A Strange Awakening II: Haruna

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A Strange Awakening II: Haruna
Date of Cutscene: 14 December 2016
Location: Kurosawa Family Household(?)
Synopsis: CONTENT WARNING: LGBT acceptance.

Haruna wakes up from a nightmare....?

Thanks to: Yuuki Oshiro, Hannah Sharpe
Cast of Characters: Haruna Kurosawa
Tinyplot: Heart's Desire

Content Warning: LBGT Acceptance

Haruna Kuorsawa woke up. It was your average Wensday. Ugh she wasn't looking forward to school... uggggggh daily Hannah-chan morning call. Ugh. She grumbled as she shifted and sat up in bed. When she did-- she had to rub her eyes. Clearly. They were not adjusted. So she rubbed. Then. She rubbed again and then her eyes adjusted to the morning light peeking into the window. It then occured to her that the window and light was coming from the wrong side of the room. Which was the first thing that jolted her awake.

The room was... not the one she went to bed in... did Hannah-chan or Mikoto-chan playing a joke on her and moved her somewhere special overnight? No. That'd be weird. It took her. A moment- for her brain to catch up.

This was... her old room. Her old room. From back home. From when she lived with her....... No. Nono. That couldn't be possible.

She could smell something from downstairs. Bacon. The kind dad used to buy. Spiced turkey bacon. Dad bought it special. She hadn't smelled it in a long time. Her heart sunk. This had better not been Aki's idea of a sick practical joke. She did not want to start the day with a yelling match and potentially the cops being called.

So in her pajamas, she made her way downstairs and .... there was mom. and dad. Aki wasn't around. But that was normal. She thinks. She remembered she... always had this morning thing. At school back home. She had to be up earlier for.

She actually forgot about that. It'd been so long. She furrowed her brow at her parents- and was about to say something in a bewildered manner- her mouth was actually open to say her first word- when Mom, who was cooking dinner looked over at her.

"Well, wakey-wakey Runa-chan! You actually got up on time. Breakfast will actually be hot for a change." she insists. Dad was busy reading the morning newspaper. He said nothing per usual.

Haruna looked between the two like a very confused seagull who'd tried to steal a french fry but discovered it was a piece of yellow foam instead.

No yelling. No calling her badwords. No chasing her out of the house.

"Uh.. are you two...okay?...." she asks carefully.

Dad answered. "Why would we not be?" he asks curiously, eyes peeking from those large glasses she remembered dad wore.

Haruna grew a sour look. OH she knew the answer to that one. 'You chased me out! You disowned me! Because of who I want to love!.....' and she was about to say such things when Mom spoke up.

"Oh! Right um. Hannah called and said she'd be a little late getting to school- she said she still had to arrange something for your date tonight! I bet it's something special."

"That girl should spend her money on less fancy places." said Dad. "In my day we went to the arcade- spent a little each and we liked it." he insisted.

Haruna sort of stood there with a slightly more confused look than earlier. This. Sounded right. Mom was nice--- like she was before she came out of that particular closet. And dad was... ever the traditional conservative.

"Uh..." said Haruna. "You don't. Remember being angry. When I was younger?... and chasing me out... and how... Aki.. told you two off and followed me to take care of me...?" she asks. "Because.. uh. I liked.. girls? and you two were upset---?" she asked in a confused manner.

Haruna's mom and dad both faced her with sudden concern. "Now Haruna-chan...." said mom, carefully. A careful candor to her voice. Like she was taking it seriously.

"I don't know what kind of nightmare you had last night. But we'd never do that. We both love you, no matter what. she said with grave concern. Dad nodded in agreement. "If you're happy. That's all we care about." he says. "All I care about is how your girlfriend wastes all this money spoiling you!" he huffed.

Haruna's mom gave her dad a short chiding and she blinked once. A nightmare....?

They loved her no matter what?....

Maybe.. maybe it was all a nightmare....