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Tea and Supervillain Breakups
Date of Scene: 17 August 2018
Location: Plot Room #1
Synopsis: After Mirai, Ami comes to Rei with her feelings about Takashi
Cast of Characters: Ami Mizuno, Rei Hino

Ami Mizuno has posed:
It's a pretty summer day in Tokyo. Ami is walking toward the Hikawa Shrine after cram school, wearing her school uniform, of course. She has her nose in a book instead of paying attention to where she's going, and almost bypasses the Shrine entirely. Something's wrong with her, because she's walked this route since before becoming a Senshi.

Realizing where she is, she quickly closes her book mid-sentence and turns to climb the stairs of the shrine, looking weirdly discomfited. Yep, something's up with Ami!
Rei Hino has posed:
There are - statistically speaking - TOO MANY steps leading up to the Hikawa Shrine, but they keep Rei busy at least. Life dramatically stopped making sense for a little while there, and - tired or not - the chores and maintenance of the Shrine give Rei something solid to focus on. Or distract herself with.
    Regardless she's not SO distracted that she doesn't notice Ami walking by from halfway up the stone staircase, broom in hand, shielding her eyes from the sun with one hand before reaching it up in a wave. "Ah! Hello, Ami-chan!" She calls out softly with a bit of surprise, and then... sweatdrops slightly as it appears the blue haired genius isn't going to acknowledge her.
    When Ami shifts gears, Rei smiles softly with some bemusement that slowly shifts to subtle concern as she notices the uncomfortable state Ami seems to be in. Her social cues may not be the best, but psychic tendencies fill in some of the blanks. "Welcome." She says with a slight tilt of her head and a soft smile - ever the shrine maiden, even if familiarity as worn off a lot of her mystique for you and the other Senshi. She doesn't want to come RIGHT OUT with probing questions about your well being, but she's definitely got them chambered.
Ami Mizuno has posed:
Ami blinks and looks up at you. "Oh, Rei-chan. Hello," she says warmly, but with some more distraction than usual. "Is there another broom? Can I help, or...?" She hesitates a moment before murmuring, "I need to not think for a while, and I kind of need something physical to do. I can only go swimming for so long," she explains, blue eyes dark and a little sad. "Or can we talk inside? Whatever's better for you," Ami adds in a rush. "I don't want to inconvenience you if you have a lot of chores that only you can do."
Rei Hino has posed:
Rei frowns slightly, pushing the bristles of the broom down into the step as she listens quietly, a slight furrow to her brow. Rei can't really say she's comfortable putting Ami to work at the shrine; even if it's framed as a favor to Ami, she'd still feel like a bit of a bad friend, on top of some guilt at not handling her chores herself. Some social hurdles are still rather firmly in place. This is why they tend to hang out in civilization.
    We'll call that Plan B! For now Rei just smiles kindly. "Come inside, Ami-chan. I'll make you some tea, okay?"
    Maybe it's just the environment and the Miko outfit, but Rei DOES still have a bit of an odd... presence to her on these steps; like a kind ghost, like there's something surprising about seeing her there whether you expected to see her or not. It's hard to explain.
    A crow crying in the distance doesn't help. That tends to happen though.
Ami Mizuno has posed:
Ami nods. "Thanks, Rei-chan," she says gratefully. Even expecting you to be here, she's still got goosebumps in the shrine. She usually does. It's cool and eerie all at once.

She follows you up the steps, and--is that a sniffle? Oh dear. "Things aren't great," she admits, once both of the girls are inside.
Rei Hino has posed:
Rei nods once in response with a smile and leads you up the... MANY steps, taking one moment to brush away some errant dirt without slowing her momentum.
    The sound of Ami sniffling is NOT familiar to her, and it's almost alarming to hear, prompting Rei to look to her friend with concern. With some hesitation - introversion being a hard habit to shake - she reaches out one hand and squeezes Ami's shoulder gently. She keeps her composure however - burying you in questions and open worry can probably only increase Ami's anxiety, after all - and says "It's okay. Tell me all about it inside."
    Inside the shrine is like stepping into the distant past, where someone has taken the time to install SOME electricity, but not as much as someone born after the sixties might be used to. There are, at least, a few lamps inside, but they're dim enough that the old building and it's softer wood flooring doesn't lose too much of its atmosphere. There are a few cushions around a small table where Rei bids Ami to sit, and after a brief time away, Rei returns with a small cup and a steaming kettle, pouring a cup to tea for you carefully before setting the kettle on the table, and sitting down on the other side of it.
    She kneels with her hands folded on her lap, letting a few moments pass in silence - letting you drink in hopes it'll help you relax - before she gently says, "What's troubling you, Ami-chan?"
Ami Mizuno has posed:
Ami sighs a little. "It's Takashi-kun." She shakes her head. "I think I'm really ready to end it this time, Rei-chan. I know it's better in the long run, but it really hurts." She sniffles again, and pulls out her handkerchief to dab at her eyes. "I'm barely sleeping, and even studying is hard." She pauses a moment, before sipping at her tea again. It seems to fortify her, so her eyes meet yours. "I don't want to. I really do think he's a good, if misguided, person underneath. But I don't know how to reach him, Rei-chan, and that's what scares me." She hesitates again. "What if me breaking up with him makes it so he can't come back from where he's gone in his head and the Darkness?"
Rei Hino has posed:
Rei's eyes close when Ami mentions Takashi; partly to gather herself to control her reaction, and partly to hide the disdain that surely filled her eyes at that moment. Being a shrine maiden and the Senshi of Passion means a LOT of self discipline is required, and it's not the easiest thing for her.
    When she opens them again with a soft sigh, she listens patiently, nodding slowly as Ami speaks. When Ami finishes, Rei is quiet for a good long moment. Rei can't honestly say she's in a good position to give advice about love. The one chance she's had at it, she discreetly ran away from it. She doesn't want to hurt Ami with careless statements, OR her contempt for Takashi, but...
    "I'm sorry, Ami-chan." She says softly; purely to convey sympathy rather than any pity on her part. "You know Takashi better than I do..." she says, slipping with a slightly rude lack of honorific, "... but from what I've seen... I don't think he's *interested* in changing, Ami-chan. I don't think he's even interested in restraint. I think he just... wants what he wants... and does what he wants." She frowns softly, and looks at Ami intently. "I don't know what's going on inside of him... but... what I *do* know is that you can't hold yourself responsible for what *he* may or may not do. It's not *your* responsibility to save him, or comfort him, or change him."
    Rei smiles a little, "... You *want* to... because you're a wonderful person, Ami-chan. But no one would blame you for not tying yourself to something that can hurt you so bad." Rei slowly lifts up her own tea cup, her expression darkening slightly as she stares into it. "... and... for my part... after what happened this week - after what happened with Earth, and Mamoru-kun, and Usagi... I don't... I don't even know how I *could* forgive him if I wanted to. I'm..." she looks at Ami regretfully, "... I'm scared to know you're around him, Ami-chan."
Ami Mizuno has posed:
Nodding, Ami stares into her tea for a while. Her sigh is heavier this time. "You're right, of course." She gives you a faint, heartbroken smile. "I mean. You are. But I just wish we all could have a miracle romance like Usagi if we wanted one." Then she takes a longer sip of tea, to control the imminent tears.
Rei Hino has posed:
"Ami-chan..." Rei's heart breaks a little watching Ami, her lip quivering as she struggles to maintain her composure. There's an uncomfortably silence as she struggles to say anything. What does SHE know about love? But...
    Rei moves to kneel on one leg beside Ami, putting a hand on her shoulder and stepping WAY outside her own comfort zone for the most part with her best attempt at a comforting smile. "Ami-chan... you're not... you're not wrong to hurt. But... I *promise*... somewhere there's a person who'll respect you and treat you right. Someone who'll make you happy and... and won't hurt you or frighten you this way." Her smile broadens a little, "Someone who'll treat you the way you deserve. Because... you *do* deserve it. And you don't need destiny for that." She smirks a little, "Usagi just cheated, that's all."
    She may come off as slightly stiffer than she'd like - 'we don't need men or romance' has pretty much been the mantra of Rei Hino's life - but she's... sincere in her feelings, at very least.
Ami Mizuno has posed:
Ami looks up at Rei with a warm, if wobbly, smile. "That's really sweet, Rei-chan." She slowly moves to take her friend's hand, waiting for Rei's hand to dart away like the crows she keeps as pets. "I appreciate that." If allowed to touch her hand, she'll clasp it, briefly, before sniffling. Then her back straightens a little. "You're right, though, Rei-chan. Usagi cheated." A bit of a grin. "I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't the first time." Her eyes sparkle with unshed tears and a little mirth, before she sighs again. "This is going to be rough for a while, I think."
Rei Hino has posed:
Rei definitely... flinches. But she's not *so* walled off that she'll reject a simple gesture from one of her only friends. Not these days, anyway. Her smile tightens briefly, but she wrestles it under control, and nods her head, a bit of a wry look coming to her face as Ami talks about Usagi. "Well... she didn't do the written exam herself, I don't think."
    Her attempt at humor aside, she nods her head. "... Yeah. But you'll make it through okay. You're a strong person. And... we'll all be there for you." Her eyes close in a kind smile, "That what we were all put together for, right?"
    I mean, *technically* not, but.
Ami Mizuno has posed:
Ami smiles a little. "Thanks, Rei-chan," she murmurs softly. "I appreciate you." And she lets go, mercifully brief touches of Rei's hand. She sighs. "Takashi has his good points," she says wearily. "I'm just... tired."
Rei Hino has posed:
tRei gives a quiet nod and a gentle smile before backing up a little into a proper kneeling position and sighing softly. Rei... isn't sure she agrees with that, but Rei is also angry; and she isn't the Guardian of Passion and War because because she's great at tempering her feelings. Suppressing them, maybe, but...
    "... Yeah. We're all tired." She agrees. "But... hopefully with Earth gone, we've finally bought ourselves a little quiet. I just..." She just doesn't feel like she can relax while Takashi can still do whatever he wants; while Mamoru and Usagi seem so intent on forgiving someone who Rei can only see as a man who hurt her friends and endangered everything.
    But... Ami probably doesn't need to hear that rant right now.
    "... I just hope we can make it last."
Ami Mizuno has posed:
Ami smiles, faintly. "Can it ever?" she murmurs. "Until we destroy all evil possible, I don't think that's a possibility, my friend." Her blue eyes are sadder than before, even. A life of fighting and fighting and fighting. It seems unfair.

"We have a heavy burden, all of us magical girls. I don't know how we stand it, honestly. We need some kind of magical psychiatric service."
Rei Hino has posed:
Rei smiles with muted amusement. "That might be nice." Then shakes her head and closes her eyes, "But... I feel like you're thinking too big. As wonderful as it would be to remove evil from the world..." she opens her eyes, her gaze kind but... intent. Focused. "... remember that our only goal... our *only* mission... is to protect Usagi. And her happiness."
    The way she looks is... well. Depending on your perspective it's either inspiring or a little scary. It's not zealotry - far from it - but... again... Senshi of Passion. That said, her expression softens a little and she looks positive, "And that's not so big and scary. You know? Knowing you... you probably WILL figure out a way to cover the whole planet's needs..." she chuckles softly, "... but until then, let's just take care of each other, okay?"
Ami Mizuno has posed:
Laughing, a blush coming to her cheeks, Ami nods. "You're right. Thank you, Rei-chan." Her eyes are bright as she looks her friend over. "How are you doing, anyway? I've made this whole session about me."
Rei Hino has posed:
Rei blinks once, looking... not *surprised*, but unprepared to answer the question. After a thoughtful moment - a thousand guarded habits looking at each other with uncertainty - she errs on the side of honesty with one of her closest friends, "... I'm okay. Mostly. That fake world we were in - becoming Princess Mars for a little while... it..." she struggles to find the most fitting way to put it, and settles on, "... confused me, for a little while. It was... surprising how different I was." She furrows her brow and corrects herself. "*She* was." Is THAT right either? She hesitates and shakes her head. Friendship or no, that guard is still up when she concludes, slightly less than honestly, "... I'm fine now, though, thank you, Ami-chan."
Ami Mizuno has posed:
Ami gives Rei a bit of a Look for a moment at that half-truth. A moment of silence follows, but she lets it drop after too much pushing. "It sounds rough. I feel guilty about not being there."
Rei Hino has posed:
Rei smiles sympathetically. It wasn't long ago that she all but chastised Naru for her guilt over the very same thing; but... perhaps Naru's still a 'civilian' in Rei's mind. Ami is a comrade, and a fellow Guardian; and Rei would feel awful for not being there for everyone too. Hard to tell if that's hypocrisy or just a difference in understanding.
    "You... *probably* would have puzzled out the illusion faster than *we* did." She admits with some embarrassment, "... but don't feel guilty Ami-chan. Earth was..." she decides to pick a kinder word, "... silly enough to grab a *lot* of Magical Girls for her little fan club-" she says the last words with derision, "- so luckily we were able to fight her off without anyone getting seriously hurt."
    Rei takes a sip of her tea, and looks thoughtful. "And Usagi... She changed. Somehow she became *so* much more powerful in that moment, it was almost like..." Rei hesitates and chooses not to name drop D-point, because *none* of them want to be reminded too much of that. She settles on the less specific "... when she became Princess Serenity, but she was still..." she shrugs, "... Sailor Moon?" She sighs, "I don't know. It all happened really fast, and there was a *lot* going on but... it was really amazing." She smiles a bit ruefully, "... I'm not sure she needed *any* of us back there."
Ami Mizuno has posed:
Ami nods slowly. "Maybe," she says of the illusion. But then there's talk of Usagi, and she sits up straighter. "Like--" She, too, hesitates to name-drop D-point. "That's pretty powerful," she says instead, thoughtfully. "Scary-powerful. Did she deliver the killing blow?" 'Like before?' hangs in the air, unspoken.
Rei Hino has posed:
Rei cups her chin thoughtfully - secretly a bit happy to see Ami taking interest and not dwelling in her problems, if even for a second; though the topic could be happier - and says, "... Sort of. It's a little hard to say. Mamoru-kun was there, helping her with-" she shrugs and waves her hand a little bit, "-their bond..." She's still not sure how to classify that. "Everyone was attacking. I was putting my energy into her attack.." small beans in comparison to what Serenity is capable of, but still, straws and camels' backs, "... Usagi had summoned a *sword* of all things, and transformed it into a... a sort of harp. But Earth didn't *die* until Usagi used Ariel-san's tear."
    Rei sighs. "Like I said. Chaotic. Earth changed herself into something I'd never seen before. It's hard to say how much of that we actually *needed* but..." Rei looks distinctly uncomfortable, "... but she changed *reality*, Ami-chan. Created a whole new *space*. I can't imagine what it takes to do that. I don't even want to think about whether it was even put back together right. I..." She realizes she's gripping her cup VERY hard... and realizes that - however roundabout - this is coming back to the *incredible* danger that Takashi caused. She allows herself a deep breath and a calming sip of tea. "... Excuse me. I suppose I don't really know much after all. I should- *we* should probably ask Usagi." She allows herself a bit of an exasperated look to the side, "... though it's hard to say how much *she'll* understand about it."