Abandoned Art (Naru Osaka)

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Abandoned Art (Naru Osaka)
Date of Cutscene: 30 December 2016
Location: Hana's Apartment
Synopsis: Naru returns for a visit and leaves something behind.
Cast of Characters: Naru Osaka

The sunrise is drop dead gorgeous from this high up. Naru stands at the window, watching the sky lighten, the black of night fade into colours, splashed across the sky in ways that artists have been trying to replicate for thousands of years.

The apartment is silent. The red chair sits in the middle of the empty living room. A slightly less empty living room than before. A painting leans against an easel, set up near the window.

The style isn’t quite that of the paintings in the other room, but the subject matter is very much in the same genre and it’s another in oils. Tall and ominous buildings, clearly the cityscape of Tokyo have arranged themselves into a maze. The buildings and the city itself has been shaped and molded into a new form, as if a giant hand was treating Tokyo’s infrastructure as clay to be manipulated at will. The perspective on the maze is angled, viewed from below, making it hard to see the whole clearly, although careful study and consideration might view it as a some sort of plant or flower.

Naru doesn’t look back at the painting as she steps away from the window, retrieving her satchel as she walks out of the apartment, carefully locking it as she leaves into the cold morning sunshine.