A Bad Guest (Homura Akemi)

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A Bad Guest (Homura Akemi)
Date of Cutscene: 15 September 2016
Location: The Homu Home
Synopsis: Someone other than Madoka has been in Homura's house.
Cast of Characters: Homura Akemi, Madison Perry
Tinyplot: Dreams of the White Flower

For the longest time, the only one to ever visit Homura Akemi's new home was Madoka Kaname.

Today, that changed.

The signs of entry were not subtle. Judging by the terrace's broken windows, the front door was not used. Those will need to be replaced.

Shattered glass was sprayed all over Homura's carpet, which will take some serious effort to clean out. An annoyance.

The cuddle couch remains unharmed. Good. Good for whoever did this. The last thing that any sane, self-preserving creature would ever want to do is damage something of sentimental value to Homura. Then again, whoever did this is probably lacking in the 'sanity' department.

Speaking of self-preserving creatures, Amy was hiding upstairs, possibly since this break-in happened. Also good.

A framed picture of Madoka has been stabbed. There was a time when Homura might have actually been worried. That was before her little angel sprouted wings.

Pushing all of that aside leads to the mess on the wall, and what a mess it is.

Not just because her walls were carved into, and not even just because those carvings created huge, highly legible kanji. It was a problem, but the true issue was what those kanji actually said.

"I know you have her."

Homura's eyes narrow at that. The leader of the Contractors does not keep many prisoners. In fact, to her knowledge, there's only one person whom she considers herself the jailer to.

Hana Shiroi. The White Flower.

Which means that this message could only be sent by one person. Only one person would be crazy enough, would be threatening enough, would care enough about Hana to even bother.

It doesn't take much effort to remove the kanji from her wall, mostly by making the hole even bigger by tearing the wall down with her hands. Nor does it take long for her to call her employees on her cell phone, ordering repairs to her wall and windows and arranging someone to clean the glass out of her apartment. A quick call to the magical side of her company leads to several mahous combing her house for bombs or other hidden surprises. Yet, none of those things are the real issue here, nor are they the source of Homura's unmistakable scowl or sudden unpleasant demeanor.

Somehow, the culprit of this break-in had learned that Homura Akemi was holding Hana Shiroi's Grief Seed, and now she had come to take it back.

"I'll be waiting, Madison Perry."