A Night Long Coming (Mei Akatsuki)

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A Night Long Coming (Mei Akatsuki)
Date of Cutscene: 21 October 2018
Location: A random bus stop in Downtown Tokyo
Synopsis: Mei is hit by a cannonball of regret.
Cast of Characters: Mei Akatsuki

The bus didn’t even give that screech bus brakes always give in anime. That was a really big letdown for Mei at this particular moment. It felt so tense, and so real. Being a little bit anime would have been perfect. But there was no screech. Just a sort of swoosh of air as the breaks released and the bus settled at the stop. She’d had to swap buses at the station because when she was arriving it was closing.

Instead she’d ended up in downtown Tokyo, and that was alright. Even at this hour it was bustling with activity, and she needed some sort of noises to drown out some of the things going through her head. That way she could focus on the more important, louder things. It was these she thought about as she walked along, looking at glittering signs and flashing boards with a little smile.

She’d been gone from Tokyo for so long… She’d left so many people behind. That thought suddenly hit her like a cannonball to the tummy. It hurt, the regret, and it also took control of her. She pulled out her phone and dialed up a number from memory. It rang, and rang, then she heard that voice. Oh, she dreamed about that voice sometimes. Calling her back.

She took a deep breath, surely a strange start to a voicemail, but she needed it. “Hi Reiko. It’s Mei… I’m… I’m in Tokyo. I didn’t find what I was looking for. But we need to talk. Like, really bad. Meet me at Penguin Park whenever you wake up. I think I’m going to nap in the bushes or something. I’ve done it once or twice, so don’t worry.”.