Alone (Kyouko Sakura)

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Alone (Kyouko Sakura)
Date of Cutscene: 17 December 2015
Location: Kyouko's Apartment
Synopsis: Kyouko has a nightmare.
Cast of Characters: Kyouko Sakura

Kyouko doesn't sleep much. Years of living alone, in abandoned buildings and with many enemies have kept her on a 'midnight to 5am' schedule at the absolute best, and often she doesn't even make that ideal duration.

But when she does catch a few hours... she dreams. And those dreams have not been pleasant, of late.

She's in a church, near the back, standing with her mother and her little sister. She smiles, seeing her father preaching to a large crowd, their attention rapt. But suddenly, there's a flash light lightning. The crowd isn't happy anymore. They have torches, and pitchforks, and although what they shout is incomprehensible, it is full of hate and anger.

Panic spikes in her. She turns to her mother, only to find the woman engulfed in blue fire, crumbling to dust in front of her eyes. She wheels, to find her sister likewise, still smiling as she crumbles into ash next to Kyouko.

She looks back towards the front of the church. Her father is still preaching, seemingly oblivious to the anger of the crowd. Until something sharp and metallic bursts through his chest in a spray of blood. He gasps, staring straight at her with betrayal on his face as he falls.. to reveal Kyouko herself standing behind him, grinning as she drives her spear through his chest.

She screams again, turning away. She finds Mami standing next to her, smiling in that kind way of hers, and instantly Kyouko calms. She reaches out to her oldest friend- only to have Mami turn away, walking off into darkness and vanishing.

Panicking again, she turns the other direction. Mamoru stands there, smiling at her. He holds his hand out as if to dance. She reaches for it.. only to have him crumble like rotting fruit, falling in on himself in a moment until the hand she grasps is limp and falls apart beneath her fingers.

One last time she turns away, tears half-blinding her, and finds herself facing Sayaka. The blue-haired girl smiles at her, and Kyouko feels a wave of reassurance, of peace. As long as Sayaka is here, she'll be okay.

But then darkness begins to creep up Sayaka, starting at her feet, slowly, then rushing faster, swallowing her, turning her into naught but a girl-shaped silhouette. Fear seizes Kyouko's heart, and she tries to yell something, but nothing comes out of her mouth, even as Sayaka is consumed by the darkness and vanishes.

In the end, Kyouko is by herself, in absolute darkness. The silence is broken only by a voice, inhuman, which whispers, "You will always be alone, Kyouko Sakura. You deserve nothing more."

She wakes, sitting bolt upright in her bed, covered in sweat, eyes wide in panic, staring around her. After a moment, she realizes she was dreaming, and relaxes slightly. With a shaking hand, she reaches for her phone, flipping it open to stare at her recent text messages. Sayaka. Mami. Even Usagi, though she hasn't seen Mamoru's girlfriend since his death. She isn't alone. She isn't. She repeats this to herself as she closes the phone and lays back down to try and sleep.

But the words echo in her mind regardless. "You deserve nothing more..."