A message for HeartNET (Minako Aino)

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A message for HeartNET (Minako Aino)
Date of Cutscene: 14 December 2015
Location: computery online stuffs
Synopsis: A message for HeartNET.
Cast of Characters: Minako Aino, Kunzite

A message for HeartNET

Keep up the good work, Virtue.

Until now, our campaigns marched ever onwards without tragedy. Neutral areas of the city came under our flag. Zones of endangered citizens were cleansed of the enemy's presence, but such victories eventually come at a cost.

I killed Tuxed Kamen.

Truths like this are hard to confess to no matter the demands of the situation. Even though this weighs heavily on us, I ask you to help me identify where the ones who did this are. Defeat them. Imprison them. Ensure they can never do this again. Snuff them out forever.

-- Sailor V