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Minami Mart! We have wh-*MASSIVE DROP*
Date of Scene: 06 November 2015
Location: Uminari City - Minami Mart
Synopsis: Haruna Kurosawa and Mari Katsu got pick up snacks! Then Bass-chan and Keys decide to hold an awesome Dubstep concert without city permission and break windows! Cure Victory and Cure Gull and Sailor Moon try to stop the MUSICAL MAYHEM.
Cast of Characters: Mari Katsu, Usagi Tsukino, Haruna Kurosawa, Kurota Aizawa, Mizudori Teion

Haruna Kurosawa has posed:
Haruna Kurosawa has come here seeking Boost-chan! To spread terrible rumors to her about Victory-chan! But really- she texted Katsu-chan that cute photo from last night- then said she wanted snacks and drinks and that Minami Mart!

Boost-chan didn't seem to be around though, so Haruna made for the snack aisle and peeking over at Katsu-chan. "So how did things go when I left?~" she asks teasingly at Katsu-chan. "Telllll me!" she pleads.

"I mean. You don't gotta but---!" she beams! "I bet they went well~" she says sing-songinly.

Corvus is reading a tiny daily newspaper in his wings. Also he has reading glasses on. We don't talk about Corvus's weirdness much.

"Sorry about the rumors thou...." she admits with a blush! "I was too loud." she admits sheepishly. "No one's bugging you about it, right?" she asks heasitantly.

Mari Katsu has posed:
    Mari is stocking up on some things.. She usually eats in the school cafeteria, but it doesn't hurt to have things on hand for snacks or when she wants to prepare a light meal on her own... She's pretty sure cooking isn't forbidden in the dorms, probably something she should look into, at some point.

    Where does one go, when they want to stock up on things? The one place in the city where you're garunteed to find what you need, Minami Mart!

    The name might be a bit silly, but the slogan wasn't wrong, the store always had whatever Mari came looking for - and better yet, it was owned by her friend's family, which meant that by shopping here, she was supporting a local business and a freind. So it's totally a win-win, right?

    As she turns the corner and runs into Haruna-chan, Mari freezes in place and her face immiediately flushes red as she remembers the afternoon before, slowly letting her brain adjust to that sudden return of shock. "Ahhhh... Kurosawa-chan!" She calls out, even though Haruna has already made note of her and started talking. "No, no, it's fine!" She finally manages to get out in coherent response.

"These rumors are nice.. Everyone's focusing on them rather than calling me a demon because of the way I am when I play tennis. It's nice to have them talking about something else for a change.. Sure I get a few odd looks now and then, but no one's been rude or anything like that." She quietly giggles, covering her mouth with one hand as she does so to maintain her modesty then smiles. "Last night was amazing. Suzu-chan and I went for a walk, then we went to the dorm and I played some video games with someone other than my sister for the first time in ages.." Mari? Playing Video Games? That's probably a shock. "It was nice."

Haruna Kurosawa has posed:
Haruna Kurosawa doesn't find playing games odd! Even she does! (well, now. Corvus got her into this weird fighting game she won in a game tornament through sheer luck with a shit tier character- she had NO idea what she was doing!). She beams at Katsu! "I'm glad it was amazing! That makes me happy~" she beams.

She throws two bags of chips into a bag. Also. Some rice cakes. Corvus likes the rice cakes.

"Corvus plays some games! Mostly MMORPGs, but also this fighting game! He's good! I'm----okay. I won a games console in a game tornament and I never bothered to play before then." she beams.

She peeks.

"I was hoping Yuko-chan might be in..." she says. She peeks at Katsu-chan. Does she know Yuko-chan is Boost!? She doesn't know!

She looks down. "Did you hear the rumor about me---it's true- you know...I spiked the punch at a chairty ball the other night- and it made a buncha trouble but I was just trying to make silliness and fun." she huffs. "Never gonna do it again." she says.

"I mean the other part about my nice dress-is!" she says as she huffs!

Mari Katsu has posed:
    Mari just smiles and rubs the back of her head. "Sorry. I don't socialize alot, normally.. So I really don't get caught up on Rumors unless I hear them by earshot.. So I really wasn't aware of anything having happened at the charity event. That said, spiking the punch doesn't exactly sound fun, sweetie.." Mari replies before she shakes her head. "Of coruse, i think I might be a bit biassed or a stick in the mud for that kind of thing... Pranking has never been something I wanted to get involved with."

    Then she pauses, considering for a moment before she nods. "I was coming to talk to Minami-chan about things, but she doesn't seem to be here." She shakes her head a bit. "Eh well, i'm sure i'll catch her wandering about sooner or later."

    Then she glances to Kurosawa and smiles. "Either way, don't let a single incident ward you off from trying to be helpful.. sure, you might have messed up, but you ended up helping me too, so it kind of evens out, you know."

Haruna Kurosawa has posed:
Haruna Kurosawa nods. "Oh! You know Yuko-chan then---?" she asks leaning in. She frowns. "Well---I know that now..." she says crossing her arms. She huffs. "I just...wanted to try something exciting for a change..." she says crossing her arms. "I----"

She looks down. "You know... my story, right? Where I got Corvus... and what I was doing before... right?" she asks softly. "I was tricked and---before that I--- um. Just kinda lived in my dorm room and I didn't even wanna go to classes because--- I thought Aki-- my sister- died... I didn't know she was a Pretty Cure then." she says gently

"Did I tell you that story...?" she asks.

Mari Katsu has posed:
    Mari quietly tilts her head to one side and frowns before she wraps her arms around Haruna's head and pulls her face first into a hug. "No, you didn't. And you don't have to, if the story is painful. What's important is that we'll find a way to help your sister, no matter what." Mari replies, before she quietly turns and looks to the nearby shelf. "Yeah, I know Minami-chan. We've been friends for a few weeks now! She's really helped out alot in settling in and stuff."

    Mari makes her best attempt at changing the conversation to something else rather than letting Haruna get upset by rememering such painful things, though really it's not an amazing conversation change.

Haruna Kurosawa has posed:
Haruna Kurosawa hugs Katsu-chan back tiredly. "It's fine. Just... things were bad and I did a stupid thing for a few months and Corvus was a jerk bird who rhymed and used me to try to free him from a tablet by making me into a rhyming witch!" she insists. Corvus flips a paper on Haruna's shoulder as he reads his morning newspaper, tiny mascot edition.

She nods nods at Katsu-chan! "Yuko-chan is really cool. I hope she shows up soon- I need to ask her stuff---it's......"

"/Precure Bussiness/." she whispers.

"Oh! You should buy some stuff so when Suzu-chan comes over next time you can cook something for her or offer her something!---" she pauses.

"Your dorm allows like hotplates, right!?" she asks.

Mari Katsu has posed:
    Mari just blinks and slowly starts turning red in her cheeks as Haruna brings up Suzuki again and quickly shakes her head, slapping both cheeks to regain her composure. "I..I don't think I could do something like THAT! My cooking isn't... good enough for that sort of thing..." Mari comments as she shakes her head quickly.

    Then she pauses, taking a deep breath before she scratches the side of her head and does a typical anime-style sweatdrop on the other side. "I eat rediculously healthy, to keep up with my Tennis stuff... It's not exactly a flavor pallet that Suzuki would enjoy, I think..." She complains to herself, resigning herself to failure in the area of cuisine before even giving it a shot. "I'd... be way too embarassed to try cooking for her, yet."

    After a few minutes, she quietly smiles as she looks to Haruna. "Oh.. So you know about that..." She pauses, changing the subject again. "...Yeah, I'm sure she'll show up eventually."

Mizudori Teion has posed:
And that's when there's a tremendous ground-rumbling sustained subsonic explosion outside, rattling the windows of Minami Mart. Is there an attack outside?!

A shrieking sound follows it-- so probably? Then there's another shrieking sound and another teeth-buzzing bone-vibrating low sound of enormous force.

Kurota Aizawa has posed:
    This is followed by a young male voice shouting.

    "Ow! Jesus, Mizu, I was right in front of the damned speaker, can you /warn/ me next time? It's hard to play the keyboard when you're /deaf/!"

Haruna Kurosawa has posed:
Haruna Kurosawa taps Corvus on the side. Poke poke poke. He sighs and removes a buncha takeout menus from behind his back. She shoves these into Mari's hands totally helpfully. "These are some intresting places that deliver! I know because I lived off it for two years!" she insists. There's all sorts of neat places there! EVEN some weird places! And then theres a rumble and she sort of wiggles and stays on her feet like there was an Earthquake... "Wo..-woah!? Outside!" she says. Corvus has put his newspaper away and glasses. IT'S BUSSINESS TIME!

She races to push herself out the door, knowing that Katsu-chan will follow. She's already has her PreChanMirror raised. "You won't get away with this! ROLLIN' MI---wait wha!?"

She looks around.

She peeeeeeeers. "Wha!?" HEY!

"ROLLIN' MIRROR CHANGE!" she calls out!

She spins the mirror. There's a Pretty Cure Transformation- and also it's seafoam green. She turns into---Cure Gull!

"The Wings of Hope that soar across the sea---Cure Gull!" she points. "SUCH LOUD MUSIC---um... uh..... ah---"

"You guys aren't like youma or attacking or anything... are you?" she asks.

Mari Katsu has posed:
    The explosion of noise from outside draws Mari's attention away from her own social awkwardness concerns, and into her usual, more firey perspective. Cure Gull is already on her way out the door, and changing in the process, Mari goes for a bit more reserved approach as she produces her PreChanMirror and three cards which she slots in and secures it as she calls out, "PRECURE! Rolling Mirror Change!"

    After a sudden flash of light within the store, the shilouette of Cure Victory appears in the doorway.

"They don't look like Terribad, at the very least..." She says, not giving any fancy introduction to herself as she steps out of the door. "...But they are making an awful ammount of noise and... blowing things up somehow?" She quietly tilts her head to one side. "Is there anyway the two of you would consider keeping it down a notch?"

Mizudori Teion has posed:
Across the street, taking up just enough of the sidewalk and a parking space not to block foot traffic, is a miniature stage. It basically amounts to an unfolded plywood box about ten feet across and six feet deep, six inches tall, painted black with multicolored LEDs lining its sides. There's already a smoke machine going, and a crowd of kids and some adults gathering.

There are speakers on poles, pointed directly at Minami Mart, a PA, a keyboard on a stand, a row of effects pedals velcro'd to the stage, a laptop on a stand, two microphones, and two upperclassmen -- one of them's a short girl with hair almost the color of Cure Gull's henshin. Both of them are dressed like cyberpunk ravers, more or less, and they almost LOOK like youmas.

"WHAT?" yells the girl at the guy. She's holding a bass guitar, and has a glowing-fingered glove on her string-plucking hand. "ARE YOU READY? GOD YOU'RE TAKING FOREVER. OH HEY, COOL, DEFENDERS OF JUSTICE OR WHATEVER."

The crowd turns to stare at the two girls rushing out of the minimart, then cheers both Cure Gull and Cure Victory.

The girl transforms on the spot, right in front of god and everyone, her scenester clothes and skin immediately losing all color and turning a nonreflective matte black that light just seems to sink into and never return, no face no features. Her sea-green hair glows brightly and turns into a cloud of thick, smoky wisps of light and her eyes open, replaced by glowing, featureless light the same color as her hair; lines and patterns of that same light trace down her body and glow fiercely. Lightblades like ice skates appear on her feet, lifting her a couple of inches off the ground, and her bass guitar turns into a thing made of black smoke and shadow with lightning and seagreen fireflies dancing inside.


She reaches back and slams the spacebar on the laptop, and a drum machine slides into aural space, rattling and clicking and pounding. And then she waves her hand in front of the bass and slides her chording hand down the scale on the low E, dropping the note lower and lower.

The ground starts literally wobbling.

Kurota Aizawa has posed:
    Kurota was walking onto the stage from one side, towards the keyboard, when Mizu's ill-timed mic-test nearly blew out his eardrums as he was passing directly in front of one of the speakers. He's still wincing and wiggling a finger in his ear as he finally reaches they keyboard. "Yes, I'm ready, take it easy champ, it's not like there's a schedule!" Which is true because they didn't create one or get permission to do this.

    He glances across the street as the two Cures rush out of the story, "Cool, well, everybody likes our music so-" He cuts off as Mizu henshins into Bass-chan in the middle of the stage. "Oh, are we doing that? Alright then." And just like that he follows suit, although he at least has the good sense to spin in place and point a finger in the air while shouting, "GODS OF MUSIC, GIVE ME THE POWER TO-"

    He's in the middle of doing this when Bass-chan slides her hand down the bass and the ground starts to shake, making him stumble and crash into a pile of empty instrument cases while henshining. When he rights himself he looks just like her, all dark shadows and neon light, except his neon lights are dark blue. "DAMMIT, STOP RUINING MY TRANSFORMATION SEQUENCE!"

Haruna Kurosawa has posed:
Cure Gull points and looks surprised. "What!? You!? Dubstep-chan!?" she calls out, pointing at Bass-chan--- "I SAID!...ugh... they can't hear us and-----"

Wait is everyone clapping at her and Victory. She peeks over at Victory and blinks and blushes. She turns back and now there's also one like Bass-chan but also blue!? Bass-chan and---- um, blue-tron chan- who isn't familar to her. She turns to Victory.


She turns back to the area and the audience.

"Ugh. Corvus what do you suggest!?" she yells.


"NOT HELPING!" she yells.

Mari Katsu has posed:
    This is.. interesting, to say the least. Two young musicians imposing their own unique brand of ear splitting chaos on the peaceful city.. It's... not exactly something she's been queued up to defend against before... Infact she's not even certain if it's PROPER for her to defend against this sort of thing. Quite obviously they're not 'normal' so leaving it to officials isn't responsible, but is blasting loud and tasteless music really a crime she is supposed to intervene on?

    As she ponders this fact there's a few minutes she slips her hand into her pocket to retrieve a change card which she slips into her PreChanMirror so that the card overlaps with the others already inside after she removes the respective piece of clothing she's already wearing.

    "Time to Change!" CureVictory calls out... and her usual head ornaments are replaced by.. a very fuzzy pair of ear muffs to help aid in saving her poor eardrums from the onslaught of Dubstep.

"Oh my gosh that's so much better I can actually hear myself think now...." She comments with a soft whine of relief.. It's not perfect, but at least it helps.

Usagi Tsukino has posed:
Usagi was enjoying a day of forcibly being Not Sad! (This actually isn't forced, she is genuinely happy because she used the cabfar from the dance to buy a milkshake, sweets, and a cute hippo plushie. She'll go back for the horse later!

She's gobbling the last of her sweet and slurping what's left of her milkshake when she hears it.

Well, more like feels the vibration straight through to her core.

And she's running and transforming onto the scene, and hey, Bass-chan!

But Bass-chan is the cause of her teeth rattling! She and another person!

And there are others here trying to stop the...concert?

Oh well.

She lands on a light, another turning to bathe her in a harsh...blue. So not her color!

Squinting, she starts to Speech!

"Hold it right there!"

What follows is her most eloquent speech about Love, Music, and how bursting ear drums is not condusive to the magic of sound.

It's stirring and, unlike most of her speeches, may cause some to fall to their knees at the poetic beauty of it all.

Of course, none of it is heard. All anyone sees is a crazy girl gesticulating wildly.

Mizudori Teion has posed:
The first of what is likely to be many windows pops and shatters, raining glass shards on the sidewalk and inside of a store. Some people in the dancing crowd cheer that, too, and some of them start looking seriously uncomfortable.

Not that many can hear them, but there are now also sirens in the distance.

Bass-chan is legit dancing to their own beat up there on the stage, face completely blank because her eyes are closed, except that when Keys yells something about his henshin sequence she apparently hears that because he's in henshin and their voices are now doing this weird bitcrushed and autotuned thing.

"Quit whining, Keys-kun, I could groove forever but we need the melody, yo--"

And then she sees Sailor Moon blocking some of the light that's trying to bathe some of their not-henshiny equin.n</span> and she yells out, "SAILOR MOON DIGS IT YAAAAAAAS!!! LOOK SHE'S DANCING TOO!!!!"

The crowd literally goes insane dancing and cheering and their energy meshes with the energy of the music and suddenly there are actual legit shoujo bubbles and colored lights dancing in the air and people can see the sound and a whole row of windows pops and a bunch of car alarms go off and a couple of kids reach to pull Cure Victory and Cure Gull into the dancing like it's some kind of wild faerie dance-- energy's moving around like crazy, but instead of being sucked out of people, it's being generated more and more and more and people are re-energizing each other!

Kurota Aizawa has posed:
    Keys is back on his feet a moment later, throwing water bottles at Bass-chan as she dances back and forth on the stage, although only one of them comes close to hitting her and when it does it hits some sort of music shield and vaporizes. "You quit whining!" But he does his job, after all, because THE SHOW MUST GO ON. He slams his fingers down on the keys in front of him, and as soon as they strike the instrument the black and neon shadowy colorscheme flows out from him to engulf it, and from then on out whenever he hits a key a flare of bluish neon light shoots out like a laser from the front of it, lighting up the sky and the undersides of the clouds with dazzling flashes!

    Of course one of those light-lasers happens to strike a lamp hanging from the side of a nearby store and it explodes in a shower of glittering glass shards, but meh, they probably aren't harmful to people, probably, and since he's on the stage they are above head-height anyway! Well within safety regulations!

    He easily falls into synch with Bass-chan, as they've been making music together for years, providing the melody to her earth-shaking low-end as the energy of the music starts to well.. energize the area. Also set off car alarms, but you can't really hear them anyway.

Haruna Kurosawa has posed:
Cure Gull looks at Victory. "That's a cool idea Victory! BUT!" she says. "I have a better idea!......." she pauses. "Maybe..."

She turns and shakes shakes Corvus after scooping him of her shoulder. "PRECARD DECOR NOOOOOOOOW!" she whines. Corvus arrrgghhhsss! "Finnnnnne!" he presents a folder of some sort and she turns back around and begins frantically flipping through the PreCards she's collected. Nrrrrg where is it. There it is. She pulls out the set and gives the folder back to Corvus.

<I-i-idol! Time to Change~>

She's still hovering overhead on her wings- as she gaints a seafoam green idol outfit. It's seafoam green-has some sort of awesome Gull-wing logo on her shirt and a short miniskirt. She still has wings though and the pretty headband. There also now two giant glowing green speakers next to her that are magical constructs.

"HEY! CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW!?" she calls out on her Idol Microphone!


Pretty Cure powers do not grant magical sining voices or songs about Rice Making You Happy unless you're Cure Honey.

Corvus sighhhhs. He is now dressed like a roadie and where did hislifegowrongohgods.

"SOMEONE'S GONNA GET HURT!" she cries out desperatly.

She blinks. Sailor Moon!?

Is she dancing...or. Is she trying to justice speech futily?

"AH!? SEE LAMPS ARE EXPLODING!" she insists.

Mari Katsu has posed:
    Of course, the fact that glass is now shattering and raining down on innocent people - wether intended or no - is not cool. No one seems to be hurt yet, but with the sudden outbreak of dancing and the growing chaos, it's only a matter of time.

    Of course, between the crowd and people trying to pull her into a dance, Victory's progress at making her way across to the two musicians is.. somewhat hindered. Given that she's being pulled one way or the other while flailing her arms.

"Look! I don't DANCE! I caaaan't!" She cries out as she flails her arms... It's true, so far, no one has seen Cure Victory use a dance power up, in combat, or even make an attempt at dancing otherwise. Of course that's probably not going to stop the crowd from trying to force her to do so in their music induced frenzy.

Usagi Tsukino has posed:
What! Dancing? She's not dancing! No toes has been smashed!

She tries to say this, hands on hips and looking perturbed, but of course, she still isn't heard.

And suddenly, Cure Gull is on stage! (What's wrong with pop?)

Feeling energized, she hops onto the stage.

Suddenly, she IS dancing, very poorly but with Much Conviction. Feet move, hips sway, and she ends up next to Gull with a poorly executed moonwalk.

She leans close to Gull's ears, still jigging about in place.


Clueless dancing, obviously, but also, how to do this...fight? Song Battle?


Wait! They're being attacked! By water bottles!

With a frightened shriek, Sailor Moon pinwheels Concert Swag at Keys.

Mizudori Teion has posed:
Yes okay one of the water bottles bounces off her shield, but Bass NOTICES, and stomps on a pedal to increase the tempo of the drum track playing from the computer, glaring eyes glowing slits at her compatriot. Now it's also a contest between the two of them. He'll recognise that expression, that body language -- and the crowd is only ramping them up harder, too.

A couple of car windows break now.

The cops have seen shoujo bubbles in the air and literally turned around, sirens off. They'll wait it out.

Meanwhile, the dancing civilians are CLEARLY digging it, though some have staggered off to catch their breath and remember how to think again and maybe calm the ringing in their ears-- and Victory's able to get a lot closer to the stage, closer and closer, and then both Sailor Moon and Cure Gull are up there visible--

And then all of a sudden Gull is uTHE FOUNDATION WELCOMES-- CURE GULL! SHE WILL BE LAYIN SOME SICK RHYMES ON YOUR ASSES!</span>" Bass yells into her mic, bitcrushed and autotuned voice sounding like a vox box over a megaphone.

But-- hey! Hey what?! Sailor Moon is throwing stuff? A water bottle thrown earlier gets hackey-sacked up in the air by a back-kick from Bass, and she catches it in the hand normally used for picking notes out while the other hand waves closer and further from the pickups like they're a theremin, which makes the bass wub like hell.

Then her matte-black fingers squish the water bottle, raining out over the crowd and n.n</span> at Sailor Moon again, and she drops the bottle and grabs a thrown t-shirt out of the air to drape over Moon's odangos.

Kurota Aizawa has posed:
    Keys sure as heck sees that look that Bass-chan gives him. That thing happens where like two triangles shoot in from either side of the screen, one with his face in it and one with Bass-chan's face in it and "CHALLENGE ACCEPTED" flashes in neon letters across the bottom of the screen. He begins to slide his fingers over the keys of his henshined keyboard in increasingly rapid succession, as if daring her to keep up.

    Of course this is somewhat ruined by Sailor Moon, who is suddenly rushing at him swinging what appears to be a pre-autographed concert poster or something. Misinterpreting her shriek as one of adoration, he keeps playing the keyboard with one hand while the other reaches out to grab it! "Hey, no problem!" He says, as he uses his neon-glowing fingertip to burn his initials into the bottom of the poster.

    Then Bass-chan welcomes the newly Idol-fied Cure Gull, and his attention is diverted again. "Someone's Gonna Get Hurt? Not familiar with that track but we'll follow your lead!" He shouts back at her, while Bass-chan is spraying water over the crowd.

Haruna Kurosawa has posed:
Cure Gull looks back into the crowd and----CURE VICTORY! FLY AND USE YOUR WINGS! UGGGGHHHHHHH!

She turns back to Keys and frowns and looks all angry as he huffs all puffy faced. "THAT ISN'T A SONG NAME! STOP THIS! YOU'RE STARTING TO MESS THINGS UP-----------I'M NO-----"

Oh god everyone's now chanting for her to sing. She gets bright red as she huffs as Sailor Moon starts a water bottle and swag battle. Her eyes blink at her at her words. "SAILOR MOON! GIVE A SPEECH ABOUT VOLUME CONTROL!" she screams.


She doesn't know what to do!

Usagi Tsukino has posed:
First, Gull is welcomed to sing. Next, there's a t-shirt draped over her head and a poster is signed.

Sailor Moon...is thoroughly confused by this whole thing.

On her knees, two tears swing like pendulums from her eyes.

Her head hurts, too, but she still wants to dance, dance, dance. WHY!

She stands, and starts to do just that.

However, she TRIPS and falls into the crowd and...

THEY ARE SURFING HER AWAY FROM THE STAGE!!! (Conveniently toward Cure Victory, notthat she sees this!)

Currently, she is unable to Justice Speech. She's too busy screaming out her wish that she's not dropped on her rear end!

Mari Katsu has posed:
    The more Cure Victory fights against the growing flash mob, the more tangled she becomes in their attempts to have her join them in their overly complex movements and patterns, it's enough to make the precure withdraw into herself slightly.

    That is, until Raquel pops in next to Cure Victory holding a trio of PreChan Cards out to the precure expectantly.

"Victory-chan! Use these!" Raquel states, expectantly thrusting the cards at Victory who quietly blinks.

"...Cards?" Victory asks, peering at them for a moment before she slots the cards in and locks them in place. "PRECURE! Rolling Mirror Change!"

"Rose Tango! Enveloped by a sudden flash of red light, Cure Victory's regular henshin is replaced by an elegant and flowing red gown, her movements becoming much more fluid as she suddenly steps to one side to avoid the next person that attempts to pull her into the crazed dance.

    Another flash of light, this time transforming her tennis racket into a beautiful red rose that she slips between her teeth in her next step as she sees Sailor Moon fall off stage. A few quick steps, and she puts herself in a position to rescue the Sailor Senshi of Love and Justice by slipping her arms around the senshi.. and in the next moment has swept the senshi into her dance, timing her steps to the beat of the obnoxiously loud music.. The world's very first dubstep tango duet.

    To whatever credit that is owed, it allows Cure Victory and Sailor Moon to begin rather effortlessly making their way through the crowd, more or less elegantly - and more importantly harmlessly - dodging the civilians as she does so.


Harmlessly to everyon except poor Victory's feet. The tango being the complicated dance that it is, and Sailor Moon /not/ having the power of magical assisted dance cards.

Mizudori Teion has posed:
The scores overhead are racking up, and then Bass starts trying to follow Cure Idol Gull's yelling like it's got a beat, but of course it doesn't, and she starts losing points. She gets a somewhat frantic look in her eyes, and then Sailor Moon's being crowdsurfed away and looks really unhappy about it, and Bass starts thinking maybe someone's... not enjoying this?? ? ??

More points are being lost. A couple more windows shatter. Another light's shot by a laser and blows. The asphalt cracks.

Suddenly there's ROSE TANGO and she's... she's dubstep-tangoing with Sailor Moon?!! And desperately Bass shifts the beat and reaches back to hit a sequence of keys, defaulting her position in the competition and making her green triangle flash mauve and sink behind the stage. PLAYER TWO: VICTORY BUT NOT CURE VICTORY!! flashes above Keys, and now the beat is something slower and sharper, snappier, and Bass is grimacing behind her gas mask.

Windows stop exploding, the crowd slows down, and legit this is now a dubstep tango. ON THE OTHER HAND-- less people are interested in dancing to this and more people are watching the magical girls than the stage, now, and Bass glances back at Keys and makes a face and shrugs, like, 'their attention is lost and my attention is getting lost so let's wrap up'.

Kurota Aizawa has posed:
    "F yeah, I'm the best." Keys says to nobody but himself, as he wins the apparent competition according to the apparent scoreboard that he didn't know they had, but why shouldn't they because all of life is a competition, isn't it? Bass-chan may be noticing that maybe some people aren't enjoying this (even though the gyrating crowd would seem to indicate that at least some people /are/ enjoying it), but he's too wrapped up in his victory, launching in a complex series of ascending, sliding notes-

    Until suddenly tango?! Keys is a musician and he's sensitive to sudden changes in tempo, so when Bass-chan switches up he automatically tries to follow. Honestly the result is probably pretty awesome, especially when accompanied by dancing magical girls, but Bass-chan also notices the one major glaring problem:

    People are now paying more attention to the dancers than the musicians. UNFORGIVABLE. He catches Bass-chan's glance and shrug, and he shrugs back. His first instinct is to blast the dancing magical girls with a laser- not the deadly kind, the kind that makes you look comically charred, but he reconsiders as he remembers all the exploded dummies in his parent's garden from when he was practicing that, so. He starts to wind the music down.

    Hopefully it ends just as Rose and Sailor Moon perform some dramatically fluid final dance step.

Haruna Kurosawa has posed:
Cure Gull watches in awe as Victory turns into ROSE TANGO!? Her eyes go wide in amazement and now it's TANGO DUBSTEP and this is why she thinks Cure Victory is the coolest! She beams and eeeeeees. "VICTORY THAT IS SO AWESOME!" she screams into the Microphone---oh---right!

"H--HEY! You--uh..." oh the music's dying down.

"You were breaking things!" she whines!

"and now there's lots of property damage and if people are hurt I won't EVER FORGIVE YOU!" she says pointing a finger! Luckily, no one is hurt! But Gull has strong feelings about this in either way!

"EVERYONE!" she turns to the stage. "BUY LOTS OF SWAG BUT ALSO DISPERSE! GLASS NEEDS TO BE CLEANED AND LIGHTS REPAIRED!" she insists to the crowd, rather than continue to scold the Dubstep-chans- who are pretty neat people- she's saw Bass-chan be awesome, afterall, and this concert was well meaning BUT also out of hand!

Usagi Tsukino has posed:
The crowd surfing is Not Fun! But soon she is rescued by a red gown!

And then...

Sailor Moon becomes painfully aware that Mamo-chan may be the only person ever she can dance with without risking broken toes.

UUg, what's going on?! She was almost graceful at the charity ball!

"I'm sorry! Ooops, sorry! Ack, sorry!"

She really hopes the Cures have access to a good podiatrist as she apologizes her way to the stage...

The music is winding down, which means Rose is saved from a few foot stomps, but not all of them.

Mari Katsu has posed:
    Cool or not, Victory isn't certain.. but at least she's managed to make it on stage and even save Sailor Moon while doing so! Though that being said, there's the music winding down and Victory is still transformed.. so it's almost instinctual that she follows up that dance with a finishing pose, one that will likely include Usagi as well, unless the senshi pulls away before then. However, once the music stops, there's a few seconds before Victory reverts back into her original henshin, and her eyes narrow at the two musicians on 'stage'.

    "Look.. I don't know what you're trying to prove, but you can't just wander into the middle of the city and start blasting loud music at the highest volume.. Windows and glass aren't meant to take that kind of repetative preassure waves..." She comments before she sighs looking around. "...But.. no one was hurt..." She pauses, as the pain suddenly hits her. The lack of dance henshin making the fact that her feet are /ruined/ now very apparent and Cure Victory just freezes in place until a stiff breeze hits her and she topples over sideways, curling up into a ball to try and hug her poor abused feet and tell them that it'll be okay in a few hours... or days... or after a few years of physical therapy...

Mizudori Teion has posed:
"Aw, we wanted to give a free concert," says Bass, letting the last low note linger into a sustain that lasts, fading, but lasts and lasts... until people who are hurriedly scattering as they hear the car alarms and police sirens wailing can't be sure if it's still sustained or if it's just temporary tinnitis.

"In thanks. To Minami Mart. For not suing when we blew up their dumpster, and then letting us buy them a really cool one. Anyway don't worry about the property damage, we'll pay for it," she finishes, waving a hand around. "You should totally come to one of our for real shows," she adds as an afterthought, beaming, and de-henshining into regular old Mizudori Teion as she bends down to pick up some of the merch Sailor Moon threw around. She straightens up and hands it over, then tosses some to Cure Gull and Sailor Moon, too. "Hey Cure Gull! Think your roadie can help us pack up?"

Actually, all magical girls had probably better scram if they don't want to get blamed for the mess too.

Mizu glances back at Keys. "Yo, bruh. EX-CEL-LENT improv on that damn tango."

Kurota Aizawa has posed:
    "Thanks," Keys says, de-henshining back into himself as well, returning his keyboard to normal at the same time. "It was a bit out of my normal purvue but eh, half the fun is in the improvising right?" He grins, then blinks as he too notices the sirens and stuff. "Aw crap, why do they always show up when we try to do outdoor concerts? Damn music-hating cops!" Apparently all the shattered windows and blaring car alarms never occur to him as a reason.

    "Screw the equipment, we'll just get more! If I get brought home by the cops again my mom is gonna kill me!" He says, before turning and diving off the back of the stage.. only to reappear a moment later with the poster he autographed to Sailor Moon. He drops it on her. "Here you go, you dropped this." Then he's off again, high-tailing it before the fuzz arrives.

Haruna Kurosawa has posed:
Cure Gull turns around to Victory! "VICTORY-CHAN CHEESE IT!" she yells as she turns back into Cure Gull in full and begins to take off. "Oh--right. Um. Sorry! Corvus-chan needs to come with me for crow stuff!".

Corvus nods panicedly! CROW STUFF.

"VICTORY!----!?" she goes though as she seems to fall into a ball. She moves to speed fown at her and try to pick her up. She whispers. "Don't worry-I'll make sure Suzu-chan takes good care of you~" she whispers before she begins to try to take Victory back towards Verone!

Usagi Tsukino has posed:
Sailor Moon is fretting and hovering. She must have stomped harder than she thought!

"I'm so sorry. I can't dance at all. Papa won't even dance with me anymore."

She wrings her hands.

"A good soak and some epsom salt, and, ah, Oh my my my, look at my wrist, I'd better go!"

She hops away!