Alone (Ayana)

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Alone (Ayana)
Date of Cutscene: 06 January 2016
Location: Takashi's Apartment
Synopsis: Set during Jewel Seed: Youma Edition
Cast of Characters: Ayana
Tinyplot: Jewel Seeds

There is food on the stove. It's a pot of boiling stew, and it smells delicious. There are potatoes and carrots and beef, cellery and pork and barley and chicken. It's all melded together in a delicious smelling (and, if we're fair to Ayana's newfound passion: tasting) pot, waiting to be served.

There are clothes hanging on the line, dripping dry over the bathtub. They are a mixture of boy's clothes and girl's clothes, but not intermingled; there's a line for his and a line for hers, separately and properly.

There are clean sheets on the bed. The whole apartment is vacuumed.

And sitting alone on the floor, clutching her knees, is the culprit for all of this.

There are few things in life Ayana hates more than work.

One of those things is not knowing where her Master is.

Somewhere in the city, a Youma seeks to bring the Fandom Silver Crystal to Queen Berly.

But here in Umbra's headquarters, Ayana sits alone.