A Very Gull-Chan Christmas! (Haruna Kurosawa)

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A Very Gull-Chan Christmas! (Haruna Kurosawa)
Date of Cutscene: 25 December 2015
Synopsis: Corvus Delivers Christmas Gifts in 2015!
Cast of Characters: Haruna Kurosawa

Corvus spends the entirety of Christmas Morning running around and delivering presents for Haruna/Cure Gull. He leaves them with you, or an appropriate person. Some people are getting gifts via a different route, or have already received them in an actual scene!

(OOC: You can assume your associated secret identity got the gift. I am using 'real names' for sake of ease. You may have gotten a gift already in a scene and I still listed it here anyways.)

Sailor Senshi: The Sailor Senshi get gifts from Haruna. She's made her best guesses. Usagi got a giftcard to Game Crown, Ami gets a fancy pen set. Makoto gets a fancy gardening set, Rei gets a bird care kit- it's one Haruna uses and a note says 'it's very good!', Minako gets a gift card to the burger stand. Luna and Artemis both got colorful feathered cat toys that seem homemade and filled with catnip. (With both Usagi's and Minako's gifts respectively most likely.)

WPS: Mikoto gets a gift card to a Boutique in town. Homura gets a 'gun cleaning and care kit'- along with a note that says 'don't ask me how I got this!' and another note underneath that, that says: 'really, don't!'. Hannah is getting her gifts via a different route, but you still see the new stack of karaoke tapes in the employee lounge. Uh oh. WPS as a whole finds a couple of boxes of Karou's Christmas donuts- a donut with a heart shaped hole and half-dipped in chocolate. The chocolate is what makes it event special! They're in the break room!

Riventon and UMBRA(!?): Evil also gets showered in gifts. Riventon gets a card with a promise of a hamburger meeting- aswell one of those 'kinetic ball' toys for his desk- except they are black and glow red when hit- and a small snowglobe with the Earth inside-- Cure Gull knows Riventon will get the idea. It looks totally corporate evil. Ayana gets a brown bag with homemade 'Meat n' Jerky Treats' that seem pan fried. She's otherwise bought UMBRA a couple of boxes of Karou's Christmas donuts- a donut with a heart shaped hole and half-dipped in chocolate. The chocolate is what makes it event special! Either they're in the break room or Riventon hogs them all for himself.

Mari Katsu: A specially made hairclip! It's purple, has dyed purple and white feathers and some tennis charms.

Madoka Kaname: A pink and white trimmed hairclip, specially made!

Suzuki Natsume: A kimono-wrap charm that seems to be some quality twice, ending in deep green feathers, with white beads, and some star pendants. A note says 'I knew your parents might not approve of a hairclip so I made this to wear with your kimonos instead! I still have a hairclip idea for you thou if you want that!'.

Tadase Hotori: An important looking planner and pen set for all the awesome important responsibilities he has nowadays. Inside is a more funner gift card to 'Twin Bells' toy shop.

Yuko Minami: The current newest dating sim that seems to do with a girl ending up in an all boy's school by accident- it boasts 'hundreds of possible outcomes'!- of course, there's also the newest scrolling shooter featuring a spaceship and lasers. A card says. 'Cuz I know you really wanted /both/! *wink!*'

Virtue/Justice: Donuts in the Guardian's Tea Garden. The card nearby says 'Merry Christmas! From Cure Gull and Cure Tide! Help Yourself! ~v~ '.

Tsukasa-sensei and Blue-sama: Handwritten letters thanking them for all the love and care and help they've given her the past few months and how thankful she is for everyone, just not them! Giftcards to a tea shop in town is enclosed!

Tadase Hotori, Suzuki Natsume, Mari Katsu, Ami Mizuno, Vespa Rayne, Hannah Sharpe: A handwritten letter on top of any other gifts, thanking them for 'the best Christmas present, ever' of her sister back, and a genuine thank you for making that possible. There's an associated gift card of your choice in here of Gull's best guess.

(OOC: I think I got everyone. If I missed you, it may be an accident! Don't be afraid to poke me if you've been forgotten!)