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Anyone can have and wield magic, if their heart is strong enough to believe on MahouMUSH. But typically, Magic is more easily accessed by young people: children in the Elementary to High School Range. This is because, in these tender ages, the heart is more open to the extraordinary, the awe inspiring and the ability to see the good in almost anything.

As one gets older, without tapping these feelings, they might lose the ability to see all the magic and wonder that’s in the world. It’s why there are very few adult magic users, and those that do exist tend to have weakened over time as their hearts aged and were subject to the harsh realities of growing up.

Because of these facts, the typical age range for a Magical Hero should be between Six to Seventeen years old. The (few) exceptions are characters such as mascots or mentors.

Antagonists tend to be powered by darkness, hate and greed, which are easily accessed at any age, and therefore not subject to the same restriction.