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Amu and Tadase
Date of Scene: 14 November 2015
Location: Uminari City - Hotel Augusta
Synopsis: No Description Set. (I promise!)
Cast of Characters: Tadase Hotori, Amu Hinamori

Amu Hinamori has posed:
There is a soft popping noise as Miki emerges from Amu, leaving the pair of eleven year olds on the roof, Amu clutching to Tadase's back worriedly. She doesn't let go right away, even if it is okay now.

Miki just gives a big thumbs up to Ran, and the pair of them move over conspiratorially to surround Kiseki on either side. They don't say anything at all; just look on with expectant grins.

Amu doesn't let go; not even a few moments later. And why is Tadase's shoulder getting wet?


Oh that's why. Amu Hinamori is crying, leaning on Tadase's back for support, clinging to him in the hopes that he won't see her like this.

Tadase Hotori has posed:
With the immediate danger gone, it's just Tadase (still in henshin as Platinum Royale) on the roof with Amu on his back. Leaning on him. Clinging on him. He understands it's not just fear or shock now.

"Amu-chan, you also don't have to let go. You can stay there as long as you need to." he says, calmly. "But you were really impressive today." he adds, as he stands and looks at the sky. "I would've been in real trouble without you fighting next to me."

Amu Hinamori has posed:
Amu tries so desperately to play it cool. She tries so hard to hide her tears. But in the end, she's nowhere near as cool as everyone thinks she is. A sob escapes, and then another.

"Amu-chan," Ran says, her excited expression turning to uncertainty as she realises that Amu wasn't clinging to Tadase because she likes him, but because she's sad. The little Chara flies down to bury herself in Amu's hair, hugging Amu close. A moment later, MIki joins her.

Amu lets go, but only to sink to her knees, likely scuffing her tall leather boots on the rooftop. She hugs herself, then finally gives voice to her own heart, "I don't know what I'm doing."

"I don't know what I'm doing," Amu reiterates to Tadase. "I'm scared. I feel like everything is all wrong, and everyone's making the wrong choices. Ikuto ..." she says his name with affection, concern, and pain in her tone. This will probably not endear her to Tadase. "... Ikuto, why do you do these things?"

Tadase Hotori has posed:
Tadase turns a bit when Amu drops off his shoulders, and he leans down too, putting a hand on her shoulder this time. "You're doing the best you can, Amu-chan." he says, calmly. "You were put into a situation - a big situation - and you have a lot of strength but you've never had to dig into it, to use it before. It's not an easy thing. Just like I said earlier. The right thing isn't always easy."

As generally upset as he might be about the way she talks about Ikuto, her concern weighs over his anger - and he talked about Ikuto that way once too. "I don't know why he started doing these things. I've known him most of my life." he admits. "I used to think of him as an older brother. We used to play together."These memories aren't easy for Tadase, either.

"One day... he stole the Key from my family - the one he's still wearing around his neck - and ran away." His other hand clenches into a fist.

"I don't know why he does the things he does. I keep trying to help him too. But he's stubborn - like a cat." Then he pulls amu close to him again - gently.

"But I know the way he's acting isn't your fault. And you're doing the best you can. And tonight you did everything right."

Amu Hinamori has posed:
Amu allows herself to be pulled back towards Tadase, and she leans against his shoulder once more. She's crying, still, but the sobs are replaced by the quiet tears, once again. "I couldn't stop him, Tadase," she says through her tears. "I failed. I'm sorry. You put so much faith in me; so much trust in my ability to be the Joker."

"I let you down," Amu says, wiping her eyes on his shoulder. "I let Ikuto down, too." She takes a breath, trying to steady herself. It's not very effective.

"I don't even know who I'm supposed to be," Amu tells Tadase unhappily. "And now I have to save everyone else, too. It's so much. I don't know if I can do this."

Tadase Hotori has posed:
Tadase looks down at Amu. "It's not your job to stop him. It's not your job to solve everything the first time." he says, with a soft smile. There's no Kiseki talking for him. "It wouldn't be fair of me to expect you to do something in a few meetings I haven't been able to do since I was little, Amu-chan." He squeezes her a bit.

"Being the joker - being a hero - isn't about solving everything nice and easy the first time. It's about not giving up. It's about doing the right thing until you get the right result, or until you get the best result you can get."

"And today you did the right things. You didn't solve everything - but that wasn't what you were supposed to do. When others might have run away, you stood up. Even when we were all fighting... you cared. That's your strength, Amu-chan. You still tried to make him open his heart and let go of whatever's causing him to be this way."

"I can't tell you who you're supposed to be - your third egg hasn't even hatched, and Ran and Miki are already very different." he says, looking down at her. "But I can tell you the girl you are - the girl I saw today. Amu Hinamori, Amulet Heart, Amulet Spade - as all three you were still amazing. And I think that's pretty good for now."

Amu Hinamori has posed:
Tadase's words break through her pain; providing warmth where she is cold. She sniffles again and then takes another steadying breath. This time it's more effective, and Amu seems calmed. She squeezes Tadase once, then lets him go and leans back on her heels.

"You really think so?" she asks him, meeting Tadase's expression for a moment. Then she looks away and wipes her face on her own sleeve, this time. "I won't stop trying," she promises him, quietly. Or maybe she's promising herself. "I won't ever stop, until everyone is safe." She smiles a little at Tadase; reassuring him, perhaps a little.

"... don't tell anyone you saw me like this, okay?" ever the cool girl, once she comes to herself.

Tadase Hotori has posed:
Tadase nods. "I really do think so, Amu-chan." When she says she won't stop trying, he leans over. His smile is now almost a grin. "And that's why you're the Joker - because you /can/ do it. Because you have that strength. As long as you don't let that strength go, I think you can do anything. I know I feel like I can just by standing next to you."

He leans back a bit. Then Amu seems to have come to herself - and in a way, Tadase slips back into his own somewhat unaware self. "You're not still embarassed about your Amulet Heart outfit, are you?" when she asks to 'not tell anyone'. He didn't even consider the idea of telling anyone about her crying, after all.

Amu Hinamori has posed:
"Tch!" Amu replies to Tadase, looking for a brief moment very insulted at him. "That outfit is so embarassing!" she yells at him, and both of her charas fall to laughing at her behaviour. Beause at the end of the day, Amu Hinamori is Seiyou Elementary's number one 'cool & spicy' fifth grader.

She smirks at Tadase, then pushes back to her feet and glances out at the city. "Hey, do you hear me?" she yells out at Tokyo, after a moment. "I'M NOT GOING TO GIVE UP ON YOU!"

Amu smiles, and then turns to Tadase, sharing that smile with him, briefly. It fades slowly, but her confidence remains. "I guess we should probably get off of this roof."