After the Rain (Lacrima)

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After the Rain (Lacrima)
Date of Cutscene: 16 July 2017
Location: Lacrima's Heartscape.
Synopsis: After Mamoru laid some framework in 'Heartscaping' (, the rain stops, and new discoveries are made within the confines of her own terribly dark heart.
Thanks to: Mamoru Chiba, Kunzite!
Cast of Characters: Norie Okana

It rained for the past two days. It rained for the past two days in her dreamscape courtyard. It never rained before. She’s glad there was a trellis in there. It kept the rain off her head. There were torches lit against the wall. There was a door there. A gardening cupboard of sorts that she never saw before.

Mamoru and Kunzite did something. Kunzite said she’ll have to figure out what that is when the rain stops. The place was usually dark. A dark, courtyard filled with dead plants and no doors against the wall and just a dark night sky.

She woke into it on the third day and the rain had stopped. There was no scent of damp vegetation. It was dry. The torches were still there. But more importantly was the time of day. It was dusk. There was still that hint of red somewhere in the sky. This was new. It was always the dead of night. Usually. The torches still remained lit.

There were little things she was noticing, combined with the torchlight and the soft light of dusk. There were little relief carvings in the wall around the torches. Nothing… noteworthy. Designs like laurels.

There were tiny sprouts—trying to push through dead vegetation. Her first thought was she’d have to clear out the dead plants. There were not many sprouts but if the new were to have a chance….

Though something new caught her eye. Dead vines across the wall, which she’d known before, had fallen to the ground, unveiling collapsed trellis that seemed to once frame a door. It was so thick before. The rain storm must had. Done something. To weaken it. Moving it aside wasn’t an issue for her. She was always the vampire in her dreams. All it took was a little wave of her hand, a little push of dark energy to move something too heavy for her otherwise. There was a door in front of her.

She placed her hand to the handle and frowned a bit. No label. Nothing to determine what was beyond. She remembered what Ariel’s mom had told her. To be cautious. That this reeks of a dream that isn’t hers. Then she remembered Mamoru’s advice. Even if this was someone’s dream. It’s hers now. Like. Moving into a house that belong to someone else.

She carefully pushed the door open and stepped in, elegant heels clicking against a smooth surface. The room was dark. A smooth, checkered floor in alternative red and white tile. She could make out a few wrecked tables against the wall. A chandelier collapsed in the middle, barely- that she could recognize by profile. She took a bated breath and walked carefully back to the courtyard to borrow one of those freshly lit torches as she walked back into the room and touched the torches to the candles in the collapses chandelier. At ground level, it didn’t do much to light the room. But it did let her see the finer details of the room.

“Is… is this a ballroom….?” she asked quietly.

She frowned, just a little sourly. If there was one room to represent her emotional capacity…...