After Apologies (Tadase Hotori)

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After Apologies (Tadase Hotori)
Date of Cutscene: 21 March 2016
Location: Hotori Residence
Synopsis: Tadase returns home to talk to Kiseki after apologizing to Amu.
Cast of Characters: Tadase Hotori

Tadase walked home - and occasionally a little hop was in his step - after visiting Amu to apologize. Slowly, he opened the door to his room. And equally slowly, a small blue egg with a crown on it opened, sitting on a shelf in the room. Out of the little crack two blue eyes looked at him.

Tadase closed the sliding door to his room, and leaned up against it, slowly sliding down into a puddle of happy on the floor. Then he looked up at the egg. "It's okay, Kiseki." he said, to the tiny egg. "Everything is fine." he said, with a smile. "You can come out now."

Kiseki didn't need to be told twice - he practically shot out of the egg like a rocket. Now, unlike some, Kiseki is a chara who is not usually for hugs and contact, but today is different, and he slammed into Tadase's chest with arms wide and the force of a small bullet. "I'm sorry, Tadase." the little King said, pressing against him. "Really. I'm so sorry."

Tadase nodded, cupping the little king in his hand and bringing him up to his face. "I know you were just trying to help. I know it's because you care." he said, and leaned back. "And everything ended up... really okay. But..." Tadase began, taking a big breath. "We've come a long way, and I know you want to protect me. To help me. But I don't need you to do that as much anymore. But I still need your help. I still really need your help."

Kiseki looked up, big blue eyes confused and hopeful, as Tadase explained. "I need you to help me protect everyone else now. No King can rule alone, right? And... you know better than anyone else why I want to be a King..." he says, looking down at the little Chara. "to protect people. To help people. I need you to help me with that. To remmeber that. To put that first." he said.

Kiseki nodded emphatically. "I was so worried, you were so upset, I thought you were going to stop belieivng in me." he said, tears welling up in the edges of his eyes.

Tadase shook his head. "No, I couldn't do that. I know you represent me. You were just feeling what I was feeling loudly. It's as much my fault as yours. And I know that you;'ll be doing better - because I'm going to do better." he said with a grin, standing up. "And because I have such wonderful friends to catch me when I fall. And I'm not going to let anything happen to any of them."