A Goth Discoball (Lacrima)

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A Goth Discoball (Lacrima)
Date of Cutscene: 28 November 2017
Location: Lacrima's Manor
Synopsis: Glitter. OH so much Glitter.
Thanks to: Ariel Theodore
Cast of Characters: Norie Okana

Lacrima ended up crying with her head in Ariel's lap for the rest of the evening. That's why she liked Ariel-chan. She didn't ask questions. Or try to say it'd be okay when she didn't have a solution to suggest. She wasn't like a lot of the other type of people in that respect.

Eventually, she had to go however. Leaving with Lucky. Then she was alone again. She didn't feel too much better. At least she felt cried out. At least she didn't feel the need to go hurt... something. Anything. Like the dead rosebushes Ariel caught her slicing out of the ground in the overgrown backyard.

She plowed her way into the bathroom in the manor on the first floor. The antique styled bathroom with authentic furnishings. She turned on the hot water and looked up to the mirror and...

Glitter. So much glitter. On her face. She blinked and touched along under her eyes where it seemed to gather, but it was also everywhere else. She seemed to search her thoughts a moment and raced back to the vestibule where she found the handkerchief that Ariel had given her earlier. It was covered in glitter, as well as the typical black ichor she tended to cry.

"Dammit, I look like a goth discoball." she muttered as she ran back to the bathroom and began the task of trying to get most of it off her face. Why didn't Ari-chan tell her? Nrg. Maybe she didn't want to bother her with an embarrassing mess.

She sighs and gently begins work out the glitter off her face. "Stupid, silly unicorn." she muttered under her breath with a blush.