3500 Yen (Norie Okana)

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3500 Yen (Norie Okana)
Date of Cutscene: 02 June 2017
Location: Norie's Closet
Synopsis: Norie Ruminates on the two years of awful and recent happenings and where her life is going.
Thanks to: Everyone~
Cast of Characters: Norie Okana

Norie Okana found herself in her closet again. It was a familiar feeling. When she wanted to feel safe, but also not alone. With her family in the rest of the house. That was close enough. Everyone found It weird. But it was better than running away from home. Like last time.

She went over her discussions with Kunzite the past day or so in her head. After all the nightmares they've wandered into, helping Ariel-chan. She felt fortunate that whatever dark power overtook her. It wasn’t controlling her. Making her reach out. Steal peoples loved ones. Turning them against them. She knew she could probably do it. She knows she could if she bothered to dedicate the energy to it. But she felt that would be a final line crossing. Something she couldn’t come back from.

The idea scared her. She always found herself clutching and rubbing the gem of that necklace in this kind of state. She never knew why.

But even her thoughts were changing. She caught herself one or two times in recent history calling people ‘humans’. Like she wasn’t one. That was a reality of course. She wasn’t human. She was a vampire. She was undead. But she was still. Human. Somewhere. Right? That was the parts of her that cared about Eilam-kun. And Natsumi-chan. The part of her that blushed when Mamoru handed her a rose and told a stupid joke that she swears almost made her smile. That made her save Alexis-kun.

But even the good things. Like that. Were like mental gymnastics to try to justify it to herself. If she lost Alexis-kun, it’d hurt HER. Eilam-kun bought her things. Natsumi-chan … well she couldn’t explain her. Ugh. Her thoughts were all over the place.

Then she was back at the beginning and she threw the coat hanger she was swinging on a finger into the wall, which bounced upwards, them back down to the floor with a clatter.

Then there were the longer term things she’d have to worry about. She knew she’d stop aging eventually. Eventually. People would notice in a few years. What then? It was an inevitably she’d need to leave this life. Make another. Or. Just. Be a vampire. In a spooky manor.

It was things like this that made her question popular culture on vampires. She had a reflection. She knew she did. She did her hair every morning after all. Sunlight had gotten… ‘brighter’ to her. But not in a way that was causing her discomfort or pain. She knows a stake through the heart would just hurt a lot. There wasn’t even a heart there anyways. Just that. Black, dark energy her form was made of.

But then there were the things that seemed correct. She liked sleeping in a coffin… or a small place. Like the closet. More than a bed- or an open area. She could turn into a bat- and had an affinity for them. She most certainly didn’t find them ‘cute’ before she was this thing. While holy symbols didn’t affect her--- ‘purifying magic’ could- which could be consider a counterpart of such a thing if they were used as such.

Also the whole… preying on and feeding from humans thing she shared in common. Not blood. Their energy. Identity. A mix of both. Maybe. Part of her wondered what would happened if she did try drinking blood. She just thinks she’d taste that copper taste and get nothing from it.

Nrg, now she was curious again. Where would she even get such a thing? Raid a hospital? Ask one of her friends REALLY nicely?….. Drain a thug?

Nonono. She shook the ideas out of her head, hair coming across her face as she frowned further to herself. She sighed. Then… well then there was work. She doesn’t really know where that ‘Scientific Interest’ came from. Maybe it was something that rubbed off on her from working with Takashi-sama. She knew she started it to learn about herself. Then she just started taking notes. And sketches. And pictures. And theories. Then she’d start testing. Then that book of ‘Melanite’s’ work fell into her lap and she started experimenting with the magic in there- and that led to more research and some actual products of said research. Mostly to help herself or understand herself. She’d hardly call herself a scientist like Taka-sama might. Maybe more of a ‘researcher’. Or an ‘explorer’. Were more apt a description for her.

But then that recent discussion with Takashi-sama. It made her wonder. Was Takashi questioning himself like she was? Was that common…? Among dark beings? To question yourself a lot? She was pretty sure that ‘doubt’ was something that the darkness amplified. Maybe the things with Mizuno-san finally caught up n his head and he began questioning himself. She didn’t want to ask him directly of course.

Norie sighed a bit to herself. She looked over to the shoebox in the corner and grabbed it over as she placed it into her lap into the closet and opened it. Inside was the wealth of ‘reprimands’ she’d gotten in school since she became this thing. All the letters teachers wrote. All the therapist documents she was allowed to have. She then dug to the bottom where a faded receipt sat from that second hand shop.

    6/1/2015 – Otoe
    Necklace. (Medium).      3500 Yen.

“3500 Yen.” she repeated herself, to no one in particular.