if..if..." she just grits her teeth.

She looks down and back up, she grumbles. "Ugh..I.. left my fricken jerky back on my vanity." she mutters. "I'm sorry." she says.

She blinks. "Right--I..I've been meaning to ask stuff! Because--I've been trying to give you guys space since.. since that whole adventure at the shrine! Um.. Are you staying here now Ayana? Is everything fine there and... um..."

"You're not upset at me because your orangish now right?..." she says a little ashamedly.
Ikiko Hisakata has posed:
Ikiko Hisakata frowns a bit at the mention of Maeko's tricks. "That's a good thing to be aware of," she nods. "Thanks for telling us."

She smiles a bit at Reiko's questions. "Yup, she lives here now," she beams. "In fact, you're currently sitting on her bed!"
Ayana has posed:
Ayana's ears perk up at the mention of herself, and she glances around as if uncomfortable being the subject of discussion. "Yeah, I live here now," Ayana says, then motions to her shirt. "That's why I'm all soaking wet, because I have to help with chores," she says, making a rather disgusted face. "I don't mind helping cook, but I hate doing dishes. Bleh."

Ayana flops down on her bed, and then says, "Anyways, don't worry about the jerky. We've got some downstairs because Iki-chan spoils me. And I'm not upset that I'm orange. I mean, I'm not as pretty as I was, but Iki-chan doesn't seem to mind so it's okay."
Reiko Touyama has posed:
Reiko Touyama manages a small smile. Which is somethign! "That's good Ayana-chan, I'm glad! I was worried." she blinks and then laughs. "Doing chores are all part of being a 'real girl'!" she says. "I help my grandpa with chores all the time, and I bet Ikiko does too!" she giggles.

She whews a bit. "Good. I had to do... someting to help." she says.

She seems to relax, though she still kind of looks forlorn and upset-- at least the mood is returning to her.

"I'm sorry my birthday party was a big fight... I thought someone was holding it for me... like.. you or Ayana... or Tadase or something like that..." she says. "I should had known it was a trap..."
Ikiko Hisakata has posed:
"Yeah, I have my own chores as well," Ikiko nods. "But school also counts as one of my 'chores', so Ayana does a bit more helping around the house than I do."

When Reiko mentions the party, Ikiko gives her another hug. "Hey, it's perfectly reasonable to think that a friend was throwing that party," she points out. "Just because it was your stalker instead doesn't mean that you were being foolish! I would've thought the same thing as you."

She smiles at Ayana's comment about the color change. "You'll always be beautiful to me, my beloved Ayana," Ikiko murmurs, kissing her girlfriend on the cheek and resting her head on the kitsune's shoulder.
Ayana has posed:
Ayana looks surly at Ikiko's explanation. "I think you're cheating," she points out to Ikiko. "Going to school definitely does not count as a chore. It's not fair you get to do less around the house than I have to. And you don't have to do stupid dishes that get you all wet!"

Ayana sticks out her tongue at Ikiko, then tilts her head just in time to get a kiss on the cheek. This earns a blush, and she paws at Ikiko gently as if to forestall further kisses. "Sshhh. Reiko's girlfriend is being mean to her! Don't make her think about that stuff!"

Then she fixes Reiko with a sideways silly smile. "I thought the party was fun. But I kinda like fighting. I got to throw plates!"
Reiko Touyama has posed:
Reiko Touyama kind of rolls her eyes and gives up on correcting Ayana about the girlfriend thing, mainly because just because Ayana thinks it's true doesn't make it true! X3. Also she still thinks these two are super cute together-- ugh it's so sickening. Is this how a forum shipper feels like? She imagines so.

Instead, Reiko nods a bit. "I just feel bad because all my friends were dragged into it-- and that boy... and Hunter..." she grumbles. There's a blush there when she mentions Hunter.

She looks down and grumbles. "I hope I can meet both of them again soon... I met Haru in school afterwards and he wanted to apologize for leaving... he left before things even got weird so I didn't even need to explain anything!" she smiles a bit at this.

She does look at Ayana and just smiles. "Well.. at least /you/ had fun then!" she says.
Ikiko Hisakata has posed:
"I'm sure my parents will reduce how many chores you have to do once you start attending school next school year," Ikiko points out to Ayana with a touch of (fake) innocence. "After all, once you're busy at school, you'll have less time to help out around the house..."

Nigh-invisible they might be, but Ikiko's phantom canine ears perk up at Reiko's blush when she mentions Hunter. "Oh, do you have a crush on Hunter?" Ikiko grins. "Well, I hope you get to run into him again~!"
Ayana has posed:
Ayana glares at Ikiko, then sticks out her tongue at her girlfriend. Going to school might, in fact, be worse than doing chores. Ugh! Why is being a real girl so hard?!

But then the subject drifts to some boy that Reiko has a crush on!? "Wait what? But I thought ..." she trails off, then furrows her brow and reaches up to rub at her temples. This is very confusing.
Reiko Touyama has posed:
Reiko Touyama looks at Ayana and furrows her brow and crosses her arms. "H--hey! What's wrong with liking an older boy!?" she says- because she thinks /that's/ the objection Ayana has. She huffs. She looks back to Ikiko because what she just said /totally confirmed the crush/ and she glows beet red.

"A--ahh! Fine.. I do!" she huffs. "He's like.. mysterious and stuff and.. and he saves people and... he danced with me at a magical dance one time and it was great!" she says, arms crossed.

"So what's wrong with that!? It's... it's not like he's a complete stranger!?" she says, like she has to defend herself for liking someone.
Ikiko Hisakata has posed:
Ikiko Hisakata kisses the tip of Ayana's nose as a retort to the tongue being stuck out at her, then smirks contentedly.

After Reiko's outburst, she reaches over and pats the younger girl on the shoulder. "Never said there was anything wrong with that," Ikiko smiles warmly. "I'm just glad to hear about it, because this means that we can cheer you on and encourage you to talk to him, and all the rest of that good stuff!"
Ayana has posed:
"What?!" Ayana asks Reiko, even more confusedly. Because double confusion isn't enough. "I didn't say there was anything wrong with liking an older boy! Although now that you ask, boys are kinda gross. Like, ew, I would not want to kiss one, do you know what they do with their mouths? Ugh, all kinds of gross things. Riventon was the actual worst. He would do science with weird things, and then he wouldn't always wash his hands, and then he'd eat? And ... no ew no. Boys are gross. But I thought you liked Misa!"
Reiko Touyama has posed:
Reiko Touyama blinks and blushes. "H--hey not all boys are like that..." she mutters.. indeed! Haru was all neat... and clean and pretty and polite and---wait why she's thinking about Haru!? There's another blush there as she clears her throat. "Well Riventon was a big jerk so if you're basing your image of boys off him, I can see why you'd hate them all!" she insists and crosses her arms. Clearly this is correct.

She blushes. "I keep telling you Ayana... Misa isn't my girlfriend. I really /do/ like her and she's a close friend and she really /needs/ close friends right now..." she says softly. "I... honestly. Don't know if I like girls or not yet, but Misa is only a friend..." she says softly. "But I do know I like a certain type of boy..." she blushes. "Okay...?" she asks softly.
Ikiko Hisakata has posed:
Ikiko Hisakata smothers a small giggle at Ayana's description of Riventon's grossness, then gives Reiko another hug. "We'll do what we can to also be friends of Misa," she nods. "And that includes kicking Maeko out of her, no matter how long it takes. After all, we haven't given up on our friends yet, and that's turned out pretty good so far!"

And to highlight her point, Ikiko then nuzzles Ayana. <3
Ayana has posed:
Ayana sticks her tongue out at Reiko. "Just because he's a jerk doesn't mean I didn't love him! He's still like my brother. And no he's not the only boy, there was this other one I saw one time on a rooftop? He had a little cat. Super gross. And ..."

"Look," Ayana says, wrapping her arms around the nuzzling Ikiko. "just, when you have a nose like a fox you know these things. Boys are not hygenic. They always smell like gross and stink and I have yet to meet one who doesn't and if you want to like boys that's your problem. I think they're gross. I will stick with girls. This one in particular, but girls in general."
Reiko Touyama has posed:
Reiko Touyama should introduce Ayana to Haru sometimes. Just to see what she thinks. All flowerly smelling and stuff. ~_~ Ugh wait what!? Ughhhh. She Blushes again, these stupid internal thoughts making her blush.

"You should smell me after I've helped the worker in the botanical garden maintain the koi pond! I smell all funky..." she giggles. "Because lots of that stuff is gross in the filtration and backend and as much as I like koi and fish, some of them are dirty dirty dirty!" she says. "But my grandpa always said that, you can dip your hand in gunk, but it'll always wash off in the end!" she says. The actual quote is much more direct, it's clear Reiko was given the more kid friendly version.

She nods. "Ugh...." she says. "...my shadow clone called Riventon... nii-san." she shivers a bit.
Ikiko Hisakata has posed:
Ikiko Hisakata plants a quick kiss on Ayana and skritches her ears. Knowing that you're loved is a great thing, and being in the arms of the one you love is even better -- especially when she loves you back!

"Dealing with the kennels at the animal shelter is pretty stinky, too," Ikiko agrees. "But it washes off afterwards, and helping out makes me feel good, too, so it all works out."

She shivers in agreement with Reiko. "The thought of shadow clones of my friends, all calling Riventon nii-san... heck, the thought of a shadow clone of me calling him that!" Ikiko shakes her head. "I think I'd rather kick the shadow clones before they have a chance to actually say that."
Ayana has posed:
"I called him that," Ayana mumbles, sticking out her chin a little. Just in time to get kissed. She blushes as Ikiko explains her own feelings on the subject of shadow clones calling Riventon nii-san.

"I'm mostly just jealous. Why do they get to call him that?" Ayana asks selfishly. "He's my brother-master-whatever. I was there first! The shadow clones should just ... just ... step aside and let me fix him so I can have him back, but only less evil."
Reiko Touyama has posed:
Reiko Touyama grumbles. "I think it's pretty creepy. I mean. To make clones of the people you hate and have them call you brother and stuff." she sighs. She looks up to Ayana and nods. "If... if you really think you can get through to him , Ayana, you have my support and I'll do everything I can if you ask me.... but---I.."

She tightens her hands. "I won't put up with him treating you like property! Because.. that's what he said, that's what he told me-- 'mine , mine , mine!' that's all he thinks about! Even after I told him that. That It's because she made friends and found love...." she pauses. "I wasn't specific about who...!" she adds...

"He still said he didn't care..." she looks down.

"'I'd taken what's his and he will have it back.'" she grits her teeth. She sighs a bit.

"Why is he like that anyways...?" she asks softly. "He flares a lot with dark energy. What happened exactly...?"
Ikiko Hisakata has posed:
"I'll support you if you want to remove the evil from Riventon, beloved," Ikiko murmurs to Ayana, giving the kitsune's hands a squeeze. "But if he harms you, I will make him regret it."

She thinks about Reiko's comment about Riventon flaring with dark energy. "Maybe it has something to do with his soul?" Ikiko shrugs. "Given what I know of familiars, and how Ayana's powers used to be based on dark energy... well, I wouldn't be surprised by it, is what I'm saying."
Ayana has posed:
Ayana grimaces a little, thoughtful. She doesn't respond to the questions about Riventon straight away; in fact, she seems almost to be avoiding it. While Ikiko speculates, Ayana cowers.

But after only a few moments, she says, "He was born that way. His momma was a researcher who gave him all of that, and he thinks it's his job to make her proud. I don't ... I don't want to go into it all. It's kinda private. But I don't think Riventon's really a jerk. I think he's just ... forced to be that way. Like I was."
Reiko Touyama has posed:
Reiko Touyama listens to Ayana and frowns a bit. That is.. rather sad. But it also doesn't excuse acting like a jerk all the time-- you can't just sit back and go-- 'oh it's okay that boy is hitting that other boy because his life sucks'. It does make her think.

"I'm sure there's something we can do..." she says. "But... as long as like. He isn't a construct like a Shade... we should be able to take that junk outta him, right...?" she asks.

She frowns. "He got angry enough one time that my Chroma Prism Burned me like he was a Shade. That was kind of scary. He was just... 'flaring'..." she mutters.

"I just know my color energy fights Shades well, and it fights 'dark things' well." she says.
Ikiko Hisakata has posed:
Ikiko Hisakata gives Ayana another hug. "I'm sure we'll figure something out," she nods to Reiko and Ayana. "Right now we might not be sure what it is or what it'll take, but if we keep at it, we'll get our problems solved. Especially if our friends help out. All we have to do is to keep trying, and to keep helping our friends along the way. Right?"
Ayana has posed:
"I don't know," Ayana mumbles thoughtfully. "He was born with it. So like, maybe if we take it out he'll die? The one time he got really super purified, he could barely move. I had to give him a lot of dark energy to fix him. That's why ..." she trails off, then blushes and looks away. "That's why I had to drain Ikiko so far. I just ... I needed it for him. So ... so it's more than just taking it out of him. We have to fix him."
Reiko Touyama has posed:
Reiko Touyama looks down. "I'd let you drain me if you wanted. I mean..."

"I think Riventon is a big jerk...! I mean..I've said this a few times by now...s-sorry." she blushes. "But... he's still someone you care about and-- if it was gonna stop him from /dying/..." she says.

"I think I would rather he not /die/" she says with a matter of fact nod. "I know it's moot now but..!" she smiles.

She looks to Ikiko and smiles. "That's right!" she says a little.

Reiko still looks reallly tired and still a mess physically, but at least her mood seems to be picking up.
Ikiko Hisakata has posed:
"We'll definitely need some help for fixing Riventon," Ikiko notes. "Because that's going to take a large mix of strength, skill, and ability -- more than what we have. But at least we have some idea of what needs to be done!"

She looks over Reiko, then nods in confirmation to herself. "Reiko-chan, I think you're too tired to head home tonight," Ikiko says bluntly. "How about if you spend the night here, and get plenty of rest?"
Ayana has posed:
Ayana starts to open her mouth, then snickers and kisses Ikiko on the nose. "You can sleep in my bed," she tells Reiko, then hugs Ikiko, disentangles herself, and starts to roll up to her feet. "I'm gonna get changed, because now I'm damp and cold. Anyways, I'll sleep with Ikiko. Or if you really want, we could all cuddle together, but then I'd probably want to be a fox because you two take up a lot of bed and I need lots of space as a girl."
Reiko Touyama has posed:
Reiko Touyama looks between the two..."If that's okay..." she looks to her backpack, she'd been packing a spare set of PJs and some basic stay over supplies since random stayovers over magical matters have been happening often.

"I don't wanna impose, but I would feel safer staying here..." she admits. "To at least get a nights of decent sleep." she sighs.

"Been carrying around a few minor things anyways." she says softly.

"Well... we can all cuddle together. That'd make me feel safer. But. I don't wanna intrude or force you into a fox..." she blushes.

"I..um. I'll get.. dressed..." she says.
Ikiko Hisakata has posed:
Ikiko Hisakata thinks for a moment, first looking at the beds, then at the rest of the room. "If I got some futons, we could put them next to each other and have a large enough space," she points out. "Either that, or move the two beds so they're right next to each other, and use both of them. But the futons would probably be easier to do, and would give us more room!"
Ayana has posed:
Ayana just huffs faintly and drops to all fours. Within moments, an orange fox is crawling out of the pile of slightly damp clothes, kicking them away. The little fox hops up onto Ikiko's bed, then turns to stare at Ikiko meaningfully. "Dumb dog," she accuses lovingly, in little yips. "This is the easiest solution."