A Text Conversation (Miho Kagami)

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A Text Conversation (Miho Kagami)
Date of Cutscene: 03 June 2018
Location: Mitakihara/Pikarigaoka - King Penguin Park
Synopsis: After meeting with Hokuto and Jiaying, Miho texts a few of her friends (and Haruna) about her newfound powers.
Cast of Characters: Miho Kagami, Rashmi Terios, Norie Okana, Haruna Kurosawa, Mamoru Chiba

After the conversation with Hokuto and Jiaying, Miho biked over to the edge of the park, then stopped, got off her bike, and got out her phone.

Miho (to Rashmi Terios, Haruna Kurosawa, Norie Okana, and the ECFH phone number): I have healing powers!
Miho: It seems I inherited a Life Blessing and a Death Curse from my great grandmother Miho Oujino
Miho: also the death curse can talk, sort of, and it's a jerk

A noticeable pause, and then:

Miho: i have absolutely no idea whether i want to be a magical girl

Miho put away her phone for a moment, sitting off to one side next to the road in the park. She was running severely low on social energy right that moment.

The replies started to trickle in.

Rashmi (to Miho): .........Holy yikes. o.o

Lacrima (to Miho): What you're suggesting is impossible.
Lacrima: Theoretically impossible.
Lacrima: Light destroys Darkness.
Lacrima: Why have you not imploded yet? :Ia.

Haruna (to Miho): omg become a magical girl! ^.^
Haruna: Wait. Like. Physical or Spiritually Healy?
Haruna: I told Aki there's someone she needs to meet soon.
Haruna: Wait. Maybe don't become a magical girl yet!
Haruna: Let's give Aki a chance to save you or something! It'll be totes romantic!

Miho just sat there by her bike before. Ten minutes went by before she got another reply.

Corvus (to Miho): Whatever Haruna suggested it's a bad idea.
Miho (to Corvus): yeah I got that

It took twenty more minutes for Miho to work up the wherewithal to respond to anyone else.

Miho (to Lacrima): by constantly fighting each other i guess
Miho: i don't even know how this works either

Miho (to Haruna): physically, like that scrape

Miho sighed. At this point, she didn't even have the energy to send "yeah" in response to Rashmi's comment.

She started to put away her phone, and it buzzed.

Mamoru, to all: Well I'm not sure you have a choice in being magical (though whether or not they know it everyone has the option to be a different gender), but I'm 99% sure you have a choice in whether or not you use it. I'm sorry your curse is a jerk. The magic I am currently using is also a jerk; you have my utmost sympathy.

Miho actually giggled at the comment about gender. It wasn't perfectly accurate; she knew damn well that she was a girl, and that she'd been one her whole life, even if she and everyone else had mistakenly thought that she was a boy until a few years ago, so she didn't think of it as an option exactly. Still, she knew that the target audience of that sort of statement was people who mistakenly thought they were cisgender, so ...

... maybe freaking Mamoru Chiba would be the first person in Tokyo she came out to as trans. Miho chortled and shook her head.

And then she sighed, because there was no way she was going to be able to respond to any other part the message. Apart from anything else, she wanted to let these new revelations settle down in her mind first. It was all just kind of overwhelming, it was just ...

"... too much," said a faint whisper of a voice that seemed to come from her shadow.

Miho glared at her shadow, and forcefully crossed her arms with her left arm grasped by her right. Now, thanks to Hokuto's help, she could actually feel the Life Blessing pushing back against the Death Curse. "None of that, you," she muttered.

The Death Curse didn't respond. It didn't laugh, or taunt her, or say anything else. It just went silent, which in its own way was worse.

Miho put away her phone and climbed back onto her bike. She sincerely hoped that she'd have the opportunity for these new revelations to settle down in her mind.