A Hospital Visit (Takashi Agera)

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A Hospital Visit (Takashi Agera)
Date of Cutscene: 12 July 2015
Location: Mitakihara General
Synopsis: Takashi visits an unconscious lab partner in the hospital.
Cast of Characters: Takashi Agera

Takashi is, actually, rather brilliant. And therefore, more than smart enough to put puzzle pieces together. A large signature of dark magical energy, which upon arrival seemed to have done damage to parts of the forest. His device can register a familiar energy signature there. Then, Miss White hasn't shown up to work in the labs, or at WitchHunter. Therefore, she fought something or someone and got injured. A few strings pulled and he's tracked her to a hospital - to the very room.

Tuxedo Kamen isn't the only one capable of stealth entrances, it turns out. Rather than go the direct route and risk questions, Takashi henshins, and flies up to the outside of the hospital. A tendril of shadow-stuff slithers under the minuscule cracks and opens the window, and then he's in. But not with cruel words, nor a weapon.

While Riventon - or Takashi Agera - may not see eye to eye with Miss White - or Hannah Sharpe - she is his partner in many things. And something has laid his partner out, rather hard. He can sense the severity, the damage. And this bothers him for several reasons. Firstly, because Miss White is a strong person, and not knowing who did the damage is infuriating to his curiosity. Secondly, and most importantly, as a partner, an attack on Miss White is somewhat close to an attack on himself. This brings up a large degree of anger. Who would /dare/ to assault someone who had a connection with himself? It's infuriating to his pride, the only thing more powerful than his curiosity.

But today, he's here on a much simpler mission. He places flowers at her bedside and a card spelling all of this out, and a hope for a speedy recovery - along with a promise that when she is better, he will help her however he can - because they are partners. It's signed Riventon. But then, he looks at it. Perhaps a vestige of his humanity causes him to add one last comment - his real name - before he leaves again.

"Get better soon, Ms. White. We obviously have some REAL work to do now."