A Bunny In Paris (Usagi Tsukino)

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A Bunny In Paris (Usagi Tsukino)
Date of Cutscene: 11 January 2016
Location: Paris
Synopsis: Usagi sight sees and buys souvenirs for friends! But also, an introspective piece on the realization that she's not the princess and also not just Usagi.
Cast of Characters: Usagi Tsukino


It's not like it is in the movies. In some ways, it's more mundane. In others, it's so much better.

Well, it would be, if two of her girls weren't at each other's throats. And again, it's because of her. Well, that and also their own current state of mind.

Usagi's sneaks out while Minako was in the bathroom, Virtue Phone visible on the nightstand right next to a framed photo of a certain boy. Her hair is down, ends brushing against the carpet as she walks, both a shield and a disguise.

Ami's napping, and she's pretty sure Makoto's still recovering from a very bad case of airplane nerves.

And Rei? Well. Things between the feisty priestess and herself have improved greatly in recent times. But there's still a part of her that wonders when that will stop. When will she start seeing her as Venus so obviously does? When will they all?

Even as she thinks this, she realizes it's not fair to the other three. Not once have they even hinted at anything like that. Not once has she been made to feel useless, only a Princess to be protected, not valid as either Sailor Moon or Usagi. She knows Minako loves her, but...as Venus? Usagi's just a vessel for the soul of someone the senshi used to know.

"Was that a threat to my princess?"

She sighs and leans against the outside wall of the hotel. It's cold, but she's dressed for it, and her gloves are designed for texting.

Her fingers hover and pause over the keyboard, though, erasing a few attempts. Finally, she plasters a smile on her face, finding it so much easier to pretend to be cheerful that way.

TXT Usagi: Rei-chan <3 I'm sightseeing! Will look for cute clothes shops for you! (And I know she says she's napping, but can you make sure our Ami-chan is okay for me?) TXT Rei: She's doing alright. I'm in our shared room for the moment. We're talking. TXT Usagi: Good! Good good good! And I'm soooo sorry I got all >:| in Virtue! TXT Rei: You were doing your job as a leader and I was proud of you, usa-chan. TXT Usagi: Rei-chan! *_* <3 <3 <3 TXT Rei: <3 <3 <3 TXT Usagi: Okay, now I'll shoo so you can hopefully cheer up our Ami-chan! I'll only text if I find really cute things I think you guys will like! TXT Rei: hehehe. Take care, usa-chan!

By the end, the smile is not forced. It's bright and happy, and she's clutching her phone to her chest.

Stupid Usagi! If Rei feels something, she lets it be known in either words or actions! And even if she didn't completely agree, didn't Rei respect her decisions regarding Jadeite enough to leave her alone with him? (Which, in her mind, he's proven to be an asset. After all, he saved her from Kunzite's creepy cape! With ice power, no less! Which...she hasn't exactly told anyone else about, yet.)

Heart lighter, she sets about her promised sightseeing. And of course, souvenirs! This is, of course, is made easier with the translation app freshly installed on her phone. Thanks, Papa! It's a bit of a hassle sometimes, but the basic gist gets across! (Also, thank you, Papa, for extra souvenir money!)

Not for herself, of course. It's accidental, what she finds, and who it's for just pops in her mind.

A coat for Kyouko, long and dark red, black vining. Gorgeous. (On sale!) Pretty purple hair ribbons for Homura - in varying shades and material! Other odds and ends for countless other people.

And of course, stuff for her girls! Most of what she gets for them - jewelery because it's small - is found at little artisan stands along a bridge overlooking the river. A dragon's breath opal necklace for Rei, blue gemstone and pearl earrings for Ami, a pretty green stone necklace and earring set for Makoto (it's a matching set!), and even if she's mad at her, a yellow and blue topaz bracelet for Minako.

She also found rose tie clips. Who do you suppose she got those for?

And of course, window shopping.

And of course, she texts Ami a picture of a beautiful dolphin statue.

Soon, Usagi's inside a small, warm bakery. She breathes in the scent of breads and pastries, fluttering around between choices. In the end, after some Translator App Tag with the baker, she decides on a meat pie, an eclair, and a nice cup of cocoa.

As she reaches in her purse, her fingers brush against a star shaped pocket watch. Her smile falls, somewhat, but it's quickly forced back into place as she pays.

At her small little table, tucked in a small little corner, she pulls out the pocket watch. It's always in there, with her, just as she's always wearing a necklace she found under his bed.

Of course, she thinks about the roof. Of the kiss, and how for a few, short, wonderful seconds, it was him. Not the red-eyed puppet, not the rust-eyed shadow, but him. And best of all, even though it was brief, she still feels him, his warmth and his belief in her, like a warm memory that hasn't faded in winter.

And it's with this feeling that she's able to think about what Kunzite said on the roof. Until, she's used the excuse of being too busy to give it much thought, but she knows that the truth is she was scared.

She's still scared now, but she has some borrowed strength this time.

"He told me, while he was still himself, that it didn't matter if Beryl killed him this time. That you'd still come for him."

Just looking at the words in a brief skim of thought, Usagi knows the words are true. After all, hadn't she promised, on the wings of a nightmare, that she'd always find him?

A more detailed read, and the implications terrify her. While he was still himself. How long? How long had he been conscious and aware? Before the rose youma? During? Her fingers brush against the skin of her unmarred neck before clasping a moon and rose shaped pendant.

Was he afraid?

Her breath hitches, and she tries to close in on herself, eyes tightly shut. She reaches and grasps for something, anything, and what she finds is the scarred remains of that psychic bond. But on the roof…

So she grabs ahold of it, and though she can't breathe through the pain, she knows that the roof hadn't been a fluke. The bond isn't broken, it's just so painfully damaged.

She doesn't hold it long. She doesn't poke at it, even if she wants to. Instead, she tucks that knowledge, the bond, aside, a secret for her alone.

You'd still come for him.

Usagi's eyes snap open.

He had been aware. But Kunzite's words tell her something more, gives her a piece of strength she can put on like armor.

He'd been aware, and he believed in her until the end.

Food is eaten, bags gathered, and she's shopping again. And though she's laughing, or staring at something with wide eyed amazement, there is a confidence in her eyes that hadn't been there before.

She will still come for him. No matter what.


Not because she's the Moon Princess. She's so much more than that now, so much stronger than the girl with a blade in her hand and moonlit tears on her cheeks.

She's Usagi. She has family, friends, and a stubborn streak a mile wide.

But mostly?

Because she's Sailor Fucking Moon, that's why.