A Guide To Dating Evil (Haruna Kurosawa)

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A Guide To Dating Evil (Haruna Kurosawa)
Date of Cutscene: 26 January 2017
Synopsis: Haruna writes a book. It is a silly book.
Cast of Characters: Haruna Kurosawa

The book makes the rounds. It seems to make the humor section, due to it's content, what is effectively called 'A Guide To Dating Evil. The Reference for the Confused and Bewildered!'. It is written by a 'C. Gull'. C. Gull is clearly a penname of some sort. Folks in the magical community can reasonably figure out it's short for 'Cure Gull'.

There is a small display of this book on the counter of the Gullwing Coffee Shop for some reason.

The book deals in many chapters. Chapters have titles like: 'Getting To Know You Through Love Beaming One Another.' and 'Purification: When NOT To Use It Against Your Significant Other." or 'What To Do When Your Other Half Goes Insane And Tries To Destroy The World.'

Key Excerpts seem to be the following:

'...Take it slow at first! Find out and learn each others limits of what's acceptable and what's not acceptable and make what your actions will be clear. Draw the line and be firm. Don't lighten your morals too much just because they are hot and probably have awesome silver and/or white hair!...'

'...Don't purify your potentially 'darkness' powered boyfriend or girlfriend if they're in their usual right minds. It hurts a lot, trust me and it takes a LOT of time to get over it if it's just a part of who they are. THAT BEING SAID, do so if they are acting very very stranger than usual and/or appear to be brainwashed ...'

'...On brainwashing: Look for signs of: Odder than usual behavior, Talking about a 'Dark', 'Black', 'Phantom' or other scary words appended to 'Kingdom', 'Empire' and other such dynasty groupings or being someone else's boyfriend/girlfriend suddenly. Except. You know. If you had a big fight. The big fight could be a good reason for the last one. Look. Just watch for MORE THAN ONE sign...'

'...Try to stay away from /actual/ Dusk Zone denizens. More often than not they'll just use you and toss you aside. If the person goes to school. Lives in an actual physical place on Earth and doesn't need to subsist on 'Energy', 'Love Drive', 'Corrupted Happiness', 'Corrupted Dreams' then you should be okay at least, at the core...'

'...If your significant other is being coerced or other indentured into evil, be there for them- and help them when you can and be willing to listen- but also don't do anything rash that might endanger them or those important to them. I know it's really tempting to go smack the jerks ruining your loved one's life- but you'll make things harder for them in the future. Afterall, you may not be the one being punished for such actions- they might be. Wait for a proper time to make that move...'

'...Try to hear each other out during a disagreement. Talk. If you need to blast or punch each other while talking, that's okay!...'

'...You're going to need to come to terms that sometimes you're going to need to punch your evil girlfriend or boyfriend VERY HARD in the face sometimes. Say you're sorry later with hospital bed smooches!...'

'...Other people may not be happy who you've fallen in love with and who has fallen in love with you. They'll come to you and tell you things and they are most likely always going to be true and you won't like hearing them...'

'...Eventually your friends may try to make you make an ultimatum. Your friends or your love. If they won't listen to any sort of compromise, like... you won't stop them if they need to punch him and it's their own fault and you are still loyal to your friends and/or group then you will need to make a hard choice. I know that choice is very hard- and I seriously can't tell you which is the right or wrong one to make in this book. Follow your heart and be true to it...'

'...If your boyfriend gets brainwashed and you meet him on the roof after a major discussion about a giant creature set to wipe out Tokyo, definitely do not get drunk and make out with him on a rooftop...'

'...Look don't even ask how I know that. Just don't do it. Literary do anything else!'

'...Tip to the Badguys: If you're in love with a heroine or hero, it's like okay to feel those things? Yeah! It doesn't mean you're broken it means you're okay! And there's hope for you! If you feel like you're suddenly questioning your worldview, TALK TO THEM ABOUT IT. Maybe you'll come out for the better because of it!...'

'...Burgers are universal. Everyone loves burgers. EVEN VEGETARIANS BECAUSE VEGGIE BURGERS ARE A THING!. If your significant other doesn't like burgers be INTENSELY SUSPICIOUS!...'

'...Sometimes fighting each other is good to shake out pent up feelings. It helps me feel better after sometimes!...'

The book continues with such chapters and tidbits. Haruna has sent copies to those she already thinks will benefit from it! You can decide if you're one of those people.