838/Fire is Bad, Mkay

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Fire is Bad, Mkay
Date of Scene: 10 January 2016
Location: Mitakihara - Residential District
Synopsis: Takashi comes home to find a fire in his home. But is it really worth all the trouble?
Cast of Characters: Ayana, Takashi Agera

Ayana has posed:
It is late morning, and most of Tokyo is awash wish people going about their daily business. Deep within Umbra's small headquarters, however, a young girl is busy returning home after a harrowing experience.

Ayana's clothes are mostly a-tatters, especially in the back. Her dress is all but destroyed, and her stockings show scorchmarks, as well. Her hair still smells awful; singed by fire. Her tails are a crispy mess. The skin on her back flakes and sloughs off as she walks, turning to ash before it hits the ground. Somehow her sports bra and her spandex shorts survived, but even those have holes here and there where the fire threatened to destroy them.

This has not been Ayana's week.

The kitsune limps her way through the halls, shivering from the chill of her burns, and makes her way into Takashi's lab. There, she picks up one of the retrievers, still bursting with energy, and places it to her forehead. "Still Night," she croaks.

"Vorbeitet. Was moechten Sie?" The voice is smoothely metalic, yet vaguely effeminite, coming from the pulsing gem that dangles from the choker at her throat.

"Energy transfer." A midnight-hued gem flashes into view on Ayana's forehead. The mark of her bond to Takashi.

"Uebertragung gestartet."

Still Night flashes brilliantly, and arcs a beam to the retriever gem. Then a second arc moves from the retriever to her forehead. Ayana screams as the dark energy infuses her. It isn't nearly as much as Takashi shoved into her, months ago. But it's enough to hurt. It's enough to drive away the feelings of love and contentment. It's enough to heal her.

The skin on her back begins to knit back together, slowly but surely, as Ayana drains the retriever dry and channels the energy into her healing. She falls to her knees as the excruciating pain courses through her body, but never asks Still Night to stop.

When the energy is drained, she still remains on the ground, clutching at herself painfully. The gem drops, cracks, and flits away into dust. Ayana remains on the ground for several minutes, just catching her breath. Then she stands, slowly.

"Erfassen eingehender Uebertragung."

Ayana grimaces at the news, then drops an illusion on Takashi's desk. It is a little note that reads: "I have waited for you for two nights and a day. I am going to cook your lunch. You had better be home within the hour. Vm~"

Before Takashi's teleportation can complete, she leaves the lab, and swiftly makes her way to their shared home. She doesn't bother bringing forth illusory clothes; there is neither time nor concern for her appearance.

What she does do is hastily draw ingredients from the refridgerator. Eggs, bacon, cheese, bread.

She begins preparations to make bacon and egg sandwiches! Surely something they can agree on, and easy enough to cook despite the pain.

Ayana sets everything out from her preparations, and then reaches for the stove.

The gas lights with only two clicks of the starter.

Ayana looks up from her preparation and sees, Fire Soul!

A shrill scream escapes the fox-girl's lips as she turns and scrambles for the farthest wall. She drops to the ground, staring fixated at the flame, unable to move as she tries desperately to push straight through the wall.
Takashi Agera has posed:
Takashi actually didn't take an hour to return to his dorm. Shortly after Ayana left, upon reading the note, Takashi began to walk towards his lab. Dinner was good. Time in his room was good. Time with Ayana would be good too. There's some exhaustion in him still - a different kind of exhaustion - a mental exhaustion, one built of playing one character without the other.

Built of too much time playing Takashi Agera, helpful student and strange ally, not Takashi Agera, rising star of Eclipse and wielder of dark energy. He was hoping to spend time with Ayana, to be HIMSELF in all wyas, not just one or the other.

Which is why he was so close when Ayana's shrill scream comes out. What could threaten her here, in their headquarters, in their home?

The person who bursts through the door to the home isn't even Takashi, it's Riventon, in full henshin, rushing over to Ayana and wrapping an arm around her and trying to protect her from the wall (and her panic) and the other hand outstretched towards the rest of the room ready to protect them both with a barrier.

It's a moment before Riventon looks down at Ayana, the mask fading from his face. "What's wrong, Ayana?!" he asks, genuinely worried for her even in this henshin - which makes for a strange change.
Ayana has posed:
The moment Riventon bursts through the door, Ayana crawls into his arms and makes unhappy mewling noises. "Fire," she breathes. "Fire everywhere. Fire soul. It's going to kill me. Make it stop. Make the fire stop."

Her voice is squeaking, she's panting, she's sweating, she's shaking, and still she smells of burnt hair and burnt flesh. Even with all the power of the retriever, she isn't fully healed. She'll get there quickly, yes, but even a cursory glance will still show redness where she was injured, plainly visible with her clothes mostly burned away.

"Make it stop," she begs again, big blue eyes staring at her master hopefully.
Takashi Agera has posed:
It takes a moment for Takashi to figure out what's going on - at least in some small way - and step over to the stove. Looking at the stove, then back at his scared little fox. Then back to the stove, which he turns off. Of course, he can smell the fire on her. But the evidence doesn't indicate she burned here. So he puts two and two together.

Riventon's henshin drops, and there's Takashi, and he's got both arms around Ayana.

"What happened, Ayana?" he asks. There's a real, genuine concern in his voice - born of his experiments, born of being away from his lab for so long... or is it born of true caring for the little foxgirl?
Ayana has posed:
The moment the fire is gone, Ayana's posture relaxes, at least somewhat. She doesn't clamour from the walls, but she does stop struggling to put herself through it. She pants, desperately, for air, and reaches up to grab her own ears, tugging them down. She covers her eyes with her wrists and leans forward until her forehead is touched to the floor.

When Takashi wraps his arms around her, Ayana begins to weep. "She hurt me," she mewls out quietly. "I didn't do anything wrong. I just defended myself from some pervy old man, and she ... she burned me. And the other one tore my flesh, and then she burned me some more. It was terrible. And now ... just ... seeing the fire. I felt like she was burning me again. Taka-kun, she burned me. It hurt so much. It still hurts."
Takashi Agera has posed:
Takashi reaches up, hand running through her hair, scritching her ears. "It's okay, Ayana-chan. I'm here." he intones after listening to her story. It does cut him a little, listening to the way she recalls it with tears and crying.

"I'll find the person who did this and make them regret it." he promises. "And..." he looks over at the stove. "I'll cook tonight. And tomorrow, I'll swap that out for something that doesn't make fire." he says, softly.

"Just breathe. Shhhhhhh." he says, looking down at her. Such worry in his eyes, suddenly. He's only got her side of the story but that's all the story he's convinced he needs.
Ayana has posed:
Ayana ccontinues to cry for a while longer. Eventually she pulls herself together enough to sit back up, but only so that she can lean on him, putting her head to his shoulder. She cries, that way, for nearly half an hour, if he'll keep holding her.

And when her tears finally begin to dry, the little fox-girl sniffles and wipes at her eyes. "Mars," she mumbles out the name. "Sailor Mars. She did it. Just like she did before. And Guardian Hino, too. Fire. I hate fire. No more fire," she mumbles quietly.
Takashi Agera has posed:
Takashi lets her lean on him. He lets her cry her self out, cry out all the badness. He holds her, essentially, in a way nobody has ever held him. In some way knowing that's right.

"I'll get both of them." he promises boldly. "No more fire, okay Ayana-chan. Not here, either, I meant it. Tomorrow it'll be gone."

He hugs her close - but gently, due to the damage. "I'm so sorry. I should've been able to... it shouldn't have happened." he changes. No, in his state he couldn't have helped anyways.

Then he really looks at her, really sees the damage, the marks. "We need to get you taken care of, Ayana-chan. You need to get cleaned up, relax. You shouldn't be working right now. No more housework OR umbra work until you're healed up."
Ayana has posed:
Ayana closes her eyes, leaning into that embrace. "I'm healing," Ayana mumbles to him. "I ate a retriever." All of it. "It's better than it was," she explains. "I'll go out tonight ... go hunting for energy. I'll get enough to fix it all."

Sh sighs and closes her eyes. "I'm hungry," she whines to him quietly. "I wanted to eat lunch with you."
Takashi Agera has posed:
"But you are not healed YET." Takashi says sternly. From patient to doctor in one day. "I am perfectly capable of sharing energy with you. I'm not going to risk you going out and getting hurt again until all that damage is gone." This is as stern as Takashi gets with Ayana, as he adds. "That's a command, an order. Do I make myself clear?" he asks, even as he's still stroking her singed hair, scritching behind her ears. "Now, I'm going to make us dinner." he says, firmly.
Ayana has posed:
"Yes," Ayana replies quietly. She leans into the pets until he finally does go to make dinner. And then she sighs nad turns away.

While he walks towards the kitchen, the girl becomes a fox, and slinks towards his bedroom. She hops up onto his bed and lies down at the foot of it, and there she puts her head on her paws, and tucks her nose beneath her tails, until he calls her to eat.