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Goodness, It's Griselda!
Date of Scene: 14 July 2018
Location: Pikarigaoka - Clover Path
Synopsis: CONTENT WARNING: Transphobic-like comments, and Griselda being a butt. Reiko and Moriko try to take a forlorn Hoshi out to cheer her up! Sadly Griselda shows up to ruin everything ever and summon an awful Caramel Candy Shade. Also Moriko becomes Prism Keeper Green for the first time!
Cast of Characters: Reiko Touyama, 219, Hoshi Kogane, Hiroko Koumoto

Reiko Touyama has posed:
Hoshi-chan seemed really unhappy after class. She also didn't show up for a planned meeting on the weekend. Reiko is assuming these two things may be related. She's also dragged Moriko along because things are made better when there's multiple friends- and she wants to drag Moriko in on more outings.

Also this lets her keep an eye on her. So far, nothings seemed to have happened bad.

She's standing in front of the Japanese Confectionary Komachi and leaning up to look at it.

She puts her nose to the display window up front and tries to peek in.

"...I don't think they're opened yet." she makes a face. "Did we arrive too early?" she asks as she takes out her smartphone to peek at the time.
Sheome bright and orange koi are now pushing against the window also trying to peek in like Reiko did.

They may be drooling over sweets.
Moriko Hayashi has posed:
Moriko Hayashi finds herself dragged along despite some protests, at least initially, what with wanting to work on a new trick she'd been reading about. It's for a good cause though, so she's not complaining about it at least.

She's pretending to be oblivious to the whole being watched thing though. She hasn't told them about the big armored guy making a crater in the park saving her or anything, she didn't want them trying to do... well this.

Either way, it's a candy store. Candy stores are good tiems and as such, she's peering in through the window right next to Reiko. "Probably not. We got here too early."
Hoshi Kogane has posed:
Hoshi hasn't said anything since agreeing to come along, and this isn't changing. The closest thing they get to a response is a faint sigh as the store ends up still being closed, and a pair of stars sitting on Hoshi's shoulders looking into the distance. Both in the same direction, towards the east. She just hangs back and waits for anything to happen that makes it so she should be doing something.
Hiroko Koumoto has posed:
    Why hello. There's three of them. Two she's familiar with. The third girl seems like a distant memory she's trying to remember. But the placement of face is wrong. Was there another name?....

    It doesn't matter. Hiroko Koumoto is standing just one hundred feet off now. A blackbird on her shoulder in a bowler hat. She's dressed casually but well. A button down blouse, and a long skirt. Grey skirt, of course. White blouse, of course.

    "Why. Hello Reiko-chan, Hello Hoshi-chan." she says with niceness that reeks of sarcasm at the same time. "Who is your familiar friend?~" she asks ever so cooly.

    The bird on her shoulder leans over and whispers something into her ear. She doesn't react to that in any noticeable way.
Reiko Touyama has posed:
Reiko Touyama hears a voice that makes her stand on edge. She turns towards it suddenly, and takes a guarded stance. "Nrg." she mutters. "Hiroko..." she says, muttering to the two there. "What do you and Slate want?" she asks. "We're just trying to get something sweet. Are you here to try to ruin it with your sour self?" she asks.

She frowns to the other two with an unsure shrug and looks back.

"....That's Moriko-chan... don't you remember Moriko-chan...?" she asks softly. "She was in the game and story. Like you we're. Don't you remember?" she asks again.

She's trying to poke 'Hiroko' here rather than 'Griselda' here.

She doesn't have optimism here with that endeavor.

She leans suddenly toward's Moriko and whispers. Did you bring that prism I gave you...? she asks. This may get bad suddenly. she says. It always gets bad when she shows up..
Moriko Hayashi has posed:
Moriko Hayashi turns her head back, a look of confusion on her face. She starts to say something, then pauses when she realizes Reiko's not too happy. Well that and the warning from earlier. She offers a polite smile, "I uh, yes. Moriko Hayashi. It's been a long time." There's a moment of thought, then she says flatly, "Izumi?" Trying to be helpful. Not that she wants to admit to the name change or anything.

Looking to Reiko, she nods and murmurs, "Yeah? I tried using it once too. It doesn't work." There's a scowl, "Later though?"

Instead, she looks to Hoshi and tries to change the subject instead. "You want to help me out in a bit? You've got an eye for detail, bet you can spot the flaws in the trick I'm working on." Maybe that'll help the tension? Probably not.
Hoshi Kogane has posed:
Just what Hoshi needed to cheer her up. A reminder that one of her friends is currently being possessed by the very evil she's duty bound to fight. She offers Moriko a wan smile at the same time as she reaches for her own prism. "Maybe." She offers noncommitally, a very non-Hoshi response. Then, she turns towards Griselda. "Get going. I'm not in the mood to play your games."
Hiroko Koumoto has posed:
    Hiroko is standing there and listening to the others. Reiko is here usual deterent self. This is no surprise. Hoshi... tells her to get going. This is different and a little out of character for Hoshi as far as she can remember. This causes her to smirk just a little. If she's already compromised, she just needs to drive it in futher.

    When Moriko says 'Izumi' a flash of realization comes over her face, as she brings a hand up to her face, and cackles a bit. It's mean spirited. Like an evil oujo laugh. "Izumi... are you still pretending to be a girl? Aren't you too old for that game?..." she says. "I don't need to worry about you. You can't possible be one of these... Prism Keepers. Magical girls. When you're not even the second word, before the first." she says seeping with gleeful sarcasm.

    Slate, the black bird on her shoulder, digs behind himself and throws a parasol up through the air and into Griselda's hand. "Here, boss-lady." he says in his American Brooklyn accent. She opens the parasol and brings it up over her- obscuring her for a moment before she rests it on her shoulder. Now in an elegant grey dress, with white trim, and a black bow done up in her hair. Letting 'Hiroko' fall into 'Griselda'.

    "Oh, I'd much rather stay." she says to Hoshi, more standoffish.
Reiko Touyama has posed:
Something in what Griselda just said makes Reiko snap immediately, smacking a foot down in front of her as she leans forward. "SHES MORE OF A MAGICAL GIRL THAN YOU EVER WE'RE." she yells across the way. Two koi on either side of her and nod rapidly, looking sternly also at Griselda.

She yanks the Orange Prism on the chain on her neck out from under her shirt. "I don't think you're going to let us leave. I think you want... these." she says grabbing the prism in her hand firmly. "You can't have them." she says.

She looks to Moriko, suddenly to make sure that she's not too jarred by what Griselda just said, then to Hoshi with a frown- an apology of sorts. She doesn't want to deal with this either right now.

"CHROMA PRISM ORANGE, TRANSFORM!" she calls out, a flash of orange light, over taking her, as the orange dress engulfs her-- and two koi spin up and around her, tying a bow in her hair before popping into the fish clip in her hair. She also starts in the Princess form this time. She looks older. This isn't a surprise to Hoshi. Moriko might be though, if Moriko can be surprised by a suddenly tansforming magical girl.

"Enough!" she says pointing her staff. "What do you want!? Do you want to try to fight!? Fine." she seethes. "Or are you just going to replace yourself with a Shade like always?" she says dryly.

She knows how these fights have typically gone in the past.
Moriko Hayashi has posed:
Moriko Hayashi hesitates for a moment. She looks to the other two, then back to Griselda. "That hurts. They're just words though." She steps forward about the same time as Reiko stomps her foot down. She hops back, a look of surprise, hands up. Sure she's seen the magical side of magical girl stuff, but surely she's not that far gone right? She's just a grouchy brat or something. She's about to try and settle things down, but then Reiko transforms. And is older, that's the important part. She looks really confused about that, stumbling back for a moment. "H-hey that's not what happened last time!"

Shaking her head, she brushes herself off, smoothes her skirt out, then looks to the others to see what happens.

There is a very subtle movement where her own crystal is pulled from her bag. It's for good luck more than anything, she couldn't get it to work earlier and doesn't actually know if she would have to copy Reiko or do something else entirely or... well.
Hoshi Kogane has posed:
"Chroma Prism Yellow, Transform!" Hoshi swiftly transforms into Prism Princess Yellow and there's no words, no warnings, just pure unmitigated fury. She's had plenty of frustrations this day, and Griselda just volunteered to help her work through them. Immediately she swings her scepter and several stars fly loose. Not her usual opening salvo to distract and disorient.

No, these are going straight for the dark princess, and each of them packs a decent punch. While they fly, she looks towards Moriko. "Are you going to let that insult go unpunished?!" She asks with clear hot-running emotions, "Awaken, Prism Keeper Green!"
Hiroko Koumoto has posed:
    Griselda delights in their anger. Their fury. She's upset them. She's hurt Moriko. How lovely. Orange yells at her a lot. This is normal. Yellow just unleashes star fury at her suddenly. This is modicumly unexpected-- and she swings down that parasol in front of her, acting as the unlikely shield it is as stars explode against it and around her. The sheer force does force her back some.

    But she is black as the purest black, and it'll take more than that to bother her too much. When the assault is over, she swings her parasol back to where it was as she spins it idly. "Oh my~ I do seem to have upset' you three." she says gleefully. "I would apologize. But one shouldn't apologize to rejects~" she says.

    Her eyes light up as Orange suggests a Shade. "Well I was going to outright fight you all, but now that you mention it. That sounds like a lovely idea~" she says as she holds out her hand, and summons a small, black imp like creature. A Shade in it's most basic form- before it begins to suck all the summer colors. The greens of grass, the brown of living bark, the colors of the houses and the nearby candy shop. The colors from the flowers of the flower shop nearby, and it changes and shifts-- gathering things from around the area. Benches. Lamposts, changing and forming into!?....

    Something awful big bloblike and sticky, looking like a Grimer in Pokemon.

    "CANDY MAN!" it calls out.
Reiko Touyama has posed:
Prism Keeper Orange is about to turn to Moriko and ask if she really wants to do this. If she really wants to be involved in this-- but Yellow makes an executive decision to do the activation ritual as she calls it out to Moriko.

The crystal in Moriko's hand suddenly glows bright green in a sudden flash. (In the range of this 'flash' some of the grasses' color has been slightly returned in the area like it got paint bombed.)

Moriko can sense something odd and weird, probably. And the ever so nagging feeling that she knows how to transform now. Just like the other two did.

Orange blinks, and nods a moment firmly to Yellow before she is about to launch her own koi payload into Griselda when....

Oh god it's the blob!? Wait. No. That smells like...

Caramel? Candy..man..

Ugh why does she feel like she's going to be taking a deep, deep warm bath after this day is done. Instead and forces her hand out and a lance of orange color energy lashes out at the creature.

"Moriko. If you're going to try to transform. Now would be a good time. Don't listen to what she said. Griselda is a butt." she says sternly.
Moriko Hayashi has posed:
Moriko Hayashi looks at the crystal as it begins to glow green. Then she scowls just a touch and starts to say, "Why didn't it do this earlier!" She shakes it a few times, her mask of calm slipping very briefly. Returned at the spark of inspiration, she looks to Griselda. And the blob, can't ignore the blob, especially smelling that strongly of sugary sweets.

Holding the crystal up, she strikes a showman's pose and says cheerfully, "Chroma Prism Green, transform!" The green is less of a flash is matched with billowing smoke, something similar to a stage fog. A hand with a top hat reaches out, dark in color with a brilliant green ribbon, held by a white-green glove and dark green sleeves is seen briefly. The hat disappears, the smoke swirling away and revealing the smartly dressed stage magician girl, blouse and skirt instead of a proper dress, all shades of green of course. Tilting the hat to the side, she gets a goofy grin on her face and says in a slightly different tone of voice, "I don't evet get a chance to make you disappear Griselda? Always the sad little bully that runs away when confronted."

Adjusting her gloves, she then flicks her hand and a fan of green backed cards appear in her hand. She snaps them together, then flings the bunch, not at the caramel monster, but at Griselda herself. Probably out of spite. Which she'll deny vehemetly later! The cards glow bright green flash on impact, clearly made of magic and all.
Hoshi Kogane has posed:
Yellow isn't quite feeling like fighting the shade yet either. She sends a few beams of yellow after Griselda as the villain begins to summon a shade, and only when it's here does she sigh and focus on the work that needs doing. She flings a few stars towards it, this time they do their blinking and pulsing with purifying energy bit as they begin to whizz around the shade. "Griselda, I'd tell you to die in a fire if I wasn't sure that would mean Hiroko would go with you." Those are some incredibly harsh and atypical words from Hoshi.
Hiroko Koumoto has posed:
    The Shade is sickeningly sweet smelling. Maybe it's conveying something. Who knows? Griselda tsks and gracefully lifts into the air as lances of yellow energy fly by. "Do you really think you can beat me? You must think so highly of yourself for a pathetic loser. Tell me. How are things going with your father?~" she asks.

    She's just going to keep poking wounds as they come. "I'd ask Orange but I'm positive her parents are invisible or dead. Or as close to seeming dead."

    Then... did Green actually transform. This gets a wrinkled nose and a little head shake. "Ugh." she says disgustingly. She'd have something to say here, but probably is too involved now in watching the fight against the Candy Man.

    "Hey. Make sure these losers stick to the roof of your mouth." she commands.

    "CANDY MAN!" retorts the creature as stars race around it, and burst with purifying energy. This stings, but it still lashes out with weird caramel psuedopods at the stars before flung playing cards smack against the creature, exploding into purifying magic causing the creature to yell out. "CANDY....." then it attempts to come down like a giant tidal wave of caramel down on the group. "....MAN!" it yells out on the downthrust.
Reiko Touyama has posed:
Orange can't help but smile as Moriko transform into Green. "Oh! Well um. I was hoping it'd activate when you we're ready but... we had to force it... s..sorry!" she says a little softly. "But... Griselda is a big deal.. and----" huh what's that shadow?

"AWK! UP! UP! GREEN THINK... FLYING USE YOUR WINGS!" she says as she jets up, butterfly wings flapping intently to get out of the massive tidal wave of Caramel.

She manages to get out in time- the thing nearly clips her right foot. She looks back down and frowns heavily. She launches a barrage of koi missiles down at the Shade!.... that get stuck in it. Little fins swishes spastically for a moment--- before they just explode into orange purifying energy like intended.

"HOSHI. I think this things needs a bigger hit than usual." she mutters. She looks over to Green. "I dunno if you're ready for it though." she says worriedly.

Regardless. "We should probably keep airborne. So it can't do that again." she says with wide eyes down at the beast. She frowns and looks over to Griselda, and winces as she says that. Yeah okay. She has no retort to that immediately.
Moriko Hayashi has posed:
Moriko Hayashi shakes her hands, shaking a few cards from her sleeves, they may or may not flash and explode in green energy around her as she does so. She flicks one last card towards the fleeing entity possessing a former friend, calling out, "If you're so confident, why aren't you sticking around!"

She's reaching back to throw the other hand's.... hand of cards and looks at the warning. "Huhwah?" She says, though the wave of sticky caramel does get her attention. The cape, or what had seemed like one to go with the stage getup suddenly splits, pale and patterned differently to Orange's, though almost similar. Her moth styled wings carrying her into the air at the last second. Snatching her hat as it falls behind her at the sudden movement, she turns it upside down and reaches in to pull a fresh deck of green backed dragon cards. Hat planted firmly on her head, she honestly just contemplates dropping the whole stack on the creature below to see what would happen.

This is of course, interrupted by the sudden realization that Reiko is suggesting something else might be happening. Looking over, she asks, "Ready for what?" That confidence fading away briefly to be replaced by utter confusion.
Hiroko Koumoto has posed:
    Griselda tsks lightly. She wasn't running quite yet. She was avoiding fire. She's still there. Hovering, sitting side saddle on some invisible force-- which is some replaced with a dour fluffy rain cloud. Slate chuckles on her shoulder.

    "I wasn't running anywhere~" she says softly. "I'm merely getting a better view of your demise."

    The Shade can no longer reach the girls easily, psuedopods are being flung up but can't get far enough.

    This is when it rumbles and begins spitting balls of caramel into the air at the girls. Thump! Thump! Thump!
Reiko Touyama has posed:
Orange frowns at Green. "No... I mean. You watch the... shows right? Like. Combo attacks!" she says rapidly. This is when a big thumping ball of caramel thwips by her. "EEK!" she calls out as she begins to suddenly back away and look down. "Dammit.." she mutters. "Look. We'll make this easy. Just. Dig deep and.. imagine... like. What your color means to you most and...." she says.

She tries to get a moment from dodging huge balls of caramel to point her staff downwards, orange energy already building up!

"ORANGE. CHROMA. OVERFLOW....!" she calls out.

Then a giant, nearly shuttle sized koi suddenly appears and blasts down into the beast, as Orange seems to get blasted back a moment by the recoil in the air. Hopefully, Green can follow it up with a strong attack too!
Moriko Hayashi has posed:
Moriko Hayashi looks to Reiko in confusion for a moment longer, then cracks into a grin and says, "Co-conspirator, got it." She lets out a, "Whoop" as she leans back and away from a glob of caramel before calling down, "Watch the suit!" flinging one of those cards down in frustration at the creatuire.

She holds her hands up, showing the palms and that she's empty handed. The deck from before having disappeared. A flick of her wrist though and a fresh pack appears. Fanningg them out, she reveals the faces, each showing a normal deck of cards. Snapping them shut, she throws them itno where they begin to scatter. She makes a hooked gesture and the cards literally cut down the middle, scattering like green confettie, trailing smoke as they glow green, then burst into green fire while she calls out, "GREEN CHROMA COOLER!" All of that tricked deck suddenly bursting outright in a bright flash. A single card flutters to the ground behind them as though to add insult to injury, leaving behind a 3 of Clubs. The deck in her hand shows the same cards There's an impish grin as she twists her hand and the deck disappears.
Hoshi Kogane has posed:
Flying up in the air, Yellow makes a bit of a different choice than what may be expected. She flies a bit low, and gets to summoning a big star that she sends flying towards the shade. A beam of yellow makes it grow even bigger as it keeps flying, and flying, past the Shade and towards Griselda. There's only a few moments between this being clear and the star getting so bloated it stumbles in mid-air and explodes, sending beams of yellow energy and tiny stars flying in all directions, but mostly towards Griselda.

Some may end up hitting the shade, but that's not the intent.
Hiroko Koumoto has posed:
    First. Two giant attacks smash into the shade. "CANDY! MA----" and then it suddenly begins to balloon up like a giant caramel boil, before it bursts. This doesn't actually end up in a giant wave of caramel exploding everywhere. It just ends up with the color core floating there, exposed and ready to be freed.

    Griselda figures Yellow is also joining in, so when a giant big freaking star starts coming her direction, her eyes go a little wide and she lifts up her parasol and tries to tank this one, worriedly.

    "I really think this is a bad idea, Boss Lady!" says Slate. Griselda scowls. "You're right." she says.

    Just before it collides, Griselda envelopes herself in a dark storm cloud--- and when the giant attack passes through it, it dissaptes in the attack- revealing nothing left behind!

    It seems Griselda has run away, for now.
Reiko Touyama has posed:
Orange winces and seems to brace when the Shade balloons up... but... nope. Nothing happens, except the color core is left behind. Glowing in it's rainbow self. She looks around for Griselda, but doesn't see her. She frowns. "I think she ran away...." she says.

A koi comes swimming up to Orange and shrugs, before popping. "Yup." she says with a sigh.

She looks over to Green. "Are you okay, Green?..." she asks.

"Yellow, are you okay...?" she asks a little softly. "I'm sorry..." she says with a sigh.

"I didn't want that to happen either..." she mutters a little forlornly. A pause.

"Oh! You did great, by the way!" she says to Green with wide eyes.
Moriko Hayashi has posed:
Moriko Hayashi was watching the billowing monster with the intense curiousity of someone stuck out in the open, wondering if she can hide from it or not. When it deflates instead, she drops the goofy 'covering' pose and sighs in relief. There's some... moments of thought as she considers a few things. Landing lightly, outside of the goo of course. "So uh, that was a thing." Is about all she can offer for a moment. She takes her hat from her head and checks inside. Taps it a few times ot make sure nothing is stuck, then plants it on her head and looks to Reiko. "I-... thanks? It was kind of like playing the game back then. Though I don't think I played 52 card pickup with stage magic to do that stuff then."

She hooks her finger towards Reiko and says softly, "Think you could uh, come here for a moment?"

Looking to Yellow, she calls out, "You're okay too right? I- that was... I'm okay. Are you two okay?" She shakes her hands a few times, trying to get the jitters out.
Hoshi Kogane has posed:
"I'm going home. Orange, teach Green how to clean this up, please?" Yellow responds to the questions of whether she's okay, and then without further ado she flies off. In a way, that is its own answer. Yellow is very much not ok.
Reiko Touyama has posed:
Orange winces. "We'll need to visit her later..." she says quietly as she shifts uncomfortably. "We didn't even get into the stupid shop..." she mutters. She flies on over to the color core and looks to Moriko. "You raise your hand..." she says. "And go...CHROMA PALLETTE CLEANSER!" she calls out, a bright white light causing the color core to explode-- but not harmfully-- color explodes out, recoloring the world around them!

Then she blinks and flies back up to Moriko. "Yeah?" she asks softly. "I..s..is something wrong?" she asks worriedly, looking over her shoulder a moment in the direction Yellow went.
Moriko Hayashi has posed:
Moriko Hayashi frowns, but doesn't follow after Hoshi right away. It would be mean to leave her other friend to clean the mess up alone after all. She runs her fingers through her hair briefly, then adjusts her hat, trying to get used to it being up there. Watching the process, she files it away, hoping she doesn't forget how to do it later. She has the distinct feeling she'll forget how to do it later. There's a moment of internal panic that passes.

"I'm fine, I think. I uh, just-" she hurries over and whispers something to Reiko, then steps back and looks around like she might be embarrassed.
Reiko Touyama has posed:
Orange blinks at Green's embarassment and then gently leans back away from her ear. "I'm... not sure. I mean. The Princess forms make us look older but we still go back to normal when we transform but... um that... I'm not. Sure of..." she says with her own blush.

"Come on, let's de-henshin and see if it's. um. Still there? Uh....not.. there? I mean. Look just come down here!" she huffs as she makes to the ground and de-henshins.
Moriko Hayashi has posed:
Moriko Hayashi watches Orange get just as thrown off as she was. She shifts from foot to foot and drops her transformation. Finding that same awkward feeling is lingering. Crossing her arms, she says softly, "So uh, this might be hard to explain." Not that she sounds too upset, other than suddenly feeling quite awkward.

"Let's go?" she offers, wanting to leave in a hurry now. Might be the overwhelming smell of candy though, to be fair.
Reiko Touyama has posed:
Reiko Touyama sort of stares at Moriko for a long moment. Finally speaking...

"....Oh dear." she says softly.

"Yeah let's.. go and. Figure this out." she mutters a little awkwardly herself.