A Strange awakening (Yuuki Oshiro)

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A Strange awakening (Yuuki Oshiro)
Date of Cutscene: 02 December 2016
Location: Yuuki Oshiro's Home
Synopsis: After a fun evening with Snowball fights and finding things, Yuuki makes her way home for the night...
Cast of Characters: Yuuki Oshiro
Tinyplot: Heart's Desire

The Night Before

The evening is nice. The snow outside was definitely beginning to pick up and stuff. Its a pretty good winter storm moving through to say the least. School will likely be out tomorrow. At least that is some sort of wishful thinking for Yuuki Oshiro. She quickly made her way home from the Midori-ya Cafe after buying a few loaves of fresh bread.

Spending time with her friend was wonderful but right now, Getting home and starting dinner for when her mom gets home is the first thing on her mind. Tonight was just ramen. Its something that she's made many times before It was part of her way of helping out. She got out some already cooked chicken and a nice big pot. She adds broth to the pot, veggies, a few seasonings, meat and the uncooked noodles to the mix. Turning the heat onto pot, She covers it and moves to a chair to look out the window and watch the snow fall.

Its times like this that reminded her most of her daddy. She would watch the snow fall with him while sipping hot cocoa. It was one of her fondest memories. She missed him so much. She missed going out and playing in the snow with her daddy. It was the little things that seemed to hurt the most. Quietly she watches the winter weather dance from the skies. Tears fill her eyes as the memories grow stronger. The love she had for him. The love she had for the winter season, all just formed a stabbing pain now.

The door opened and in walked her momma. She was exhausted. Turns out people don't know how to drive in the snow anywhere, Tokyo included. She's been very busy with the arrival of the winter weather and a numerous amount of people being brought in. The older woman smiles and smells the food cooking. "Thank you Yuuki-chan! I don't think I could have gotten things going myself tonight!" She does notice her daughter's upset state. She moves over and puts her arm around the girl. "Remember, Smile and it will feel better."

"I know momma." Yuuki forces a smile and just hugs into her Mother. They sit down and eat together. She tells her mom about the events of the evening. Of hanging out with one of her friends. Of the snowball fight that was so much fun. She of course left out certain parts. How would she explain a magical snowball fight to her mom?! Nope better to avoid that topic all together.

Dinner ends and the evening sets in. Yuuki gives a long yawn before heading to her bedroom. She promptly empties her pockets onto her dresser. She pulls out a gold chained necklace with a heart shaped ruby pendant on it. She blinks, "OH!!! Right I have to take this to the police tomorrow!" She smiles a little and leaves it on her dresser. After getting dressed in her pajamas, She takes off one last thing, Her bracelet. "Good Night, Shining Star."

< Good Night Sister. >

With that, She gets into her bed, Pulls her nice warm blankets over herself and falls asleep.

The Next Morning

"Wake up Sleepy Head! It snowed all night! Its still coming down! You don't have school today!" Its a pleasant voice to hear in the morning. So joyous, So warm, So Deep!?!?!

"Yuuki's eyes pop open to see something very much amiss. Standing in her doorway with the warmest smile possible is not her mom. No. Its Her DAD!!! She blinks and begins to tear up. "Daddy?" She quickly pinches herself. This simply can't be real. "DADDY!!!" She jumps out of bed and races over to him. She throws her arms around him and clings.

He holds her tight and smiles, "Whats wrong, Ladybug?" He asks to her.

Yuuki is teary eyed already. "You. How are you here? You're dead! You died. I seen you at the funeral. I seen you sick. I remember the things you told me!!! Daddy You got sick and nobody could make you better!" She cries. Its not tears of pain this time. No. Its something else entirely.

He looks down at her and holds her chin in her hand, "Look here, Ladybug. It was a bad dream. That's all. I'm right here. I never left." He smiles and just holds her close. "Everything will be alright."

Yuuki blinks a few times. She quickly looks over to the dresser top where she had set Shining Star just the night before. She's not there. Neither is the necklace that she found. Just a few coins, a couple odds and ends, and her homework. "But but... It was so real! I know it was. It feels so real."

He looks at her daughter with warm affection. "Ladybug, Sometimes when you have a really bad dream. It can feel so very real. It will be okay. Tell you what, Your mom is making pancakes. Lets go eat and then we can watch the snow fall for a bit. Or we can go build a snowman on the roof!" He says warmly.

The Unseen

< Sister, This is illusion magic. Snap out of it. Its not real. > Shining Star is virtually shouting at Yuuki. But there is no sign that she can hear.

Sitting beside Shining Star, The gold necklace with the red ruby pendant pulses softly...