Aji (Ami Mizuno)

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Aji (Ami Mizuno)
Date of Cutscene: 31 October 2015
Location: The Mizuno Household
Synopsis: Snow White Ami reflects upon the week leading up to Halloween, and the night thereof.
Cast of Characters: Ami Mizuno


Ami stared at the cell phone screen for a moment, then let out a soft sigh. She set the phone down on her nightstand and wandered back to her desk, where her weekend homework sat largely unfinished. The girl had never struggled with homework in her life, and she wasn't truly struggling with the work right now. The real problem was, she was distracted.

The past several days had been a whirlwind of emotions and hormones, with highs and lows the likes of which Ami hadn't experienced in a very long time. In the margins of her dolphin notebook, Ami used a purple pen to write a name: Daisuke Hansuke.

She quickly scratched it out six or seven times, then grimaced and shook her head. "I'm going to do awful tomorrow," she mumbled to herself, speaking of the upcoming local chess tournament she was playing in.

Ami picked up her textbook and glanced at the page. She'd already done the reading, at least; that part was easy enough. She just hadn't bothered filling out the answers, yet.

"Why am I so upset?" Ami asked herself quietly. She'd managed to make a new friend, and even go out for dinner and a nice walk on the beach--two of her favourite activities, if she wasn't studying. "It's like I'm turning into Usagi," she says, then rolls her eyes and smiles.

Reaching up, Ami pulls the red ribbon out of her hair. "At least the costume Makoto made for me looked nice. I hope he liked it."

Why did she even hope for that? It wasn't normal for her to want someone to care about what she wore. Not her clothes, not her makeup, not even whether her hair had a bow in it.

Ami dropped her head down onto her arms with a groan, then straightened up and flipped to her mathematics homework. A quick skim, and she decided it would be easy enough to do. So she put her pencil to the paper to get started. Two problems later, and she was already doodling in the margins again: this time a mercury symbol with a heart in place of the circle. Ami sniffed at her own childishness and worked on another problem.

"Why did I tell him?" Ami murmured to herself, then shook her head and worked on yet another problem. Slowly, she managed to complete her mathematics homework, one problem at a time. One thought of the week as a reward for a problem solved.

This left far too much time for thinking. By the time she finished the page, Ami had berated herself for more than a dozen mistakes she'd made throughout the week: the largest being revealing herself to Daisuke.

The doorbell rang, and Ami lifted her head. "Coming," she called, then raced down the stairs, heedless that she was in her pajamas. The door opened, and a blonde with long odongos stood bearing a bagful of trashy B movies and candy. "Usagi-chan," Ami said, and leaped to hug her friend. "I'm so glad you came."

None of it really mattered. Her friends still cared.