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Hoshi and Big Mei
Date of Scene: 09 March 2016
Location: Uminari City - Juuban Avenue - North
Synopsis: Mamoru seeks Prism Keeper Yellow out to get her wand back to her. BTW he is not Big Mei, that's terrible.
Cast of Characters: Mamoru Chiba, Hoshi Kogane

Mamoru Chiba has posed:
On getting back to Tokyo, Mamoru Chiba found Prism Keeper Yellow's wand still in his pocket. There was a moment, for him, in the dark of his unfamiliar temporary apartment with Usagi still unconscious, that he was overcome by the moment he and Sky Jack found her and Ano-- and the moment he had to take the wand from the fallen Sky Jack's pocket--

It was only a moment, because he knew, he knew they were all okay now.

So the minute he had a chance, he checked in with Kukai to make sure he was all right, and then to let him know he needed to talk to Yellow to give her her wand back.

That's why there's a serious-looking high-schooler in an Infinity uniform, bespectacled and reading a book in one hand, leaning against the outside of the gates to Seishou Elementary. He'd said he'd meet her there, so he's hoping she's not looking for Tuxedo Kamen, specifically...
Hoshi Kogane has posed:
Hoshi is not looking for Tuxedo Kamen, specifically. She knows she likely won't recognize him immediately unless he's there AS Tuxedo Kamen, and so as she gets out of a luxery car; she smiles and waves, "Have a nice day, Ran-chan." The girl behind the wheel appears unrelated, and a little older than Mamoru. College student perhaps.

Then, Hoshi makes a point of looking around, seemingly unsure who she's looking for. An Infinity Uniform stands out, of course, so her gaze is drawn that way. And perhaps as to provide evidence to her identity, once she approaches the high schooler, a little yellow star pops up right next to her head.
Mamoru Chiba has posed:
And the high-schooler's eyebrow lifts, small smile playing at the corner of his mouth; he closes his book with a snap and bows deferentially.

It seems she made quite an impression.

"Chiba Mamoru," he introduces himself as he rises. "I don't know what you remember, or if you even want to remember anything. If you'd like to talk, I'll walk you wherever you're going; if not, that's fine too. Either way, I have something you left behind."

This last he says after he's finished tucking his book back in his school bag, and a second later, he's taking a cloth-wrapped pencil box -- of all things! -- out of his pocket and offering it to her.
Hoshi Kogane has posed:
Hoshi returns the bow, "Hoshi Kogane." She rises and adds a polite, "It's a pleasure to meet you, Chiba-san." Even in this simple interaction, things show through which aren't quite as obvious when she was in henshin. Her inflections and manners suggest she comes from money, old money, and has been raised with those standards in mind.

She accepts the pencil box carefully, opening it. When she takes out the wand, it returns to its normal, passive state. A crystal glowing a pleasant shade of yellow. "Thank you for keeping this safe, Chiba-san." She pauses, and then asks, "Do you know what could have happened if this had gotten into the wrong hands?"
Mamoru Chiba has posed:
"Yes," Mamoru tells her simply. The funny thing about him, the difference between both of the henshins Hoshi's seen him in and the tall boy standing before her now, is that underlying them all is the same set of characteristcs. Graceful, confident-- and something regal about the set of his bearing. What is different is that without all the crises, he seems to be reserved and studious, as well.

"I'm friends with Mei-chan, I was there when she awoke. She thought she was going to die and she told me to take hers so it wouldn't be stolen by the enemy we were facing-- so..." He gives a small shrug. "I took yours when we found you. Sky Jack kept it safe for you, and then I carried it for you both."

He gestures, as if asking which way she'd like to go, and certainly indicating they might not want to talk about it further in front of the school. "If you're not familiar with Game Center Crown, it's an arcade not far from here. I'd like to tell you what you and your friend managed to accomplish, if you'd like to know."
Hoshi Kogane has posed:
The girl seems to catch onto every little gesture, and looks in the direction of the arcade in question. "I haven't seen Mei in too long." She says softly, it's obvious that she doesn't like that, but it's also not sounding like it's too unpleasant for her.

"Go on." Hoshi puts the crystal inside a pocket, out of sight, and starts to take a walk towards the game center crown. She seems to be a little in thought, trying to think back to those events, and she asks a soft question. "I died, didn't I?"
Mamoru Chiba has posed:
"Yes," again, but, "nearly everyone did. You all kept her safe so she could finish it, and then--"

The teenager's voice is strangely thick, but he keeps looking straight ahead as they walk. Oddly enough, he's also smiling. "Then you all helped her finish it, too. All of you came back to give her the strength she needed."

A glance down to where Hoshi walks at his side, and the smile stays; his eyes might be overbright and glittering a little, but it could also be reflections off his glasses. "It was-- overwhelmingly beautiful."

He shifts his school case so that he's carrying it over his other shoulder, hand backwards up there to hang on to the handle, and the hand on Hoshi's side goes in his pocket. "Anyway, you actually purified a part of the Dark Kingdom. You turned that area into a place of grace, and as we approached it, we could see it spreading. Kunzite didn't know that could even happen."
Hoshi Kogane has posed:
Hoshi listens to Mamoru as they walk, especially to what he has to say at the end. "I could feel that place was filled with darkness, and ... I thought, if it's like Kunzite was, then my stars should be able to do a lot of damage to it. At the time, I was more worried about keeping Sailor Moon safe, I just thought if I collapsed it maybe we could get away the other side."

"I overdid it." She shrugs, smiling as she adds on, "I guess it all worked out for the best in the end? I'm glad it did."
Mamoru Chiba has posed:
Here's the first time there's a laugh, and it's sudden and bright and writ all over with wryness. "Well we're here, aren't we?" Mamoru asks, and when he glances down again, his eyes are sparkling. "It all worked. Even the mistakes."

His voice after that is a little lighter than it should be, given the content, but that's probably because it did work, and they are here. "If it hadn't worked, there wouldn't be anything left. You literally helped save this world. The monsters weren't building an empire, they were cooking dinner. So I can't stress it enough how important it was, and how much your help meant to the course of the fight, to its ultimate conclusion. I just-- I wanted to thank you. For everything."
Hoshi Kogane has posed:
"If I hadn't helped, what good would my power have been?" Hoshi asks in response, almost deflecting the idea of her having had any other option than to help. She seems to smile though, the praise clearly getting through to her. "You're welcome."
Mamoru Chiba has posed:
And there it is: a fully Mamoru Chiba smile back, affectionate and encouraging and pleased, a little amused, secret.

He's silent for a moment as they keep walking. Then, "If you wanted to know anything else-- or get in touch with anyone else-- I know a lot of people in Virtue and outside it. Mei has my number, but I know she's out of town; I can give you my number, too. Just don't share it around if you can help it."
Hoshi Kogane has posed:
"You're in Virtue, too?" Hoshi sounds pleasantly surprised by that news, and then hastily adds on, "I know Sky Jack is, and Orange has been talking with him about us maybe joining Virtue." She gets out her phone, it's a recent iPhone, and gets to her contact list, apparently getting ready to exchange numbers.
Mamoru Chiba has posed:
Mamoru recites his number for Hoshi, then adds, "Send me a text and I'll save your number. But yes, and all the Sailor Senshi are, too. Everyone in Virtue knows my identity, so don't worry about keeping it a secret from them."

Crooked smile. "Obviously, I won't tell yours."
Hoshi Kogane has posed:
Hoshi does send a text, returning the favour at least. "I'll try to remember." She promises, and then she puts her phone away, looking at the school again. "I should probably go to school, I told dad that I needed to be early so he had Ran-chan drop me off in his car, but if I'm waiting longer I'll be late."
Mamoru Chiba has posed:
A brief, businesslike nod. "Getting detention for being late after all that would be awful," Mamoru agrees, then abruptly looks alarmed. "Speaking of, I have to make sure someone else is on her way. See you around, Kogane-san!"

With a quick wave, the teenager's off in the other direction, hurriedly taking his phone out.

Usagi getting detention for being late, after all that, would be horrible.