A Diamond in the Rough (Amu Hinamori)

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A Diamond in the Rough (Amu Hinamori)
Date of Cutscene: 21 March 2016
Location: Amu Hinamori's Home
Synopsis: Amu lays the golden egg!
Thanks to: the entire cast of Shugo Chara
Cast of Characters: Amu Hinamori

"Amu-chan," a soft voice called through the haze of slumber. Ran's voice? Yes, definitely Ran's voice.

Amu groaned and started to roll over in bed, only to have that action interrupted by a loud shriek from Su, "Amu-chi, stop!!!"

Amu froze, confused and startled by Su's exclamation. "What the heck is going on?" she mumbled through the haze of uncertainty.

Opening her eyes, Amu could see Ran floating right in front of her face, a look of concern in her eyes, both hands up in a halting gesture. Was the little chara panting?

"Ran?" Amu asked, trying to get some sense of what's going on. She could hear Su grunting about near her legs.

"Okay, it's safe!" Ran said, backing away slowly.

Amu finished the turn she had started--onto her back--and then slowly pulled herself to sit up.

There, at the edge of the bed, was such a confusing sight. Su, in her little green dress, carefully wrapping a yellow hued egg with diamond patterns on it in a cloth to protect it and keep it warm. "You almost knocked her off the bed, Amu-chi!" Su exclaims worriedly.

"W....h...t..." Amu stared at the egg--her fourth!?--in confusion.

Why is there a fourth egg?!