2574/Mara's decision!

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Mara's decision!
Date of Scene: 16 March 2017
Location: Plot Room #3
Synopsis: Mara warns Sakura of what she's going to do about Hannah and her challenge.
Cast of Characters: Mara Brando, Sakura Kinomoto

Mara Brando has posed:
Mara is sitting on her bed, waiting for someone to show up that she had called earlier. She is flipping her phone repeatedly on her bed, just not really being all there at the moment. She even starts to hum a little bit to help pass time.

    Mara has something in the oven for dinner since she is having company over. She stands up after a few moments to go over to the oven to turn on the light to see how the food she is cooking is doing. Once she nods, she stands back up to stretch a little bit. It is a little after 7pm, which might be a little late for dinner, but still it won't be much.
Sakura Kinomoto has posed:
Sakura Kinomoto landed on the balcony outside her house, the jump card appearing in her hand a moment later. She dusted off her skirt(a cute little red dress with a poofy skirt and little white hems on the end. She then reached out and lightly knocked out the balcony door, a big grin on her face.

"Mara-chan? It's me! Sakura! You called me over?" she called. It was late, but she'd been cooped up so long, she didn't care.
Mara Brando has posed:
    Mara turns to look toward the balcony, and walks over to it. She stares down at Sakura for a moment, "You could have came knocking on the front door." She sighs a little bit, and steps out of the way so that Sakura can come in. The apartment smells a little like fish, since that is what she has in the oven.

    "I hope you don't mind salmon." Mara smiles as she waits for Sakura to step inside.
Sakura Kinomoto has posed:
Sakura Kinomoto stepped inside and shrugged. "I guess. But it's such a beautiful night! And it let me practice, too! I was able to use both dash AND jump together! It was so much fun and they really liked the exercise, too! Hee hee, they're both so playful."

She then gasped. "Oh, Mara-chan, you didn't need to do that! I-I'm so sorry, I didn't realize this was a... I would have brought a dessert! I'll bring something next time, okay? I promise!" she said firmly, giving a nod.
Mara Brando has posed:
    Mara laughs a little bit, "Don't worry about it. The way I am cooking it, the salmon might as well be a desert." She closes the sliding door after Sakura steps in. "It should be ready in a couple of minutes, so go ahead and make yourself comfortable."

    Mara goes to grab a couple of plate from her little cabinet then goes to set them on the table. She eventually gets the chopsticks and sets them out on the table as well on a cloth napkin. "It'll be kinda sweet."

    "I remember that your cards have a personality. Would it be kinda bothersome to deal with so many cards though?"
Sakura Kinomoto has posed:
Sakura Kinomoto cocked her head to the side, then grinned. "Oh, I love sweet things!" Yes, she did. Massive sweet tooth. Then she looked shocked. "What? No! Not at all! All of the cards are so nice and sweet! And them all being so different is what makes it so much fun! Like, through is super playful and a bit tricky, but dash loves to run around and is a little timid. Float is just a big jokester, and windy is so kind and sweet. Flower is the most loving, caring card, too. She loves to party, but she's... also kind of like... a mommy, I guess."

She then chuckled. "All of the cards are so special to me! They're so nice and wonderful, it's like having more friends, like you or Kukai-kun or Haruna-sempai or Spark-sensei. Except they're with me all the time!"
Mara Brando has posed:
     "BEEP! BEEEP! BEEP!" Goes the oven, and Mara goes over to it to grab an oven mitt from the small counter top.

    Mara opens the oven up and grabs the tray with the salmon on it. It has a rather sweet smell, but the fish smell can still be detected. She shuts the oven almost all the way, just leaving it cracked so it can cool down a little quicker. She grabs a spatula, then makes her way over to the table to crouch down next to it. She then serves out the two pieces of salmon... One for her, and one for Sakura.

    The salmon is covered in almost a light layer of syrup, brown sugar, and crushed walnuts. This was sitting in the syrup for a good portion of the day before being cooked too.

    Mara makes her way back over to the stove leaving the tray and spatula there, then goes to sit back down at the table.
Sakura Kinomoto has posed:
Sakura Kinomoto stared at it, her eyes guying wide. "Oh my goodness! Mara-chan, it looks amazing! You're such a great cook!" she said happily, before waiting for the other girl tosit before she grabbed her chopsticks. "Itadasemu!" she said happily, before pausing. "Wait."

She glanced up to Mara, the fish inches from her mouth. "You called me here for a reason, right? You aren't in trouble or anything, are you? You know no matter what, I'm here for you, okay? You don't need to bribe me with delicious fish. Though it helps." Before popping it in her mouth.
Mara Brando has posed:
    "People seem to be more calm after they eat something. That is why I am feeding you, so eat up. I got a bomb to drop on you." She smiles to Sakura before grabbing her own chopsticks.

    Mara starts taking small piece by small piece from the salmon, taking her time eating it. The look on her face turning neutral as she eats. At least the one eye that isn't covered by an eye patch is neutral.

    It doesn't really take her all too long to finish the piece of salmon, and has her chopsticks on her plate, waiting for Sakura.
Sakura Kinomoto has posed:
Sakura Kinomoto was soon finished as well. She ate pretty fast for such a tiny thing. Once she was done, she nodded and looked to Mara, her face all serious. "What's wrong? Is someone threatening you? Are you in danger? Do you need help?" she asked.

She looked super serious as she eyed the other girl, her arms crossed and ready to fight ANYTHING that dared to oppose her best buddy! Cause Mara was awesome and nice(mostly, sometimes, a little), so she had to be helped if she was in danger!
Mara Brando has posed:
    Mara takes in a deep breath, "I am going to do something very wrong.. Something very wrong in the way of just down right evil.. I told Miss White that I would show her what true evil is.. This is the last time I will ever do anything like this.. I might not have the energy to do much after that.." She shakes her head a bit. "I promise this will be the last time I do anything evil. I don't care if it has people hunting me down when I am done, but I need to do something to try and get Miss White to see what one side of the fence is like.." She sighs some...

    "I don't want to tell you what it is I am going to do, but I don't want you anywhere around me when I do it. There is a side of me that you don't need to see at all, okay?" She looks into Sakura's eyes.
Sakura Kinomoto has posed:
Sakura Kinomoto stared at her with wide, shocked eyes. She was going to... "NO!" She said, standing up and stomping her chop sticks down. "It doens't work that way! You can't just... you can't bad someone into not being bad! Or... or out bad them or... or anything like that!" she yelled, shaking her head.

"I know what you mean, I know Hannah-sempai is making mistakes. But we have to help her! We can't try to show her what's worse, you can't make something good by adding more wrong to it!" she said, shaking her head violently.

"And... and if my friends are going to do bad things. If... if you're going to do bad things. Then... then I won't hide. I-I'll be there the whole time, trying to stop you," she said defiantly. "And then hugging you when you realize that it's the wron way."
Mara Brando has posed:
    Mara sits there with Sakura lecturing her. "I am going to do something so bad that it might just scare her.. Next job she takes some fresh Puella to get a grief cube.. if you want to come, fine, I won't stop you.." She closes her eye, thinking.

    "If you want to come and see something brutal, or what could end up being a mercy killing coming from me. You might find it wrong, given the situation, but I think it is far better than trying to survive like us Puella do." Mara's eye opens back up to look to Sakura again. "Do you know oters like me?"
Sakura Kinomoto has posed:
Sakura Kinomoto stared for a few moments, then nodded. "Yes. I think. Kyoko-chan is one, I think." She sighed and walked over and hugged her. "I..." She didn't let go, just held onto the girl for a long, long time. Then...

"I'll stop you. I'll stop both you and Hannah-sempai if I have to. And... and if I can't..." She went quiet for a moment. Then sighed. "Then I forgive you. For anything that happens to me. Because i know that you are a good person, Mara-chan. Just like Hannah-sempai. And... and I know you just think you're doing what's best for you and those you care about."
Mara Brando has posed:
    Mara nods a little bit, and reaches over to pat Sakura softly atop of the head. "Don't try to stop me. I'll be swinging a large axe, and that thing is hard to stop once it gets a bit of momentum. she takes in a deep breath. "You should know this world isn't so sweet by now."

    Mara stands up after escaping from hugs. He grabs the plates to take them over to the sink and starts to wash them. "I talked with her earlier today... She wouldn't listen. So I am going to have to do what I do best.. Hunt down another poor soul."

    "On a brighter note, what did you think of my salmon?" Mara smiles softly as she washes the plates, chopsticks and eventually the tray that she cooked the fish on.
Sakura Kinomoto has posed:
Sakura Kinomoto sighs. "I've put myself in front of scarier things than your axe and... well, barely survived. I'll survive that if I have to," she said firmly, before perking up. "Oh, it was really ,really good! You're a great cook, Mara-chan!" she said happily. "You'll have to teach me once all this is over, okay? I'd love to be able to cook it for daddy!"
Mara Brando has posed:
    Mara nods a little bit, "Do as you wish, but I gave a fare warning.. I promise you though.. I won't do something like this again." She finishes cleaning up before she takes in a deep breath, then relaxes.

    "Sure, I can tell you how to cook it. It's simple enough." Mara smirks as she heads over to her bed, sitting on the edge of it.
Sakura Kinomoto has posed:
Sakura Kinomoto nodded and moved to sit on the bed besides her. "Okay. And... I gave you warning. You're my friend, mara-chan. So just like Hannah-sempai, I'll never, ever give up on you. So... just don't forget that, okay?" she said with a smile.

After all, if she didn't make it... she almost didn't make it with hannah, who knew what Mara would end up doing to her?
Mara Brando has posed:
    Mara nods to Sakura, "I understand that, but just be careful." She nods a few times before stretching a little bit. "Well, that is what I wanted to discuss with you." Mara flops back on the bed, "You can leave the door open, I can use some of the fresh air in here."
Sakura Kinomoto has posed:
Sakura Kinomoto nodded and then got to her feet. "Okay. Thank you for dinner. And... and thanks for telling me. I'll do my best no matter what, okay? And... i'll save both you if I have to!" Before she ran off.

It was a wonder she wasn't dead yet.